Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1952 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1952
Page 16
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«AtW t ^P^P^ HOM It At, HdM, ARKANSAS Wednesday, December 17, ,TWf, 7.90 B.OO 10,60 12,00 18.60 10.00 o p Inch per Inch >6 pec Inch fef OKBJSK. T«oJoti«o arid White Chino|o t'spuolslly ftitunnd fdr Chrlilmait. Mr*. J, M. Harbin. Phone f-WOl, l7-3t «Ht»mimi of. eW t« r» *u <M)y»ftlHttO tub- at aiHL'8 bicycle, standard wv the 'ON IE STAR II, 1*1? , . M«rt»i«' «I*M Htotttf *t Auill) lur»u •» Ipoyobl* In ail- iflltr coun< .15 ' 0 00 IflllVdll S{ffi«K and it typo of «•«**!, unhiding p«a avm, »*M, top soil, pnd till rt, Call JP»«C Hlrtdalr, 7-25W. D-H-im *AINT BAMC. llmido pnlnt, A variety of color*, 12,7ft prr gallon, BVERS SWAP SHOP ]AO 8, Walnut. 1241 4,i)00 fuel lined T2M, drcsicd smind and utrnUhl, 4 to Id feet long, Qusnlty of 2x0, 2x10, 2x12. Run dom lengthl, Itoaaomifole prlcn Call n. N,. M«Wi»er, Phone •IS-Bt IfiXHSTRRED Cooker Spaniel Pupploi, Day Phone 7-2818 and nl«ht 7>SA32, 10-31. with banket. Good ,«h«po, Atlas latho, 0" »wln«, 32" center with attach- menu. A bargain. 0' K.lcctro lux refrigerator. Phonn 7-3102, 17-«t Fortltfn Policy In its KCflrch for a pattern at In fclntlofuhlpx nrnonjt or- actlvfl In ihfluahelftft the American ptioplo concefnlg It* Mrflftn pfclley, the McCdfrnn Com- fhlttco noted the very clone cooper- nllnh botwcen the Institute of Pn- clflc Relation* end the Foreign I'ol- , It*? Aduoelntlon. Time utter tlrm.'. before thU Committee of tho Sen- nto, the name of tho Foreign Policy Association was entwined with that of the Inmitulo of Pacific Ho- latloni. Her* l« « typlcnl piece ot evidence which Indicated the mil- macy ROOM houie, 4 acres. Llghti, oily water and gas available. Wilt sell cheap at once, Will take »omo cows on trade, See L, J, Lamb, Old 07'Pullun road, 1 mllo wo»t of Hope. 17-31 SIZK baby bed and plastic In- nertprlng mattrois, Brakes. Kb- movable panels. £xcollcnt condition, Phone 7-3738. 17-Bt Strvicti Offertd <OCAL and long dlntarioe Haullnf, Also local movln«. See Dnnnlo IlRmllton or call 7-38U, N-23-lm MATTRESS renovation and Inner- aprlnu work. Cobb Mottreso Co,, 310 8, Washington. Phono 7-3022. N-2fl.tM Notice F YOU want to your buxlnes*. If quit, ass. drink, that's you wnnt to that's our buslneufi, Aloo- Anonymoua, P, 0. Box N-18-lm ALL land south of Little CnMvn on Boyd Fnrm, which 1 have In UPdnosMlon, l« potted. No Hunting, Wnllor Dugnn. ia-3t POST1VBLY No Hunting on «ny ot our land, C, II, Waddlu and David \Vnddlo, ifl-61 Ult BLACK and tan mole Iwund pup, tl mrtiilhn old, Last neon on Pal* atto» road. Roword. Contact J, B. Tye, ttt, 1, Emmet, lfl-3t wSSr »»'^ilii7Te1>7 - Joo'rcUy JURkury, Monday about 4:30. Phone 7-3661. Mr* CUff Stewart. 17-it "Exhibit No, 1847 April 0, 1042 Mr, Edward C. Carter, Institute of Pacific Relations, 120 Bait 82d Street, Now York, New Ybrk. Dear Mr, Carter: Thank you for your letter nb<Hit our Headline Book, 'Russia at Wnr,' 1 sympa thlxe entirety with your questions on the subject and I am really alarmed at tho amount ot distrust or,, to put It more mildly, question ing of Russia that I find here. '"MhInk wo have done u good Job of promoting Mrs. Dean's pnmph let through the regular channels. 