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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 16

Detroit, Michigan
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Wednesday, July 29, 1931
Page 16
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t. Mother TRY TO BRING BABIES TO U.S. Constance Bennett, Eva Duncan Worry ; BY GEORGE SHAFFER . Hollvwood, July 28 Mother love the story theme that actresses de light to toy with, has recently trou bled several famous actresses with real worry. Part of the reason for Constance Bennett's present trip to Europe Is to look for some means to get her adopted two-year-old Into the United States permanently. She legally adopted the baby In England In 1929. She has only been able to have him with her since then on an alien's non-quota visiting permit. Now the baby and Its nurse are reported going to Canada to attempt to re-enter the country under more favorable and permanent Immigration rules. Miss Bennett's problem, annoying as It is, Is nothing to that of Vivian (Eva) Duncan, chained in Europe for four months since the birth of her daughter, Illymenla Evelyn Rosetta Duncan Asther, because the officials and rules of various nations are unable to decide If the baby shall corns to this country as a native of Sweden, country of Its father, Nils Asthf r, who is in Hollywood; of Germany, the land where the baby was born, or of America, land " of the mother. Asther has applied for American citizenship. In an effort to have his babv declared an American, and admitted without a hitch at Ellis Island, copies of Asther's nationalization application, his certificate of marriage to Miss Duncan, and records of the mother's citizenship, Greater Movie Reason is coming! Thursday on this page you may read about "Talkielogues" and the Twenty Prizes Every Day for Free Press readers. have been sent abroad to try to untie the red tape. Mariene Dietrich, a German cltl-jten, had to wait a year after coming to the United States before bringing her child, Maria Sieber, to stay with her. The 5-year-old daughter Is in Hollywood, like the mother, on a temporary permit of the immigration department. Rex Bell has signed to make eight cowboy independents. The deal includes use of the Rex Bell-Clara Bow Nevada ranch where Clara Is recuperating, as background for the pictures. At the luncheon which Universal gave in honor of Mrs. Knute Rockne and the Notre Dame football gang yesterday noon, Frank Carideo made a little speech in which he said that while It was true another studio had made offers to him, and that he could have secured more money by film work at another studio, he was glad to take part In Universal "Spirit of Notre Dame," "because it will mean something for Mrs. Rockne." Maureen O'Sullivan's boon companion is Gwen McCormack, daughter of John McCormack, who brought Maureen to film fame and to Hollywood in his first, and up to 'now, only talkie. The two girls have taken up tap dancing, of all things, for a summer pastime. The strike of sound technicians at Pathe studio has been adjusted after five days. Twenty-two technicians returned to work. They struck because of an asserted cut In pay. Both employes and studio officials agreed to accept decision of an arbitration committee. MOTHER TO FACE MURDER CHARGE Accused of Killing Son in Gat-Filled Kitchen A warrant charging murder will be recommended Wednesday against Mrs. Katherine Schmidt, 42 years old, In the killing of her son, Alfred. 5, Tuesday at 2:30 a. m., when it is alleged she locked him and herself in the kitchen of her home at 651 Henry street, and turned on gas jets In the stove. The mother will recover from the effects of the fumes In Receiving hospital, where she is held as a police prisoner. Another son, Herbert, 9. called the police when he was unable to to get into the kitchen. He said he thought some thing was wrong when he woke up at 1:30 a. m. The police broke down the door and found Alfred dead and the mother nearly suffocated. On April 18. the mother had attempted to end her life and was treated at Receiving hospital under the name of Katherine Lumpkin, Howard