Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 13, 1952 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 13, 1952
Page 12
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HOM, ARKANSAS ,m* •••Jinan no American n«ed* a po*»porl to go to the United N»tlon». Therefore, thin d«vlce U available to tv*ry member »t«t« '-' the United Nation* <mc«pt the L'rntwl Saturday, flctembef 13. — Basketball ('.arthniie HO William Perm la 40 Okla 84 Southwestern By The AeweUted Pret* Tiilun 07 Texan Tech 53 Wnfthinfcton St. Lotii* 73 South- All Russian*. Pole*. Ukrainian*. wr ., ( ,. r n Term 33 nnd other* ot th« *nle\M<- grmipil M i HS ,,, !r l Valloy ft'J Tarkio 57 Who »re employed In th" Unllt'll ( > inro .'-<ll.i St. Louis (17 Green- Nation* are dirpolly appointed by] vj | |( . m 54 their own delegation*. A lew old- tlmo anti-Communist Cwh» remain and that In oflcm us«d an nn exhibit of fri'i»dorn from rnntrol. Th* Slnto Department, however, j ( . rt , okla 73 maintain* thnt It docs not appoint Mnryvfllc Mo. American*; In f»ct. It ln»i»t» that it K;) , 45 hand* off iwrh mailers. ilow -'••-• • ' ' Cuts TJ Aimf' (Ynlral 7.1 Kansas Wesleyan 74 Northwest- 52 Ht. Benedicts Kmporla 01 Stuttgart Tokes Another A Title By HOWARD GRAVE'S STUTTGART, I* — "That play. It's seven years old." That's what Coach Ned Moseley said about the game-winning touchdown pass that Bunny Berry „ , tossed to twin brother Charlie to B et the Big Seven Conference „„",„? „, ht . Thc play gave i..._i. :_ 4V... /,,..* I,,. II Imti ,1 Vii i a innutt •*^-*v. t M •» v »»-c- " * v ~ Stuttgart a 10-13 win over Searcy and the Ricebirds' second Class A state football title In four years. Bowl Games Big Issue of Big Seven KANSAS CITY There were indications today that a move back in the football bowl business was ({(lining impetus. Four Big Scvon coaches went on record yesterday as favoring a tltup with "another conference" for post season bowl «amcs. Don Faurot, head football coach] at Missouri,: Pork4r Cagers Meet Strong Mississippi By The Asoclated Press Four Southwest Conference quintets try to improve the loop's .087 Intersectional record in tonight's t „, 13 . 12 wilh . one minute and 45 second remain- games . Arkansas, Baylor. Ricu ana Southern Methodist all see action in an effort to polish the mark of rl(ii««r It nnppcn that 10 rnnny| j.- t . Leonard Wood 71 MtKvmlrec e'blgKfrC Job" hi'V '"''"ir-i-ly , ;0 •'"»! athletic director ., „„..,„..,• apr , a , i)M:r| employer! In one rl.-piii lit.onl! >,, f ,ri;i 'Cuts 79 Baldwin-Wai-; and football Coach Jules V. Sikes. Guard Robcrl Harshaw recover- i,r other of the fiownim.'Mt of Ih.ij ..„. W i of Kansas, said ^speeches^ yes- ^ ^ , umb , e by Searcy's Don Chris- f by the Stain dor* it hwpppii tnat runny who wro 1 flrctl from our Government us »•••• nirlty risks, found their way Into, ,,!ih,-asl lj« 71 iVtWriPd "th«<m Irom the* tlm Unn><l Niillonit? xtMixittnlnt of ««'r'urlty. The nrn»wii the door for thorn? that Arlrhm S, FUher, lfi«»l advlner further. It him Whu . the redcrnl Orand York «nd the McCnr- H wn»i that lit', u» tl>'^ l»w offline tit thw Sialu Department, I,. II hnw this In clone. Also on ONLY ids ONI lf*mnw:l f- 1268 STAR N-23-lni MATtrt1S8S rowivutlim nnd Inru'r *prlng Cobb MiUtrWM Co., 3IO S, Wnnhlnitloii, Pboiic 1*17 •4 ) *<**Mh« Jy %«ki$MiNO •«$&»•' T4 TU ottarnoon by jJfr'Tr»«. Mint , W»l«ut ftr*«t, H, H(»m»r, Mt<h> N-2.VIM IF YOU' want to drink, that'* your ifvinlntmii, If you wnnt quit, that'* our buslnocn. Alco l.ollcg Anonymous, P. 0. Hox SOU, N-lll-Un tho»« It-rday Ihat Iht-y definitely ; ;i bowl lleup wilh anolher Central foienee. ' Bill Glassford, Nebraska foot! | i.oach, said he felt a bowl tilftipj AllhouKh paper was used In Chi- i would be a "fine agreement." Anna :it » v«'i'y «'arly dale. It became'other conference coach, K. H. Abe •italcrl lo -/vjnliii,!'' t" lh<- rust of the world \ Slubert of Iowa State, said ho middle of thu Bill Cen-i tbouKht it would be a "good thing." thin on the. Lions' the touchdown play. Earle Class ures title to .II-.COV,-, the fuels ; ,h"Ut M.e • ._ ,( K"V- K>'( th linns herein outlined. Otbi.-rwist-, Hi,, nivi-stiKiition makrs no sense. Trui-. ihi-ri- is som v.rci.' iluiili !•(<>(• ifl a ry nnd CiirllHlo It- I), Illckoriion, Ansmtnnt i.f Htnttf for U,N, A»«lrn SorrDtnry for AdinlnlHtrn- b««.n w'lk'h-himliriK I" "iiy resprclj pH-illi-d uncl but bus cmiKhl Ihi- subversive- ilcv tost miiir«tjulrr«si dog. if found noli- fy Chentor 8li.>i>livns, Ulovliu, lU-ui Nation* employs » M* i KI- "T " •ft illiy I inivr», int: »»t, »i n i*i|-n«« lt ,- U-dtorn. he-ad* of dppnrtnu'ntn. ||lnll| , 1 n ,,,|, ( ., Kj |, ( rniUvp with tin' Mi down to janitor* nnd caretaker*. :»<ur,c of ihn*o pomorw comrs in by fXinnlniitkm on a kind of Civil »erv- |oc. OthcrB iirw hired becnu«i' of Ui'-lr r«!|)Ui«llo«u nnd known skill.'!. Thi'y r«>pr«»4>nt many n«t|on» nwl tipimk of ttu'insulve* us' Intornu- Uofml utflclnl*. TbiTt? »p«,Mn» to be ft quotn »ys- ti-ni, MO innny allotted to cuch country in prevent any one country from h!ivlii« n monopoly,"-All cmm- u h's, except thu United Stnlos, cnn fontrnl tholt 1 own pornonru'l In th«. Undi'il Nntlonii by ilmplu p«»*port m numi'uwntii. In n word, If they do not wnnt n tmm or woman to bi Hint If Ihi! UnlU-il Niillon . n-iiuln-n tury A.D. ficfcnrlly Infnniirillon from , orrmu'iit. it l« possible in faclB offk-lnlly In a very short tluii!.! pi-iluips within n fortril(!ht. Tin- re-' Him of r(--<|Ui-!ilod data from tno. ( jj, ( . ovi . r i n( , Ami-rieans in the Unil- Stnto ni'prirlrrn'rit l» always d'-lay-; (M j N ,n,,i,.f who will not .speak <-d. Why the dr-lny? sllilc for tho delay? Kvon now, iiftrr Try^vc- I,li- has, , M( ,| V i rllsiiii'iM-il 18 Anit'rirnns who hiivoi |.-,. drmiHiHli'iitiv.l lhal lb' v y itro sceu-' l:iiiv- ..•-•,,,.,,..* , - < - , .. ' illy rinks, tbi.' Stntc Dr-pnrlnii-nl I 1 '---'ii,ni I:; not to "nol" imyhoriy, bull L ' Kaurot, in a talk before a fa- FORREST CITY Wl—The Crilten- den County hamlet of Earle pop.! Norman. six wins and three losses thus far tho' In non-conference play. Texas A&M lost to Northwestern College of Louisiana, 58-53, and,|| Texas Christian whipped Abilene Christian College, 05-55, last night to let Ihe conference break even in the lalcsl games. Tonight, it's Arkansas' Razorbacks against Mississippi Slate at Fnycltcville,. Baylor vs. Southwest Texas Stale al Waco, Kice vs. Kansas al Houslon; and Southern Methodist against Oklahoma ut ithi'i-.sim football meeting in Clay-j2,375 today boasted the Arkansas 'ton, Mo., said he saw nothing j class B high school football chain- thanks lo a reserve full- wri-nK wilh bowl games in gcncr- " " , .