Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1952 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 16, 1952
Page 17
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_, .... » jflUvtli hicludto* p*« tftoLM top toil, MAM ilrt; Call Jtttft* Sbuloir, 7-MW. 4, D-iMm PAtNtflALB, Houie pilrtl, A v»t ...... >, portnbto Hilton ndHfn| machine. Both liko n«w, flood OMi foot meal c«io. Mo reasonable offer refused, Al«o plrtft lumber fr«mfl«, doors, win- dawn, link*, K«s stevei, MO «nl- Ion "tank, C, E, Holey, Mao'* th NO JAM FOR J6fc }•** 27 Bobcats Are Awarded Letters at Banquet Twenty-Haven member* of the iraskefb<l11 fix The A*««elaUd Prss* Centrsl College Mo) 03, Florida BUto 99. Knnsss 8tRl« 81, San Francisco 00 La Salle 77, Southwest Missouri fit«t« 70. Crelghton 86, Portland 07. Southeast Missouri State* 02. Westminister Mo. 00. Southwestern Kas. 48, McPher- football squad and three' ton Kas. 42. student manager* were awarded! ft, Leonard Wood, Mo. 84. Camp letter* last night at on annual : Atl^rbury, Ind. 75. banquet for the group held at Ho- Hayes State Kas. let Barlow. , Wfcdeyan 72. 73, Kansas become* « political problem, Jtv t* a kind of syncopated music whltlf norm* people like to hear and have R right tb under the Con- , prlrtclpfll speaker for the occos-i Missouri Valey 04, Warrcnsburg Ion was Teddy Jones. Jame* H/iStotn Mo. 02 overtime. Hope Cagers to PlayPrescott Here Tonight Tonight, starting at 7 o'clock, two Hope basketball teams will entertain a pair from Prescott in the" local gymnasium. The senior boys will be seeking!' , u«. their second victory of the sea" ?rjr.h a ways has Bryant wftrt t* gi*« up bigger paycheck and contract to move to Fayettevllle — o* why he even Such a thing. Arkansas, where stay ot a football coach I* Just thrpp years, might be regarded as 8 graveyard for mentors. That's what they said of Mary land when Bryant first signed there. That's what Kentucky bbfc-re Bryant So, perhaps the mu Bear likes a challenge, an oppor tunity to change rag* into riches. There also is the explanation that dtltiitlbn. Tt l« have been 13,000 feet mad 2«4. Dr9M«d sourid and utraij^it. 4 to 10 fnet long! <Juhrtlly of 2x8, 2x10, 2x11 Ran* dom lengths, Aeiicmablo price, Call R, N. Mouior, Phono 7*4480, J8.flt Cocker Spaniel Day Phono 7-M10 and nlaht 7-981)2, )0-3t Sfttf (fell Off*r«d r." I; iffl rt LOCAL and long diitsnos Hsuluif, Allo local moving. 8«« Daimft Hamilton or call 7-3611, N-M-Jm Invented In Now OrlNfts afid Its grfefttctit B*tkm«ftt. t am told, is Wllftam C. Hahdy, one of the finest htlmnn being* I h»v» ever encoMn« t&r#d, trvmtf fl*rtM wrote "Alexander's Itagtlme Band" In this mfcod Wfterf *« w*re all younger, and Iliere w*ji tt bond called Jellyroll Morton's" fled Hot Peripors. However, J discover that M, Sbkolifiy, who imiit be a music commissar In Soviet ftttiild. and no relative of mlflo for nil I know, hn» declined Jn«x condemned, H*> wr1tr« « long artlclo on the sub which iRrfyn fait read. In ronovntlon «nd (hher- ipflna work, Cobb Mattrell Co., 810 S, Wmhinjlon, Phone f.MSa. N-IB-IM Notice IP YOU want to drink, that'* your bu»ln«i». it you wont to quit, that'* our bu«ln«i»,. Al«o- )>oHc« Anonyntoui, P. Oi Box 201. land south of Little Oaraw* on Boytl Farm, which I have in peiiiegHlen, 1« pouted, K6 Hunting. Waller uujrnn, lfi-3t ll*d 8(itte* can like «hy Jone* «<frv«d ni matter of ccro- monle* and Conch Joe Ensmlngcr alifcusneil the past season and introduced the lettermen. An autographed fdotbnll was pro gentrd to Hnlfbftck Koncnth Stone who was voted the outotnndlrtjf athlete of the season. A spoclnl nward year by Mr. and given every Mr», Flnlcy JPOSTMCLY No JhintlnK on any of our land. C, H, Wudtllo oncl David Wflddlo. 