Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1952
Page 7
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«ro,vraM ' "'*• *TI> MJ^J..A'_!L\ .^. HOP! STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Wednesday, December 17,19S2 CommUllfmir A (Sti, board tno HiftcOnji id dl«'~&MM» h« I i no authority io fttwt df Jh» boar Christmas Poses a Very Real Problem for U. S. Husbands What f Can I Get the Wife? Markets Jly HAL HBW VOHK W> — the ordinary worried of lho f <wor)d are n* nothing now to mllllmw of American hus »nd» face ta face with the hardest prpWam of tbft your: ''What «hnll I ««t the ml»iu» for Chrlitm**?" Nn other femorgftncy offers no «rn A tfilt of n husband'* r"nl rnattle. ' Buying a wtte n pfment .if kind Is cony. Tho utoren anyway.' *N(H<|fi r twin' J»eMX W»«P« ;J.ak« '•ml with lhoii«Dnd» of JnvUh gift*- Tti^X hnyo hired thottiand* of lady fthopplftg ndvi»«r» to help ,.-„-" htiubflrtdi. lit tho wltolti ort of o micooas foi family Chriatma* Is to buy n wlfo exactly the Rift sho wants. And what U that? Just try and flwl out, fhp children mibily n-iokft tnolr wl»hM kiiov/n by fi-<mk nnd open letter* to Santa Clntm, But heir mother won't t\<> thiit. Uiually It I* no tnak ot nil for i hUdhnnd to' find out whnl In on il» wlfe'n mind. lie would hnv«> to Th* •greflro wny out of l<?mttl« 'Id to buy hoc nn cost or a yncht, nwl If tln-y back later to <-!<<'hntu;<> Hi- But the**' Htiiuly trifi flro bryoiid tho ronch of ttu- •>'•' nine man'* purse, rve-n In tin- <\u-> at R n<;v/ Iti'publk'mi I&T. tOUtfi LIVESTOCK ST. 1/HMS NATIONAL STOCK- V/,ifii'i til. '('F'> - I.K'MUiek: [!>• r ill.'KKi. .'irUvf; h:irr'iWJt riwl ,'ii 1 .it'-nily. i< 10 blither thnn Ti;'-.'i.'iy'n dvi'.'itfV'; fiw« burcly • to v.-c.-iit; hulk ' liolc<? ISO- f hr.rT-.'-AS and idlta Ifl.Ofl-j i.ittr>>- (liidl Irrf.'ly mostly foci ,r,,i(-r K20 His;' 240-270 lh;.. C, :V).f, Hi); I ,",0-1 70 Ib.li thing ft (<l!'»w IIMH d'r Is to mal<« the bc-sl K"e»ii h^ >ai and ((0 iihcnd und buy It, In n,. own cone I hove tin even umiiix prohU>n», I knnvv whni my wil>' Would Ilk* l<) llOVP, but (lU'l'P Mi; ' ft »U)ro In town thai Ktuei'.«, it. When I liskod KriMu-i-s v.h:.l 'th" would llk«» for ChrUtiriii*, fvi I f-aii "Thn only lhf» ycnr, .Tlovcr, bnnd, up complolcly, On the (|uo* Ion of whnt'fhft would Ilka to find , Brtiee, It Bi hO .... i#AU border- 4'jftf'lifr'iVftlMt M^WVflllWpdl- ^'"lAfidiwk >ut on cnrrntiffs to from But Jiul before ChrUtmn* her tre« 0f "you find out." H yoO flitk h«r bluntly, sny« 'Oh, don't you botlior nbout me r really- don't want flnythlng." Of this tnrnni: Mother Continued /rOm Pn«c One It eovm'rd over the boy," ''<< mild, Tin; captain ankl thi- la-yem •> girl nnd tho pnrents hud tn»i c»cnp«. He <inld ho didn't ).< whore they wov« found, Ho Bold that on urnhulan Ii. :,'! 1:11 I3.50l5.2 r i;!' :ivi,: -iowri I2.;'.513.7r», i 'i';!/; i:;i!vci! !)()fl: dcilinnd^ .:c.'l iitt If Jlori" early;)' •! i.",iM'(i but' her year j I ,;:','. ;il;oijl «-.ti ady; oholc •i .'M ,.0; f-nwi fairly tu.-' ':•:.-ly; ','tiliiv and rnrn-' , "''• i.i.fiO; r:i':ri«l'S (Hl'l : •'• : '' '.'.''; I 'id!:' ;trul v.'tl- <t, utility and corn••'! ). f i.lilil7.:"iO; fllltrri . ! , M: ;;I.MI| to prln:i'! '.i )•'•; i.< : M, inili'. Idunl lu-.id ' lIll.V < ;lt!l|]'']-r.'ijll VeallT.l: POUI ICY AND PRODUCE ' i n;<' V '•' i Vi - Live poultry ••' i'l.v :.• .-i;. ' | Ii -T• i;.''. !.i>77 coops; f.o.b. pay-. ,i; j.i-i'-<-! iin-- -liaiu'.t'd except o'lj i; ' ; '. ' : . !.f nili'i•): tu S!'