Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 16, 1952
Page 6
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Design* in Hope j Boyle nm On« War M <pilckly »• posslWo — by I*n4 ntUefkk, naval blockades, and botntrfftf of Chinese seaport* and MtflchurUtn supply and armament centers — yen, by atom-bombing If rt«c*ssary." This officer, however, was against employing China* Kai- shek's Formosa garrison troops, in Korea, not because it would anger Red China to do so, but because h« has no faith In the National)* soldiers. "1'rn afraid that two month after they w«?re put In the llm they'd be bought by the Commies and go over to tho other side, car rylng tholf arms with them." ,,toe it® wssuut w a v PRESCOTT NEWS , . How widespread such view* arc in the professional army rhave 49 way of knowing, but there in a growing impatience to do something positive to wind up a cop filet that ha* caused 128,000 Am«r- Icon ca»uo1tle» In 30 month*. PTA FrencoU PTA met cumber U at tho hlRh ichool. Mf». C. Thomau, Splrlt««l . . We ChBlrtnsn, gove tho devotion al uiln* th* leeattd chapter of Luke, Mini Tfortolso MUter . rwul BroolM, after which Band director 3r n pretentod the pupllf in numlMtrjr! SyneojwtM Clock by 'Leroy Chrintmai treed, Santm and »re»iv fy extended the length of the dlnr igr table. < , The fovocatton wHa given lay tht tiv, Wealey Ldndwy. Mr*. L. „ t , Teddie >Bonn' Planlc by John Brntton, , Perpetual Motion by Carol Ha unm end a number of Chrlitmn* ., , Ml»*6g Pat Lynch and Betty Dun ner aoeotfipanUjd by MU* Judy Qllboft pve Uio "Story of the Chrldmiu Semi," , LoMlup itobey gave the Pre» At the brief buslrosi ncsslon thBt Allowed, Mr*. If. 11, Morten- tie, preitdent, presided. In the room I'twtrt tfte following were the 4tH 'J\U •IT. en [ Mrs. Morrison MeLelUnd nt Pr School, Mrs, P. T. Sullivan's grftdo al Park School, Mrs i, Oarm and Mrs, Jack Bobcy nt Junior High, and thi- ir«th- class at High' School, m* served to PTA jnem Jtt thtt.Home ltconom(4f a mlnlflitHra aontn and rein- cr, Hed berrl«» and c«Unr bpyghR e placed on the piano. red j-wniwr «n4 rnlni»ttK« Jack Cooper. A glittering Chrjstmns tree ami other decorations in the red and gwn motif decorated the room. After supper the thirty-eight pre- lent enjoyed ploying names and) gift exchange. j Mm. O. J. Stopherison and Mrs. J, A. Xotmg were Thursday visitors In' Texnrknnn. ' leneher ot tho Ficiolu welcome^ the Pal clam, Af- If a dKv'otlonal tolk by Uie Rev. , |anW were plnyod nnd L. L. Buchanan '-nd Mrs, Thoma» Buchanan motored to Comdnn Thursday for tho day. 2nrl*trna« c*rol» wen- nung, There were tHlrty-fivc prtsent. '(Uptlrt Jr. D*pt. Haa Chrtitmai P»rty Mornbera* of th<< Junior department of the Flr«l Baptist Church ,vort entertained with a hot dog iwpper on Tiuirsday evening at the churah by Mm. Leroy Philips, dppftrtm«nt nipertntendent, and Umohern, Mrs. Hody Butler, Mrs. Ai, A. Undnrwcod. Mr». Fred Hunt, Mre, Hoy Btalnton, Mr. TH«ai H*n- nins, Mr. J. D. Hlmti, Mr. J. and Mr, Thomas Buchanan, asofilnta superintendent, Mrs. - • - M*S. Mr. and Mrs. GranVlll eOrlfford were Thurndny business visitors In Tcxurkann. Dr. W. A. Bullock of Elk City, Oklahomn spent n part ot last wook with Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Murry and Mr*. H. D, Bullock, Mr. nnd Mrs. Jack Bcrchord of Taynh, Tcxns have returned to their homo after a weeks visit with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. J»mes L. Howcll of Llttl* Rock wort the weekend tuestl of h«r parents, Mr. and Mra. H. T. Murry. Mr. and Mrs. Arllce Plttman I *p«nt Friday in Texnrknnn. R ; h GhflslmRK dtcorBtlon. The t«A de wus covorod with »'firflor cloth and h«)d"ali BfnrtiRdmwnl. of tt glitter qandlo docked with brll UtU bail* nurrovmdcd by greenery Mr*. U. H. MoKoiute pVesido fti (ho ten tnWe from wluch uook- '••*, e«rryu\a out tho C!