Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on February 20, 1924 · Page 17
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 17

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1924
Page 17
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THE DETROIT FREE PRESS, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY. 20, 1924. 17 MICHIGAN-ONTARIO ' HAMILTON LONDON BAYCITT j '' SACJ.NAW . MPSKKfiON 'oRANDUAPIPS KALAMAZOO . FU.VT ABROAD ..'.. June S-fl April no May 3-4-5 Mny 17-u-l May K-1S-U May 11-U-U , Juim tt-!S- fourth of July HAMILTON F Prsti A. 1S-14-W May 1-2 June 3-8-W-U July S0-Sl-i'3-a Juiw Jg-a-il) June S)-S-J? July SHK 30-M at Mar City rcc I rC39 Sept. 1-1-J-J JuIy44- . Aug. 1-8-1 Aug. S4--7-3S July m-:-:s-I7 Aug. Js-Jtl-Jl Aug. M-S Ibirly I j ; Aug. 10-11-13 - - at London ' LOVTirw May J9-S0-JI May M-e April May U-U-11 My rm-l-ll June JJ-2J-M Msy 14-16-ts ' J"1? J-- 1 rinKr ' June s-s-'.tMt May 1-2 June 3S-:-3 July jVss-JO-H July CW-.'I-IJ June (&- XI jrmirth of July Sunt. 4--( IS UnlY Aug. l-H July 4-4-M July Aug. U-IS Aug. 2-7T-a ' Aug. -- - t Saginaw Aug. 111-13 ' '' ' . Decoratlen ry May May 1-9-10 at s.iglnaw BAT CITT. June 4-M-T jU' May -- May r4-lS- June May 17-14-w May Jl-U-IJ ItiJepcn.ienee Day Aug. 4-4-4-1 AuJ .. LetrOlt July 7-- Juna (ElKsl-H July Id-il-K-a June St-39-M ' July S4-S8-M-J7 t London Sept. 4-4-4-7 All. 34-3 Aug. 1M0-31 July Js-iS-aO-B Aug. It-H-a Civic Holiday : - at Hamilton ------ In5pn1nra Day May t-t-10 Mar S.T . at Hamilton 3AarNAW.. July 1-1-W June T-S-M ? V. r June t-f-H May U-U-11 May 14)-UH May 1T-1I-1 Civic Holiday Aug. 7-.-I Aug. 4-S-S In'i'U'n.K Paper K,'11 June i:6-2"H7 July 24-25-M-37 J'. "--' at London' Aug. t-t-o o Aug. 13-14-15 ' Aug. -30-3l Aug. S6-27-H Aug. 34--S Jy io-21-23-3 Labor Pay 8,'t- --'- ' at Hay City May l-r-(3) June 12-1S-14 t.. m .... , - May -7 May --IO May !-- Decoction Day HHg 11?" SHI- That Give. as Eft, i,, ' Queen's Day May 33-24-14 Mar J1-B Aorll K May-M May 1-4-4 at Hamilton GRAND RAPIDS.., Juna lft-M-iZl) Juna lMral-i Ma "-r. Tun. i, it n Mar l- n 1 July l-t-3 May Df-orailon lay Aug. MM) rHS. JSjiWn. Juls-lSis-li Ju".lVlMl Reader Aug. 4-MC) atK.jjjnaao. Aug. KM7-13 Aug. U-20-21 Aug. 13-14-1 a, Flint , , May J-7-M May "ra-Jl-IS May 13-34-tS May M-4 June 4-S-S-7 i,"y li .,, ,,. KALAMAZOO July 1-1M1) July 10-11-03 Juna 1S-U-17-1I June 19-20-121) July 4-4-6-4 July 7-- Rnr nrM V JnZ.J Aug. 19-a- Aug. U6,.ij jmy j7.v.i Aug. .t; Aug. 7-- Aug. 10-U-U tOX OCOreS Juna !;- at Muikegon May -n-M My 3 !I-M Juna 13-13-14 May S8-S7-3 Juna 4-4-4-J May --l(l May 4-7 Quaen'a Pay FLINT .. June le-ll-(U) Juna ll'-IO-ih) July 1.1-14--.S-M July ln-u-f July 7-- July 4-4-H. juna --lft-lS ff Tr! r ,..k July U-U-IS Aug. -t23) Aug. l-20::i Aug. lHJ-li . Aug. W-U-1J Aug. 7-8- hopt. 4-6-l-J -,r 1 uraiVlUplaa S Saturday! 10 Saturday! llSaturrlaya HSaturdaya 6aturflay 10 Sattirdaya . 7Saturdaya 7 Saturdaya Queen'a I)ay tjuera a Day 10 Sundaya 10 sundaya 12 6undaya J2 6unday 11 nundaya 1! Hundnya I M miA AT HOMES.. Independence Day Independfnee Day Fourth of July Decoration Day Fourth of July Fouxtli of July Ieroratlon Day Iiecoration Day i-coguc Civic Jlollday (Mvio Holiday Lator Day Fouiin ot July Labor Day Lauor Day . Labor Day O Doubla Raadera. , . , SHELBY MAYOR FILES FILM SUIT Johnson Asks Court Aid La Restraining Exhibition of Fight Pictures. Seattle, Feb. 19 Jumei A. John-eon, mayor of Shelby, Montana, ban II led eult to stop Greater Features, Inc., from exhibiting pictures of the boxing contest between Jack JJemp-to.y and Torn Gibbons In Shelby last Fourth of July. Mayor Johnson averred that a picture of the tight had been madu under his direction and that It never was Intended to bs shown outside Montana. He complained that Jack blalr, manager of Greater Features, had obtained two prints from the negative and brought them tiers. The mayor asks an accounting of proms from exhibition of tne uemp ney-Olbbons pictures so that dam lines could be fixed, and destruction ot tne unautnorizea nims. BILL LANE TAKES ARROWS IN HAND Ex-Ray! Star Coaches Guardsmen for McCarthy Game. If the Red Arrows wish to stay In the running for the city title, they must defeat the Jerry McCarthys Friday night at the armory lind Pulaski Poet on February 26. Another defeat puts them out. And they believe their chance Is Kood, after the impetus to work Klven them by Coach BUI Lane, Kiiard on the Rayls from 1912 to 3 819, when that club was Michigan's Lent and twice won the western title during the period. Bill thinks he has a system which will stop the green brigade. Piper will play guard with KavannuKh. His absence the last two games has hurt the guardsmen, besides being a great floor uai, BUI Is there on defense and slums in the scoring dopartment More is expected of Dermody and Clark Friday. Clark has played too much basketball and went stale. Hermotly hud a bad night against 1'ulnskl Post, but should bo In shape to go Friday. Hoosoy may start at center vice Wlttmnck. As the players have no engagements to till with other teams out of town during the week, they will work out Wednesday end Thursday niRhts on top of their drills of Monday and Tuesday. CHINA ENTERS SOCCER TEAM Paris. Feb. 19. China has entered for the association footha'l competition In the Olympio games, ringing the entries for this evont to 52. Campbell M. H. quintet defeated the Jefferson Baptist Ave 18 to 14. Clare Hanlon caged four field goals for the winners. The Campbells want games for Wednesdays In ihelr own gym. Tontine church teams take notice. Call J. Blcll at Lafayette 8896. POLAR BEARS EASY FOR COLTS Highland Park