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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 5

Detroit, Michigan
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Saturday, October 23, 1926
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THE DETROIT FRKK PRESb. SATURDAY,'. OCTOBER 23, 1926. MISSION WORK TO BE CHANGED Lutheran, to Reorganise Home Beard By Merger of Church Activities. , A va Oct 22. A com-oSnlzaUon of the home ylft9,n work oC the United Luth-Kif cSurch m America will be ef- TLnt commission for reorgan-,he.-Tof the home mission work, SS'i. report thi. morn-,fn the Lutheran convention, in Son at Hotel Jefferson in this hoards and committees held -it.,, TAirlmA. each from " r.tln its fill attention to spe i'-yotln.K ,... work in Nortl t "k"-- work in North cia""0 "". be merged, under the A . nre'senteA Into on. "board of U.'7. Isilons" The five board. " .V. Ho, the board of home mn- ,fffctpd are -v.irrh extension, with !l?rlm.artera In Chlcasro. the bJa-d ! no Intern missions, the 1m- w . .... wst ini'wn - ? ,, i.,in board, and the com S, on Jewish ' ' ,itv is recommended as head- TorK. c"J wo.-.i which u?.rt!,.t. ihrouk-hout th whole will JY North America, and r .-. hudset of 1837.100. c,th America, and require an annual budget 1'roarant la Proposed, Tl,e Joint commission, which Is iv,ocd of 21 representatives from rKrfi involved, submitted ,,r adoption by the convention a ""l.T,. , ir,n for the new board of American missions a plan of opera- and a chart. Under the plan .rnrmVed the board will operate I.r0?.o-u .Jo Henartments. a depart- In.nt of missions and a department Jf church extension and finance, for the lurim-i-""-" ,.mlnntlons tor Board. . t.,it ummlolnn. which will function until the new board of American missions mis met. aim t Anit-to- l..rcillv oonatitilteri. oman eu an' r-'j .Y i , . .....a t the convention the fol lowinit nominations for members for the new board, giving representation as follows to the five ex- utit'K boards aitu oibiuuiictp. For six years: Rev. H. D. E Sle-hoit. northwestern; Rev. J. N - Fran-en D I', home; Rev. Ueorffe Gebert, Ti" 'D.,' Immigrants: Rev. F. O. Evers. l,,i,h, Mr. J. B. Franke, home; vr II F. Heuer, West Indies; Mrs. 'A 'i inrnn northwestern. 'For four years: Rev. G. A. Dense, p P. northwestern; Rev. H. W. A. ii'.,.... ti iv. West Indies: Rev. I K Jensen. ImmiKrants; Rev. J. 1! M irk urd, T). L. home; Mr. H. L. Snyder. Jewish: Mr. Grant Hult-hertr. lmniigrants; Mr. C. J. Drlever, home. rr two rears: Rev. J. C. Seeders, P TV. home; Rev. G. K. Rubrecht, .' IX homo; llev. A. K. Cell, D. D., Jewish: Kev. C. A. Freed, V. l., Vfs Indies; Mr. S. F. Telleen, West Indies; Mr. Albert Ptiemotn, norm western; Mr. H. E. Young, Imml grants. ottoWettedies AT DETROIT HOME Had Been in Salt Business Here Since 1S00. Otto Huette, (9 years old, Michigan salesmanager for the Morton Fait company, died Friday morning lit his home, CI Gladstone avenue, following an illness of three days. The funeriil will be held Sunday afternoon m Sheboygan, Wis., where h was born April 9, 185t. Mr. Huetto had an extensive business acquaintance throughout the state. lining from Sheboygan to Port Huron in ISUO, Mr. Huette became vice-president and general manager of the iort Huron Salt company, and when It was absorbed by the Morton Salt company became general manager of all that concern's plants In .Michigan. In 1914 he established his office in Detroit and took charge or state sales. The widow, Lulu J. Huette. and a si n, James T., survive. Mr. Huette was a member of Freemont, Neb. lodge Xo. 23, F. & A. M., and of Tangier Shrine. Omaha, Neb. He was also member of the U. & 1, fiuli, Detroit. can be yours he shapely T DO NOT want to be thtn! I just A want to be my right weight! want these hollows filled out. I l! st want enough firm, plump flesh M ay bones to fill out my figure." Of course you do. You want a '5:re that you can drape your tinb.oS on not Just hang them on! -aata the usa of having pretty 'othea, if they Just hang on you? Ani what would you say if you. we told you could have ths figure oa want? A graceful, well vounded "wy firm, solid flesh Just enough l;i't ymir right weight? You'd ba -.tty happy, wouldn't you? oi, then, be happy because! . u c:,a nave it! Put plenty of red in your blood and watch your ?!" S UP to where you want it! V'at s what's the matter with you! i-ur blood is impoverished. You f 1 ' '"re rWh. red blood. S. S. S. J t"- th!.. . to put red blood in your '.'"i'!