Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on December 21, 1926 · Page 2
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 2

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1926
Page 2
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THE DETROIT FEEE PRESS, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 21. 192 6. SEES D. S. QUITTING DRY ENFORCEMENT Ontlax-4 Ynm l'r t.reesly m4 purposely , emitted from It. "On nt the oldest, mmt necessary, Jimst hirhly intellectual and respects'! professions In the world la that f the" hynlcian. Tf course, as In the other pro ye(ons. In the law and In the church, we And some few who are a rie-errare. to their professions, but tnnv are In a very small minority. - "Pwft'i two men Put of l,fta r corrupt and contemplate a violation of the law, snail the two ha ' punished, or "hall the 19. 00 be put vnrter bond to keep the peace in icrder to eon'rol the two who violate the law?" Senate to Press Bread Trust Quiz Washington, Dee. 50 (A. P.) An Insemination of charge that a bread trust had been created was ordered today by tha genet) Jodf-otary committee In compliance with a resolution of Senator LaFolIette, Republican, Wisconsin. A sub-oorrirnlttee, consisting of Senator V alnb, liemocrst, Montana, a chairman, and Henatnra Iiencen. Illinois, and Horah, Idaho, Republican, waa appointed to eondiect tha Itnulry, which has been authorised by th senate. Tha resolution directed an Inquiry Into the action of the federal court of iialtlmora In promulgating a consent decree which ended proceeding Initiated l,v tha federal trade commission against a merger of several lirg baking companies. n rt n V ,.e & Jfr t i ! n 11 li if i u u u u U U U u u u ROW ON JUDGE FOR MICHIGAN Interviews FOR HIS CHRISTMAS AND AFTER faj) f ' .'"I L . . -!., ip a jm at '4. IW j n jf m . . j a a Royal Raiment or His Highness A WORD TO THE WIVES Holiday happenings call for dinner clothes! Without them . . . "He" stays home. Worse yet ... so do you! It lVn't that "He" doesn't care to go out. "He" certainly wants you to have lots of good times. But . . . "tic" hesitates to spend money on himself. . . even when it's really for your sake. It's not too late to get "Him" a Hart SchafTncr & Marx dinner suit . . . for Christmas night and after. 50 ALSO FOR HIS CHRISTMAS Other Tuxedos, '30, '40, !p Full DrcssCoat and Trousers, '4 f,uj Dress Waistcoats, '5, 56. 50, '7. 50, up Dress Overcoats, '35 to 'Sj Dress Shtrts, 'j to '5 Dress Sets, Clcncs, Cravats CLAYTON'S Michigan at Shelby Since iftSj Dft'Ott'l Ls'.Mt Eiui-.t e Mfn'j tni B-ii' AfiTi';! S:e., Mouse Bill Providing for This District Held Up in Senate. Washington, Deft 20. (A. P.) Tb row 'between the aenale andj houe over legislation to provide additional federal jtiilee was broadened today when the senate j judiciary committer unanimously! went on record against the bouse program. ' Tha diaputa atarted at tha la.t alon when tha aenata paaaed five eparate f)tll provtdlntr for additional Judaea in tha dlatrieta of waalern New fork, Connecticut, eaatern Pennaylvaala, Maryland and aoutharn Iowa. When they reached tha hous, all Bra wera Included, in ona meaaura with ID additional judgea. and thia bill waa panned by tha bonne. When tha omnlhua bill cam to th aenate. the Judiciary committee ettt off th addition and aent to the I nt calendar th houa bill j carrying only tha flv Judgea already approved by the aenat. if th aetiat again approve! the! five Judaea, the measure will ba , aent to conferenc. where an at tempt will be made to adjust dlf-ferncei. The addition of th houa af-fectod the nortliern district of N:w fork, eiiatern Month t'arolina, nat-ern Mlhi:an, South Dakota, aotith-rn California, northern California, threa Judnea for tha aonthern New Voik ilixtrkt and on for the en-ond circuit Including th atntea of Naw York, Vermont and Connecticut. PILOTlFHUDSON LAUNCH ARRESTED R. M. CREKNAN, realty man: "The tremendous rise In downtown value U most itrikinply