Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 1, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 1, 1894
Page 5
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WHO IS YOUR /HATTER? WHY, DEWENTER, THE HATTER. So say the majority of men already. Now we want the minority to come over to the majority. Let U8 ohow you our NEW SPRING HATS. OBSERVE! The announcement of Tucker & Young THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. Their New Spring Goods are ready for inspection. Special attention is called to their $2O.OO suits made to order. Yours Truly, "PUCK." PUREST 'AND BEST tESS THAM HALF THE- PRICt OF OTHtR BRANDS + POUNDS,20<r-f- «ALVES,IO* QUARTERS^. SOLD IN CANS ONLV DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING. APRIL 1. Call tomorrow and get World's Fair Art Portfolio So. S. The Trade Palace i§ crowded with lew and lovely goodi. Moire Bilk and lace ladies 1 neckwear, at the Bee Hive. Pattern hats at a very low price at the New Faahion store. Do not fall to secure the Marie Bor- rouffb'9 Portfolio of celebrated actors ind aotrcsses. Laoos are very stylish this year. The Bee Hlvo carries the largest stock it lowest prices. New carpets, new curtains and new inoleums at low prices. See them at he Trade Palace. Perfect health 1« seldom found, for mpure blood ia so general. Hood's ianaparllla really does purify the ilood and restores health. Why not have your papering done ow bafore the weather gets hot? The rioe* are way down. Stop and get irloet at the Logansport Wall Paper !o. Our line of wall paper Isoom- ilete. John Ray, of the Wait Side, wai rtated to a genuine lurpriie party kit evening at hli home on the Weit Ide, at which time and place he wai ailed upon by two hundred or more f hit friends to celebrate with him M paiilng of hli SSd birthday. THE STAGE PICTURED. Tbe mule Bnrroacbi Art Portfolio •f Mtaf* Celeferllle* !»•• Proven » Favorite With lb« Fee- Pic, and (tke Interact IncreaBes •• the Part* are Inned. 1COUR 1'ABTS ARE READ* And any one of these will be deliv. ered at the Coupon Department of the Journal for one dime and three coupons, or sont by mail at the same price. p Br t i—The Williard'Burroughs number. Part 2—The Modjreka number. Part 3—The Booth number. p ar t 4—The Jefferson number. All of them are productions of which it ia impossible to spenk too highly in praise. Part 5, the JMABY ANDERSON NUMBER Follows next and will be ready Thursday. April 5. It contains be- etdei a handsome picture of 'Our Mary, 11 fine portrait of Stuart Robaon. William li. Crane, Maud Harrison, i Francis Wilson and other leading stars. If you have not yet begun to take thii series now la the time to begin. You can only get this series through the Journal. Save your coupons. The Pharos magnifies Into an encounter a conversation between Councilman Boyer and Mr. MoSheehey of the Chroniole yesterday. The Chronicle stated that it would be well to investigate tho allowances for feed for the fire department thus inslnuat ing that The Logan Milling Company has defrauding the city on this account. Aa a matter of fact both,Mr. McSheehey and M. J. Gallagher, de- tectlve for tho gas company, bad investigated this matter and found that the Logan Milling Co. was not furnishing the feed for tho flre department horses and that Councilman Boyer had never asked that the feed be bought there. Mr. Boyer called at the Chronicle office to object to this reflection on his personal character and stated that he did not care how much the council was misrepresented but that he did object to personal misrepresentation. There was no blood spilled and Mr. MoSheehey dis- lalmed any reference to the Logan Milling Co. in the article. Allnntlco, P. B. Every member of Diana Temple is urgently requested to be preient MOD SPRING ttflTS Very Latest Styles, $1.00, See Window. We will sell you the best quality Knox, Dunlap and Youman Styles for $1.98,thereby saving you $1.5O on your purchase, as other stores ask $3.50 for identically the same styles and qualities. Remember, all the latest | Spring style Derby and Fedora Hats. 50 Cents on the Dollar at Actual Wholesale Cost on all Goods Usually kept in a first-class Clothing and Shoe Store; Overcoats half price on a credit of 6 months under order Cass Circuit Court still continues. OTTO KRf\US BANKRUPT STORES. The Jury Mtlll Ha« It. The celebrated case of the State vs. Augusta Schmidt, closed at Eokomo yesterday morning with the concluding argument of