Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1952 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 17, 1952
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SCr TFEFMZk^ff^ n that thi cWH-t »** Approved th« of tommy, th« HttJe son , and Mt». Mlehfc*t K«v« f7 i^>< Little Nancy Gets to Tell a Cop Off HOM Court Ousts Oklahoma Loyalty Oath ^v T ^M''''S''tV*.' _j «3," t ,vM ' < , ,y i ibti-jfr jwvwnent for two-June federal, lUtc to' hwvyduty hlghway». Rigid Moderate in ftnt coit yet can be dmlgned axle )o*d-and It will /ewp lu load- long wrvlce life. ^dita JWtto maintain than other pavement! ai proved i|« <*»i£ figure* from official record! of 38 State Highway v Aft that ropprt maintenance flgurei by type of surface. hjgMwayB aho 1Mb longer than other pavements as $y tWdiw [fobUihed by tlte Highway Rewarch Board. ' - 1 '' ' , 5 V 7r * V- ) flrtfe «$H" low maintenance cost •»• long life - low ] tytyft l*^*" 1 "*'** 01 ' concrete lets money is dissl- ' more money for newcotwtruction, CIMINT ASSOCIATION 8, SPBARMAN, To*, i/Th-to every who ev&r w*ni& to "tell off ," dnd to fiiopto h*w «nd «« y AmiirlJfe, Tex,, blonde J*«hey Ownbt* in « real htH-dJn*. Nuncy In 7. She ««rt h*r &roth- m, Jim Steve, 8, and Robbie, 4, wore riding down «n Anwlllo jrtniflt with their mothur, Mrn, Hob erl 3, Qwnbny of 8pe»rm«n. A pickup truck hit the cnr. Thdj Jolt throw Mr*. Qwnbcy .out. The CUP rolled on, Nuticy hud n flprnlnod fool. Hut *he grubbed the wheel, dtiwd on th« brake, ond brought Iho cur to s »top. She enlmly turned off the Ignition and plekcid up her mother 1 * pur*o, At tho honpllBl, while Mrs. Own- boy wiw being ex* mined, nn officer n«ked to «eo her driver's II come. "It'll In my billfold In my pumo," *hc unkl, "but I don't know where the purge In," "You lltllo girl hn* It," »»ltl tho officer nnd went to nee Nancy. "My rnnmn'n hurt. You cim't hnvo her purao," "But I nood h«r bllHold," «nld the officer. "You cun'l hnvo It," sold Nancy pulling It behind her, ! "But your mother told m« to InUu It," the officer laid. "I want icr driver*' license." Niincy put n hnnd on her hip. 'Mow do 1 know «he told you to take It? M«ybo ypu're Junt telling mo tbttt to got It?" "But I'm an officer of th« low— I'm .»uppo«ed to SOB drivers' U cyan*®*. • >" You can't have It. You might not oven be a policeman. You lght Ju»t be droMcd up like one." At thut critical moment, W. R. Hill of Amorlllo, Mr».. Ownboy'« undo, arrived. Nancy gave him the pur«o. He guyo tho cop tho driver's llconso. The officer oxnmlnM \\ nnd returned It to Nancy. "Arun't you going to thiink tho pt.llctNiinn?" Hill nald. "No," »nhl Nnncy, "He didn't thtmk mo." WASHINGTON (*> —l/jyalty.oath lawn may not be used to bar per *on« from public employment Jtinti brctindt' they once belonged to .1! •ubverilve organization, the Su flfftmc Court decreed yesterday. fjuch law* mutit provide imfe- Kimrdii for tho«c who »ny they were Innocent of the fiubver»lv<? purpOKCii nl the organization*,, the court decided by 8-0 Vote. ' It itruck down an Oklnhorna Inw requiring Btaln employes to swenr, on penally of losing their job«, thnt 'or tho five pnit years Ihey were not afflllntcd with any organization listed by the U. S. attorney general as subversive or Communist-front, ,, ¥ . u ,.,,.^, !« Unprovt ond «.»l«nd thi u;«« of portlond c«m«nl ¥*t« •.. IhfOUflh ttl»ntlt>« r«woith and englrwsrltio (told work Veterans to Get Another Dividend By RAY HENRY WASHINGTON Mt-Anothcr tllv , Idend will bc> paid next year to about flvi* million vetvronn holdlni: Natlonnl Service Life Insurance policies, the Veterans Administration Hiild today. Tho first payments will be made In February. Tho fll/.o of the individual dividends fur most policyholders will be the sumo us this yenr'H dividend, with tho vimt majority of men gelllnc u flnt -00. Tho dividend Is tho second rcuu- ar one on NSLl pollclCa—tho first w«* paid this