.;i cents a! Mi'nil hr:'!;i-r nutside; hfavy hensi tihond of tho , "Woll, dtmderhosd, if you eomo home thi« Chrlutma* eve with nn oiher bottle of lht»t cheap porfumo, I'll 'opfffi H nnd pour It all ovor ni while you'ro nHlccp." II »h(t In a young bride, oho Will probably toll her clo«e«t «)rl fricnu wlifit *hp roully yeftrns for, ntul yp« con find out from her, Birt. vtiUjfran wives don't piny tht» ghhio thftt simply. Tliey confide In no ono. What can n mnn do? Well, 1 know onn mnn who nnkn nn ouljn wiother who fonnults an wore Inking away tit pnronl", both rif whom wen- nn confolouD, and tho older Kiel. G{tdll, Who 1>U» had y.'l years 'i Iho fire dt'iJni'tmcnt »nkl iii..i . mlnilnnrr- h,-(d 'M '{.;; i,- -. - -i •;, or bfiilciK .'UiS,')."); old j L> firemen iin?' i..i: ir |:./l: (fuclUini'M ,'((); hcnvyi 1 ..... ^, Wtt» the most number of bnrm , n third wliii #m!l<* the of a fortune U'Hor, nnd ft who Juit ROOI Into a »lor«i Vlindfoklod and buys the first thlnn Intihp* Into. But all of tlwm "^*My »y*\ctn Uofsn't really work. You t»f>uer 'tvy sonic othct 1 ont»," ore, of courm 1 , n few to follow. The first f«w of mwrrlBtfu a Wife la tilwuya ,d to giit (hjnKR llko a U»levl»lon i«t, nn ftletitrie oven, or a now vg, All^er thnt *\w warns. "If you mnk thy Idea of » Chrlitmnt pros tml'lfl Aomothlnct Ui furnish thin old .to-dpntli nl <mi ho had ever Tito Breaks Continued from Pi>«i< town last nl|jht, snid iiK lui.'koy hi-n« hiiyinc, prices unevenly l i:<i;i|;rl luWCr to '-'l luj'.ll •r.ie AA ,-uul 92 A «(!.7.i: '-•; t)!i (' lit: cars; 1)0 f) !r.; receipt'! 11,1)41; whole- L;' pri.'i'M uiiclniliged; U.S.! .; I'. S inciliuni:; '17; cur-i .jil.-. ;!V, ili: Ill's lifi; checks Of roliuluus per::i ( uti. wort) Innplrifd by the Viiti'-an. n 'd.ncinrt'd h« vvoulil not no in i!i; «(n llnies* nt lenst hull' tlie I'nti.. i people wnnl JvliT) to eiinii-. "J juri not fioinK to Kni;l;'iul I he deel:ir.-: h6Vl»(», irfly.y. I wnnt iomo that shows Vo« ronlly woro tng of rfi* fl» B person, not UK a buijli\ohi! pai'tnor. I iiuetl furnish mail fVioro than the house does w^wxszf?^ ftHV^'IlP*'' l{/,n *, \ >" Wrs. Clans? H-r.t ri - ,*\fJ; , ^4 a^'^v^AiV^l' - Ct '- IftMiltf 4itfi|tt 3Pajm?7 ^ U , yy/.^TJ <^< ^ * ' *'i i f S^'i«£iry 'There will bo no dlncui.Binn nt OI.M intornal nffnlr:>," Tito nunln iittnckcti I'ope I'm-' nomlnntiim of Arc.hblshop Ai.i)/n< Sleplnuc «H n cardinal and il.-. clorod tliat Sloplnac woultl n-ve, bif punnUt«d to .fervc even as .;n nrchbiinop In I i •A^4 AND PROVISIONS ii ' '.(;< i i V'i A-> easier trenrl : u: .:. ,i',,ju'ared ifi s;c>,vbeans • • -.-•• '.<• tn I'lh'-r sections u(! . . ,-'. . : tin- Hoard Df Trade j i i i •-. ••; v. en 1 I'iarly nclivo.' -. ..; -i' 1 .!! Mil- i-iul of tlie fi.c.'ll . : ; ' i• ' •, ci n! Inwr, Det'i'rn- ' I''.! 1 :: e ,i ii \va:i ' .|.'-';i Inwct', • :•:...• •' l Ci". ',,, and oats wore i--..- .'i', t). . .-n,her (M'f,,. Soy.• .-I i- I'...'' • cents Inwor. :..i v '.'.!:'',., and lard w.is i-i ••\(.~ luv.'er !'» five ci';nU a • Mud., hii'.iu'i', Hee6nib«ii' wn» corinltiouiilly re-re from prison iibout M ,vai lor'vlnit five yearn of a 10-yoar sentonce an. u cbari.:.- cullnboratlnti ' the Geiuian-: World \Vni' U. pcrniittod to leave .tho-Kumii par- wriich Chief Asks for $36 Million By UEON MATCH " LK ftDCK Ifi — Alfred J. C:i-.li win-ill: N"tu\ !.',»!> ulil; No. ~ yellow 1.011 -H; •'-.. :•'. 1 .''I; Nn. . I'M; new: No, H el;..v.- I.!',..; i-.,; Nn. -I, 157'j, Oiits; 'i... 1 v.hiie al 1 ,; No -1 while NEW YORK COTTON '^!' V \V YOPK. -fi C'otton firflires >''!V'<! tu \vi.ji' rango in nervous ' 'iili't'-.-i iml.'iy. Id'ciirrent flurries • '• li.iU!,i:ili,'i. .mil herlgini: dropped .-.'I •!• Ii'. .-;ii •••., rvcept llu- October 1>.|-. ii join lulu iii-w seasonal low (•.round. Tin- inai'lcet later rebotitul- ril l:ri.--l-.ly at-'Mit $1.75 n bale from ;!sc |tv.\s i.f iiii- .l:iy in iH.-tir months «'" .hurt ivvrrini', which appeared I ' n>.-r(.! ti'inpornril.v oversold (•• ••f.liiii-n Mi-si levels were sjot I' -\ in Ihi- r.ice of further scat- Cl^ri-y's chiilp/! for stiito wel^ue; j, (?qm(t\|HSionW,'>t<adHy ttskod tho Ar-| l.