*bttifias ion wow serv»<S. T ** ' "Alir*, TUlmBft Wwthtngtonf MM, Ddwat-d Bryion, Mrs. Leila, Heyoa nnd Mrs, Std Purtlo served pn tht) HoipUnUty CommlHoo. Olasi Has Olnnsr Thc>ldiril» Suntlay School Clasa ol the Ftritt BnpUnt Church 6n« l«t W"^'W''fW^^,'' ^^^,'" * t > V Tu«»Joy, Ocecmbar 16,1932 * » • ^ '< .^ > t- > >, « t- ., HOM STAI, HOM, ARKANSAS v> , 'SrVvia: tain.*. . »M*?*'4f SOCIETY Phone 'A3431 Between • A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Tuesday, December 16 The Golden Circle Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will have their annual Christmas party at the church Tuesday night, December 16, at 7:30 Gifts will bfi exchanged. of the First Baptist Church will cember 17, it 7:80 in the school auditorium. Lilac Garden Club Will meet on Wednesday. December 17, .at 3 p.m. at the Hope Country Club with Mrs. C. C. McNelll. Mrs. Ched Hall, Mrs. S. Q. Norton, and Mrs. W. A. Williams as hostesses. Each member Is requested to bring a Christmas wreath to be Judged, have their Christmas party Tucs-l " nd " * IU /" a chlld in the LUtlc day night. December 16, at 7:30| Rock nos P ital at the'home of Mrs. Harold Walk- „ , , ^JT ~ . „. . er. 108 Spruce, with Mrs. Horace . Pnls " >ey ™. will meet JIVednes- Hubbard as co-hostess. Gifts will! dauy ' 1DcceJnlbe1r "• at 7:3Q n * he school auditorium, so that the fathers will be able to attend the children's program. Beacon Sunday School Class t*rtaitutd the Pal C&M witK Chrlstmw dinner on Thuridpy »v«n «» .I^itcmt JWut thut W« feiuvt with Yulo deoqra vflBB« 4MTOW** «t«»H«' yttK gr»en«ry and rod NOTICE Mrt. J. Robert Proton form- nr»> *• iNWWBtT nwvri «v»m- •rly Mlis Agatha Bui lard of ' tauflht 12 ywHnTiM ifiSS? ' r Will $how*all color film vre .-• ' ,*; Working together for a Merrier Christmas .. ... a job Eagle Stamps have done and done well*'! for over 49 years! This year, with,living costs and taxes still at a high level, Santa's going to'be glad you are helping him. . . . And what better way to help than with filled books of Eagle Stamps — each worth $2.50 in merchandise (food and gasoline excepted) — or the small booklet worth $1.25 in merchandise — each filled booklet representing money for Christmas spending obtained without sacrifice or effort on your part. May be. you; saved Eaglq : Stamp booklets to provide an extra, /fund, of money, with which to., meet Christmas giff exp^hses.; .", • r , • ;1 - i < Maybe you used filled booklets to buy; "little extras" : , during the year that the thrifty habit of saving Eagle |! , Stamps enabled you to acquire without restraining, ypur-,1 4 , self or throwing the budget out of I ihe. '",. S No matter. . . there is still time before Christmas to ,} fill more Eagle Stamp books and through them to bring • i . happiness to someone on Christmas Day. ' ' ' i Yes ... saving Eagle Stamps is helpful all year'round . . .but especially at Christmas time when Santa needs your aid. • These Progressive Hope, Ark. Retailers GIVE AND REDEEM EAGLE STAMPS *SAEKGER • Today Only • ALL THE FURY OF THE WEST EXPLODED AT... be exchanged Hope Country Club will entertain with a formal dance for its members Tuesday night, December 18, at 8 o'clock. Hosts and hostesses will be Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Hardage, Mr. and Mrs. Galen Hobbs, nnd Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Stewart. The VFW Auxiliary will meet Tuesday night, December 16, at 7:30 at the Hut. Hostesses will be Mrs. Alvln Willis and Mrs. Herbert Griffin. The meeting place of the Rebecca Sunday School Class Christmas party of the First Baptist Church has been changed to the home of Mrs. Basil York, 22G East 14th, Tuesday night, December 16. LOOK! 3 Stooge Comedy 'HE COOKED HIS GOOSE" Grove 196 of Supreme Forrest of Thursday, December 11 LLL Sunday School Class of the First Baptist hurch will have their December meeting Thursday nijfht, December 18, at 7:30 at the homo of Mrs. Chas. Reyneraon, 1510, S. Main. Co-hostesses Will be Mrs. Herman Robinson,' Mrs. W. R, Mosley, and Mrs. George Young. Friday Music Club will meet for their Christmas party Thursday night, December 18, at 7:30 in the home ot Mrs. Talbot Feild, Jr. Each member is asked to bring a gift for the tree. Woodmen Circle will meet at 7:30 to altend tonight at the home of Mrs. Y. C. Coleman for their Christmas party. All members are asked to bring a gift for the tree. The Presbyterian Choir will have an important practice session on Thursday night, December 18, at 7 o'clock. All members arc urged Wednesday, December 17 The Wisteria warden Club will Friday, December 19 The Nandina Garden Club will have their annual Christmas par ty Friday night, December 19. at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Thomas B. Fenwick, Jr., 217 East 14th St. Mrs. Henry Fenwick and Mrs. Paul Court Docket CITY DOCKET Hubert Harris, O. B. Featherstone, Leon Johnson, Beasley Noble, No driver's license, Forfeited $5 cash bond. Richard Rowe, Illegal turn In street. Forfeited $1 cash bond. Ralph Fulton, L. Whltten, Mrs. Owen Ncnl, Speeding, Forfeited $5 rush bond. Albert Wcatherspoon, Improper lights, Forfeited $1 cash bond. V. C. Phillips, .Richard Roberts, Booker Maxwell, Illegal parking, Forfeited $1 cash bond. Freeman Jones, Bobby Fulcher, Roy Franks, Driving while under the influence of intoxicating II bur. Forfeited $25 cash bond and ordered to serve 1 day in jail. David Reed, Assault & Baltejiy, Forfeited $10 cash bond. Willie Lee Crlner, blither Butler. Drunkenness, Plea guilty, fined $10 Witness Tel Is Continued from Page One sion, and commission members re- bukert him. However, tnott oi DcSaplo's other answers to committee questions were "t don't r6fn«mbter" on "I can't recall, directly." Ocu.iior.- ally he put In * "not to my direct knowledge.." Jersey City, Hoboken's neighbor.' Ftnnll y lh« commission chair-* Jones, McFaddcn, Drunk wns scheduled for scrutiny today. I.ns! night, Jersey City police snul ihe headquarters there of 1LA Lnnl 1247 hnd been broken Into. Alfred Bell, secretary-treasurer of the local, said complete union rec- cuds for the past year were miss- Ing. The locnl controls nil Jersey Cll; dockers. The New York Stale commission Is in its second round of public hearings on waterfront rackets which milk the Port of New York's seven billion dollars shtpplns Indus* try of an estimated 350 millions annually. Although the crime, commission New York Stale body, It has in- piers, which enncss, Forfeited $10 cash bond. Joe Maxwell, Hazardous driving Forfeited $10 cash bond. Fred Sharp, Reckless driving, Plea guilty, fined $25. eluded in the Port of New York. Witnesses yesterday said Mayor DeSapio and Commissioner Borcllt Joseph M. Proskaucr, snort ed In disgust, "and you're the mayor of Hoboken." Prosknuer also told Ihe