Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 13, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 13, 1952
Page 10
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IIETY A, M, and 4 P. M, thslr Chrlntm** p»Hy «#ld»y, OeeamNr 17, at the horrt* at Mn». OHn P«rt«-» wltli MM, Hod School Claim lenkvr, M>», "wih 1 V/Ill ta cxohnng t«> fit- . Mdtefy Cirole or Uin homo M MM, . Crc! |ny; ( Oolden 10 flohoo Ch\fr«h her lh# tree. A prlza will be tftven for pB«h*«ro Ui« most Frldny, 0«o«mbtr -W the NundlHft Osrd«n Club will h«V? thelf »nnual ChrUlrr)** par ty frlday nlghl, »e«Jeml»pr 19, n 7;80 al Ihe homp ot Mr», fhomni B, Fnnwlck, Jr., W Km Mth fit. MM, Henry Kenwl«k ftnd Mr», Paul l« will be eo.>tt}»t#«e», Uiflu Will t •; < iV -j MOM S«tunfcy> Pici«nte» t3, Saturday, December 13, 19S2 Stota Sdb Spending, Collection lUcord LtrfLte R6CK w» — «> of Arfe*fli*l net alt tlrrw WconU coiieciWi mid «p<*am* tweney from IttWrn *sttrce» durtMR the mm* y'd btottnUt efnor rflpOrt to th* the iM3 I*f1««tur« tfo »W* tbllMUsd MO from Id own «ourc«* and fj*ft«l«y ft Id tho *iat» upwit $)iif,(M0,1t1 6* a Whole durlftt I f Ueal period Wit ended with on unrnipumbftred cflih balance o( |«,DI3,S(W,54, tfp fM80,MS morn than th» IftSO-ftl flueal term. The Dahlia CJsrdcn Club will hnvi? Ihoir ChrtnimM luncheon nt JStiflt) »t iWi homo of Mrs, 0. V. Johiuon. 40P F,Mt SM, Friday, il>. Mm, .f, C. CorlUm, Mint* Uille i»rly Alton, Jr.. and will Mra, c«-ho»t. ft, ttt 7J80 Ottt¥ pwrly TIM** !«, »t 7i«0 Of Mm, wlttl Mrs, o* .cohoulesti. QUtB will o»»(ifl, Mitmtier* o«» nsk^d to bring B «iri fur tlin tree. At»l«* Oardan Club Heft Cfirl»trn«» UufloHoon A««l<'« Onrrtt'n Club heW tholr annuttl <'hrl«ltnns luncheon'Docem. l>or 11 i*t the home of Mr, nnd Mm, liny AndnrKon. The h«RiR«ii<'K, Mr*, Frank Me- LBrty, MM. Tttlbrn PolW, Jr., Mrs, Oliver Adams, Mr». C«0II \Vyatt, Mrs, l-loyd CUwrln, and Mr».Thomp*«ft Kv«««, .Tr., grcotod tho gtie^n n» U)«y nrrfved. Keeh fj»)'»ori foutid hor plncp jnarlfcfl wllh n R«ntn Clntm plftco c«r<! find « Chrlttlrnao cof»0i?o. The dlnlntt tMUJo w»» »«t with A Chrl*tn»i» tnblo cloth «nd nnp- ami eeritpttiil with n Christina tieenrHtion ot pln« eones. CtirUtimnA linll» «>«l cnndloa, Four lamull tftl,i|fi» worn net wlht B white cloth, pltifl ronos, nilrt cnndlcw, I After n C'ht'latnins lunch«on wa» gorvoti (o :U WMfHts, «IH» were U'XehttitKPil (mm n modern light Irt't! trlmiTHHl with ('hrlxttnun bulls, T)w t'lub \,'flcomod three new Mr*. KUI «otl«r«, Mm. Mixed Feeling on Opera Opening By RAY KOHN NEW YORK * — When »he Met ropolllnn Opfcrn'R fnmed ifoldBr curtain Went up la»l night, n nil- vcr »crt'»n nudlenc* cpfttt io conut seltloil hack to enjoy tho telecast of liixet'*' "carmsh", More than 3,000 opera lovorii ot UK« M«t il»«l( wci-e JptiWd electron- j. C.Penney Company to Give Bonuses MBW YORK, Dec. li ~ J. C. 1*OTin»y Company, natton-wM* de- ftnm»ni *tor« organlxfttlon, an- notifi&d today that K» director* have authorized a upeclal y*ar>cnd payment for more than 50.WO «*• ROclaUi fn the eompony'R l,82S ] Those Books Continued from Pice On* repre«*ntative and acquired the 178 book« for $1,335, A spokesman old she wants to place them wherever they will b* of most help to drama students. Top Radio Programs tffeW YORK M NBC Listening lo- 7 Bob nnd Ray; 7:30 office* and warehouses laeubcn Reports; 8 Pee Wee King. throughout tho United Slate*. The pnyrnnnt will bo nn amount equal to two w«eks' pay nit full- time associate* who hnve been employed for th* full year 1B82, and proportionate nmmmtfi for e*- tra and part-time associates and lhoR« employed )«*« thnn a year All t*«nney a««oclatei will xharc in the payment oxc*pt management xtnff member* whoio earn- are determined largely by An Appeal to Nation Ends Church Meet By GEORGE W. CORNELL DENVER, W>— Representatives o( MacArthur Must Explain His Method By JAMES MARUOW 147,000 American churches headed wUI ^nve to explain, if" any «-!