Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on January 23, 1928 · Page 18
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 18

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1928
Page 18
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THE DETROIT FREE PRESS MONDAY, JANUARY 2 3. 19Z8 ts ! s t I I, -;- ntiMl Planers Where to Movie A HAMS "Love;" music. KOX WAMtlNUTOIV "Silk Legs;" Koi Movietone. MICHIGAN "Baby Mine;" Pub-Itx show "Russian Kevels." CAI'ITOL "The Noose;" Sixth Birthday Party. KKW DETROIT "Potemkln." COLONIAL "Home Made;" musical comedy. MADISON "Th Jazx Singer;" Vltaplione. HOLLYWOOD "The Loves of Carmen;" Sunnybrook orchestra: vaudeville. GRAND rivikka "The Valley of the Giants;" Keystone Serenaders, vaudeville. I PTOWN "Ginsberg the Great;" vaudeville. BROADWAY STB AND "Wilful Youth" musical comedy. Michigan "Baby Mine." Those of an older generation amiled, giggled and laughed outright at Margaret Mayo'a play, 'Baby Mine" long before many of us put in our appearance on this ti-rrestial globe; It was screamingly funny and a good fun never dies It has been transplanted to the modern movie screen for the entertainment of the younger set. The new version of this comedy made its bow on the Michigan theater's e. Teen Saturday with the same remits, smiles, giggles, laughs, and from appearances will keep on generating laughter during its stay for the week. Charlotte Greenwood, that lanky comedienne of the stage, who gained considerable fame in "So Long I.etty." has been cast in the role pt the older sister, Kmma, playing opposite that screen giant, Karl Pane, portraying Oswald. George K. Arthur and Louise Lorraine characterize Jimmy and Helen. The limits of levity In places have perhaps been slightly overstepped, but the picture brought many a howl of laughter from its viewers yesterday. The Ormonde sisters are three of the best reasons for the success of the eye and ear entertainment. Louis and Frieda Berkoff, with their Itusslan dance numbers, are two ether good ones and the Berkoff irls, a well trained group of step-purs, are as many more causes for applause. In fact there are a number of reasons, including Del Del-irldge and his syncopators, the.Don Vocal Four and the excellent manner in which the show is staged. Fox Washington "Silk Legs." A comedy of business life, with a surprising conclusion and many a laugh is "Silk Legs," showing at STAGE ATTRACTIONS T SwiaUi THIRD AND LAST WEEK PQIOQ TO NCW YORK Thi Wamk Yaur Lett Chanet to Sua World"$ iotesr, Grualuut, funniest Mutical Hit I Nlohtt f 1.10, 11.65, $2.20, 2.75, (3.83 r,-.jti. Wad. and Sat. - - - - 75c to $2.75 3 POP. MAT, WED. I J 00 $30 Bt'HWAB a MANUEL'S Fastest Snappit st Funniest- Most Tuneful Musical Cumcdy Ever Produced J ACK HAI.KY MILDRED BROWN HI'OH . CAMERON STANLEY RIIK.KS DOROTHY , MrNtl.TY PKGGY BKKME1 Forty Flapper Freshies Abe Lyman Orchestra ''KEN-PECKED I KERRY" j AnofAar Riot at Mutical Comedy JU reopla JU Sewn Wilful Youth MAlESTICWT.1'c-k3Wo;"" - "THE GORILLA" Mill. Thurs. Sat. 25-50o, Night 50-99o Bee. Next Sat. Mat. "I.AFF THAT OFF" Twioe Daily Phone Cliff. 