Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on August 10, 1950 · Page 13
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 13

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1950
Page 13
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Bill Wilhanii 3:30. 6:34, 9:38. "MOTHER DIDN'T TELL ME, Borethv nUGelro. 4:44. 7:48. 10:52. I PC 7206 Harper WA 1-0347 rjMn 5:30. Start 6:00. Sae Money Us ts 6! COOLED! Jane Hater-Gordon MacRaa. "DAUGHTER OF ROSIE 0'GRADY" ( Technicolor ) it 7:06-10:16 Robert Hatton-Roth Warrick. "BEAUTY OK PARADE" at 6:00-9:10. 1 n I lit? tlrnnd Cirrus Pars WO MUMMO .auk IF GET YOUR GUN" (Tahiti- celor). Betty Hollo". Howard Kel. Loeis CJ"i. Keenan Wyns Eiwars Arnold. Benay Vontaro. J. Carrol Naish. AHo Foatarttti! in Li I D II Mack ' st- " Pirk "rM VA 2-9 195 AUmlnAL - , - . Coed ly (m. FREE DINNERWARE lack Cams-Ann Sothora. "APRIL SHOWERS." Edmend O'Brien -FIGHTER SQUADRON (Color) 11 CCD E. Warren-Outer Drift TO 6-T723 Door. OKI 5:45. COOL COMFORT! Watt Disney All Color Foatoro. "cmptm-tLA- si rj, 10:37. Plot "SIDE STREET" with Farley G rancor Cathy B'Donnell at 6:13. 3:14. I UAURDA 9428 Woodward An. TR 5-0234 , ALnAMDnA n,, 5:45. Fro Dishes ts ts Unies THE GUNFI6HTER." Gregory Pock-Holen wottcon. : "MARK OF THE GORILLA.' Johnny WolumaHor, II I CU DIDe' Southfield-Allen Road DU 1-2913 LLL I rllll ,,, .45. rnOLED BY REFG niir Trary Ellraboth Taylor is "FATHER OF . THE BRIDE. "HOUSE BY THE RIVER." Leels Hayward. SPECIAL KIDDIE MAT. SAT. 1 1 ft U Chirlo wix at Wajburn TU 2-2615 UUItlM ,. 6 . (Color), STREET Walt 6:10. 7:25. Disney Featnro, "CINDERELLA" 6rangcr "SIDE 9:05. Fsrloy 1030 ANNEX" NEW POLICY NEW MANAGEMENT NEW PICTURES ANMEX" ' Grand Blfer at Joy Boad TT 5-4820 Fraa Pirklni. Oocn 5:45. Gregory Peek, Joha-n Welumillor if Jmolo Jim In "THE MARK OF Tt: GORILLA." 6:28. 9:23. TR 1-8750 ni o,n 5-30 all COOLED! lino Maeer. "THE DAUGHTER "PAROLE." Noah OF ROSIE B'GRADY" (Color). Beery. Jr. IPTflQ 8652 Twelfth Street AOlUn 0p 6 JO. AIR Kirk nn.-ila, "YOUNG MAN TR 5-3296 CONDITIONED! WITH A HORN William tyeth. "CUSTOM AGENT iti i p 1532 Plymouth Road VE 5-06JO AILAO 6 p.. AIR CONDITIONED! Park Fro. ALL COLOR! Jane Haw. "THE DAUGHTER OF ROSIE 0'GRADY." "COMANCHE TERRITORY, Maireen O'Hara. 1111 fl U Linwood at DariMn TO 8-3709 AIHLUII ! 1 Obis 6r00. COOLED! PAVED PARKING. r.... .-it u.l Wuteott is "THE GUN- FIGHTER." 7:40. 1035. Jean Deels. Andy Deri ne In "THE TRAVELING SALESWOMAN." :4U. nruFDI V Grand Biter at Oaiman WE 3-6380 CLICJILI ., parking! COOLED! Been 6 .m. Jackie Robinson. "THE JACKIE ROBINSON STORY." 7:56. 11:03. Vincent Price. Elles Drew, THE BAKOW nr nnnun. o:u. y ' B 10! J I lirU I II Birmingham, Mich. HI 4-3533 rnoirssTt Dinminunflm S:4s. cool Gary Cooper and Laoros Bacall In "BRIGHT LEAF" at 7:00. 10:30. alas Donald O'Connor In "CUR-TA I N CALL AT CACTUS CREEK." at 8:59 only. BLOOMFlELD-0wrr.6T45 MI 4-6006 o.oi. Cool Coca- fort! Ronald Colman, PAGNE FOR CAESAR' end O'Brien in "P. Ciluli Holoa is "CHAM- st 7 AO. 10:17. Pisa Ed-0. A." st 8:54 only. BOOKER T." ' Holbrook Near Oakland TR 1-3135 Ooen 530. Cent, all Plight. AIR CONDITIONED! Walt Disney Featore. "CINDERELLA" (Color). "FRENCH KEY." Albert Dokkor, Eelyn Ankers. NEW SHOW AT MIDNIGHT. BOOTH: -L. Jeff.-Parbriew Park Free VA 2-4681 . Ooen 6 B.m. COOL tumruni: wu Disney's ''CINDERELLA" (Technicolor) at 7:30, 10:50. Fs-!y Granier. Cathy O'Donneli, "SIDE STREET" at 6:30 9:30. BROADWAY-CAPITOL" I B Way at Gd. Cir. Pk. WO 3-4231 COOL COMFORT! Robert Taylor. Elinbeth Taylor In CONSPIRATOR St 12:41 j:3. I -XI. wjj. Pins Deborah Kerr. Robert Walker. Peter Lawford in "PLEASE BELIEVE ME" st 11:12. 230. 5:48, 9:06, . CALVIN" "FATHER OF THE BRIDE" CALVIN 22168 Michigan LU 1-1180 5:45. Cooled! "FATHER OF THE BRIDE." Spencer Tracy. Elizabeth Taylor 7:25. 10:40. "HOUSE BY THE RIVER." Loms Hayward, 6:00. 9:15. Hooalene Cassidy shown Sat Mat, In Slace of "Hoise By The River." p a urn 7 Miie mi busmii "jAIYltU 0Btn 6 i.m. Cooled! GUNFIGHTER," Greoory Peck, "TRAVELING SALESWOMAN." D-vine. Cartoon and News. TW 1-1911 Park Free. "THE Millard Mitchell. Joan Davis, Andy piniTni 7915 W. Veinor VI 1-8250 UANIUL. n,- :45 AIR COOLED! Park Free. Alan Ladd. Donna Reed 'CHICAGO DEADLINE.1 "THE MERRY MONAHANS. " Donald O'Connor. CARLTON (NEW) 113135 Fenkell VE 8-0020 (Mil Fill Farlev Rranoer In "SIDE STREET. "MERRY MONAHANS." Donald O'Connor. Jack piknv FBEE: GOLDEN HEIRLOOM D I NNfcnW ahc : p irjiirij-Schaefer nr. Ford Bd. Dearrjom LU 2-1610 UAnmLll opEN g:00 COOLED! ereoory Peck. Helen Westcott in "GUNFIGHTER." "TRAVELING SALESWOMAN" Joan Oavis-A. Devi no CASINO -E. Davison at 6 Mile TW 2-OS47 Refi. Stemware Open 530. Cooled by to Ladies. Crwford. THE DAMNEO DON'T CRY," Joan BODYHOLD." Willard Parker. f ICT1 C 3412 Hasttais UMOILL. c Cm1, .ii TE 3-0094 Nloht. AIR rnNOITIONED! Walt Disney Fcatere. "CINDER ELLA" (Color). "SIDE STREET " Farley Granaer, NEW SHOW AT MIDNIGHT nCUTCp Woodward-Blvd. Park tree TB 5-8484 en Cont 10 , 1J0 , cooled BY REFG. Walt Disney Featere. "CINDERELLA" (Color). 