- S' s- s- ne'Ps Nature build "vuiood-cells by the millions. . '"u Just try S. S, S. and watch x quickly you bfgia to nil out 7T clot''5- Xotica your skia clear nf nn.ii,,i -.;,. - ""'5""' --ihncs vour an. Increase '-agth come to' muscles and , vigor fill 'i Fvs'pm. T-'i'-r wfc( ,7 '"iJ"'! that do it And . S. ::rnv Vi- . ... . t -jv, u v mature nui.a t . I. rco Y,' ' A C- . it . ... ra bleed c-. . ?t 13. sn i r.r all r stores Tv. a larger boiUe Is ocrs ecocuasltaL AJtertii.raicn'. llF Materialism of West Is Peril, Says Mystic : f Prof. D-atipU, ot cde.:5yjggi!s-y'Rs University, Visiting Here, Give Views. Detroit has been visited during the last year by a dozen or more prophets of India, all Intent on sowing spiritual seeds where they would grow Into a Hinduistlc cul tural flower. Some ot them have been well versed In the philosophy of the Orient, but others have been seeking to capitalise on the present American yen for knowledge ot eastern mysticism. With the thought of these past visliors la mind, it was Interesting Friday to Interview tiurendranth Dasusta, professor ot philosophy In Calcutta university. Ltasicupta came to America at the invitation of Harvard university and was persuaded to remain for lectures at a number of other schools. He discussed "Education and Internation al Relatior.a" at the University of niicniuan inursaay, and stopped In L-etrolt on the way east to visit some of his countrymen, llolh Countries Caa Profit. Without casuistry or hints about reading the interviewer's mind, Dasfsupta talked of India and America and of how they can be of mutual benefit. India, ho Baid. "can learn much from America, much that ah rm apply In developing her resources and her Industries; and, similarly. America can draw on the vast spiritual, cultural and Intellectual resources of India for much that will make for a more balanced life for her people. "To the outsider, especially the easterner. It seems that your materialistic civilisation will result eventually In commercializing and standardizing everything. You will North Detroit M. E. Built by . Congregation Dedicatory Ceremonies Include All-City Rally for Young People. Dedicatory services wilt be held at the North Detroit Methodist Episcopal church, Highland and St. Louis avenue, Sunday morning and will continue throughout the week. Dr. Howard A. Field, district auo- Intendent of the Detroit area, will deliver the dedicatory address Sunday morning. The evening speaker will be Dr. E. S. Warren, superintendent of the Methodist Union ot Detroit. On Thursday evening the Dedi cation banquet will be sponsored oy me Mimes- aid. An All-City rally for young peo-ple'on Friday-evening Is being ar ranged by Stanley C. Barker, member of the atate Epworth League council, and one of the outstanding leaders or young people in Micni-gan, Douglas A. Graham will address the gathering. "Volunteer labor by members of the congregation has made possible the completion of the North Detroit church edifice," says Rev. W. B. Abbott, pastor. "They dug the basement excavations, they shingled the tJv'innwJrln'4 wlth carpn" Rev. Abbott accorded special credit to David Broughton, 2IBS Highland nvenue, who Is chairman of the board of trustees. "Since he organized the congregation In 1919," declared Rev. Abbott, "Mr. Broughton's has been the directing hand behind what progress the church has -mnde." HOTEL BIBLES Convention Placet "Representatives in Churches Sunday. A district convention of Gideons, the Christian