Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 15, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1952
Page 10
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.J8lWW|M f ' *7r¥P£WBY • T>V " ' '} '• ' >!" W"""^ 1 ' ',' >• H0M STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS IS, Monday, December 15, 1952 HOP! 1TAR, NOM, ARKANSAS uilM»Y> •LONDIi jfcgc t^^l ^ ^5L^? jj^j~*' rlED LUMBER, rou*h, *h- drwdI turn and eyjwtii, At«o S48 Oak «ntl Oum wlttole Ib* farm (IM. 0«k f«wa po»t and brWw Dm bw», Hop* BaiWt Company. " ' «r Inch r Inch inch 0i* fur eon* AWYWtit »« gwvel, including •* gravel, MttO, top noil, and fill dirt, C.ll Jem Hlnclsif, 7-MW PANCV hom«m«do tmndlos. Also nfeo fryers, dremed or w> foot MM, 3, 0, Downing, 8f. 208 Bo« nep, Phono f«aiW, 12-3 PAINt SAT.B, Motl»e i«ty of colon, $3,70 p«r BYKR8 SWAP SHOP 180 R. Walnut, A v»r Stomps to floy at Spring Hill Coi«h «coli Key «tiwune«a that here Wilt bo a ba*kttbpll ««n.f play«d with Bump* on D«c, II in Ihe Uprln* Hill Ojrm. Pl«yln« tlmf will be 7 p.m. AdmUilon will b* 12-0 HOME deep freow, portable Kern* Jrtflton addlntf machine. Both like now, Good Btt foot meat caw. Jft» r«B«on«blo offer refuted. Also plrt» luinb'ir frame*, doom, win- tub* down, ninka, «n» Ian limit, C, K, Camp, 2ftO Volume*, the «ee<md df which will brlni the ttory down throueh Pearl Harbor, Prom th* »bwe fl|- urtf* it I* evident that thts« two volume* will be the mott costly in th« whole hlitory of historical writ- log SPORTS ROUNDUP SYDNEY, Atmtrnlla .•y QAYLC TAttOT (*— That Cage Season Gets Into Full Swing By SHELDON SAKOWITZ NEW YORK. i*l — Thc colic Hintc basketball season gains mo mcntum this week with a host o They, therefore, displayed n not-' games sprinkled around the coun able lack of Interest In the fact! try that should determine the re late Profemor Chnrlcn A, B*iud »ald of thin: "Tr«nil«l«d into pl-ccHe KnglUh, this means thnt the (Rockefeller Foundation and the Council on Porclsn ftclatlon»> do not want JotirnnlUU or any other per«on» to examine too c lonely and criticize th« official propaganda and the of- flclal atMemenU relative to 'our basic alma nnd activities' during World War II, In short, they hope that, among other thing*, tho poll clou and mcniuires of Franklin D. .Room-volt will escape In the com ln« Y«;nr* the critical nnalyslMLaridy merely tore off a mile In' lnlivp strengths of many loams, evaluation and exposition thril !>(?• j ,,,„,,,,,« 21 second in i «mniii Il ' s wcstw!lrd ho fo1 h'S^X ' oul Ml the policies and manure* ofj 4 • 1!lni " tPS , " C ° ,* ln B sm °V d La Sfllle of Philadelphia, las President Woodrow Wilson nnd I Inlerclub moot in Melbourne Satur- year's National Tnvlntlon chorn fabled ovent for which the track world hn» waited so — running of the first 4-mlnute mile — appears! to bo even farther away than a j good kangaroo jump. j Australians ar« absolutely confident that their John Landy, 22- y«>nr-old Melbournn University student, will do It the first afternoon ha really feels like running. Holey, 13-31 18,000 fc«t ti»«d 2x4. Drentod sound and »traighl, 4 to 10 feet long. Quanlty 6f 3*8, 2x10, 2x13. Run* (lorn length!, Retuonnblo price. Colin. N, Moiiw, Phono 7-4400, 18-Ot SerricAi Offtrid Conorettlonal Investigation Tho 88rd Congros* l» likely to be an lnve»t(KBtlv» body, it-ekiDK an; explnnaUon far .evenl* that occurred porhnpK long HBO nnd about which little or nothing eon be done any longer-, but which cnn guide Conureuft In the preparation of leu- Ulntlon to prevent similar nets. thff Kntonte Allies after World War t." Of course, this cannot happen. History him u way of inserting it- iinlf unrl In the United States oftnn H la tho Congressional committed