Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 15, 1952 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 15, 1952
Page 4
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• 'f V i » v> HOM ITAH, MOM, ARKANSAS Monday, December 15,1952 Cold Wave Hlti All Arkaniai , , X cold w*v«[ thut rowed tate i»t« Imt w»<* MSB* *ftM<Un« to bofow y«»terd»r end brought flurfU* lit in«W Hi w*ny points, The V, «, W««thct IlurMU UHle flock MM the lowest tern to the «t«t* w«« 14 * « «t D«- fttfefr had (n oow- Ike Returns Home to Work Out Plans , , H>. .40 Aboard:?. .'.Continued from #»«* One By MilniMAN SMITH WttW TORK, (UP) - PrwMent- elect fl!li«nbow*r returned to hit "«Jnd SUre«t White Howie" todny to wcrk <nrt concrete plan* to "in doe*'' th» ComfrMiBhtt to 'm»kc perfeh In Kor^n. Eiicnhtrt?er got la work enrly W»"h» «*« day b«ck ' from hit 30,000-mUt it\9 that took him ink urea* of tho Korean ball! M* left his rthehored hwa, Buffeted by high Wind and dens, It dragged duflna th« oarly hmiri tlito *ti« erwh«J onto wt ( Keith** r*sW»noB at ItllJ e. m ohd'orrlvwl lit hit Commodore Ho tel headquarter* loftt* 20 mlnut* leUkV ' ' » ' Th» Prtsldentrtiiot ichflrtulta ap p»Jntm*ttl* with Harold C. 8tas *er), the? new mutual security ad Wedi, the new «ecetary of com m opportiini 'g «r • rook* about « mile south of tho tokhwn port area. Tho «hlp brokfl In heU nlmoit immediately. The itcrn with wo orow Btooftrd rflrjialniul fixed on Mil •X«H th» rocks, Th« bow portion drift mt fr«e nfld W«M mill flontlnft Dround tho harbor hour* lator •H»0 thlo'n ikippor, B Copt, HaU« Jtant. repartfld non« of hU orfw w»\ hwrt. . . AH tho crow oro olvHUwi, The Airmy dftld the ttround, «t(?rn loetlon wo* About 100 ynr from the ohoro Sntf the r«»5U bring tha men »»horj ! «r* any )io to Court tin <rppw»rlfttlon for 4^; ( |TiJ*|wi.«iu«w(rp • TO te^k^an-JfCov, iflnfr With 0 br«ehe» buoy. Ttip heitvy «urf, whipped up by »lr«ntt wind* off tho M«dit«n l ^|rt oarii' pravontflU nmnll boot* from irirjproii«hJri,f the veinol. ttWp'ii wuo wna 178 tona o food*, lncludln« y referHni to the resigned Doug a*, "h«» been no Mrohf that utt ioro tip the football itcam." Th* council Vble on Van Da motion w«« 8 to 4, with tlv Markets NtW VORK COTTON ing, Advances were franctlon* with the outside of the advance tfolng to a little better than !i points at the most. Losr.es mostly Inlder 220 Ibs to shippers and butch cm 17.40; 240-nO ibs full width of choice grade 18.25-85; few 280-300 lb* 15.50-18.00; 150-170 Ibs 16.00- HEW YHK. <<fc — Cotton lutur«e wrre iteedy &•**'**?****' wire made by steel*, motors, utll Mott tredsrs awaited fre»H tac«H H , cop p crlt air jmas. aircraft*, llvat, Awl"*. » h ! tUrt */SI, I dlrtlltere, and some chemicals, from trad* buying In near months, j __ with communion house demand* poULTRY AND PRODUCE let« deliveries. were «mall with few exceptions, j 17.25; 120-140 Ibs largely 13.75- previous 34,03 and July 34.BO. NEW YORK STOCKS Along wllh railroads, good gains IS.2.V, few 18.60; sows 400 Ibs down 14.50-15.00 heavier sows 12.5014,00; boar» 0.50-12.00. Cattle 6,000, calves 1,200; generally asking unevenly higher on steers, belters and cows, wllh rel atlvely little done on steers and heifers; some cows 25 to !iO higher; utility and commercial cows 13.00- hAn« »i 1.113.00: canners and cutters ,._....,. . i>ens ti.y-i 28; light hens 20-21; roisters 32-1 old roosters 18.20; ducklings. • • 42 ' trl«s for the purchase of these commodities. Corn eased under mild pressure as cash receipts expanded. Wheat closed V»-% higher, December $2. .10%, corn to 1 cent lower, December $1.63%-%, oats unchanged to ber 84 rye higher, lower to Decem- hihh- bulli and and 'commercial bulls 15.50- December $1.9l&, soybeans lower lo % higher, January $3.02- Cash wheat: none. Corn No. 2 yellow 1.8'/4-87 No. 3, 1.60%-86; No. 4, 1.84%-84; No. 5, 1.62-63; sample grnde 1.33-62. Oats; No. 1 white 9434; No. 2 white 93- market •Better prices were general ftrily occflslwial weak spot* show- wholonalp buying prices unchanged; "",','" ^A/\ <t < to "« cent n pound lower; 93 score r culs • ,Jl AA 87; 92 A 00.5; B 6H.75; 89 Cl ShceD 1>8 & rA W 50 ,w n .n* irnn M25; ears: 90 B 65.25; 89 C 03.' woolskiHs opening strong 12 889' higher; edrly 1 sales to shippers 8ome J ° 3 to firm- r ™ t merc«. The remainder of the day will bo devoted to "staff consultation".! to three cents a doen higher; U. James