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Anderson Heraldi
Anderson, Indiana
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SHERMAN WAS RIGHT 4 Wednesday September 24 1352 The Anderson Herald LCHAlM WEDNESDAY MORNING SEPTEMBER 24 1952 £ditorial5 jN4Cz 1 adena had come to know an auto sentiment is predominantly that istener until the story came out sort of wished Richard had been I president of Studebaker and took i his vote under suspicion especial columnists lover the most important recon when running for vice Presi selves I struction job in the head of dent I (otc i (Note: 'Mtih (iiiiimnsi is quite possible furthermore merely a figure of speech so far'1000" enator Nixon might make I as the Eisenhower special goes' I can ei This is one reason why the cor se On this a SPECIAL SERVICE Wi I switch Warren de the A 4 I 4 Wed Radio Programs have been writ about the OPA: Day Dr Smith Retires dream of days gone us 00 oo tinic hydrazine acid assuming is not no up sky high days are with Paul Harvey Star Time who tails to copy of The phone 3 5371 and a copy 45 00 Program Rict celery in stuffing or by itself on ions in anything but salad They Star Star Alton Alton Col Tinney: 1 Crocker seportei: Musk It is Mivnn mioht mnlcn representations at the Defense De partment regarding the Norris Stamping Co not knowing that Brady 26S El Camino South Beverly Hills Calif 1 Muek Musk Music clear end of the Old The lineup The lineup What'j My line What My line John Daly Musical Showcoeo Danes Orth Dance Orch YOU SHOULD MISS YOUR HERALD Senator Ninon Edwin Hill: Mori Oar' Orth Election Nawo Trail Melodytreil iopen Every Otar Cha Is Anted I'easur Bandstand Treasury Bandstand olklore Ry WILLIAM WADE visit a physician after being re vived Paul Hoffman picked Nixon tor Nixon had backing of San Marino Country Club get for his first election to Con gim Government inntracta and senatorial gifts mix i Easily Learned Please Locate Deliver To Desk With Instructions This Be Delivered To General Eisenhower In Person GEORGE CRITTEIIERGERPrealdeni and Managea HARRIET TOMER Vlce Pkeeidoiit ELIX A BUCK EDWIN A BAILEY Troaouroy subscriber receive Herald before will be special Should your carrier fail to deliver your Herald on Sun day go to the nearest place that sells The Herald and sign a complaint A copy will then be given to you with out charge Your tifo Your Ufa Big Stary Big Story Barris Craig Barrio Craig John Swayw Hi Naber powerful California away from Governor Warren and over to Ike Nixon was approached growing threat to the ta Pot Quiz Mok Mine Mueit Make Mina Music Moks Mina Musk Maws Make Mina Moks Mina MakaMina effectiveness can be reached Issued Hally and Sunday except Monday Entered as Second Class nutter Anderson Ind under Act of Congress on March 1 183 Subscription RATE' By carrier one week J5o By mall pay true tn advance two years 116 00 one year 83 00 ata months 85 00 three months MOO one month 1 25 Outside of Msdlson and adjoin Ire coiintlfjrin rlndlans and beyond rlndisna one year gieoo months P50 three months MOO one month 1150 PAIGN TRAIN It turns out listen even when middle of the there's been infiltration and that roaders said that even if Senator a air Deal nest cell or apparatus Nixon did get the $17000 the worst has been secretly flourishing a one could say about him is that he board this Republican campaign got $17000 caravan A number of outright Nixon sup Wc never even suspected its ex jiorters aboard the train said they When you and yours sit down to eat Do you the help of God entreat To bless you and your food and drink? You would do well to stop and think Of Him who does these gifts bestow So that you will not hunger know Did not your parents turn toward Their meals with thanks unto the Lord? Why not each mealtime make place To pause and have a word of Grace? JULIEN HYER "And he took bread and gave thanks" Luke 21:19 43 015 10 00 10:30 11:00 11:30 11:43 12:00 12 05 12:15 12:20 1230 1:30 1:45 2:15 230 2:45 3:00 3 30 400 4 30 4:45 5:00 515 5:30 5:45 6:00 6:05 6:25 6:30 6:45 7:00 8:00 820 8:25 8:30 900 945 10:00 10:10 10 15 10:30 1045 11:00 (Notaj TV livings luttaci te ehangs wrtlk 1 out notica We also have numerologists and 3 TO GET DEGREES countless others who will predict i GREENCASTLE Ind Three the future from anything from a DePauw University alumni will I dime to a dollar The ritzy ones receive honorary doctor's degrees at ceremonies