>!e .-.<;ernoon prices were I ktirfsns' LoglSlftWVts Council tu iip-j ;,, po cenl-;:\ bale lower than tho iH' • cv-v- ' V« 'P- '' ^ ~W ~* *^ . with the f«n<ws>V on cjVijVftU^voUart? budi/.f ^p ml^ifti)''.'ttQUjprH'" uniuuilly. Uo^;h > on'i t|jft .fest wuljji-t ot uiuin 11[« Jtulii t th]it'MUtls hud not bee- avaUattle t« utiffis'c ai| of the u> prworjottan niiiqt In 'KW1 and a an ttdd.t'd^ c'xplfttthtion Vov the r. th« toder.'U f'M to ail.'. flllldS With ll':i MareU H3.S8, May Of UwjiroioBil'80'mUllon lotal.i' 1 ! ,V' UU? ""''''' ;""! ^ -T • *•*. r^~ "^«" ,^a^ r . ' " f '' I t it*' 1 '*> • r'lt to f»1 i) f t i^ nlm- mlUl^VuWiW b^ Ir.oni state, n V lt V.;''.M, / Iwxit* o,»d 27'mUllou'! from aiui-i ; , l »-, ^',.,, „ . . «i.,«i.ij »»i-»..»i. >...,.i,, ! ' n* i,.in.ntii \dUHl NEW YORK STOCKS N)-:\V VOHK '.I 1 ' -- A narrow mix- iitri. 1 of I'.jtin-i and los'sos today in tiio sloc.k i\',ai-!iet favored the V'rX'.mMy all >'lianj;es were true: ti'ii.'il with only ;ui occasional 1s- . •".!.•< ch:i(u;lu;'. as much as i point. .ii ?.iulo Uiu-K 1 and district shows ,'vso.- Pint- niuff, Ft. this down an o,t- j! U?:n|H ti> cHniinate tho district live^ ; vt.iek shmv:i t!in,«ut;h withholding of '. I opt rtttinsj funds. ^>^^^^ roved n proposed live- lnidi;et which othcr- uiu'hau^od from lasl . ciputod federal fumis, Moan. vvlwse.plectUni tp Mrs. llonry B^thell us sloncv w>* ni^ouueecl only ' te somo viatc^.-^hta budget but •.»,,- ;i!, ; -dT , ?o " cd u£ » tjwn»> I'^oW to vvrrn,; lij^,^ sh ;^., Ml ^ 1^^ other- Mow also said Umt a new ,nv-1 su :' «-' s '««-'»-'"«^ f ">m U«t also $nid Ui<n a new being s«t u»» would, ho be-j Blli'Vlttte complaints th..uj •teomuehUn,. w«, S noc t ,,u'y ,,,| ,1™« ^^ *~^^ ;' no money fore deservluK ^ersfMis couUl »ssi»ttt>Vca In some •»»nnwlbr or, in short.! bwigot. lU. to recommend ihni; be lie liquor .,iU- *'OiH i.itiiMis, It tl'.(> Uoner.il Assembly follows !io i'('i-\'in'i)ientl:iii\>n of the Coun- U. i'-e ABO will be inoperative •f'Ciijiutir; !..>:( July 1, whetl tho iscfil vojr- rnils. tn would ujM>.y i ch comity which d<n-s rvi; ihe state or u district livv j County. »»Uvi?Bt»>cH show is hoi-t j.i.v • jjuii.'e! Committee of the s?,-!i!hly..- eritiei.ed the ABC •it lU in\, -.'.VHtorji. The Council ... . . . . ...-'.- leUl I". VKISI.UOTS that ABC istopls showed m Uie G> wlw ,,,,| uvv ^ !i; .. !!ol A ^ Ml ^ lvw ^ t M i >!>SV'..M (Mv.'.vr., au,l were used by till- -A.'.i.i.' ;..''.miustratkm for tusks (.'tl'i r tin.!! ,i!.':vrtbed by law. S--n '.'. !M AlU-n of Bfinkley said ''«.-•' '!'MV-V f.nivths" of thu. depart" n-',•:;;'.! r.:i\\--.,t!s:u.n-s "spend their li:'• living t(» trap some retail Ikv-ov dealer in'.- selliixs a $1.75 *••:<- !\>r $t Hi and then arrest I','-"." Arkansas '-fair trado" laws I'.K ! i i.-os on wl,i->k>-y yd forbids w.v; :.-!tiil!:, : .^v, lU-uiWU-y s«»;»fiior charged U'. -i no iU-rju:i;ent «>-•.->• •'. isyiu;! to su>l> out that little t.i;Vy ;'«5S cases ivf liquor during tt V-a>t yoar— "less tlxan two cases! A\'t-n rfl^o iUt at the fair trade*! \u- .u.a tu^U V-u.es o« iinuor. say- 1 uc Hut bgi^k ihauW W replaced,} SHOP WEST BROS. FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS NEEDS Wedneiday, December 17,1952 HOPI STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS There's only 6 more shopping days until Christmas and you'll find a store full of just the gifts for everyone on your shopping list as well as gifts for the home that will be appreciated by everyone. We will be happy to help you select just the right gift for them, Shop now ... Don't wait. For the Home 60x76 All Cotton PLAID BLANKETS 1.00 each . FirstQuality NYLON HOSE Just the gift for her. Give her several pairs of these beautiful nylons. Special 60 Gauge, 15 Denier 51 Gauge, 15 Denier 98c pr, 79c pr. The Gift for Boys BOYS SWEAT SHIRTS He will like these. Colors of white, blue, red and maize. Extra special only 98c He'll Want This CORDUROY SHIRTS A gift any man will want and appreciate. Assorted .colors. All sizes. 