high sehool got one second place and no firsts In ti dunl swlmmlntr meet with Northwestern in the Colts' pool Tuesday afternoon, and Inst, 62 to C. Pouglns Oleke of the Colts, tied the record of Don McCIetlan, Northern, when he made the 100-yard 1 reast stroke In 1:18. Northwestern girls In their dual meet with Detroit Teachers college, v on, 47 to 13. The Teachers landed one first. RED SOX SEEK AMATEUR STAR Cincinnati, O., Feb. 19. .TnmM T. Cushlnif, iSt. Xavler college srrnduate itni ono of the best known Cincinnati amateur shortrttnp.s, . will probably nrfppt nn oflr wlrpfl him 10 Join th Hostnn lied Sox, It vrns announrrd tonight. Th Red Sox bnvfl ben aftr Ildln Coonn. former TTnivoralty of ' inclnnatt shortstop, but Conns paid Iio did not d'slre to enter the pro-- sstonal field. f)lttllltllllMnMIIMIIIIIIfttIMn(lllTIHMIIIIMIUirtllltlll7J Recreation Basketball j 7 itmtiiimMiMif unit iti iinniiMiiiimiiimitniiiitJ WEDNESDAY'S SCIIKDULK. BOT8-CLAS59 "C." j ' .'onnelly Indpnflantii v. X. C, East- i fin. :J5. I Van'i-ila vb. Elchmond A- Ct NonhftB.t- ! en. . Atkinson Cula ti. fi&lmn A- C, Wfgtem, ; hi. lfTaa A. C vs. Murray CTothea, North-u iern, -ivn vs. Aryan Cub, Ontrat Cy a,Mi;, :15. L'Mrolt Hportlnir club t. BrKuin Phar- Tr.,ury. Centml (Rlrla iym). Srtt(in ( :onfriio:ipv vi. Pt. Thomaa ltti, McMichnei, 9.1B, O. J. I. li. G. iihoe Co., Hutchlna iTiipfltJay) & -15. Ta-Lia cmb vs. pf club, Routhstrn, imna;rr vn, St. Mary" Cubs, Hutchlrm 'TueaU-ty,), 9'V'k '.'fUM JL At Hutfliin-'n Ff-hoo!, I p. m., fa vi. riouiovanis, W. A. C. n. ca. TO-KPITON'P! IXA'fR. " T. m., at p-;r'na p"hf-oI, Llrc-Ui v 1 .mr, MIid'k v-j i"; k-nrif.iv (iiwTHl.U- vs. ( ; :-1h:.l. Wiii.vit 'rthwav ; far rMtal.'ro,fii U;''l ne ,'B !"-(;t-, ,.'Kst VM, lJ-.-tti a. it; Kiuulio a by ft. TUESDAY'S RESULTS. NEW ORLEANS. First race, maiden 8-year-old.-, mils and 70 ynrda Kuturo, U2 tCorcoiun), wun; Chaperone, 107 (Wallaca). second; Attruc-tivv, iv i (Heupvl), thtrd; time, l:Cu ltHictn FqoI. Fiitlow and Alike Horrlney ulau run. Second race, B-year-oids and up, fr-loiiKS Col. Winn, lu3 a'ark, won;, mi (Wdllace), second; Stump, lu7 tLanu), third: tune, 1:15 8-6. Gen. Cadorna, Orm-n Gold, Fleer, Ormatlelgh, John Hua-hor, Capt. CuaiiKun, Full o'l-njnn, Vaisnlla, Cuntaen Girl ana fcierblan also ran. Third racti, 4-year-olds and up, 6 furlongs H Hideo Jewel, UQ (I'arke), wun; Guv'nur, 'M tli. liruunlnfin at'cond; Biff -Jan, HI tfichwarta), Unrd; time, 1;16 2-B. Carnarvon, liimem, Beu pardon, KliiKselartt and boverwjck alao ran. Fourth raco, 3-year-olds, 4 furlonits Mah Jons, ii tcorcuranj, won; ieamerwooa, llti (Ivedirls), second, Invictua, 1U4 (tjiutisj, third; Uuie, Wllmer the Wizard, Hrli- Uaiit dun und Dobson also ran. Fifth rare, handicap, 3-year-olds and up, mlla and 70 yards Cherry True, la) Uurke, wun; Itiewrthyn, 'j iMtTKierJ, second; Thimble, 1U4 (Carroll), third, time, 1.46 2-6. iJustabout and liama also ran. Sixth rare, 3-year-olds, mile and 70 yards Anne, Wt (lireunlnK), won; yutvero, w (Murgler), second; tioih's Flower, Wl WaJ lace;, third; time, l.m 3 5. Amity Claim, lireech Loader. Bench iiuuager, bun Mitrt and JjueUua also ran. Seventh race, S-yonr-olds and up, 1 1-16 miles Great i-ody, 103 (larke), won; Mom, 106 (.Chalmers), second; Majority, U'l (Cor coran), third; time, 1:51. Mormon Elder, Sir Gl&n, Gladys V., Col. Wlutllen and Ki Jetiniar also ran. HAVANA. First race, 2-year-olds, hi mile Dextrose, 105 (McLuuKhilnj, won; Oussie Ann, 107 U'lchens), second; Koalta, los (Veiratt), third; time, :i1 4-6. J1k Time, June Day and Great Waters also ran. Hocohd race, 4-year-olds and up, EV fur-loiiKB AllurliiK. lull (Grace), won; Bengali, Ul (MajwHilct. Bwnnd; Flying Orb, 1U (O. Taylor), third; tlinti, lnjH Frippery, Melba Polly, Justina Marion Holllna, iiapliy Buxton, Humpy, Kenlmere, Cupu Bob and Furlough ran. Third race, 4-yuar-olds and up, bi fur-lot uss Duly Faahlon, 111 (HlltMiuin), won; Waiter Whllakcr. Bl tIMukens), second; Chow, 111 (M':tau)thlin), third; time, l:0ii i-S. Aunt iieda, Bertetta, Carpathian, Wcitbourd, Jap Huma and Aif Yez-iua also ran, Fourth race, 4-year-olds and up, 6 fur- Innga Botf, 103 (lmwnOiD, wun; l.trnpery, 1(W (Ivinlry), Becond; lulf, lt'8 (Majestic), third ; t Imu, 1 ;l;t it 0. iv Itty Carpenter, Black Baby, Be Ualare, Wemland, Primitive, San 1'U'SO, Bonufldo, liaran and BUu-dfl also ran. Fifth race, 4-year-olds and up, mile and 60 yaidfl Finonstle, luft (Klnlry), won; Klv-erside, 100 (BawsonJ, second; Gay Boy, 11., !K (Alajt-atlr), third; time, 1:43 .-3. iiilinuai C, Gi-nn and Boreb hIho ran. Sixth rare. 4y'ar-olda and up, 1 miles Cautious, I'M (Plckons), won; Green Hriar, Jul (Prthble), second; Kye Bright, H4 amnion), third- time, 1:47 2-5. IVig, Brute 1'udk'y and I)ebadon aleo ran. Seventh race, 3-year-olds, o furlongs ImiiOBHitde, 110 nseoch), won; I'lopnrte, 102 Ujawson), second; SiiKuki, (Pern la), third; lime, 1.07, Joy maker, Phoebe. Ouhia, Corlette, Kmlly, Solomon's Kilts. Captain Klnnaniey, Jjuattnun and Northern Star also ran. TIA JUAN A First rare, mlden 3-year-oMa, 8H fnr-loiitfs Otarro, 113 1 Barnes), won; Attonsa, H3 (O'honnelll. second; Frances Victoria, Bfi (Walls), third; time, 1:44 8-5. Guinea Girl, l'opplna. Bitake, Healer Ann, Kllen Jane, Tup Siue, Helen Van and Hazel Clare also ran. Second rn:, 8-year-olds and up, 5" fur-longs Marso John, 108 (O'Donnell), won; Benton Seth. 93 (Clarkj, second; Miss Manage, 101 (Horn), third; tlms. i-.08. Pueblo, Scottish Id, Cannon Pall, Ike Mills. H arte Ke, Usher D., War Winner, Pltuitaxnet, Sea Beach and Cbrt G. also ran. Third race. 3-year-olds and up. mile and 70 yards Feu well, 102 (O'DunnelO, won; Chippendale, 107 (Molters), second; Gall-ford, 107 (J. Jobneuii), third; time, 1:46 1-5. Furor, H. Warren, Ilolstorar, 1-Aura Coch-ron, Dovs's ICoost and Bessie loung also rn. l-'ourth race, 8 -year -olds, 5 furlongs Seth's Alibi, 107 (Abel), won; Pardalld, 67 (Hofig'.and), second; Cypreme, ii3 cj'Bon-nell), third; time, lS. Atonement, Fuil-anti, Booinerang, Pralaewortby and Vibrator nls-j rn. Fifth race, handicap. 