1 h«d In mind that your work with Runslun Relief might have suggest ed certain now areas of interest which the pamphlet might help Legal Notice NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HHMP8TKAO COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER,OF THE ESTATE OF No. 8M T, A. JACKSON, deceased Last known address of decedent: Committee Set to Coll in Prospects UTTt.K rtOCK WI — Prenldent John T, Caldwell nald lint night thnt a screening committee of In fttmntlal fan* hod recommended Paul (Bear* firyafit for the Uni- vflrslly of Arknnm football coach ln« Job. However, Srynnt, now hd»d foot but) coach ot the University of Kentucky, hnif not been offered the job 09 jHiccflsaor to Otis Douglng, «ald Dr. Caldwell. Douglns re HflfltA lrt.it month aflrr a cllamnl *>n*on In which the Rnrorbncks lout right gnmes and won only two. At Lexington, Ky. last nlnht. Brynnt declined to comment on the statement. The university 1 * faculty athletic committee wnnt* to Interview Bry ant rtlotu with men recommended In two other categories by the (screening committee, snld Dr. Cnldwcl). The screening committee interviewed Bryant twice during the Kentucky coach's 3 day visit lo hlii hntlvc stntn last week. "We arc proceeding to arrange iotno Interviews with those wo think Wfly 06 Interested," said Cnldwell. "None of the faculty Committee member* felt n definite pffpr , of the position should be mode before talking with those talked with the committee were El mer Smith of Southern State, Ma« nolla, Ark.; Frosty Knglnnd, Ar Kansas Stute, Jbnesboro, and Jim my Karam, Little Rock business man who formerly coached Little Rock Junior College, Wilson Mat thews, coach at Little Rock High fichoftl, also was Interviewed. Dr. Cnldwell said an effort would be made to appoint 4 new coach before Christmas, but added thut he hml no Idea when the faculty committee could get up Its Inter views. jlc said he believed that the board of trustees, which will off! clally employ the coach, "will bo rendy to enrry out the wishes" of the faculty committee. Southwest Conference regulations require that the faculty committee approve ath lotie coaches. Hope Cagers Win Four of Five Games Local Guards Paf mo* Tonight The local National Guard tenm . Wil play an all-star group from jPatmos at 8 p.m. Thursday night In the Hope Hlj?h School gymnasium. considered." Dr. other Caldwell 'five or did not name the six men" he soul had been recommended by tho Hffroimlng committee, but added that It, "was strongly disposed to ward the Bryant candidacy." "Tho faculty committee la tak ing thnt recommendation into uc count," hu suld. The screening committee made recommendations In three ' cato Horlos — name couch; coaches in smaller colleges or high schools ready for advancement, und possl bllltlos on the staff of Douglas — the university president suld. Elm Street, Hope, 22 day of Novem- A0.1 South Arkansas, of death: 1)or, lOftil. An Instrument tinted J3th" day November, 1W5, wan oh the 10 dny of December, 1982, admitted . probate ns IM lost Will of the nbov« named and the undor- , signed has been appointed executor (with will nnfioxcd) thereunder. A of the probate of the will ftuiintti Opportunity MONEY BACK GUARANTEE KW7.80 Investment glvt>» you your own Independent buiineis operating « route of new So dispenser* handling now, fait moving con- fnotlons in drug atom, cafes, clubs, bus depots, etc. Alt location* obtained tots you, You muit havsi car, references and W07.SO, Which is protected, by un Iran. clad money back guarantee. Devoting n low of your spare hour* to tho buslueis, you Ihould earn up to 170 wwhly spar*. Ume, full time more, Liberal financing ««. •titnnce to eld expansion, For full livtormaUoii, write giving con bo effected only Jiy fUinu a rife- tltlon within tM UmFpWvlded by tew, ^ • • jjt;*.*?- All poraonn Wvlrff OlatmR agnlnst tht> estate mwrt exhibit'them, duly verified, (o the undersigned within six months frohi the date of the flr*t publication of this notice, or they shall be forever burred and precluded from any benefit In the estate. This notice flmt published 17tK day of December, 1958. Corn B, Jackson (Executrix With will annexed) BW South. Kim St., Hope, Arkansas. Dec. 17, 34 phone number and addreti Box "JJ" e/o Hoj>» star. to lB-3t 8 bedroom blinds, ana «ta«-«|«> room on Ja,r|r» w«ll drubwd B»verly Ht«« Add-on, Lo«n, $175 new *^ room hom« for coup)« Ms 8 bedrooms, kitchen «Jd aljUftg combination, living room, b»th, buat*in». and closet space, »..