3.95 and 4.95 WHAT TO GIVE THAT MAN?? Here's the right answer right at YOUR STORE NAME • ^ YEAR-'ROUND 1 V d GOOD LOOKS To your Year'round SANTA Extra Speci.q.1 Value! CANDY One pound box of assorted candy. Buy several for Christmas. Box Washable, Lined ^ ™.. ,:.- S5 ^ Jacket . i%^ 69c For His Christrnqs PAJAMAS Give him a pair of these sanforised pajamas. Assorted colors. All sizes 2.98 and 3.95 A Gift He Wants GABARDINE SHIRTS S Just arrived new shipment of these smart shirts. Assorted colors. All sizes. t og $^ ^^'_ For Your "Man of Production Practical, long-wearing, to make a good man on any job look even better. For Your Man "Who Has Everything Watch him beam — just the ticket for household puttering, for trips into the great outdoors, Type 1 Army Cloth PANTS . . .3.95 SHIRTS . . .3.95 TOYS Trains ... 9,«0 & 11.95 Truck§ ^;.». ,QnJy$lBc Teddy Bears -9ff to 4,9$ WAGONS All steel wagons that they will*$njoy for a long time. All si^es. A 1.98-4.95-6J5-8.95 HOLSTER fTS See these. Assorted sjfes for all kiddies. Ex,tro special is Boys ; FUNNEL SHIRTS These are sure to please that boy. Si?f Sf- 6 to 16. Extra special only 98cto3.95 1.33 WEST BROS. OF GOOD VALUES Phono 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. DOROTHY DIX r«i« tfC-T, V- ^IMtk Calendar Wednesday, December 17 Paisley PTA will meet VVcdnos-i d^y, December 17, at 7:30 in the! school auditorium, so that the f;i- Thc Wisteria darden Club will! thcrs will be able to attend the have their Christmas party \Ved- children's program, ncsday, December 17. at the home Friday night, December 19, -t 7:30. The pvtblic is invited. i Sunday, December 21 A Cantata "The Music of Beth- I lehem" will be presented by the i choir of the Presbyterian Chute h j Sunday afternoon, December 21, jnl 5 o'clock. The public is cordial- mnn of 42 j km , w , u , was murrM jly invited. f • th|! fj| . sl tjmc l W(1|U wi)h him i but it wns a blind dnte nnd turned I Beyond Help Dear Miss Dix: 1 am 28 years old| nnd madly in love with a married| „ « cv '' 1 " d of Mrs. Olin Purtell with Mrs. Pod Bogers as co-hostess. Each mem- Thursday, December 18 LLL Sunday School Class of the I her is asked to bring a gift for; Fil ' st Baptist hurch will have their| the tree. A pi i/.e will be given for the most unique, wrapped package December mooting Thursday nighi, .,, .. . . .... llllt to be love at first si,uht. We j will show the pictures of their . lm . e iv , H , ,„ „ „,,„.,,, f((| . , wo tht , ge j travels m huropc at bprinfi Hill , BS , fcw nlonthg . Hl , hns two ch ,,. p .Methodist Church Sunday night, < dml in „„,,,. ,,.,,„„_ mu , , Mso 21. at i o'clock. The h . lvt , , U(J sma(1 childl . t ,,, mlt r : would Rive them up never to seej them again in order to f;ct my man. 1 have been divorced for n year. Christine's Film Termed Invid lnvltcd Daffodil Garden Club Meets at VFW Hut December la, at 7:30 at the home off Mrs. Chas. Rcynerson, 1510 S. j """"; Miiin. Co-hostesses will be Mrs.' tci Herman Hobinson, Mrs. W. R. j Service Class of thc First Christian Church will hnve their Christ- ., . ,•,„,-. v mas party Wednesday night at 7 Moslc >'- and Mrs. George Young, j o'clock in the recreation parlor. Daffodil Garden Club held their iinnual Christmas party Saturday. 13, at the VFW Hut with 11) club members and their bus- present. C'oPMNHAtlKN, Denmark IA1 — IVmish Minx'ie critics agreed today ! t!uu (he color on Denmark He wants to wait until his vwunK-' lM ", est child is Rl -own before we "marry i i "I 1 by Christine Jorgensen, the York hoy turned girl, irisli in spots bul K <ll) d Friday Music Club will meet for' wl . 