year—arid 1 'will total 180 million dollars. Two special dl- vldonds Blno have been paid. The four total nearly four billion dollars. nnah, whom tho Hclremt brough home from Lpndqn last year. McMath Group to Make Last Purchase LITTLE ROCK (M — Contracts for supplies and personal services ranging from nil control to dry Halt moat will be Included in Hie final major purchases of thu ou going Gov. McMalh ndmlnlstratlon State Purchasing Agent Robur L. HiidMuVis snld yesterdny Ihe eon trivets, to bo let Dec. ^2 nnd Dec. 29, will be for about $250,000. COMBINATION Open 'til 9 P. M. Thur - Fri - Sat Nights 'CK AND CO. W v. CHRISTMAS GIFTS at k K mir \fr ^^ fc mJ PRICES U, -^ , ^ >- .'. 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Washburn Three Editorial Guesses on Topics Now in the News ?••'He the drenching rnins of , jiith what appeared lo be a jjb.'gb.rush "fire was creeping tnroughrflic woods along State Highway No. 4 neat' Owin losl nighl. Tho highway waa blnnkcted with smoke lor n mile or two, but fire- j fighters were on the job; I saw i three cars, Iwo of them equipped j With mobile telephones, parked on! the south side oC the flames. I It gave you a grateful feclinc jj£ . . that someone was out there on a crisp dark ni^ht battling to save the timber. But it doesn't seein to me it ought lo happen at all. We don't have much cotton nowadays; our dependence on woodworking industries is greater than ever, and their presence here de- ponds on conservation of. timber resources. The fact that this fire bordered; ghl on the highway suggests, hether true or not, thai it may have started from some carelessness by a traveler. In sotne parts of America there arc legal restrictions against motorists handling any fire whatsoever when Hope Star WtATHIR PORtCAn ARKANSAS: Partly olottdy «t cloudy; a little warmer thW att»/ ornoon, tonight. Thufiday cloudy}' occaslonflt rain in tho WC81, i' liltlo colder in northwest, oxtrtrn* north. High 50 Low 25 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 55 Star of Hop. lit*, Pnm 1*27 d Jan. II, 1«lt HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1952 Seven in Family Perish As Fire Destroys Home Mother, One Other Child Badly Burned NORTH UTTLK ROCK I/PI — A ynrng father and six of his seven children perished today in an ox- plosion nnd fin- which destroyed their three-room frame home two miles north of hero today. Hilton Bryant, 29, died in a Lit- passing through timber-land. Un-! l ' c Rock hospital shortly before less the many unexplained bln7.es that have swept southwest Arkansas' lumber reserves this year are reduced in the future we can ex- cect similar legislation in our own " llalo. Absurd though it may' sound, we arc reduced to flirting with the idea thai perhaps lhe state ought to license a fellow to use a match. I don't suggest that seriously, of course — but don't be surprised • if Arkansas follows the lead of some other timber states in spending money to run down the source of every woods fire, with penalties for persons who are found to be %<!onnocted with them. States get lough about, p ."•• =tion when it involves par' -/ing. noon. The dead children, all trapped in the fire, were Ruth Ann, i); Patsy, a; Billie, G; Ronnie, 4; Jean, 2, and Johnny, 9 months. Mrs. Bryant and the couple's oldest child. Shirley, 12, were hospitalized with burns. Their conditions were reported to be serious. Dppi'ty Sheriff Johnny Hardin said the Tire and explosion apparently occurred when the father arose to start n fire and poured Junior High Yule Pageant to Be Given Thursday Hope Junior hi^h school students will present a Christmas pngeanl, "The Message of Christmas An- t'els," by Ksther C. Avcrill, in the school auditorium at 1 p.m. Thursday. December 18. The east includes: Announcer, Jimmy Jones. Spirit oC Christmas; Betty Kex- roat; Isaiali, Tommy Polk; Prophetic anReK Emma Jean Tollelt; Joseph, Jackie Moran; Shepherds; Jimmy Chambless, Oliver Adams, Jr., Jerry Baber. Hebrew Women; Mary Ann Hall, Jancllc Wan-en, Jo Kllen Barr; Mary Magdalene, Sue Hulson; Other Hebrews; Sonya Sommervillc, Shelia Foster and Charlotte Brown dis- this kerosene the sto've. mile . A cryptic AP Washington patch yesterday began with sentence: "Ijeveral Republican senators are irked because key Eisenhower appointments arc not being sent through the customary senatorial channels, today. 