«.«. town la ctvw* ,to up. acwmodute fw- now, pow«, .Gall us for p^rticuliur* on the*j *a t*»d» or SsltSStfv % !• IT LtgolNotl<!« IlSf tTHK PROBATE COURT OP HEMP8TKAB COUNTY ARKANSAS IN TOE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF ANNIE MAE HUTCHISON, Bryant was the couch Interviewed ing committee. Small college consolidate. only "nnme" by tho screen mentors who Ust known place of addrtss of docedent: 718 South Kim Street. Hope, Arkansas , »«tc of death: DeBembc^ 4,1*48 An InstnmioiU dated (January M, Sincerely yours, Anne H. .Tohnstona Mrs. Anno Hnrtwell Johnstonc; Indication Secretary" Most organizations of the type re are now discussing are rnanag* e4 not by their directors, who ar« initially very busy men and women, but by the paid staff who tako on mnnnscrlul authority and usually' do ,U3 they please. The dlrcctqr* rarely know the details of activities and Understand less when whnt u» Involved arc Ideological Intrlco* clcs the nature ot which is alien (d them.' Usually they are Selected for thdlr «ood name and not for their uclunr activity. For Instance, in the matter of tho Institute ot Pacific Relations, Its chairman, Gerard Swopo, makes the point that he is not a Communist, Mftrxlst, or fellow-traveller. Nobody accused him of boing anything of the soft. No one has even suspected him. Nor does that par tlcularly matter. The U volumes ot tho McCarron Committee testimony show clearly that tho IPR wjm on Instrument of Soviet policy in the United States. Neither Qcr- urd Swopo rfior anyone else can 1m- paach th»» testimony before this Committee, nor has anyone attempted to do It. A correct approach to tho problem would be to Confess carelessness in the past and to propose not to be careless again, calling attention publicly to Policy Association, Rose Bowl to Pit Defense, Offense Teams CHICAGO (UP) — Wisconsin's Rose Bowl bnttle with once beaten Southern California will be another annwrr to the question whether a good offense can beat a good defense. The offense belongs to the Badger*, tops on attack in the Big Ten with n new record avpnige gain per game of 415.5 yards against al:; league foes and sixth in the nation with an average gain of 388.0 yards per game against all nine rivals. Southern California, despite such flashy backs as Jim Sears and Al Carmlchucl, failed to draw; a mention of praise on offense, but lhu Trojans ranked as the top defensive club of the Pacific Coast and among the best nationally. Wisconsin, Coach Ivy Williamson hns admitted, will present some new offensive features In an effort to throw the Trojans off stride". Naturally he wouldn't reveal what the variations would be, but ho Intimated that he wouldn't junkj his season-long attack. j "We'll ty to balance the offense with our new plays," ho said. "After all our regular ploys worked pretty good too." It was likely that one of the now Badger ploys would coll for the biilldo/ins fullback, Sophomore Alnn Ameche, who set a new Big Ton rushing record as a freshman und who led the league this year with 721 yards and a 4.94 yai*d per carry average, to ram- blc| through tackle or some quick hahdotfs. In five bnsketbnll grimes played by local teams last night four were won by the Hope school fives. The Bobcats downed Prescott! Curlwy Wolves 50 to 3B in a game that wns fairly close until the final quarter. The Bobkittens defeated the Prescott Cubs 27 to 20. At Guernsey lost night the Hop4 'B' boys defeated the Guernsey boys 48 to 27 nnd the Junior girls won by a 44 to 20 tally. Guernsey senior girls had little trouble beating the Hope lassies 40 to 18. Prescott got off to B fast start in the senior boys game and lod at the end of that period by a 14 to 11 score. Hope started clicking in the second period and led at halflime 20 to 17. The Wolves tied it up al 24 all ARKANSAS in tho third ahead 26 to period. 