Prosecutor Kiatler, of whoso effort tho Kokomo papers laat evening spoke very highly. Tho court's instructions wore lengthy and the case was given to the jury and at one o'clock that body began its deliberations. A telephone message from Kokomo at three o'clock this morning stated that the jury was still out. YOUR NAME IN PRINT. ay night, April 2d. iefi. By order of Important bud. M. E. C. Our cloak department li showing a >eautlful Miortment of fine capes »nd ticket* at the New Faihlon itore. UNO* of • Penonal Character Con. •ernlng Locmniporfer* and Their Frleada Mr. G. W. Clalr, of Wabasb, was in the olty yesterday. Mlas Lucy Gllneg returned last evening from a u'slt at Richmond. Sam £. Frank is at Chicago on business and to see the Grand opera. George T. Webster, of Chicago. Is In the city visiting his father, J, P. Webster. Mrs. J. F. Wilson of Hartwell, 0., and Mrs. J. H. Bardwell of Denver, Col., are guests of Mrs. C. A. Brown. Mrs. Rev. M. E. Nethercutt, of Marklo, Ind., is visiting in the city, the guest of her sister, Mrs. Bert G. Small. " Yesterday Mr. Al Anderson, the barber, entertained his uncles, Messrs. Jack Anderson, of Roann and John Anderson of Mexico, Ind. Mr. J. B, Stanley returned y ester day from his evangelistic temperano tour in Illinois, unable to longer keep up. He was stricken with la grippe at Urb&na. 111., and compelled to fore go his meetings. He is now con fined to bed, distressingly ill. Mr. Charles Peckham departed yes terday for his new home in Vincennes Ind.,. where he and Mrs. Peckham will take up their permanent residence Mr. Peckham has been long among the foremost of Logansport'a men of affalri and'his friends wish him prosperity and a pleasant life in his new home. Major MoFadln received yesterday a letter from George Hendee at Pensa cola, Fla., that he will be home on the llth Inat. Among the curiosities col looted thU year he "has the head of a tarpon, a fish weighing 300 pounds; also a rattlesnake 6 feet long and a number of. young alligators which bo will distribute' among his friends In the city and county to wear as watch charms; also a number of fine deer horns. Tom Plant! In Florida Editor Jouinal: If allowed space, will give a short sketch of our lovely Japan tea plants. They are now in full bloom and are a pretty sight. Papa sot thorn out when we first camo here, The plaotd are some two feet high and covered with the pure white tea flow ers, which are as fragrant as orange flowers. The pretty leaves aro a glossy green, and do not much resemble the dried article of commerce which we prize so much for table use. The large brown tea seed are the slza of small marbles, and are rlponing and falling to the ground. I notice some seeds have rolled over the bluff and started to grow below. Today, while I was picking up a few seed to send a friend in the north to grow ae house plants, I thought perhaps there were others who would like to grow a tea plant too, If they had seed. I will mail tea seed freely to any one who wishes it aud will send a stamp f,or postage, as we'-do not care for the seed, Jackionville, Fla. INEZ BHIGQS. ., • Notice. H>TU(g s.pld the Twelfth St. Drug Store, 1 ''1 Hereby notify all persons in debt to me to call and settle their accountant OBOe. HIGHWAY ROBBERY. An Old Hettldent of Washington Townthlp Held up and Bobbed- Chai, Hoffman the Victim of UenllcnlDC Vllllan*. Last night, after dark, Charloe Hoffman, an aged resident, started for his home in Washington township. He had brought a load of hay to town and was returning home on the empty hay ladders. Over on the South Side a couple of strangers accosted him and wanted a lift. They got on the wagon and on Humphrey street held him up and deprived him of his wealth. He had drawn a check for $40 on the First National Bank. This he had and $6 in cash. The robbers got the pile. Mr. Hoffman returned at once to the city and laid the case before the police. About 10 oclook officers Welrwahn and Graham arrested Andy Ryan and Charles Williama on Fifth street, and took them to jail upon suspicion, they answering to the description of the highway rob. bers. Upon one of the parties wag found the $40 check. Proof conclusive. The fellows will probably have a preliminary hearing Monday morning- A Bad Knnaway. Yesterday morning Detective Silas Morgan-End a friend from Ohio were driving up on the Royal Center pike. In returning they bad occasion to pass a carriage driven by Luy Cctner of Boone