18-01 ^iptlon Haiti (pov«bl» In Wtett > Lost ItED dog. If found noil fy Chester Stvphons, Bio v Ins, Arlwnitti, THRE12 IQ bills Mar .loo'H City Bakery, y««tord»y about 4!80. PHoiio Mm. Crlt Sliuut, 7-28ai. 18-U Kind of mu»le from a hurdy-gurdy to liach; Beethoven and Brnlim* without offending the governhient, True, Mr, Trumart wrote a l«t(er on th« Kubject onoOf but no Iowa were broken. In Soviet Ituosla, It U different: Jazz IB condemned. 8ay« the muilo oommliiar, M. Sokolnky: "Wh«t, Indeed, In 1o«» 'In harmony 1 with our « music, our Soviet iQngn, the Soviet people'* great wetUth of folklore, than a aaxo- phono throbbing like an aching both or howling away, than trow- bone* roaring deafenlngly, than muted trumpet* squealing) or the monotonouii dull thump of the whole family of percussion initru- menti rtlenuosily hammering Into the listeners' consciousness the mj-chonlcnliy repetitious rhythms of fox trot or rbumba? "No I W« are resolutely opposed to thu nrtlMclol combination of our music with the Jiwz band; those who try lu nqtieoze our music Into jon form by main force rnutlluib and matiftte It." It Just goes to show that no two rnoen of man con agroo on an BLACK anil tan male htniml pup, B montha old, Liut Hoert on Pat\mo« iond, Howard. Cantrict J, D, Tye, m, ), Ifimmot. 16-31 Buttnttt Opportunity Ward to the athlete having the highest icolastlc record went to Jack Jones while second place wont to hU twin brother, Jerry Jones. The Iflnrn chose Raymond Chur- Unwell and Joe Willis as co-captains for the 1053 season. /Seniors receiving their second lOtterp were Clyde Arnold, Bobby firUce, Dee Coffee, Tom Ed Hayoa, "-•'• |rd Hunt, Ellis Rothwell, ,Ken Stone and Jim Yocom. Sontos receiving their first let t«rs were Tom Beck, Jesse Duke, J. B. Ellfii, John Ollbcrt, Jack and Jerry Jones, John Keck. Bar rell Meaner, Johnny Tabor. Tommy Doyle received his third letter. ftaymond Churchwell received his second letter as did Leroy Coolfty, both will return next *cu- son. Others lettering who will be back next year were Charles Atkerson, James Cornelius, Sonny Griffin, Nlleg Hipp. Buddy Mosely, Ralph Wiggins and Joe Don Wills. Student Managers loitering wore Bort Chamberlain, Robert Powers nnd Floyd Harlsfleld. ftockhurst Mo. 03, Drur yMo. 01 fckas 63, Colorado A M. 48. Arkansas Tchrs 75. Nebraska Vnrs Kearney 03. Colorado 70 Washington State 40. Barnhill Would Quit (f Proper Ones Want It Son, having downed Texarkana in the opener last week. Tho first game pills 'the Junior squads of the two schools. Hitting the road will be three other Hope bnskelbnll teams. The Senior and Junior girls and the 'B' Boys go to Guernsey tonight. , On Friday night the Hope five ourneys to Nashville where they meet the Dlerks Outlaws in an invitational tournamenl, The Bob- ats drew a bye in the first round turn to his native state* One of his closest friends, Lee Rogers, Little Rock businessman and former fel LITTLE ROCK, UP! Athletic hln«, I WM rendlnu In till* article 1IU \ W< n n.mfnllnn frnm Ihn orlalniU 1 IM *»' fights Last Night By The Associated Press BOSTON—Ezznrd Charles, Cincinnati, stopped Fronklo ford, 202, Oakland, Cnlif. 