witness i he was being vague concerning sworn testimony he should be able to deny or confirm, "Let's get ourselves titralght," UeSnplo barked angrily at one point* "I didn't come here to bd ridiculed by the chairman or anyone else." Commissioner Ignatius Wilkinson then reprimanded the Jersey mayor, telling! him: "Let's answer tho questions, not make speeches." Borelll said last night he will file a $280,000 libel suit against DoVlnccnzo. The commissioner did not say when Ihe suit would btt filed. In announcing plans for the suit, Borelll aald DeVlnceiuo was (tn "Irresponsible .relative of mine I on tlu- Hoboken waterfront, The following forfeited $1 cash! M £™ ^"vTron,^"^ bond on a charge of Violating vuccnzo. paid off political cronies with jobs 1 who Is entirely unable to hold Therms ;.. ( \; - .;r. : c- % : ^ ; v:;€4iapli When.. You •'SeliSili have their Christmas party Wed- Bain will be co-hostesses. Gilts nesday, December 17, at the home will be exchanged of Mrs. Olin Purtcll with Mrs. Pod j Rogers as co-hostess. Each mem-j The Dahlia Garden Club will ber is asked to bring a gift for! have their Christmas luncheon at the tree. A prize will be given for the most unique wrapped package. 12:30 at the home of Mrs. B. F. Johnson, 409 East 2nd, Friday, December 19, Mrs. J. C. Carlton, Service Class of the First Chris- ] Miss Lulie Allen, and Mrs. Bev- tian Church will have their Christ-1 crly Johnson, Jr., will be co-host- mas party Wednesday night at 7 o'clock in the recreation parlor. Brookwood PTA Father's Nirfht will be held Wednesday night, De HAYNES BROS. DEPT. STORE JOHN P. COX DRUG CO. WILLIS MEN'S STORE HOPE HARDWARE COMPANY CASSIDY & WILLIAMS LEWIS GROCERY & MARKET COX & BREEDLOVE SERY.IA. ALLEN'S SERVICE STATION WASHINGTON HARD WARE CO. WEDNESDAY RIALTO * • LAST TIMES TODAY • • Joe McDooks Comedy • • COLOR CARTOON • WED. & THURS.! Brought Back by Popular Demand! Make sure lie pockets the best this Christmas! Parking Ordinance: Eddie Free, J. G, Sutton, Butane Gas Co. Hcmpstcad Motor Company, Farriel .Rider, Exchange Molor Co., Martin Green, E. W.. Copeland, James Brndcn, Harry Martens, Albert C. Caudle, Hope Auto Co., Mrs. J. O. Taylor, B. McRae, Greening Insurance Co., L. Griffin, H. K. Porter, Talbot Feild, Jr., Ray Birmingham. STATE DOCKET Lee Snmond, No driver's license, Forfeited $5 cash bond. Floyd Credit, Driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, Plea guilty, fined $25 and 1 day in jail. Peter Pate, Possessing untaxed intoxicating liquor, Forfeited $50 cash .bond. Lambert Joseph Mattlngloy, Dri- job." The two men are cousins, "I do not have any connection^ with any alleged waterfront rack' ct," Borelll continued, "and as director of public safety, l Intend to continue to stamp out any and all crime wherever found, on the wtt- tcrfront or elsewhere." nun, said, "you can't get a job until you SOP Borelli and he sends you to Floriao." Another witness, former Public works commissioner George J. Fltzpatrick of Hoboken, said De- Sapio or Borelli first had to give approvol before a man could get a waterfront job. DeVlncenzo said he lost his New £^^15.5.25.,S°r^ ^«^=r *""-* Eisenhower Continued from Page One esses. Members are asked to bring a gift for the tree. alleged payroll faking racket. Fit/.