at the school Oct 15 They are Dr Donald Clark Columbia University rhetoric pro fessor and former South Bend resident William Donald Maxwell managing editor Chicago Tribune and James Ogden Indianapolis lawyer STEALS ROM BLIND 1 INDIANAPOLIS Clarence New Godfrey Butler Strike Thru kitchen Window Soacb toi Tonorrow Hymn Time Market Rsparts arm News Music at Noon Gilbert orbes Garry Moore Guiding Light House Party This Is the Story Mike and Buff Bride 4 Groom Cinderella Week End Mr Wizard Shopping Guido Movie Quick Quit Timo for Beany Talent Showcase Parent Edu Program industry on Parade Town Topics Hoosier Weatherboard The Haymakers Dee Sweat Sport TeleNows Godfrey's lends Tost Tho Press Tune of the Day Sports Briot Man Against Crime Boxing Dave Sue Weather Miniatures Gilbert orbes Music In The Night Yesterday's Newsreel Charlie Chan Night Owl Theatre a daily should 9 A sent after 9 A by messenger senator that it was nothing but a smear It consists of a country club set That shows how sunk in partisan in a residential area where even during the depression the minimum littered with 50 or 60 dollars we ac IThen writing to Dr Crane Mellott Ind enclose stamped self addressed envelope and a dime to cover typing or printing costs when you seek personal advice or one of his psychologi cal charts New Soo't Mwk Moisey Tilson Band of the Day ortee lew Waxwofto Edw i( Muww (nP htoarltatowP HMMrfhHMta CteWtan ChriMtan The descendant of early residents of the Anderson area Mr Nichol grew up with business com munity His father the late George Nichol Sr founded the first hardware store in Anderson nearly a century ago Mr Nichol was associated with his father in that enterprise until it ceased operations His activities extended as well into the banking field He served as president of the anners Trust Com pany until its merger in 1930 with the Citizens Banking Company Shortly after retiring as chairman of the board of directors of the Citizens Bank Mr Nichol be came a director of the Anderson Loan Association He occupied that position until Ins deatli Monday night When George Elmer Nichol was bnn the United States was engaged in the fratricidal war between the States Anderson at best was a struggling young com munity with few attractions and a not particularly bi ight future But as Mr Nichol' grew to manhood Anderson be gan to grow too One small industiy alter another brought new jobs to Anderson By the time Mr Nichol came into his prime as a business and civic leader An derson had become a thriving industrial and business center ew Andersonians have been so privileged to see the complete transformation of this community ew citizens of any community in fact live long enough to witness the total metamorphosis from pioneer settle ment to industrial hub Mr Nichol must have viewed that transformation with deep satisfaction Well he might Because he and individuals of his caliber were responsible for the bus iness growth of Anderson His talents his faith his years of labor weie all dedicated to a finer more pros perous Anderson The whole community stands today as his monument Mr Truman's Whistle Stopping President special train will roll out of Washington Saturday for an intensive whistle stop cam paign that will take him through 24 states to deliver a minimum of 11 prepared addresses and at least 77 of his intemperate off the cuff rear platform tirades If past performance is any accurate gauge Mr Tru man's tour will be another display of flippancy name calling mud slinging and sordid attempts to set one class of Americans against another Mr captive candidate meanwhile will continufe to campaign on the drawing room level seeking apparently to induce American voters to drown their troubles in laughter It iff a little difficult how Mr Truman can conscientiously undertake a narrow and partisan slump ing tour at a time when all his thoughts and energies should be aimed at finding a way out of the Korean war which was invited and is being prolonged by the stupidity and bungling of his own administration Thousands of American families with sons and hus bands in Korea will wonder when Mr Truman speaks mechanically about and They will wonder why this little man seeking to undo his tragic handiwork in Korea rather than trying to per petuate the administration that is responsible for these 27 months of aimless indecisive bloodshed The American people certainly expect little con