shown by the re-location of the Kelvinator and the Peninsular Sloe plants. The city growing around them has made their sites so valuable that they must move elsewhere; they will repeat thii enhancement of values in their new locations with the onward growth of the eity." WILLIAM H. GOLDSMITH, real eitate operator, Ferndale: "Christmas hotild not be complete for any man or woman who has done nothing to alleviate the distrm among lew fortunately situated people." ". GEORGE W. SMITH, chief of police, Ferndale: "Bad weather has considerably reduced speeding along Wider Woodward avenue and it term that the number of drivers willing to take chances is being reduced. This is due in part to effective police patrolling " CHARLES BREGE, florist: "The shop early plea that i made every year about thia time hardly applies to the prospective flower buyer because the poties can't be hidden under the bed with the rest of the gifts for any length of time.' . HARRY II OCA N, secretary Retail Merchants' association: "The traffic survey being conducted by the police department will develop many astonishing facts. Already it lias developed that more than 50 per cent of the customers of some of the downtown retail establishments use motor cars as transportation in coming to the center of the city." t rOSTMASTF.R CHARLES C KELLOGG: "Business house in Detroit are manifesting a marked desire to help in the mail early campaign being held incident to the regular Christmas rush of mailings." SID A. ERWIN", attorney: "Indications in Washington at present are that the military and naval reserve forces in Michigan will receive more funds this year for the development of air units. This is a most heartening prospect for the Detroiters who have labored long and diligently for progress in aerial navigation." , s v. y kwv-N s -i. TV v aatlnaed Prn Pa Oa. their voice floated baeh to ihore lutily over th lea. lidtf(im at. lnat and than suddenly tha f.lnaeed Kin careened to one aide, (round between hu cakes of Ice with hundred of tons of oth r Ice behind It. The frlnhienrd passenger acraitihled ll to on aula in a mad iron to ilht th craft and Ilk a crnzy pendulum th Linseed King uri; l,ak to normal and then lined to th other aide, over and ovr and over until water rushed upon gunwales and aba ciipnlsed. About half of those in th eibin were thrown Into tha freexinif watar or niannged in run from th com-pailnicnt in titn to jump. The oiher half were trapped where they were and deaih waa at leant merciful in that it munt have been quick As the submerged launch floated xliiKuhhly anion the grinding; lea floa ume of th freraina man clonic to it denperately while other climbed on to tipplne: cakea of b and lay flat with th odd water ItippiriK over tliein. Th ninKini( waa lumcd to acrentna for help now, but heard from ahoro th scream-Ins; sounded not ao different from the eliiiuta of none: and no on paid nuent ion. enn lighter captnln who watched th men off and tnlnlit have been ahk tn aid them, benrd thrlr crlcn. put only ahrtiaited as he muted clueer to his cub in io. neerue llrlayed Half llauf. "I Just thouitnt they wr atlll InviiiH." b auld later, "and didn't evfn M out of my cabin. Ho it Ans almont half an hour before the flrat reatuia boet reached th ecene. Ilut then they cum ihnk and fut. tuaa and launehea m.d (Ire enil police h"Ht. Tntv-f,nir poor baif-froien men vecie drarsed on to fitk's and thawed out In enaln roorna whlla betna; runbed to an einerKency hot-tolnl eatnblinhment at a New York pier. Kroni there they were t.ikcn to b""pttala. t'aptalit Itohwcldnr viis picked tip awlnirnine; etronply lor 1 lie Jcrney shore and taken to K.ltm ntcr. After the II vlnar had heen cared for lb tank herein of recoverine; the ltdic of the dc;id. Three weie found In llic rier nt the scene of fin- accident. The olhcrn were tnken with a-r.ippHna hoolis from the tal'in of the l.tiini'cd Kins: where it w an be,,, hed at i!."t4th alrcet on the in nils ehore nflcr being curried up-etmim by the Ice. HOLIDAY LIQUOR PRICES CHEERING rampe I erd f l-'re S'erry, i, 1 .