1 , '" thc Christmas motif i'lillowing a buffet supper games What shnll t do? 1 am not going j' to give him up. I will do anything; i to break up his home t love hinij ' "— The Hut was decorated through-; so much _ Mls - wjfe ,;, U)WS abollt ! i ; r 1! "' Him nude by the young M.<re than 500 Danes applauded llv first public showing last their Christmas party Thursday! , , . . Brookwood PTA Father's Nirfht | nig ht, December 18 at 7:30 in the! nml dancm S wel ' c enjoyed, will be held Wednesday night, DC | home' of Mrs. ' comber 17, at auditorium. 7:30 in the school Talbot Feild, Jr. i Each member is asked to bring a gift for the tree. ~ Lilac Garden Club will meet on Wednesday. December 17, at 3 p.m. at the Hope Country Club! Thursday VFW Auxiliary Has Meeting Tuesday Night i Ladies Auxiliary to Ramsey Car- The Presbyterian Choir will havc !R ji,, p,, st 4511 mc t Tuesday night, an impol ' lnnt Practice session on] December 16, at 7:30 at the Hut. ' ' u.iii. ciL nit: nuijt ^uvuiiiY v.*iuu, rhiit-snnv nidht Tinr.r>t-»-,l-,nt- 1H -if 1 T with Mrs. C. C. McNeill, Mrs. Chcd 7 Tclock AH members ,re uVd I M .%, 8 ^r" ° f th ° P™ sWcnt ' Hall, Mrs. S. G. Norton, and Mrs. to a tend nitmbcls ' 1IL Ulfecd Mrs. .left MUhcan presided over W. A. Williams as hostesses. Each the business session. .member is requested to bring a Christmas wreath to be judged, and a gift for u child in the Little hospital. * SAENGER TODAY & THURSDAY BROUGHT BACK DEMAND _ , _ | After thc business meeting the Fulton Rose Garden Club will, hostesses, Mrs. Herbert Griffin meet with Mrs. Herbert Cox at and Mrs. Alvin Willis, served dou- 2:30 Thursday afternoon with Mrs.! ghnuts and coffee to 18 members W. E. Cox, Sr., Mrs. J. J. Battle, i present. and Mrs. Len Herrcl as co-hos- 1 tcsses. Gifts will be exchanged. Friday, December 19 Miss Lavinia Nell Wright Weds Harry Edward Ambrose our friendship, but not about our love. He says he will never love anyone else. If that is true, why doesn't he prove it? II. J. Answer: I've given this letter batim, not with lhe thought I American who recently underwent :erirs of operations and treatments hen- that changed her sex. 'It was fun In see Denmark with helping H. J. who is just about be- the eyes of an American," wrote ter'ver ] '»litiken's critic, Kdvard Ander- L'ht of' 1 '"* 1 '"' '"" il niusl bt ' n fl »iitled that "'-.' film is vulnerable to profession- John Brown School Gets $100,000 Gift SU.OAM SPRINGS, Ark tfl—Tho llbrnry of tho John Brown Unlvcr slty here Is expected to be corn pleted beciuise of n $100,000 grant from nn anonymous couple. President John R. Brown, who announced the gift yesterday, snld the couple nsked to be known only os "Christian friends of t school." He said the money Is to come from New York. University Vice President Storm Wbaley said with completion of the 5250,000 library, John Brown will be "much closer to Its prime goal" of accreditation by the North Central Association of Colleges nnd Schools, NOA officials hnve snld n "better library" was necessary before tho school could be accepted, Whnley said. He said the building should bo ready for use next September nnd that $5.000 will be appropriated immediately for purchase, ot now books. tlmo." H« did not name »ny ureas he mny hnvc had In mind. The bond of the Point Four pro- grntn Sny» "you hnve tfc start with a mnn nnd n homo.' 1 to R!VC tho people whnt they wnnt In mnnjK foreign countries, JOLLY TP POP yond help, but to give wives an idea of the competition they are sometimes up against. Surely nr wife would worry seriously over such a rival! Man Not Serious Since promises of marriage in this case are vaguely and conveniently shoved ahead for an indeterminate time, the mnn obvious al criticism. Miss Jorgensen picks luT movities excellently but she ^j