1 Wondering whether this referred to anyone besides Senator Taft, who might be called our obvious suspect, I discovered that Senalor Dirksen of Illinois, also was mentioned. And then there was- this complaint from our unnamed "congressional source": "He said the GOP senators do not expect lo have a veto -over the selections, but that. W'they do feel strongly they are entitled to know about them in . advance." No matter how you feel about Tal't, Dirksen, or any other individual iu the congress, the fact remains that ours is a constilu- tional republic in which the power of government is definitely divided between the legislators and the President. We have just had 20 years 1 ' experience of would-be "strong man" rule in the White House, and to,ward the end it got pretty' sour. Roosevelt was checkmated by the congress after his second term, and Harry Truman never'got to first base in a term and a half. This newspaper certainly didn't support Dwight Eisenhower because it thought he was a "miracle in fact, we pointed.oul we ptfhad voted against Herbert Hoover 1928 because of that very sUspi- 5on, and we later on deserted Roosevelt when, after two terms, it was obvious the fellow had him- for a date with Ho said neighbors for around heard the explosion. Hardin said the sheriffs office received the alarm al 4:25 a.m. I Shirley told the officers that her father got out of bed just about 4 a. m. to make the fire. The family's home was located on the Crystal Hill Road about two-miles from here off the Conway highway. Capt. Robert J. Goss of lhe North Little Rock fire department said that when the fire department arrived at the house it was com- pk'lely destroyed. '' "All'"we'' could do then; 11 the captain said, "was wet down the areas where we thought the bodies were." "Wo saw some springs slicking up through the ruins and wetted them down to sec what was there," ! the captain said. "We found four children huddled on the burned out springs of one bed in the front room. And in the corner of the same room we found another bed completely burned with one child's body on it." He said he and firemen found the body of the 9-monlh-old child under a pile of burned out bedding in the middle room of the 3-room frame house. "The parents appaiently tried to rip off the bedding and in doing Continued on Paee Two May Withdraw Motion to OustBarnhii! MTTLE ROCK, (/Pi — State Rep. Paul Van Dalsem said today he would withdraw his motion to abol ish Athletic Director John Barn hill's job at the University of Ar Kansas "if the Board of Trustees will straighten out the athlelic mess up'"there." The motion was approved by tho Legislalive Council Monday as an amendment to the proposed Uni versity budget. Van Dalsem, of Perry County, said today: "I don't think it is the job of Tito Breaks Off Relations With the Vatican BELGRADE, Yugoslavia UP) — Premier Marshal Tito's government broke diplomatic relations with the Vatican today as a follow- up to the naming of Archbishop AloojvJjc Stepinac to the College of Cardinals. Ales Bebler, deputy foreign minister, informed a Vatican diplomat. Msgr. Silvio Di Oddi, of "the action. Msgr. Di Oddi said he had no comment. He has been serving as charge d'affaires here in the ah senco of the American Archbishop Joseph P. Hurley, the Vatican minister to Belgrade. Marshal Tito, in a speech yes terday lo workers in a factory near Belgrade, accused the Vati can of