-o. (A. p ) Air i . Mfi r,n,iH and tuimp'i w ere em-I ployed todnv in a Una I effort to free ilhe I'cre lniiiielle car ferry No. I ". f ii on 1 he nick olf I'm Point Mine lust M.)H,t 1 V. I Two Iuk". tic t'otirad Pl.irke and lilie WcI.i.mii lire supplying power nr eperntii'lin which It in ho,el ; will lenult In lightening the feny o it mnr he,d oil' the rocka. i tempiirn ry paith has been placed I "er the "j-foot rip In the vessel's i I'arhoiir'l bulLhcHd and the en- Kine room bulkheads have heen J ncnl. d. t'oanl (tunrd.iiien anld an attempt ! would h,. m.i.le t pump raler nut 1 "f th hold and to prevent the en-I tranre of additional water wbll h ferry wan Peine; floated. If th I dfort to free It I sineennful. the f.rrv will b. towed to drydoek at ( Manitowoc by tugs. British Ship Rum ; Lure Held Menace New Tork, Pee :o f V P.l An j ii'cinpt to ha declared unconntl-! : nt 111 iii t lie AmerlcMn-llritlnh I real y j.O'hh peroilta llrltinh vesls to ' hi I'nr ll-'iuors Into Atnerlcnn prla ' ntui. r ae:iln nffixefl and removed nt 5:h" tin i .'-tnile limit u a launched iii.. I iv before the fnlted St.i'cn cir- u 1 court of appeals by the Neptune , -v"ci.iiinn .of Master and Mates. I;cpi eseit;it I v'. of the SneoclH- Hon characterised th treaty an a; I iii. irice to American mariners and i loer lean atsiptilnar. I'lnhr piaviniona of th treaty, nhh ii Tcnke po?mble th nervine; of ,1 lechnltc iieversirea on Jtritish pan-seoifi r en-ctn Pe i,nd th thr.-e-? mile line. ci.4eiisrra are tiring i.liawn aeav from American venneia ; lo v.cla wli' ie they mny olttam i I 'i!c lull.' heverancn, they Resetted. Ceatlaaea Frem Page Ota. In the Cave of tha Fallen Angels, a popular joint with our loca Lucifer In th heart of th ctty. Here th situation ha been difficult at time. Th boy, who rua the place, could not alway guarantee that th draught beer was Canadian. Rnmetlmea It waa of the alley. Somewhat garbage-like. At other times the collar waa Ilk the olden day and th brew waa a smooth a the cheek of th nymph of I'lleener mountain. The sum could he said of th liquor. Kom-tlme It was hot so good, (rther times It waa th very spirit of th Held. A conditions changed the prices varied. Now, with competition In the ofllriK, and plenty of liquor coming in there Is no doubt that th owners of this Irfmt Paradise will "nne reanon" in filing th price of the holiday package. So It Is In every voting precinct, almost. Prices are falling and the populace should know It, Just as it nbould know alt peas, snd should innmt upon receiving Its benefits. Th Industrial depression tna had something to do with th decline in liquor price With lens Woik has cine less demand for liquor and many operators of blind pigs are already considering a New Tear resolution that will take them out of the hualneas and Into something mora remunerative. Hard Times a4 Hard I laaer. In fact, several police rporte of lata shuvy that a number of blind pig have shut tip without police aid bacauae business had fallen off and prices were declining all along the footrall. Meanwhile the federal authorities, the state troops and th city police : are performing their uniisl yeoman duty towards downing the htmni I Hum. Tom llrennan's early IMS , proinlS that Iietrolter should not i drink beer from vats wherein rats 'ninl cockroaches died, has been I faithfully kept. I'elrnlt's alley brewerlea are now among th cleanest aid most eilirlent in tli cnun-I try. rivalling In eume re-pecle the ninnt modern dairies, j The dcRth rate among boose run-I nera ban been hiuher than usual ! during lJ. but Ihle Is due more 1 to an Improvement In marksmanship on the part of (he liquor pa trol than to an increase in num-bera of th patrol. All In all. the oily face, the New Tear with the outlook of better and cheaper nUor, aside from the j probable set-up In Ontario within a few months. f tut, for the holiday, the heat