11:30. 2:31. 5:41. 8:51. 12:01. Farley Granaer. Cathy O'Donneli. "SIDE STREET." 10:02. 1:08. 4:13. 7:23 10:33. PCUTIIDV 14th end W. Grand Blvd. Park Free Ul.ll I uil I o... 6:45. COOLED BY REFG. John Pavne. Rhonda Flemlni. "THE EAGLE AND THE HAWK" (Color). "KILL THE UMPIRE." William Bandit. PIWnFRFI I k 13311 E- JrtlMo" w0 3-4231 rtjrt Taylor. Elizabeth Taylor In "CONSPIRATOR" at 12 32. 3:58. 7:24. 10:50. PLUS Deborah Kerr. Robert Walker la "PLEASE BELIEVE ME" at 259. 5:55 9 51. PIRPI F w- Warren-MUlrr Koad birTULL 0Bi. g COOLED! LU 1-5040 Paved Parkinf. "TRAVELING SALESWOMAN." Joan Davit "THE 6UNFI6HTER." Greoory Peck CIVIC-DETROIT--? "5A,'KA VIS, COOLED! Joan Davis. Andy Devlno In "TRAVELING SALESWOMAN" at 7:46. 10:46. Greoory Peck In GUNFI6HTEB" it 622. 952. CIVIC-FARMINGT0N-or6O.44m4 co.l cm- FORTI Walt Disney Featire "CINDERELLA" (Color) 8:40. Farley Granaer. Cathv t'Doonell. "SIDE STREET." 7:00. 10J5. Pfll flUI Al Woodward at Adelaide WO 1-4282 UULUiilHL 9ttm 24 Hear. Part Free. COOLED by REFG. John Wayne. Sesan Hayward. "THE FIGHTING SEABEES. "MARK OF THE GORILLA " Johnny Weissmeller. PflNANT 12027 Conant (jUllAni 0ptn 5.45. COOLED! WARE! Clifton Webb. "CHEAPER (Color). Plat "TARNISHED." TW 2-3033 FREE DINNER-BY THE DOZEN" PRYTA! Micbijan t 31st TA 5-7270 unldlHL0 11:45 a.m. Daily. AIR CONDITIONED! Barbara Stanwyck. John Lend in "NO MAN OF HER OWN." "THE OUTRIDERS" (Color). Joe) McCrea. Barry Selllvin. Arlene Dahl. n I U7U 8340 Gratiot at Iroquois A 1-2588 """"Open 530. Free Dishes to the ladles! Cooled. Robert Rockwell. "FEDERAL AGENT AT LARGE." 5:45. 8:11. 10:37. Robert Hatton. -BEAUTY ON PARADE." 7.-Q5 931. nCipDnRM Mirhiean-Telegraph LO 1-3450 ULAnQUnn Open 5:45 p.m. Park Fret. Cooled! tools Hayward. Jane Wyatt in "HOUSE BY THE RIVER." 6:00. 9:17. Spencer Tracy, Elirabeth Taylor In "FATHER BF THE BRIDE." 730. 10:40 nri TUC MacH-Holcomb Park Free WA 1-1412 UtL-int 9ftf 5:15 Plr, fnt COOLED! Granary Peek. Jean Parker. "THE GUNFIGHTER." "TRAVELING SALESWOMAN." Jon Oavis-A. Devine DELUXE" HAND PAINTED DINNERWARE! FREE TS LADIES! nPI I YC 9355 Kercheral Park kree V. 2-8952! . " 5:30. AIR CONDITIONED! HAND PAINTED DINNERWARE! John Wayne. Jeanne Brae. John Aoar. "SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON" Color) "TRAVELING SALESWOMAN." Jean Davit. Andy Devine. COLOR CARTOON! Residence in have found a temporary home. Police arranged for them to stay at St. Martha's Catholic Home, 1818 Leverette, while the father, Charles, 35, searches for a more permanent residence. The Montgomery and five Camera Caravan Will Tour State A Car Camera Caravan through the State will start Aug. 19 from the Cranbrook Art Academy. It is sponsored by the Contemporary Photographic Society of Michigan. Headed by Harvey Croze, of Cranbrook, the group will travel to the top of the Upper Peninsula. Units of movie actors, models, directors and cameramen will join in the one-to two-week trip. n CVTCD Dexter at Burliniatne TO 8-0155 UCAILn 6:i5. Air Conditioned. "THE EAGLE AND THE HAWK.'Johs Pajino Rhonda Fleming. Dennis B'Keefe. "KILL THE UMPIRE." William Bondlx. Una Mcrklo. Lata Nwt DOWNTOWN-43"1"1 sTday 1'8522 "ALL tUIET N THE WESTERN FRONT" with Lew Ayres and Loo Is welheim. Pin "NIGHTMARE" with Brian Donleyy and Diana Barrymoro. (loth Re-releases). nnv Liiemois at lnvison WE 3-3IMI0 UUA Ooen 6:15. COOLED! GLASSWARE TO LADIES! attwt. "f.1R. oHITH GOES TO WASHINGTON" Bits "FOLLOW ME OUIETLY." DRIVE-IN BEL-AIR" OPEN SOON! THE BEL-AIR DRIVE-IN THEATER NOTHING FINER IN THE WORLD! KIDDIES' PLAYGROUND TRAINS MERRY-GO-ROUND SLIDES ROES AND RUN! an FREE FOR THE CHILDREN! nnmr iu nn I ID E. 8-Mile Bd. Nr. Van UniTL-in uCL'Ain Dyke. FO 6-1551. OPEN SOON! DETROIT'S MOST CONVENIENT OUTDOOR TNEATErIIeAST 8 MILE ROAD NEAR VAN DYKE ALL NEW AND MODERNISTIC AMERICA'S MAGNIFICENT DRIVE-IN THEATER! DRIVE-IN (DEARBORN) TWO BIG FEATURES! "THE OUTLAW" "PLEASE BELIEVE ME" nniur iu snriDDnrim Unil L-IH V.UtAnBUniVlkrter Rds.LO 2-7007 Ooen 6:30. Children Free. Jack Beotel. Jane Rossoll in "THE OUTLAW." Peter Lawford. Deborah Kerr Is "PLEASE BELIEVE ME." Cartoon! Free Playereind ! Train Rides! DRIVE-IN (EASTSIDE)" Harper at 7 Mile THE JACKIE ROB- ......... .bw it InkiHina U nu f. Alia "BARON OF ARIIONA" with Vincent Price an. lUnni U PARK-Fo" St-0 Conn"r DU 10100 Ellon Drew. Late Show Eeery Satarday! Children I' ItivUI r. Hn jp,,, 5:15 Plrk tree. Always