Haggerty, Elsenhower's! S. large 48.5; U. S. mediums 44; nt 21', press Jiecretiiry, sold. I current receipts 37; dirties 38; GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO, (ft — Grains made! tion catcher, will be player-mana- coiinctt irt«nber)r net voting. Van Dnliem nald the nnlvemli nthlettc progmrfl now haa a "di- vlded rMBQilaibillty." Thcre w»« apcoulotlon nt Elaen-i chocks 33. hower's heodquorters that the; - "titttt consultation" would lay the 1 8T. LOUI8 LIVESTOCK Broumlword for the meeting of the NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. President-duct with Gen. DouHlan '. I* — Hogs 15,000; farily ncttvo; MiicArthur. MneArthur is to prc- borrows nnd gilts 25 to 35 higher Kt.nl (o the President-elect his thnn Friday's average; sows 25 to "clcnr and definite" solution to .50 higher; most advance on heav ..... —.-.--- ---- -~. ,,!,,,' i of the Korean war. Tho dramatic: let weifhts; bulk choice 180-230 tions , to their value at times to- the sale of ineotina is expected " cx * ecua sales to pucker no slaughter ewes steady, cull to goot) ewes 4.00-5.50. 9 00-10.00; redtop 38.00-39.00;, alslke 30.00-31.00;. timothy 13.00-13.50 red clover 29.0-3. Soybeans: none Doolittle to "~~ Manage Travelers LITTLE ROC KUP) — Little Rock's aco backstop, Duke Doo little, a veteran Southern Associa- Extension Group in Conference LOTOS ROCK Uk — Th<Tanmtal 3-day conference of the Arkansas Agriculture Extension S^i-vlce opens here today. ' An Oklahoma flood control] s{«|t cialist, Roy M. Brandenburg, Is expected to discuss the detelob- ment of the Arkansas River^jbaslh at Wednesday's session. only slight price changes in a dull and uninspired market on the Board of Trade today. gcr for Jackson, Miss., in the Class C Cotton States League in 1953. The Traveler's general manager, Wheat and soybeans added frac-|Ray Winder, Saturday announced tr, Tirk-!on we coce - , to J^kson early this Ib» unsorted for grade 17.00-35;! lowing news of mutual security aa- now owned by Willis Hudlin who cnrly tnls j ; , loads unlf * rm cho , ce un .j ministration grants to foreign coun-l managed the Travelers last ycat. ** Cough Help NMUmE CHILDREN For coughs and acute bronchttlsj&e tdH colds you can now get CreomfflskM specially preparedfor Children ih. knew p'tak and blue package and be stift: 1i) Your child will like it. " (2) It contains only sate, proven ingredients. •'*.,> (3) It contains no narcotic* to disturb nature's processes. . (4) It will aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed throat and bronchial membranes, thus relieving the cough and promoting rest and sleep. Ask for Creomulsion for-Chil dren in the pink and blue package. CREOMULSION FOR CHILDREN Coughs, Ch««t Colds, Acute IrMchMi \ Monday, December 15,1952 MOM STAR, HOM, A ft K A N S A I SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. ^Calendar 1 nesday, December 17, at the home I of Mrs. Olln Purtell with Mrs. Pod , Rogers as co-hostess. Each mem- erican Legion Auxiliary will, ber is asked to bring a gift for onday, December 15 ve their annual Christmas party' itlng Monday night, December t' 7:30 at, the home of Mrs O. Wingfield. Mrs. R. E. Jack- will tell an unusual Christ- story. Gifts will be exchang- members are urged to at- tfcnd. The Kathleen Mallory Circle of ^ First Baptist Church will meet the tree. A prize will be given for the most unique wrapped package. Service Class of the First Christian Church will have their Christ' mas party Wednesday night at 7 o'clock in the recreation parlor. Dean ftelk Henered On 9th llrthday Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Belk honored their son. Dean, on his 9th birthday Saturday, December 13, With a party at their home, 901 East 8th The honoree was the recipient of many useful gifts. Refreshments were served to Mary Jane Wilson, Jo Ann Turnage, Sandra McKamle, Betty and Bud Jordan. Charles Dudley, James Gullliams, and Carol Belk, after which the group went to the theater . Brookwood PTA Father's will be held Wednesday night, De »**%•' *. *J.ov j^fUi/tJOV X^UUl V.11 >Vlll JtttVV in t 1 Monday night, December 15. a ti ccrnbcr 17 > at 7;3 ° in the scho ° l •1'. 