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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 18

Detroit, Michigan
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Monday, October 3, 1927
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Heilmann Wins Fourth BattingTitle as TigersTakeTwo From Tribe, 1 1-5; 5-4 s. "' " "" 111 ' 'ri10l"T" ' l ii illinium rir "ti ii i i m i n ii n i ii ii mm in M 1 1 1 1 m 1 1 pi 1 11 pimmi h minim m j i 1 11 i m i n n i " ' i? i im sj rs VI -4 O BENGALS' SLUGGER GOES ON RAMPAGE - IN SEASON FINALE Punches Out Two Home Runt, Three Doublet, Two Singlet in Nine Tript to the Plate to Beat Out Al Simmont by Three Percentage Pointt. Hatkell Billings Hat No Trouble Winning First Game While Rufus Smith, Another Brown Recruit, Hurls Eight Innings of Nightcap. ' BY HARRY BULLION. SO far as baseball goes, Navin field won't have any attraction for fandom until next spring, when, with the oft-repeated promises, another' season will be ushered in. Yesterday, in the presence of a fair sized crowd considering the fact that nothing was at stake, the Tigers drew the lid on the 1927 cam-" paign by beating the Indians in two games, 11 to 5 and 5 to 4. What the Tigers did was, however, second in importance to the brilliant finish Harry Heilmann made pionship with AI SimniDns, Philadelphia outfielder and slugger. If the figures retain their celebrated veracity, Heilmann established himself champion of the American league for the fourth time. In nine official trips to the plate the giant right fielder of the Bengals made seven hits, two homers, three doubles and a pair of tingles. His average as the result is J94.80; Simmons, .391.37. One home run in each game fea- . tured his attack on Grant "'M a ,- ,. . 4 , Buckeye in the first and second fra- . rat, respectively. Two doubles and tafe bunt that caught Grant flat-fooled, with the home run, rewarded his efforts in the initial number, and homer, double and single were made off the delivery of the - big southpaw that Manager McCal-lister exposed to Heilmaun's fire in the second game. Heilmann is the only right-hand hitter who ever led . the American league four times. Partisan to Hellmaaa. Br a (trans coincidence, Hell-Snann has won the batting championship ot the league in odd years. His first title was gained In 1921. The next came In 192.3, the follow-Ina- championship In 192a and this one in 1927. Thli year and In l2u, Uia big; Bengal slugger was obliged to go right down to the last day t Insure his triumph. Two years Ago It was while the Tlgrera were playing their final fame In fit. Louie that he arose to the occasion and imashed hia way to the front, then topping Trls Speaker, who, having led the leu (cue for nearly two months, watched Heilmann catch and pass him while he was compelled to remain on the , bench with injuries. In keeping with hl record, Heilmann, then as now, finished the season with a tnark of .394. The fact that the Tlgere won mnue no particular difference except that , the pair of victories put them 11 over the .600 mark, which 1 better 1 by eeven Ramea than tbey did last season. Finishing In fourth pines Is a tribute to Manager Morlarty, , who lifted the Bengala two places In the standing hie first year In the capacity of a major league manager. It wti strictly a partisan crowd that turned In to bid good-bye to the Tlgera until they come up out of the south to start the next campaign six months hence; partisan for Heilmann, who awung hla club ' with vehemence that shook the en- ; my pitchers down to their toes. . 