>nS home today after Issuing an unpre-1 PlnlnlnR is done, why ho chose, cmk'rtted document aimed at; 10 sa y "there is n solution 1 to • gkftchlng n Christian approach to! a >o Korenn War in a public speech attempt by MacArthur, after learning that Elsenhower was offering no golden hopes, to ruse In immediately on n more affirms, tive note. MacArthur had written his speech nt least one day before nvws ot Eisenhower's Korean visit broke. Copies of the MacArthur speech were released on Thursday, oat )ers ot u ,J"^ Hvcr i *M*»* ««-•• It on the night of the problems of our times. j instead of quietly tolling President CB9 — 0:30 Vaughn Monroe; 7 Gene Autry; 7:30 Tnrzan. ABC — 8:30 Dinner Munlc; 7J Dancing Party; 9 Music Variety.! MBS — 8:30 Down You do; ?! Twenty Questions; 7:30 Theater of The Air. Sunday: NBC — The Chose; fl The "Ixstter to the Christian Poo-; e of America," adopted by thnj Council of the Churches of in the USA., calls on es to "sensltl/e thp nation." It urges unflagging support of the United Nations, patience er or the Joint Chiefs of Staff. MacArthur could hnve conimunl i t<?r or memo to the men directly i responsible- for tho conduct of the war. Instead, he chose a public In, solving world disputes, a halt to character assassination, n stronger Meet Your Match; 8:30 Dragnet.' CBS — 10:33 n. rn. Invitation to I religious context in education, learning; 4 Godfrey Recordings; 0! It asks the religious faithful th* Company'* long-standing profit Jock Benny; sharing plan. It will be modo De-| AflC —• 10 n. m. Fine Arts comber 15 at each associate's DP- Quartet; 2 p.m. Marines In Re- by o( fll W; other p«t- th0atroM In 27 cities. Total sMallnK capacity •ot-'tho the atm-d wn« <*»tlmnted at 80,600. Ro port* on (ittendflnee ranged from hnlf foil to rdpoclly, The cloned circuit telcdnil ~you In n ciates, 15 rate of pay. letter to thu firm's asso- A. W. I (unties, president, mi Id tho payment wns based upon tho company's results for 10S2 'Wo ore pnrtlculnrly happy to be able to make this payment as A rttxult o( what has been accomp- vk'.v; 7:30 Marlone Dietrich. to seek public office, even at person- speech with its accompanying publicity. As yet there has bcen no public explanation and presumably only MacArthur can do the explaining. MBS 1:30 West Point Band; I Handy. 4:30 Detective Mystery; 7:30 Kn- chanted Concert. Monday: NBC — 10:30 a. in. Bob nnd Rny. CBS — 0 n. m. Godfrey Time. ABC — 10:30 n. m. Break the Here is the sequence of events: . , E:\rly on Friday, Dec. 5 al sacrifice, condemns racial dis- news cainp f rom Koren that Eisen crimination and appeals for a ! hower. fulfilling his campaign pro ••pioneer spirit" In fortifying Chris-| misp to go thoro to look fol . a lution, had ended his visit „ probably liad been prepared before Dec. 4 because the NAM is not in the bait of inviting its main Speakers atx the last mm- But apparently only an accident in timing prevented MacArthur from getting nation-wide publicity • as the man who had a solution at the very moment when the whc« country was waiting to see if Eisenhower could