-•:;,! and that a ticup wilh another e I'Xfltrment in conlerence would be desirable. lit mipon-j , it)()lll (..spiniiam- without fi-:irini;j ! lli:il tliey will im-riminati; them-i ^clvi's. liul that is not (.'noii|{h. i i; thf sliintlpoinl of a Irnis-i commitli-t', what is lmpor-| Sikes, speaking al about the same lime at Warrcnsburg, Mo., went so far as to predict that within two years the Big Seven Highly-regarded Arkansas was surprise loser, o4-(>0. Wednesday in its season opener against Tulsa and will be trjin;; to gel in the win column against Mississippi State. with the Southwest Conference in »f Clmui*H*n» l.&.WWi'n'W t.rrtu.~ Bureau In BED K*i«t. hlhi'i-nl Ilew/inl. If found ronliict Nitwl lluiuly. HUO VV, Oil). IMioiu- 7-l;!lH, IKi» lind the process by which; Citrran C'ormiillti't 1 whii.-li !KI* not'; UK- sccurily of the country is irn-| Cotlon Bowl at Dallas. The Kansas coach said he Billy Gene Woodruff, ably assisted by All-Stale Halfback Jimmy „_. Morgan, sparked Ihe Bulldogs lo a Baylor, victor over Lamar lech rousaitt 38-13 triumph over the Car- in its opener Thursday, is expec-i ' ed to have its hands full against Southwest Texas. Rice looks good against Kansas, last year's national champs who lost their stars in graduation. But the Osvls, 75-59 winners in --- -- - .. on the neutral field 11 have a playing agreement! ] us t night in the finals of the playoff. Woodruff had a field night, dom- , mating the play on offensive, and liuvod the NCAA would forde all! backing the line in fine fashion on phiKHinK lo pass up Ihe boles. to tie IN rod-handed, some of them fi-iir-j altitude of Hit; State Depart intt to U'ullfy « !1 l " whi-tln-r Ihry 1 nii'iii lias thus far boen U: hiivir (MiKHWi'd In they Incriinliuite thomstnves The McCnrriin Commltli oorillnue UN inve.sliKnllon , Elsenhower baa bi-eoino: ihi 1 M; lU-nerai li-i'isla-i "'•' wl K am es ''l-ljelferences. He said that tie up is made the Big continue its ban on post season i cc picd a pass Vuhvcrsivi's i games siime only four of the mem- Kaile tally. ,", i,,'.',', bcr< — Oklahoma, Kansas, Mis- 1 iTIiiM <|iif!ition may roll over iiKO:^ 1 -. ,/•.,„«.,<, c,.,,,, _ f., V( ,r wll|!s.-niilr.r Wiley's Commillee on Kor-j soun aiid^Kanaua State - favot iiftf:-ii-is:ii Hi'liiHoiis. wliicli supoi vises • ^ ^^ ^.^ ^ ^^ presidents. r. Geurfie L. Cross ol Oklahoma said he be- maUllg the play on offensive, and lost their stars in graduation, wui )uld forde all backing the line in fine fashion on the Owls, 75-50 winners in tneic^ up with con-1 defense. The sub scored one touch-1 first game of tho season against lat unless a| down- did most of the rushing on gain Houston State, are not ex- Jig Seven will another scoring drive, and inter- peeled lo have an easy evening to set up a third raploriaKi! lest] |i>rf''c'<.'iice I for Ihe who will the Judiciary Committeo, already nnnouncotl that bo the policy of his and s Commilleo on Kxpundltures. .o" S n.ilo fcxecu With lhe.se cotnmittrfs conpi-i-at- . "Person..lly, I think it's a good Seii.-ilor Homer Kernuxon if the sub-eiunmiUe CuiPmlUci-.l Dep-ii'lmont will will In.' (KM.-d lo disclose Hop* 9ln'"m"H«wpM»«i irwl'Mitlur rthi ',,„„.,..,, .as 1,60 2,60 1.10 <l', 50 1300 The Negro Community •y Htl*n Turntr Phons 7-4474 Or bring Itomi to Ml« Turnof •t Hloki Pun«ral Horn* em vml by lh» United Nations,! In rh«r«e of the su b-eonmuUee :;;;,!•»=: L:rt,^£r-=:S;rt« - ' - niatti'i- who long it lakes. al the process, Ihe Stale ultimalely Ihe truth, olvi'cl and hov idea." Bui Chancellor ft. G. Gustavson f Nebraska declared: "1 am opposed to bowl games. Millsaps Down Hendrix Cagers JACKSON, Miss. UP) — Millsaps scored two free throws in the latt minute of an overtime period to defeat Hendrix College ol Arkansas 57-55 and win its first bas- have bot-n do i:; interfere with cduculion. Is bound *t»rviwit for Mrs, Uu « Hood wl!l bt* hold Svntdny, Ut W J ••nnaimmi, IIHII mill r TTT Ijl^-^^T, rtVC\W J^\^~ a,,d will be. AU they; ketbull game after five losses After Ihe game ended 51-51 Hendrix went ahead 55-51 in the overlime but Millsaps deadlocked the game again and then won on free throws by Glenn Cain and Peyton Wecms. Hendrix Forward Billy Letter was high scorer with 23 points. Johnny Morris had 18 to lead Millsaps. wilh Ihe Jayhawkers.. The SMU-Oklahoma affair _ai Ko'-man probably will be the tifi'n'.- cst game of Ihe evening. The Soon- ers lost a 47-4U tussle to Texas Wednesday while the Ponies lost, 55-5B, . Thursday lo Hardin-Simmons' Cowboys. Thc Texas Aggies led Northern Louisiana for three quarters* last night only to watch Ihe Demons lake over in the final frame to pull out ol College Station with a win. The loss evened the sua- win. son for A&M, Junior Rose Bowl Game Today University of Houslon lier in Ihe week. downed the (J5-59, ear- OHAVTBR TWlNTY-POUn 1'HUiaiD Sifter PrlsclUa's nnd D a v I a'li w«ddl»f , Old Mrs. died U> hor «he T«nn,, 80$ t«>«i» unfi-nl Ht'rvU'ws for Sid Jones will b« hold Sunday. Dec, U, ut Provldnnw OnptUt church »t lO.ao ,HV svlth Hlck» Kunoml Home l» t«r »l W*l '_J£ ,„. a" '»** Study Count " . m, * v • * t . >i ,> 'i.. B time, Text! furnished 8005 For -h On« Chriitmoi Gift {•Won't Exchange " l.jjlft Certificates had hoped «h« *«uld{ Rfld tt was when «he « Hood will b^ hold Hvwiuiy, uto. when «ne WM t«vin|| wr :, «t lh« MelhodiM church In Mf- mother's hO«»« to go b»OK «b, with lllt'ks t''im»vul Hwnio In j own, after th« funeral, Inftt what SlrtW Thereiw hnU »ajd— that t» ft Chapel at 81, Margaret'* WM Ww«y» »P«n- 8h« wonderwi now Why «ht had nov«r thought ot U twfore-^how oouid hav« bolpod thinking of KtsrvU't'8 for Mrs, Kelly will bo held 8imdti.v. IX-c, H ni Ooff Chtuwl CMK cluu'cb ut p.m. with lllek* Ihmeral Hume H ohnrgQ. Ourtttl will bis In St, ••cter oo T. Jacki*«u (Ilvd in Wock, Pridny »ec, 18, runu-ul ui- fetfhfc KUirfi flfHtn-rtwny