Under 12 Free. Heoo Plavoroond with Free Aits;Cool! "FATHER OF THE BRIDE." Soeneer Tracy, and Pony Bides. Ones 7:15. "DAVID HARDING. COUNTERSPY." Willard Parker. DRIVE-IN(FQRD-WY0MIN6)t Ford Bd. Wjo- I mini TI 8 6910 c a. riii.a rnnlni Sao "CHAIN LIGHTNING," Hemihrey Botirt, Eleanor Parker. Riymin" Massey. "MICKEY" with Bill Goodwin. Lois Bitlor Color Cartoon. Ooen 6 JO. Children Free. FBEE Boat and Train Rides. Playoreond. DRIVE-IN FORT" -Fort St. 1 Mile West of Jwrreka Robert Taylor. Elizabeth Taylor in "CONSPIRATOR." Piss Robert Waker. Peter Lawford in "PLEASE BELIEVE ME." Color Cartoon DRIVE-IN GRAND RIVER" Grand Hirer Between S and 9 Mile Rrt. OPEN 6:30 CHILDREN FREE DOUBLE FEATURE Jane Risseil Walter Hoeston. "THE OUTLAW." Plis Len nieCallister. "BOY FROM INDIANA." COLOR CARTOON HUGE PLAYGROUND! DRIVE-IN GRATIOT-6ratiotBt42 Open 7:00 i-m. Children Free. Doible Featire! "THE OUTLAW" with Jane Rissell. Thomas Mitchell Also "THE BOY FROM INDIANA" with Un McAllister. Lois Bitler. Cartoon. Free Kiaoislano. nmVF.IN MICHIGAN-.-" V?. oaiR.nd..oh sett NOW AT LAST YOUR CHANCE TO SEE THIS GREAT PICTURE: JANE RUSSELL and JACK BEUTEL In "THE OUTLAW" slot "BOY FROM INDIANA." DRIVE-IN OAK" NOW OPEN! FEATURING WORLD'S LARGEST SCREENI PERFECT VISION FROM ANY ANGLE I DRIVE-IN OAK" INDIVIDUAL IN-A-CAR SPEAKERS! C ONTROL YOUR OWN VOLUME! DRIVE-tM OAK- TURN RIGHT AT HOWARD JOHNSON 2 BLOCKS EAST OF WOODWARD! DRIYE-IN OAK" HUGE PLAYGROUND NOW OPEN PLUS FREE PONY RIDES TO THE CHILDREN EVERY DAT I DRVE-N OAK Knatward-lSU Mi. LI 4-3056 i CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE- j DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM '. jame Rissell ln THE OUTLAW Pies Deborah Kerr snd Mark i Stevens in "PLEASE BELIEVE ME." DRIVE-IN TOWN" Telegraph Boad-Chicajo Blvd- KE 2-7770 OPEN 6:30 CHILDREN FREE DOUBLE FEATURE Jam Rissell. Walter Hoiston, "THE OUTLAW." Pies Lon MeCallister. "BOY FROM INDIANA." COLOR CARTOON HU6E FREE PLAYGROUND! nOIC III UJI VUC Michigan Ave. 7 Miles West UnifL-lll nHint of TeWrarh Road Jam Rissell, Walter Hoiston in "THE OUTLAW." Pies Jennny (larzan) weissmoiier in mis newest Action Hit. "MARK OF THE 60RILLA." DRIVE-IN (WESTSIDE)-8 K4feftr "THE JACKIE RORINSON STORY" with Jackie Rokinson Himself. Alto "BARON OF ARIZONA" with Vincent Price and Ellen Drew. Late Show Every Satarday. Children Under 12 Free. Heae Playareond with FREE Aete and Pony Rides. Open 7:15. CdQT Clin 11510 E. Jefferson E.AOI tlTU Bm. 11-45 a.m. Daily. VA 2-5815 FREE DISHES TO LADIES' Gene Tlernev-Dana Andrews. "BELLE STAR." "FRONTIER MARSHALL Randolph Scott. riernWU Harper-Van Dyke WA 2-3664 CAOIUntl D00RS open 5:4. COOLED! Greoory Peck. Helen Westcott. "THE GUNFIGHTER" at 7 37. 10:42. Joan Davis. Andy Devine. "THE TRAVELING SALESWOMAN" at 6:27. 9:27. ECHO- fiOOO Oakland TO 8-1780 Ooen 5:00. AIR CONDITIONED! 3 HITS! "FIGHTING KENTUCKIAN," John Wayne "ALASKA PATROL." "NOT WANTED." Ail a Its 25c ESQUIRE 15311 E. Jefferson VA 2-2870 ALL COLOR! "THE DAUGHTER OF ROSIE 0'GRADY." 7.-00. 10:18. "COMANCHE TERRITORY." 9. 02. CA U II Y Cadillac Square and Monroe WO 3-4505 I nmiLi Contlneoot 9 a.m. to Midnight. COOL! Greeonr Joan Di Peck-Jean Arther in "THE GUNFIGHTER." 6avl-A. Devine. "TRAVELING SALESWOMAN" F FN V PI I Fcnkell-Deittr LN 2-0405 rt.llM.LL Doors Open 6:00. COOLED! Walt Disney's "CINDERELLA" Cartoon Featere In Color. 730. 10:25. "SIDE STREET." Farley Granaer. Cathy O'Donneli. 6:10. 9:05. KIDDIES' MATI-NEE Every Satarday Doors, Open 12:45. FFRMFlil C Woodward-9 Mi. Bd. LI 1-5168 rr.rrnuALr. 9ttt 5.30m cooled' "THE BARON OF ARIZONA." Vincent Price "BEAUTY ON PARADE." Robert Hetton FlilF I DTC Woodward at Watson rinCAillO .... c PU lonal- TE 3-2777 Reaoan. Ann Sheridan. "KINGS ROW." "JOHNNY APOLLO." Tyrone Power. NEW SHOW AT MIDNIGHT! CICUCD In the FLsher Buildinc rionr.n r.ui r(rt' akrt WO 3-4231 Tavlar. Elizabeth Taylor I "CONSPIRATOR" t 12:30. 3:54. 7:18. 10:42. Plat Deborah Kerr. Robert Walker. Mark Stevent In "PLEASE BELIEVE ME" at 257. 5:51. 9:15. FLAMINGO Walt Disney 7.-23. 10:3(1. -Gratlot-7 Mile Koad LA 6-3460 Obm 5:45. Park Free. COOLED! Featire. "CINDERELLA" (Color), nrley Granger. Cathy B Donnell, " 6:00. 9:07. "SIDE STREET.' rnpncnil 10149 Dix. Dearborn lUnUOUPJ ..EAST SDe, WEST SIDE." Barbara Stanwyck. "UNMASKED" with Robert Rockwell. Cartoon and News. FOX 2211 Woodward WO 3-7700 Walt Disney Presents in Technicolor. TREASURE ISLAND" with Bobby Driscoll: and "BEAVER VALLEY' 6 RAND Wood,r1 at Grnd TU 8-2735 AIR COOLED! "I STOLE A MILLION." Georee Raft. Claire Trevor. YOU CAN'T CHEAT AN HONEST MAN." W. C. Fields. Edaar Serpen. Charlie MacCarthy. Late News, Cartoon. CDHlinC 8024 W. Jefferson VI 2-1247 Uiirtilkeft. gpan :30. COOL 30. COOL COMFORT! FREE DINNERWARE TO LADIES! Pail Mini. "COMMANDOS STRIKE AT DAWN." "THE INVADERS." Lairence Olivier. Leslie Howard. Clir ITI IVCC 14832 Grand Biver btttAI LArt5,. 