8o wrapped up In the challenge Heilmann wai making for the bat-ting title, the crowd maligned Buckeye several times with choice raspberries when It seemed that he displayed evidence of wUhlng to pass rather than pitch to the hitter. Almost Over A gala, Ot all the seven hits, only one stayed In the Infield, a bant that took Grant so much by surprike that he gaped In astonishment at 1 the rolling ball Instead of making the usual effort to field It. One of the doubles nearly took an ear off Third Baseman Uesat before It handcuffed Langford In left field. One of the home runs took flight over the left field fence, and the other dropped back of the scoreboard. Heilmann had the distance to the feDce measured again in the second . crame, but the blow, colliding no more than two feet below the top of the Intelligence bureau, stayed 1a the field. On his last trip to the plat Harry swung ao hard on a. ball that he fell down and clutched at lils right knee. Teammates helped him to hie feet and he limped to the bench. Nothing was broken but h batting streak, however. Had he bit safely then In- mm m LEN who have mental importance of QUALITY in all thing9 are very naturally attracted to NU-ROY SHOES. They find in them all of the refinements essential to smart grooming. The BRtTO.y aketched obotw it movie on a British. Ian, of henry imported calf in black or tan. Finished tcith heavy "rocker bottom" tolet, and leather heelt. Leather lined. An i extra fin time at $10. ESNTOY tell The J. L. -. Detroit9 s in the race for the batting cham CURTAIN FIRST GAME). DETROIT. AB K HTfl 8H SB O Dim. lb.. (Jehllrsar. Kubli'. cf 2b Hsllmann. rf. Pothers.111, K. Warner, 8b... Tavtner, m. .. Wowtall, o.... Hillings, p.... Totals , w u 14 JO 1 27 11 CLEVELAND. AB R H TB SH 8B O am. cf Irani, lb.., Summa, rf. Hooapu, lb J. Sew ell, m Myatt, c. LanRfortl, I.lnu. 2b., Grant, p. If. Totals .. Detroit ... Cleveland I 11 U I ! U 1 ,11111111 -U .. l ltsoeaoo-t Two-bflM Mu Summa 2, Heilmann 2, Myatt, J'otherKlll, Langford. Thre-baae t;aaul. J. Hewcll. Home run Heilmann. Htrurk out By Billing 4. Grant 4. Baeea on lBll-Oft DllllnKa 3. Grunt 4. Dutihle plays Ruhle to Warner; Myatt and Uo-dapp. Left on litispt Uetrolt 6, Cleveland . Wild pitch Ullllnne. Hit by pitcher Hy Hllllna-a (Ollll. Time 1:17. Umpires Rowland and tielsel. SECOND GAME. DETROIT. AB H TB SH fIB O A E 1 S 0 13 0 0 i i o o i s o I t 0 S 0 0 1 7 0 S 0 A 2 0 0 1 0 0 I I 0 t i 0 1 I 0 0 1 I 1 1 4 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 14 H 11 n U 1 I LAND. H TH 8R SBO A K 1 I 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 S 1 0 4 t 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 t 0 110 0 111 0 0 0 0 t I 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 t S 0 0 i t 1 11 1 1 U I Blue,' lb.. Oehring-er, 2b muie, ce...... Heilmann, rf. Fotherglll. If. Warner, lb... Tavener, ss... Rhea, e It. Smith P.. Carroll, p TVYinffO . Totals AO Klrhrodt. Cf. l.'aaat, tb.... Humma. rf... HooYtpp. lb.. J. Hewell, as. M YH II. I' 1 Angford, Und. Ib. Buckeye, Totals If. M Two out when winning run ecored. tnalted for It. Smith In eighth. Detroit 0 lllllim Clevland 2 0O00OSOO-4 Pitching summary; Hits Off R. Smith B In I Innlnm. Two-hns hlte Blue, Kother. sill. Klchrodt. Tarener, Heilmann. Warner, Ituckeye. bumma, Oehrlnaer. Three-haae hit Shea. Home run Hotlmann. Struck out By R. Smith I. Buckeye t, Carroll 1. Haaea on balle-Off R. Smith I. Puckeye 4. loulile nlaya Buckeye. Myatt and Hooapp; Warner. Oehrlnner and Blue; Buckeye, Und and Hodapp. trt on le JHfolt 11 Cleveland . Wild pltch-lt. Hmlth. Hit by pitcher By R. smith (MvatO. Time -4f). Umpires Oetael and Rowland. stead of grounding to Buckeye for a double play be would have collected els two hundredth hit. Others besides Heilmann abused the Cleveland pitchers. Orant stood up under a heavy bombardment In the first