will ni Mt. Vaon CMIU churcl Sunday night, JJeu, U. Thw l« invited, Mrs, Dorothy Thompson »md dun Ijhtcr Wft (Vittay vvlwfe they wll join tlutir 'hutiband nhd fnthor, l..t Dill Thor»pj«o;s in Joolin, Mi>, t botoro, Bh« walk«d the Sqimro and went * orOM wt «tep«. A* she did ao, «h« noUo«d,,t«r the drat time, tho w$rd« grfcvwt on the uvch above u»o Atari _ JHQK AUUU8TA A» MjaUSTA Thu portix'M who wiBWerod her ring r«ooKnl»oU ber, though It was BO tang Bineo «tt* had vti)t«d there, only one possible source ol communion left, tho conviction that sho waa wholly alono began lo loao Ita torrors and its strength. It appeared that there were, at'tr-r nil, n number of persons to whom Bho mattered and who mattorud to her; In tho preoccupation of hor thoughta which were centered on David and In the companionship with hor grandmother, Bho nml underestimated the importance ot theao other persona In nor life. Now this became apparent, nnd U scomod lo Ucr that tho revelation sprang from tho same source to which Bho had appealed; by aaklng tor Dlvluo sustenance, she had boen granted tho power to find human sustenance also. The next tlmo Brian cunie, sho told nim something quite different- She could not nave said why she and who was himself a recently returned "hero" into the bargain ? A.S tho campaign advanced, Emily formed the habit ot listcn- Ing to the political nowa as it came over the radio. Brian not inirequeiHly eluded his lieutenants and also put in an appearance. Kmlly had come to recognize tho probability ot such brief visits, which she neither fostered nor discouraged; inn it had not entered her head that Brian would maKe one on election night, or that she would hoar from him directly until tho following morning. However, when tho returns began to come in, ho called her over a private wire, nnd told her that the contest wns "too close to bo comfortable." An hour or so Inter, ho telephoned aguin and said he wanted to sco PASADENA, Calif. W — Bacone College from Muskogec, Okla., and Hartncll Junior College from Salinas, Cqlif., clash today in the seventh annual Junior Rose Bowl game, with the visitors from the soulhwost favored to win. Kickoff time is 3:30 p. m. central standard lime. Upwards of yO.OOO were expecled lo see the game between two of Ihe nation's best junior college teams. Bacone, with a lineup liberally .sprinkled wilh Indians. waded through nine foes this past season Thc ostrich is the-.largest living bird. Male ostriches may be 8 feelV; tall and weigh 300 pounds. PRESCOTT and working on a winning streak that extends back 17 games. Hartnoll won 10 straight this year and had not been defeated in 13 games. California Jaycces have won five of the six games slaged. Only Lillle Rock, Ark., was able lo come oul on lop for the so-called Prescott HD Club Has December Meeting The Prescott Home Demonstration Club met Tuesday afternoon, December 9 with Mrs. Sid Purtle, at her home. The home was beautifully decorated, carrying out the Christmas theme. On the door was a Christmas wreath fashioned from pine cones and evergreen. In the living room the mantel was decorated with an arrange- Pui-tle and Mrs. Watson Wilson. Mary Beth Bryson distributed the gifls from Ihe Iree and the class, presented Mrs. Bryson with a lovely gift. A salad plate in the Christmas motif was served to 24 members. Christmas corsages were given as avors. wanted to, Out the tact remained votoo, ••*auV«l^ttT«yWch in"-" •"«•- »«* Mutually. «« «• ™SS^ C sr js-Jsssr-- her at once. "You can't leave headquarters now, can you?" sho asked, genu- . Not quite y«u I Jmrt yrtmt to go up to the chapel, It I may." "CerUUnly, Mra. Fleltt. I thlnK you Know Ui* way. Ot oounw I'd bo glad to com* along, Or would you ralhor tx> ft lone 7" "Yes, t do Know ttw way, A»»d tlmnk you, but I would rather go Pvt, J, H. Miuils.-Uo of Cultforni Bho went up to the UtUe chapel Mrs. DiuktJ and Knelt down. She did not try to pray; « waa to long elnc« she had really pray«K» that ah« Knew Is vl*lllni! hi* Mwt!»k»itxn and other , she had stopped going, at nrsi because of Homer Lathrop's cynicism, onu later, because aho found that a like cynicism nad crept through her own being. Then eho told mm how she had gone there again, the day ot her grandmother's funeral, for no other reason than because ahe tell enttrfily alone m : |Lh« world and because «he could think of no outer.'pUkCft to go. 'i don't Know how anyone's going to stop me, if 1 Just walk out. Nobody's put a ball and chain on mo yet." "But—" ' "Stop saying 'But". A3 I've told m before, I wish it weren't such tavorlto word or yours. I'm coming, but you're right, I haven't got much nine to spare, and the longer we talk over the telephone, tho less time wu'll liavo to talk face to face. Ooodby." you SHOE SHOP ii>« ike HOP Although U is ".MjtUn'i'd that dry »»nd wttwu has teen d»prnM»d to form dpep oe«j«n«» there U little evidence to uh«\v thai dwp ocean Ueds over have bi»ci\ elevated to term land. «h« couUI not do ao now. But grud uaUy the tense of peace and tho nwar«n«u ot Dlvtmty which had come to her «o many y«»ra below, in tuu mune place, permeated her 8h| raited her eyca easterners, defeating Santa Ana in mcn j o f evergreens with miniature 19-19. | snow men and Santa flanked by Last year Pasadena City Col-i h lu .i cane lamps holding red can- logu won a thriller from Tyler, Tex., 28-26. Bacone fielded one ot tho best offensive teams in the land, piling up 383 points to opponenls' 86. Hurtnull scored '^60 points held their foes to 5B. and dies. In front of the picture window was a most atlractive silvered Christmas tree decked with bril lant colored ornaments. After the brief business session ICS Announcing the opening of SAMUELS INSURANCE AGENCY tt}l R, Olvl»»on Phone Rtpr«t»ntln B only the to the cruoinx ou the altar. "1 navo to go evlong alone, aha murmured. •Tfhfw Un't anyone ion . you will. with me now. Unlow CHRISTMAS TREES Early MONTS Nothing U bard all the time; there )• always an ebb and now to trouble, )u«t M there U to the fimtly ttad h«ard her grandmother say this dosena ot Umaa. Now, wbett the le*»t axpoct*! this, ahe tound out the full ton» ot its truth. Th« l«rrlbl* lon«llne«a which had enxutf«d u«r after David'* nvarrt- a«« wa Old Mra, Forbes* death • • • ....... • ----- •- abort wall*. part- did not Jest'wfih" her this time, or ftsU her lnopporU«vv<lu*atlona. He listened attentively^ gravely until she had fmianed telling nlra everything them wai in hor heart to Bay. They sat In companionable si- lencw for aomo momenta. Then Emily realised that Brian was not crftvo any longer, that h« WM grinning again and that there waa a twinkle tn his eye wWoh waa not without a spark ot harmless malice. "Do you remember that tho day you took auch exception to my technique a* a suitor. 