Commercial Travelers' association of America, will assemble at the Hotel Statler on Saturday and Sunday. The opening banquet will be served In the 1'. M. C. A. auditorium, Saturday at 6:30 p. m. Speakers of national reputation who will be present Include S. A. Fulton, of Milwaukee, Wis., national president of the Gideons; and Samuel R. Boggs, of Philadelphia, Pa., former president. Delegates attending the convention are from Ohio. Pennsf lvania, Indiana, Utnois, Wisconsin, and Canada. P Representatives will occupy the pulpits In many of the churchet on Sunday morning and evening. If the weather permits, an open air meeting will be held-in Cadillac Square at 3:00 p. m. The purpose of the Gideon organisation Is to place Bibles In the guest rooms of hotels. Over 4.000 nre said to be needed In Detroit hotels at the present time. Engineers to Hear Edison Firm Head Alex Dow, president of tbe Detroit Kdiaon company, wftl speak on the night of October 2 at a special meeting of the Detroit-Ann Arbor section of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers In the assembly room of the Detroit Edison service building, 200(1 Second boulevard. Mr. Dow'a subject will be "Interconnections." Elmaris Quartet Here Wednesday Associate artists with Miseha El-man In his recently organized string quartet, are all musicians of considerable repute. The new chamber mu.tie group, with Elman In tbe first violin chair, will male Its first appearance In this city, Wednesday evening. In Orchestra hall. Edwin Enchman, second violin, was for a number of year concert muster of the State orchestra at Budapest. In this country he has been a member of leading orchestras end chamber music assemblies. William Schubert, viola, is an American who at'idied at the Vienna Royal academy under Arnold R.-se. the first violinist of the famous K e muirtct. Horace Britt. 'cliist. studied at the Paris conservatory, winning the rirrt prise at toe age if. ne ua been first 'celiist of the Philadelphia, New Yerk Philharmonic. Metropolitan Opera and Boston Opera orchestras. He has been as- sociatea witn poteq s.ring ""' MAN JAILED FOR OFFER T1 f FAfl mP ASTRAY . Judt John A r.ovne Friday- sen. ,...! r,..K, .-.;. n t..n rod 2!J4 Brush street.' to serve i days i-i the h use f torrection for c-ffer-i.'itr to t,ike a p'ro":r-V'n to a d s-orderly house. John Edwtir.!. S-T Ka.t Adams avenue, fo'ind g'ntty cf a sur.iiar citarge. was tuci j). The western world has progress ed commercially while India has re mained in the old cradle ol civilisa tion. But this material develop ment has all come during the past (wo centuries. In this hectic striving for wealth and greatness, the west has lost much that the east still retain. It hue lost the Idea of how to attain the most happiness out of life. The easterner draws on his Inner resources for happiness, while the westerner seeks It in ulterior things. Tttie te Talak Here. "Here, in Ame'lca, you have no more tlms to th'nk. That Is why you have big iiieadlnra In your newspapers. People haven't time even to read" "Do you believe harmony la pos sible between countries differing n greatly In their pholosophy and IdealsT 'he waa asked. "No." he answered. 'There can not be true international relations between the east and the west un til there la international under standing. So long as sellishnesa re mains the dominant note of commerce, international harmony will remain a phrase rather than a realitv.1 "Do you think America mould be better off If her people would cease their commercial striving and sek to emulate India?" he was asked. "Yes: they would be happier. As It Is you lose certain parts of life for want of cultivating tnose parts One more question waa asked: "In the ultimate, professor, what woulcH'Mrs and all branches of medicine you accomplish by Indlanixlng the American mindT" "I can best answer that," he replied, "by asking another Question: "What do you get out of hearing good music?" Professor Casgupta Is scheduled to lecture at several