Bowman, assistant prosecutor, said. The Schmidt family had not been dropped from the public welfare re lief roll, according to Captain John F. Ballenger, deputy superintendent of welfare, and had been receiving relief since May 4. , The Schmidts were listed under the names of John F. and Kat? Renkin and were living at 2935 Cass avenue at the time" they ap plied for relief on April 21. Their rent was paid by the city up to July 12 at that address. Their last food order was on July 9. TWO GUILTY IN HOLDUP Allen Lavinee, 23 years old, 12577 Wilfred avenue, and George Wodei 37, of 12185 Sanford avenue, were found guilty by Judge John A. Boyne Tuesday on a charge of robbery armed. The two are accused cf taking $48 from Ralph A. Duval, manager of a grocery at 9075 Crane avenue, June 30. at the point of a revolver. The case was referred to the probation department and sentence will be passed August 1 DEMOCRATS PLAN PICNIC The Detroit Democratic club will held Its second picnic Sunday at Riverside park, Utica and Eighteen Mile roads. A program of athletic events baa been arranged. Love Keeps Film SCOUT FILMS GET TITLES Outdoor and Adventure Stories Intended to Appeal to All Ages Seven of the two-reel Boy Scout pictures planned by Falcon Productions have been given titles, according to Donavin Miller, president of the company. The purpose of this series is to provide exhibitors with interesting screen entertainment of outdoor life and . adventure stories, embellished with dramatic TALKIELOGUES and Twenty Prizes Every Pay. Read the details on the movie page of Thursday's Free Press. action and clean comedy, that will appeal not only to children but their elders. "The Ghost Horse of Lost Val ley." a story of the Canadian moun tains, Is now in production, directed by Emile Chautard. It will be followed by "The Plumed Serpent, a story of adventure in Central America; Ahoy," a sea atory; "Silverlight," a western story; "Drums of Hate," adventures in Africa! "The Great God Buddha," adventures in India, and "Thunder Birds, an air story, with further titles to be announced later. WILBUR MACK ALMOST A SHOEMAKER ONCE Wilbur Mack, who became famous on the stage and later, as most of them do, went Into pictures with considerable success, Jufet escaped being a shoemaker. He was born in Blnghampton, New York, and his fathers neighbor was the senior member of the Arm of Endicott and Johnson, shoe manufacturers, When he left school, Wilbur was offered a job in the shoe factory, which he accepted. He worked there one day. At the age of 16, he joined a repertory company, always having had stage hankerings. From this he went into musical comedy, and after that tried vaudeville. From there he answered the call of the screen. Polly Moran to Be at Michigan in Person Polly Moran, who has been Marie Dressler's partner of laughs In "Caught Short," "Reducing," and the current United Artists hit, "Politics," will appear in person at the Michigan, starting Friday, and continuing for a week. The Metro studios granted Polly a leave of absence between pictures In honor of the 1931-32 picture product which is to be released in Detroit during August, starting with the new showB Friday. It will not be Polly's first appearance on the stage. She was in vaudeville for a number of years before going to Hollywood to work as an extra In Mack Sennett comedies. Prominent Actors in 'Hamilton' Cast The complete cast has been announced for the George Arllss picture, "Alexander Hamilton," adapted from the stage play by Mr. Arliss and Mrs. Mary P. Hamlin, which will have its premiere on Broadway within the next few weeks. It was directed by John Adolfl. The cast Is as follows: Alexander Hamilton, George Arliss; Mrs. Ham- Read THIS page Thursday and learn about The Free Press Talkielogue contest with prizes of money and tickets to Greater Publix movies. ilton, Doris Kenyon; Senator Timothy Roberts, Dudley Dlpges; George Washington, Alan Mowbray; Mr. Reynolds, Ralf Harolde; Mrs. Reynolds, June Collyer; Chief Justice John Jay, Charles Middle-ton; Thomas Jefferson, Montagu Love; General Philip Schuyler, Lionel Belmore; James