4617 KANDY KIDS Entirely Hew Shout with Max Coleman and Jessie McDonald 20 Suft-ar-Coatad Chorua Beautiee 20 lual Midnight Show lliSO Saturday 7Qk W59 mm fUifflmfi. fjTiiifiritiiiitifttiiiiiiiiiiritriititiiiiiiifiiiitiiiifiuiifiiiiiiitiiiiiJiiiiiJiiiff iiitiiititiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiJiiiiffiiitiiifiii P ifuiiiMiif iitititfiiMiiiittiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiitiiiiiuttitiiiiiitiiitiiiiiiiitiiiif itiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittiiifiiinitiiiitiiiitiiimiiiiiiiiiiiM Starting Today ME L. OF MT. IN PERSON The Man Who Identified ADOLPH HOTELLING I The Child Killer WILL TELL ALL! i THE DETAILS i i CIWIWWIIlIIWIWIImilMlllHIUallllMlimilllllllll the Fox Washington theater this week, with pretty Madge Bellamy In the leading role. This play concerns the business adventures of two silk hosiery salespeople, a man and a woman, who represent rival firms. The girl, who displays her wares as effectively as she sells them, catches the eye of her male rival and he, unaware of her Identity, falls In love with her and naively confesses to her his plan to do his opponent out of a good business deal. He tells her, somewhat boastfully, that he Is a successful salesman because he knows how to handle the old maid buyers. He "flatters 'em, feeds 'em, fondles 'em and forgets 'em" and Incidentally sells them large hosiery orders, he says. The girl, taking a leaf from her rival's book, tries her own charms upon the masculine president of a large concern. Her adventures with this gentleman give the play an unusual twist and the whole ends happily. , A Fox comedy which deals with horse racing in Blue Grass Kentucky offers an exceedingly funny horse whose antics highly amused the Sunday afternoon audience. The Fox Movietone, a recital of the world's news events In sound and motion, recounts the recent visit of President Coolidge to Havana In amazingly realistic fashion. The audience was almost literally transported to the land of sunshine and flowers In the wake of the presidential party as not only the scenes of the expedition but the sounds, too, were reproduced with surprising accuracy by the movietone, e. Capitol "The Noose.' Again has Richard Barthelmess struck the bull's eye in "The Noose" at the Capitol this week as he did In "The Patent Leather Kid," shown locally a few weeks ago. Whether or not your views support or are against capital punishment,-you will be deeply moved and made to ponder the question very seriously after seeing "The Noose." Its producers have skilfully avoided any appeal oife way or the other. The tory, adapted from the stage play by Willard Mack, is told In simple, direct fashion. It concerns a youth brought up In evil surroundings without knowledge of his parentage who, one day, turns on the only man he has ever known as guardian and refuses longer to do his bidding. The man Is a criminal and a bootlegger king. In fatuous belief of his own Immunity from the law, because of knowledge he possesses regarding the wlfw of the governor of the state, the bootlegger slays the man who has hi-Jacked the boy of a load of liquor, and then tells the boy he Is safe from conviction of any crime because the governor's wife was once his paramour and that the result of the union was the boy himself. The lad turns his gun on the scoundrel and, throughout his subsequent trial and sentence to pay the extreme penalty, refuses POSITIVELY LAST HEEK , Evaa. 50o to $2 JO I Pop. Mat. - $1 .SO t St. Mat 50c to $2 Thun. 50o ' J The Smash Hit of the Town 5 t 'witmWiluam Courtinay ; MYSTERY and LAUGHS , 5 Beg Sun., Jan. 29 Seats Thurs.' a Nights SOc to $2.50 Wed. Mat SOc to' a $1.10 Sat Mat SOc to $Z ' "True to .its tempestuous title ;this passionsvvept play is the' ; cyclonic success of the Season'! V WAKCKEYL'RKA mm Kim A TMES nvn -T DAILY 2:00-4:00.7:00-9:00 Sensational Russian Picture POTEMKIN Most Amazing Story Ever Told on the Screen 2 Weeks San. 30 SNE2J,5 David Belaaro Will Preeant THE SCINTILLATING Lenore "Lulu Belle? By Edward Sheldon I Charlea MaoArthur The Most