come up with one. If the Eisenhower people had iil'fr \ ' MOM iT*R iy Chick Younfi AH. Mv UAOOEP THAT HE SORROWED <\NO NEVP? RETURNED •r { THERE'S NC > LIKE BEING . \NHAT I IS IT? . OUT OUR WAV wailed just one more day llshcd year, In our SJth anniversary j Bank he /laid. "The possibility MBS —8: 15 a. m. Cliff's Family. cmildn'i it on your home TV del •—• unaftlmoiwly w«» pleasing to the ear, But the picture reproduction tfot few good n0Uteo». Thcfo won « BJjrlhWBf ;.'J»| mink In »orn« jtwvlo houB0f but the bulk tt»ytn«ind I'^nec, Jitul Mrs. 'R. PTA Meets at Snhool Thursday L of the TV vleWcru WoWjriher week day clothe* and n few/brought tho children, Popcorn waj tbannud In many of the film pn!p!|8. the Mot pflcn* ranii#am>m $1.2.1 for HtmullnH room to an |B top. The theater Hcnld Whs 91.20 to 47.20 — Iht} roj> rate charged hovo In New York City, Tho mMi>omnitry n u. d 1 n n c c wotehnd und listened to ttlso KU-v- ens In tho lltlo role, Rlchnrd Tuck t!f us Dot) Jostt, Nnillne Conner U Mlcttola and hobert Merrill tin Ks- of future payments of course wlllj rimUriui-' to depend upon year (o yenr results." Tlw,' piiyliieiH Is In addition to Iho regular company provlsloiu or oRHoalatvK' benefits, Including Sick bcnoflt, Qrotultoua Death and liamemborrnorit benefit, Thrift and Profit-Shoring Rutlrement, discounts on company purchases and others. It IK the sixth to bt> mndo since the end of World War II. JgnV»r Senior Us in tUw JunliJi 1 lllfth ium ftt t1:HO Thursdiiy, School auditor- tieer-mber 11, with tlic vkP-in'ttuWent, Mr», «, L. Jnni'ttp Uiur, stiuk'nl, rend the nHort )»uiinoM »«» Mi 1 ?, t* H. Tooloy vend fciitlllod "A Baby 8W«r for Chrl«lm«»." 7th Kt'rtdo had tlu> tiovccin«a« Of nwlliprd pronunt. wo« repented In \inlH0n nfter which u louiat hovir wus Cries <it "Bravo" nt the Mel echoed In the thentoro, whose uu dlntteH behaved just about like ilui in the Htulil old tioUtto at 30t) «lr«et — tiome ctimo in lute, whl» a bit, a^lnudvd vnrlou 1 of the pic- tiu-cii was gonorM, bijt the uudlenco Births of nnd Mrs, BUI J. ns«co c, A)n»kn, ntuunuHW tlw nr- fll a dauahtor, Tondn Mion Oeeemboi', ID, «t Vnlr- U th« dldi\'t »wm- to rrVnd too much. Most of t^f lOornplalnts ubout plolure rcc«bVloh: ^nmc from theater mnntigepi find mu»ic critics. Hi-woy Budget Wants Million More Dollars I* -T fhft l§ now million oilllHlt for h Fran dollar o Mi-, and 'ChaHes «. RIAttO * FINAL SH6WING , An ovIritU approprlttUon of $34 million n yftjr Ww niltftd In th^ ilrdpoWd budget lor th6 1693-84 blennlilm. An l«cren«o ih,,nhlary Mr thft ANqUit ot thtt Hl«hvay ; the ci%'6tioi\ tit'h hew Truce Between Truman, Ike Is Shortlived By LVUE C. WILSON WASHINGTON, (UP) — The po Itlenl truce between President Truman und President elect El.nonhow- i'r wns one of the shortest of rcc ord — an oven seven days. H was on Thursday of last w«ck that Mr. Truman stated the ground rulon for the new Democratic oppoj sltlon. Hi> said then thnt the In coming Republican administration should bo given n chnnce to show' what It can do before belnn sub joctvd to a lot of criticism. He said, for example, thnt he would hnvo no comment or clrll cliirri of Eisenhower's nominations to iilgh office until the new nd ministration had n chnnce to take over nnd show its stuff. On Thursday of this week —yes tfFflny— Mr. Truman blasted, In Inngunge unusually strong for a presidential news conference, nl Elsenhower's method of approach ln# the country's greatest policy problem. That Is what to do abou] Koron, nnd how. What.Mr. Truman