8-yar-oM and up, mile Firm Friend, 110 (Watrous), won; Mokihana, 97 (Kills), second; Muttlklr.s, 110 (Claven, third; time, 1:3S 4-o. Bauy As tor, Polly Wnle and Tandrine alao nm. aSinth race, J-year-ulda and up, 6 furlongs Tik'-h, Ui (Melu), won; Utile Hne, 11 (Colhns, second; Clarkson, 118 (Claver), third; t!ms, 1;13 2-6. Mlas .Vanttra Ptcnlc, Wmidle Montgomery and Little Blank Shtep aleo ran. .vemh race, 4-year-olds and up, 1 1-16 miles Mzette. V7 dJoylo), von; The Lamb, 1." (O Donnell). second; Mart Btmn. lis (Wood), third; time, 1.4S 3-5. K"d L'-gs, LI liolile. Scraps and Loudoun nlno ran. Eighth race, 3-yrnr-oids and up, rnlle and 70 yards Blarney stont 110 (Coiiina), .won; Mprcf Boy, lit; (tV Donned i. second; Doubtful, 112 illorn), third; time, 1:44 l-o. Cotlield, The 1-alconer, yuecrvek and Scar-lot Butler a!so ran. OLYMPIC SKIIERS ENTER TOURNEY Lake Placid. N. Y., Feb. 19. The American Olympic ski team will compete 1" the United Gtates eastern f'k! champlonthlp meet to be conduced here February 22, It was announced today. Klgurd Overby. Ilnrry Lien, Anders Haueen and I.emoine Hatson, members of the team, are exp"jt-rl to arrive )-.ft soon to prepare for the competition. Ski ciuhs from various sections of th" United Staffs and Canada have entered representatives. ,((Hiiiiiiitii,iiMM.iitiiiitii,iMii,i,f imif.t jMarsans Signs ! To Teach Giants! Art of Stealing : Ifavnnn, Veh. I!, rnmnnd; : Mnrsuns, ( nbnn liull player hit : s wns noted In the iMienea wnw j I years nito for h ability in mm : I bHe, bus Iwm-1. employed by: : lnnner John J. Mct,rw to j : tench his nrt the yminntrrs ; : on the Ginnt Irnm. Mr(raw In; : here on n finU. The buttery: : turn on the wfittad vtHI stnrt prar- : I 1ic nt Snrntn, ! Ia Saiurnv, : J.tmil ll1lMlltllllllllllIIMII(lllIIIMIIIIIlllltltltFIi ! LEAGUE OFFICIAL SCHEDULE 1924 RACES WEDNESDAY'S ENTRIES. HAVANA. First race, purse SttOO, 8-year-olds and up, maidens, 6Vs furlongs Great Way, Leona Dare. W; Bight Bells, Peter iee. Bolivar, 10; Stella Marls, Klta B-, WUtoa Flauna, Bitdy Bretteniiam, lu7; Malazetio, Caesar, Second race, purse 8700, 4-year-otds and up, claiming, oi, furlongs Marlo Augusta, Little Pointer, loo; riuu Turret, "Crest, Dorienna, iauy Harrlgan, 10 j. Smile, Mul-lowmot, Gilder, llu; Huni, J; Dr. Shafer, Lustre, HO. Third race, purse $600, 4-year-olds and up. claiming, 6 furlongs Betty Mae, W; Driftwood, Some Pink ins, Chow Chow, as, Mad Nell, kuth Wehie, 101; Oloom. 102; Kendall, Flying Boat, 103; Springvale, 104; Acotita, Lilac Time, 104; Bister Susie, 107; Squirs Wiggins, Awning, Boxwood, 109; Feodor, Ho. Fourth race, purse $700, l-y ear-olds, claiming, furlongs'Gipsy Gold, W; Minus, y&i Ancestress, 102; Sea Stake. Iu3; Trafalgar, 1U4; Judge Hickman, Brt; Neptune, loy. Filth race, purse $700. 4-yewvolds and up, claiming, mile and 70 yards Krlanger, Dardaneila, Irish Dawn, Gupton, Amelia S., iV3; Drapery, Hog, Shingle Snack, Spectacular Girl, 'Toy Along. Win All, Financial Kouster, 'Alex Jr., 10S; Black Watch, 11., bandy If., Halu, Top Hung, 113. Sixth race, purse $700, 4-year-olds and up, claiming, 6 furionKS Blanche Mac, lOu; Mabel K., True American, Sclsaors, lu2; Hun Brae, 10i; Stacy Adams, 10u; John Morrill, 112. Apprentice allowance claimed. Weaiher clear; track fast. (Copyright, iw.4.) TIA Jl'AN'A. First race, purne $f00, 2-year-olds, 8& fur-Ioiir Shasta Lxprtuia, 112; tjobnnie Agle, Fdmon, tJust Folks, Kun Leg, urmsbrook. Wood ry, 115; JStay On, JMark Master, tSupervisor, Joe Patton, 118. tSandlego entry; 1 International entry. Second race, purse $iW0, claiming, 8-year-ohia and up, 1 1-16 miles Clare tYances, 10, Flantasonet, 10K; Pavlowa, BO; Caama-no. Seven Soas, U2; J. Fufua, lo8; Judge David, Bettle Dear, 115. Third race, puree $W, claiming, 8-year-olds and up, 5 furlonBsLlttlo Smile, Lucy Arnold, 9; Lady Bourbon, lot; Bess L., 10; Aunt Agnes, lu4; Homulus, Cobalt, Operator, Mountaineer, Tooinbeola, Codric, Mad Son, lull; San Grado, 10V; Cannon Ball, Ul; Billy Lane, loti; Last Girl, Dm; Temptress, 102: Fiesta. Vn, Fourth race, purse $(100, claiming, S-yetr-olds and up, 6 furlongs Hose Mint, 101 j Gnnwlthlm, Norford ibmey, Anmckassln, Yukon, Begular Girl, 10H; Mlas Paige, 110; Sweet and Low, Ul; John Jr., 112: Stangtt-lina, U5; Virgo, 116; Itungcorge, Black Pat, 117; Grayson, Ul; Woodls Montgomery, No Wonder, 1U8. Fifth raco, purs $600, 8-year-olda, mile Golden Cup, Hiimorette, liX); tProvldent, 1U2; Over Shot, tpanibh Hose, lOi; jtlal-vern, 107; Settee, lit). tAppleirate entry. Sixth race, purse (MHi, claiming, 3-year-olds and up, t furlonKH Skokle. 103; Noon Glide. 104; Little Thistle, lo.i; Brazos, Sal-ton, 107; Anna Kegina, 101; Salvo, 112; Mans. Hule, Tubby A., 113; UaUon, 114; Dick Terpin, U7. Seventh race, purse $700, claiming, 8-yenr-otds and up, &V. furlongs Wild Heather, ii'o; ni vn iui; -ine Almoner, jacK Bauer, 10fi; Hyanpom, l'J3; Melachrino, 114; My Beverle, 118. Kighfh raco, purse $700, claiming, 4-year-olds and up, 1 1-lrt miles Ellas O., 66; Ten Buttons, luO; Sasamook, Zealot, 104; Blarney Stone, Doubtful. Vlrglnius, lOi; Mars-dal". 