Brilliant Play from the Workshop of America's Greatest Producer Two Heaeon't at Belaero Theater, N. I, nntlOTri I r Woodward at Eliot DUFmcLLt Nlohta 7So to $1.30 Pop. Mata. Tun. PLAYHOUSE Thurs. Sat 50c-75o ANEW RELEASE The Belmont Theater Success "TAKE MY By ELLIOTT LESTER ADVICE" THEATRE MONROE AT LIBRARY Oppoaita Crowley-Milnara and All Week H MORRIS rt(altj to Klvs any reason for th deed other than "he was no good." The event are erlppingly dramatic and tense. The end lug Is not to be told It Is to he seen. HarthelmeBs gives a restrained but poignant characterisation ot the boy, Nickis Elklns, and equals his fine work as the "pug" and soldier In "The Patent Leather Kid," which latter bit of work is considered the best bit of acting Barthelmess has as yet given to the screen. There Is an Impeccable cast with gracious, lovely Alice Joyce as the governor's wife; Robert T. Haines, that admirable legitimate actor, as the governor; Montague Love In a splendid limning of the bootlegger king; i.lna Basquette showing that she can do more than danc and vamp, as Dot, the cabaret dancer. In love with Nlckle; Thelma Todd, also showing striking actien strides a the "girl from uptown" who playa with Nickle's young heart, and a dozen other characterisation that atand out even as small bits. The direction la such that every drop of effective screen presentation has been extracted from the melodrama. The Capitol is celebrating Its sixth birthday anniversary week. The choke In the throat, the tens Interest and the blurred tears that accompany the screening of "The Noose," is offset by the gaiety and brilliance of the stage show. Koy Sedli-y acts a master ot ceremonies of the birthday party, the unique setting for which was provided by the Kunsky production department. It ts filled with tuneful music, both instrumental and vocal, speedy dancing and kaleidoscopic costumes and movement. Boyd Senter, the famous syncopating clarinetist; Can, Tyson and Van, tap dancers; "Ll'l Esther." a diminutive pickaninny. and the Capltollans, under the direc tion of Walter Bastlan, present an entertaining show. The Capitol Symphony orchestra, under the baton of Samuel Benavle, play the beautiful finale from Tschalkowsky' Fourth symphony. Don Miller, In a special organ number, and many other stage and screen feature add to the splendor ot the party. www Nenr Detroit Opera House "l'otenikln." Moved to the New Detroit Opera house from Orchestra hall, where It was shown all last week, the remarkable Kussian film, "Fotemkln," Sunday started a week' engage ment which Include performances twice every afternoon and evening at 2, 4, 7 and o'clock. "1'otemkln is the story of the mutiny on board the armored cruiser "Prince Potemkln" of the czar's fleet, which incident occurred In 1905, and when the new of It was flashed around the world, startled and horrified the reading public. In telling the story of the revolt of the ship' crew, because of the putrid food served to them, and the sympathy and support they re ceived from the townsfolk In Odessa, In the harbor of which city the cruiser was anchored, the camera has made a tremendously moving drama, with thrill after thrill keep ing the onlooker at keen Interest. None of the actors in the picture are named, but each apparently was chosen for special fitness. Even the youngest child in the group scenes seems to act with complete naturalness and in a manner to carry conviction. "Potemkln" ha been much talked and written about since It was brought to the United btates over a year ago and Its engagement In New xorx extending over several months