still Idcntifle as tho Korenn police action is tht most stubborn and challenging o U\e unsolved problems he is lonv Ink to Uie hew administration. The President snid it was demn for the President-elect to Van Fleet Has Another Korea Division Ready SEOUL, Korea, (UP) — Gen. Jnmos A. Van Fleet disclosed cluy a newly training South Korean Army division is almost ready to replace on American division on the Korean battle front. Vim Fleet said the division is one of two activated on the eve of the American presidential election. The ability of the UOK Army to take ovor more of the bhUlcfront was a hot campaign issue. "1 feel one division will be ready in u very short time to take any assignment I Kive it, including re placement of an American division on the line," Van Fleet told a press conference. "The other will be ready a short inn? thereafter," he said. Ho did not say whether such a eplacoment actually is planned or vhat would happen to any Amori- nn division replaced by South Ko •cans. About 100,000 are continually fresh ROK troops In the process of tmfcitlott 6f tnrv nt ft Bafttry ot S9,sra nnt\unlly. and liuj- i)ob»tii for live datuvt- ment's cUI6l &h«lniter hnft ttWlgtou englnoers ttUo word usked. Tho Council received tha budget It dropped Ho scheduled in- "PRONTlill BADMAN" » Lot* K«wt Ireim • ^ *" l ' ii|to caih t thft collectud aim dUbvirsea by Individ- unl state unlu without bon«tU ot approach the Korenn problem with a Campaign pledge to visit that country. Second guessers now arc convinced Elsenhower's pledge to go to Korea was line of the top factors In his election triumph. Mr-,, Trutnnn sensed the deadly political import of. Elsenhower's pledge tho Instant It was made, llu was hnd is sensitive on the subject of Korea, Right or wrong. Mr. Truman Is personally respon slble for the United States boiti: involved there. He personally ni the decision although he had tho tttft cabintt, and military trnlnlnu, Vun Fleet said. Askod II he bclivcd the Commu niSts would throw u major often slve nt the 8th Army this winter, Van Fleet replied: No, I wish they would. We'd finish them off." He added he believed the Reds' capabilities ore "far less during the winter than at any other time." Vun Fleet snid the Communists now have "wuite n few over 1,000, 000 men" In their army, two thirds of them Chinese. "Three quarters ot them are (North) Koreans," he sold. "Threequarters of them ore combat troops and the other quar ter are support. He (the enemy) could throw 75 per cent of his men Into the line." However, Van Fleet did not be lieve a major offensive was likely because" of the difficulties of op erutinK In the bitter Korean win ter. Oh the contrary, he pointed out, the 8th Army is "fully equip- ed and capable of conducting win ter warfare." ' "It's far superior," he added. Most of his soldiers are unused to winter welfare, but he said the 8th Army started preparing them Council member* conferred be- bind clo»«d door* with Cherry, and then «»v« up U» idee obdUi U-ylng to (live tho IfigUUturo »ome control nvri? th ' fdm Alton* thtttmah oi h «drmnlU& oh faauh funds, s tUoul plans every- that of tlung wbVo beeh \ Tho Highway < (IB ivtttuon in «*u\Ual , the U» With Ulo CoinmHlitett h a y«nl' V»ottW be Is* tttt 'c.On«*M6n, I'ho Christian church," the mcs- sasp said, "stands today • in an nlien world which is missionary in tho absolute sense." Dr. John Mackay, president of Princeton Theological Seminary nnd head o£ a committee that drafted the original