106; Hilly Watts, BO. Weather clear; track fast. (Copyright, lif24.) NEW ORLEANS. F1rt race, purse $1,000, maiden J-yea Isolds, i furlongs Socrates, Federalist, US; Brown Trout, 116; Huey, Capt. ScbneUer, Alex Wood It ffe, Billy Skidd, 118; Belle H., Tiigger, Compact, Shirley Louise, Fiavia, Bernice Ilarrar, Mary Maud -Carr, 115. Second race, purse $,000, claiming., 6 furlongs Salmon, 111; Skyward, 10H; Kllbowle, Tointella, lu7: Without, 103; Mdckaon, 104; "Midnight Follies, Randolph, 102, Viennese lid; Red Weed. W; Randall's Koyal, Fehrah, SC; 'Easter Bonneu 4; Antiquity, 12. Third race, purse $1,000, claiming, handicap, 3-year-olds and up, 6 furlong Triumph, U;, James F. O'Hara. lu$: Calcutta, IijS; Ked Arrow, 107; Ducky, H. Fourth race, purse $l,0o0, claiming, 8-year-olds and up, 1 1-iU miles Jarnarvon, 118; Six Pence, 116; Smarty, Smart Guy, Normal. 114; Scare Crow, Rupee, 112. Hickory, Little Ed, Bolster, U0; Weasie B,, 100; Frosty Boy, 103, Fifth race, purse $1,000, claiming, S-year-olds and up, 1 1-16 miles Fran Monroe, Tronper, H'peater, Honolulu Boy. Wau-keRi, High Gear, Atta Boy, II., BO; Dr. Whitehurst. Soviet, Nuyaka, Al Stabler, Pj; Juno, 106. Sixth raco, purse si, wo, claiming, s-year- olds and iii), 1 1-8 milesSuper, 114; jues-ela, lu-1; liuone.-, 106: Tricks. 104; Watr Girl, M3- Dr. Kae, "Vendor, "Duke John, 101 'TltrhL K7. Sfventh race, purse $1,000. claiming, 8-year-oids and up. 1 1-S miles Pete Foy, Hi; Stonewall, 110: Old Faithful, 10D; Young Adam, Our Birthday, Fleer, Cantilever. lu; Eddie Jr., 10,; Chapiet, 9V. Apprentice allows nee claimed. Weather cloudy; track heavy. (Copyright, 1!24.) MISS HOLLINS HAS EASY TIME IN FINAL Former National Golf Leader Defeats Rival, 5 and 4. Belmont. Cal.. Feb. 19. Miss Marlon Ilolllns, former national women's golf champion, retained the Pebble Beach women's title today by defeating Miss Mary K. Browne, of Los Anfjelcs. former national tennis champion, 5 and 4. In the final match of the tournament. The match ended on the fourteenth fairway before reaching the Kreen, after Miss Rrowne had ruined her last chance by three dubbed shots. BASKETBALL NOTE5. Detroit teami In the 15-17 year old class desiring games In Detroit or PnntUe, write to Chester PUMe.s, 64 F.ast Huron street, i'ontiac, Mich. Own Cubs defeated the Strang- i er?. 15 to 9. Cubs want games wl'h , 14-1" year old teams having own rryms Call David Morris at Hem- . lock 7U.6-J. Willow T. M C. trimmed the ! Willi!. P.eps. 21 to 1 0. Th Ull-' i'.ixv1! pl-iy the t-t, Rita jenio,' 'n the K.-'9'-'u!:i '.o :.rn, Friday. GAINS BY REST Player Are in Fine Trim for Matches With M. A. C. and Loyola. Coach John Barrett of the University of Detroit Basketball tcum la a philosophical Individual. In speaking of the recent western tour, on which the team droppeJ four games In five, he said: "Next to winning, the ability to make the other fellows bo their limit Is some satisfaction. We learned some basketball on the trip. And the result, Instead of discouraging the boys, has only goaded them Into the determination to do better In the remaining games." For a tlrst-year coach, Barrett has worked wonders with the Red and White, and given another season to get his system working, John will do even better. At I'e Kalb, Illinois, his players received this compliment from the referee, after the official had shaken hands all around with the Detroilers: "You fellows are the first bunch I've seen this season who play the ball and not the man. I congratulate you not because you won but because you played basketball." Tha rest since the trip ha, placed the men In (irst-elass trim for the game with Michigan Aggies Friday nlght-at East Inslng and the return match with i.oyola university of Chicago in Detroit nignt. Mnce coming home, the team has Improved its shooting eye and is passing better. Its defense on the trip was excellent. In the five games, only six short-range goals were made off the Ked and White wearers. HE1SMAN RESIGNS Football Mentor's Request for Release Is Accepted. Washington, Pa., Feb. 19, John W. Helsman presented his resignation as football coach at Washington and Jefferson college to the athletic council last night and asked for his release from a two-year contract. The resignation was accepted. No reason was assigned Helsman had completed his first season as football coach at W. and J. Helsman was formerly coach for the University of Pennsylvania and Georgia Tech. Sackman, Hobelman Win Fast Matches Continued From Tage 10. the New Yorkers loom as real contenders for the doubles title. Smith and Schaut-lberger, of Detroit, advanced to the second round when Flf.glbbons and Hpelgel defaulted, while the match between Keranberg end Lnert and Hobelman and Keller, scheduled for Tues. day, will be played Wednesday aft-ernoon. Tuesday's result. In the singles and doubles follow: MNOLES RERn.Tf). Sackman. Nw York delaatad Itotban-berir. Jretrolt, 21-. 21-11. FltiKfbboni. Detroit, dafaated KeUon, Chicaaii. 21-10, 21-10, Hathey, Dftrolt, defeated BelL Iiatrolt. 21-13, 21-11. Hnry. Detroit, iWeated Lennon, Kw York. Sl-IT, 15-51, 11-12. Srhautelberger, Detroit, defeated Smith Detroit. 2i-:'0. 21-10. Hal, lit. Paul, defeated Jaunbral, Mllwiuk.a, 21-11. 21 I. Hobelman, Maryland, def.atad Thoraan, ChUaeo. 21-7, Krhlnners, Milwaukee, defeated Lanert, Delro.t. 21-17, 21-13. DOI'BI.BS. rothonb.ri rh1 AmUIo defeated Kemper aii.1 Fnyne. 21-6, 21-11. Sackmyn an-1 Lennon d.feacd Mlcua and McCarthy, 21-7, 21-9. and NVt-ion dfaated Moon and Arnffn, 21-J0. 21-15 Bathpj. ami Holtzman dfeattd Jaunbral ani BorU, l-2il, 11-21. 21-U. Bll and Walsh defraud Walk.r and Berg. 21-17. 11-9. ruirlbbons and Ran Weln-hatren and Soain. 