30 at the home of Mrs. Cecil auditorium. ,«\*6uesday, December 16 -The Golden Circle Sunday School A-Class of the First Baptist Church rijwill have their annual Christmas party at the church Tuesday night, (li December 16, at 7:30 Gifts will be ' exchanged. Lilac Garden Club will meet on Wednesday, December 17, at 3 '47 Friendship Club Hat Christmas Luncheon The '47 Friendship Club held their Christmas luncheon December H at the home of Mrs. Ben Waller. Christmas decorations were used throughout the entertaining rooms. Members sent a tray to Mrs, Charles Wylic. Gifts were cxchang ed from a lighted Christmas tree. Mrs. Fred Hunt, president, conducted a short business mctclng. Ten members and two guests, Fair Enough •y Wtitbrook Pegler Copyright, 1952 •y Klnfl Features Syndicate. DOROTHY DIX p.m. at the Hope Country Club! Linda Luck and William Waller, ru , t»n»i ot turkey Chrl«tmo» dlnn«» frit Atnerloen porsonntl here and In Auntrla, Paisley to Continued Irom P««e One llittlifill, 8»ndrn Fayo Poolo, Bite nbelh Ann Hnlr, fntriein Holt, una •»i» Garland Brownie Troop will have "t Utcir Christinas party at the home HaU _ Mfs s G McNou,Mr.. Ched and Mrs . were present. W. A. Williams as hostesses. Each member is requested to bring a Christmas wreath to be judged, and a gift for a child in the Little Rock hospital. Mrs.. Steve Atkins Hostess to Camellia Garden Club The National Association of Man ufacturers would put this nation deeper in its debt if it would get up the manhood to talk back to the impersonal veals of journalism who have been waging a constant campaign against "industry" ever since the great panic of 1929. JOUB- nalism, itself, would be the better for a little comeuppance from a turning worm. Ac* 1 often Oo, i looked In upon the annual consistory of the NAM at the Waldorf and felt n compassion for American "industry", one of the greatest forces for material and moral good in all the Hotel Guests Aroused as Fire Threatens KANSAS CITY, Mo. UP) Switchboard operators nt three Kansas Cily hotels rnuseO 525 guests and ordered them Into tho ,,„ A meHc ,„ r ?r obbu ;s when a $ ,000,000 downtown ple 8cem J b ' 0 Iophln8 tire threatened nil three structures , n Unhappy Bachelor Dear Miss Dlx: Why Is it that bachelors are not "tolerated" In this so-called free nation of ours? In European countries n bnchelor can live .to a ripe, old, age and he isn't regarded as a, mlsfll ,,RS he Ulnly should haVrf now, ' ' early yesterday. Tin- firo, which burned out of control in B two-story building used ns n paint shop by one of the ho- nt mc , na much BS {„ 8B y,,''Whorc's your girl?" •WISHFUL wrong. There, men arc so scare* 1 1 doubt If you'd continue your single blotfticdncss very long, In this country I'm sure Iho only nl- Icntlon you attract Is from wishful young ladles who would like to enroll you in domdstlcliy\ Trouble is, you just like being conspicuous. Ifear Mla» Dlx: Ther* l» « v imporlnnt social *Vent «!6tf»li ' in school, I hav« mj eye ,ou .,• boy and think ho likes me. IM ask him to this particular-* because in this ease it's thfc L,, place to ask a girl, ftow tffr, make him ask met !t. Kid Answer; fiy bclrtg v«ry plelil and sweat when you 1 talk vtaf boy might coax «n Invitation >J him. , . Answer: Never, have I,, seen a sign of a .baphelor being as a You cleaning ostablishmonl and the! Hlnssule Grill, a restaurant woli! knov.-i\ in sports circles. The Phillips, Stale and New Yorker hotels, a Florist shop, a ? you put ;:w|shfu!.'v "wishful" for what? Personally, I think your •, trouble Is you would like to. rid yourself of bachelor status nnd Just : don't know how to go It. trje it is Just that you liquor store, anoth,,- restaurant, a ! ———^ & —^ bar and „ parking K nr 0 ge weroi buti lf you >? hh ; k bolng B , n E °™£ damaged. Only one hotel guest was jureil. Dr. Hoy limbeck of Grand! Rapids, by " Ami.ivin, wnun., \\il.S OVClCtlUlU Ui worla. These men, and the really! smokt . hl h | s Nl , w Yo rkcr Hotel priceless Institution which they represent, tnko hyprocritlcal abuse and suffer the infliction of supercilious compliments, diluted with The Camellia Garden Club met ifs ^ncl buts, from the great Amor- Paisley PTA will meet Wednes-i lay, December 17, at 7:30 in Friday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Steve Atkins with Mrs. L. C. Cook and Mrs. A. B. Tollett the tree. Mothers . a .f" thcrs will be able to attend the, " ""^ invite* ,.. . „ ments. decorated throughout with Christmas arrange to attend. Penny Franks and Brenda Carol Dillard will be hostescss. children's program. Tuesday, December 16 Thursday, December 18 The