message, snid Christian churches as a group had never before joined In a pronouncement of such scope. After several revisions, it was adopted unanimously at the final session yesterday of the General Assembly of the council, which includes 30 denominations with about 35 million members. j The Assembly also elected a new president, Methodist Bishop Wil liarn C. Martin of Dallas, Tex., to succeed Kplscopnl Bishop Henry Knox Sher\ll of Greenwich, Conn. Championing the role of the combined churches in speaking out on questions of national life, Bishop Martin declared in an acceptance address: "I am concerned that our pronouncements on Issues. . .be wise, timely and courageous, and above all, express the mind of Christ for j this clay as nearly as we can interpret it." The 59-year-old Southern bishop, in a news conference, touched on two major points: lie said he had no "definite convictions" on whether the headquarters of the national council should be moved from New York to a more central site. But he said if this isn't done, there at least should be a major Midwestern office. Some such step Is necessary, he suggested, to enable greater direct participation in council affairs by Westerners nnd Southwesterne'rs. He also Said he hnd hopes that the Southern Baptits and the Missouri Synod of the Lothoran chorch, the only two major Prot- testant groups not part of the council, will form closer ties with It. And the big, amiable bishop lightened the talk with a quip about his hunting and fishing days as a youth in his native Tennessee. "I didn't hunt on Sundays," he said gravely. "I spent part of that lay thinking about where I would hunt on Monday." Besides issuing its 3,000-word message, the council also ap- its of didn't think there were answers. This may have been a •until som'ctim'c during Saturday, Dec. 6 the!—to break the news of his Korean trip it would hnve been MacArthur. speaking nn the night of Dec. so- '5, who would have been given nnd! prominence in the morning papers any easvjof Dec. 6. . As it turned out, the news anyone whoj the Eisenhower trip got so muc. could provide prominence in the Dec. 6 mornmt papers, and required so much disappointment to thought Eischower a quick way out. ,„., , . Thnt night MacArthur made his space, that MacArthur and his speech before the National Asso- gostlon of a solution were buried on the inside pages of those papers ciation of Manufacturers in New York. He said he felt sure there is a solution. Eisenhower bad gone all the way to Korea for a solution but said hp found no easy one. This can't be interpreted as an which printed the story at all. But MacArthvr got back into the headlines quickly when Eisenhower, hearing that MacArthur says there is a solution, ' arranged to meet him and listen to his ideaj. HOPE DRIVE FRIDAY & SATURDAY — DOUBLE FEATURE FARGO GUNMASTER"! Plus A LAND TO TAME! A LOVE TO WIN! A GREAT ADVENTURE TO ROBERTSON•DRU eturn In ?pr!ne of l»ol wh«n he flrod Gen a* MacArthur. MacArthur then, a* he says now, that h* had a plan to end the war. tr«m divlatoft ic.ws a boo,* fttbm * RtshV ftv vmmt, Mr. tnim?m re jpctcd tho MacArthur plan tor the plttii of his diplomatic and mill titry advisors and tho war goes on. That again was the President's personal and final decision and re sponxlblllty. Mr. Truman's intention to give the EUKfihower administration ebanee to show its stuff before shooting at U, collapsed after a wtftk under the weight ot Korea and all the name ot that nation in the fall. So far, only 58 