ha had a real place In cinema history. It has attracted similar attention locally since It came to Detroit Adama "I.ove." John Gilbert and Greta Garbo are in Russia this week at the Adams, playing their favorite screen rant of "Love." The story for this romance was borrowed from incident in Tolstoi's novel, "Anna Karenlna," and afford both players the medium most desired for their respective talents on the screen. Mis Garbo I the seductive, beautiful woman, over whom men of all ages lose their heads Gilbert, the hotheaded lover who forgets every tie of career and loyalty for the butterfly chase of the siren' favor. Miss Garbo, as Anna Karenlna, in her scenes with little Philippe deLacy, her screen child, reveals her power to depict a sacred, maternal love as well a the other kind of love which she feels for Count Vronsky, played by Gilbert. The boy, as in every picture in which he appears, discloses undoubted acting talent. The story Is that of the young wife of an elderly high official who fall In love with Vronsky, captain In the grand duke's guard, and carries the affair to the point where the pair run away to Italy only to return after a few month because Anna's love tor her child ts greater than her desire for her lover. She meets with social ostracism, I rebuffed by her husband, finds that her sacrifice for her child has been in vain, and with knowledge of the unbreakable stone wall which she ha erected around herself she well, as there are two different endings provided fur the drama, you would better see It for yourself. The story is unfolded In gorgeous Russian backgrounds and a lovely bit of Italy. The scene on Easter morning In the cathedral, and the ball In the ducal palace, are brilliant highlights In many colorful ensembles. The final scene suggests rather than enacts, the Inevitable tragic end of such a tale a that incorporated In "Love." Brandon Hurst as Anna's husband, George Fawcett and Emily Fltzroy as the grand duke and grand duchess, are excellently cast. The special muslo accompaniment played by the Adams orchestra, under the baton of Bmll Hollander, feature the theme "Love" especially composed for the score. News events and a short comedy are on the program also. Colonial "Home Made. Home made preserves, the kind that mother makes, are the keynote to all the fun In Johnny Hlner new comedy on the screen at the Colonial this week. The pioture "Home Made," ts having Its first Detroit showing; at this theater and It Is a rollicking piece ot tun from start to finish. Hines Is seen as a mother's boy, who makes a man of himself by going out on the road as a drummer. He creates a heavy market for his mother's canned goods and nlso gets Into many complications. The supporting cast is excellent with Mar-jorle Law, Edmund Breese, LeWItt Jennings, Margaret Seddon and Mnud Turner Gordon. The C'vlonlal Players, under the direction of Warren Fabian present a rollicking farce called "De Yourself, Dearie," which Is swift moving, nonsensical and laughable. Ken Christy leads in the fun, which Gloria La Verne, Gladys Vaughn, Hen Weber. Gates Austin. Harrv Cornell and Barbara Bronell. The chorus of It pretty girls is seen to advantage and there are vaudeville specialties between scenes, as well us fine vocal number by the Colonial Four. e e e State l.oew VandeTlIle, Pictures. Herb Williams, a zany who has few peers In vaudeville, heads the bill at the State. Williams hasn't changed much with the years, unless It is that he has become a little more Irresponsible, If that Is possible. To the merriment of all who behold, he bashes skulls, hangs his