game, in whlrh the Tigers blew base hits all over the land-Contisned Oa rage 30. learned the funda HUDSON CO. Store for Men Four Times Batting Since Harry Heilmann won the hitting title in 1921 he has repeated in alternate years. The Tiger outfielder continued the string this season when he collected seven hits in nine trips yesterday to lead Al , Simmons, by three points, 'with an average of .39480. Incidentally, he is the only right-hand batter to lead the league more than three years. . ilinnii sa. f 1 ' 'A ' " I S;! r-p' 'Trn '... I f X ..V If I ! ' . - if?? . ' if Mt : I -, 1 - . ::fMl 1 f;to 1 I ' ' 4 . f I ' i f - Xs. 4'v XHeilmann I'W :S A vcWsvV.W.VvvtVSvX'Meiy'vtf jf Vsie.VKWiS f. m Rival Infields Strong Slight Edge To Tanks Pirates Stronger on Left Side of Diamond But Hug-gins' Slugging Pair, Gehrig and Lazzeri, More Than Balance Deficiency. PITTSBURGH. Pa Oct. . (A. P.) There is little to choose in the relative offensive and defensive strength of the Yankee and Pirate Inner cordons, although the American leaguers hold perhaps a slight, edge on form, such as It la revealed by the latest unofficial records. Where, the Bucs are strong on the left side, with Glenn Wright at short and Captain Pie Traynor at third, tli a 1'ankeea appear considerably stronger on the other side, with I.ou Uehrlg at first and Tony Lazzeri at second. Traynor and Gehrig are the out standing pair. The Pirate captain, generally rated the best third aacker in the game, has a big margin over his veteran rival, Joe Rugan, In every department of play. Gehrig, the "Hoy Hunter," also has a record of achievement, especial ly at nut, that outshines the performance of Joe Harris, but it Is largely because the Pirate veteran. after finding National league pitching more to his liking than anything he ever faced, slumped through illness. Traynor Ontshlnes Pagan. Traynor has a mnrcln nf 71 nnlnta over Pugan in batting while Gehrig bas a 46-uoint edge on Harris, i FIRST BASEMEN. AB R H JB 674 14 r! 03 401 67 1.U X SECOND BASEMEN. So 11 ITS 3 6:4 14 162 13 SHORT STora 611 91 146 M SCi 71 It) 34 THIRD BASEMEN. 177 41 l'l K M4 13 1H 11 O . 127 Ichrlir Uinta , T.Mrerl ... Grantham ,'Mo 140 Koenlg Wright .... . 130 . 141 Puirnn Traynor , 109 147 THREE MARKS Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and the balance of the rampaging Yankees did not monopolize all of the major league records for the season that closed yesterday, and three high marks going to the fourth place Tigers. In addition to Harry Heil-mann's fourth batting championship, the Tigers led both leagues In stolen bases and double plays, two departments in which the Bengals of recent years have not been noted for their proficiency. In 154 games, the Tigers engi Stop In Pontiac j at the HOTEL WALDRON Central location at Pike, Perry and Mill Streets I Fire-Proof Artistically Furnished 100 ROOMS ' All with running water and Toilets 70 Baths-Convenient Parking Space I . . Rates, $2.50 p-$smsszxvi0 ! . ''.Yf mm4 ill r P ! 'jw': A . . K Traynor and Gehrig are comparative youths, in tht prime, while Dugan and Harris re past the peak. Dugan, if his trick knee is in shape, may not be outahnne by hia rival In the field. Harris, too, If he recovers from the stomach trouble that haa been bothering him, may prove as dangerous a batsman as Gehrig, as well as reliable on the defense. Joe has a habit of getting his hits when they are needed moat. The keystone combinations are pretty well matched, although Lasserl and Mark Koenlg, the Yankee pair, boast slightly better marks than George Grantham and Wright, both st bat and afield. Lazzori la steadier than Grantham on the defense, but both are dangerous long distance clouters. Tony has hit more