1 asked you whether you were troubled about the possibility that I might drink too much, and you said U really wasn't any affair ot youraY" "Yet, I remember. "Well, you tempt me to make a similar answer. Why should I be troubled about your religion—unless tt la some affair ot mtnoY a • urprtaingty «ta i}*** Una «u» because ahe wa« no bAuy bad n» t«4»ur* ; BB» and v«ry utUo tor u WM also kept few "wWoh WANTED 5000 TELEPHONE POLES ahe WM per* tn 1?u* P«rtao> peponal i*«uit Why should you think I would be, unless you're ready to admit that It tat" „ . She rose hastily and walked away trow him, conscious ot a Qamlng face. He caught up with her and put his arm around her. "Sure and «'«i " ^ neea," he said Within live minuter, he appeared, in the whirlwind fashion which had always been more or less normal tor him, but which had been Intensified oy his recent violent ac- tlvltlea. He went up to Emily and put his hands under her elbows, not roughly, as he had done once before, but nonetheless flrmly, "Listen," he said, "this thing Is getting closer and closer. I still think I'm going to win. I meant to aak you. again, to marry me. after I was suro 1 had. But I changed my mind. I decided I'd rather ask you before I waa sure. I decided I'd got to find out whether you had enough faith in me to believe that, even it I lose now, I'll win some other time." ' "I've got all kinds of faith in you, Briny," "1 know you don't care for me the way you cared for Roger, much less the way you cared for David. j know you never wilJ- But you care In another way and it's a Meridian Hires Same Pilot MERIDIAN, Miss. I.-V) — Tommy Davis, who piloted the Meridian Millers to their first Cotton States League pennant, has n contract to manage the Class CLbaseball team again next season.* Meridin won the regular season title and the playoff under Davis' managership. presided over by Mrs. Purtle in the absence of the prcs, Mrs. Sew ell Munn, Mrs. Madge Burgess HD Agent, gave a very interesting, demonstration on making holida candles. . Each member carrying a Chris mas decorating idea gave a shoi talk on the ineteil used in prepai ing their exhibit and their usw During the social hour the ho toss served a delicious dessert YWA Has Organization Meeting The Young Women's Association o£ the First Baptist Church was organized at a meeting Tuesday evening in the home of Mrs. Cli£- <t ford Johnson, counselor. Officers elected were: President Marina Ann Mitchell, vice-president, Alma Lois Fen-ell, program, chairman, Virginia Johnson, secretary-treasurer, Sharla Rae Evans. All unmarried girls 17 or over who are interested in becoming a member of ihis Auxiliary lo WMU are asked to see one of these officers. The next meeting will be Dccem-^ ber 23. V Members enjoyed cold drinks and pop corn. plate in the Chnslmas motif to the 13 members present and to Mrs Burgess. Fights Last Night By The , Associated Press , NEW YORK — Johnny Saxton, a Christmas party for the pleasure 147 Brooklyn, knocked out Paul; of members of the Needlecraft club ' __. ~, • i A i- . ;.. i. «»•..•. An T*i itusHau avnn ftl ff Needlecraft Club Has Christmas Party Miss Hazel Matlock and Miss Dorothy Bradford entertained with Perez, 143, Matanzas, Cuba, 1. WEST PALM BPACH. Florida — Sonny Luciano, 141, Paterson, N.J. outpointed Antonio Alvarez, H2, Barcelona, Spain, 10. Slnco you've got so >' ou ou £ht to w»Ui ah* did ov*r to deliberation were defl- niteiy a«i »j>»rt Iron* few numerous the course of «very day, ah* went to St. Margaret's Chap^J. tt only fur a lew minutes; «tt4 every 'she all the rest of it, to trip you" up Uke thau But this time. I'm going to nave Just one wee kiss and nothing you'll say wttl stop m*. either." She did not see turn alone again tune, pai'Uy tocausi? her Uuasel) moved in upon her almost uumediateAy thereafter, and took over the house. good way much fait] . . bo able to take my word for It that I'm right again. And you know I love you with all my heart and soul. Will you marry me whether I win or lose? Yes or noT" "Yes!" Emily said, It was two o'clock in the morn- Ing when lie came back for her. They did not say much to each oth.-r in the course of their drive to South Boston. Brian had given lua lieutenants the slip again, with great difficulty this time, and he knew he would have to drive fast to get home before they caught up Meet Needs, Advises Dr. Caldwell LITTLE ROCK I* — The one way in which individual states can stop ilu'ir authority from "migrating to Washington is to demonstrate that the state government is competent to meet the needs of the at their home on Tuesday evening. Nandina berries and decorations in the Yule motif decorated the party rooms. The 21 members and guests, Miss Opal Daniel and Mrs. Lee McCain of Hope, Miss Nettie Lee Hesterly of Camden and little Miss Sharon Dewoody were presented Christmas corsages ESA Has Business Meeting Alpha Omicron chapter, ESA met for a call business meeting in the home of Mrs. J. R. Bemis. Mrs. J. T. Worthington presided. Mrs. J, V. McMahen read the minutes. Mrs, Frank Haltom Jr. treasurer, reported a nice profit from Chrislmas carfl and stalionary^ sales. The sorority will sponsor the annual March of Dimes dance to be held at Ihe Lawson Hotel on New Years Eve. All proceeds will be given to the local polio fund. Tickels will be on sale in the near future for $1.00 per person. At the i door on New Years Eve will be $1.50. The ten members present enjoyed iced drinks during the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Harrell Ilines and Hiues motored There was a gift exchange from: Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hiues eaily decorated tree. «> Texarkana Tuseday. a gaily A dainty dessert course was served by the hostess. Euzelian SS Class Has Annual Christmas Party people," says Dr. John T. Caldwell. Members of the Euzelian Sunday The president of the University school Class of the First Baptist of Arkansas spoke yesterday at the; churcn en j O yed their annual Christ ' Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Baldwin of Oklahoma Ciiy have been Ihe recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hurt. Mrs. Baldwin is thu form er Miss Ann Hart. Mr. and Mrs. Don Cavanah were ^f' 9th biennial Arkansas Legislative !