township, As they passed the horse driven by the detective, turned in and the buggy loceked wheels with that of the car riage and a general upheaval and smash up was the nresult. The buggy passed in safety but the carriage lost a wheel and the accident frightened the horses into a runaway. Mr. Cot ner jumped out, leaving the frfght- ened team to their own heads. The other gentU men who were in the oar. rlage jumped out and thus escaped the final' smash up, which come later, leaving the carriage a wreck. Fortunately no one was hurt. ••jar ItteFadln for mayor. Major McFadin announces his name for Mayor before, the democratic con- ventton In this issue of the Journal. Major McFadin is an old and distlnx gulshed citizen. As Mayor several years ago he opposed the $80,000 Eel River railroad appropriation and sat up all eight to prevent that appropri ation. His salary was cut dowb on account of this opposition in an attempt to freeze him out. fle has lived in CMS county 56 years and defies any one to show that any of the people's money ever stuck to his fingers. Nearly a Fatality. Yesterday morning as the Knightly party was leaving Lafayette after laving assisted in the dedication of the new Castle hall at that placo hrls Panton camo nearly meeting with a distressing accident. He was Delated in hia arrival and upon running for the tra!n, caught on to the rear rail just in time to get a nasty 'all. He was fortunately not hurt,but ost his train and did not fret borne until the next train. The Jtlodvrn Commends itself to the well-informed, :o do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done In the crudest manner and disagreeably as well. To cleanse the a stem and break up colds, Headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, use the delightful iquld laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs April VooU> D»T. Today is all Fools Day. Look cut. Brand, in his "Peculiar Antiquities" gives the following extracts from the Public Advertiser of April 12, 17C9, for the Jewish origin for the custom of making fools on the first of April: This is said to have begun from the mistake of Noah sending the dove out of the ark before the water had abated on tho first day of the month among the Hebrews, which answers to our first day of April, and perpetuates the memory of bin deliverance, St was thought proper, whoever forgot so remarkable a circumstance, to punish them by sending them on some fruitless errand similar to the ineffectual message upon which the bird was aent by the patriarch. When a girl of sweet sixteen is on the street, says an observing critic she hue a cute, pert way of tossing her head as though she owned th earth and was going to the middle o the next block to get It. After ehe i eighteen the world she owns is abou as far away aa the World's Fair wa to many people, and at twenty ehe gives up all hope of getting It at all By the time the is twenty-five, poo thing, she has a faint, vague suspicion that there is a great deal .of Inslncer ity in the world, and the thing for he to do is to get a position and do some thing useful. After awhile she get married to a man who is not at all the sort of a man she dreamed of. Then she concludes she will be better off in heaven. ^ The usual treatment of catarrh is very unsatisfactory, as thousands can testify. Proper local treatment ia positively necessary to success, but many, if not most, of the remedies in general use afford but temporary relief. A cure certalely cannot be expected from snuffs, powders, douches and washes. Ely's Cream Balm, which Is so highly recommended, is a remedy which combine! the Important requisites of quick action, specific curative power, with perfect safety pleasantness to the patient. The druggists all sell it. The Lace*t Value. You get the greatest value out of a •silver quarter when purchasing a package of Simmons 1 Liver Regulator powder, There'* nothing like It for indigestion or constipation. Take it dry on the tongue or make a tea. You'll afterwards take it in preference to pills. Tin: - of Cioou .".nd Market I.I.-UM ,Si>miP.s«tl<>:3(:< •i:iid;iy school ui 3 p. m. Vandalla Line To South, Southeast and Southwest will run on various dates from now until Jung 5, 1894, inclusive. One fare round trip. C»ll on or address any Vandalia line agent and ask for information contained in circular No. 327 of January 20, 1894. Ladle-6' wash suits and house dresses ready-made, at the New Fashion store. A. M. K. ClJUUi-ll—Curi. Mrci.ts, L W. i;,ttun ». ni. .'mil 7.3H p. 1:1. C. 5'. Join's. £::i|>,. CiroiirjioKCnui*" (Ffi>nilM)--Smic0s will be )w)il In tbrlr IJKIV runiiiK Hi l)'i> M;ii;r« block. corner or £IM !i nil h>o;V":ir. Hibk> Cl:i«i at. 10:3ii SoriO;*v inoi'MTi;;. A :i nr^ cordially invited toaticnd. BROADWAY I'I:J>IIYTK;II.'