homers, but Grantham has walloped more doubles and triples. i Wright Timely Hitter. Koenlg and Wright are a good deal of the same type, occasionally erratic, but oiten brilliant. Wright has had four years big league experience to Koenlg's two. The Pirate star Is more of a "clean up hitter. Batting fourth. Wright led the club In driving In runs until Paul Waner came along to grab the honor this season. Here are the latest unofficial averages of the lnflelders; SB 17 I I t 4 HR 44 1 8B I t I Bat FlfM 4 .Ml 11 . .W0 .m .in .ii .31 1 11 .361 .139 .m FOR TIGERS neered 170 double plays, one more than executed by the 8t. Louis Cardinals, but 12 short of the major league record set by the Washington club In 1923. Manager. Morlarty promised before the season opened thst he would make the Tigers a base running club. When the season finished, the Bengals had pilfered 1.18 bases, one more than the Washington Nationals, despite the fact that two of the club's most successful base stealers. Jack Tavener and Johnny Nettn. were out of the game for long periods. and Up. j I. Champion BUFFALO WINS OVER MUD HENS Toledo Viet Five Pitcher in Vain Attempt to Stem Attack, But Loses, 8-2. Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. X. (A. P.) The Bison production department swung Into full motion today for the first time during the little world series with the Toledo Mud Hens, and as a result, 14,000 baseball fans aw the visitors get the choicest beating of the series when they landed In small end of an I to 1 score. Bullet Joe- Bush, of world's series fume, felt the full fury of the Blsen attack and was slammed from the hillock after facing four batters. Ryan shortly afterwards suffered the same fate, but Mllstead and Winner, who appeared on the scene lu4er, managed to hold the Bisons fairly well in check. The series now stands two to one In favor of the Mud Hens as th cluba prepar.e to move back to Toledo for games on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The game today was played under perfect, mid-summer weather conditions and the stands and bleachers presented a solid array of coatless and hatless fans. Eurle Proflitt, Sterling southpaw heaver,-worked beautifully behind the big advantage given by his maies ana hern the visitor's swinger to well scattered hits. TOLEDO. BUFFALO. AB H O A AB H O A i e vea u, M l lit Tvson, m....4 1 4 .xuBuiru, in. lit J-.ner, If. -.6 1 ft Marriott, lb. 4 Vench. lf....l Kelly. rf....J Brainard. r.S 3 I itta nette. 1.3 I 10 Ohn, b..,.S 1 4 Huner, tb....l 1 2 Malone. zb..l 3 4 Pond c 4 0 0 Proffltt. p. ..4 0 Grimes, lb.. 4 Kofhler. m.4 O'N.II, C....1 Hevlne. C...0 Cote, u 1 nun, p.....O Rvan, p ft Mllstead, p i Wlsner, p...O Scott . 1 e Totals.... 11 24 ( Totals 34 14 JT 17 Uatted for I. .nlk Tolrdo 1 A 0 a 0 0 1 01 Buftolo 4 1 0 0 1 0 t Huna-Tyson 5. Fisher !. Brainard 8. BIKonotte 1-8; Marulre, Crimea 1 Error Cofcen 1. TwO-haM hita 1I..I.IM VAmh Braln.ird S, Lehourveau, Ty.on. Home run Fliher. Sto'en tuse Tyaon. Sacrl-ncea-Cohen. H.vini. Double plays-Cohen to Ma lone to Blsaon.tte; Cote to Grimes: Malona to Cohen to Blaaonette. Left on ba-Buffalo 7. Toledo 4. Banes on halls Oil Buh 1, Ryan 1. Milntead I. Proffltt 1. Struck out By Ryan 1. Mllatead 1. Wlaner 1 Ril-OII Bush 1 In 1-1. Ryan 4 In 1 1-1, MMMead 4 In 4 1-3, Wlaner I In 1 Lo-tlng pitcher Rush. Umpires Outhrl. and Fin-neran. Time-9:03. Bring in yor condition oar allowance will 30x3 ... 30x3 'J Cord. 30x3 Vi Cd OS 31x4 32x4 33x4 $9.95 32x4 2.... 