Monroe, Morgan Wallace; Count Talleyrand, John T. Murray; Martha Washington, Gwendolen Logan; Whalen, Charles Evans; Zekial, John Lar-kin; Mrs. Bingham, Evelyn Hall. RELEASED WOMAN FACES REARREST Breaking and Entering: Charge Dismissed by Justice (See Picture on Last Page) Although a breaking and entering charge against Anna Propopeck Mikala, 22 years old, 2441 Sheridan avenue, was thrown out at the examination Tuesday before Justice George L Badder, of Highland Park, it was announced by Detective Earl Francis the young woman would be re-arrested Wednesday on a charge of simple larceny. Mrs. Mikala Is accused by police of the theft of a $.)0 bill, said to be the property of Thomas Agmey. 115'4 Victor avenue, Highland Park. Since the law reads that any theft exceeding $50 constitutes grand larceny, the woman escaped the more serious charge by one cent She denies the theft. CAMP DEMONSTRATION ON SAFETY IS PLANNED A water safety demonstration and a safety program will be given at the Detroit Recreation camp at Brighton, Mich.. Thursday, beginning at noon. Mrs. Lottie McDer-mott. director of women's and girls' activities of the department, and Mrs. James N. Downey, chairman of the Women's safety committee, will be fcuests. The program includes boys' and girls' swimming events, sports, safety talks and council fire. BUTLER TO Ql IT OCT. 1 Quantico, Va., July 28 (A. P.) Major General Smedley D. Butler plana to retire on October 1, he announced In accepting a bronze tablet from the veteran Marine Corps Legion lat night. THE IS IT ARMS, MIRIAM HOPKINS Whatever the reason therefor, thesei principals In "The Smiling Lieutenant" appear to be In the best of humor. You would not think, from thf Ir contented attitude, that, as a dowdy princess and a Trying to Find Lon Chaney's Successor? When the Great Makeup Artist Died None Filled His Place BY CLARK BRANION What a loss to the movie world when Lon Chaney died. Probably none ever has had the knack of make-up that was his. Look at the torture he underwent for his art And that is no joking. With him It was art, the ability to tie himself up In knots and stay that way for hours for the sake of creating a character. What will they do about him, the producers? Is there anyone to take his place? Scan your own memory and see. He stood alone. That leads up to Irving Plchel, the director whom It is said pos sesses the same trick. Perhaps not as greatly, yet. But he's being groomed. He's the facial contor tionist type of actor, too. mis nrst whack at it will be "Murder by the Clock," In which Mr. Plchel plays an Idiot. Doubtful whether the effective grotesquerle of Chaney will be duplicated so soon. What prominent local master of ceremonies almost got Into a fistic argument with a prominent capitalist the other day? The gentleman, who has made a decided hit with his singing voice, became en raged, the story goes, at being patronized. And told of It in no uncertain terms, wnat tne argu ment was about we have not heard, other than that Oh, my, oh, my! Some of the stars have good singing voices, but why must they all Insist on doing it? Claudette Colbert and Miriam Hopkins are actresses of note, but not singing note! Just to be controversial, who is the better actor, Clark Gable or James Gagney? Both are more or less the same type. And why doesn't Evelyn Brent, excellent in hard-boiled girl parts, get more CLAIMS FRAUD OF $50,000,000 Man Seeks $239,311 from Oil Broker New York, July 28 (A. P.) A complaint was filed in federal court today by Nathaniel M. Sullivan, of Denver, charging Carl H. Pforzheimen, broker, with responsibility for "illegal and fraudulent acts" in stock manipulations of the Mutual Oil and Continental Oil company of Maine. The broker's operations, Sullivan charged, have resulted In a yield of $20,000,000 profits to Pforzheimer and have caused the company serious financial embarrassment. "In the course of reaping profits for himself," Mr. Sullivan said, "the defendant damaged Continental Oil company of Maine, In the sum of more than $SO,000,000; also that the plaintiff, Sullivan, lost his entire fortune." Mr. Sullivan