other universities and colleges before returning to Calcutta in November. WIFE BEATER GETS 90 DAYS Court SorrrUw Forbid, Send. ing Defendant to Whip ping Pott, v Joseph Marquay, 42 years old 7320 Parkwood avenue, chraacter-ized by Judge John A. Boj he as "the meanest brute who ever appeared in this court," was sentenced to serve 90 days in the house cf correction for beating bis wife, Margaret. When Judge Boyne gave Marquay the limit sentence for the offense, the court said, "I am sorry the law would not allow me to give you the whipping post so that you could be beaten as badly as your wife." Mrs. Marquay, who is IS, was In court with her four children, who are three, four, six and 13 years old. She said Marquay and a friend, Fred Cooper, of Dearborn, had come to their home early Thursday afternoon and her husband had attacked her when she asked him for money to buy food for the children. Mrs. Marquay's face was scrktch- t and cut. both eyei were black- ned and she told tbe court her body was a mass of bruises. She said CoopeY tried to come to her assistance and that her husband had attacked him. Marquay has been arrested 36 times for drunkenness, has served S6 days for disturbing the peace and served three months for assault and battery on his 13-year-old daughter, Josephine. Mrs. Marquay told the court she wua beginning a divorce action. SEVEN PROMOTIONS MADE BY RUTLEDGE Police Commissioner's Changes Take Effect Nov. 1. Seven promotions In the police department, to take effect November 1, were announced Friday 'by William P. Ruyedge, police commissioner. The officers .and their new ranks are : Detective-sergeant Frank O. Mc-Nally to detective lieutenant: Detective Albert Ruth to detective sergeant; Detective Albert A. Henderson to detective sergeant; Detective Robert C. Smith to sergeant; Sergeant Joseph Thiery to lieutenant; Patrolman Leo Lovelace to detective, and Patrolman Russell C. Olmtead to detective. YOUTH CONVICTED IN BLIND PIG DEATH Three Others Await Trial for Slaying Mulreed. A Jury before Judge Harry B. Keldan Friday found Lester French. 21 years old, guilty of manslaughter In connection with th slaying of Karl Mulreed, 23 years old. during a holdup In an alleged 'blind pig June 10. Sentence will be passed Saturday. Mulreed was shot by on of three armed Intruders at th apartment of James J. Corbetf, at 4263 Cass avenue, when he tried to protect Mrs. Minnie Roy, 3,"i years old. who was an occupant of another apartment at the same address According to a police confession which Kl. ward H. Kennedy, Jr., esls.nt prosecutor, succeeded In getting Into the record at the trial. Mulreed admitted at the time of his arrest that he had gone to th place to hold up Mrs. Roy. On the stand, however, the defendant f.tld th statement had been forced from him and that he had killed In self-de-fene. Howard Tfnthaway and Richard Arter, named by police as French s companions, together with Corbett. are awaiting trial on murder charges. DETROITER PRESIDENT OF CRANE CO. COMBINE! An organization composed of !! concern engaged In th manufac ture of overfcad traveler crar.e I was competed In rirveiand list Tuesday with the Alliance Mf h.ln company. Alliance, Ohio; hr-x ''ran and company. I'hiiadelphla: Cleveland Crar.e and Engmeencg rompanv. Wk-kl.rTe. O: Harr.i')- ,., Corp, Milwaukee: Morgan ! Manning. Maxwell and M tore. Inc. . New Vorx; Milwaukee K t .c trane Co , T w.atikee; N:!t-s f.'rrtne :ph':a", N'"-rhern Kn-rks. L'To't; Ph.p-.'-ar.e r i Ii "' ' Corp. fhiSa'! i !:l"rJ.nff. W brd Et'-r.o Montour Falls. N. V, arvl Wm'.rg Corp. Harvey, Ri . i-;-o-r'' l H-Try W. yts-da-t of Netr.etn Frg.reerir.g .'. . : '. 