7 I CHICAGO — Alan Moody, 14f, Robin*, 111., stopped Jimmy Sni- dors, 165, Pittsburgh 10. } TOnONTO — John L. 187, BU- a quotation from the original Amijricon-hatiir, Mnxlm Gorky, and I wni Hire what ho was do* sci'iblnK was » symphony by Shoa- lakovlch a» conductea by Leonard BorttHtein: "Suddonly the, thoughtful silence Is broken by the dull boat of on Idiotic drurmtlck * one, two, T n ..h.™ Lnncnsnlnrc. land, stopped Gun Rubinlci, 101}), Toronto 0. j MONEY BACK $067.50 Investment gives you your own independent buslnons oporo- ting tl route of how So tUaneniera hftndlln« now, taut moving confection* in drug Btoreii, cafe*, olubg, bun depot*, etc, AU loen* tlOivi obtained for you. You mu.pl hove cor, I'Bferotvces and $007,90, which it nrotected by an Iron* oJnft monty b»ek «u»rtinloc, p«. votU»8 ft tew of your spare hour» nBM, you slvould cum time, tult MORfe CASOALTies V WASHINGTON -W1 — The De<on»e Department today Ulentlfletl 103 Korean War casualties in n now list (No. 710) which report- tfrn, 80 drumbeats qnd then, Ilka H lump at jnua droppod Into cleni', trnn ipurpiit wnter, there' comes n wlU shrieking,, whistling roaring howling nnd banging! Inhuman suggestive of A hone's , bunt forth;'there Is th(» gruntlni) of bras* pigs too braylrig ot donkeys the crooking of frogs a-woolng; nil this outrageous ohM ot mad sound follows n Uprely p4r* copllblo rhylhmj nnd after llttlfr ing lor a minute or two to thot> Wnlii OHO Involuntarily buglni to Imagine that an orchestra ot ma< jnen it porfoi'mliyj." But not Thll U not Ehostakovich tt la a description of Amerlctti Ji»«. Oorky Drobably n(. ( v«r heuri of George Qorshwin's "Rhapsod in Blue" or the glorious music o ''Por«y and B«>»s, u fw Wlm, it oiwugh that la»* wits nit... In America tor it to be hatod. Hero is the punch "'»> that tells tha l lory: one mention too that jars in the U.8.A. U not Juit 'art,' but, like Uio Hollywood 'Industry, 1 n uuilncus, an artlolo ot oxport. f hfe> call xl ni 29 doud, 08 wounded, five t nnd one Injured, Ittyrrh IH, n gum-resin highly valued by the ancients. Director John Barnhill of the Uni versity of Arkansas said yesterday that he would resign "when the people in authority feel that 1 should." Barnhill Wns asked to comment on the vote by the Arkansas Leg' ialntivc Council — powerful preses- •ion Joint Budget Committee of the General Assembly— to abolish his Job. "I hnvc been with the University of Arkansas since 1946 doing everything I know how to better the nthlettc situation. . .and when the people in authority feel that I Should resign, 1 will." Barnhill didn't say who he con jldcred to be "the people in au thority." Comment on the Council's action brought "no comments" from President John Tyler Caldwell o ARKANSAS BELL LITTLE ROCK UP) — Normally when a university is in the market for an athletic coach, it's a case of the man seeking the job. But, for the second time within ir a year, Arkansas is trying to sell the University and Henry Yocum' the man on the job that is open. of El Dorado, chairman of the institution's Board of Trustees. The Council adopted a motion by Rep. Paul Van Dalscm of Perry county which said simply that there shall not be a position as athletic director at the University of Arkansas nnd no monies shall be paid from any funds or any source for the snlnry of athletic director, other than coach, regardless of what title he may hold." Van Dalsem told the Council, which approved his motion by a vote of B to 4, that "every man here knows there's been strife" within the University Athletic Do- partrrient. Last spring, under terrific pres- Rose was basketball sure from