Is suing to recover the amount he lost, $239,311. .10. with interest from January 15, 1929, when Continental Oil company (of Maine) was succeeded in control by the Continental Oil company of Delaware. FILM HONEYMOONERS SUED FOR AUTO CRASH Los Angeles, July 28 (A. P.) Loretta Young and Grant Withers, motion picture players, who have a divorce suit pending, today were named co-defendants in five damage suits linked with their elopement to Yuma, Ariz. Two girls and three youths filed the suits, asking a total of $55,000, charging the honeymoon automobile of the screen actors crashed into the car in which they were riding. Withers' answer blamed asserted negligence of the plaintiffs. SUSPECT, WHISKY SEIZED United States customs border pa trolmen Tuesday reported the arrest of John Sucharskl, 4986 Wesson avenue, and the Belzure of his car containing I cases of whisky near u. mouto ol lat tuvet ttouge. DETROIT FREE .PRESS Stars in OR THE MAN, MAURICE CHEVALIER work to do? Quite a combination that would be, at that. Clark Gable and Evelyn Brent. Or James Gagney and Betty Compson, or the other way around. Don't forget The Free Press contest. Three of four lines of dialogue for $10. Or $5. Or $1. Or theater tickets. Depending on how good you are. Watch for it Sunday, and see If you can put a plausible piece of conversation into the mouth of the star. We still like the Idea of longer news reels and not so much short comedy, don't you?' Frederic March is a good actor, but you couldn't compare him with John Barrymore, now, could you? Anyway why did the producers decide that Mr. March would do "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," instead of Barrymore, for whom the part seems to be made. Miriam Hopkins In the feminine lead. They say Barbara Stanwyck's pioture, "The Miracle Woman," is her best. Instead of saying it revolves around "a certain well known woman evangelist," why, for goodness' sake don't they come right out and speak up Aimee Semple McPherson? John Boles, than whose their are not many lovelier singing voices on the screen, and Lois Wilson, than whom there are not many better looking gals in the movies, will co-star, Is the report. "Marriage Interlude" Is the name of the piece, from the play of the same name by Luigl Pirandello. Why wouldn't some of the novels of Charles Dickens make good screen material? Yes, we know about Oliver Twist, and so on. The others, though. Black House, for Instance, with Its sombre air of mystery, should make a swell tllm. 'AMBULANCE CHASING' SUSPECT STANDS MUTE Charged with soliciting personal injury claims, Albert E. Morris, 37 years old, 15735 Indiana avenue, stood mute when arraigned before Judge John P, Scallen Tuesday. Trial was set for August 31. Morris, who Is alleged to have continued his activities after "ambulance chasers" were warned by the prosecuting attorney's office, was arrested on the complaint of Eric G. Wlcklund, who was injured in an automobile collision July IS. He charges Morris with offering to take the case on a S0-5O basis upon displaying a deputy sheriff's badge. The badge was reclaimed by the sheriffs office. Morris was released on a $500 personal bond and in the custody of his attorney, Abe Messenger. MOTION PICTURE ATTRACTIONS v To .. 6 P. M. .7 Eve.. 50c coron UD Hi Was Htr Master! She Wat His Masterpiece! R AO Patht Picture trith JOEL McCREA LEW CODY V 'ikiP.bttEM.,"i';:s; AND Bid axAGK 8HOW, Q t - "'( """M ' 25c I TWO t 4 - 0W mm WEDNESDAY, JULY Europe OR BOTH? CLAUDETTE COLBERT 1 fascinating rabnrrt entertainer, the ladies are warm rivals for the love of the dashing Lieutenant Nlkl. But that's the way It is In pictures, however it may be In real life. NEW ROLE FOR EDNA OLIVER To Be Caustic Dame in Western A brand new character that Is said to be more startling in its possibilities than anything she has done will be the portion of Edna May Oliver In "Frontier," Radio Pictures' forthcoming epic of the west. Madame Mustache is the role that Miss Oliver will create, and it is said to be one of the most difficult characterizations ever presented to a screen star. It is embroidered with the