orchestra leader, smashes a piano to smithereens and attempts to re cite luguorious verses. He Is assisted by three men and a woman. It is all very funny. A fair miniature of a mustpal comedy I embodied In "Red Carna-Coatlneed oa Paae 19. MOT! O PICT1 R K A TT R A CT I O i. MNWOOD AT PHILADCLPBIA lVES F M DOLORES DEL RIO DON ALVARADO ARM Foraon XOMOLA REMUS To Cincinnati Beauty urka ajaos by har lead KUNSKY THEATRES ..J M. ah..,.. romantic triumph ! John Gilbert and Greta Garbo make II I 1 II V t 1 1 tl f imr I A I VI tome . I WuOAOwAy SV" III Zr? 9 ;l 1 -.i- ;& rT Rr worSs. 1 1 l 1 WATSON Q 3(1 Sololat with J i U tyftriurl -Arthur uu n sGdaGARBO ikjA7ZSlN6CR,I w The two stars of "FLESH AND THE ft' : - fsd ' MAY McAVOY IXm 7J DEVIL" together a gain 1 Glorious ccom- ' ,St -M cantor Rosenblatt, Singing Jr. paniment by Emil Hollander and the Adams VV-m ' ' ' POPULAR PRICES! tfSlm iTj Afejrf fo being in lev; Jr-'r Mi&iS$ fMaieejtaMaMsaaiBfk ! y: - , lha flnutt thing U la "LOVE" I V? f T7VT T PIM mm - iiNl)T J TODAY (MONDAY) BARGAIN MAT. 12 TO 135 CENTS V if mm I h ftll V J.'Vf I I EJ 9 li II MJT II a Ail THE SHOW ON THE SCREEN opews Friday Feb.3- WITH THE VJiORLD PREMIERE. OF (LdDDSDA nSADlE THOMPSON Other $c.'eeu Oi'dfvesfril AccompanimPhjA.lI under LQ(i'i the pw'jonal supervision of n Jl Ml If 111 Ulr NtN r tLI J nVPc CONTINUOUS 1 1.1 IhealiV is Ofiedani opwuled exduv'wty by Hie foiled Ai'IMs lilHtlibOituitM., Joseph M.xnencK.Hvuavnc. mmmmmmmmm SENSATIONAL REDUCTION H ALL PRICES! ' Admittiim lutrShowt Bigger HERB WILLIAMS Th Comedy Kln(, la 'Fran Soup to Null' "Tha Red Carnation" Th Biff eat Llttlo Muaieal tver rroaitcea NELLIE ARNAUT "The Merry Widow PACKARD & DODGE "Two Nuta In e Carafe" JEANNE ALEXANDRIA. The Queen of Song FOUR HARTINIS "Senaatlonal Wire Act" -ON IREI1E RICH in "BEWARE OF MARRIED MEN" A sparkling tola at bobbed-haired girla and unhappy hatbandil KliafHayWiAtVi; MAT Park Free and NIGHT 1:30 to 5:00 and 6:30 to 11:00 aM TTauvil "XYUlilaSiiy nail A Romantic Presentation with Eddla Martyn I Doyla A Schlrroar Duke af Dance Products of the West Birdie Daan I Cola a Snyder Supple, Startling I "The Director"? SUNNYBROOK ORCHESTRA Smiling SAMMY DIBERT Laading SJ;.h-B0BCLARKE8BSru,8 ON THE SCREEN Dolores Del Rio, Victor McJ.glen Johnny Hines -k Home de" Si-l'Be Yourself, Dearie' i w 1 J0f MOTION ar. national famed for th. wide variety and excellence of their shows I The Adam. ... t.A tnr their fina nictura. plus symphonic music. Love at th Adam now is a - - a MM Iff'A! GEORGE K. ARTHUR "'i'" c:r:rd .cmou. "and The le.t love .cene. WfRUSSJAN WVHT Ah! The "'Vwur-Llned Syncbpa-alrT olrlsStella Stepanoff; tors; Berkoff QirleBt Four BAGLE.Y AT CLIFFORD Novelties And 1 PERFORMANCE PRICES Noon to n 1 P. M. tl.DC to B P. M 33c 50r Evenins . Comedy SATImn.v. Noon to nm i p. m. cbc to 6 P. M. S0e 'ening . 60c Children 2J-at -li & BROS. Walt" ah ""X SCREEN- WS'IW.V I .ly..n.anMia n wmif. iarn Lur t,,.- , eon. . nr. Lew Kant Prtstnts Rioton 'Carnival of FUN with tha Keystone Serenaders MADIE RAY Dancing and Rope-Spinning Colmaa Goets DELANO DELL That Peculiar Fellovt ' LowU A LaVarr . Patter and Song MERI.B l l.ARK at th Orf aa ON THE SCREEN Mk, PETER D. KYN&'S H'AllEyGI&NTS with DORIS KENYON It Pays to Advertise Use Free Press Want Ads ieaa ' 1 T. PICTURE ATTRACTIONS life worth living- again! AT KUNSKV CirtLtt mmmt) WW WITH Alice Jovee. Wht "Cndcrworld" iff" i Vom" " STAGE m yo Birthday Party n Stag! BOYD SENTER ih. Clarloetlat Sapreme LOUISE MAKSAKT rrom Bl Rit CAPITOL S1MPH0NT ORCITBSTBA Bamael Benavle. Waller Bantlan, t)oo Miller, Capitol Ensemble