- pntric said he was police and fire commissioner, but was eased into tho public works job in 1949 to mako way for Borelll. Commission counsel Theodore Klendl said the body had taken tcstmony that Florio was in DC- SnpioY office "dozen nnd dozens of times." DeSapio, In his witness stand ap- ving while under ihe influence of peurance, denied any wrong-doing intoxicating liquor, Forfeited $25 j nnd insisted Florio had been In his cash bond and ordered to serve 2l°ff' C(1 lln niiire than "halt a dozen Friendship Cass of the First Baptist Church will meet Friday nigh't, December 19, at 8 o'clock. at the home of Mrs. Ray Allen, East 14th, instead of Tuesday night as originally scheduled Sunday, December 21 Cantata "The Music of Bethlehem" will be presented by the choir of the Presbyterian Chutch Sunday afternoon, December 21, at 5 o'clock. The public is cordially invited. Mrs. E. 0. Wingfield Hostess to American Legion Auxiliary Mrs E. .O..Wingfield was hostess to the American Legion Auxiliary Christmas party which met in her home Monday night. The meeting was held in the living room which was decorated with holly and other Christmas decorations. Highlight of the meeting was the Christmas story "Perilous Sanctuary" by Michael Foster told by Mrs. R. E. Jackson. 'A Christmas plate was served to approximately 20 memebrs. days in jail. Tully Henry, Driving while intoxicated, Forfeited $25 cash bond and ordered to serve 1 day in jail. Sam Johnson, George Ricks, Drunkenness, Plica guilty, fined $10. Jean McPcte, Drunkenness, Forfeited $10 cash bond. Lee Enmond, Reckless driving, Forfeited $25 cash bond. Robert Watson, Trapping in closed season, Tried, found not guilty. Jess Howcll, Killing a doe deer, Forfeited $50 cash bond. The following forfeited $25 cash bond on a charge of overload: James Moore, L. C. Clayton, W. times." The mayor said he wan not imtimate with Florio. the elderly mlnalurc portrait art 1st, whose body was found in her F l f~\ \ A / f~ ^-fi'^ ••'•••'••''<' : <><%™$ I vJ W i rx'^y'"^'" ••'•''•-•* '>W^$ (They're on Everyone's Wish " • V " V; —-- ! ^"^ a The Remembrance iS:SllF See Your of Living Be ' • ' . .. ' .'• Sponsored ' by NeffiBroijf ill . ... / -- -..• '- •• .>«-^<'< for lloll<la.v Elegance! • • . . ,',"•! •.' -..'''.• ^""f- •".-•' '• ' '•'•* i .J.i.^^v'/'-Jv.^Bsl : ^ K LEER- S H EIR once the attack started. Once a beachhead was sccur6d, the next move would be, to hammer a line right., across-.the pon^ insuln and slam the back door on .L, the-Communists'mossed'along the flE^ front. Cutting their supply lines 1 ;!"'*'• would result In complete chHOSinnd{'| might,,bring the desired military, decision. . • • -.-.'.,. •', '.'.,<• Communist soldiers fighting li'i Korea subsist on very llttl?, however, and Clark couldn't exp.ec.tl" the mass capitulation Elsenhower got,when the U. S.^Nlnth arid p| rs t Armies closed this Ruhr Pocket on the Germans In 1045 and trapped!.'• a million men. The Communists probably would isspa-v ''vJ-v • '•,^'^^,mm WW^L'' ' v ' : " v ""'''?''^ij'$3$| Coming and Going Merrill Edward McCloughan of Albany, New York, is spending the Christmas holidays with his parents. Arkanus ^,*- » 1&' 1 There's not a man alive who can have too many man- sized Arrow handkerchiefs. They're beautifully made, always good-looking—whether you choose all whites, colored borders or smart initial designs. In both fine cotton and pure imported Irish linen. Buy him 9 Christmas boxfulHoday ... it's the perfect gift for every man you know! LEWIS McLARTY Hope's Fine** Department Store STOHK f OR AHUOW GIFTS Report of Continued from Page One thing equally as. good comes along. Arkansas Farm Figures While the number of people working on Arkansas farms de> creased in the last 15 years from 495,361 to 283,455. the value of her agricultural products rose from