dry, caustic humor and withering sarcasm of which Miss Oliver is mistress. Howard Estabrook is given the credit for creating Madame Mustache, a fact that gives added interest to the role when his good work with "Cimmaron" is recalled. Miss Oliver's characterization of Mrs. Tracy Wyatt in that picture still lingers as one of the outstanding portrayals of the past year. Richard Dix will definitely star in "Frontier," which Is scheduled for fall production. Irene Dunn Is to be co-starred with him. Talkielogue Tests will offer Twenty Prizes Every Day to Free Press renders m o n e y prizes and tickets to Greater Publix movies. See the New Movie page of Tomorrow's Free Press. Chicago "Boys" Steal Playwright's Car-Top Kubeo Glasmon, co-author with John Bright of "Public Enemy," "Smart Money" and "Larceny Lane," recently visited his home town, Chicago, and had a strange experience. Hardly had he arrived when the top of his motor car disappeared. Soon came a telephone call Informing him if he would cease writing gang stories he could have It back. Ha promised to lay off. The top has not yet been returned. OHIO BANK ROBBED t'remont, O., July 28 (A. P.) Five robbers held up the Liberty Bank here today and escaped in an automobile with $8,000 after an exchange of shots with pursuers. MOTION PICTURE ATTRACTIONS 8K3GIST SHOW W 0BTROJT MIS jritP. 3j(00tDT0 VOUR COMtagT Broadway Plavboy Crashes The Weit! A HOLY TERROR GEORGE O'BRIEN SALLYEILERS Fox Movietone Ntwi Fanchon 4 Marco's "BROKEN DOLLS" hA CHAS. BENNINGTON and New York Newsboys Harmonica Band and Other Star Acts STAN I Jiuimnnlr MEYERS I BWhra Kin. WUOUVVArta AND SU MiL ROAO "PUBLIC ENEMY" Filmland's Best Today (51 4 nAIN ''"""' iwr. mr.r. ULnu ll III Itutrroorkl Conl PAKKIMI Mori innn in "IMMSCRKKT," wi!h Hrn Lynn and Arthur I.nkr. PUNCH & JUDY "lmm Pflrr B. Kynf S nf fh South Jefl. " lhi Twain 'Shu I! MC," witb Ceachlu MoattBetr, LrtU Hawtrt. r as 3 WBter ffSvT" "Thtir Mai f "North Kt M 29, 193f EXPORTS DROPPING Finished Goods Take Lead in Role for June Washington, July 28 (A. P.) Finished manufactures supplied slightly more than one-half of American exports and one-fourth of the imports during June. The commerce department's analysis today showed $97,731,000 of finished manufactures exported during June and $44,163,000 imported. This compared with $164,-559,000 exported In June. 1930, and $61,790,000 Imported. Crude materials exported during June were: $29,068,00 compared with $37,484,000; crude foodstuffs, $11,119,000 and $13,346,000; manufactured foodstuffs, $17,531,000 and $27,311,000; semi-manufactured, $27,-460.000 and $47,170,000. Imports of crude materials were: $52,399,000 compared with $78,643,-000; crude foodstuffs, $27,435,000 and $35,373,000; manufactured foodstuffs, $19,735,000 and $24,812,000; and semi-manufactured, $29,802,000 and $51,725,000. JURY FEE SAVING PLAN IS ACCEPTED Saturdays Will Be Reserved for Minor Recorder's Cases A plan whereby the cfty will save from $25,000 to $30,000 In jury fees was submitted to recorder court judges Tuesday at their July meeting by Presiding Judge John A. Boyne. The plan, which was accepted unanimously, provides for elimination of Jury trials on Saturdays, reserving that day for arraignments, waived Jury trials, examinations and misdemeanors. Only those jury trials adlourned to a Saturday will be tried. The savings will be the result of paying Jury fees for Ave days a week, Instead of the usual six. Prospective Jurors will be paid $4 for examination prior to the Impaneling every two weeks, as usual, but for the successive two Saturdays they will be released from duty without pay. MOTION PICTIRE ATTRACTIONS P1LIL Lira vpmwj Meet the star of "Caught" . Short." "Reducing" and I . . .0 - . "Politics" Marie . Dressler's funny pal xA in big stage show! , aWv AMUSEMENTS INTERNATIONAL POLO ARGENTINE vs. ROSLYN WtD. 4 P. M. SOUTH FIILD aV 9 Ml. IDS. OIN. ADM. $1.00 if. SEATS $2.30 Tickatt on aala ot A. G. Spalding & Brot, at Slatlar Hotal, Mocutnbar Smith Co., Fort Shaiby Holal and at Polo Field DETROIT n II A O SUNDAY HUU. E. Warren and Connera Ave. I1AGEHBECK WALLACE CIRCUS s MANY NEW W ILIfVMYrCPfc " FEATURES WORLD'S GREATEST TRAINED WILD ANIMAL SHOW PERFORMANCES 2P.M-8RM. DOORS OPEN GRAND STAND CHAIR5 Rr5RVP WW CENtRHl ADMI520N TICKETS ON SALE CIRCUS CWY At Cunningham' Drug Store, 1065 WOODWARD AVE. f 11 V, vv rt& .. 