ihnl uncover* the hidden and ob- ncuro, Perhaps Senator Wiley'* committee rnny undertake! n study of Tehernn nnd Yalta, two nvt-nts moat costly In American lives, wealth • and prestige, Tho concerning Tehernn nnd by r*it, *« n «MI««M *l lion B«t«i (f^w ' Hop* owl LOCAL and long dUtanct Hauling. AUo local moving, S«e Dnnnlo Bumllton or call 7-3011, N-si-Jm MATTHB88 renovollon and Inner* iprln* work, Cobb M«ttr««g Co,, 310 8, Washlnaton. Phono 74632. N-M-IM Notice IF YOU want to drink, Uiat'N your bu»lnc«H, If you wont to quit, that's our bunlnoM. Alco- Jiollo* Anonymoui, P, 0. Box son, ttwJ 4w*' If «««-»+«« t»M.lBwrfrrtTjB ALL Inhd Douth of Little Curows on Uoyd Fitrm, which 1 hnvo In j)U8irNNluii, In puKtad. No lluntlns, WnllPr Dutfnn, 19-31 P08TIVRLV No ll»ntln« on any tit our IniKl, C. B, Wiultllt! and Dnvitt \Vnddlc, 15-Ot Loit RIDD squirrel don fy Chester ~ Atksnjns. It' found noil 10-81 HER J'<slnt, Llborol Rownrd, U found ffflntuot Mnvt Dundy, 1010 Buiintie Opportunity : ichool »i Olploma. MONRY BACK dUARANTKE 1087.50 Investment give* you yov\f own Indcuuiidont butlne** operating A rouU of now Re dispensers handling new, font moving con- feeUon* in dm^ atom, oftf«», ehjl», bun depot*, etc. AU loo** tloiM oMaltwd, fw you, You mutt hnvo car, references and (007.50, which ia protected by in Iron* clud jnwvoy back guarantee. Do- voting ft lew of your ipnre houra to tho bu»tn«i«, you should earn up to $70 weekly ipare time, full time more, Liberal financing a»- AUUaoe to nld expansion. For full information, wrfto For Instance, tbe evasion of the Constitution by President Truman In tho mailer of tile Korean War, ulwidy Investigated by the Rua- soll CommlUeo. requires further study, Under the Charter of thn United Nation*, President Truman had the Hutu to send American* to Korea! tho Charier actually amend! the Constitution. Senator Bricker Is fighting out that URUO with a proponed amendment to the Conitltutlon. thnt will nlao require Invoxtliitntioii and fthnlynln. I uiidoritnnd that ""Senator Homer Ferguson will hava another look at what happened nt Penrl Hnr bor on December 7, 1841. Tharo hits been ono Investigation of thnt event, but U loft the whole matter hanging In the nlr. Tho report of tho invotttgator* Is BO full of loop hole*, of omlmlons und the whole rcpnrt l» »o covered with white- Wnxh, that It mny bo «nld thai no nccurule statement of the Pearl Mnrbw' Incident has «ver been pro Htinlcd to the American pcoplo Tho Investigation would have ir take Into account not only the docu mentullon available In tho Slat Department nnd the Pentagon, bu Kit the evidence thnt cumn out In the Tokyo trlnls «nd In tho Konoy diaries. Tho 'moat shocking attompt a corrupUiiK history was nnnouncoc In tho Annual Report of the Rocko fejler Ifoundauon In W4B| provldln u subsidy of $139,000, eonwnln •which 1'qofQMOr Harry Elmo nays In hl» pamphlet ."Th !]l8lorlBn»" i JVei > 8«,» }Hovl»loii Ismf' ' < " . . • ", , . Kven this largo 1 sum, at tronomlcnl In the perspective c tb« ordlnnry historical scholar, dl not mitflce, nnd the Sloan Founda tlon tnmle n later grant. Th n mount Is not stated, bul I hav Yaltu hnve been numerous nnd while that It broiyjhl the total u to somo at It brougN |80<»,000. tt| to cove dny. The sports pages generally took little notice of the event other than lo point out It was pretty fast considering the race was run over a rain-soaked track and that Landy finished 80 yards In front of his cUi.i'.'ct pursuer without apparently rxtfiulinf? himself. ^^^^^ It has since taken "considerable fllK»l"8 hy telephone and otherwise to Innrn n few pertinent facts nbout the youne athlete who might ho n sensation of the track world The Negro Community •y Helen