^*' aus ' V p a 7ty"'irf the "home of their j Tuesday visitors In Texarkana. Institute, held to acquaint embryo! leacner> Mrs. Edward Bryson. —' lesiglaU'i-s with their duties and legislative procedures. evening with Mrs. Janie jjae Lucas. Mrs. Claud Cox. Mrs. Dr. Caldwell told 65 legislators, watsoTr'tTuchanan, Mrs. CorbettjMrs. J. H. Bemis, while th newcomers and veterans. that| e and Mrs Morrison McLeHger is in Cleveland, Ohio Ha , e and Mrs Morrison ' Mrs. Sob Pledger of Dallas is the guest of her parents, Mr. and while Mr. Pled- on busi- legislative bodies, more than the; j a(M j' ass0 ciate hostesses. ness. judicial or executive branches, determine the character of govern- went. This true, he said, despite quiet She eut direcUoua. Brian won. "conscious of no trot {down, tn the primaries, rue only DO growing tor I other contestant for the nonuna- not even any |Uou was an oW ward heeler whose as &8 with him. But they still had not recent tendencies lo concentrate done so when he opened the door ot his father's house and all tha family rushed forward to meet - waved his hat with his a aw on our way he cried. "But stop tn here more and more power in the executive branch. The entrance table held a small gift tree and as each member ar-i Mrs. John A. Davis accompan rived they placed a gift under it! led Mrs. John P. Cox and Mrs. for exchange. The spacious living; Lamar Cox of Hope to Little Roc* room was beautifuly decorated in; Tuesday. 1 the red and green motif. Recordits W- McKay Skillman to of Christmas music were softly' Mr. and Mrs. Dan Piuman Jr., played during the entire evening., have returned from several days The president, Mrs. Howard GraiSlay in Little Rock. H ! ham. conducted the business. ' " ! — - - - .-„.-— Mrs j T Worthingten and Mrs. Bob Reynolds spent Tuesday in, Texarkana. ONE MORE CHANCE »E^^^!-^3WSffS« ****• son. Christmas carols wer« sung and game* directed by t&« hostesses w|U regret ot Mrs. A- B. Gordon she is ill »t b*Jf ' Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor *'•* H. W«*hburn___ •ringing Government Back Home It Job That Has to Be Done , K II we arc ever going to bring > <%Tfl>vernmcnt "back home to the people" we'll have to figure out some better fiscal setup than the one we now have in the 75 county courthouses of Arkansas. The list of delinquent personal property taxes for Hcmpstead j t county, just published by this news-1 paper, shows taxes unpaid on $215,-1 985 valuation. For Hope School | District 1-A alone, with its 25-mill tax, this represents a revenue loss *4-of $5,300.62. Among the delinquent accounts was that of Bechtel corporation, Internationally known construclion outfit which put a huge pipeline through here. Notwithstanding the fact that Bechlel's men lived with us for a while, used our local schools and other facilities, includ- ! ing some damage to highways, the corporation moved on without pay_ ing taxes on a personal asscss- .•Sjrnent of $13,475 — a total delinquent 'Max bill of $709.53. There are some errors in the list, inevitably; but by and large it must be assumed to be correct. Its unpaid tax total reflects npt so much on our county or its offi-! cials as it docs on, (1) The antiquated tax . law structure under which all of Arkansas' county governments operate, and (21 The disregard of the people themselves ,».for personal property taxes. For a long time, now, we have gotten into the habit of importing tax money instead of footing our fair share here at home, under the illusion that we were saving ourselves some financial grief. And yet everyone, whether he files a federal corporation income tax, makes a personal declaration for federal income tax purposes, or merely sees federal income tax „ deducted from his pay check as *" "Withholding", knows that instead of escaping grief he has literally heaped it upon himself. And so I read in "This Week," national magazine which is distributed with metropolitan Sunday newspapers, that the 65 billion dollars which American taxpayers put into the federal treasury for the fiscal year ending last June 30 amounted to a tax bill of $415 for every man, woman, and child, in Hope Star ' *'*$ ;,X^hi WtATMtR ARKANSAS: Generally f*|l, »M»d rathe* cold tiiil tonight, Ihiesday. PatW warmer. Lowest tonight 23 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 53 Star at Hen* 1l*f. Prati 1*27 ConioHdat*4 Jan. II, 1M» HOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1952 MtmkMi tht A*M«IMMI Pm« * Awttt •«N«t •' CNMlMI A*. MM Paid CMV • M«fc IftiMl l«»t.10, t»M — »,*14 ' PRICE 5c country. And this $415-per-capita tax "—, ASK THE BIG BOSS" — Charles E. Wilson, left, designated to be Secretary of Defense In the Elsenhower cabinet, replied to questions about the war In Korea, with: "You'll have to ask the big boss about that," upon arriving in Austin, Tex., after the mid-Pacific meeting with President-elect Dwight Elsenhower. From left: Wilson; Gov. Allen Shivers, of Texas; George Humphrey. Treasury Secretary-designate, and Gen. Omar Bradley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Wilson stopped in Austin to confer with Governor Shivers. burden compares with only $600 (personal exemption figure in U. Si income tax law) as the government's own estimate of what is required to keep a person alive for a year. Literally we have thrown away a person's living — and now we're paying for it. We didn't dodge anything at all, •I*-years ago, when we found it convenient to overlook paying local tax bills at home. Now we don't even control the major part of the taxes we pay — for when local c6mmunities look to stato and federal government for help the authority and control over taxes passes away from the homo county-seat to