21-11, 2T1-21, 21-10. BOXING BILL IS UNDER FIRE Con tinned From Page IS. generating Influence," it was charged In tho fight for repeal, led hv Assemblyman Bert Lord, Pepuhll-: can, Chenango, sponsor of the re-1 peale niensure. ! "The Diamond brothers killed a 1 bank messenger f.-r monev a short I time ago," he declared. "Not mu' h : later Bud Taylor killed Frankle Je-, f'tne In a prize ring for money, i What (s the difference?" "If a Flrpo-Wllls fitrht Is held. ; such as now Is being predicted by ; sport promoters, sertons results. ' taking the form of race riots, are almost certain to take place." was tha warning voice by Deets Pickett of M'nshinEfton, representing the Methodist hoard of morel reform. "Forty or fifty Negroes will die ,' In this country," he deelared, "bo-1 cause of the hatred w hich will !, ! stirred up If such a match takes' piece." 1 James ,T. Jchnetop, mnnaTer of; Johnny Dundee and president of the ! NH'ional Sports alliance, end John; P. Crews, former npsemblyman end ex-hricr, contended thnt the boxltir matches are no mr.rc (Iftnjrerous nr deprradlrar than foothill or nrlier "port. Ni such things ns "pr'ze frh'" were being held n the s'at. ; t hey snH. lllle lt Keats Cornell. New Haven. Conn.. F.-h. 11 v ;;.-. d 'ill, to fin 1r;!"r- i hockey match hrre MAUPOME NEXT FOR CANNEFAX Mexican Cueist Opens Two- Game Series With League Leader Here Thursday. Tlerre Mnupome. of Chicago, who defeated Gus Copulos In two gmes last ilonday In Cleveland, will play HobiCannetax, of Detroit, leader In the National championship three riiRhlnn hlllln. lAucrna - ... series at the Recreation on Thurs- utiy uiLcrnuun ana evening, Mauponie is considered one of the best shot maker In the game and Is Mexico's only representative In the billiard world. Pierre won the championship of .Mexico last year and at tho conclusion of the tournament was presented with a diamond medal by president Obrcgon, The Mexican star has been slowly rounding into form this season on account nf ittf nr... 1.... t.,- last few games he displayed some ""n'uv umiurus. .Against copulos, on the C'levelander's home table, Maupome swamped the tireelt boy 50 to SI, and 60 to 44. Cannefax has been working hard for this series and will not take any chances against the fast climbing Mexican, as a double victory over Maupome, will bring the Detroit leader to a .760 average In the percentage column, five full games in front of his nearest rival. nil'na'T"1 Championship Three Cushion w i, it r po pet. t 14 Id 34 .741 1 14 : .673 :m 18 W as .ot .10 20 17 32 . 25 21 a 4') M3 27 2J 9 3') .640 23 25 10 ?A .79 22 211 9 41 .4..H Is 30 t 43 ,3.5 17 31 42 .K.M 19 37 10 53 .3.3 10 38 7 Dl .!!t D.ntnn L'n,n. ,.u Klm khcter, Clilcaito .. 27 Jackiton, Milwaukee .. 23 Mills. rtttahurKh 22 MHUpomo, (IIiIcuko .... 1 Heal, Toledo 17 Wakefield. I'lttdburgh. )9 Moore, New York 10 WEDNESDAY'S SCHEDULE. JacJison v.. Moora at New York, Maupome vs. Hi'nl at Toledo. L Hit Ut i'ct. HI I'll 3 Mi at vi v ;mi 27 71 7 .6:5 36 e 4 .1120 27 71 S .014 n m s .4 3d 40 M .63S 25 70 .ItIK 41 41 10 .U'l Stl SO 8 -4;.5 : 6r 41 4 H .Xt t4 4'J 9 .326 l 4S 10 .2(13 65 37 11 .US Wno.H, "Pittsburgh";!! .Maturo, Brooklyn ..... V K D N KM 11 A Y S H( : 1 1 K Tl I ! 1 . 15. St. Jean va. Stoutenbura- at Cleveland. JfYwnklin vs. .Namile at St. Louis. Wood. vs. itudolpli nt New York. MONARCHSTAME KITCHENER, 2 TO 1 All Scores Are Made in Third Period; Ulrich Makes Final. Windsor Monarchs demonstrated Tuesday night that they are fit to enter the senior Ontario Hockey association competition In another season by clipping the famous Kitchener Green Shirts over bad lee at the Windsor Arena bv 2 to 1, all the scores being made In the last period. Karges soored first for Kitchener's single goal four minutes after the st.trt of period thro. Mickey tl.d the score for the Monarchs a few minutes Inter, and with a few moments left to go Ulrich shot tho goal for the Monarchs that won. .Snow drifted on tho playing surface continually and slowed up plav. ulille the Ice itself wns rough it made fast skating and good stick work difficult. More than 1.2H0 persons saw the game. Another Is scheduled for Wednesday night. '"'ri(Tl'r G 'Vr,o',l. 1 ounhltn T l K,,, tf-.hrelo,, H. D. .!.!!. .!!.'"" kr, - i ;-C Master. Y''r K. W Molmn Lllri : L W Krb Score by periods: Kitchener , n ji Monarch o q 22 ion la-Kan-. Il! Ulrich. Time of perlwl14 minutes. GOPHER SEXTET BEATS MICHIGAN Minneapolis. Minn., Feb. 19. The Cnlversity of Minnesota hockey team continued triumphant last night on the Icy trail towards another western championship by defeating the University of Michigan Z to 1. In defensive play the Gophers for the first time this year met their match in the Wolverines, but Mm-nesota's superior offensive team v ork gave thorn an advantage. curDncTscores. senior Titnrriy. ;1. on- Tir-v, K I:, l-n'.n-.-r ruiiuun lav:..., Jr. 'i ,..-i..( i;.,u,t!. I !,.-!. -s. Sr. I;,.:...rt K,,rr il. Million, ier-1. ,r. Iloioirth-ll. JUNTOP. TliupHV. It. tVeM,.',iK, J v. I'tincan .. A. Mi-Ivnr l.r Hell WllPnm Went. p H, Mnfln V 1j. K-!lev-IT. wmtam Aiian S. PPKCIAb MATCHES. A J fherc-t I'r, H. I,. Cark M. (. M.-C.-I R i:,,!r,e-,- P. I Kite.-, I i apt. A 1 Mar Trav-ra-ls. N. K -U K. J .!, , M .J-, ::;i lio- T''l Vii -or; Tj'-V i'i A T ln w lir. i K. S -,:nuH Hom.a:-13. H IV. fj,!ra-. Jolly lulntet Wants Action. Jolly FportinE clith hssketbr r-oioi ,see,-,s i;:il!,eq v, i ; h ft tia 11 '''ihH til too 'tly "r t;tte S. fMdije Flier". I'ort Huron. Marl I'ify. Port1!)!!