Turiwr ' >hMt* 7-4474 , . Or brini Items to MM* T«rn*f i •t Hick* Funeral Horn* Miss Murline Trotler, aged ill died at her' home in ColumttUJis„_ Saturday, December 13. Funent^Jjl Arrangements are incomplete. *,V;V3| Funeral services for Mrs. ta Ames were held Saturday, cember 13 in Mrufreesboro W Hicks Funeral Home iti Charge. OUT WITH YOU.' THE NERVE-COMING INTO A PRIVATE HOME k WITHOUT EVEN PINGING • THE OCOR BELL pions, as tho Explorers continue cross-country tour. The classy Pcnnsylvaninns mad their first stop at Dayton las night and posted their fifth slraigh victory by polishing off the Flyers, 73-84. in overtime. The teams were finalists in the National Invitation Tourney last spring. On Tuesday La Salle visits Arizona. Friday the Explorers go to San Francisco to meet Santa Clara. They play Stanford Saturday. Another Eastern independent onsldornblo data has become ,.,|. (li ' „ m (,Uf. r O f weeks He vallablc, the whole (ttory ha* not ^ n 5 lndloa ,3/7 for tiTe"semifinals powerhouse Seton Hall of South een told. For Instance, It is no'" 1 , 1 lh(l o« y mpi c 1.500 at Helsinki n ""° a MT ol °" u "" " ''""" •*M Hj^kt n *i»/ir>nt t n fit inn l nr\tniaci\ ^. ... ..... . <i_ ongor a secret that the Japanese pleading for peace before the Ui*slati» entered the Far Eastern f«r; that Japan had lost her ship- Ion and therefore could not con- Intto. Yot, the pence was delayed ntll the Russians came In and o)" one week of war, the Russians went placed In a position to conquer China nnd Korea, getting also, a an extra bonus, half of Sakhalin :f>d the whole of the Kurlle Islands. How did all this come about? A last summer, finishing fifth in his tall- heat. l.;imly Is described as a ollve-sklnncd youngster with Orange, N.J., also has a busy week ahead, The Setonians, who recorded their fifth triumph in a row Saturday by thrashing Kings Pa., 97-51, participate in three in lersectional frays. beautiful physique nnd an eye- Thc Pil . ates play nost to catching running form. At the Hel- jvi ,, e tonlgnt and John Carroll sink! Olympics, a Sydney sports writer recalls having heard Mai \Vhltflcld team say of the Lnndy was American "probably the most perfectly proportioned rnllpr" hi? ever had seen. Senate committee, I am sure,! The same writer recalls the night to be able to discover tin; act that the American military jxperts were sure that they could nke Japan without Russia coming nto the Fur Eastern war. True, till this Is witter over the dnm, but the some cannot bo said of our enormous casualties in the <oroan War. Thc InvoBtlgntive authority of young Aussie got out in front at Tuesday night and then c-lash with Western Kentucky Thursday at Madison Square Garden. North Carolina State gets an opportunity to enhance its Southern NEW NAM CHIEF-Charles R. Silgh, Jr., was elected president of the National Association of Manufacturers, succeeding William J. Grede, at the organization's annual convention in New York City. At 46, Sllgh is the youngest man to head the NAM since 1932, and the second youngest since the association was formed in 1895. Mrs. Helen R. Carey of Richmond, Calif., has-arrived to spend he Christmas holidays with her arents in Washington. Keystone Lodge No. 43 will meet Tuesday night, December 16, at heir regular meeting place. All members are urged to Porks Score 102 Points for First Win By The Associated Press Southwest Conference basketba teams hit the intersectional trii virtually en mass this week wit a chance to recoup the prestig that was so badly bent last season. Fifteen of the sixteen games on the schedule are against teams Fire Guts Gym at Henderson ARKADELPHIA (/P) — The Henderson State Teachers College gymnasium was gutted by fit* here