a little less than 100 million dollars a year to $584,519,000 in the same time. Carrying the paradoxical figures further, in the last 10 years the numbers of her farms decreased from 216,674. to 182,429; but the acreage under farm cultivation rose from 18,044,542 acres to 18,871,244. Arkansas farms have been steadily growing larger, and richer and better, while the number of people working them has just as steadily decreased. In the past 30 years the total area of the Wonder State under farm cultivation has increased from 51.9 to 56 percent, the size of her average farm from 75 to 103.4 acres, and .the value of the average farm from $3,238.00 to $6,052,.00. By Way Of explanation Perhaps the most important single item contributing to this situation has been the growth of electric power. This applies to Arkansas a? well as to many other pa its of the nation. The number of farms in Arkansas having and using electricity jumped from a few over 2,000 in 1920 to 121,832 in 1950. ! Farmers in the Wonder State in 1050 had 30,763 electric water pumps, 73,579 electric washing machines, and 2,884 electric milking machines. Milking machines alone are increasing in the state at a rate of 500 a year. Motor trucks, tractors, automobiles and other mechanized equipment were the second most important contributing factors. Motor trucks jumped from 1,037 in 1920 to 69,435 in 1850; tractors from 1,822 to 80.30S; and automobiles from 16,408 to 65,077. Better mfe/Jteting and servicing roads were the third important contribution. In 1925, only 6,000 Arkansas farms were pa bard sur A. Price, M. C. Farris, Fred Davis R. M. Davis. CIVIL DOCKET J. C Atchley. .dba,. Atchloy Furniture, Co., vs. Isanc Younj,', Action for watch, Judgment for Plaintiff by default for $65. Shirley Buchanan vs. Elmer Loudermilk, Jr., Horace Fuller, Garni- shec, Action for damages to car,' $74.65, Judgment for $74.05 for Plaintiff, C-arnishmerit continued until Dec. 22, 1952. Weiscnberger & Wilson vs. Frank Jamison, Action for services rendered, Judgment by default for plaintiff for $53 and interest. Pointer Killed By Student SAN DIEGO, Calif., (UP)- A husky 16-year-old high school student confessed today that he fatally stabbed Artist' Ida C. Mackeown, 67, "because she called me a marijuana user," police reported, Police said Donald S. Crosby admitted early today in a tape recorded confession that he killed of farn-.s on gravel, shell or shale roads rose in the same period from 21,045 to 73,193, The number of Arkansas farmers left on dirt roads declined from 188,059 to 78, 625. try to fight out of tho trap and more Red soldiers would pour out unforgettable fragrance..: COLOGNE STICK . . . SACHET POWDER . . . LOTION . , . CREAMS GIFT SETS FOR HER Hop*'* F'neit D«partm«nt Stffi ISi ^S«in . *L*V^» To give or to receive, Claussrtcr Nylons say "Merry Christmas" in an elegant way. Every fair is a vision of shecrness, yet more re- •istiirtt to snags and runs because they're scicntifi> knit of iwisied yarn. 135 to 195 TrV#£ v ' *?;.*& *~ -TO^il -•?wH - v >; v^w; ' '*< ,1-ji 3 I. i i , ^ *l»>4 n*Jd!H'r&, j*J ,„,.' K?4l •frt$$ "ffVJ. *!$»'.!*. u>Sto JiV , „ ; >«w^4^ft HERBEMBIW s ^, . . 'Ww«;k*5 It'i the fim tblqg .fl#l) look tot under tht tree,.,her wojrig&J, wonderful gift O^AKemis lingerie. For every Artemif flip and nightgown is a nuiterpjece of /?t,., oreruJly cut md witched to flitter her figure ,., designed io the luxury mimwr to «atk« h*r fed like § fwpiid "Qvwtaui Jti". w i f-^f ajjjjj *.*

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