j hunch for the man w ho must have nis mini- is in. n"-! iimi 01 a weu-knovvn man about town who declared emphatically yesterday: "Any man who pays more than sit bucks a quart ia a sucker COURT'S SPEED-UP RULE GETS RESULTS TWO ARE KILLED IN CRIME BATTLES Ceatlaeeg Frem Page Oae. th prisoner and a most unusual upend la handling cases. Primarily, th speed-up policy put Into operation by Judge Ketdan contemplated system and co-ordina tion In th preparation of Case for trial and then co-operation on th part of his associates. Including at least serving the five-hour duv, a provided by the act treating the court. Judge Keidan said Monday that he had no criticism to make and that the gratifying result spoke for the co-operation accorded him. Jt I th belief of court official that the matter of expediting the work of getting out the transcript of testimony aftr et aminatinns for the preparation of Informations by th proaecutltig attorney's office ha been largely contributlve to general speed all along the Una. as then there eilat nj ressnnatle s-'' for attorneys or Judges not being ready to go ahead on full time. Treaerrlpta Are Speeded. Pefor Judge Keidsti put in th new svstem It Was the practice of the oftiviel court reporter to wait at leant two weeks, and often as long as lis weeks, heiore turning over til written tentloiony in x-arnlnatione to the proaecutlng attorney's office. Now it la being done the day following the ess'iunatlon. A report from the sheriff a offo ' Monday showed that there were j held at the county jail 10V prlsooers j for the federal authorities and i'i i others for action by th circuit court. It wa stated that this num- her included not a few who hav , been sentenced and Some who were ; awallinK sentence. Turnkev llenry Wiinnr la msk-Ing prrparat Ions lo send a big ' group of prisoners to Jackson prt.on 1 r'rUlay, providing the rommilme'it , papers are readv by Ihst time, lie : also aspects that others will be started lo th federal penitentiary at I.eavnworth, Kan, within a short time. HEAD OF DEFUNCT BANK i GETS 15-YEAR SENTENCE r ,'4W -sei w . w .(If taJ "X if VS. VI A ." 11." . . -v Ml i -r ' Iw'l V i-" v y j . j i I --. c? fen. ':t iei..e., ...... ii i Usaaati. , , I j .-. e I I : American Trust Company v announces Charles F. Clippcrt as Chairman, Board of Directors . This and other additions to our directorate mean continuance, and strengthening, of tho conservative policies that have made American Trust Company 6 first mortgage real estate bonds an investment unequalled in their field. Chairman of the Board President Vicc-Presidi'til Vice-President Vice-President Vice-President urd Trust Officer Secret ry Treasurer - Charles F. Clipper I L'. Grant Race Harry O. Mohrmsnn Charles F. Bornman l-awrem-e J. O'Brien John CShgsv lUrry C Jollv J. K. ritislmmofis AmericanTrust Company 151 Congretia Street, West, Detroit, Michifgn Te.e-photsst CAdUIac 3682 ",- i''n t rp. an.! pi.iiil I rune ! ! 'lh .irl.r a; it vr h-UM i rl -at- per tr cf s h j iij ilriTifif ts'-,tt. tiu Ce-ii .ae. AmeHean SerTtce Corrtpsny J net Plum Si i Loailaaed Frons Page Oa. left the gem In a Detroit afe deposit vault. After clipping th telephone con-section with a pair of shear, th two bandits forced Mis Voorhies and Frederickson to mount to the second floor, where they were locked In a clothes-closet. As the door shut behind them one of the gunmen saotited after them; "If you don't want u to eorne back and kill yon, don't tell police about this." Frederickson said he waited until he heard them leave the house and tl,cn broke down the thia door, summoning police by telephone from an upstairs connection which was unimpaired. Kunntng downstairs he found that the pair had driven away In Mies Voorhies' machine, purchased only two days ago, which contained a fur coat valued at $2,100. JItes Voorhies Is connected with a real estate firm In the Majestic building and also operate two local beauty shops In hotels. Kredcrlek-son has been In