hostile activity against Yu goslavia. Tito also threatened to call off projected visit to Lon don, because of British charges ol religious .persecution here. The furor was touched off by British newspaper reports quoting Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, Britain's •irchbishop of Canterbury, as saying that British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden would urge Tito to ease up on religious perseculioi when the Yugoslav leader visits Britain next March. Tito, speaking before a crowd of about 15,000 in a small factory Continued on Page Two M«mb«n The AMM|«(«4 Av, N«t Paid Clrcl. « Mot. An*ll» l»r»«u »f Sot. 10, 1*12 — M" PRICE self hypnotized destiny. Now our country wants a team that can work together, Eisenhower would do well to steer clear of the errors Hoover rn^de, for L by this time the White House is a badly damaged residence — and tne Legislative Council to enler L he country pat Ike into it in the * nto thc athletic situalion al lhe university, but there's something awfully wrong up there and some body's dragging their feet. "As soon as I become convinced that the Board and University ol ficials are trying to straighten the situation out, I will back off and leave it to them." University President John T, the post of athiclic direclor"cJ! Caldwell, who was in Little Roek the University of Arkansas: ^° !d newsmen_: "That's what we're lope that he would restore its prestige, which, means a working alliance with the state-elected members of his party . . . and l| believe he is the man to accomplish it. The fdilor is no admirer of John Barnhm, but I'll tell you this about Anything the legislature tries to |o about it will only make matters vorse. told newsmen: "That's what we're trying to In introducing his motion Mon day Van Dalsem blamed "strife" Everything connected with the | within the athletic department and 'university belongs to th» field of j P a ,y tlCU J a ^ f . r ' ctll f between Ban TWO PLANETS — These striking photographs were rn;icl« recently of the planet Saturn and its rlnq system, top, and ;i section of tht Moon's surface, bottom, with the 200-Inch Hnle telescope atop Mt. Pnlomar. Saturn's rings are 171,000 miles In diame'tcr but only about 10 miles thick. The^ are In three distinct layers nnd are composed of minute dust-sized particles, each circling about in its own orbit. The large crater In the lower right corner is Copernicus, one of the best known features of the Moon. This section of the planet is a flat region, pock-marked with many small craters. — Mt. Wilson and Palomar 1 Photos from NEA Telephoto. FBI Lines Up Surprise Witness for Lattimore Fly JAMES F. DONOVAN WASHINGTON (UP) — Justice ni'partmcnl sources snlcl tndiiy tho Kill IKIS lined up several "sur prise' witnesses to testify In Iho perjury trial of Far Knsiorn Spo I'iali.wt Owen l.ntlimore. \Vhilc Infiirmunts refused lo Idem tify any of tho potontlnl wiinossea they said some nro from foreign countries, mainly in tho Orient. LaUimoic, r>3 year old Johns Hopkins University professor nnd onetime Sinio Depnrtmcnt consult ant, was indicted by n federal gnmd jury yesterday on charges he lied seven tlmos durlns his ti'stlmony last wlnUir boforo tho Senate InU>n\al Security subcom mittce. He promptly protested his iuanei'iieo. Oni- count of Iho Indlclmont chan'.ed l/attimore Jiod when ho ili-nictl under onth ho has over been a promolor of communism or Communist Inlorosts. If convict I'd of itII seven counts, he would bi- liable! lo a maximum penalty of 7(1 years in prison. Dr. liotlev W. BronU, president of Johns Hopkins University, nn nii'ini'i-d dial Ltiltlmoro would In' (jivon "leave of nbsuncc, with .salary" from the university fucttl ty "1111111 a federal court passes on llu 1 ehiirni!S." ' Korean Issue Being Aired b MacArthur, llt< Dulles Is Also Bulletin ARKADELPHIA Ml — CInrk County Circuit Judge C. R. Htilo