1 ' ' ' pam-d pr.dent cf ti.a Rw rn-ua'.ioa. MEDICS PLEDGE POST GRAD AID Faculty of New Hospital Holds First Meeting ; Mayor Attends. ' At the first meeting of the faculty of the new Ietrolt Tost Graduate School of Medicine, held Bs Receiving hospital yesterday noon, the medics .pledged ftelr cnqualifiad support to bring the medical center ot the world to Detroit Mayor John V. Smith, tha only layman ( present and a leader In the enterprise, voiced the general opinion In saying: "I hope sad wul help la every wy possible to kava Detroit become as known for Its services to humanity through the med- ical profession as It Is for its great industries." Although (he school baa been In operation several da) a and has an enrollment of 22, the meeting waa In the nature of a formal opening. The school is for doctors who desire to become specialists In avute field and for those who, graduated several years ago, wish to bring their medical knowledge up to date. Course vary from six weeks to two and surgery are offered. Dr. Alex. ander W. illaln, nationally known surgeon. Is dean of Ibe school. The school waa created as a nonprofit organisation. When fully or. ganised it probably will be given to the board of education aa a part ot the Detroit College of Medicine. In the meantime It will be supportel by contributions and the tuition of the students, ii will offer practical work and practically all the htm. pltals of the city will constitute He classrooms, according to ir. lilalti. FORMER DETROIT CUAWMUTTC T1DXT1 DIIVHIUAH 10 VLAV Edward R. Salter Started as Usher in Theater Here. New of the death ot Edward Russell Salter, old-time showman, who began a long connection with the theatrical business aa an usher In the Old Detroit Opera house, reached Detroit yesterday. II died In Raleigh, N. C, October 1!. at th age of ii. Salter was born In Detroit, tik Llziie C,l 1 1, a Detroit girl, as the first of his three wives, and hl rise was one of tho romances of the show business. He was credited with discovering Marie Dressier, rle gave Tommy Ryan, the fighter, his Drat professional engagement, lie made liti.-000 In one season with a single show. He had a chance to engage the Four Cohan for $100 a week at one time, but considered the amount more than he could afford. He took out a stock company years ago which had William Farnum, Douglas Fairbanks, Maclyn Ar-buckle. May Vokes, Will Hart and Willie Collier In the cast, and the pay of each was 30 a week. Then he managed a number of hcadilners, Including the famous Maggie Cllne, and at another tnm he turned to producing, slating one-nlKht plays. Joseph Sunt ley and Mary pick ford played for him when they were children. Salter had a flliiic at burlesque and did a lot of work with th H. K. Wallace circus. He also managed ili Nyeand James Wh.tcomtt III ley. In his earlier days he managed theaters. In Saginaw, Bay City and Grand Rapid. Besides his wife, he leaves on sob, Edward R. Salter, Jr. The body has been huriej in Flushing cemetery at Flushing. U I., following services conducted by the Masons. ACTIVE DEBATING SEASON PLANNED Detroit City Collese to Meet Chicago and New York. The dehatlng team of Detroit City college has bright prospects for a successful year, according to Dr. V. V. I'helps, conch. The College of the City of New Tork and the College of the City of Chicago have both agreed to debate this college on the question 'A international government. Negotiations also have been made with Leland Htanford university, but the result ha not yet been made known. J'repara- Hons have been made for an eastern debating circuit which would carry the season Into April. "The outlmk on material for a iMm la r ncournff I Tir anlrl lioherr Crtiden, captain. "Many high school debaters have entered this semester whom wa eartect to trv out ftirtha;AA- - , college teams. At the end of eacn aememer a gold key Is given to the beet debat ers on the team. Those wh received this honor last term were Robert Cruden. Ralph Hurke, Ro Sosnosr- ski and Kuythe Ram bar. Pickpocket Charge Denied by Suspect Frank Casey, alias Morrissey, 13 years old, charged with stealing 1J from the pocket of Cart Roppen, Toledo salesman, a year a go. pleaded not guilty at arraignmt-nt Friday before Judge W. McKay Skillman, who set hi bond at 1:5 -tOiO and two sureties. Kxfimination t .a' Couiaon. alia