needs a lot to get beyond the ama- „ iei.r level," Miss Jorgensen has said she plans to exhibit the film to Unn- ish-Ainericnn groups In the U. H. She s;iys she wants to make n career as a photograher. Hefere the showing began, Miss Jorgensen wearing a long dress of ., , t n lv IIKIII vtivviviirt j " ••••••rt »i«v.in **•. ly is interested only in the thrill | • lnv ^i'ed greenish - grey taffeta, of a eland and Mrs. S. S. Wright ot Mrs. Henry Fenwlck and Mrs. Paul; Thc eouplc cxchanged vows Sun . Bain will be co-hostesses, will be exchanged clay, December 7, in the home of 1 Mi- Little Having she can attract and hold another woman's husband. The at- Hock. _. „ , _, , - -..^ . Reverend Irl 11 ;,, lhe Dahlia Garden Club will, Bridenthal, North Little Rock of- havc their Christmas luncheon at; ficialed at the double ring cere- 12:30 at the home of Mrs. B. F. ; n f onv boforc a scttln g of Johnson, 409 East 2nd, Friday, | ;lnc j greenery December 19. Mrs. J. C. Carlton,| The bridc was allil . ed ,„ ., w . Miss Lulie Allen, and Mrs. Bcv- (lor uUlt . suit wilh nav . and whil( , erly Johnson, Jr., will be co-host- accessories esses. Members are asked to bring a gift for the tree. but to be a tenuous thin;'. Brought Back by Popular Demand! Friendship Cass of the First j of wniu , carnations. Baptist Church will meet Friday \ Gu|le Pool or uul( , Rock night, December 19, at 8 o'clock ! as bc , sl man at the home of Mrs. Ray Allen,' 206 East 14th, instead of Tuesday night as originally scheduled of short duration Here is a woman with one broke en marriage behind her flagrantly intent on breaking up another woman's home and completely blind to the welfare of her own children. Mi*., r- i\/i u . x Ancl smlu ' soft-hearted (or sofl- Miss r-aye Moser, maid of hon- hcadedi readers will write and '.-" or, wore a coral, pink suit with, 1u . Vm too wnu-.iiii black accessories and a corsage! thing! brandnew for Fifty-Two ' Silk Textured Shrinkproof **»*« Farm Aid to Needy Nations Discussed UTTLK nOCK, Iff) — Jnmes J. llnggerty, director of the Agriculture Department's Office of Foreign Agricultural Relations, sug- •gesterl today it might bo wise to give Immediate economic nlcl lo "politically unstable" countries, hard on the poor! Dear Miss Dix: I with' Christmas program and tree at Oak Grove Methodist Church. Spring Hill Charge, will be held j dci^'iYuuns" Mrs. Ambrose wo ,. e b) k R acces aries ,nd IL " wlth ' First Films of EISENHOWER IN KOREA! ALSO: COLOR CARTOON RIALTO * • TODAY & TOMORROW • TORRID Mrs. Wright chose for her tor's wedding a navy suit w.in; wc „,.„ in f , fjf . | Ib-onzciriums 8 !?" 68 - -I ? 3innccl , married, and have shared 1 1 Zi 11 ° ei ' M1H - of pleasures with each other. few years ago she became rery close - mouthed, although 1 have never betrayed her confidence. We arc both employed, spend showing, slit commented in a mixture of Danish and French, nervously at first but later rallying in great style. The audience applauded several times and two bouquets were presented! to Miss Jurgenseiv when it was over. Tells of Spying on Russia for the U.S. By STAN CARTER In a talk prepared for thc annual conference of the Ar- knlisas Agricultural Extension Service, said the primary objective of the Point Four program Is to Increase agricultural production, especially Cood crops, to relieve some of the chronic hunger in the world. "Even more fundamentally, of ! course,. . .We hope and expect, thc relief of hunger, to help bring ubout conditions of poll- tical stnbillty nnd to promote Ihu necessary conditions for orderly progress nnd development along democratic lines," he said. Hut, he continued, many people feel there Is a gnp which the Point j Four program of nld to backward' areas cannot work fast to fill. "They believe there nrc areas which arc in such 'economic distress, nnd In consequence so politically unstable, that we cannot jmrnc F« A MERRY MUSICAl OF IOVI AND V. ,UUCHSI I Slatting ESTELITA ROBERT HUTTON Tom & Jerry Cartoon "Crashing the Movies" Sports Novelty is a graduate of Spring Hill High School and St. --, . _, . . f t , rt*-'*-'* 1 «-*v.