24 but Hope pulled Prescott did CARL BELL LITTLE ROCK U&early to measure the University of Arkansas basketball team's strength, although the outlook definitely is brighter than the recent past. On it again at 26-all. Then Garney Hatch, the Patmos flash, started pouring in points to give the Bob cats a lead that wasn't again threatened. In the Junior contest the half found the team tied at 11 but thanks to the 10 points ^f Steve Marlar and Cecil Jester's nine points the Hope boys pulled ahead to victory. Formby made 6 for the losers. Hatch lead the Hope attack with 16 points, followed by Jim Yocom with 14, Bruce with 7, Smith 7 and Griffin 6. Covington led Prescott with 9. Toniyht the Bobcats join the invitational tournament at Nashville where they meet Dicrks at 6:30 p.m. the other hand, it's late enough — after only three gameb — to judge that Glen Rose has the Razorbacks playing the kind of ball they wanted when they demanded that the University bring back the producer of champs as 113 coach. Despite the fact such a short time Porker machinery Basketball 8PARKMAN ON FORMOSA TAIi'EH, Formosa Wl — Sen. Rpftrkman (D-Ala) arrived today from HOUR Kong on a world inspection of the Mutual Security Agency offices. The Polynesian civilization is spread over a tremendous triangle of ocean between Hawaii and the north, New Zelnnd In the south and Easter Island in the east. By The Associated Press Tampa 77, Missouri Central 59. Bradley 89, Texas Christian 7C. Arkansas 65, Missouri 04. Augustana 65, Carthage 63. Baker 71, Bethel (Kan) 69, overtime. Southwest Missouri 86, Kearney 54. Sterling 69, Concordia Neb) 61. St Benedicts (Kan) 67, Doane 33. Emporln (Kns) Tihrs 65, South Dakota 55. Peru (Neb) Techs 65, South Dakota 5. r >. Houston 72, Detroit 69, overtime. Oklahoma City 77, Okla. Baptist 52. Marshall CfJ, Washington St. Louis 50. Arkansas Terh 86, Arkansas Col lege 68. Arkansas A&M. 68, Henderson 04 Peroia 'Cast 78 Seattle Univ. 73 If eggs costing 75 cents a dozen were sold by the pound, they would cost about 50 cents a pound. control operations of the past few seasons, Rose had the run, shot and follow cogs well enough in place by the second game of the campaign for the Porkers to set their all-time scoring record with a 102-71 victory over Mississippi State. Arkansans like to see those points flashed on the Scoreboard, win or lose. They also recall thai it was Rose's firehouse basketbal that brought the Razorbacks five Southwest Conference titles in nine years before World War Two Rose is , an enviable position for a coach. He returned to the Arkansas job because the schoo and the fans wanted him — sort o: a draft, you might say. While Razorbacks followers are Thriller From m Missouri 65*64 DALLAS, Tex., tfl — Southwest Conference basketball teams maintained their two-tone . margin over nonconfdrence cage rivals today after taking two of three games last night. it took final minute action, but Texas A&M took a 60-6S victory ^ over Trinity University of San An- / tonio and Arkansas beat Missouri, 65-64 with a last second field goal. Only Texas Christian University, playing far afield in Peoria. 111., lost. The defehding champion Horned Frogs bowed 89-76, before Brndlcy University's potent Braves Tonifjht's only game involving a Southwest Conference Five pits Southern Methodist against Colorado A&M at Dallas. The Colorado team lost, 46-63, to Texas '" Monday night. The Razorbacks turned back Missouri in the narrowest of vie tories as Carroll Scoggins hit a field goal to overcome a onepolnt eficit and go ahead for the vie ory in the last second. The lead changed frequently and ic score was tied seven times the hectic Tiger-Hof fray. MiS- that he's had souri took a 6463 edge as the two to convert the teams battled in the last ininule.