lodny isRiiocl n temporary order prohibiting n Hot Springs plumbers union from picketing Iho construction of the 35 million dolliu- Reynolds Mctnls Co plant at Gum Springs, aluminum Jersey Mayor Termed Dock Protector By EUGENE l^EVIN NEW YORK OB — A picture of Jersey City's Mayor John V. Ken ny as a protector of waterfront racketeers, even to the extent of breaking a vigilant public safety commissioner, was etched today, in State Crime Commission records. It was a picture described as completely unrealistic by Kenny, who defended himself from New Jersey while showing no inclina tion to take up lhe commission's invilalion he come lo 'New York loday lo give his side. Kenny was the chief topic al yeslerclay's public hearing of the Frigid Winds Wreck Crops in Florida By Unlt u d Press Frigid windg v wrecked crops In Florida today MM)i$ p 'giant high .?A5,'^»yroju il »ya^^,|,| ; wblch rolatod like tho hands of/a clock, curried iho cold winds oC the Norlh lo U»e Snnshino' stnle and look the Soiith's balmy breezes lo the Mid- West, Florida residents, >vith scitnt means to combat tjsmp'crnlurcs which tumbled: us low as 22 degrees In-.mid-stato,- shivered nnd fnuijhl to save their• citrus crops with smudge pots for Iho second day in a row. Agricultural authorities estimated thai four-fifths of tho snap bean and corn crops on truck farms had boon killed. liluhlly-insulatod with only electric homes, cooking some stoves foe healing, afforded: Httlo warmth ns Iho mercury foil to the upper 20s tliroiiRhout the stale. I'lilm trees In tho winter playground — nco winter's playground — wero crusted with a layer of ice which formed from a thin mist of spray from lhe ocean and gulf. Tho cold blast early, this morn- in«, however, was not qulle as cold as yesterday's, which shattered records throughlout the slate. Today and tonight were expected to offer a gradual end to the siege. Foreign Aid Reduction Gets Backing WASHINGTON Iff) r- A reduction In United Stales foreign aid funds is favored by 0 out of 10 Incoming congressmen willing to take i stand in nn Associated Press sur vcy. Some of this 00 per cent protested holly whnl Ihey called waste nnd poor results In the H7 blllloi ilollnrs America has sent Us ullloi during lhe pnsl 12 years. Others, among the 10 per cent defended the program nn provld ing the most defense per dollar Thirty one senators culled fo foreign old cuts In their replies, while Sen. Lnngor dft-ND) an Id flatly, "Nothing for foreign aid." Six House members urged no new foreign assistance appropriations and 143 proposed cuts, using words like "severely" nhd "drastically." Four HonntorB, some with reservations, opposed reductions, while replies from 22 senators showed no pronounced leanings now. Only 1Q r.epr.e8qnlaUY8» ^13 ,PemQ,cr9.ts and three Republicans —• indicated support for anything like the present program. Forty-two representatives made noncommittal replies. Suggestions included: 1. A complete new study of tho whole program. 2. Making loans Instead of outright grants. 3. Shifting emphasis from Europe to tho Middle ond Far East, 4. Ending economic aid grants but keeping military assistance and tho Point Four program of technical help. Among congressmen who mentioned specific figures, tho most popular foreign aid sum was four to five billion dollars. Called in for Conference By H. D. QUIGQ NEW YOHK (UP) *~ elect Elaonhowot'a hcadqut^r't announced today that Elsotlhd' nnd Qcn, Douglas MncArthlir > mcetlnR at lunch tn iho home; Secretary ot State-designate'* iToj Foster Dulles. ^Y" Thus throa dnys otter Klsenb cr'a return from 22>000-rnlloVttt to Korea ho mot with bit commander to get MacArij announced new "clear and nlto" Bolutlon to tho Korean fllct. Tho dramatic get-toBothor -' v the first between tho "old soldli who was fired from his Fn» Mil crn commands by President mnn nnd Elsenhower sinco 1 •^ t \ f ... when Elsenhower, as