STARTING TUESDAY PRICES REDUCED! CHILDREN 25 CENTS AT ALL TIMES De SYLVIA'S 'NITE CLUB with LESLIE & PICARD, DORIS LA GROOSE mnJ HARRY SPEAR in Their Novel Revue iRULOFF&ELTONi KEN0& GREEN ROGER WILLIAMS MIRANO&CO CLIFF W1NEH1LL and MURRAY BRISCOE JACK KOLT - "THE WILLIAM FOX FBESENTS Madge Bellamy and Marion Morgan' AMERICAN BEAUTIES In A Donating Exhibit ot Lingtrfo and Lov! Fox Movietone Hews Tha Sensation ot th Af Phone Craolre 9100 Woodward ai Blvd. , Mats, at 2 and 5 Evas, at 7 and 9 WALLACE ! BEEGWi dsn PI AViAO H D S "HOW WE'RE III THE AIR"' THURS, tLZHUt" "Rough RWers"; AMUSEMENTS. o D O $2o o o D Special New D S Entertainment S U Beginning U Tonight! O O Q nabsfKaaf M UdLJ Q QOE30Z20I20al wmmmmmmmmmmmmrnkvammmm fvOTl ' i v f n r i iaan n i i 1 s 1a w- i-ys mum on Oil o u CAPITOL'S SIXTH ANNIVERSARY SHOW I 5o to 1 P. M. Today Mnniin I ... did tn CM rturn ran v. ,B 10 Broadway night Tomorrow and EVERY DAY (Exeapt Sun.) 3-HOP SHOW From 12 to 1 P. M. Came Attar Luncn, Stay Until Dinner Time SCREEN at 1:00 3:50,7:40,10:25 AND ALL. STAR CAST AMtSKMBVTS. DUFFIELD AT WOODWARD Now Serving Special ITALIAN by EMILIO "Premier Chat" DINNER FROM 6 TO P. $1.50 Daily M. s s s I Complete Show 1 . DANCING 1 Na Caver Charge Until iS0 2 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiililiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl TONIGHT! ORCHESTRA HALL fioiin neciiai Tick,ti Qrinnai,.s , 'H,M uREISLER 10F Ml , 10:30P.M. ft aiTmk JUL J ( THE TALK OF DETROIT Week Day Curly Marine 12:30 to 1:30 ALL SEATS 25c 1:30 to 11:00 25c-40c LOOK! LOOK! Keith Albee Vaudeville Mutical Comedy Highlights SIDNEY r.f ARIOff A SI ST ED ST , OTTALIE COROAY IN . "DIVERTISSEMENTS INA ALCOVA & CO. IN "RHYTHMIC FEET" , Assisted by an Able Cast OTHER BIG ACTS PHOTO-PLAY GEORGE JESSEL Stage Star ej The Jazz Singer IN Ginsberg the Ores! last el at Hit Beat Edna White's Ensemble el Ann Garrison in "Modernisms' Elaa Eral A Net Aver Herbert Faye St Co. Torlna I Petar Van Lane A Co. PHOTOPLAY Geo. Jessel in "GINSBERG THE GREAT Mats. Z0, Mite 60a Escnpt 8st., Sun.. Holidays ALHAMBRA Woodward at EMillwerM A Itgnsli Theater NO ADVANCE IN PRICES Grand River at toy Road Eather Ralaton la "HPOTI.KiHT" The moat amazinir manquersde ever perpetrated "Meeinir Stera." Comedy liiternslional Naw DELUXE Kerehal s MeCltllaa A Kunaky Theatre ReflnAld Denny In "ON YOUR TOES' with Barbara Worth and Msry Car Admlaaion SSe and 10c FERRY FIELD . Ornnd RWar ol Grand Boalerard PoI Negri In the Heart Stirring 8torr of Mother Iito "THE WOMAN ON TRIAL" with t his alar cant. Other Attraction Comedy Nawa Cartoon Daily 11 aline GREAT LAKES Orani Kleme Straths 'BBN-HITR" the Tary peak of motion picture entertain ment See the atupendoua chariot race the moat excltlnr acene erer preaenled en atace or screen Kinorrama. Reg Webb si tha Mammoth Organ LA SALLE GARDEN Fneiteanth el Grand Bird. Ramon Nnrnrro In "BKN-nt'R" The Great Death-Defying Bpeotaele of hgmt and llomance New ORIOLE Llnwood at Philadelphia Dolorea Del Rio ek Vletnr Mrlglen la "LOVES Of CARMEN" ai'ilh Don Alvarado and Dean Newton, Tenor PALACE Monroe Avenue and library "THE GIRL PROM CHICAGO" With Conrad Nngel and Mvrne I.oy A Story of Chirago'a Underworld Big Girl Show and 1. Seymour's Band STRAND Grand River at Fourteen! A Kanaky Theater Ramon Norerro, May MrAvoy and Franrla X, Rnehmaa I "BKN HUB" , Detroit News Fable TUXEDO Hamilton Bird, at Taxed Ramon Norarro, Relty Bronaoa and May MrAeoy la "BEN HCR" The Q restful Sne.-tnrle of Stage er Screen News and Short Subjects AMUSEMENTS.

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