Beacon Sunday School Class December meeting Thursday of the First Baptist Church^will December 18, at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Chas. Rcynerson, 1510 S. Main. Co-hostesses will be Mrs. Herman Robinson, Mrs. W. R. Mosley, and Mrs. George Young. Mrs. Robert Rider, president, presided over a short business „ „ , , „, , ,. i meeting. The roll call was answer LLL.Sunday School Class of the ed w , th cach member n amihg her First Baptist hurch will have their favorilc Christmas carol. have their Christmas party Tues day night, December 1G, at 7:30 at 'the home of Mrs. Harold Walker, 108 Spruce, with Mrs. Horace Hubbard as co-hostess. Gifts will exchanged. t ft «fom»W I flftwr> «h»tt« in. Hi* su, thrwi ..-„- * Wtart W»* ^Japtffttijfeta. H lufcjwtwl $ the Gtaw- eted to m»Hc ' " *e*«fd VlfJIinin Bowdon will (tcrtpluro rvndlng. Julia Peck will, be announcer (or the pagnoijt Jn \\\is pnB«tint. Linda Roger* will portray Mory nnd J«lm Ttirn- ar will be JoitBiih. Betty BtorU win be the anxol. Other chnractew Will be; John, «on of the Inkoepec of Delh lehem, John 0r»vt«, Abratrt, youn« boy at Bethlehem, Bill F nmn, Tlrnnun, n »hephard hoy, Je.r aid Taylor, Reuben, a nhephirf, Vornon Wution, 4 other ihophetu Uenvor DicKtnion, Ut-nnlq Jone», David Roy Luwli, Hoy Tuili, Thrfl* Hobby Stewart, Billy WlHi THE NEW STANDARD OF THE AMERICAN ROAD! Hope Country Club will entertain with a formal dance for its members Tuesday night, December 16, at 8 o'clock. Hosts and hostesses will be Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Hardage, Mr. and Mrs. Galen Hobbs, and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Stewart. »htureti jiwt bbfore Vhe Nntiyity „ . ,,w w(U be the Cherubim Choir. he-4lflri9i!S.|fha. members, who come from the ttrst and second grndee ore; , , Yocom, Myrlene BrcwK», JnVonn* Joe JHffvU, ROM Ann WIU- ittmi, Dolbort Martin,, Tommv. Pijr rli, UvcnclK Sue Turrln, Beiifit Broohii' Judy Thornton, Mqry Friin He* Turner, Mttrthi J«n# Hinkle, knew•Sptrttt, -Paddy BnvU, - MSpwwrteo Aliett, ' JJmmy May, Vern R, Judy 8m»»h, Joy i _ QulWan, Thomae Alien, * Midi*, a«Um " Ka«v«y Pe r.* Qoftd, W. A, Shiny, M«»wr tntm«» • Paul Hutton, , Ll LBGrawn, Re«lnq Ne«L Judy Dug«n, Judy Ann Tedder, Ke J«w<rt Still, Jr,, on tH0 wey to 9 „, Will on Anne Wenti Cnv^ WUll»m», JJeUy Ratolirf, Mary \ Wo, ^eenen Cox, durey Cox, Wight Hampton, Orvllle Qean SUi 4 The VFW Auxiliary will meet An auction of Christmas gifts was held with each member auctioning her own gift. A dessert plate with coffee was served to the 14 members present. Melody Maids Have Meeting Saturday lean press when they should real- back and tel! this pompous monte- bank to look lo its own de- [aults and penalties. Who the devil is this great American press, what are its moral credentials, thai it sneers that industry "has learned its lesson," that Industry has abandoned a "public be damned" policy .and that rascal captains of commerce arc now perforce, but only per- room and curried to safety by Hotel Manager Oliver Goodman. Olh i j would change that, you' 22 Arkansans Back From War re very SEATTLE Other BUI-SIS were hurriedly, but ,.,7, ""rf ,„ Without panic, ordered out o'their | f, H 8 ,« „ ,l «« — Two Arkansas DaU Rules For Boy* Dear -Miss Dlx: Why don't you jtlve date rules for boys? \Vo heed them, more than girls do. It's a fact that a boy'dates a girl and wauls to know how lo bo pollto One thin* I'd Hko to know, when I'm biiby sitting (nnd boy's.do baby sit) should 1 have my tflrl over or not? N. B Answer; You arc well on your way to lenrnlng "The Wtty to it Girl's Heart," which Is the title of a leaflet to help you. A stamped, aolt-addresscd envelope Is all I need, and you'll have the info. I can also give you the names of a tow small nnd inexpensive book rooms, many still In nlghtclothes. and brought quickly by elevators Into the lobbies. The fire was discovered in tho paint simp nt 1 a. m. U spread quickly to the Ringside Grill and the cleaning shop and was blown by a sharp west wind across an alley and ignited the rear of the New Yorkcr Hotel. Seventeen companies of firemen Iho fire in ZQ-deBroc wcntlv er. Water which was poured onto force, reconciled In a fine new! the burning buildings froze quick Friday Music Club will meet for | their Christmas party Thursday I night, December 18, at 7:30 in the | Melody Maids met on Saturday home of Mrs. Talbot