fans, Glen sought and hired as conch. Now, under similar circumstances, Arkansas is courting Bear Bryant for its football coach. If the University fails to land Bryant, who has a very lucrative contract at Kentucky, its position could be most embarrassing. Everyone would know a second choice had to be made. If the effort is successful, both the University and Bryant would be in a happy situation. The hot- snnt — and that's what the Razor- bank grid tutoring post is — would "The feeling between the nthlctlc i t,e nn e d by the man for whom director and the pooch hns beert mo st of the fans yelled. If their so strong that it just tore up the football team." said Van Dalsem. The situation, added the legislator, who apparently referred to the resignation of CaachvOtts,Douglas recently, calls for Barnhlirs "»- mbvdl. • «*i man didn't produce n winner, they'd likely be convinced no one JflNE ABBOTT '111 Brent 8TNOP8I8 I Brent, stooped In rigid No* ltd tradition,;(t crtatly- dl«turb«a ifjSlnr that his Mlf.siiter Debo* tlttf »»«f* .tt »b»«nc«. nlnna to -A«.»?M h om9i ot.. wh»r« thj h * (J ^'tr-do-wdU , h*. family by m»rryln« 1 muileltn. * Hollyw i ts d&ubte i^rottt , Ui thin: ig dlgpota ^l, 4l|\4 • r -tjf, - • • i - • - T ' * T • .«'to dt»tf>n* to u uv ihon, to tuyn them fodd«r. J(»i» U the ivv " »pirtt ,™ f Th«r» U '*o'inU6h th,U world, today that -,.,--, .-,.. TWO . - ;, AS WILL BRENT went up the •Utra he wondered as he hud nxfny timea before what i\o would hiVe done after Mary died with- i«t this dependable girl o( hli &h« over, 8h« had b««n In teaching that p«md«i our live*. The Brit* had to »4ittirthaV y, w|a a h«tt«r bousekeeMi M»ry h»d bMh. Mor« s*vinj 'n young minister, W«ndelH- had appeared quite set up |ua« he'd askad her to do som»i for him. Unless the else,"; had spoken l ad grad to »70 woeltly () more. to old lull* tnformnUoii, wr»a g|von,« numboc the Negro Community ol «,§ttav«mant h«v« politic* hat rubber to Stalin thty fto coarse him, Th«y c»n al»o get co«»» - UnlU4 Statet^or, ^(hey ar» pitntiM al, The BrltUft prg. mad* « tetttb. ot in , will o»\e diy kna b*f ori «t* Vtt „ poiltio. U on the . IMS. kx J»" e AUiOlU DUUlbulKt ty Kinu Fcaluics Syndlcnlc he'd act her a perfwt f« (or a man in his kind ol w^rk. Sha wai t aa well, very pleaa* to look at, wiy« .her brown . , _ «nd brown eye* which she hfft Inherited trom Mar>, the S|r (n htr too* that to* At Jw iiolh«d over IU4 l»c« b« r*. 00 thU poaalbillty and on ohangt n would bring h«r« hwno—thouf h. o| oours*. ho hiBOMlt, h* wtnttd Suaan to ry tom«timft, when th« met th> riftyt wan, fio had t«lt » prt(k ot and th,w tweauwu «h« wu, SB» WM any right (u*n, Thli ptiilStW yojuni mvcoqwyona) \K _ too u»|w«dict4bl«l 4 iv«a » p-B-C. for bad 4oA9 to tht not ol ment. We have been waiting for y«5u to como to say grace." >He bent his bead, "We thank Thee, our Heavenly Father, tor Uila food and ask Your Blessing oh It and on our Koine, Atnen." "I don't like Nell coming in late like this so often." observed Will Breht. '"She ought to tell 'you where she goes— telephone to you, at least' 4 Bill's head JorUed up, his lips opened, then closed, SUB&n said, "n might occur to her that It'd be nice to get the cleared away early so as to ir study at Had been, $ti« had to that she wanteq to go ...,. . and, tak* voloa trafiii ;, And what would she 40 with ,t, h* hud demanded. There had prolonged argwnpnt ?ver U It had ended with his dietum thilt until she could, make tip her mind to take some atudy that would Ot her to