33x4 Vi IB ELLE T1EE COEP. TWO STORES T4S2 Woodward Ave. I 41 Grand Rivar A.. . E"Pr ..IS Blocks Nortk of j0y fteatt 1 Blocks North BeulewsJ I CUrfldd T3 CORSAIRS FALL TO CINCINNATI IN FINAL GAME Jablonowtki, Former Michigan Hurler, Allows Four Hits to Blank Champions, 1-0. ROOKIES OPPOSE REDS Lloyd Waner Only Regular in Lineup as Pittsburgh Closes Its Season. Cincinnati. O., Oct. !. (A. P.) Cincinnati won the last game of the season from Pittsburgh, 1 to 0, today. The Plratei had but one regular in the lineup at the start, Lloyd Waner In centerfleld. All other regular players returned to Pittsburgh after the Pirates cinched the pennant yesterday. The only run scored In the game was not earned as Hughey Crlu tripled to the bleachers in the seventh Inning, but scored on a passed ball. Peter Jablonowskl pitched a good game for Cincinnati, allowing but four hits, three of which were made by Waner. Cvcngros who started for Pittsburgh allowed two hits In five Innings while Lee Meadows permitted as many In three Innings. Lloyd Waner was the only visitor to get as far as third base oft Jablonowskl. PITTSBURGH. AB H O A CINCINNATI. ABHOA Dreasen, fo.l 10 1 L.Wan'r. m.4 lis uartell, S9..3 0 1 Com'osky. 1.4 0 0 llrlckell. rf.4 1 i Cronln. lb.. 2 0 7 (Sroh. lb 4 0 0 Ithyne. 2b... 1 0 4 Hpencer, c.,3 0 2 Cvensroa, p. 2 0 S Meadows, p-1 0 0 naiaer, n..4 o s Kelly, lb.. ..2 Pipi. lb 1 Brassier, If.. 2 Allen, m 3 Ford. sa. ...3 Crlti. b 3 Suk forth, c .2 Jabion'kl, p. a Totals.. ..21 4 24 T Totals 26 4 27 11 pittabunth tenet e-e uiucinnaii o g e l i Run Crlta. Error Comorosky, Three- base hit Crlts. Double Dlaya Bartell (un analated): Ford to Criti to Kelly; Crlts to I'ipp. ri on uaee fiueDurgn a, uinctn nati B. Base on balls Off Cvengroi 3. Meaaows 2, Jablonowakt 4. Struck out' By Cvengros 1, Jablonowskl 1. Hits Off Cvengroa, 2 In 1 Innings: Meadows. 1 in 3. Wild pitch JablonoWKbl. Balk JaWonow- akl. Paaaed ball Spencer. Loainr pitcher Aieauowa. umpires wuigiey. Keardon and Mccormick. Tune 1:32. GIANTS TAKE FINAL New York, Oct. 2 (A. P.) Jack son's single in the tenth Inning, scoring ijinastrom, wno nad dou bled, gave the Giants a S-4 victory over Philadelphia in the closing game of the season. Harper, former Philadelphia out- neiaer. was the nig gun in tne rew York attack. He drove out two home runs, the second tying the score In the ninth inning. Augle Walsh, recruit from Plttsfleld of the Eastern league, pitched a nice game for Philadelphia. PHILADELPHIA. NEW YORK. AH H O A AH H O A Sand. lb.. ...4 1 1 1 Mueller. If.. 6 0 3 0 Thompn. 112 17 Llndsfm. 1.4 I 0 0 Williams, rl 0 I V itounn, m...j l a Wriaht'a. I I 1 11 1 Hornaby. 2.1 13 1 Leach, m.,.S Mokan. If. ..I Jonnard, C..4 1 1 Terry, lb.. . 4 111 1 0 Jackson. ss.S 3 4 2 1 Harper, rf...4 3 4 0 Dleirlck-aa.4 14 1 Taylor, c.,.3 rylor, C....3 0 4 1 w.t.h n a 1 e 1 Cum'lna. c.l 1 0 e Fltaaim'a. p.t 1 1 I ftenry. p. ...I v a Ott 1 0 0 Benton, p...O 00 Totals. ...41 1128 11 Total! 12 H I One out when wlnnlnr run scored. tBatted for Henry in ninth. Philadelphia .,.. IHtllMM New York .......0 I 1 1 I I H 1 M Rune Leach. Mnkan, Dietrick. Wal.h 4: Lindetrnm. Jackson. Harper 2. Fttisunmona 6. Errors Dletrtok 1; Jackson 1. Two-base hits Fltxsimmons. Mokan, Thompson, Leach, Ltndstmm. Home runs-Harper 0, Jackscn. 8tolen bases Roush, Wntrhtstone. Sacrifice hit Roush. Double plays Sand to Thompson to Wrightstone !: Fllrslmmons to Jackson to Terry. Bases on balls Off Walsh 5. H.nrv i struck out By Fltxsimmons S, Henry 1. " v" riw,rmoj,Hii . in b innings, .lenrr I in 1 1-3. B-ntnn 1 in 1 wn.i nitch Henry. Lift on bases Philadelphia I. New York . Winninir pitcher Benton I'mplres Moran. Blgler and Wilson. Time 2:00. Major League Standing AMERICAN LEAGUE. W L Pet. w t. Pet New York 110 44 . 714 Cblcaeo... 70 S3 4M Athletics.. 91 S.1 .581 Cleveland t fiT ah Waah'gton S6 BB .602 St. Louis. 