Little Rock and Washington. There is some improvement in the local assessment and tax-collection picture at the local level. '!Pl note in the Arkansas Recorder for December 12, state news digest, that anticipated local tax revenue for the school districts of Hempstead county in the current school fiscal year are $341,494, against $205,395 for a year ago. There is an indicated gain also in Nevada county, $161j9.49 against $146,235; and in Howard county, $159,710 as compared to $141,409. But these increases are no mea- of what actually has to be done, in view of the certainty of smaller state aid, and the likelihood of slashes in federal -grants. Tho Joint Tax Revision Commit- Many Stores to Close Two Days for Christmas At the Monday morning Retail Merchants Breakfast, the group voted to close business houses December 25 and 26 for Christmas and to be closed on New Year's Day, January 1. The group urges full cooperation in these closing dales. It had already been decided that extra open hours for the Christmas season would be until 8 p.m Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, December 22, 23, and 24. The Retail Merchants Division ol .he Hope Chamber of Commerce is interested that a great numbei of homes be decorated so that the judges for thu first prize of $25, second prize of $15, and third prize of' $10 will have a wide selection. it is the feeling that decorating the outside of homes will add to the Christmas spirit of our community. Announcement is also made that the Monday morning Merchant's Breakfast will be discontinued until Monday, January 5 C. C. Jones, 79, Dies at Home Near Hope C. C. Jones, aged 79, resident: of Hcmpstead, died at his home near Hope Saturday. He is survived by his wife, two sons, Lex of Patmos, Dorsey of. Shreveport, one brother, Walter Jones and a sister, Mrs. H. E. Sims, both of Hope. Funeral services were held a1 2:30 p.m. Sunday at Mt. Nebo, near Patmos. Paisley to Combine Yule, Father's Night Father's Night will be combined with Paisley School's traditional Christmas program Wednesday night at 7:30 in the school auditorium. An all girl vested choir will car ry the story from Luke in old familiar Christmas Carols. Mem bers of the choir are: Judy Crotn er, Paulet.te Fagan, Pam Aslin. Penny Roberts, Violet TonncmaUer Jo Carolyn Lewis, Linda Clark. Margaret Ellis, Betty Smith, Patsy ratcher> Jane tee, which served in an advisory ? ratc ; nrer ' Jane Ma y- capacity at the invitation of Gov- l en ' ^ a ° m A? in ' lai:r ; Darlt!n e Bra wnor-elect Francis Cherry, recommended last month that county tax assessors be made appointive man, Jo Ann David, Janell Robin son, Bonnie Jean Clark, Georganno Lowe, Ann Sprague, Virginia Hamp instead of elective - and I know ° n ' Barbara Ann Gaines, Alicea lot of citizens immediately jump- to the conclusion that this was proposal to take the taxing authority away from the county-seat and give it to the state government in Little Rock. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, if ypu read even the highlights of the Joint Committee's recommendations you know that the proposal is to have the tax assessor named t>y a ****** Selection Board, compris- ag the county judge, .the chairman of the county board of education, and a representative of all tbe cities in the county to be selected py the mayors. Furthermore, the Joint Commit. tee stipulated that "rates of taxation of each level of local government should be determined by popular vote," that the local budget should be voted on every year local citizens, and, as a final guard, a maximum limit on ge should be restored to the state constitution (it was knockec put, as you recall, under Amendment 40. which this ^newspaper lM4*t to the bitter end). I ought to mention, in closing, that one ol the guidtag lights for tfe Joint Committee l*»t month the low* Local Budget La w rant, Joyce Bowden, Ruby Emily VIcBay, Mary Ellen Stevenson, Sa ah Lou Ellis, Valdene Tonnemak- r, Judith Percell, Helen Martin. Annie Brooks, Marilyn Wills, Kay Continued on Page Two with; they present the proposed budget for the new year, with the proposed tax levy -t- and, if a east three citizens fdon't object ,his .is the new year's budget an< ax'bill. But if three do. object the budge goes to the State Board of Appea (or Tax Comjnission}. The board holds a hearing in the community, and fixes the amouo of the disputed budget items — it may reduce but can not iryjreaso ;hem. Levying authority absclutel, remains at home. The only penalizing authont. which the Joint Committee recom mended be held by the Arkansas state government was this — and I quote from the committee file I brought home from Little Rock after the final meeting: "If a county refuses to equalize assessments within a given period of time or follow the standardized methods of appraisal as prescribed by the Tax Commission, the commission should have the authority to withhold ail 4*te aid Fish Group in Session to Study Program LITTLE ROCK WI — The Arkanas Game and Fish Commission net today, confronted by what appeared to be a demand from the Arkansas Legislative Council tha t modify some of its regulations Thc Commission was scheduled o consider a resolution of the Council which "respectfully re luested" that: 1. Persons over 65 be permittee o hunt and fish without purchase )f licenses. Such a practice was provided for by a 1951 legislative act which the Commission refused o recognize on the ground thnt a constitutional amendment gave i sole authority to set up huntint, and fishing rcgulalions. 