earn a sensible livelihood she ootJd stay home and help Susan. But it waa evident she is not helping Susan much: Susan wa* bringing in the dea> mrt when N|U rpu) Into the house, \gust of br*e« seemed to come wUb her. "The lad Nellie Brept!" aha cried gaily from the door, am I hungry! What's to Bh» waa not * pretty gtrl— h«r oM WM too ahort, her chin to» pointed for the wldenew ol hw al»nt1(ow»ra ih« temple**- "Tfour dtnntr'i on a plate in »m ** a)|ld Suaaflk "Ttaanka. darUnf." N«J1 went to A iKiich^jij tiumtiitiUt 9> iswiteli 'W * eaaf, feer atea M tight, and c«j«« '-•'•^witll her |*|1*. "*"'•* ^ "What lMf BMd W , MOM, AftRANIAI Ale tonight and w««' assured* tie would go to heaven, he would be fully confident that he wouH " spend eternity In Arkansas. BE CAREFUL,DeAR.. THE STPEETS ARE AWFULLY ICV THIS MORNING WISH 1 COULP MAK6 IT THAT EVERV )MORNING T&=- Bryant's three-day stay in Arkari* have changed the thinking of pef« "" sons who feared he was the Porker vacancy to gain concessions at Kentucky. Bcnr is reported to have told the coach screening committee nt the much-traveled I wouldn't do that to my home Technically, tJhiversly will appoint the riew coach, as prS- vided by the North Cehtral crediting agency whose rigid Oth> flv Mkho.l O'Mali.y and R« low student of Bryant at Alabama letic code has Arkansas w6rrle<3| Answer tb Previous Puzzle J OUT OUR WAY •y J. R. Williams Cinema Actress aplenty at the mom'ent. If Beat knew he wds going to / I'M NOT.' I'M JL>5T ) ' ' I QUIETLY WAITING s HEEE 5-O I'LL BE. / ™/ < A US PETBCTOK. r— TAKE IT AMP HASH IT UP.' '•"• HORIZONTAL 57 Worm 1 Screen actress, 58 Body of water Barbara 59 Bamboolike Knudson grasses 4Sho was born 60observe in Lss . VERTICAL HEEE SO I'LL BE SURE NOT.TO FOCC-Et TBEi-i v , • ., :E l WAMT ' AMP >OU KNOW JUST WHERE IT is WONT 71 CAM'T STAMP \ PEOPLE S AT ME OR. SSIIPPIKX3 AT ME.' , DID YOU KNOW THAT: THE COST OF REPAIRING "PEOPLE" INJURED IN AUTO ACCIDENTS IS UP 174% Promontory Male servants 5 Elude 6 Obtain 7 Greek god of war elts "Iron Man" 12 Fish egjrs 13 Turn aside 14 Bustle 15 Onager 10 Tardier 17 Correlative of neither 18 Defeated 20 She spoke a word in her first picture 22 Consumed 23 Hebrew letter 24 Bellows '27 Saluted 32 Exude 33 Remunerates 34 Miss Gardner 35 Invite 36 Rescue 37 He's important in , 5 j| Miss 26 Assistant 39 Eternity 27 Donated 40 Provides food 28 Cereal grain 42 Facilitaled 29 Mountain) lake 43 Kimono Like almost everything else, hospital fees have, been caught ; in the whirlwind of in- f lotion; : In some instances, hospital rates for room,, board and, nursing service vaulted as mCich as 174 percent between 1940 an 1951, the average increase being about 135 percent. ... 30 Cry of Bacchanals 31 Dibbles 33 Companion 36 Racer 37 She played a 49 Flower lead -- in 50 Gaelic an operetta 53 Shoshonean at 12 Indian sas hes 44 Window part 45 Volcano 46 Completed 48 Roman date WASH TUBBS pastry 21 Born 24 Rebels (coll.) 25 Leave out POM'T HURRV OH- PRIMCB 1 . 50M MA.Y THE LOBBY WILL BE FULL OP POLICE BY MOW I OUR OMB HOPS 15 OVER THE ROOFS! ARE 'YOU PROTECTED WHV MOTHERS' GET GRAV ROY ANDERSON & CO. — INSURANCE — Hope, Arkansas OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople ABOOT UITTL5R "DOMESTIC OlS- Trie 6OOLOF R660URCE IT COMES TO CHRIST career, man 38 Spiro 40 Walking sticks 41 Whirlwind 42 Auricle 43 Unclosed 47 Dress 51 Flying mammal 2 Drench 54 Drone bee ' 55 Hostelry. SO Penetrate I'M IM A BLUB _ iFUSiK TRVll^S ^3^^, to.oecros ss OF A '.. s . ^H FLOUR /^ CLEAMER 5-jvs^:^--" GET MAR'.". '.A J'i^ferprs/ PUT *i - • - AMD DOCK OUT \ OM PAV By Edgar Mar* BOutS AND HER BUDDIES Top Shoe Mae of the Holida} Scnson PURITAN CALF CARNIVAL By Dick Turner Pour. 1»M bt NBA t»nl»«riiim T*Mi BOGS BUNNY ALL RIGHT* „.,<. soft, supple, water resistant THIS / CANOPV (3IVE* JOINT WH/XT IT NEBP5... CtASS/ By Henhbergcr FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP SWAN, BEAT IT,.'