5.35. cooled b. VE 6-3643 Ret,. Park Free. "THE GUNFIGHTERS." Greoory Peek. 7:15 10:15. "TRAVELING SALESWOMAN." Joan Davis. Andy Devine at 6:00. 9.05. IHRPCR-Harper-l.akenoud Park Free LA 1 4020 rMnrcn 0 5.45 cooled: "the outlaw." Jane Rpssell. Jack Beotel at 7 56. 10:52. "PLEASE BELIEVE ME." Deborah Kerr. Robert Walker at 6m 956. LIICUI Aim DiOlf 13843 Woodward iiuiihjtiiw i nun rt q f a m rnnlfl Paal Doaalas. Ray Milland. "IT HAPPENS EVERY SPING.'r "BEAUTY ON PARADE." Robert Hat - ton. 4 FEATURES AFTER 930 P.M. uni i vunnn -4809 w. ron VI 1 2 IIW1.I.I IIWUM9m, 5jo COOLED BY Park Fraa. Save 10c BEFORE 6 P.M Ressell-Jack Beatei, "THE OUTLAW." 7:30. "PLEASE BELIEVE ME." Deborah Kerr. Walker. 6:00. 9:20. REFG Jane 10:50. Robert IDIC-2314 East Grand Bltd. TR 1-8855 iniO a, 5:50 COOLED BY REFG. Car Grant. Ann Sheridan in "I WAS A MALE WAR BRIDE." "NO SAD SONGS FOR ME." Maraaret Sallavan. IRVING special MATINEE TODAY. OPEN 12:30 Monte Hale in "PRINCE OF THE PLAINS" lias "MOTOR PATROL" ACTION MYSTERY and 3 COLOR CARTOONS! ROTE: "MA PA KETTLE GO TO TOWN" ROT SHOWN AT MATINEE! Automobile of their children were found sleeping in their car Tuesday night. They told police they had been homeless since they were evicted from their house at 725 Military. Two other children are in the care of relatives. Montgomery, a Briggs Manufacturing Co. employe, is driving about 100 miles a day trying to find a new home, police said. Neighbors Elect ROCK ISLAND, 111. Mrs. Jessie L. Mitchell, of Brighton, Mich., has been elected chairman of the Board of Supreme Directors of Royal Neighbors of America, fraternal benefit society. IRVING 21220 Fenkell Are. KE 1-2368 REFG. Mariorio Main. Percy Kilbride. MA A PA KETTLE GO T9 T0WN.'f "MOTOR Don Castle. PATROL," VCll IJ CD Michigan at 35th TA 5-S53T MTAmCn Open 4:45. AIR CONDITIONED. SAVE 10c BEFORE 6 P.M. Gregory Peck. Jean Parker, "THE GUNFIGHTER." "TRAVELING SALESWOMAN." Joan Davis. If R I M Woodard near 6 Mile MlllYI .... rnn. COMFORT! TO 8-4110 Two J. Artnar Rank First-Ren Piotores "SCOTT OF THE ANT-i ARCTIC" at 7:15. 10:30. Plo "DON'T TAKE IT TO HEART." Richard Greene at 5:30. 920.1 Adults 60c: Children 20c. I A If PVICWJc(t-m13 Mile LAMillC.II 0nell 6.15 C00L Free. FREE DINNERWARE TO Grantor. Cathy O'Donneli. "SIDE Ituii-Hlle 4544 COMFORT! Park LADIES! Farley STREET." 6:40, 9:35. Robert H ottos BEAUTY ON PARADE" 8:25 I AkTVVnnn 14249 E. Jefterson VA 2-2900 LAnLnUUU Col)t U:45 A u to ijidnloht! COOLED BY REFG. Walt Dilney. "CINDERELLA." (Color). "SIDE STREET." Farley Grantor. Cathy O'Donneli. . I IUP1CTCD 10535 W. Jeff erson VI 2-4928 ... er.-ic COOL COMFORT! Park Free. Greoorv Pock-Joan Parker. "THE GUN FIGHTER." 7:45, 10:45. Joan Dayls. "THE TRAVELING SALESWOMAN." 6:30. 930. LASKY" 13320 Jos. Campau TW 1-2030 Ooen 5:45. COOLED! Walt Disney Feitore. "CINDERELLA" (Color). "SIDE STREET." Farley Grantor. Cathy O'Donneli. I INPfll nl Fort near Lirernois M i-:;920 LinuULl 5:45. COOLED! FREE TO LADIES . i . - r r : i .. - i . r t li r uavcc conn" w.ik.r. ln-an -rii. TOMS AGENT.' William Eythe. BALL. 6:40. 930. Extra: SBOrt Sgeciar PLAY I IUAnnn 229 Linwood TY 4-2913 LlimUUU Open 6:30. COOLED! "SIDE STREET." Farley Grander and Cathy O'Donneli. 8:05. 11:50. "CINDERELLA." Walt Disney Color Cartoon. 6:50. 9:40. LUUr COOLED BY REFG. Walt Disney Featire. "CINDERELLA" (Color). "MILITARY ACADEMY." Stanley Clements. NEW SHOW AT MIDNIGHT: "SIDE STREET" and "ROARING WESTWARD" MADISON fid. Circus Pk.-Woodward WO 3-4231 Viriinia Mays in "THE FLAME AND THE ARROW" (Technicolor) at 11:00. 1:57. 4:54. 7:43. 1032. Plos "50 YEARS BEFORE YOUR EYES" st 12:47. 3:44. 633. 9:22. MAIN-Boy0'PE Oak Cooled I.I 2-0180 EN 6:30. NEWS. COOLED! Jon Hall in "All BABA t THE FORTY THIEVES" (Color). "PARON MY SARONG." Abbott A Costello MAJESTICT.Tro1' illis TE 1-8928 REE DINNERWARE! Roth Roman. "COLT .45" (Color). SQUARE DANCE KATY." Very Vaiee. 4 FEATURES AFTER 8 P. M. MARS" -tomtit neai 7 Mile Road TW 2-8768 OPEN 5:45 PARK FREE COOLED! Disney's "CINDERELLA" I Color) "SIDE STREET." Farley Granjer-Cathy O'Donneli MARTHA WASHINGTON-1?"5,.," Ooen 4:45. Gregory Peck. Jean Parker. "THE GUN- FIGHTER." THE TRAVELING SALESWOMAN, Joan Davis. Andy Pcyine. MAXINE" Mack at Baldwin WA 1-4246 OPEN 6 P.M. COOLED! Walt Disney Featire. "CINDERELLA" (Color). "SIDE STREET." Farley Grantor. Cathy O'Donneli. U AYFAIR-Woodward near Eliot lYIMIlMin ... - ajiko rnntr-n TE 1-3313 BY REFG. Joan Crawford. David Brian. "THE DAMNED DON'T CRY." "CARGO TO CAPETOWN." Broder- iek Crawford. NEW SHOW ABOUT 11 P. M. Up-! A"en Boaa-uahwooa mva. DU 1-8560 Soeneer Tracy. ;",, - , - Ooen 5:45. Cool Comfort. Elirabeth Taylor. Joan Bennett In FATHER Or THE BRIDE." 