structive achievement from Mr Truman between now and Jan 20 when he at last vacates the office he has shamed But it seems only reasonable that he would want to exert every conceivable effort these next four months to end the war he was unable to prevent and is today unable to end Is that hoping for too much? 10 I can easily understand this kind We have at least 20 columnists I of oversight myself I keep telling board and the fifth columnist is no i the little woman that no matter worse than the first) I how' trifling it is she is to put These infilterers revealed thenf 'down every thousand dollars that selves for which they are almost comes in but she invariably for immediately upon receipt of the gets with the result that our hovel story of Richard riches With is always very droll expressions on their re thousand pulsive kissers they formed what count for thev called the "Poor Richard Club INDIANAPOLIS i Police saida 17 year old Evansville boy and hie IfivoorjtH irl friend admitted 1 uesoay tiivy muicu iuui siuiva i iin ctnlen rar hefnrp beint? nicked! lup in Indianapolis Police identic I fied them as John Bishop and Betty Cleon Pierce The human liver molds itself inridnnrn IJ6 IIH I I Mil 1 IIIY KMI rumn a Ike may feel better about cross' springhtly journalistic feature 1 which gave birth to such nifties as I "a nennv saved is a nonnv ea wi red" and "carlv to bed earlv to IM VI These borers from within went lup and down's train asking I nil mid indndino nmn nf poli 1 the most militant Republicans on war earth if they wished to he put up Vietnam Tests Anti TB Drug SAIGON A new drug Cotinazin which has been show ing promising results in tests on tuberculosis patients in the United States is now being tried in the Indochinese state of Vietnam an initial smpment ot suuii: a tablets donated by the New York manufacturer is being adminis I ill UP Vy Jf TD z' DO YOU PLAY? have been refusing to taste the word ever since the ripe age of five when they first took on' the role of in their fancies Their parents sen 1 We live up to our appointed jenced them for life with careless rolc we play the part assigned words Io tis by our parents our teachers no ay if a child or about or guardians Those of us who car child do not like or he for making shells and cartridges es i iimatert at around ouuihh) gravies disagree with him Earl Adams is attorney for Guy I know grown Jackies They wil) 1 Atkinson a builder with large gov not touch salad They call it rabbit i ernment contracts i food It is only the word they re I In somewhat different category fuse to eat They eat the lettuce Morman chanrllor nuhlisher of I in sandwiches tomatoes in stew the i os Angeles Times and 'Los Angeles Mirror wno is also tne I largest stockholder in the Title In surance and Trust Co which has underwritten all titles of the oil companies operating in the tide lands oil area These underwriting jiolicies total $43000000 and 'should the government finally take vnnnv min nlus ovcrtidclandsoilwcilsMrUhand the hit and might be stuck with habits of a poll indemnifying the oil companies tical convention $18000000 in picking its can Senator Nixon of course especinl i consistently and vigorously for tide ly the vice Presi Hands oil Undoubtedly he would dent have done so whether Chandler Nixon a resi lhad contributed to his expense dent of Whittier Calif near Pas' fund or not because California Guest Sfor Time World Reporter Big Jon 4 dporfey Dinner Winner Sports Journal Elmer Davit Americans Spook Up Edwara Murrow Imp Hearthstone Insp Hearthstone Valentino After a fifth of a century of dedicated service Dr Smith announced last Sunday that he would resign the pastorate of the irst Baptist Church effective Oct 31 Dr projected retirement will take from the active ministry a man who has grown to be one of the most respected and esteemed members of the Anderson clergy Dr Smith came to Anderson from Lafayette June 1 1933 He undertook at that time more than the minis try of one isolated church in one isolated community His concept of the ministry often took him far from the confines of his own congregation He has been a pastor to a great part of Anderson He has given gen erously of his talents to virtually every worthwhile civic enterprise His retirement as a result means a sub stantial loss to the entire community Under Dr tutelage the irst Baptist Church itself grew and prospered The congregation itself