early Sunday morning, sho» ly after a Christmas dance. v H; Grady Smith, college business'.' manager, estimated the loss^att $73,000, which he said was covwed partly by insurance. Smith said origin of the fire was unknown but it is believed a wire or a smouldering cigarette may have sparked the dance decorations, made of pine boughs apd other greenery. He said no one was on the property when the fire broke out. Vegetable Dinner Answer tb Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1 Green vegetable 4 Kind of bean 8 Vegetable 3 tips on toast 4 Lighting devices 5 Arrow poison 6 Center 7 Winglikc part 8 Silica 9 Leave out 10 Above 12 Possessive pronoun 13 Indigo liAV^fn • IUAOOVC ! 14 Kaffir warrior x i Pineapple 17A1H , , 19 Danger 10 ^ --T edal 23 Chinese , 18 Cracked- offlcial 33 Presents ,20 Volcano residence 38 Reach for oo w-?! matters 24 Crustacean 40 Taut ^Wildcat 25 Half (prefix) 41 Goddess 2«te» 26 Restrain' of peace In I "vJ 27 Condescend" fquahty ing favor 30 System of rule & o p A R E N T A ft E !» 1 ft. E P E p E R O 11 L£ 9 A S .' « 1 V A e T A N U L. B E T A 1 1 r i. X B R T N a. E E£ 6 T A A M B f> E= f B & M A K K. H E A M A N <* S A ^ 1 N A * E R *, T (4 T I. 0 V B N 1 f A P R N U 1 A R R A <=, t= T e R N p l_ <; e A T E N F tt <i H R V F «. N\ t= N IJ» 28 Toward the 43 Land of the sheltered side potato 29 Was borne 44 Valley (poet.) 31 Fleshy fruits .46 Ancient name of Syria 47 Metal . 48 Fondles 49 Seed container of some vegetables 42 Musical directions Conference stature Thursday when n . om other areas wlth only Texas A&M refraining from intersectional the Wolfpack takes to the road against George Washington. They Helsinki but didn't know how to| return home Saturday for an in- Congrrss Is Invaluable to the f>co- plo ns n protection ngnlnst falsehood, subversion and tyranny, It is so easy for tho official to mark every document "top secret,'!, to protect his own errors. Often stich documents contain nothing ">n l newnpapers have not already reported but without official validity. Copyright, 1052, King Features Syndicate, Inc. himself at that time and fell buck. He flew home Immediately after the International games ended to resume classes and since hns shown evidence he learned n great deal on the trip. Ills conch and trainer Is an old mnruthoncr named Percy Cerutty. !!(„• has been working with Landy with loving care nnd only two weeks ago told an Australian writer his protege was a cinch to beat 4 minutes flat the first time the circumstances are right. tei'Hcctional skirmish against Texas Tech. Dr. Camp Named President of AIC LITTLE ROCK Wl — Dr, Dolph Cnmp, president of Southern State College, is the now president of lit tho end of his freshman year also was adopted at the meeting. rh"e"~Arkansas IntercolieBinte Con-j All member schools said they Sammy Bough Finally Ends Grid Career By United Press Football fans who thrilled to their exploits for more than a decade had had their last look at Sammy Baugh and Frankie Albert today but they'll be able to see Bob Waterfield at least once more. Tho three great T-quartcrbacks were to have bowed out within hours of each other yesterday but Waterfield "won a reprieve" when ironi an wua scnooi 10 ue t-ugmje th TjQg Angclcs Rnms rorced the providing he transfers during or| Dot| . 