7:32. 10:47. Ralph Richardson. Michele Moroan in "THE FALLEN IDOL." 6:00. 9:15. MERCURY" MATINEE FRIDAY OPEN 12 NOON! MERCURY" Schaeftr-6 Mile I N 2-81DI) COMFORT! PAVED Jean Parker. "THE Onen 5:30. COOL FREE PARKING! Graiorv Peek. GUNFIGHTER." 7:35. 1034. THE TRAVELING j SALESWOMAN." Joan Davis-Andy Petine, 6 15-9 JO MET Woodward near I)- vison '0 6--261 Open 5:30. Air Conditioned! Free Dinnerware to Ladies! "THE GREAT GATSBY." Alan Ladd. PUS NIGHT TRAIN TO MEMPHIS." HOV Acaff MICHIGAN Bauley-IIraii'i Kiver WO S-U il Williams-Van Johnson in "THE DUCHESS OF IDAHO" (Technicolor) with John Land-Paula Raymond at 11:00. 1:19. 3:38. 5:57. 8:16. 1055. Plat Featarette and Technicolor Cartoon. IlinTnuJU Tbird and Cauticld TL 1-4510 ITIIUIUlin COOLED! Barbara Stanwyck. "NO MAN OF HER OWN." 730. 11:15. Joel Mc-Crea. "THE OUTRIDERS (Technicolor) 6:10. 9:35 UinWAY-Scliarfer-Michigan !,U 1-oO-M lYIIUTTHI 0ne 11;45 , , Dajy COOLED! ALL COLOR! June Haver in "DAUGHTER OF ROSIE 06RADY." "COMANCHE TRAIL." M. O'Hara. MT, CLEMENS-EMSEE ,, 6:30 cooled BY REFG. Walt Disney Feature. "CINDERELLA." (Technicolor). "CUSTOMS AGENT." William Eythe. Marjorie Reynolds. MT. CLEMENS-JEWEL -Phone 5441 PI.. Free Open 1:45 p.m. Daily. COOL COMFORT Park Free. Aedie Marohv. Aome Merpny, the KID FROM TEXAS" (Color). 3:20. 6:15. 9:15. OUedette Colbert. Robert Ryan "THE SECRET FURY.' 1:45. 4:40. 735. 10:30. MT.CLEMENS-MAC0MB7,r6e5.4M6 cool COMFORT! Robert Rockwell. "TRIAL WITHOUT JURY." "WOLF HUNTERS." Kirby Grant. 40e TILL 7:00 P.M. DAILY KIDS 9e ALL TIMES! NATrONAL-1n.r,rr..rA,. WO 3-19)7 COOLED! Errol Flynn. Ann Sheridan. "SILVER RIVER." "POST OFFICE INVESTIGATOR." Warren Doaalas. NEW SHOW AT MIDNIGHT NORTOWN -7 Mile-Van Dyke TW 1-3931 Open 5:30. Cooled by Refe. Park Free. "THE GUNFIGHTER, Gregory Feet. "I RAVELINS Davis. Cartooa and News. SALESWOMAN." Joan UnpUCCT Grand Biver-SoutMieid VE 5-4330 nun n to 1 0ttn 5.45 Co0 CeBf((rt; By Goreeois Technicolor: Walt Disney's Hit Prediction. "CINDERELLA" at 7:45. 10:44 Pies Farley Granger & Cathy O'Donneli in "SIDE STREET" at 652. 9:21. ft I If W I U 12728 Woodrow Wilson TO S-1649 UAMYlAn 0Be 6:io. COOLED! "BEAUTY ON PARADE," Robert Hatton. Reth Warrick. "FEDERAL A6ENT AT LARGE." Kent Taylor. Dorothy Patrick ftllf nil r8 Mile at Oakland - LI 4-1960 UrtMIHLX AIR CONDITIONED! "CINDERELLA" (Color) Disney Featore "SIDE STREET." James Crale. Cathy O'Donneli. flRlfll C UMoud-fbUwMjihia UI1IULL , f-.-tn rnnirnt TV 4S10U Wllliaa, Bendlx "KILL THE UMPIRE." 8:05. 11:20. John Payne, Dennis O'Keete. "EAGLE AND THE HAWK" (Color). 6:25. 9:35. PAI MFR PARK UAmiltoo-6 ML Bd. UN 2-2140 IMLITILil THIilV Ooen 6 p m COOLED BY REFG. Walt Disnev Featire. "CINDERELLA" (Technicolor) 7:55. 10:50. F-arley Granaer. Cathy O'Donneli. "SIDE STREET." 6:20. 9:30. DAI IK Woodward-Eliiabeth Cool WO 3-4231 I niITISJ B-rharfl CtlHWU., Wanriall rAr.U Walter Haston in "THE FURIES" it 11:14. 1:29, 3:44. 539. 8:14. 10:20. Plat Baal Bannv Cartoon. Sportlight and latest News. PARKSIDE- -East Warren at Dicker son VA 2-6700 Onen 4:45. COOLED BY REFG "THE ACCUSED." Loretta Yoeno. Robert Comminas. 'HOUSE OF STRANGERS." Edward G. Robinson. PICCADILLY FenkeH-Lirtmois IS 2-424 flaen ei:lS Free Parkins "DAUGHTER OF ROSIE 0'GRADY" (Technieelor), Jane Haver. Gordon MacRae, 6:55. 10:15. Pies "COMANCHE TERRITORY" (Technicolor). Maareen O'Hara. Macdonald Carey. 9:00 only. 'ifl fln Mai jeilcrM)D VA 2-7837 . Ooen 5:45. "MYSTERIOUS MR. ' Honalone Cassidy. 1 K"w'- ".?! PUNCH & JUDY-2 1 Kercheval, CP. TU 5-3898 COAL COMFORT Gregory Pack. Jean Parker. "THE GUNFIGHTER" STARTS: 735. 9:35 RADIO CITY Woodward nr. 9-Mile Bd. JO 4-6050 Onen 530. Cool Comfort! Pirb Free! rresioa resrer ana William Bendli in GUADALCANAL DIARY." Plas Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney in "THE IRON CURTAIN'' (Color). Cartoon Lest Show 9:30. ramonat: Gratiot-6 Mile Boad LA 6-1910 nfort. Ooen 1:45. Creonrv Peek. Helen Wescott. in "THE GUNFIGHTER.'1 2:00, 434. 7:48, 10:42. Plas Jean Davli. Andy Devlna In "THE TRAVELING SALESWOMAN," 332. 6:26. 920. Museum Gets Civil War Documents Civil war papers, including the only existing muster rolls of Dearborn men, have been given to the Dearborn Museum. The papers were contributed by Miss Margaret Haigh. Her father, Capt. George Haigh, rose from private to captain in the 24th Regiment of Michigan Infantry Volunteers. The regiment figTirea in the victory at Gettysburg, according to Curator Abraham Feldman. Some of the papers will be displayed at the museum during the Cavalcade of Dearborn Oct. 14, when the museum will be dedicated. ppncnRn 17360 Lahser KE 1-1401 ncurunu 5:30 C00L comfort: paved FREE PARKING! SAVE 10c BEFORE 6 P. M. Jane Reisell. Jaek Beatel. "THE OUTLAW." 