grew to become one of the largest Baptist groups in Indiana Two new Baptist churches Mounds and Meadowbrook come into being Nurtured by Dr Smith's long experience and his patient devotion they too have be gun to grow' and to serve it is always regrettable to see professional careers like Dr come to an end At the same time all of us must rejoice in the knowledge that these years ahead will be restful ones for a man whose long career has brought him little rest We doubt whether Dr Smith will ever retire in the full sense of that word but freed as he will be from official responsibilities he will have opportunities that have not been his in the past We hope that these years of freedom from official duties will be as fruitful for Dr Smith as his active years have been for all those who have come within the compass of his services WHAT CHARACTER Our careless uurds can sentence a child to a lifetime of playing a Hile living a lie In some respect jour and my parents sentenced us 4 Can you spot your lie? inn the Mississippi but most of the ruinpots aboard our train When the train crossed from say Illinois into Iowa the booze is cut off A few nights ago there was some misunderstanding in railroad cir cles about whether the special should park all night in Rock Island 111 or across Old Man River in Davenport la Without' exaggeration we backed and filled I across the Mississippi five times i and on each backing they opened i i the bar and on each filling they closed it i If you've heard anything sillier than that about the workings of the I drv laws please let inc know i You ill find me on the east side of the river I do not know who Tiny aust is except that he or she has type written the return address of 319 Home Avenue Clarksville Tenn on a letter to Gen Eisenhower This is to assure Tiny that Ike got the letter all right although this was the address it carried: Dwight Eisenhower Care Postmaster Omaha Neb jew Attention Mr Postmaster: General i Eisenhower Is Now On A Political qua 'olir And Will Stop Overnight In Omaha Thursday Sept 18 Hotel rrrinr in a Sentember aVLUl 13 JUpvi av Tuesday did not seem to appeal to "This letter has beeri around the madc machine? you although Daddy liked it You'll world three times The person who nirminf Pcrxnnalitv enjoy some of the salads that do breaks this chain will have bad Personality not taste good to Daddy There are luck The stars don determine your hundreds and hundreds nf differ Copy this and see what happens Pcrsonally mobile ent dishes called salads No two of in lir'p davs a(ter maiiing it affect your au omobile them will taste the same No one wj bring Good Luck But many Americans still be of them will taste the same to you thjs chain you licve in mysticism They are gulli as it does to another person Here ble P0Sl UUr VOpifS W1UI1II vioent tT i hours after receiving this letter: grown uns enjoy Here your fork each of Now tell me laekm how much once wiB als0 your tree house did you getbui It em Good Luck this I ve enioyed natch ing vou through the kitchen win 1 person won $3700 A doc I iSljr $jepleri Grace i I ne Ttuniaii duuy is inaLiiiiie the Mississippi river meaning with a nervous portion that serves from east to west He always says I much as the ignition system of the this in Mates like Iowa Nebraska I auto or tractor and Kansas where be was brought I Can you adduce a single chron up although this may well be co i ologicai reason why an April Strike It Rich Bob and Ray 1 Dove Gorroway Newt DeWeese Everybody's arm Everybody's farm Everybody's arm Panfry Penny's Pantry Queen Day Queen or Day Ernie lee George Morgan Bill nall Show Thall Show News life Beautiful Road of lifo Pepper Taung Right to Happiness Backstage Wife Stelk Dallas Widdo Brorn Woman In My House Just Plain Bril ront Page arroU lorenxo Jones Doctor Wife Wild Bill Hickok Wild Bill Hickok News Three Stat txira Kaltenbom Bill Stern News of World One Mans family Music Time i Music Time GreatGildersleeve Great Gildersleeve Bet Bet The Tho THE ANDERSON HERALD Established June 18 1888 Published By ANDERSON NEWSPAPERS INC TELEPHONE 3 5371 A lot of people 1J41YC IJLVii VYU4UCl H1R IIUW UJJir mic Dick Nixon 39 years old and a newcomer in politics managed to latch on to the No 2 spot on the Republican ticket at Chicago he story is one of an extie mely astute and opport 1 a i AUTOPSY PLANNED INDIANAPOLIS 'fi An autopsy was planned Tuesday to determine