«i ui LiiitL lUKl UK 1 Vincent's School of Nursing in Lit- wol . k , hou ,. s cxccplbth;lt tie Rock. Mr. Ambrose is a graduate of Little Rock High School and attend cd the University of Arkansas, Fnycttuville. After a short wedding trip through the Ozarks, the couple will bo at home in North Little Rock, where both are employed. Out o£ town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tucker of Brockwell, Mo., and Miss Bernice Montgomery of Wcnatchcc, Washington. Johnson—Barfield Vows Exchanged Miss Gladys Virginia Barfield be- Doal . Miss Dix . . came the bride of Cpl. Julius J. | week j oc 'asked'me A] TOKYO 1/11 — National rural police today said they had arrested a J'ipaiiese radio operator who told n weird tale of double-dealing espionai.e: Me said he had made of yen spying for the U. Huise of a spy for Russia. foreign office spokesman said never free on week-ends, but won't! tell me why. I'm sure there's :i i Police are invcstigatim? reports of man in the case, but why thc scc-i an inl<.'rnallonal spy riiiR. But he recy? . | ;irlrU>cl that unless American se- SENTIMENTAI. ANN I erots are involved,, nothiny can bu Answer: The best way to preserve a friendship is to respect ;• friend's desire for privacy, both Police said the radio operator, physical and mental. Don't i'iitruil»| Mnsno Mitsuhasi, told the follow- on the time she wishes for herself. and don't try to invade the privacy be sure that the sltuntlon will hold ', in order to give the Point Four i Program a chain do. to work things out over tho "long''bull," Mnggerty said. "We rnay hnve to consider the need lor the extension of sonic mom Immediate types of econoin ic aid to ,meet the elemental needs of these countries In the mean Crepe • t' Preeisional fof.thfi Full'Hip Figure In 3 Lengths .'. For thc Average Hip Figure In 3 le^gth Throw it In your washing ...NO MORg HAND LAUNOW ING I Miss Elaine's glamoroi/i now irim of acetate nylon tllly lace and pure nylon makes this one of lhe. mail W hsavenly of slips. In Ml« Elairttfl^-' exclusive shrlnk-reslslant NYLAINE aeelate-nylon cr«pj>',J Straight cut., .never bulges or rldos up. Sltndti.Avtrngt In P«lli«, Avtra(|«, Twll Ptlilt, AvtragtilaH ' . S V F i: Hope'i Fineit Departrn«f.t >Stor« J done to Ihe spies. Japan has no law against espionage. confi of her mind. The time for donee will come, and you'll a true friend, indeed, by just being around when you're needed. Johnson in a ceremony performed December 13 in the home of her parents, Reverend and Mrs. Joe W. Barfield of Arkadelphia. Mi- Johnson is the son of Mr. Thurmaii Johnson and thc late Mrs. Daisy Johnson of Cale. The double ring ceremony was performed by tho bride's father. Vows were exchanged before an improvised altar decorated with holly and red berries in the center of which was a lighted angel. A football game. I like 14, Last to yo to a very iny story: lie wa.s repatriated from the Sn viot Union in 1947 and was questioned by Allied counter-Intelligence men. He admitted that Mos cow had siven him the mission of transmitting information on occu pillion matters to the Soviet Union by radio. He wus subsequently released under American Cuuntcr-Intelll- Kence Corps (CIO. Unaware of tho switch, Soviet much, and he likes me. Three days later, Dave, for whom I don't care particularly, asked me to a party i "••"««•<- «^ VMU *«,,...., ^..