- and I-"iint fiuinf.os j.r ierre.i. Writ- c. M.i,r, 4i:C T,. ty-eighlh sr. reer., i'etroit. .. NEWS OF DOMINION . REFUSES WORK TO CANADIANS Firms at Niagara Falls, N. Y., Announce New Employment Policy. Special to The Free Pr-M. Niagara Falls, Out.. Feb. 19. A boycott against Canadian workmen has tx-en started across the river and the first victims were turned back when they arrived at various plants and construction works Monday morning. Thev were curtly UM by foremen and others that henceforth there would be no t'anadlans employed, and that the policy of preference for Niagara Kails. N. Y-. men would be carried out to the limit. It is believed the new policy Is the result of a recent agitation, when It was claimed that Canadians were being preferred by many firms. Keprescntations, It la said, will be made to local firms In an attempt to organiie retaliation here. There are many more Americans employed In this city and at the power houses, than there are Canadians working over the rlvor. McMurray's Fate Rests in Balance Spacta! to Tha Fr Praaa. Ottawa, Feb. 1. Much Interest Is displayed In the course the government w ill pursue regarding Hon. K. J. McMurray. solicitor general, and his connections with the Home bank. The Conservative opposition will move a vote of censure on the government If he Is retained In the cabinet. So far, Mr. McMurray has made no statement regarding his resignation from the government or his retaining his position. Encouraged Boys To Commit Theft Special to Tha Fre Press. Sarnia. Out.. Feb. IS. For encouraging young boys to steal and for receiving the goods stolen, Kenneth Huggett, 24, the bread winner of a family of four, was today sentenced to 15 days In Jail. The chargo was preferred against Huggelt following the robbery of a store on Nelson street and the ar. reHt of three lads, all of whom pleaded guilty, Implicating HuggetL Sentence was suspended on tho FARMER RULE COSTS ONTARIO $24,000,000 Special to The Free Pren Toronto, Feb. 19.- A $16,000,000 deficit for the fiscal year 1M2-23 Is announced in the budget speech of Honorable W. H. Price, provincial tri-asurer, before the legislature to-day. Coupled wilh this announcement Is another, that the total deficit of the province for the four years of the Drurv regime Is no less than 124,000,000. That the new treasurer has hopes of redeeming the situation Is Indicated by the fact that ho also announced there will be no new taxation Imposed by the Ferguson government. A strong policy of economy Is set form, ana a new departure nas neen innrle by the government In augu-ratlng a thorough audit of all services of provincial revenue, thus stopping leaks and providing a greater revenue from established sources. LONDON TRUSTEES WILL VISIT WINDSOR TODAY Ppecfal to The Free Pre... London, On I., Feb. 19. In order to obtain some new Ideas In construction, design and building costs. School Trustees tJrunt, Campbell, 'uiriiross; Collegiate principal Miller, and Architect Carrothers left tonight for Windsor. They will spend Wednesday gulng over the new school there. FRENCH WASP SOUNDS DOOM OF CORN BORER Special to The Free Preis St. Thomas, tint., Feb. 19 F.xperl-ments are being conducted at tho Dominion laboratory here In connection with the suppression of the Kuropean corn borer which has ravaged corn crops of western Ontario. The experiments have to do with a new parasitic wasp Imported from France, which Is claimed to he a deadly enemy of the corn borer. 'Jreat quantities of these will be released In the areas affected by the borer, and results are expected. $4,100 IN ESTIMATES FOR SANDWICH SCHOOL Social to Th Fr" Frnn Toronto, Feb 13. aSiipplrnntary ptirnatfa for th- f.M:al yar ruling October .11, taM'fl in tkrif-latui'ft this afternoon. Include $4.1 m for the KnKliflh-KrciH'h trainlni; Brhnol at Samlwlrh, 517,00ft .or a tock judglriK pfiviljun rtkI hull at Ktflreton experimental farm, $20,-9m 0 for a hydro transformer alnU-m at Kssex, and $ 2 o , A o 0 for a mrniiar structure at Sarnia. LONDON PRESBYTERfANS WILL STICK TOGETHER Special to Th. Free Pr-.s . T.ond.'ii. (int.. Feb. ly. Kxpectlng that by church union they will lie dif possessed of their places of worship, the preebyteria n "anus" of tliis city todav took a lease ,,n the ilullders Kxchange for use for services. They flre determined to continue the Preshyterin n church In! tills city. WANTED ATWINDSOR, CAPTURED AT OSHAWA Pc-eeii! to Ti: Frae Pres-O-hawa. Oct.. F'h. 19 Kdward Hunt, wanted by 'lie Windor po-lt', was sppreheioied tieer here today and was taken hack to Windsor by Serjeant Proctor, of tiie prr.vtnclti! police. Hunt left his wi't, end family in d-Mfputs olreum-Mances in July. l''i-'3, and will face a (barge of wife desertion at Windsor. PUBLIC DANCE HALLS TO BE INVESTIGATED Woiiiisfork. ml.. Vfb, 1 Th.m lo-ctl I'oiinril of U'oi.ift, nt a rfKifii? uuiny tit hririzpd the Timmit' fur th" prr.t.;tion f wnmin t prol-e ( '.nfli r litns rt. public danrp" hre, with a vlw tr rp''rTtriK" on th hp-rpeity of by-iaw to rfiuhtte hnvjrs L. R. STEEL CREDITORS TO MEET FEBRUARY 26 Toronto. I-v-b IT Final dtai!s of the! -n of ti:e 1,. J; c'rr.'-i f ' ,T';.,)t Hf i'O Ol'i'l'tTi'M Will ho work r1 out w h i-i o t . r-n'e of 1'aroiiMi ;ir;d Vnit' ! o'?,'i.-ls v t're- RetltafiVt..