chairman^ ot tho joint ohlols of staff visited 1 MncArthur In Tokyo. H Tho announcement ot tho ing WUM mndo at Elscnhowo Coinmodoro Hotel headquarters by Proas Secretary James C,. '. gorty, who said: < '•I understand that tho gene (ElHonhowor) and Mr. DuUOBM. having lunch wltli Oehi MacAr$ in Mr. Dullos' homo." '""•' RESCUE SUCCESSFUL — As other Bailors line,the rail, a crewman of the Grommet Reefer, arrow, climbers down ladder from the stern of the broken vessel to rescue craft below. . The 1 U. S. Navy supply chip split in half after grounding on Queen of Livorno Reef December 15. All 39 men of the crew were suctcbsful- ly rescued. — NEA Telephoto. New York Stale sion. Wilnesses - Crime Commis- whom Kennj later called irresponsible — gave testimony thai Kenny associated with underworld figures and that his election in 1940 unleashed lav.', st-ntativtT of"lhe Viral" Council Delays Granting Filling Station Permit A hearing on Ihc granting of a permit to construct a gaSolinc ser- viee station iit the corner of Third and Pine Streets was delayed until the next meeting of Hope City Council .scheduled for January 0. The delay v/as sought by repre- lessness on lhe Jersey Cily water front. One witness, Charles S. Witkow ski, said Kenny brought about his demotion from commissioner ot public safety lo commissioner of Melhodisl Church which is seeking a petition against construction of the station. The group authorized C. O. Tho- I mas, city engineer, to estimate the ' cost of laying a sewer line from education, and everything'connect- hl ". and ^ Otls , Do " el f 1s - who recently -ed wjth thu legislature means -pot-! '• es '3' ie , di as f°°tball coach, lor Ar itic*.- Any argument between tn c '' k , arsa " , loslng *" d t , e , al , n thls year ' two is going to damage the uiij- Van Dalsem , sa]d "that e ntlre s u- versity's professional standing! " 6ll "", up tht ' le lought tO ^ e more than h would help - eveu' brou f ht out ln lhe Topt ; n so , l ^ e if it got us a winning football' Feople can SL " e "' II tooks llke coach and team. As I write this, Tuesday night, record shows that the Arkansas Legislative Council — powerful steering group meeting in ad- Vance of the 1953 General Assem- public works because he refused lo IB . 1 " 10 blocriii "' a section south * , . fit Vi-Jl* *»!-.!• II t II ll C ,,U,. r, I f . I. I break up a special gambling squad at Kenny's insistence. bly — has recommended thai JtarnhUTs job be abolished. At lhe same time there is a rumor that the council may reconsider and withdraw from the cojv- I bope tbi« U true. nobody else is going to do it, so I brought the authority of the Leg islature, into it in an effort to get it done. I have no desires to Tun, athletics at the University." BarnhUl said Monday that he was doing the "best job I know j how" and would resign only ifj "the people in authority asked me' to." Presumably, he meant the Board of Trustees. EARLIER THE BETTER! two bosses. Not if you expect to keep our university an iftstijsuiw of ^VTj*""^jE _ -i^l -£."» ' T-1-— <• - T -v: of Verger liiyh School. Seeking the line was a group of " residents and property owners headed by G. T. Lawson. In othei- action two ordinances were passed in reference to paving districts ar.d the Board ot Public affairs was asked to pur- Book Tells How to Protect Cattle From Pests "Protecl Your Calllc" is lhe Utlo of a recenl publiculion of the University of Arkansas Kxtctision Ser vice. This Icailcl gives Iho dulails on methods best to use as central measures for most common cattle pests. During the winter when feeding conditions are least tiuti.sfuctury is lhe lime the damage from lice and caltle grubs show most. The recommended one application insecticidal treatment with tex aphene or chlordanc will control lice on beef cattle. Lindunu, incih- exychler or retenon iccjuu'ing two applications at 11 to H day in- American Jets BagOneMIG, Damage Four By ROBERT UDICK SEOUL, Korea, (UP) — Out* numbered American Sabrejet pilot,-; shot down on Communist Hope Soldier Now in Japan WITH THE 24th INFANTRY D1V IN JAPAN — Cpl. Bobby L. Thornton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Thornton, Home 3, Hope. Ark., Is now serving in Japan with the 24th Infantry Division. Now receiving intensive field training, his unit Is part of the security forces in Japan. Before being rotated out of the line early in 1052, the 24th spent 18 months jn Korea, '-. Ho entered tho Ajcmy last January. 