C**«ies of frostbite have been re ported. He said the long lull on the Wfestern Front, broken Thursday by a 3,000-man Communist attack, on U. N. outposts, could be uttrl tiuted to the fact that the 8th Army defeated the Communist 38th Army at White Horse Mountain and "in taking groat toll of the enemy in proved resolutions reaffirming opposition to the appointment an ambassador to the Vatican and favoring revised immigration laws to remove "unjust nnd disirimina- tory provisions." The message also: Urged that the nation "guard against complarency or recklessness" which might cause war. and that it persist in "honest negotiations" to ease world tensions, spite "the most exasperating position." Condemned gious liberty" de- op- restrictions, of reli- in Spain, Colombia the the Kumhwa area. Central Front. )Both arc on "To $ome extent," he said, "the lull can be credited to the colder weather. But the number one re a sou is the enemy has been hurt badly, both by personnel losses and by ammunition stocks which have bcen depleted to the point where he has to slow down." The Pacific Ocean ts about twice the size of the Atlantic, nnd many Soviet-dominated lands, and "racial disiriminatlon in the United States an*South Africa." Declared, "We *hall make our : besl contribution to world peace ahd justice only as we match our effort to combat evils outside our own borders with unwavering commitment to purify our own atti- 'tUd,es and practices." Told Christians they should support the United Nations, in the face of "mounting criticism" and at- teoipts to undermine it. Proposed a stronger "religious influence" in public schools—perhaps by some form of religious or outside reading, but instruction within schools—and Bible without violating church—state sep aration. KUeuhowiw will find tt hard to torglH Mr. Truman's barbed Ian auafe «o directly challenging his motlvts. There u speculation here nbout what the two men will talk about Jaa. » during the inaugural tMtraftb from Ui« Capitol to the WMte Hbtts* - or, whether they will talk, at all. Awny Itttt Bon tth ViiWihfc Bodies WASHINGTON t* — The Armj fcftft lifted Its nan which kept relative* from viewing the bodies servicemen at burial cere* at Arlington National Cemetery, Charles K. Burnett, who resigned Is an Arlington cemetery funa> director to protest to the orl- ,iiul order, saW: "TW* U pretty WIDE-OPEN...RIP-ROARING! North Dakota Trek HORIZONTAL 1 North Dakota is nicknamed " State" 6 Official flower of North Dafcota is the wild prairie rose 11 Papal capes 13 Obstruct 14 North Dakota's western bad lands are a semi area 15 Penetrates 16 American district telegraph (ab.) 17 Striped cloth 19 Compass point 20 Mocks 24 Set anew 27 North Dakota is than South Dakota 31 Redact 32 Wine vessel 33 Greasy 34 Russian river 35 Male 36 Flower holder 37 Exerciser 39 Sudanese Negroids 40 Custer started for the Little Big Horn from Fort Abraham , N. D. 42 Paid notices 45 Docks (ab.) 46 Male sheep 49 Withdraw 52 North Dakota : has the usual two members in the U. S. i5 Puffed up 56 Ascended 37 Intelligence 58 Exhaust VERTICAL 1 Soft drink 2 Angered 3 Hops' kiin 4 Rubber tree 5 Dry (comb, form) 6 Transgression 7 Powerful explosive 8 Arabian gulf 9 Gull-like bird 10 Gaelic 12 Heavenly body 13 Chief 18 is North Dakota's capital 20 Enumerate i u 'I Ib L 3 m 41 3H SI IS Lb It W 55 W MJ W 1 m u> w> y/fi' W/' 50 Answer to Previous. Puzzle f» o S 1= i. u B B. R A & 1 c? E R A M f R A C A f E T O p f \ A T e o Id & O N] N P B 1 R C S U S X r? n 1 