0]l Lions int o a playoff for tho Hull, Arkansas Tech, vice prsi dnt. and Dr. Mult Kills, Hendrlx College, re-e 1 e c t c d secretary, treasurer. An AIC constitutional amendment I allowing an nthlote who transfers j from an NCA school to be eligible strife. The Aggies play Trinity of the Gulf Coast Conference Tuesday night and call it a week. Rice, conqueror of Kansas, national champion last season, has a couple of games, clashing with Tulane at Houston Thursday and Colorado A&M at Houston Saturday. The fcrcnce. He was elected to the post •t the group's winter meeting here Bttturday, would have basketball teams. Six sold they would hnve track nnd six said they would have baseball new officers include J.W. teams. American Conference championship of the National Football beat Kansas 54-51 Inst week ro assume some stature in the national picture. Texas Christian probably has the toughest schedule. The Horned Forgs, unbeaten in two starts, tackle Bradley at Peoria, 111., Tuesday, Missouri at Columbia Thursday and St. Louis at St. Louis Saturday. Texas, which won its only game of the week — a 48-47 decision over Oklahoma — makes a Southern sweep. After playing Colorado A&M in Austin Monday night, the Lor.ghorns are off to Knoxville to battle Tennessee Thursday and Nashville to play Vanderbilt Saturday. phono number und addict* to fitwc "B" o/u Hope Star, Eitchongi Albert Givts His 'Shirt' to Fans SAW ntANCISCO ft -Scorn (t tho field Sunday a boy asked (or A »ou« venltv Frank lo gave hint his holmet strap. Ttitt »t»rt«d a youngsters 1 mob ttyMW. Fr«nkt«'» helm«t wont w»kt, Thwv hi* jevmy, CHAfTKU WILL BIUCNT *ig<jy«<i an agw«« able satisfaction In his ontori»rls«. His plant was far from Impresalvs —thro* old low planked buildings built around a smaller ona ot such antiquity that lt« roof aagfred low In U\« middle. Over Uio door huhf a painted stgtv. "W, Brent. Smithy 1810." U had remained where It was even after a Brent ot a later generation turned the smithy Into a tajtory tor ttoa man\«acturlnf Tha Will Brant ot Ww Doctor retired and went to Florida to Uv0. The old furniture wna still In it He could think ot no reason to give Doborah why she could not settle there, "And pay rent." ne said, aloud. By hla tnther's will tho old house— as had the plant— had come to htm. • Th» worrisome part o» it was that It was next to hl» own hid l»l«ng*d,to hla iiSerrltts. J ' v ' "' ^ '•*- sacrllee* w taH« it down, tn hl» ey«* It was the outward sign of hta tamtly'a deep roots in the soil of New England industry. That tt never had brought wealth to ajty succeeding gw^eyatlon « &«n\» did not matter—It brought ettough to rats* and edu«te ohil- d«»n. Uv« in modwt ewiatort^a gr«il»at profit was to the know;}* edgtthat Brent nails were known to? thalr wpertor quality the length wid tertafllh^ N«w ^and. '- J Uttl* tnUited for a Br«nt be; Kngland. 4p» thlt .._ _ she o»w». would be ie'§ throw away— a w«U» led .trow *0» bach door side yard, through • bbr and on to the bach other house. And that close (or Ms liking! He want Hit girl* exposed to doubUul Influence. Nell, r(y, at her age. near nine* litt he had noticed signs «Mneas in her, of small re. Susan waa too steady- ntaaed to be affected by any un. couvenWonal Ideas: fUU. hla boy, and Jlfteen. waa too young. A quarter «f a mile from the mt the road joined the highway through the vtuagtv This sktrtad tht Boquag ftlver which dlvidad th* valley. On one aid*, the solid na ftt Sweethonia had their old auhatantlal howes, their Ohurohss, their siowo, their graded other aide of the river had hy sdrtft of att tht Plant hts shoul. the wajght er had _ (tome during the day from his halt' CHborah, In which she had that aha waa returning to nm »ff ftfl»J«lPi*.SjH »OVIT -M to «« riM « 00>»4uct «UCh M t*n «vw la forty UX» •bt tad «v*d htw, luul »wrywh*ro.» «o trom th« c»Kl» Mtt tlro« to Umt. H* bt hwft t«*a W loagtr M» olfaM, &• WM torn t« y««W them a Uvlng with a iBtntmvuu o* invtstmtnt T*w Sou- JM family bad town ont ot th«a». How aeroM Uv« rtver. ttood the .tWtlt plaut OJ tta Rudolph Co. Botu, Screws. Nails: building* ot y*Uow Ortck wlU» Ing