cause of death of Maurice Van (Sonnv) Petty 16 former South port High School football star ho collapsed and died Mondav while inn no 1 nd i onn i uvl ic rs A ni'V niHMiij si ijiriiniHiircipMii i i father said the youth had country the following verse writ fainted last riday but failed tditen more than a year ago by a Brigh Brign Stavi Stsv JBC Boxing IBC Boxing IBC Boxing IBC Boxing Gllbar' Porta over IKCz niAUii ww uppiuaviiuu by Huffman as to how this could ael maV" ftM infil nffrnsp for a mpnihcr of Con I lion tirnse tn hide mtn! rinUT mn HP 1 1 sZ Jkl wk4 1 1 1(1 1 1 1 A (I I os for President in the 1 must register the names of his con Hiouse of Kcpreseinativcs so mat the public may know when he a I 8 rt 1 1 I I 1 1 A ft AK 1 1 a Wit tit lit 8 lit' YVdN 11 1 8 8 ULIIVX 1 or Wsndy Warren News Aunt Jenny Helen Trent Our Ga Sunday Gil bar orbes Mo Perkins farit Circle arm Circle Second Mrs Burton Per Mason Nora Drake lighter Day Hilltop House ceived only a few can be answer Mass ed here No reply can be made to queries not conforming to tn The Washington MERRY GO ROUND By Drew Pearson (fleleeted By Tho Bell Syndicate Inc) MEMBER THE ASSOCIATED PRESS rha AMortt1 Pr IS entitled excluilvely to the um for puMIceUon of all th local newt printed In thia newapaptr ai woll as all AP newa diapatchex be done Naive at politics Hoff 1 man even 'invested that Nixon i contributions He himenlf run I California primary with the idea' of weakening Warrens nui on California 76 votes However Nixon not anxious buck cither Governor Warren Cone Tnnt Wcrdel who had rn irlv hunn 1rnftAl 11V old L'llhl'll I Republicans to run against the 'course contributed after he was governor declined hixteid he sug elected and their names were not delegate from California and work I from within to switch Warren de legates over to Eisenhower on the second ballot Nixon figured that as a Senator lie would be given the courtesy of picking ten delegates and with this as a nucleus he could make sure i (hat California was in Eisenhow I ci 's column before the balloting bad gone more than one round In order to stir tip Eisenhower WBM TV Channel 8 WEDNESDAY A Reptililicans are hoping that "hen another New dawns i thev will be able to echo the senti i no in tn me iuiiunig lilies (ten earlier And as dawns And the Deal draws near We ll drink a toast to that dinned With the white strip running Unknown By Sender: Should Be down his heart After contact with the PA With inflation offering a con staidly the Marshall Plan Last winter Hoffman became one of the three' top advisers to General Eisenhower and head of the Citizens or Eisen hower Committee Prior to the Chicago convention I Norn! had contributed to his Eisenhower cohorts were casting xpenae fun( so then he would around for a way to wean the jn violation of the criminal code powerful California delegation qpjte Sect 281 George Dixon's WASHINGTON SCENE (Copyright 1952 By King aaturaa Syndicate Inc) Taking it or granted as is the has told at least 20 crowds he al 1 factured in April or September? a a 4 HJ a I 4' I a rxl knl 1 ni ll'hnn 11 ft 4ACCAC THe lltl man hftrfv IC ft fl ph 1 WUTIl HI llliUUCVt Udl3 III 11113 IJUC I A that no one else has read anything heavier than Erie Stanley Gard ner thev took pains to explain to by those who contributed to his 'h'Y Pas'engers that "poor i Il a tl in lx cs livlitin ticnrl hit ql campaign 1 7 aH Beniamin rank in over his co oil lal IVi 11 I A ll I 1 1 1 i 4 4 ML gested that he would become a made public There was no way that oil'll ui auiiniii iiuui judge what might influence Nixon's vote iintil by diligence of press the facts came to light Nixon's Start Dick Nixon got his start in tics immediately after the when a wealthy group of business (nr niembershin in the Poor Rich nen in the Pasadena area called 'ini club Qualifications for mein Ihi1 Marino group" decided hership they explained consisted to beat Cong Jerry Voorhis Demo (nly of having angels who will crat The San Marino cronn was hnl tn non 111 III Hl IV 1 jv I I sentimeni in California Nixon scut the original nucleus of the mil They declined to desist even1 nnn irih'is to registered club which has helped when assurance came from Sena voters asking: "Who is your Nixon out since he wa elected tor Nixon to General Eisenhower' choice for President thill Governor Warren imnated?" 