A h T l. R 0 fi D e S K X e A N R t= B K R P P " p- t= O t. 1 T E E S W u R M A N *i N A " p K [A 1* IP TA A r-. R|U i£ ol \ A|N i_ i. e K S H. B A E T ~y * T B A *, rA 6. E E 5 K M A A P, 5 S 21 And (Latin) 41 Bones 22 Babylonian 42 Greek war deity god 23 Untidy 43 Remove 24 Lease 44 Diminutive of 25 German river Stanley 26 Hindu deity 46 Demolish 28 Falsifier 47 Solar disk 29 Otherwise 48 Repair 30 Cereal grains 50 Possessive 32 Modified prot'oun 38 Symbol for 51 Scottish nickel sheepfold 39 Without place 53 Bitter vetch (ab.) 54 Clamp 5 m. u n. ^ 38 '////> W/, t'l 11 IV m. 3Z. JS HS tt Z7 li 15" m 41 iZ b m •a. M ^ w ^ 53 V 7 m V/'Y /i iJ Jb W A - B 19 9 10 28 29 30 „_ H7 It8 ! 13 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner CHRISTMAS SPECIALS SHOP OUR STORE AND SAVE Just Received 100 Platform Rockers. Come here first and save time artd money c*««ieic%)e«ie«««K«ic««K««««nic««i««it«i(mi(«tc«ici< Platform Rockers | TABLE LAMPS '5.95 T. M. R.g, U. a Pit. Oil.; v Copr. 1952 by NEA S»ivic«. Inc. "Oh, I've known all along she's in rotten shape, but what. | wan t to know, Doc,, is how's her health!" ' Plastic Covers Tli* Army, *wwuac»w| yeiterday feat (t * : ouW ptmitt bodies to t» ^ u .... u > .» »-- The woman... DEBORAH BRENT ...returns. Tht girl DEBBIE BRENT 19.95 awi i l GLAMOR RUGS 9x12 1009& Wool Face Only 39.V5 28" Tall SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith 2 PC. THROW RUGS All sizes and colors '3.95 up wewrawcwfc 4 PC, Poster Living Room Suite § BED ROOM SUITE ^ '^L :_ If »._ .^ .^ .^ ^ '^L :_ 19.95 UP FLOR LAMPS '10.95 129.95 , 9 For 1 i -o GAS RANGE 38" Divided Top 119,95 SHOP AT OUR GIFT COUNTER for Gi «»n<J Sunbeam Mixers, Toasters, Irons. Universal Auto Coffee Makers, Cloek Radios, Re«oN Players, iamsonire J, W g T and many other irems you have been looking for. THE HOME FURNISHING (0. PHONE 7-1191 I. 2«d St. &w* i wM®Tf.**$p 't, ' < '»> we \ /SOTAPACK S. HOSS--WHERE'S A DEER? J j. R. WiUlarn* viC FLINT MEMORV LANE-'- ITS A PLBASuaTB -CIO WELCOME! >CHJ AS A SUE5T Ttp iW.Jx'' HUAAPLB PWELUMet/ F"^"^ftftY 5O.T FEEL I - '"*. FL'MT, y-r^^^ffQHTATMQAAfe.^ t OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople EGAD.tWlSGS/ OlDNYT ODDER VJl-AEM TWAT MEDDUM6 MISSALCORN PROPO6ED T\4e DOOR "DR. THAT VOOULD 6e AS ••< TRAGIC AS A POLICEMAN ARREST-, |MG A GROUP OF- CAREFREE frr PLAViMs ' MARBLES/) THE OVJLS ovoe voi 6OME KIND OF AM OSCAR FOR PUTTING t FREEZE OM Bl/V\/-«"UEY COO'LTD GET -THEIR wooK6 OM A TURKEY AbJD ' TOS5 A LITTLE ' BELT-LOOS ElviER FUNNY BUSINESS By Horshberger "This outfit makes the kids hold stil! with Christmas in the offing!" .._ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser Bur l TELL You, owe MORE BITE AND t BUST/ T^ C OF 'A MAM ^f]l|}M-J_| ! 'l-'-![!fJI(-'-V Llti , there's Bob already, Mom, and I'm not dressed! n^my old iweaterjtnd. ovefal|j?" By Michael O'Malley and r/ir- ' "^;jp flWfA. r *u . k)> i t." 9p WASH TUBES WNT.V.r. LOWER THE BUNC?. CQLiNT JMV&. THEN OPfeM _TH& DQOfe.1 BOuTS AND'HER BUDDIlS VT o\)tav BUGS BUNNY , CA,RRY THOSE PACKAGES FOR! ME, I PLEASE, SUSw/ I'LL £EE YOU " ^ ~ POWNSTAIK$/ ' ALLEY OOP THBytu ess, ,.„_ AMINUTB/J ST pp 'EM^. RETURNED Y'MHANTHK8E ] NO,,, I'M SURE THE ' : ?1 CUSTOMERS / PHARAfiW COULp HAVE' 1 WIPED''EM / STOPPED THE HVKS00M » OUT? jf^l THINK TM&ARMIR0'-' '-'^ CHRIS WELKIN, Planerecr FLVIN6 CLOSE TO THE&ECXIND TO ESCAPE EAPAfc PETITION •i>; it «"• «' t »„ : .•I^'OI' HENRY IZ-I3 rrrr i - *j±.t .3'

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