Feild, Jr. i morning at the home of Joyce Each member is asked to bring a ' Huckabee for their Christmas par- gift for the tree. i ty. | The house was decorated through | out with Christmas decorations. Gifts were exchanged from a social "pattern" in which "labor" is t.rcatcd wllh a deference too long withheld. What service does the press give that compares in any value to the service performed by "industry"? ly on the streets. Niyhl Manager William Renrdon of tho Phillips — u $10,000,000 abonra; the Navy Transport Gen. HuglTpJ. Gnffcy. The Gnffcy Is carrying: 1,551 passengers from tho Fur East. Listed as pnascngor!) are: Nevy "i CT-3 Luster King Jr., Corning. Fireman Allen W. Russell, Scott. Army Sgtf Laddie L. Allen, Allcln, Cpl.' Jessy W. Applelon, Pis. Pfc. Milton H. Boon, Greenwood. Cpl. Albert A. Cnrdonn, Little Rock., ached- lots lo hclp ywi acf l u ' rc dating lore Better not have a girl over when you baby sit; tot) much chance for idlo gossip! Dear Miss Dlx: We hr* 14 and IS whb wear smoke and drink occasions our boy friends, who art problem Is wo hnVo' two i ends who do not think we doing the Tight thing, ftdw; we prove to them wo ate on)y\lje mature nnd sophisticated? We tl not bo children nil our lives',' ^fl > J' Answer: Your behavior I* a Iho mnnnev of olderi s(ftrripj as being most Ititantlle and Ulu There's an oconn of difference .tween being mAture and prttfl in« to bo grown-up. Yout boy Irl and girl frlonds alike must i you nauacntlngly rlduculoili. Belt got o*t your sophisticated ,ht| horse and act Hko teen-agers, structure snid the lower floors of the hotel wore most extensively damaged by smoke. The hotel Friday, December 19 The Nandina Garden Club will have their annual Christmas par December 19, at! lighted tree after which carols led by Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, sponsor, were suns by the group, .esday night. December 16 at j 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Thomas, rcshments wer|! scrved to 25 :30 at the Hut. Hostesses will be | B. Fenwick, Jr., 217 East Hth St. | members Mrs. Alvin Willis and Mrs. Herb-j Mrs. Henry Fenwick and Mrs. Paul crt Griffin. Bain will be co-hostesses. Gifts will be exchanged The meeting place of the Rebecca Sunday School Class Christmas party of the First Baptist Church has been changed to the home of Mrs. Basil York, 226 East Hth, Tuesday nighv, December 16. Wednesday, December 17 Wisteria Karclen Club will have their Christmas party Wed- V d t Wins,, SyivlR *«*& ptw, Mioh*«l Bradmu '•nny ««ty, Wvln Noal, SAM ft *rrln\»n. To«tow KobtrU, J1 my Msrtln, Uiidn CUrk. Ch.r - With 41 ''Worth Mora" features ... IT* Worth more when you buy it... worth more when you sell it! The onlq V8 , in Hs field/ This '53 Ford Mtfi an entirely new standard for tUa American Road. For in thia big new Ford you'll find 41 "Worth More'! flwrtww that giv* you And you'U see beauty that belong^ wherever you may drijjje. When you see ttlis new Ford at your Ford Dealer's, you'U understand why ' handlp twtey'a long-diatwwa driving . . , tj» economy you want on long trips or sfiort. You'll eixjoy Fora's new Miracle Ride that brmgB you the . UM&9 «f tht thtog»V<W want., Twor* of smooth, quiet riding comfort you need . it is worth more when you buy it. . , thT things y^it^ . , v than evw for today's level parkways or rough, worth more when you^Bell ifc YouJJ " v wi»tow.pjlceftwhtotory, rutted by ways ... plus nearly effort- find 0»""Go" you new! to less steering, braking, and parking. CHRISTMAS GIFT BOOKS S The appreciated gift of Entertainment Now on Sale at Our Boxoffice SAENGER LAST DAY • Burt LANCASTER CHOICE OF V-8 OR SIX News & Color Cartoon agree that here, indeed, is the Ne\^ Standard of the American Road! few of th« 41 "Worth More" features in the) 1953 Ford Ford's fombus 110-h.p. high-cpinpffluipn Strata-Stpr has a pgrtneH or thrifty "Go," In the'101-h.p. lowfric high-compression Mileage Maker .'Six. Fprd Automatic <, Power Pilot .gives high-compression "Go" with regular gas, •- The Dahlia Garden Club will ave their Christmas luncheon at 2:30 at the home of Mrs. B. F. ohnson, 409 East 2nd, Friday, ecember 19. Mrs. J. C. Carlton, iliss Lulie Allen, and Mrs. Bevrly Johnson, Jr., will be co-host Coming and Going Mary Lee Thompson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 0. V. Thompson of Emmet, left today for several months in Florida