81) 54 .m jjeiruu.... M II .bM Boston..., 61 1U8 .231 SUNDAY'S ItESULTS. Detroit 11-5. Cleveland 6-4. Bt. Louis , Chicago 3. r Washington 1, Philadelphia I. Only games schsthiled. NATIONAL LEAGUE. W L Pet. TV I, Pet. Pittsburgh 04 .410 Clnelnnstl It 78 .480 St. Louis.. 12 1 .401 Brooklyn. & .40 New York. 92 62 97 Boston.... ft) 94 .200 Chicago.... Sits M Phillies... 51 11 .33 SUNDAY'S RESULTS. Cincinnati 1, Pittsburgh a Ht, Louis 4, Chicago 1. Ntw York , Philadelphia 1 Brooklyn i. Boston 3. RIVERS STOPSBRADY. Los Angeles, Oct 1 (A. P ) Georgia Rivers. Veteran Los Angeles Mexican bantamweight, knocked out George Brady, of Chicago, In the first round of a scheduled ten-round bout here Saturday night. trade-in sale old lira and regardless of minimum , 1 ff b l.UU $4.50 5.00 34x4 Vi .... $16.00 33x5 16.95 35x5 16.95 29x4.40.... 6.50 30x5.25.... 13.50 31x5.25.... 13.95 30x5.77 14.50 33x6.00.... 16.95 6.50 14.50 15.50 Paul Waner Misses First Game of Year League Batting Champion Couldn't Even Take Day Off to Get Married. . Pittsburgh, Oct. !. (A. P.) Paul Waner, senior member of the fa mous "Waner act" and new batting king of the National league, today enjoyed his first day off of the entire season. It was his last chance for a layoff and he earned it, together with the other Pittsburgh regulars, by helping clinch the pennant yesterday In Cincinnati. It took the Pirates 153 of their 1S4 games to settle the flag issue and Paul didn't miss a single inning of any of them. He is the only regular on the team who has not been out at one time or another during the campaign through 111-ress or injury. A bridegroom of only a few weeks, Paul couldn't get a day off even when he was married. His brother, Lloyd, has only missed a half dosen games. i - Returning from Cincinnati today with nine other regulars, Paul said it was "Just luck" that he won this year's batting crown. But there were at least two co-workers, Coach Jewel Ens and Pitcher Ray Kramer, who proclaimed loudly their preseason predictions had been fulfilled by the elder of the "poison brothers." t Paul Is the first left handed batsman to lead the National league In eight years. Bubbles Hargrave, of Cincinnati, 1928 champion, and Rogers Hornsby, king for six previous years, both bat' from the starboard side. Ed Roush, In 1919, was the last left hander to ton the list. Wnner's unofficial average for the full 153 games Is .382. ATHLETICS BOW TO NATIONALS Heavy Hitting and Five Mack Errors Give Washington Victory, 9 to 5. Philadelphia Winds Up Season With 12 to 10 Margin for Season's Play. Washington, Oct. f. (A. P.) Washington and Philadelphia closed the season here. today, the Henators winning, to S. Heavy, long distance hitting, coupled with five Athletic errors, turned the trick. The teams ended the season series. 13 to 10, with Philadelphia having the edge. ATHLETICS. AB H O A WASHINGTON. ABUOA Bishop, lb... 2 0 2 1 Barnes, ra..4 8 0 0 Dykes, 3bp.4 Bates. rf....5 tilm'ons, Cochrans, eft Heaves, !!.,. 4 Gansel, lf...S Tucker. rf...3 JudKe. lb.. ..4 Foxx, lb.. ..6 Snundcra, 1.4 Boley, as.., .ft Powers, p.,.4 Oalloway, 2-0 Speaker, lb..O Huel. c 4 Bluege. 3b. .4 amis, ss....4 Honklns. n..l Juld. p......l KIM 1 Totals.. ..39 11 24 11 Totals 3ft 14 37 13 Batted for Hopkins In fifth. Athletics :.... 