'Hus mailing job may one expense Io winch the so called i restriction on a house was $15060 millionaires' i luli donated Giner The San Marino group was look nor Warren however got wind of ing around for a candidate to run the Nixon plehisciir and never hav against Voorhis even before they! ing cared much for the ambitious spotted Nixon in fact even placing young senator from California a an ad in local newspapers rom mutual irieiul Bernard Brennan this start a of was also a menilier of the millionaires' organized headed by Roy Day a 1 club put tlie quietus on Nixons local newspaper pubiisncr rnougn vole i eMith the San Marino group continued to However Nixon arrived at Chi be the real nucleus of the Nixon cago with a tacit understanding movement from Paul Holliman that he would do his best lor Ike inside the Cali fornia delegiition and that Ike in turn would g'e him favorable con sideration for the vice presidency At Chicago Nixon more than kept 1 ins word It was lie who swung California over to the Eisenhower point of xiew when it came to the debate over the Langite amendment and it was he who literally grabbed the microphone away irom oenaiui Knowiand when it came to me not debate over seating tne Georgia 8nlnnt inn a After Ike was nonmiatcni raui Hoffman kept his word So with I Hoffman backing him and a friend ly nod from Governor Dewey Dick's record on Hiss and the plan 4 to open up on Governor Steven deposition for Hiss the young senator from California had the No 2 spot on the Republican ticket tlie bag Contracts And Gifts One danger a senator risks if he 4 accepts "expense" money from out sulers is that some of his benefac tors may havejconlracts with the 1 government and hat he in turn i may make representations to the government on their behalf This is j' against the law 1 4 or instance' some of 4 bendfactors or their attorneys did have government contracts as fob Norris president of the 4 Norris Stamping Co has a con tract with the Defense Department i yeooeeeeeeeoeeeeeeeoeeeeoeee William Brady MD Personal Health Service iCoPTrtqht 1952 By Tba John OIIU Co constituent of Rep Louis Ra bault of Michigan is even more appropriate now Steakless days are here again The price nf beef is dear again A steak aby With price Horsemeal dear Only millionaires can eat steer So dig right in and have a treat tered to far advanced sufferers I It's delicious and it's cheap Progress Teports are being made' There was a horse who catne in weekly but it will take about last 'two years of testing before defr And Crosby sure got rid of him nite conclusions on the I J8 KI nag is making like a cow Medically tt is known as iso nico a blue plate special now Then a verse which ex presses the "every man for him self" attitude of the age: Here io you anu ucre io uie Mav we never disagree i Wiit wa nA rn rnp anvil with jvi And to me Americas Saying: The Use of cuspidor in a drawing room re The human liver molds itself veals the manners of the camp gradually 'to conform to the shape I l'JJ Old etiquette admonition of the neighboring viscera 11 fl Aunt Jenny I I 30 Break the Bank 45 Brea' the Bank 00 A 15 Star Time I 30 Verna 45 Quit :00 Headline News When a Girt Marrfa Nora Drake Up To You :45 :00 Betty Crocker Music 2:15 House Party :30 House Party 45 Lone Journey :00 3'30 Wj45 J00 George Elmer Nichol Death came this week to George Elmer Nichol 90 ycar old pioneer in business and banking for stealinc 15 cents from a blind Of course not! Sq use your news vendor in downtown Indian Don't VickliHlrt thn it ir em a air a i a ariai a i la ink jruii iv a a a in i i ii a a i a adult nuinan Drain uy siuvuiuk tv isuch juvenile behavior I It is all right for a youngster to believe in Santa Glaus or fairies but when we become adults we (should put away such childish things "Were you born in April or Sep they may also ask you Sowhat! Does it make any differ ence whether a tractor or an auto trip Gen Eisenhower or a tank or an airplane is manu ABOARD EISENHOWER CAM i hip they are They refused to may evcn charge $5 t0 $25 i Never affront God by belittling the intelligence which he gave you by way of your human brain i Use Horse Sense i If anybody could predict the fu el tire would he waste his talents fnr mnrA rlimn A fl rlftH I Wdiild he sauander an hour of tlie first to reveal the extra con hjs time trying to tell you what the iMrvhilA i'llncmnn hi Pnsndnnti wav awr nA crnMni ran nf flhnilt Richard Nixnn $17 Paul Hoffman who latcn became ford to