hla works from New Jersey to this valley tn Connecticut, had worn down to a fine scorn, fostered by nla secure entrenchment In the reputation of hla products for superlative quality. Scorn for the m«n hlnwelt . . .'will Brent never hud met him but he had frequently •ecn him driving through Sweet- homo In his big convertible car, top down, wearing no oat even in weather, broaa-«houWered, •faced. A yrpo Will Brent did :B»t tonjgllt! h» #uj!»w no it evdh 'of acorn- across to UU» foreigner and his plant—he walked along, frowning into the spaco ahead, pondering on how much he waa going to tell the rl* .about Deborah. -We wilt not apeak of Deborah Brent, ever again." hla mother had a*Jd. It w»a breakfast time: She haul gone up to Debbie's room, then come down. "She climbed out tbi window last night—down the ch»rry tree, 8he'« gone with that fellow. We're through with her. She's made her bed, ahe oan He In tt," The way ah* said tt, the look on her face, had made It a law. For tu» father to obey u well aa him* •elt, He Dad realised, young as he waa, that the took of sadness •omeUrae* on hla father's face, came tr«nj eome yearning to de- teod his daughter hut never, to tola knowledge, had bis father had the courage to put tt Into words. Benching home. Brent found Susan talking on the telephone when ae w*lk»d In the aide door. -Ye*. ?es. indeed, I'll he very glad to de It for you. Tomorrow? I'D c«ue ahout halt-p&st two." Two Seek to Head Arkansas AEA * LITTLE ROCK WPI — R. H. Cole, superintendent of schools at Magnolia, and A. L. Whitten, Marid'njhn school superintendent, are cqndi- dates for- the next president of the Arkansas Education Association.^ Cole and Whitten were nominated from a field of six candidates ,in a preliminary vote counted Saturday. ;. Final balloting will be complilffd at 18 district meetings on the last Friday in March, 1953. Amy Jean Greene of Henderson State Teachers College and Hal Kennamer, Paris superintendent, of schools, are nominees for vice president of the group. Francis Amis of Crossett -and Hattie Mae Kelso of North 'Little Rock were nominated for recording secretary. Baugh, perhaps the greatest of all passers, showed his 38 years — 24 of which were spent in foot- bnll from high school to pro ranks — as he closed his fabulous career with the Washington Redskins. Thc? Redskins guve Sammy a 27-21 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles as a going-away present but the lean, quiet Texas had little to do with it. The man who holds every major passing record in the National League's books, was in the game for just throe plays. AH three were running plays as Sammy elected not to fling "one more last pass." Then he trotted off the field to a standing ovation by a crowd of 22,408. By the end of the game, the same crowd was cheering little Eddie LeBaron, who had not been born when Baugh threw his first pass in high school competition. For the record, Baugh finished his career with 16 all-time National League records. He completed the most passes 1,709), had the most completions in one season 210), attempted the most 3016), gained the most yards 22,085), threw the most touchdown passes 187) and had the highest percentage of completions .567) of any man ever to ptn.v pro football. Albert, the cocky, southpaw field general once described by the late Bob McMillin as "tootball's most exciting player," bowed out in brilliant style as he led the San Francisco Forty Niners to a 24-14 victory over the Green Bay Packers. • Albert, who gained national prominence In 1941 as the T-quar- lerback in Stanford's new-fangled attack, completed 16 of 26 passes for 213 yards, threw one touch^ down pass and set up another. Always colorful, Albert