2. A regulation requiring a li censes for hunling rabbits anc squirrels and licensing of dog used in such hunting be rescinded 3. The Commission give up th responsibility U has assumed ove commercial fjljm riasing on privat property. After the Council adopted th resolution, it voted to postpone an action on the Commission's propob Four Local Negroes Hurt in Wreck Four persons were injured when in auto tlriven by Sarah Bishop £ Hope went out of control am overturned aboul 11 miles north 01 •Hghway 2!) aboul 5:30 p.m. Sunda The occpuunts, all negroes, were njured. Tin; Bishop woman received severe body and head lao orations, Anna Nelson, body lacera lions, Johnny Phillips, owner ot .he auto, lacerations. One unidcn-. ified passenger had a broken shoul tier. State Trooper Guy Downing said. Officer Downing said the auto travelled 97 steps, turned over ,wice, knocked down a telephone pole, a fence and a mail box. He said charges would be filed. ', Council Would Abolish Athletic Director's Job LITTLE HOCK (UP) — Thc Ar- Kations legislative council today ndopted n motion demanding abolition of the office ot athletic director of the University of Arkansas, The motion was adopted after State- Representative Paul Van Dalsem, of Perry County, said retention of John Unrnhill as athletic director might mean the university would be unable to obtain Paul Bear) Bryant, now head conch at he University of Kentucky, as lew head coach at the University of Arkansas. The motion was for n proposed amendment to the $4,800,000 annual budget requested by the university. The council is charged with .drawing up budgets for al! iloto agencies for action by the 1053 legislature that convenes ii January. VaaDplsem said Barnhlll's work as athletic director has causec strife on the university campus He also pointed out that ellrnino Lion ot Iho job would save the stntt Barnhill's $10,01)0 animal salary. "Several interested persons unc several- football players have tolc me that Barnhill is at the root o the troubles we are having witl our athlete program," Van Dal scm said, "If we don't do sonu: thing about it, we may not be abl to get Bear Bryant to come to At kansas." Bryant, bond coach at Kentucky conferred last week wilh Univc slty ot Arkansas officials and with an advisory committee charged with the job of finding n new foot- jail poach to succeed Otis Douglas who has resigned. There had been previous rumors that Bryant might not take the Arkansas post if he is subordinated to an athletic director. The Perry County representa- Contlnued on Pago Two 82 Commie Prisoners Killed, I2O Others Wounded in Camp Ri MassBreaki Wire Tapping by High Court Ruled Okay WASHINGTON, (UP) —• The Su ironic Court ruled today that wire- ap evidence obtained In..violation ot federal law Is admissible in slato court proceedings. Wiretap evidence Is banned from federal trials, and has been since 1IK17 when the high bench hnndoi down a controlling opinion on the subject. Today's opinion, however, is the first bearing on stale trial proco dures. The ti 10 1 opinion, written by Justice Sherman Minion, added another chapter to 8 scries of wiretapping decisions thai began in 102B. Justice Folix Frankfurlher concurred separately. Justice William O. Douglas dissented. The short opinion upheld the conviction ot Thomas Schwart, a Dallas, Tex., pawnbroker, convicted of iiastormlndlng a robbery there. Club Youth Is Awarded for Outstanding Work County 4-H Club Farm and Electric Contest winner Charles "Butch" Beck of Shover Springs community was presented a floor lamp by Nunn Goodlet, manager, Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation. The 4-II Club electric record of y'oung Beck consisted of making an electric motor portable, assembling a table lamp made from u home-made design, adding flood lights at thu barn, and numcj/jus other small electrical jobs. In addition to his electrical, work "Butch" is active in dairy anc feed crops production as well activities of his community anc county 4-H Clubs. He recently attended the National 4-H Club Con gross at Chicago as high scoring individual in the Arkansas Dairy Judging contest conducted during ed biennial budget pending Com-l the stat( -' Livestock Show, mission consideration of the resolution. , Burglars Get $15,000 at Mt. Ida MT. IDA, UP) An estimated $15,000 was stolen here early yes terday morning when two burglars trussed up the night marshull and looted three stores. Night Marshall Leonard Tales was at the Mt. Ida Post Office on his rounds, Sheriff Wilbur Tidwell said, when two unidentified men "snuck up and pulled a gun on him." Then the men tied up the marshall and broke into the stores, said Tidwell. The sheriff said the stores enl ered were the Scott and Elders General Merchandise store, Hick cy Hardware Store and the Poo pies Loan and Investment Co. The losses amounted to "something in the neighborhood of $15,000," he said, Tidwell said tho marshal freci himself after 20 minutes. State Police Capt. Eefrl Scroggins said the burglars used .pry bars to break into the places. He said tho jobs looked as though they had done by "professionals." Fulton Airman Enroute Home From Philippines CLAHK APB — Now cnrouto to Lhc United States for a now as slgnmcnl following his completion of a tour of duty with the U. S. Air Force In the Philippines, Is Airman First Class James H. Cox, son ot Mr, nnd Mrs. Herbert Cox, ot Fulton. A-lo Cox, who lott from MnnlU December 2 aboard the USN£ "General D. E, Aultsman," wll next bo stationed with the 1850tb Airways and Air CommunlcftU Service Mobile Communication* Squadron at Tinker Air Force BUBO Okla. A graduate from Fulton Hlgl School, ho attended. Louisiana Slalo University, Baton Rouge, prior to enlisting for military sprv ice in August of 1000. Ho departed on his Philippine assignment nflfi| t having completed radar school at Kocslcr AFB, Miss. During his stay in the PhlUp. pines, A-lc Cox was stationed with the 1801st AACS Squadron, Military Air Transport Service on'Clark Air Force Base, 80 mllos north of Manila. His wife, the lormor Juliette Daniels, lives In Shrevcport, La. Believed to PtfSAN, Korea (UPV guards .kilted 8? Comttu Inn IntcrnooB and wourt" ors in smashing a jrhutfi stf nUon, on Porigam i day,-the U. N, j>rl^i command announced. Tho death toll was over Buffered by clashes with Allied United Nations prison It waa boUovoti'thtf'i , lion was part of a plaa AshdownGirl Joins Staff of Oren Harris 40 Aboard U.S. Ship Are Safe Another Big 'Egg' Exhibited Out on Patmos Route One C. W. Johnson has a hen that really lay's big eggs. At least he brought one by the Star office Saturday that measured 6'A inches around and was 7'/4 inches long. The Year 1952 Didn't Give Americans the Answer to Key Problem-What Lies Ahead? . Vf , -r- fian Ore# HnrrlB anhouncatf today thu t Miss, Huth Collins of Ashdown will join his stuff In the Washington office January 3, 1953, 'or _ tho ensuing Congress. Mifls -ollms Is jiow