be in the position ot having 000 on the side Then the tribution to his welfare but said future holds when he could utilize Elsbury 27' Greenfield was sen president of Studebaker and took i his vote under suspicion especial began to show them they supposed in the excitement i that clairvoyant power jn making tenced Monday to 10 days in jail and hurly burly of running: for Vice billions of dollars for himself? "Pifth rnliimnisl" ie 1 I esiuent lie iidu jusi plain uui I horse sense THE CLINIC Case Records Of A Psychologist By Dr George Crane (Copyright By Tho Hopkins Syndicate Jnc IIUI Notice the racket below Superstitution is a sign of ignorance But mil ions of adult Americans are guiIlibIeThey are often the gambler type who stjuander money on the horses thinking in childlike fashion that luck Ar nmoSA tlA wnrlH' i ii i ni i i in in i i nil sins aata in a a a an a a a an a a aarv a a ned these roles into adult ide are ()nes n()t like or he cannot eat oi those areas immature child be will not cat or we do hot feed Case 369: a recent letter him any food class" Refer which I received I Lr ten to the parents ony a particular dav'x dih be is a Good Luck letter It 1 "Our Irttlc Sammy 'docsn say'ing arefurio identify hy precise was'sent toTme from Tokyo by an inuiu uus in uuc1 a i'i uiniv specification: American soldier and 1 am sending ing biient we 'm The saIad w(? had for )unch Qn ltx)n wlthin 24 hours 1 vr aiwuj i iu min jvu gw a long way if you keep your mouth closed and your ears i So Sammy kept his mouth dos i ed Know any Sammies? Adult i Sammy lives out his life miserably bottled up unable to express his ideas with i ise or spontaneity i "Oh our fittlc Mary won't tackle I invl i is i iilnvc kzi pn I 1 if ha 4 1 nr Ilian anyone else Mies one wno take a back scat irst places and blue ribbons our little Mary" Adult Mary folds all but the cinch hands in life She is a driv ing di satisfied wile and mother wlm allows her husband and chil Do not break this chain! You And they arc a very violent fanatical crowd that can raise more cain when attacked than ten million scientists They'll jump on me today from rnnsi to coast and likewise in tor lost $5000 by breaking this fude the editor of this nroores chain sive newspaper in their diatribes I (Stenecf letters: oertaining to i no money See what hap Rut Jt is a job to dim no peace no rest personal health and hygiene not pens in three i present the true facts especially "Don't dish out a salad for our to disease diagnosis or treatment i Superstition to you teen agers how little Jackie very fussy about will be answered by Dr Brady if! These chain letters appear and mankind severs the bonds of his food digest roughages I a stamned self addressed envef i rc anncar from time to time They i ignorance and' superstition that you those rich meats and Ope is enclosed Letters should be show that many modern Ameri fettered our progress bnet and written tn ma uwing i cans are still not far removed trom i his newspaper Diazes me trail tc the large number of letters re 1 (he gullible witch burners at Salem of truth and science regardless reived nnlv a few can be answer nf where the chins mav fall It has also been estimated by Be grateful America still has one nf our leading nsvcholoeists free unfettered newspapers sttuptions giantess ur wituam that at least 507c ot our people believe in quack character analysis They will pay hard earned mon ey to have their future predicted from the stars or their talents analyzed from the bumps on their skulls or the type of chin or nose or profile which they possess 8 vr tas "A A 1 i J' I 1 1 A YdLa 'AW'S WlW CincirmaH WEBM lndiawaata 4M 1M0 A8C NIC 1260 CU :00 World Nw Roundup Nowu OoWeoM World Nowi 715 Wntorn Roundup Cadlo Tabornado Hboiior Hoadllnae :30 Softy Crockor Now: Morkoti ling Sing 45 Sporn Srief lory Jim Day Nowa :00 Brookfott Club Rlno Mountain lays Nowi 8 Li Nowi DoWoow Wam Man 30 Broakfait ub Morning Matmoo Kitchon Of Tho Air Braakfqsi Club Morning Matinaa Robin Hood Show :00 My Truo Story Morning Matinoo Arthur Godfrey Morning Matinee Arthur Godfray JI 30 Whtporing Stroeka Edith Hantan Arthur Godfray 45 Arthur Godtray Victor lindlohr Arthur Godfrey dX Arthur Godfrey WelcomoJroveler Arthur Godfrey I li Welcome Trailer Arthur GdfreJ I 22 if h2' Godf'y Nothing Grand Slam 45 Manhattan Muic Double or Nothing Roiemary MM.

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