*2 from the ball Arkansas got the ball out of ounds after three quick jump als and Scroggins took the ball n and potted it as the final horn ounded. Gene Lambert, one of ast season's conference scoring eadcrs, led the Arkansas attack vith 27 points. Missouri's scoring was well dis- ributed, with Gene Landplt lead ng with 13 points, Bob Belter and Win Wilfong contributing 12 each ind Charles Oligschlaeger ten.V About 3,400 fans saw the game. Nebraska is the lone Big Seven earn in action tonight, playing lost to Springfield, Mo. convinced tall, pokerfacec mentor is something of a miracle man who can put his team back 01 top at onae, it's unlikely that they'll howl if he doesn't. .His rec ord speaks loudly enough for his coaching, ability, and everyone re alizes he inherited the 'material he has. They will expect him to win aft er's had time to bring up players of his own selection — say in abou throe years. Meanwhile, the bleacherites can enjoy fast and furious basketball Their appreciation of this is ex pected' to be shown by a 1 sellou for the Arkansas-Mississippi garni in Little Rock next Saturday night Wouldbe spectators may b turned away from that game be cause of a lock of ' seats at the high school gym There Is hop that by next season the Livestock 1988, wn» on the iO»K day O oombur, IW8, oUmltied to; pr «s the last wilt of the above ri«m«<t and the (uiderdgrifti,hit m-aMasaa^' wlU tan bo effected onlyfey, fUln; petition within the time -All persons having clHltai age the eyta> rnu«i affillbltlf«m* di verified; to the uti * ilX month* from nvttt Otltillt*ii t \t\n i *£»•» qf M**f4VM11VHI \fi, mi||p-j uu|iu^| ^ yr they shall be forever burred, and precluded from any bentfflt in ibe ottate. cember 1838. this Dec, It, THB CITIZEN* NATIONAL BANK OF, HOPE. MOPE, ARKANSAS EXECUTOR PROBATE COURT OF HKMPSTEAD COUNTY BB 'ATNSOrAlilANDAC. BRUNBR, DEC4CASBD ~ KNOWN W5AC8 OP OP &ECKDENT: us 10, 1641 to laM will of nt. ana Ult undersized Jwv* b*fn appointed e^etutort errors. Tho Foreign has announced a reorganisation vhv dfcr .a now president, John W, of ;)Jwarthino.roi College, jjt hui ro*cqtve<i a substantial 8M»j for. Adult Educsllort to,n« C use of Ford In thq instltu- l. 1952. by Jnn'e Abbott. Distnbutcd b)' Kinff Frauucs Syndicate. dYNOPSlS •Will Brent, steeped In rigid New Bnjrlind tradition, (s greatly disturbed on lea.-ninc: that hli ImU-slater Deborah, utter VMi-i of absence, plans to --'-- » 0 gweethom*. Ct.. whire the we. She ImJ long ago allanated - from the family byInarrylaB a ne'er-do-well nnnlnlnn. Bront'l grown rhUrs. Suo ana Nail. I ' ' rjyjn m««!}Si)L Life In F^indat tion* nttd OrganliBtions which 'u puW'6 opinion. bi»< »ftowlh« how its funds hove td Info Ut«»e ortjunlintlonBi \tculf »'ty thosudftaling out prip- d». ' •<• ut 1> important, in relation to an. ovganliation 95 tht- Fw- feign Policy Association, which \ h now exp«ndln« Us service throughout tho nation, through FPA branchb* and local World Affairs Councils, is not who is the chairman ot the board or the president or that the money comes from the Fold Foundation, but who is on the staff. II tho staff remains the same as it was when the FPA was interlocked with the IPR, the policies will Ultimately be the same, no matter what tho Board of Directors proposes. Experience has shown that directors lay down broad operational policies which in no way the workings of these or- John W. Davis, who is an astute Miwy»r. rejewtly testified concern- iitf the Carnegie Endowment fw Internatloiial Peace, that in 