- of t f, proleot;e troH.t. 1 n Hnfiaiu, Kel.ruary 21 ar.J 27, it was atinoijt.ri ,J tot. :,!,. CANADA L WINDSOR. SANDWICH POLICE WILL NOT RESIGN Pillon Appointment Stirs Citi-xens of County Town. Constables on the Sandwich police force expressed their dissatisfaction Tuesday afternoon over the appointment of Oordon Pillon as Inspector of police by the town council Monday. Humors that as a result of th appointment members of the force were to resign were denied, however. "Although we understand that there is a move on foot to oust us, we Intend sticking until everything Is settled," one constable stated. Many cltliens of Kandwh-h also have expressed theif opposition to the appointment, claiming sn Inspectorship is unnecessary and In. volves much expense. Pillon was formerly i hlef of the Sandwich po. lice department. He has commenced his new duties on three months' probation, during which time he will draw the pay of constable. Auto Club Dinner To Be Held Friday The annual meeting and dinner of the Fssex 'ountv Automobile club will he held In the prince F.d-ward hotl, Friday, commencing at 6:.'!0 p. m. Among the speakers will be' Frank W. Wilson, M. P. P.; Captain W. S. Gllhreath. Detroit Automobile clult and Horatio S. Karl. Colonel H. R. Casgraln will preside. Mcintosh Rites Set For Thursday The funeral of Mrs. Emma Mcintosh. 20 Cross street. Sandwich, who died late Monday, will be held Thursday morning to Assumption cemetery. Mrs. Mcintosh was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pavld Morency. Sandwich .and Is survived by her husband, Harry and 10 children. 101 PUPILS OUT OF 635 HAVE DISEASED TONSILS Out of 635 pupils enrolled In day classes at Windsor - Walkervillo Technical school, 101 are suffering from defective tonsils. 6.1 have poor eyesight. !il from poor teeth, and 11 girls show symptoms of goitre, according to the report of lr. H. li. Wiley, scool medical olllcer. Cards giving diagnosis of the pupil's dls. eases will he sent to Parents with advice to obtain, treatment. (ieorge T. lilxon, a former member of Walkervlllo school board, has been appointed to the advisory committee of the school, replacing N. C. Ortved, and John Pike replaces J. P. McKay as representative of the Trades and Labor council. On Wednesday a delegation of London educators headed by principal Miller of the London Col-lcnintn Institute, will arrive at Windsor to Inspect the Colleglatf, Technical and Walkervlllo high schools. Or. M. It. Wiley and Mrs. C. Cam-peau, school nurse, will attend tha Ontario Medical convention at Toronto at Faster. MUNICIPAL MIXUP WILL BE SETTLED WEDNESDAY The quandary which has faced Windsor civic, officials for several days past as a result of the supreme court order which ousted Mayor Frank J. Mitchell and the alderman, will bo cleared up Wednesday end definite word received as to whether the ruling of Justice Login who declared tho election invalid, applies also to elected members of the board of education, and to the two bylaws carried. City Clerk Dickenson says an appointment with the muster of the court had been arranged for Wednesday .1 1 1trl.n ...V..... I. . order will be made clear regarding "i" mmim or tn.i noara of education members. Immediately the ruling Is received, plans for an election will bo completed and a definite date fur the contest and nomination fixed Frank .1. Mitchell acted as mayor of Windsor Monday, in the absence of former mayor Hernert W. Wilson, returned to temporary oflire hv the court's ruling, who wss in Ot'. tawa on business. OTTAWA APPROVES PLAN FOR NEW WINDSOR DOCK Information at the city hall Tuesday was to the effect that plans submitted to Ottawa for the new Windsor ferry docks have been ap-proved and all that Is now needed to have the work commenced Is ratification by the Windsor council As the city is temporarily demoralized from a civic government standpoint, the dorks must wait until after the municipal election, no date for which has yet been fixed. WAR PICTURES TO BE PRESENTED ON FEB. 20 The official presentation of the wiir memorial picture's ilonnt.-rl to tiie Wlndsor-Wiilkcrvlllo 'IV.-hrikoil school through the Municipal Chapter, I. O. 1 1. F.. will take. pia,.e Wednesday, February 10, at 3 l.j p. m. The pictures, presented jn keeping with the I. O. D, li. wfir memorial prorrarn. are the first to t.- received hv ItiV School on til" border. Other schools Will receive ,,, . tules later on. MRS. JANET DIXON, 37, DIES IN GRACE HOSPITAL Mrs. Janet H. Dixon. 37 vc.trs oM. of Oritnd Mara is road, die,) nt (!rj hospital rue. day. nfKr a ,-ef ii- "ess. lies Ides her, Thomas' W. Diton, she i.s survived hy nine 1 children. The familv can.e here I from Manitol.n lest year. j BORDERBREVITIES. Mrs. Julia z Huron line ir-sirl.-tiec Sanuwi'h (o.ljc.. raided early Suclav, '.v;i tiie.)! l''tl'5 i.v Map-'str ite 'liitoly on I charRes of lis-iritr lot'tor fi.t s,.,i nd running a gum'ntr house f.nv- , rcn.-e Put.... Iot hul.ard. r. ' h nsej n h' ti Mrs, I'if. s a-snroe.l the ret...nil.iii of'-h.- ch.,re William Hy, P.oh.rt .Muri.liv, Samuel (i ririh-im. I . i rn . r ' ' r-vl H-h. ert i,Mi;nf'oi ...toi Stan'cv i',r.-i.-c a'.. "rested .lurf.g tr,e raid, "' given their freeiiorn. Foimne Smith. 1 cenvlet.d rf obtamiric nion. v under f , I p-e- "'I1'" W'-is sctoeore.l 1., .x months' to t w 'irs in tiie itr'':rio reform-i atory in polp e o;rr Tu-d:ty. ' "in I" ii-tnats of i,e cnuri'v tall 1 wr-re tr-ir'. r.o,) t0 i'.ornash prison farm Tii'Miio' In or i. r to n la ve Hie oor,u.-w.t et t'i- l i: , , ,,.,! hv Motolav s fire !:!,, rs oti the dameced wintr w ll te fo-'ir, ft.,, Sre expected to t o , ,or.plt.., next weejt, T'llfee Ciej, v, 'n , , n-,.,., w;thl,e, f.r, arretted .v v. c-h poi;.-A Tuc-t iy in, -i-noocooi ot h"l' e con 1 . the li .ul hp --vi robb-rv of e-cli 1sli oo , I.ltie lats (' ;,5.,- rivflt 'Ch-V W i t i"! Unicoi i.- t w.ek.V MARINE SHIPS RECEIVE QUICK DISPATCH Ore Carriers' Average Detention in Port Last Season Is 15.9 Hours. , Special te Tne Pre Prese. Cleveland. O.. Feb. 19. --Last lesson the railroad docka t the lower nd of the route handled 4,441 ear-goes of ore, which was bl ta-crcase over the previous can, when they unloaded 2,993 ore carriers. Though there was a big increase In receipts, the boats spent less time in port last season than In 1922. The average time of ye.