^.. Right after he called Joe asked 1 !1 « onls '" Ja ' lan uscU MitsuhushI to me to go to the same' narlv Now ' Sl ' nd cofll ' (1 mess "KL 1 s to the Soviet if I tell Dave I'd rlither go w t h I Unkm :llld Nol>th Koren »»oirt three Joe, he win be hurt, bul if I teil 11™« U ™ n *-_ ^«T: ""' FOR A MAN'S GIFT Give Him a shirt he will wear and like it better every time he wears it — It's Wilson Bros. ORION Shirt. ORLON has all. the fine qualities of Nylon but many added advantages WE GIVE AND !J*i<.«^4-." ^tff^Sft " i^v t f^^&^t^ ; JR -J ' *Jt fjdr- -i ' . Joe I've already accepted an vitation to the party, he'll think 11 don't like him. What shall I do'/ MARCIA Answer: Life, my dear, is full of such complications as this, and it is in learning to handle them tactfully that you'll acquire thc poise and grace that make a charming woman. Since you accepted Dave's invitation first, you must go with him. Tell Joe exactly what happened, and let him know you're sorry he didn't ask you first. As his lesson in growing up, he should ac- suhashi said, he showed the mes sage to American authorities anc received money as reward. At tho same lime he was accepting pu> from the Russians. American sources here declined lo com men Japanese police said a radio transmitter confiscated at Mitshu hashi's house was a "superlative' instrument made in the U. S Earlier reports had said the trans miller was Russian-made. A foreign office report said th messages were sent to Vladivostok Siberia. The case took another weird tun Christmas tree near the altar andi v/itlt a '' ( ' port b y the newspape an arrangement of white gladioli! Yt »"»r"i that another man had completed the setting. i ( ' omt ' f'"'wurd apd claimed he wa 0 ' ' the real Masaoo Mitsuhashl and thai the man arrested by polic The bride wore a navy blue suit and a white tissue faille blouse with a jewel neckline of seed i wa £ nn im l )08 - t ;?. 1 ;pearls, white and navy studded sequins. She chose navy accessories and wore a corsage of white! -. . .. .. fh lhe , "^ M itsuhashi sa.d In toldh b /, «>e joilod man coin wllhh ' B ™ n - Yoomiur ri re accessories. j Hershel A. Johnson served liis I brother as best man. I A reception was held immediate-, ly following the ceremony. The | table was covered with a white } ace cloth and centered with a i our tiered wedding cake topped, a miniature bride and groom.! ierving were Mrs. J. M. Young,! •liss Floy Jean Harkrider, and ! •liss Elvis Lucille Johnson, sis- { er of thc groom. j Mis. Johnson is a teacher inj he Grapevine Public Schools and j Cpl. Johnson has just returned j rom Korea. After a short honey- : moon the groom will return toi Camp Chaffeu where he v.ill await urther assignment. : sail! *•*'' *^iifpisp violation of Japanese radio control act by sending the coded me«- sae/JS> Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Leo Head of Minneapolis, Minnesota, have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Harri«. They were enroute to Monterrey, Mexico. HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Nt:w YORK Wl — A special airlift, organized by the U. S. armed forces' special services and corn- niticial airlines, is flying American soldiers home from Europe on 30-day holiday furloughs. cept the situation graciously and next time try to be first on your Released by Uell Syndicate, Inc. THE SHORTENING THAT HELPS CAKES ACHIEVE EAT APPEAL / make it merry, * -, make it MO J U D No finer Christmas gift than Majjjd, SJxiKl i£~*t , .K*K*i You read about marvelous Mo]«d stocking* In LIFE, yourself why Mojud make? the merriest Christmas gUi84f f 11 wUpy fbecr... and so beautiful.^nd Ihe^li^'flfy/^ -" L "- K Motion" the extra "give" and $prli%bae£iii the knitl^ fit and wear superbly. We've a wid§;yarl^^||l lovely | for you to choose frQm—propQrtionMlerigthg, fint when selecting your fawtf($%!''''''' .,..:-., tf"" K^i

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