and Cuba. Cadet George Peck, Jr., of Riverside Military Academy, Gaines- 11 v uuiiiiauu, ui., win ww V.VI-M..O*-, - . . - , sses. Members are.asked to bring' viUe, Gcprgw, is spending ..the *.., „ "., , Phristmas hhlnnvs with his nar- gift for the tree. Friendship Cass of the First Saptist Church will meet Friday ight, December 19, at 8 o'clock t the home of Mrs.' Ray Allen, 06 East 14th, instead of Tues- ay night as .originally scheduled, Sunday, December 21 A Cantata "The Music of Beth- ehem" will be presented by the hoir of the Presbyterian Chutch Sunday afternoon, December 21, at 5 o'clock. The public is cordial- y invited. Christmas hbldays with his par ents, Mr. and Mrs. George W Peck. This press, itself, is commerce, j remained open last night and toll is managed by men no more day. intelligent, noble, honest nor gen-j Thc Slnle Hotcl - however, . re erous than so many manufacturers picked at random. From fear of the insenstate "opinion" of a public which it knows loo well to respect, this press threw in with fused to take reservations or" guests last night. The Phillips, Stiito and Ne^v Yorker adjoin each other busy 12lh street and round the . SRI. .Goorjje J,' Davis,. Fnyetto- vlllc. '< ..." Cpl.' 'Henrle 'Groon\vay, Jerome,. Pfc. Omor U. Hall, Little Rock. Pfc.' Charles W. Horrln, Cpl.' Vcston H, Holcombc, Glun wood. Sfc. Charlie- L... Holllngshond, West Helena, Pfc. Andrew M. Jackson, Pine BK-ff. • Misses '\yilma Cqleraan »nd Jo Ann Shields who are attending Nurses School at Little Rock were the Sunday guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Y. C. Coleman and Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Shields. Mr. and Mrs. Hunter McCorkle of Magnolia were the guests of friends and relatives in Hope Sun< day. the covert Communist campaign,! corner on Baltimore. The Phillips m.maged through Roosevelt, his| is across 12lh from the Muelebach, wife and their anonymous intimates where President Truman has a 20 years ago, which had for its in- penthouse when he is in Kansas tcrmediale purpose the very sub- City, jugation of the people and the ma- teri'tl assets of our country which today is a confirmed condition. Its ultimate goal is Soviet slavery. The preliminary phases of that slavery are apparent even today in the status of the subjects of Dave Dubinsky, of the late Phil Murray and of Walter Reuther in the unions which this very press commends. Upon what meat have these, our monitors, been fed that, being themselves either anonymous or notorious but rarely famous Immoral courage, probity and brains, they praise American industry only with qualified compliments which should be unacceptable by decent men? Will you name some editors who tower over manufacturers? This press has been guilty of sullen suppression of the truth of unionism. It has printed a false doctrine that "good" unions were Hospital Notes Underwood—Watkins Marriage Solemnized Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Watkins of Hope announce' the marriage of | Mrs. R. P. Williams, Rosston, Mrs heir daughter, Hazel, to James I Helen Williams, Hope, Freddie Me Branch Admitted: W. C. Griffin, Hope rl. Underwood of Dallas on November 1 in Phoenix, Arizona. Mr, and Mrs. Underwood are at iome at 2904 Worthington, Dallas, Texas, where both are employed. Electoral College Casts Votes Today By JACK RUT-LEDGE •WASHINGTON (« —- TI>C nation's 531 presidentinl doctors today formally cnst their votes to elect the next chief executive of the United States. Under the Constitution, the Electoral College has the legal right if it wishes to elect Gov. Adlal Stevenson, the Democratic presidential cundidate—or anyone else. But pollsters, would bu taking almost no risk in predicting n 442 to 89 victory for Gen. Dwlght D. Eisenhower, compatible with" good American j That's the way the states' voters SKI. Douglas D. Ja'mcs, Little Rock. Cpl. James W. Ktsslaiv Friendship. Cpl. Fred R. Klein, Paris. Rgt. Audio J. Lovo, -Norphlet. Cpl. Louis M. McJunkln, Silonm Springs. Cpl. Calvin F. Mocks, Jr., Littles Rock. Cpl. Virglc Romlno Jr., Clarendon. M-Sfit. Vnn N. Sexton, Tcxar- kana. Pfc. John K. Strange, Little Rock. Dear Miss Dlx: I've been living with a man ,for three ye|rs. Hp keeps promising to marry mo but hnsn't aotton around to It. Do you think ho loves me, or has ho lost all respect for mo? -K. D Answer: Your wedldng ring Is about as far