took the shirt off his back as he walked off the field and gave it to a fan for a souvenir. Then he took oft his shoos and gave them to another fan. Although never considered the passer-par-excellence that Baugh was. Albert will always be remembered on two counts. He pioneered Arkansas, about whom they're still talking after a 102-71 victory over Mississippi State last week, goes to Columbia Tuesday night to meet Missouri, then rests until Saturday when the Razorbacks take on Mississippi at Little Rock. Southern Methodist, downhearted over losing both of its games thus far — to Hardin-Simmons and Oklahoma — journeys to Lawrence to play Kansas Friday and Saturday but only after it has enter tained Colorado A&M, a scrffbl that's making a swing through Texas this week and next. Baylor gets Colorado A&M at Waco Thursday, then hops over to New Orleans to tackle Tulane Saturday. Arkansas didn't start very .well, losing to Tulsa 69-54, but made tip for it with that vast outpouring of points against Mississippi State. The Razorbacks are averaging 78 points per game. Oj Only Rice, Texas Christian and Texas emerged undefeated from the first week of play. .wureat (prefix) 34 Charm 36 Encore 37 Thin 39 Unencumbered 40 Rugged hills 41Japanese statesman 42 Number 45 Root vegetable 51 Exist 53 Algerian seaport 54 Obtained 55 Dirk 56 Greek district 57 Abstract being Vt-KIILAIj 1 Holes 2 Famous English school 11 If IS ZM W W n> 1Z w !>i. bb Z £> IS * i\ W 19 :•/.'•>' W H 13 16 w, •* 37 S ^ 2b 50 S3 6b 6 zl' W. W •J8 IS 7 '^ •?'/!/ zi" •iZ 34- '•'/'' '•' kb n zo 7 ^',-. ; HI 8 n If 33 19 9 Z7 bl SH 5V 10 28 17 II Z9 18 •IS CARNIVAL By Dick Turner OUT OF DOORS with "Hello, Wtoer." Tbor« • utU« lift ot excitcmeijt In her «TM Jobn WtixleU— typing *y last vole* »*ke<l me to 4o tor nlm. t toti} blm oa* to help htm _ Strrtcftint 09 t« «ay _ t*Jt w«f M»c* for Jfeft — wncl tlliiif (HAlMMt WW& iNf ruaninf atter tw* nUnlaUrT" gave a afraky Mw«h. "8lt- ruaning Dialogue on Coondogs By JOE STETSON — Dog Editor "The wife says it's OK," Jack shouted, not waiting until his car came to a stop. "I mean she says a coondog's OK I'm going to get me one and 1 want you to tell' me what kind." ; Telling a fellow what kind of a dog he should get is certainly sticking one's neck out, but I could at least give him an idea, of the qualities I like in a good dog and he could take it frgm there. "If it's breed choice you want me to name," I said, "I won't go out on a limb. Dogs differ too much within a breed to recommend a coondog by breed. You might find a good one among the blue ticks, Redbones, black and tans, treeing Walkers or any number of breed crosses. A dog elth er has or hasn't the qualifications, regardless of breed. ' "What I can best do for you is tell you what characteristics I would like to have in a dog, and if you agree, you can try to get as many of those qualities in one animal as possible." "All right," s»id Jack, "You know I've done just enough coon hunting with some of the boys to know that I'd like to do more ot it." "It is hard to say," I continued, "which attributes are more import ant. but I'll mention first things Sid Luokman was doing the same i first. A dog must have a good And his brainy> dar-1 nose. A dog should be straight on racoon as a dog that goes off after deer, fox, possum or skunk can waste a, lot of time and cause a lot nt trouble. A. dog should have such desire to hunt as to inspire 8ht put Uxt r«C«iver on th« | the T-formatioit In college whil ;t In pro »«*»<**« ••»•»•- —.» — «' -- j ing quarterbacking coupled with his accurate passing arm made him one of the most colorful and dangerous quarterbacks ol the decade. Spa Bowlers Win ot fort Smith ff. tot«rna- . ttonal