15 Jet fighter and damaged four others today in high-altitude dogfights over WG Alley In North>' west Korea. Tho inlreplt F-8,6 pilots racked up today's score In four separate ueriul duels involving a total of 10 Subres and 44 MIGs, In one fiuht, two Sabres took on 24 MIGs 35 miles south of the Yalu Riv«r, one of the Russian-built plunes. As a result of today's battles, the Sabrejet pilot* brought their claims /or the last three days to five MIGs destroyed, one probably destroyed and sttvun damaged. The tulal may go even higher when gun camera film is evaluated. Credited with destroying a MI was Col. James K, Johnson, 4th Fighttr-lnterceptor Wing Comro80« CC Members to Vote on Board Ballots for the election of mem* hers o£ the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors have been mailed to the entire membership, Tho ballots should have carried the statement that retiring board mem bcrs arc not eligible to succeed themselves on tho board, AH Cham per of Commerce members ere urged to take notice of this state* mont and return their ballots this week, AskRulii Movet6 U of A Grant LITTLE ttOCJC W — The, Supremo Court-will be a«ke( rule on an effort by tho sta^ Texas to block a gift to tho new University ct sas Medical School hero, , Dr. Haydon Nlcholion, School dean, said last nl| Arkansas Atty. Oen. 1x4 will fllo an Initial action" v high tribunal, which has orl Jurisdiction «V dsputw "' stnlos. Texas Atty. Gen. Prjc* J (lied suit In a Texas «t«tA last month, asking that « |uros of tho WiUiam Buo Foundation outside Bowlo Tex., will bo prohibited." Murry will ask tfeo'U, Si to remove jurisdiction froin> Texas court and petition lor ai torprctatlon of tho terms Qf{ Foundation trmit under which.? trustees mfld,<J ft ISOO.QQO tho Arkansas iniUiUtp)*: Tho Texas attorney tended in his suit that tion has spent only $16.000 County, with mpro. tharv going outsido t% county; Ho said Buchana: * " lion trust fund with, it bo used fop tal and clinici tends has not Current 'value pt tho: mated at " - "" In ft Foundation missal United Stotf.VJr.er Damaged by Storm I LQNPQN, (fl -^ The American liner United States damag«4 and oth^r ghipplog imperiled today b.y Jitfious wind* million, made a par the wouid not case, th«. der from Phoenix, Ariz., who an air compressor for the chase city. It was the final meeting for two counciirnen whose terms end January 1 —Thompson Evuns and Paul Haley. ttervals are lhe insecticides to use on dairy animals for lice con-j ejaimeti „ p ,. obab i y ' kw yest erd|y. "cattle grub dust containing l*\ f & m F%$£^*** JSL per cent retenone is rc-cornrnenci-; Minn . Capt Vincent REDS EXECUTED formbsa UB — ed for cattle grub control. The- first i F b, , application is due at this time to| munt Garrison. Mt. yWrry, Ky.j WI1 the first breed in the We cy- i and Marine Pllot M ' 9j . Edwto *j,, cleol the parasite. 1 finlayson of Monticello, Fla. Cattle producers may secure a! fighter-bomtaere iwm five 0ft copy of "Protect Your Cattle"! Air Force wings w4- a Marine Ate norn County Agent Oliver L. Ad- i Group bornbt-d Red transport ams at no charge. RED COMPLAINT — Commu- -.JBO|»l' nd battkfront pottttens Korest. feting BrHUli were gust* of more toaa 100 The United 8^9t?8 pulled aw»y from the dock on » hpmewfl

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