.X Cuntrn—llev. E. S. Scott, PitMor. Muriiliiff S.-J-VHTS ll:'iO a. m. Subject. "Tin-Bi-gmiiliiiri'I Mii'iirlfS." Sunday. School at 9 :W. ,-i in. V 1'. tf. C. K. :it 0::W p rn. All are cordially iiivltitl 1o utiriid these services. FIRST PiuauHTKi'.uN CHUIICH—Rev. D. P. Put- riHni, pastor, llornlim n-nVes mil o'cl-'Ck. Evenluirservlci-itnT 7.'?« ii'fi"<?li Preach! F. by tha ixi-stor. S huo! .-it '.i.SO. Young People's meeting 01 11:30 11 in. A uurJIiil welcome for all. ifAKKETSTRKETil. K. ClIUlil'H—R«V. W, R Wonts, Piistor. Preaching at l(M5a m. Sabbath School al 9:SO a m. Junior League At '2 SO p. m. Epwonii L«igu<: ill 6:30 p. m. Evenlne services at 7:30 j> m Chfn ineerngs at ll:46am andfiiiO p til. AH are cordlnllv Invited. CHRISTIAN CHCKCB—Corn'r Ninth and Spear streets. Rev.T.S. Freeman, Pastor. Services at i) o'clock a m and 7:30 p in bj Ui« pastor.. Sunday School at ft SO.'i m, G. N. Ben?, Supt.. Y. P. S. c. E. at 6 is. Morning subject,. "Small rtwull of Hliwlon Work." All are Invited. BAPTIST CHUBCH—Bev. W. u. H. Marsh Pastor. Serviced today »t 1030 a. m. and 7:30 p.m., preaching b; the pastor. Sunday School at 12. Meeting »l the B T. P. D. In the lecture mom at 6 30. Leader, Miss Leah Woll, Sofclect, "Who. 18 ra; Neighbor? Luke 1029. Morning mbject, "The tower that Worketh In is." KrenlDK: subject. "Bible Teaching aa t* Physical Death." UNIVKBSALIBT CHDK«IB—B«T. T. S. Guthrte- Pastor. Services today at this church at 11 a.m. an4 7 p, m. bf the pastor. Sunday ichool at 10 a. m., Edward Canls. Supt Morning subject. ••All made of one Blood." Evening MDJecr. "It the Righteous t>e warcelj Saved what U the condition of the Ungodly." All are cordially Invited to these nervloes. TRIHITT EPISCOPAL CHOICE—Rev. Douglas I. Hobbs Rector. 9:«5 a m, Sunday School; 11 a. m. morning prayer, holy communlen and sermon. Subject, -Rlten with Christ." T p. m. evening prayer, conr«miUloo and sermnn by- Blsbop.Knickerbocker. The Baxter mule wUl- be repeated both morning and evening. A welcome for all. BBOAHWAT M. E. CHDBOH-Rev, H, J. Norris Cantor. Services today at this chnrch at 11 a. m. and 7;SO n m. Today close* the year nt this, church. Morning subject. "A Supreme Opportunity." Service of sacred SODS In the evening: followed by several bapttims. Sunday School at 9:15 a. m. Epworth League at 6 SO p.m. led by EUa Allen. The pastor will be- glad to see all the members present at this closing service. There will be no eitr* collection to detain the congregation. A welcome far all. [Those furnishing thecboreb notices will please Hand in only the change* ID the notices such a» special services, snbjwt, change of hour and> change ef pulpits. Cut oat tats notice as fir a» H Is good and add the change. • They want tk« BeM, ••The people of this vicinity insist on having Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and do not rant any other," saye. JohnV. Bishop, of Portland Mills. Indiana. That ia right. They know it to be superior to any other for- colds, and as a preTeitlve and cure, 'or croup, and why should they not nsiat upon having it. Fifty cent bottles for sale by B. ¥. Kecsllngr, drug- Ist. A Forty Mile BMe. E. B. Swetnam, of Fairfax Station, Virginia, says: "A party came forty miles to my store tor Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and bought a dozen. xHtles. The remedy is a great fa- orlte in this vicinity and has per- ormed some wonderful cures here. '" t is intended especially for coughs, x>lds, croup and whooping cough, aud t a favorite wherever known. For ! sale by B. F. Keealing, druggist. 1 The beat paints for the least money : . at Ben Fisher's drugstore. NOW THIS IS A FACT the Mep- all in the THEODOHS PARVIN. An«tl«B Hale. The auction sale of the J. E. Snell & Co , wholesale and notion stock, on 'earl street, will be continued hroughoul the coming week. Sale commencing at 1 p. m. and continuing until 9 at night. CARL W. KELLER chant Tailor, leads them Spring Trade. LOOK AT 81S PATTERNS. A sk any man in the city the way his clothes are made to fit and then know the truth. ; . CARL W. KELLER. 311 Market St.

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