-sel waiting last season was s i hours; average working time foe vessel 7 S hours: average detention for vessel 15 9 hoars. According to the report of If. M. firiKKH. manager of the Ore Cnnl exchange, hours waiting Include the time on Sundays and holiday on vessels waiting when the ore docks were not operating on those days The average cargo last season was 8 097 tons, compared with H.J.." tons in 1923. The docks handled 3i.S.tI0 tons In 19!J. The ore sent forward by tha Lake Edle dock to the Interior furnaces In 1S2S "as shipped In 51,19 ears compared with 411.320 cars In 1932; 2S).94 csrs In lull. 63.S05 cars In 1920. 5H0.905 cars In 1919 and 193,737 cars in 191. Tho docks at this end of the route Jiancllcd $1,457,294 tons of soft coal last seasen and the eool was brought to the lake front in 597.907 cars. The average rapacity of the cars was 6J.S1 tons. The car supply In the ore and coal trades was much better than expected and the raUrottris took care of their end of tho business In god shape. There was a shortage In spots at a few ports, but the ore and roal carriers lost little time loading and discharging cargoes. A large number of vessels are holding coal and others have been chartered to take on cargoes early. Several shippers are planning to load hard coal at Buffalo early In March and some dock at Ohio ports will be dumping coal by that time. FRANCpfRECORD LOW, START RALLY Settlement of Reparations Tangle Brings Buoyancy. New York. Feb. 19. After estah-lishtng new low records for all time French and Belgian franc rallied sharply In the late dealings today on the receipt of cable advices Indicating settlement of the reparations problem by placing a mortgage on Herman railway and without recourse to a formidable Internationa! loan, French francs dipped to a new low level at 4.07 1-2 cents before recovering 10 point and Belgian exchange touched 8.43 cent later advancing about i points.', .Short-covering by speculative Interests, whose heavy selling of the exchanges helped to precipitate yesterday' sharp break, aided In the recovery. Demand sterling was firm around $4.29 1-2 and Japanese yen Improved after n early decline of about 20 points. Hankers were Inclined to see a more favorable turn in French financial affairs with the prospect of regular revenue from German mortgage bonds and th budget balanced by the Increased taxes which were approved by the chamber of deputies. GIANTS CAN'T FARM MAGUIRE New York, Feb. 19 Attempts made by the New York Giants . I arm Fred Magulre, reserve second I nseman, to tho Toledo American aSSOCtntion ctlih tfer. hfif.17-,1 i the P.rooklyn club refused to waive on the former Holy Crosa star Magulre will bo carried on the Giant nei season as Manager ' "... mul nun over to any other major league club. Business Notes Detroit Kdlsoti company reports total operating and non-operation revenue nt ll.:uiiny i T '- - iu uanuarx. comparing with 4i!,7,365.77 for the. - " " jenr. uperatiim and tion-oiieratm ............. i fjA a-,. J n "'i"1"' were 'c agttiriHt I3.e.i.5.7. una amounted to HVJ -DU 36. compared with 351,061 37 a year ago. Net income for tha month Jj' in January, i3i3. Improved conditiona In the copp-r Industry In 1923. are reflected in the reonrta rxt ,1.- r-,-v. l. ----- . , iau una eva (I . Consolidated Copper companies, two of the country important producers Hased on the qusrterly reports net Income of ti.e t'rK ... " , . . " vuuri torn- puny totalled 31 1.52S 543, compared with 11.6,4.000 In Before tr had acquired other properties Th-'-"l'?;i.'.,"r'l'a"r reported profit f U-tl'll' ,CjniM,M with a loss of, In the preceding yer Itemltf..ince. v.., ,y... f.-i. - j " .trirrtn gOV- criillient tr. th i,u . . .? nilttee of Hankers on Mexico, wrhi'cn 1J1VU,K , ,.New York regularly for the last several weeks are now large -nough to cover the entire interest payments cm the deiit for the tirst. quarter, it Is learned Hankers intere, ted in rfie Mexican situation expressed ati.Jaction that tho government despite the burden of suppress,, K the revolution, has o.en aioe to keep ahead of Its schedule on the debt service. Standard Oil company of New Je, . "' h negotiated a contract with the (.;cn..rul .Motors corporation to dibtributo in the eastern pnrt of the I nited States an "anti-knock ' devIop(i ltt tha laboratories oi tiie (ierivrai .Motor p.esearr h corporation. Stockholders , f the American Chide company have organized a pr.i-.vti .'"intnitte whicn will -.k a Chang,- in management r annual stockholder niuetii.g on March 4 liiatoe for the loss In company- husiit-ss which has faliei, from IH, Otd. o-i-i to it .'OO.OeO a year within tiie last few year, Is lai.l t,,' n.isiiianageiuent. li-tiileiiem Steel corporation has been a1,, ard-'-l the contract for 1 'ee, ?t.l hopper cars for the Norfolk .4 Western Hallway .. to be maue at tli- f ,nr-r Cambria plant, nt Johnstown, li, for early summer 'i-iivery. The order inv-iivea about JV,V'J:J tollS Steel. Vew Orleans Cnttnn Market New 1'ri-ar.s. . n. n roitr.n f o ,, i,- H, ... S to '. .- - . Ma i i.v. '1'' M, cs- u.'s-,- ioa' t hiraite Putter Market. IV. 1J-T1-. Tufter fr "t r;. t s t iv to, . e-v.. irtv l',..1'., .-. p- o: , 4-e, ;-e,:raol BUICK TOURING 1 throujtuu'. I ii"A iu s.,.. 'I'- i .t am urno :.'r !? Reo Michigan Sales, Inc. 1 'it H--tS f (lOOft l 4 i4 S .'Oii -v r.i at A it-4 fit i ! .-

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