away as tho moon, Don't count on ever ncqulrlnu It. If you didn't have enough cospeet foi yourself to Infllat-.on a mtu-rlngc ceremony, be.,sure your man will be equally lacking lit respect. < Dem- Miss Dlx: I;haVo,lWQ dnutih tnrs-ln-law wh<?m I lovo vory much and I'm sure they lover mo, Wo often go dhopplnir.. toKQthcr, or to tho movies or for lunch. Many times I've asked thorn to call mo mother or mom, but thoy just smile. At first I thought they wore teasing me but, after being mar ricd to my sons for nine years, they still call me Mrs, B, MRS. B. Answer: For the life of mo, I can't sec why they continue this formality when thoy have so much personal regard for you. Thoy cor Dear Miss Dlx: Hy husband i married before. He has two eM dron by his first m«rrla||o have two, Recently >vo ha back to his homo town, w forrriqr wife and children five has "visited the youngsters,^ tholr mother suggested tha MO (or an outing somotlme want to go but my husband tt It would bo nice tf Wo^w able. What Is your •dvtc6» ' An5\vor! No ,rnatter minded one claims' W much one tries to avoia , bound to bo strained 'teounii twcon wife No. 1 and" win over nny husband.- Human ,f boInK what they are, on«*$ other or both, Is awe-to be a jonlous or resentful of tlw t ' To oBBravato this fooling by* nssriclatlon aa your husband gcsts Is unfair to both worrteni him If ho'd like to mako,«'!X,, some, Including an old<sweeth,<! of youra. The tune wlH'ch»i)gr thnt Huggostion- i Ruloascd by Ooll Syndlot^tej,,'fj showed, that among 3B who would be nuofe'd, 2<l favored a change oti some'sort,; 12 wanted to retain the college as 'it Is, and 2 recommended a study. The majority of those favoring » change rpcornmendod election by popular vote. NOTICE My office will be CLOSED UNTIL JANUARY 15, 1953 ,MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR DR. ALEXANDER RIALTO * • Today 4 Tuesday • • Joe McDpaks Comedy • • Color Cartoon • Culley, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. W. B. Smith of Hope. • Mr. and Mrs; R. P. Williams of Rosston announce the arrival of a baby boy on December 14, 1952. Julia Chester Admitted: Je*ie Atkins, Hope, Tom Wardlaw, Hope, Mrs. Herbert Lewallen, Hope, Mrs. Adolph Tylka Patmos, Mrs. Fred McClain, Kilgore, Texas, Mrs. Buck Williams, Patmos, Mrs. Carroll Yocom, Hope Discharged: Johnny Gardner of Hope, Mrs. Grady Williams, Hope, Oscar T. Mosier, Fulton. Frank O'Rorke, Hope, Tom Seymour, of Fulton. Mr. and Mrs. Buck Williams of Patmos, announce the arrival of a son,'December 14, 1952. SHIFT TO PORDQMATK-ond you'll n*v*r ihift ogain. If* Hw fln*H/mo»t vtnatita automatic dW*p «vtr, Com- the wvlny ond "Go" cJ Qwm, Ford often smooth, thrifty Overdrive. rOWH-PIVOT pend*d from above to eliminate dusty, drofty floor hglei. They give nor* «w» o^tructed floor $pa» and proviae eotier pedal operation, 'li** onofyr Ford exclusive fn thi bw-prke field. CINTIR-PtU FUillNfi^prevents Ko»* morkvtand n^e^fiHi^" easier froini either sidj, of Shorter fill |>ipe gives tr on extra swtcose. Ano which Ford^ "out front" wind*hieid, a cor. pno 1 picture win* '' now ... the '53 FORD HOPE AUTO CO. NOTICE STORE HOURS In order that we may serve our Customers Better Our Stores will be OPEN EACH NIGHT STARTING TUESDAY, DEC. 16 THROUGH WED. DEC. 24 scon STORES KinfolksFoil Bad Robber In the Act DALLAS. Tex. UP) — A 62- year-old carpenter who guessed today he'd "seen too many moving pictures" led a task force of three r- including his three-year • old grandson — into battle against a two-gun supermarket robber. The carpenter, his grandson and his friend, after witnessing the robbery, disarmed the robber, bea him over the head with pop hot ties, kicked his shins, tore away most of his clothes and snatchei away his loot. The would-be robber fled in ter ror, shouting, "I give up." Carpenter Otis Ward today wa abashed by his action. "I guess I've just been seein too many'moving pictures," h said. "I know now that it was foolish thing to do." story constitutional principles, knowing that the one concept warred upon the other and has never met the challenge to name one good union because it can't. Our press knows that »ll unions are basically private clubs Intent upon getting more money and other advantages for their memliers at the expense of till the rest, of our people. -*.