. t ear A JOB TO IX)-HERE...I'LL JOIN YOU LATER..,G'8VE NOW/ LOOKTDOCTOR I SAY, MV FRIEND,) VEH...NOW IF YOU TVO'UL/ BUT) AU-EY, YOU DO HAVEA /WRAP YOUR0I2UVE6 IN ( WH«T ABOUT WAY WITH ^ THESE HYK.SOS' DUDS, I V • MDU? ANIMALS/ 4 PISSER YOU'LL MAKE IT TO SAFETY AU- RIGHT.,, Aristocrat T. M. R«{. ITS. p,t, OH.'. Copr. 1»52 by NEA Strvln, Inc How do you spell the word'-'mistake, 1 Myrtle—with a -capital 'M' Here's a shoe that co-star? 4 leather of unique quality and that's the hit of the season; Tthe leather is famous Eisendrath Puritan Calf; It literally glows! A «p9cial treatment keeps it supple and water resistant, The color is the season's newest-Antique Ambe>, See these and a host of other Roblee holiday styles in 6iir store today, SIDE GLANCES By Golbraith "That's what I call burning the candle at bpth ends!" CHRIS WELKIN, Planetcer m FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ' THEBES A PLANE C 8EHINP/VIE,,,£yRE:|_y So YOU'RE XYes.MfcTbop — NEED UX5KIM' FOR. I SOME CHRISTMAS WITH ALL THIS JUNIOR. BUSWESS I. A PART TMe MONPr*/ I CAN V/ORK THE PERFECT GIFT FOR HIM CHRISTMAS ' I GOTTA EARM SOME POU6H— PRONTO/ ;?;OF« •+*^ -« »j , . rt ,^- ^ ,y "y^ ^ vw wr /• o CARD woekr, f HUHC PASTeBOARD- OR. WAY I'M IQQKIN' FOR, IS A BACK T'HEP.MR STUFF-r' could: and they'd be less likely to scream for his scalp In lean years. Many sideliners arc puzzled why take part in the Commemoratloa In July of the.two-hundredth an* nlversary of the laying of thu cornefstone o/ the Congregational Church. Later, John Wendell would direct it But immediately, she told herself that what she waa going to do for him tomorrow waa worth much more than singing with a doaen others. "I'll have to 'buy a white dress —I've nothing from last summer, . « ." 4 "Your mother used to make her dresses." "Oh, yes, my, grandmother did too and my great-grandmother. The> spun.tho sloth, I've heard it ail before. Tell rno something new! If there ever to anything new in , ,v» M ,.. is," thomfht Will Brent with some grimhem 11 got up from his chair. "See *v' He went out through the n, bahgUig the screen door htm. . ill Brent cleared We throat "I had quite a surprise today—a letter from my jtftjf'Sister Deborah. four Aunt Deborah, i suppose yew cbuld call her. I had not heard from her for yeajps, Even moHi surprtalng—she wrote that she Is coming back to SSveetheme. She'll live in the hpuae next door." Both of the girls were staring at him in utter surprise. "Aunt Deborah! Fd forgttten Jierl" cried Susan. "It's been agea »lnc« yeu've spoken of her, Fa- U»er,» "It's been so long since I've seen her—she's lived in ao mawy pjaeea in Ike West—that I've known Uttle about her to aay," explained Will guardedly, "She U three years older than I am— am t awfully old in your eyes, daughter T" iaugn. "When you get *tun> you dp, Daddjl" WiU Brent Jitowed hlmaetf to relejc. Th« tim «d not appear overt? curloua about D»borah, Jfe a»ld to 8u»an, "i WPPOW w« tujni to get A-bby Boyd fi> to go ho«se. . , ," 4* aoon a» sae cam aettle

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