1M6, Alger Hiss's record, as now known, wfs untvatfiWt to ,the dUtin»uis1»- ed men who composed tho board. A content of the pro-1 Yet, the fact U that Hfats'* record i be effected «aa available in 1»W. The head of on within the only by wing a . Mint ftwvide<j O y ,. «- ^ P«r«0tts having claims _ 5 IfeS^^"^ «4* i * ^^ Fouttdattou in an , m^tt«f tlso made the point ot nojl knowing of a record that _ fifom tto tot* ot U*« auy oeaeftt I. look forward their "««>." SwocUiome hnJ ... , - 'Of «i»nv Mni U r?cf nfly whim onlc. bsohalqr minister. Jphn 1, earn* to> thtu-.pftrlwi churth. til ot «oc|al *t well ss splritu*) his ,confr«tr»tlon. , . Nell cried arid novir the itch of her voic« took Susan thfe dliijnf rooro;w flulok ' ' — " ..... who It "D»d, it . m'AnVftom ih* ^J»UiT OUrob«a ouVof her bw^ room window ajid down a trde? \Tqur mother had locked her in her ,room: I remember, Jeante Wljawi tpld me all .about it. way bask in grade school. She'd heard hfr mother telling U ail to someone. I remember Jetnie said her nether said Aunt Deborah WM fast ind 1 slapped her for It Slapped her tard) She didn't sriealt to the for weeks afterwards. Funny, my forgetting anything in the family as divinely Victorian |a that! And she's been married • lot since, hasn't she?" Will Brent felt a chill at the back ot his neck. "That elopement of hers had far better be forgotten. Neil, rve no doubt tut that she has looked back upon her conduct with considerable regret Self- r«ap*ct U the most valuable thing we can possess through life." Nell's eyes were defiant "What v** wrong with the boy from the Flats T" There WM deftajnce in her voice. "H* WM a foreigner, for one thing. Halt French, For another. M4 no *te«dy employment ' what wooey h* did aajm a addle at tho dances •.bout" ~ " —"I V *T'---'v ^ l»l^.^*» from hU stair* 3r^*S. r«?? •-** .* ---^-.«Ti - --^-^-- - ^-w- to i sp*ak'of.u jgto, #ow AHH$ If for Wlnficld Marcy for the fifteen yeara after his .wife died, and, after his death, had stayed jon with John Wendell. U had not crossed anyone's thoughts that she would not stay. Swcethpme saw her as integral a part of the parsonage as the old beams , of its structure. A spare, forbidding-looking woman—one glance from her, Susan knew, would chill the excitement that was possessing her. But the door swung back and John Wendell himself stood in it. "I wats waiting for you to come!" he He led her to a room, at the side of the hall which aervcd as, the church ofltce and his study. 8he had b«en In u ott«n during Win* (laid Marcy's regime, y«tt r now It had an •unfamiliar took because |t was John! Wendell's. Or perhaps because of the litter It was in. He picked, up a she^f of papers. •These are notes I'va niad< from time to time, .over the last few years— from sermons I heard while 1 was In the Seminary, books I've studied— and * lot I took down after talks with a chaplain in the Army. I've' been put* ting them down In alphabetical order, rve this much done. See, I bought these cards to copy them on. Think they'll do?" "I— think SO." Susan picked up • card and the top sheet of the notes. But she had trouble keep- Ing her hand* steady and the words on tht paper zigzagged minute, Miss Brent." H"e Went to her, gathered Up the niteS. "You vlll not want to help me again." "But I'm not a bit tired." pro- esteci Susan. "And I'd like to help rou some other afternoon." "Will ybuT Say oh Friday?" "Yes, I'll coino on Friday." "MoW about a clip 6f tea to fin- sh the afternoon off? I'll ask Mrs. Donnell to Make us some." He djd not wait for Her to answer but went off to the kitchen. Af^""^"" once he was back. "I'd fori she's gone to Winlted npon. Put—any reason make U for ourselves? , hg 4ut to the WtQjien? Ijt'i , ..,, •be R 1 e a * an test room z ln the tttoi , together, "I'll alt over