Bustaess sfachine team of Hot Springs won the team cham- in th# Arkansas Men's here him to range wide enough to tlfK T. M. R»f. U. S. P.L Off.. . Copr. 1952 by NEA'S«tvlci. Inc. "What do you say we stop dipping into the punch bowl when I'm not looking-—okay?" SIPE GLANCES By Galbroirh won the singles championship with' 704 points and Claude Bobbitt o! Pins Bluff was top man in the ail-events match. Tourney participants from Hot Springs, Pine Bluff. Little Bock, Texarkana. Fayetteville and Ft Smith, elected Chausteur of the bowling froup, Oi»er aaw otticers arc Hu«cWWof track. He should bark treed Upon, treeing the coon and continue to do so until you arrive. "Traits which I like In a cc-on* dog, bwt which may be considered less important by some, are voi£e on trail, willingness to honor w other dog's, strike and ability to distinguish between old and new tracks." "Why do you like a dog totgfc tongue?" asked Jack. "Isn't a. lent'trailer supposed to get coons?" "Sure enough, Jack," I answered, "if it's meat you want you'll tree more coons in less time with a silent' trailer, but there nearly so much sport. A great deal of the fun is in listening to chase. A coon, warned by the voice, can lay 3 more and difficult trail and the is far more exciting, hear your dog, and from and frequency of his voice, fcSQV what he's doing, when he has b*e» checked and when the ch»ck to worked out and the line is getput hot again. "Now you know what to look ftp, • If ' - 12-15 T. M. Re* (I. 6. tu. W. C«(K. 1942 by NEA Stnkl. Inc. * Ml He told me he was in lovf, M I dWn't think it waa to te'dshevel w$ll« IQ he could bwy K*> f a Christmas 1% CMck Yotfngi WE DEMAND (AN APOLOGY/) OUT OUR WAY By t. R. William* :H^uH'.^'.' : '^"' POETE.V AMP MEAT OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople HV T^\ VOO ALWAV5 ^ 02LJANDARV-«- VMHAT TO SUV ^fMOT ^( GlVc OFF A MARTHA POfZ CHRISTMAS / /;*f REPEAT /\ LOT Of 5T6AfA THAT / \ ASODT TH& J , . AMt5 HER TASTES /• DO MOT ROM TO V " "D/ PRESENT/ \ DI ,...-. "S }OR ^ . _ , VOO C5A^£J CAR - .-, •SABLES --— / HER A / I VJlMD UP ' WAR-RUMPH/y \6HOCK) (5vvllM<3 HER A ^ ' ' N 'NMO KI COUPON 60OD 6TAVep]\ pof? *|.SOC \_ADOZEM -^^°^ FUNNY BUSINESS By Hcrshbsrger. OtARKfKI VIC FLINT By Mlchotl O'MalUy ortd Re __ "J, B. has modernized his equipmentl" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosier LARDY! YOU WERE JUOT DIVINELY TERRIFIC THE WAY YOU ANCHORED THAT TU&TeAM • JUMP AND 1 WANTMOUTO BE 6UEST OF HONOSt. AT OUR. SENIOR. VICTORY DIMMER i DINNER ? *>^ OF COURSE YOUR AWCHOK MAN DIEf PROBABLY MADE YOU SICK OF FOOD/ BUT VA/E'Re HAVIW6- SOM61WIM&-, HILDA, MY PRECIOUS 14-CARROT JEWEL, HOW/ COULD YOU HAVE/ n* £ /:v v • •:.* :vv *w ** u "**N^&!^£%t •*?•£& SUMS*.. « WASH TUBBS f\& WIL50M KNOCKS ^AGMM, ikND WEM/XC- WG GUNS URfiE TOWARP THE DOOR POLICE SIR6N6! TREET 15 FULJ. ATROUCM HURR.V, UEPOK& \^H.,.BUT FIRST I THE HOTEU BBS ) 9\UENCB " SURROUMDED!'' BOulS AND HER BUDDIES \T CWV\V CftVi 6\\3t J \MVVO, PJ » DWttl /a.' Vi' Inc. T, M, Rl«. U, 0, PiiT j i*«r«A v <64*f> • BUGS BUNNY AIN'T 0OUNCEP A * "^ SNOWBALL OPF BLMEK'& NOGGIN IN K WEEK ...BUT TH'PAV/ TH' POOR'S OPENIKi',' J '<Sr=* HOW COMB VBR WSARIN' WAT OUtPlT..,Y«S £OMB. vKNP O< 3PSCHM. COPf f OP COURTS NOT ,I'M,GOIMS.TO FSSAA69U0WAM PBR A. MAP *'V?Jmi **% ALLEY OOP -BV^T^ WELLJHGRPS A COUPLE ) YES, t^lT FOR EVKRY OP HYKSO3 THA.T WONT./ TWO WE DE6TRQY, POTHER ANYBOPV £ THERE ARE TWO ANY MORE! ^ HUNDRED TOT/VK& , THEIR PLACES.;.! HOW ABOUT IT, TwrtV NOT \KJr CHRIS WELKIN, Plonoteer 19 A GOOD FORVOU HAUL, OUT BROOM? WHAT5 TWfi rPU JUUVfVt^ f . NERVPOS) MOLECULAR. •+\,t- \^/ 3J!' •fs* \v: •^m ms* rIENRT • i.j». ity *.,

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