working In tho office of Congressman Tpckctt. With the recopt re^lstrlctlng of Lhu Congressional DistrictB In Ar ;is, seven of the counties of the old Fourth District were align cd with ten of the counties of tho Seventh District, which now bo- como tho new Fourth Congressional District. This now alignment becomes effective January 3, 1053, with the 83rd 'Congress. Miss Collins is a native of Ashdown in Little Rlvpr County. She has had several years of cxpericn- co in stenographic and secretarial work. She Is a former court reporter for the Judicial Circuit comprising Howard, Llttlo River, Plko, Polk, und Sevior counties, Sho has worked In Mr, Tackett's Congressional office in Washington since tho early part of 1931, Congressman Harris says that he IB "very glad to have Miss Collins join bin staff. Slnco sho is a lifelong resident of this part of v the new District, well known, and fa- miliur with the area, she will be of tremendous value to the office. I am fortunate to obtain hor services." In addition to Miss Collins, the Congressman will havo his brother, Mr. Willie Harris of Hope, and Miss Christine Christie of El Dorado, both of whom have been with him since ho went to Congress, ~ Tho refrigerator HEADS CHURCH COUNCIL- —MethodUt Bishop William C. Martin, above, of Dal!a», Tex., ha* been elected preaident of the National Council of Churchet of Chritt by mem- bert of $f re'li BOYLE for MONDAY) By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK \ffi — This is tho time when most people like to take a backward look and weigh the gains and louses of a waning year. What happened to you in '52? Historians assess a year by the mighty changes that take place in it, but most people remember it on a personal basis, A little girl may always remember 1952 as the year she took her first steps into 'a brave new world — kindergarten. An older girl may recall it as the period of crisis during which she finally made up her mind to dye her hair red. For most of us a year is made memorable by how it touched us rather than in the way it affected the destiny of nations. A boy who put on long pants for the first time is more likely to remember 195! for that reason than the fact that Britain lost a king and gained a queen. By and large, 1932 has been a year of watchful waiting and tht-ring tension rather than one o: tremendous and dramatic decision — except in the field of domestic politics. Tnere the deep disquiet the American people created landslide victory for Gen. Ike, bu the real results of that politica camot tie known be tot? 18S3. buwMi LEQHORf}; 800-ton U.S. Navy ship Grommot Reefer broke Vhalf on |he rocks of Leghorn harbor today with 40 men aboard, Sho was driven aground by galo whipped seas. Tho first member of tho crow was brought to safety in a breeches buoy nearly 12 hours later. Ho was Carl T. Troudlor of Boll- oalrc, N.Y., tho ship's first en- glnecr. Trcaudlor said tho other 38 crew members wcro uninjured, The men arc aboard tha atom section of the ship, firmly lodged on rocks about 100 yardn off shore. The bow half of the voanol drifted about;tho -harbor for' Btivcfal hours and, then craahod oh rddks nour- by. < i: ! '-i Treaudlcr, who came ashore to help rescue operatons, said tho remaining crew members feared tho stern half of the ship, would topple over, JlcHcue workers ashore, including crows from ' thrco U.8, Navy repair ships, said there was no immediate danger, however. Tho uhlps cargo includes seven tons of turkey for soldiers dinners in Austria and Italy > broecho buoy. He and. tho Navy Treudler swung ashore In a breaches buoy. Ho and the Navy crews were attempting; to improve tho buoy before removing the re- mainlng prow members. Prisoner* In ...... which house abxwt organized mliita luto violation' ot such militaristic The RedB,, obviously- cording to a pr>arran massed at the top; o)!, race. There, three rank*looked arms and defied and South Korean L ~ L wore ordered t and break ,up Other Red0, .,.,„ , tloned themselves «y«n! hurled a shovyw U, N.,guavd0,;« them Irom'MW ,,„ U. N, officers thwi Beds to break up .»ihi stratlon and return to> tors. When the Reds d orders with taunts and • U. N. gU«rd«i'«^ols » ley into the »lr, Spring Hill Cli to Give Yuk PI what is the full meaning ot that? We do not yet know. New rumblings of unrest stirred n the teeming millions of Africa and Asia. The war in Korea coiled deeper in its long stalemate. The average man earned more money and paid more taxes in 852 than he ever had before. The tation as a whole ute higher on he hog than at any previous time in its history. As a, people we were probably never better off. But despite the fact we had more money to spend, and more gadgets to buy, we weren't particularly happy about our prosperity. We worried, "How long will it iastV" It has been a restless and un- ea*y 12 months, probably because we weren't sure whether the world was teetering toward peace or tottering toward war. The yearning for come kind of certainty and security grew among us. Probably years and years from now most of us will look back in 1952 and wonder, "Why wasn't I more grateful? It was a good time." But right now the average man feels that in 1952 he only grew a little older, grayer, wearier — and more puzzled, e bad 9 job, be ate well, he bought a new car or television set. But be »«H J,G.Co//ier, Succumbs at His Home Here James Gordon Collier, aged 88. resident of Hope-for many yc«r», died Saturday at bis home. Ho is survive^ ty hij W«p, «y» sona, Grady rj| gtampj, ard, Howard and Leo _, Hope, two daughter*, Mri. Ross and Mrs. K. Jpne? Funeral services were- at 2:30 p.m. Mpndsy at Church. LEGHORN, Italy, WI - Raging seas drove the U,S, Navy refrigerator ship Grommet Reefer aground,and brolw it JA hell near here t<w»y» U.S. Arrny «n4 W«vy put a cable aboard and were attempting to rescue the 49 man on the ship, but io mWrnorrOng the Arrpy bsio aid high wind ^ •""* Harold Anderson;, Burns Anderapn Admti* Rev, Lawrence H0adi Miniiterial Group Recently elected officers ot the Hope Ministerial L, T. Lawrencg, president; O. M. Montgomery, Rev. S. A, Wbitlo^, surer. They will taj$ office ary 1 ' — pre Rev, Anderson/ Trout Kill 8-Pointer

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