her employ for mor than two years. ftlfr Cah Register, Forcing Louis Oullmette, proprietor of a men's furnishing store at 2750 Urand Kiver avenue, and his son into the rear of the place last night, a thug rifled th cash register of iir and escaped. A bandit who held up Edward fltocker In hi shoe store at 6157 Gratiot avenue, last night, forced him to face the wall while he took l:"ii from a cash register. Tony Gusowskl was held up In his grocery at S019 Mt. Elliott avenue, during the night by a bandit who escaped with SiO taken from tbe cash register. Three bandits, who held up Sam Eldy In the grocery at 11451 Log Cabin avenue, of which he 1 manager, took tat from the cash register and also robbed Arin Kasys. 5371 Turner avenue, manager of another grocery at 3TZ0 Fenkell avenue, of 153. Kasy wa visiting Gidy at th time. Kntering th grocery at 12H Wilfred avenue, two men held up Clarence Timmons and looted the cash register of $35. John Koeeek. 9233 Dearborn eve-nut, was held up Monday night on Drarbon avenue near Harbaugh avenue and robbed of 150 by three thieves, one of whom waa armed. Admits Entering Garage. Walter TLaakowskl. I97 Tillman avenue, pleaded guilty befor Judge Harry M. Keidan .Monday on a charge of breaking Into the garage of Frank Wolnlknwskt with a friend. Anthony t'lelnky. Sepience was delsyed until disposition of Clelsky's case, who has pleaded not guilty. GIRL LOSES POSITION. TRIES TO END LIFE Despondent because she had been told by her employer that her service ( a domestic no longer were needed, Viola Hopkins, II years old, J'.'TI Humboldt avenue. Monday night attempted to take her owr llf by drinking poison, she (old Receiving hospital authorities. Her condition is not considered grave. XA-eil fLL--i' GIFT DIAMONDS SELECT FROM DETROIT'S LARGEST COLLECTION I Man's Diamond Ring one -large, perfect diamond with six Oriental sapphires in a special setting creation. Very smart. Featured at $750 Can Be Purchased On Our Unusual Gift Buying Plan Sold on down payment of only 2Jc. No additional payments required until February 1st. Satisfactory weekly or monthly payments arranged for balance. slott 1234-56-55 CRISWOLD DIAMONDS SOLITAIRES DINNER RINGS BRACELETS WATCHES V V DIAMONDS SAtrrOIRS BROOCHES PENDANTS BAR PINS i ".rK '"' r wt" ..- Sl'.alflWis'IlsaiM sasi sii Aas a Nashville, TennM lee. !0 (API K. II. Kreen. president of the franklin i l'emi.t National bank, which failed lt ti,l., with a shortage of s pporv iniately f.'.uu.AAe waa sentenced toilar to aerve 1.S years In Atlanta federal penitentiary. 11 pleaded guiitv to misappropriation of funds and msking falne ret. '.its. His S"n. It .t-s I., lireen. s s under Ir. tinent. pleaded not R..I ty and at tot ne a hnpe hi. casrt Inay he dr.icpe.l since tlie falher assumed Venininnitilln v. No final actinn haa yet been taken In j his case. I a 1th Tt4n rir n it tuinnii m r -f -5I Ti 1 aW 2 I FOOTSTEPS - SHOP-PROFITS - FOOTSTEPS SHOP-PROFITS - FOOTSTEPS- SHOP-PROFITS ! Shop profits are dependent upon footsteps. It is an inexorable fact. It is a truth with which you can measure ind predict the success or the failure of a shop. If the keeper of the shop has integrity; if he is a seller of things that are worthy and wanted; if he abides by the common-sense rule of shop selling; cleanliness, courtesy, good merchandise, fair prices, sensible advertising ht ui!l juccetJ ani ft nd f refit if his shop is also easily accessible to countless footsteps. Washington BfluhvarJ provides the perfect location fora shop. Countless footsteps best there daily. There are still a few locations available. Don't delay. Come and investigate. BuiU your shop now and grow with the Boulevard. Thorns ' the Book Estate, Cadillac 5744. Durton Newcomb, Di rector of Properties.- iliatiai J t'C L j s4v t.y'jt'o f 1 k Book; A small Free Press Want Ad should be just as explicit as to its purpose as a full page ad, and it will bring results'

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