7:30, 11:05. Deborah Kerr, Robert Taylor, "PLEASE BELIEVE ME." 6:00. 9:30. . REGENT" NEW POLICY NEW MANAGEMENT NEW PICTURES REGENT Woodward at Gd. Blvd. TR 2-6464 BIG HITS "THE GUNFIGHTER." with Gregory Peek. Jean Pies Johnny Weissmtlier as Jingle Jim In Parker "MARK OF THE GORILLA" RIALTO- -(Jratiot-JH. Elliott WA 2-l-'U2 Ooen 12:45. COOLED! Vincent Price. Ellen Drew. "BARON OF ARIZONA," 1:00. 4:10, 7:20. 10:30. Jackie Robinson. "THE JACKIE ROBINSON STORY." 3:00. 6:10. 920. Rim: W. Vemor at Central Park Free VI 1-8900 Boon 12 Noon. Park Fraa. COOLED BY REFG. John Payne. "THE EAGLE AND THE HAWK" (Color). 12.-00. 326. 6:47. 10:13. William Ben-dlx. "KILL THE UMPIRE." 1:50. 5:11. 8J7. RIVIERA Coo comfort! SPECIAL CHILDREN'S MATINEE TODAY: Johnny Mack Brown in "LAW OF THE WEST." 5 Color Cartoon. Pies Walt Disney's Technicolor Cartoon "PLUTO'S HEART THROB." PLEASE BELIEVE ME" with Deborah Kerr. Robert Walker, Mark Steyens. RIVIFRA Grud BiTr-JV Road nilltnA Cmi cmfort. Doors ooen WO 3-4231 12:15 i.m. Matlnoa Dally. Robert Taylor. Elizabeth Taylor. Rhonda Flemino Is "CONSPIRATOR." 6:04. 9:36. Plos Deborah Kerr. Robert Walker. Mark Stevens in PLEASE BELIEVE ME." 12:40. 4:16. 7:44. 11:05 DlUfll I Cadillac-East Forest WA 1-4626 Ooen 6:45. COOLED! Park Free. Walt Disney Fosters. "CINDERELLA" (Color) 7.-05, 10:15. Farley Granger, "SIDE STREET." 8:50. Rs'n IIPTnWnlWoodwrd6 Mlle T" 6 0400 niu ununn , 12:15 H,thf,i,, CMt! Jane Rissell. "THE OUTLAW." 12:30. 4:10. 730. 10-35. Deborah Kerr-Robert Walker, "PLEASE BELIEVE ME." 2:20. 6:00. 9:25. pnnCCUpi T Gratiot-Harper WA 1-5732 nUUOCILLI Ooen 5:30. Park Free. COOLED! Jane Rissell. "THE OUTLAW." 7:26. 10:52. Deborah Kerr. Robert Walker. "PLEASE BELIEVE ME." 6:00. 9:26. SAVE lOe TO 6. ROSEDALE-; 11520 Woodward TO 8-0123 Doors onen 630. Farlev Granaer and Cathy O'Donneli in "SIDE STREET" at 6:50 and 10:13. Pies Walt Disney's "CINDERELLA." a Fell Length Featire with Color by Technicolor, st 8:59 only. ROUGE 14 Haltiner Park Free VI 1-3131 NERWARE! John Garfield. Jennifer Jones. "WE WERE STRANGERS. "SLIGHTLY FRENCH Dorothy Lamoer. Don Ameche. R ft Y Y Woodward near Temple TE 1-4827 liUAl 0m 24 Hoirs COOLED BY REFG. Greeory Peek. Jean Parker. "THE GUNFIGHTER." "TRAVELING SALESWOMAN." Joan Darls-A. Deylne DnVAl 7 Mile-Meyers Park Free IN 3-4585 """"(wi ooen 5:45 t.m. Comfortably Cool! Park Free. Hearini Aids. Robert Walker. Deborah Kerr. Peter Lawford In "PLEASE BELIEVE ME" at 7:52. 11:10. Pies Robert Taylor. Elizabeth Taylor In "CONSPIRATOR" at 6:20. 9 38. Special Kiddie Matinee Safirday Noon. RflYAI ftAiYl-I 1-2812 JOrdan 4-6461 Open 630. Park Free. COOLED! soeneer iraey. Elizabeth Taylor. "FATHER OF THE BRIDE." 7:00. 9:50. Viriinia Histon. "WOMAN FROM HEADQUARTERS." 8:45 only. RYIIJ 9 Mile Rd. A Run SL 7-7600 " ,nl AIR CONDITIONED! Park Free. Open 5:45. "THE GUNFIGHTER." Greoorv Peek. M. Mitchell. THE TRAVELING SALESWOMAN." Joan Davis. CCU ITC Michigan and Livernols Ones 11:45 A.M. Dally! Air TA 5 ii462 Conditioned Richard Wldmark.Marb Steven "CTnFFT SVITU Mlt NAME." "MARSHAL OF HELDORADO." Jimmy Ellison. Ross Haydcn. FREE: DINNERWARE! STRAND" -Grand River at 14th TY 6-1008 OPEN 5:30. "EAGLE AND THE HAWK" (Tech.) 6 55. 10:15. Wm. Bendlx. "KILL THE UMPIRE." 5:40. 9:00. STRATFORD" -4751 West Vemor TA 3-4220 Onen 6:15 rnntFM' Fru tr "FATHER MAKES GOOD." Raymond Walbern "WINTER WONDERLAND." Erie Blore. TCI ClirUe Woodward at Grand Circtre Tark ILLLHLIIO Woodward at 5rand Bird TODAY 6:00 P.M. ALL NEW PROGRAM! Late War News Sports Seienee ! And "A TRIP THRU SPACE" A THRILLING TRIP INTO OUTER SPACE. ; Michigan at fast Wii 2-3192 AIR CON- " wyunui. ., 24 Hr, DITIONED! Dorothy Lamoer. Dan D arvea. "MAN- I HANDLED." BOYS' REFORMATORY." Frankle Darro. FEATURES AFTER 8:30 P. M. TfjUfCp Grand River at Mrven WE 3-4650 lUIILil D90r, Oorn 6:10. COOL COMFORT! "THE GUNFIGHTER," Greoory Peck. Helen West-eott. 7:45. 10:51. "THE TRAVELING SALES-WOMAN." Joan Davis. Andy Devine. 6:30. 9 36. TRFNTflH p,ri Fre Trenton 0076 UlLniUn 0mi) 6;30 COOLED BY REFG. Vincent Price. Ellen Drew. "THE BARON OF ARIZONA." "THE JACKIE ROBINSON STORY," Jackie Robinson TIIYCnn Hamllton-Tnxtdo T0X-e"96 tUACUU 0ttn 6:00 COOLED! "THE GUNFIGHTER." Greoory Peck. 7:35, 10:40. "TRAVEL-ING SALESWOMAN." Joan Davis. 6:20. 9:23. IIUITCIT IDT10TC Baeley-Gr. Cir. WO 3-4231 UnilLU Hnildld C00L COMFORT! Open 10:45 A.M. ROCK ISLAND TRAIL" (Color) with Forrest Ticker and Adele Mara at 12:44. 3:58 7:12. 10:26. Pies "THE AVENGERS" with John Carroll at 11:09. 253. 537. 8:51. UPTOWN Mack at Chalmers TU 2-0686 UriUITll 5:50. COOLED! Park Free. "THE GUNFIGHTERS." Greoory Peck. Jean Parker. 