£>ur press knows that the most d'aVigorous of the ( iinions are now intruding in the internal politics of many foreign countries with the connivance and financial support of our own government exactly as Soviet Russia meddled in our affairs. Our press has ignored this except to belittle the information. The press bemoaned the passing of Philip Murray whose one act in calling the steel strike this year was worse in all its effects than all the crimes of the whole un ergraduate body of Alcatraz. It was an irresponsible, Impudent vio- ation of the sovereignty of the na- ion, of several of the states anc f millions of our people which ost us countless millions. Vet Murray's political heirs have vol umes of editorials whose whole content of genuine righteousness vpuld not equal the fearless angei of one local paper against some drunken driver who had killed a child. American industry can hold it head up in any congress of editors t has fought harder than the pres and suffered more for the freedom of people and I know of no ex indicated they wanted their electors to vote today when Eisenhower, the Republican candidate, was swept into office by a record 33,927,549 votes to Stevenson's 27,311,316 last Nov. 4. However, most electors arc legally free to vote as they please. aresiion by any editor in the who! ong fight which compares wit the honest manliness pf this plai statement by Clarence B. Ran dall. the president of Inland Steel "1 have seen it all from the bt ginn^ng. I went through that blood WHITE ELEPHANT TUESDAY SPECIALS states bind electors by low to ote for the candidate who carries ic state. Nevertheless, wrong-way clcc- ors are extremely rare. Only hrne out of 14,379 electors in the lation's history have voted "for ithers than whom .they were commissioned," according to a former Electoral College president. ; Latest such case occurred In 1940 when Tennessee went • for President Truman but one of the state's 12 electors cast his vote '.or J. Strom Thurmond, States Rights candidate. The final step under the much! criticized Electoral College system comes Jan. 6 when Congress meets to record the results, with tho presiding officer of the Senate tolling off the electors' votes. Many in Congsess and out considers the present electoral system and outmoded Relic. This year's electors themselves are undecided over whether it is archaic, or should be guarded against any new-fangled changes. Some believe the college should be discarded and presidents elected by popular voters. Others fa yor retaining the present system but changing it to permit a split of 1 election votes within states. At present,. one candidate gets alji a state'* electoral votes even il he wins the state by^Juft, /« handful of popular votes. The proposed change would work, like this; If a state has 10 electors, and the popular vote was 600,000 Sheer 15. denier nylons. Regular 1.29 values. Tuesday Only TOWEL SETS Beautifully wrapped for Christmas. K< 1.39 values', I .v • Tuesday Only 9fe period of organizing by violence, to 400,000, one candidate would get a, the other 4 electoral vote; Police reconstructed this on the attempted robbery; Ward, bis three-year-old | son. Johnny Harrwell, and a car- i penter friend, Doyle Harvey, 87. I were shopping at a Safeway Sup- with its mass assaults on the gates, its goon commandos ranging from town to town breaking heads and destroying property and 1 have stood in a governor's office pleading for troops to protect the lives of innocent people. Never have I been able to forgive those who whipped up the fury of thot>e mobs and let those brutal deed* be done without a single gesture of protest." He very well might have aimed errr.arket i$it night armed man b*W up when 94 j. £. at the editors who flinched trying to reconcile this*^ bloody planned insurrection with some the younger man to try to make tb* m .te Both changes would require revision pf the Constitution, a complex process. An Associated Press spot tamp- iing of electors in several states "social" purpose, but never hesitate lo lecture the Randalls of industry on the "gains" represent- j ed by the criminal conquests of the CIO. The press has an old habit of arraigning other elements, at its great convention*, always with an implied assumption that tb#se| guests are there to confess, ex plain and express a pioitt Ladies and rnens regular $2,00 b.llfolds, Ideal iWX to-«fk fe % to thwn r«m«»>-]

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