Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on January 30, 1950 · Page 8
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 8

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Monday, January 30, 1950
Page 8
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It Monday, Jan. 3C, 1950 DETROIT FREE PRESS NORTHWEST -Pr NEWYORK SEATTLE-TACOMA . 15 OTHER FLIGHTS TO 35 CITIES Now OVERNIGHT to HAWAII 2 HOURS 9 HRS. 35 MIN. ASK ABOUT NORTHWEST'S Va FARE FAM11Y PLAN NORTHWEST c( AIRLINES Phone: WOODWARD 2-0555 or your Travel Agent WALSH INSTITUTE heath and injury recall kidnaping ZfZlTragedy Still Stalking Br owe Family A DAY Classes are now organizing to begin in January and February. Beginning classes and classes in advanced accounting, including income taxes, are available. Call WO 1-5136 or write for complete information. Tragedy has struck-again In the Browe family. The mother of the kidnaped Baby Harry Browe wa3 killed Saturday by an auto. Her husband was critically hurt. Trs Alirp Rrmvp 40 was struck down with her husband Robert 48,jless and brutal, coming traffic and apparently blinded by the lights of an approaching car. The kidnaping of 19-month-old Harry Browe on Sept. 5, 1936, seemed a crime particularly sense- as they walked on Pelham near Van Born, Dearborn Township. She was pronounced dead at the scene The Browes were far from wealthy, with six children to support in a humble home at 1468 Seventeenth. There could have ward, 21, there are 10 other children in the family. THEY ARE Robert, Jr., 17; Fate's Victims Rmwo was tnkpn tn Wavre been no hope to the kidnaper of County General Hospital with ajransom payment, broken pelvi3 and critical internal injuries. , , , , THE ORDEAL, of the Browes started that fall afternoon when MICHAEL STEFFAX, 28, of: Mrs. Browe instructed her two ,4128 Pelham, driver of the car-eldest sons. Charles, then 9, and Marion, 16; Irene, 13; Clifton, 11; August, 10; Shirley, 8: Henry, 6; Viola, 5; David, 4, and Louise, 3. The grandmother, Mrs. Marion Burgett, also lives at the Powers address. Services and burial for Mrs. Browe will be in the Michigan Memorial Cemetery at 2 p. m. Wednesday. 120 Madison Ave., Detroit 26 vvhich struck tnem. was held for investigation. A NON-PROFIT SCHOOL Buy and Sell Thiough Free Press Want Ads. Lt. Ronald LaRue, of the Sheriff's Road Patrol, said the couple was walking against on- 8-Cup ENAMEL COFFEE MAKER 79 1; paulIE?? t n mum 2Sat i ii ,J"''ti Ip r 77" i ISIII'"-- m 1 The Rush is on to PAUL'S Great aALii DAYS MlKSDAi AiixvOLGH SATURDAY 50c BARBASOL 16-oz. 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Glycerine Supp 9c 100 Soda Mint Tablets 4c 100 Cascara Sagrada, 5 gr....29o Imported Cod Liver Oil, pt 59c 75c Nupercainal Oint 39c I Doz. Lead Pencils 19c SI. 35 Pencil Sharpener 98c SI 1.45 Sun Tan Lamp, complete with stand S8.98 100 5-Grain ASPIRIN TABLETS c. s. P. T Limit "i. with Coupon USPlRINl 25c Citrate Magnesia 6 It 9 Botlll Chargt Edward, 7, to take their baby brother for an alrmsr in his car- riage in Clark Park, 14 blocks from their home. Three hours later, the boys returned home, the baby carriage empty, and a manhunt that was to assume nationwide proportions began. The boys said that as they played with other children on the swings in the park, a woman "dressed in blue" gave them money to buy ice cream and candy at a nearby confectionery. THEY LEFT the baby. On their return, they said, a man gave them another 3 cents for candy. ! When they returned a second itime, both man and woman were gone and little Harry was missing jfrom his carriage. tity and State police immediately took up the search. A week I later, the Federal Bureau of In- vestigation stepped in, tracing i tips In many other parts of the : country. Scores of crank letters were checked. The Board of Auditors I posted rewards totaling $1,000, ONE PROMISING development was the receipt by Mrs. Browe of a. postcard mailed in Detroit, picturing a Washington monastery on the reverse side. The writer asked Mrs. Browe to "please forgive me for taking your baby." "You have so many, surely you : can spare this one," the inscription continued. "He is beginning to like us and we want you to know." This clew, which police to this day believe to have been authentic, also proved fruitless. Mothers in Toronto's "baby derby," competing for a prize of $500,000 offered by a millionaire for bearing the most children in a 10-year period, were investigated. i AS THE LAST, faint clews failed and possibility that the baby! ever would be found dwindled, Mrs. ; Browe never lost hope. I In 1939, the Browes. having moved away from Sixteenth, tame bac k to the same neighbor-i hood to live in a last desperate attempt to solve the mystery, loiter they moved to a farm in Grosse Pointe Farms. The Browes were living at 20055 Powers, Dearborn Township, when the accident occurred Saturday. Besides Charles, now 23, and Ed- ! .-tfssH if mh 4 miQ) HARRY BROWE IX 1936 He's 14 now if alive ft? 1 ts X S'Vv,. S 111 mm0 iilirnin iiiiniti ilriimtifiimiriaiinrffiiiaaiiiriMl Takes "Starch" Out of Whiskers in 3 Seconds Now, a new scientific discovery revolutionizes shaving. Called Diexin (a patented ingredient found only in Krank's Shave Kreem) it makes beard soak up water like a blotter. 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