0 1 t S-B Washing-ton 1 0 14 0 10 1 1 Runs Dykes, Simmons, Foxx 1 Boley ft; Barnes 4, Reeves 2. Ganzel, Bluetre. Hopkins . Errors Dykes, Bates. Bimmons, Saunders S- Reaves 1. Two-base hil Gansel. Boley. Powers, Hopkins. Gulls. Haxnes. Simmons. Tbree-hase hita Foxx, Gansel. Stolen base Bishop. Sacrifice lilts Dykes. Tucker. Reeves. Dnnbls plays tliilia to Beeves to Judre: Olllts to JiHte. Left on bases Philadelphia 14, Washington ft. Barns on balls OU Powers 1, Hopkins 4. Judd 2. Hits Off Hopkins ft In ft inninrs, Judd I In 4. Pnwars 12 in 7. Dykes 2 in 1. Winnins pitcher Hopkins. Losing pitcher Powers. Umpires Van Graf-ian, Ormsby and Nallin. Time 1:33. DELFINO WINS DECISION. Buenos Aires,- Oct. !. Roberto Pelflno, Argentine heavyweight, won the Judge's decision today after 12 rounds of fighting with Clemente Sanchez of Cuba. The Greatest Value we have ever offered in Men's FINE Clothes The AY if $50. made to your measure Come in and see the fine woolens and hand-tailoring which make this Ace-High value the finest suit of clothes that Fifty Dollars will buy Other prices $35 to $75 CTuw Stores in Detroit 11 1556 Woodward Avenue PIRATE PILOT PINS HIS FAITH Donie Bush Opines That Skill of Pitchers Will Offset Yankees' Power. TEAM'S SPIRIT IS HIGH Players Realize Strength of Rivals, But Are Confident of Final Result. Pittsburgh, Oct. I. (A. P.) The momentum that ha carried the Pittsburgh Pirates to victory In on of the closest and moat exciting races of National league history, plus the skill of a pitching corps that has performed brilliantly over the last month with few exception!, will be the deciding factors. If the Corsairs beat the New Tork Yankees In the world's serin starting Wednesday at Forbes field. This at any rate Is the opinion ot Owen (Donie) Bush, aggressive little pilot who has steered the Pirates to a pennant In his first season. There are not a few critics, even among the home town experts, who believe the Pirates '"staggered" into the pennant, that tile reaction of their hard fight will be a detriment rather than an aid and that the Yankees, anyway, pack entirely toe much punch for the National leaguers to check. Spirit Isn't Lacking; But If there Is any lack nf spirit or of confidence in the Pirates, It wasn't evident In the romatks of Bush shortly after his club had won the deciding game In Cincinnati. Neither was It noticeable in the enthusiastio band or 10 regulars who came back to Pittsburgh today, foregoing the final battle la Cincinnati. Bush and his men are not overconfident. They do not under estimate the Yankees. But neither are the Pirates awed by the fact that the - Yankees, coasting into their own pennant, are rated by many competent critics as one of the greatest teams of all time, an outfit that will unquestionably enter the series favored to win by a majority of experts. The Pirates are jaunty enough to believe that any club emerging at the top of , such a hectic pennant battle as the National league has had this year will take cars ef Itself on any field. Can Be Stopped. "The Yankee sluggers can be stopped." Bush declares. "That has been demonstrated before. Maybe we won't check them all, but ws will stop half nf their attack and slow up the rest." Which half Donie Is confident of "stopping" he didn't say, but unquestionably It Is his hope, as well as the prayer of Pirate fandom and pitchers, that It will be the Ruth-Oehrlg "half of the Yankee steamroller. , "Our pitchers have shown wonderful form for a month," Btieh went on. "Kremer, Hill, Aldrldge and Meadows, as well as Mlljus, who saved the deciding game for us. are on edge. You can't judge either Kremer or Hill by what they showed In their game with the Continued oa Pag 2X But the Result Is So Different Twenty years aga today, the Tlgera defeated Cleveland In botk ends of a donblehender while IVnehlnsTtoa was beating the Athletics, a double victory that assured Detroit ef Ita Oral Aiaerirss league pennant. Vesteriiny the Tlgera again defeated Cleveland In botk ends of a double bill, but oa this erraslnn, the Tigers failed to win the pennant failed hy a little matter of 3T 1-2 games. 11 11 V Series 141 Michigan Ave.

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