'i iV-ib Af I I , f.- II wr.Jo MMMMJlliri y J"U" f( APy(-'l'".rnm-rty HEARING IS POSTPONED FOR OFFICER IN MISHAP The police trial board hearing in the case of Patrolman Paul Slack, of Coolidge station, charged with conduct unbecoming an officer as the result of a fatal traffic accident, was postponed indefinitely Tuesday pending a thorough investigation, Superintendent Patrick J. O'Grady said. Patrolman Slack was to have been tried Tuesday. It is alleged the officer was a passenger in an automobile which injured fatally a pedestrian July 17 and speeded on for two miles, halting only when a pursuing officer fired shots. The victim. William Karrincn, 40 years old, 1615 Ford avenue, died In Highland Park General hospital Sunday. In vestigators say Patrolman Slack was asleep in the back seat when the accident happened and that Frank Kennard, 29. of 1401 Russell street, was at the wheel. Patrolman Vernard C. Foster, of MOTION PICTURE ATTRACTIONS am 9 V 1 coram 1 4 l tilt men .LAuuLi ic curuDcni Miriam Hopkins, Charlie Ruggles Masterfully Dirtcttd by Ike Great ERNST LUBITSCH With Specially Written Song bv the Famous OSCAR STRAUSS ag? PUBLIX JHOW5tjS MICHIGAN Come Early! 35c 10:45 to 1 RUTH CHATTERTON in 'The Magnificent Lie' Ralph Bellamy Stuart Erwin 1 BOB NOLAN ON STAGE UNITED ARTISTS Mjru wanta your total 36c, 1U:3J to 1:00 P. M. Tixlayl MARIE DRESSLER POLLY MORAN (n romical campniira caixtri that will hnvn yu roan up- nOBRY JOXFiS Hi lph6n" PARAMOUNT HOAOWW, AT OD. CH4CUfc FAflK HURRY LAST 4 DAYS1 BARBARA STANWYCK In "NIGHT NURSE" Clark Cable Baa Lyoo STARTING ft ATI'RIMV M M Kit K IIKVAI.IKK, "SMILING I.IKITKNANT" nam an stars Ch.r bbj n P P MimffisFm Lrailar Pitnra ("l. Tulkla ' Thfntrn Victor McLagian EDMUND LOWE 'in Doraey 'WOMEN OF AI L NATIONS" AMUSEMENTS 'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiii dnhhv ,Jcirtr N(l SM fevnni Mb Qfc&n ft! The nicest young crowd of Detroit comes here. bring Your Suit or Use Ours! Open 9 a. m. to MiJnitel Children 25c, Adulu 50c EASTWOOD Swimming Pool GRATIOT AT 8-MILE I aiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiimiHiiiiiiiiiiniiiiniiniiiiiim Petoskey station, made the arrest, Kennard was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and released under $1,000 bond. Police said the change probably would be changed to involuntary manslaughter. A. O. H. OUTING AUG. 6 The annual outing and field day of the Ancient Order of Hiberniana and the ladies' auxiliary will ba conducted at Bob-Lo park Thursday, August 6. The date Is knowri as O'Connell's day on the Irish calendar and special Irish music and dancing will be on the program, J, A. McEvoy, secretary of the order, said Tuesday. 150,000 BLAZE LOSS Hopkinsvllle, Ky July 28 (A, P.) Fire swept the transmission rooms and studios of radio station WFIW here this morning, paralyzing the station and causing loss estimated at $50,000 to $60,000. SATURDAY . . HE COMES IN HIS GREATEST TRIUMPH Singing, smiling, lovin 1i winking his way rig into your heart I World's Most Fascinating Personality MAURICE SMILING UEUTEHANTM FISHER Today I 38c 1 ::I0 to 2:00 40o 8:00 to 6:30 PEGGY SHANNON New Screen Star in "THE SECRET CALL" RICH A pn ARI PM " NlfOI A fl.-iKlc luuati-r nd hli M.imtwiih Cmmtanr "POLITICS" I DON MILLER, GUEST ORGANIST jam: 1 aaat mm ao cacua aH .. , ij Actual story n( th Arctic Expedition I "THE VIKING" 2Si "J!,5 ?yM Hi llruok, rhHH. Kiwi ruy, J fan Arthur to'iMc-IOc GLORIA SWANSON "Indiscreet" AVVKX M Riv - Joy Rd. 'Annaltrllc'a Affair,,' 'Slim' Snmmrri'lllp kkiji nun GLORIA SWANSON "INDISCREET" IIKN I.VON rnnnf.'tl rnrtoopa lillVAI. IIAk flohhy .Town No. 3 Bill MIM.HAM Mickey Motiita AMUSKMKNTS iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis FREE: Red Cross Life Saving Instruction. Certificates Given. Inquire I uur iS 71 I diLfffl I I mm.

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