here at the table where you ctn give me an s-o.s. If you cant rea4 my handwriting. I have to finish a report to go to the State Superintendent" Even though she held her eyea on her work the cottld see him— hta broad shoulders and head, with its close-cut, mouse-colored hajr, bent to his work, his thicjj, slightly crooked brows dmwQ tat§ § haU-frown. She knew ft* turea About him and othAra—that Ws note had a perceptible bufcp test below Its bridge, M if it haj been broken at some tlmf* that ilia (sU& WM sxjuve and jutted i very ttttte, bcc*uae through e§0b ffiiiBitoy jMNfvtc^ T\r^T fto ' * ... „ inviting with the ajternpqn «un »Hng it John Wendell went to a cupboard, got out • squat brown teapot, looked at it in hi* handf, a little, bewilderedly, "Do you make It In this?" Susan said quickly, "Let me do it!" She took the pot frcp him. carried It to the stove, went back :o the cupboard. "And we have to have some tea to put Into Itl" The vole* with which she spoke WM new to her eaxs, as If she were suddenly a different girl, thes* liands moving over the shelves of * strange cupboard were not hart, her light laugh ., . "Now cups and itucera ,. "I amelled » cake biking this morning. It must be a-round somewhere.^ To Susan's e&M h)i voice had » new sound, They drank their U» »t toe round kitchen table. MM. OonneU had laid out a fork iR<t knife Md plate on It Tonight, thought Susan, he'd Us his own puppar. "You keep house for your father, doa't you. UUs I h»v» "Ttwi yew l«iTehl8f Mfcr* *; Only one of the top ten in this week's Associated Press poll >layed last night. Seton Hall, No. :, waltzed to a 89-77 victory over John Carroll. It was the seventh straight victory for the undcfeat ed Pirates. £ Houston, making good on its froo throws, nipped Detroit, 72-8!) in in overtime Missouri Valley Con 'erence game while Duke thrashed Davidson, 94-65, in a Southern Con- 'erence fray. Western Kentucky, No. II in the AP poll, had a nip and tuck bat- tie on its hands, cinnati, 77-76. but nipped Cin r-i Fights Last Night By The Associated Press SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Jimmy Carter, 13614, New York, and Freddie "Babe" Herman, 139, Los Angeles, drew, 10. (non-title) SALT LAKE CITY — Kenny Nicholes, 159, Boise, Idaho, stopped Kid Leon, 156, Salt Lake City, 6. MIAMI BEACH, Fla. —Emerson Butcher, 144 1 / a , Rock Island, 111., awarded decision over Claude., Hammond, 145%. North Bergen,'-'' N. J. (Hammond disqualified in ninth round). NEWARK, N. J.—Jimmy Cham pagne, 150, Philadelphia, stopped Vinnie DeCarlo, 149, Philadelphia, 4. Hong Kong is on the China coast at the mouth of the Pearl River. The Negro Community •y Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring Items to MlM Turner at Hlcka Funeral Horn* Don't forget to come to Hope- VVetl ^lementary school Thursday! evening, Dtec. 18, for an en'joy'able ,' A Christmas play sponsored by Mrs. Lillie M. Davis, entitled "joy to The World" will be presented, The curtains will rise at 8 p.m. There is no admission charge. rf •• \ The senior choir of BeeBee Memorial CME church will rehearse Thursday night, Dec. 18. AU members are urged to attend. Coliseum in Little Rock will be (ready for cage spectacles. Those extra seats probably will be needed sure enough now .that Rose is in the driver's seat. TELEPHONE POLES Lengths 20 to 45 feet. For prices delivered or timber, Call... Rufus Martin Wednesday, Pet ember 17, BLONDII There will be a Pre-Christmas party at the home of Mrs. Sarah Hamilton Friday night, Dec. }9, Sponsored by the "Ought To Give" A Club. The public is invited. MOH If At, MOPI, ARKANSAS HEY DAGWOOD-- YOUR OLD ^SCHOOL PAL. SAM' HOP IN AN6 I'LL DC?IVE YOU HOME FOR NOTHING Toy Shop : HORIZONTAL i i Spinning toys : S Little girl's ' S Little boy's toy 31 Cry of Bacchanals 13 JJv.'ord used if. fencing l'« Compass point 15 Table napkin 17 Cat's toy, a rubber 19 Narrow strip of land 21 Wheel (comb, form ) 23 Ocean 24 Exist 27 Twisted 29 Handle 32 Sailor in "Arabian Nights" 34 Prison head 36 Preposition 37 Place within. 