6:10. 9:18. "TRAVELING SALESWOMAN." Joan Davis, Andy Devine. 734. 10:42. VAN DYKE TODAY SENSATIONAL FREE GIVEAWAY TO LADIES! 22-K GOLD LACE DESIGN COLONIAL DINNERWARE! VAN DYKE -Van Dyke at Harper WA 1-4990 Open 11:45 a m. COOLED BY REFG. FREE DINNERWARE TO LADIES! Barbara Stanwyck. Charles Boyer in "FLESH AND FANTASY." Plas "SEA SPOILERS." John Wayne. VARSITY Lirernois-McNichols IN 2-4252 THnOlM , 5.45 C00L COMFORT! Gregory Peck. Helen Westcott in "THE GUNFIGHTERS" at 7:35. 10:35. flas "TRAVELING SALESWOMAN" with Joan Deris. Andy Define at 6:20. 9:20. VICTORY 8225 Grand Hirer TT 5-3400 Onen 6:45. AIR COOLED! Joan Craw jiuiu. Fit ifr m n l u uvn i Ann Sothern. Jane Powell, RIO" (Color). 9:01. l l it u r niukirn nnvr CRY." 7:00. 10:47. NANCY GOES TO yngllC Harper at Hanard Park Free TU 2-2022 lUUUl. Doors onen 5:45. Park Free! Cool Comfort! Greoory Peck. Helen Westcott in "THE GUNFIGHTER." 7J5. 10:34. Plas Joan Davis and Antfv Devine in "THE TRAVELING SALESWOMAN." 6:20. 9:19. Cartoon 6:13. 9:12. WARFIELD-BEnrLhN,6HT! Mariorie Main. "mA t PA KETTLE GO TO TOWN." "COMANCHE TERRITORY" (Color) Maareen O'Hara UIDDCU Warren near Southfield LU 2-3116 ' iiHnntn 0pei 5:45 ,,r, Tnt cooled! i Jean Davit. Andy Devine. "TRAVELING SALES-1 WOMAN." 7:37. 10:41. Greaery Pock. Helen i westcott. "buwi-ibn 1 1 n, t:j.3. s:n. WASHINGTON-'ToVLVor". X "ROGUES OF SHERWOOD FOREST" (Color). Pies "HOUSE BY THE RIVER." Loals Hayward. WCCTnilU Wyomlrji-Fenken WE 3-7111 TiLoiuiin Show sttrts 6 . Co4l! FrM Plve Parkinj! "THE GUNFIGHTER," Greoory Peek. Jean Parker. 7:30. 10:30. "TRAVELING SALESWOMAN." Joan Davis. Andy Devine. 6:15, 9:18. SATURDAY MATINEE CARTOON SHOW! WHITTIFR-1'- Jeffmon-Grand Bld. LO T-2703 iiiiniiikii a... jc.ic rnm rnurftOTf p.rb Free. FREE SILVERWARE! Robert Hatton. "BEAUTY ON PARADE." 6:39. 9:17. Farley Granier, "SIDE STREET." 7:45. 10:23. WOODS- Mack near 7 Mile Boad TU 2-6502 Onen 5:45. Frae Parkine. Cool Comfort! Robert Taylor. Elizabeth Taylor in "CONSPIRATOR." 734. 10:45. Plat Deborah Kerr, Robert Walker In "PLEASE BELIEVE ME." 6:07. 9:20. WYAWrtflTTC-p rre WT 2068 ii mnuwi II. -non 12 Noon. COOLFD! SAVE 10e BEFORE 6 P. M. Jane Ressell. Jack Beatel. "THE OUTLAW." 12:22. 47. 7:40. 11:15. Drkorah Kerr. Robert Walker. "PLEASE BELIEVE ME." 2:10. 535. 928. WYAND0nE-MAJESTIC7-r.4l cooled BY REFG. FREE DINNERWARE! Janes Stewart. Farley Granier in "THE ROPE" (Color). Plas "MB. SOFT TOUCH." Glenn Ford. Evelyn Keyet. YOUR" Forest at ML Elliott WA 1-1360 Onen S a.m. FREE CUTLERY! Barbara Stanwyck. John land. "NO MAN OF HER OWN." "THE OUTRIDERS" (Color) Joel McCrea. A. Dahl. (Uij Zl ' 'vT Girl Sleuth Tells How to Trace Atom ROCHESTER, N.Y. How the elusive tracks of atomic particles are hunted down with microscope and camera is described in the quartely supplement of the "PSA Journal" by the girl who does the hunting." She is Mrs. Ida Tschiderer, a technician at Kodak Research Laboratories. IN THE COURSE of her work with special photographic emulsions, Mrs. Tschiderer has made photographs of many kinds otj nuclear tracks, the trails made by atomic particles in the emulsion. She has traced electrons, mesons, protons, deuterons, alpha particles and as yet unnamed fission fragments. She starts with a special, highly sensitive photographic plate which has been exposed to atomic radiation. With the developed plate under a high-power microscope, Mrs. Tschiderer hunts the tiny atomic tracks which are too small to be seen by the naked eye. After locating a track, she photographs it section by section through the microscope. Prints are made from the negatives, and the greatly enlarged track is pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle. Merz to Show Color Films to Cine Clubs The Northwest and North Detroit Cine Clubs will feature George Merz, member of the Amateur Cinema League, with special color movies Monday evening at McGregor Library Auditorium. Merz, whose films have won state and national honors, has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada. His films come from those travels. THE FIRST HALF of the program will consist of two movies, "In the Sky Over Miami" shot from a blimp over Miami and Miami Beach, and "Sanibel," the record of a shell-collecting expedition to Sanibel Island off the Florida Gulf coast. The second half will be "The Splendors of the Northwest." a film made on a 9,000-mile trip in the American and Canadian Rockies. It will show a number of national parks of both countries. Three Movies to Be Filmed at Cranbrook The Cine Division of the Contemporary Photographic Society will start shooting three movies Sunday at Cranbrook. One of the half-hour skits, a contemporary portrayal of Detroit, will be filmed partly in the downtown area. Scenes will be under the direction of George Condon. "JOE CHRIS," a modern parable, will be directed by Harvey Croze. A third group, under the direction of Joe Schneiders, will start work on "An Incident in the Park." Filming, which starts at 10 a.m., will be open to the public, according to Bill Hart, of 205 Pasadena, Highland Park, publicity director. GraHS2SH5S52S2SH52S?S25HS2S2S2SHS2S2S2SHSSS2S3 We Do Our Own DEVELOPING & PRINTING 0 HOUR SERVICE I In By 9:: .(Out By 5: 30 f MON. THRU FRI 30 All Film Fine Grain Developed 35mm Film Our Specialty A complete selection at black and white and aaler roll and mafia films. SERVIS CAMERA SHOP IS245 West 7 Mile near Greenfield VE 86150 mo. Vies" "ei"" 7 Ii. W WIUU than.. Frl.. Sat. til 9 SHS25E525HS252S; Y IT rrvTlK ILi2 POLAROID Jzwf CAMERA At oar expense, TRY the camera that gives you a finished print 60 seconds after you snap the shutter. We provide free him . . . insure camera against damage. Come in today. You risk nothing. Show This Week by Eva Briggs DETROIT CAMERA SHOP 325 STATE WO 1-0142 TR firfgii Winning If o " 1 Tili-rt..- Ci . 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The camera has a wide range of shutter speeds from 12 seconds to 11000 of a second. It takes 35-mm. film 20 or 36 exposures. A BUILT-IN KNIFE permits taking less than a complete roll of film. Shorter lengths can be snipped off at any time. STORE HOIKS: MONDAY THRO SATURDAY 9 TO 8 Silhouette Camera Shop 11862 GRAND RIKR at INDIANA WE 3-39-.J2 !rlnP rilaaa -tt A. ik' tt - at II I I : t r v siiipiuriiiB in Mil i.ri mi ri w iiitv 'daily, uur seircnon or camera mrm- Usuries is complete. See for yourself! ; QUALITY S 4753 Fourth Ave., TE 1-6900, ext. 8 . Onen 'til 5 f. M. Men. Thrn. Sat. Film ana Accessories e All Kinds e5 EJrJEUEt?S.TY CAMERA SHOP THE ART CEmTEKS PHOTO SHOP 5013 Woodward Ave. TE 1-4454 j FREE PARKING OPEN TIL 9 P.M. j Between Warren and Maecabee Bide 2 wMruvivannMnnHBrA Write your own history with a camera For the best in phntne;-rnphy equipment nee us. United Theatre Camera & Supply Co. 2501 Cass Ave. Henry. 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Aug 10. 1950 1 : How to Use Shutter with Flash Many photographers are puzzled by the apparent difficulty of synchronizing their focal plane shutters to electronic high speed flash units giving a flash of approximately 15000 section duration. They fail to realize that a focal plane shutter unlike a front shutter does not expose the entire film area simultaneously but in strips. WHEN THE shutter is set at 11000 second, the curtain aperture passes across the film at such a rate that each strip of film is exposed for that length of time. There is a difference of several milliseconds between the time when the first of the film is exposed and the completion of t' exposure. Consequently, if you attempt to use a high-speed electronic ilasn with a fast focal plane shutter setting, you will merely produce n the film an image of the aperture or slit in the focal plane shutter curtain at the exact point on the film it was passing when the flash tube was fired. If for some reason the focal plane shutter must be used with high-speed flash instead of the between-the-lens shutter, the recommended practice is to use the time or drop-curtain setting. Then the entire film area will be exposed at the moment when the flash is fired. OR MMlf? YOUR FILMS TO US FOR AT NO EXTRA COST ctttd tn shop 7712 Woodward Ave. DETROIT 2 TR. 2-1670 KEverything for the Photographer 3 basset- V LAST TIM K AT THIS PRICK! 4 by 6 .t)-8 by 10 98c 1 by 12 1.1 B -iO by 24, 4.05 CLFSN-WHITE-SMOOTH I..' ft Hou-ell ,proecfion stand Folds down Into small siitcase site. Holds protector, any size lately and secarety. '14 s e 35nia Beflex eamera a Coated FJ.5 Zeiss Tessar ! SS.tter saeedi a ta 1500 second Comsact. preelsioa made In Germany ea Intrr. changeable lenses available Aetomatie transport. Carryini case Incleded. $72.50. 2'i3'4 Watson Press. F3.5 R.F. Solenoid, eun. complete 579 4 by 5 Sored Graphic. Solenoid. I F. ann. $79 4 by 5 Bosch, like nw. F4.7 $109 4 by 5 Linhoff Trch- IU. new. F4.7 $199 Medalist 2. case. Adapter back $198 Araoflca E. like nea $33 Fothflex. F2.5 $59 Bolex H-16 with new F2.5 Wollenuik. Nrw Bell I Howell Telephoto $229 Revere 16. Maguine. F2.5 like new. $89 Keystone 16, A7 2.5. like new... $49 Eastman 16. B Fl 9 $)9 Keystone 8K36. new $39 SS JS4 sua 5v X I ........ V ..a. ummj m. v ill: m N 1 I 1 " Comniete X fW c B-r I . 1 wi"1 leather case. J aT55rS GADGET BAGS 1 S pVTT fi Sterdv Styllsk Q 11 8 VfTrTi V I Prl" 4.95 S jrHis'pRit k: N . -

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