38 Followers 39 Pull roughly 41 Girl's name . 42 Consumed 44 Danish tax 46 Sterner <19 Relaxes 53 High priest (Bib.) 54 Oiliest 56 Used in bowling 57 Individuals 58 Miss Turner 59 Child's game GO Spreads to dry 61 One who • (suffix) VERTICAL ITry 2 Above 3 Orifice 4 Cut 5 Scottish rive fi Choice 7 Permits 8 Former English cour 10 Two-toed 11 Seines 16 Weather mar line 22 bear 24 Italian town 12. IS 18 z 3 ZH iL ib * Z5 m> Sb W H7 Ik H l\ m 3i An lit S" ( A B 1 B > B " S 1 i r « I swe sfBI 3 E A 1 • ~ P " ~ • 1 J N I A r to P.-evious Fjzzle y A a L_ r 5" "'?' 3 P t V A U 1 N 1 3 A 5 R E v / B S : A r e •V r ft. p T B A * 1 E 1 T •3 0 3 P * e 3 R 5 S '25 Runs wild 45 Irish assembly 26 Intertwining 46 Clan 28 Strong string 47 Pen name of 30 Antitoxins Charles Lamb 31 Poker stake 48 Sea eagle 33 Sew loosely 50 Chair 35 Leg parts 51 Hireling 40 Assented 52 Asterisk 43 Rye disease 55 Donkey tb 27 Wf 1J bH 57 faO S 13 % It 39 m ne fa » m % w 14 7 %6. 28 M 37 w±. 55 8 a W-, 3S 1 H9 zo •a W/, 15 ba » 9 11 17 HI 0 II 30 31 50 51 5Z 17 CKlelt Vomtf OZAllKlKI WELL.BELIEVE ME.IFVOU C«N AFFCWD Vo RIDE MOME IM A TAXI, ^VE CAN AFFOTO ATHAT NEW wess SAID IT \VOULP •y J. R. Williams TWBMTv MINJUTBS L«TBff, OUT OUR CARNIVAL By Dick Turner T. M. R.j. U. S. Ptl. Olf. Cc f r. 1952 by NEA Stnlct, Itu. 'I had the awfulest scramble getting on the bus! People pushing and shpving«-l dropped all my parcels!" SIDE GLANCES By Golbrqith / MODERM MV EYE.' I '"^ HAD TO LIVE IM SUCH PLACES MOST OF MV KID v DAYS--AMD IM SHOPS' / WHERE 1 WOt»:-3P.' NOW THAt 1 CAM AFFORD A HOUSE, I DOM'T WANT ONE WITH TH' PLUMBIM' EXPOSEP/ WELL.TH' FLUNABIM ^ w>^/ia• HELP UP TH' SECONP FLOOR. OP SOME BUT THESE PIPES DON'T HAVE MUCHTD —i=»—^ HOLD OP. BORM THIgTV VEAES TOO SODM cl*,*'J",^."';.^ ANJ5WEK PWDPUCpD-'.KiP ISKSNlPl-O THAT'S ALW CANT VARIATIOM OM THE fiffAPH. V*V <aDVS. TAKB OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople Nonce HOVJ K\6 Miss ff VES/OR OME ")a HE'S MOT Kio-H \6 6POOMIM6 OUT THE M OF THOSE %\ DlM6 jV\&,TALK-/ MARMAUftDe A6DDT ]i NECKiTlES TMATff INS ASOOt A ^ ? siFT5?-«-HE BUILDS AN LOOK LIKS i|\<3ET OF MATCHED U5 UP "[O EXPECT ,-M7 ^D/WETHlMS \^ GOLF CLUBS AT LEAST ATOLL, /^M YOU 6EE VvlKEl^AV (?MLY TMS BRIDGE, AslD WE A OJ^jtHS' TV , % ^£T < V JW G£\ IMTO gAG OP )V>\ V ( ggEAKS ) ; -.'//-JBfc Kl*-« , ' ' ' POCKETS! DOE5MT MIND RECEDING MICE vifi tue f " ROAI? WOT !*A* PlfOVN TMB MOTiU APOUOSIE&.AMZ.PLNT WHBRB ViC'5 CLIBNT LIES tMtffBRW, ACAHSTOPSANR,. WASH TUBES WHY.VU.UmE/ DROP —/THO«5 BOv/fS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar MS MY FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger OH.VOO 900R1 TV\(\\ WHO Cwr. 1983 by NCA Iirvlc., Inj, T. M, Rlci U. ». P«l, plf. ( BUGS BUNNY I FORSOT AW P/XRCBL/ VOU CAN'T Ml*ft IT, 6HHH, WHAfT'* GRACIOU'5/A EATIN'VA, PETUNIA? I LHFT IT ON 5B «••> l«l IllNVW* •"•• CtWM i™ DM. It ALLEY OOP 'WEUUXX By V, T. 'I didn't get my sled last Christmas! Care to comment?" _ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ' By Blo.ier DEGGA DIPN 1 T \ 600P UP TH 1 TIME-MKHIIME TOOMUCH! CA«8 Ql* \ JOIN US / WORRi-, KHJ I I IN TH' TVVENTIETH •VDUR6BU? ' VERV TWO, I'LL PO AU RISHT,,. I I MINUTE HUWM PUT I CHRIS WELKIN, Planetor (PUFF) FLOYP SROSS ,,\JCHKK i YUP, 352 WEST MARKCT— J LKE I WAS "'— I KMEW CASEY JON.es WHEN HE WAS STOWN'A SWITCHV A MIGHT CASEV AMD ME'D SNEAK A BOIUffR OUT ~ IS THAT OUR&IRLFRIgNDS "'4AMOOH PIPE --i'^.'-|' / ' / Jij'i'V'- '' DESPERATE HI* CfSAFT, TRVIN^TO CAU-SB TO f HEN*? ,

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