lie Marco, was found guilty of the cluree and I nerving a twe and one-half to five-year e.ntenc in Jackson prison. After th robbery, Coulson vu arrested and Poppen appeared once in court and then disappeared. Several weeks lat. r Poppen turned up and said h-t had bean kidnaped aud Coulson. against whom cbarg-a had been dismissed, was re-arres'td and convlrted. WILEY, 82, PREDICTS LIFE WILL BE LONGER lVsplte that science In the lat H yar has made progreas enough in th eradication of d:eea to in- , r. t.e th. average length of lift, by 1(1 year. It suil hss a long wv to go before it can claim to control diseas-a which beet mat'ielty ar.d ZSV-dWX 7;?lf:rLf' eiared on his S-nd btr'nuay anrti- versarv. Kt. Wiley followed h's o'ii mi - Ir.e d'iring the day. Ha walked from hi I'll in Ashmead a- northwest to h. r.nv in tn i i:. buiidtri,. arriving th-r at n jocitK ftnl rerninlrig tt-.'-re tttr: after 5. tkir. any t:rr. , I f r iunehet-n. ; Th-; A a ' n The e ; in f w - -s r-o- - i i I 'i y a r . It a , y e r . 1 S i- ' e r , rr. -. A - rr : x - ..' . in c-: 1'f-rt n - - '-. : : it t . I r tt ' - ;,-. c i lags a ctj.-.-t raed. hi Mayor's Aids Puzzledi Oyer Flag . Seek to Learn How Many to Buy, Correct Way to Fly TV tn, Oi,.'. V;j' Them lor tueeo Vmt. The business of entertaining a qtieiu is disturbing the peace 0, ! many minds in IVtroit, and partic ularly tn thinking avaholuerr ot Hssen ryett. secretary to Mayor John W. timtth. and hts assistant, Stephen Ankecbraudt. Sir l'yu Is getllcg gray haired rspld'.y trying lo nura owl , b r to bj 1.11. and if thy ae just the right s.d vf color In them. Wire fr laloraiallaa. f rbiay h sent an urgent wire to the jiwirtnrnt at an itiiiti.n i..f.g instructions a tv the , proper mnr to display the flags jnd blue .tn ef th aaeapto on the :ttv ball, tils first Kites isiitai:a hi.) tka center panel f 'that th American Hag should fly E r,m th lwr.(kl aii.t lnUf tlti- linaman should f. trm the four corner-poSea With iwumaninn flags qutl at MAGAZINES "Hew to seil Stvurl Slier- man In one f hi l.t article i. for bis uagie death a fw w sgo, "happens lo be the suosl important and th moit negleiiej pf all studies among th Anirieen People " Th artu! aepesr In Ms-Nnught's lgiin for Nmt'r (thr contribution to this Imii are. "What the Oermm lltvii: Are Hoping," by Xamue! O. Ul!M.i "The Jew in Ametlran rublinhlnirr t Robert Cortes liollldav. ' Tln VVar Dili's. An Enttlssh View." by ('. H. Hretherton. and "Tril Dlarv i f a Good Amcrtcan,"" by iiig A. Doi y. I'm a l'rwl." by Sherwood Anderson, la selected for dtvulnn by John Gaillehaw fur hi les.on In rraf tsai.inshtp, In The Writer ff Ottuhtr. It is sludy that any on interested In riling in th first person will profit by studylnit William Rose l!ti"t, associate editor of The Saturday Review of Literature, reviews a number i;f "first'' novels that have Junt come from the presses. tin favorably, but more of them with scorching remarks aimed at the aspiring novelist "The Moral and Morale of Reviewing," an artit-i by Henry helaVI rnhv. 1 another contribution to this tsau. A unique service has been de. signed to fit the needs of thou who have not the time to browse at will In book .hops. The Kook-tif-tha-Month t lub is for propie who f), through procrastination or other raosts, to kefp abrca.t of the bei new hook. Th cluti ulloas persons to subscribe for the best book they aiqo-ar. Just a they would lb. rnbe to a monthly mugaain. Each month the bet bonk published, as decid'-d upon by a committee of five, la -nt to the subscriber. The plan rnnke one want l be a rhsrter &, ember of this unusual orginUa-tion 'I he Judges are H"nry Sctdfl t'anhy. lleywood liroun. Dorothy Cnnf obi, Christopher Morley and Wiliiam Allen White. That Interesting quarterly, Genealogy, a Journal of Amerlcn ancestry, also that of Th IlihtUi. a Journal for book lovers, have been received. The Mouthpiece for October, because of it. liM-til new, will provts especially Interesting to Detroit reader. NEW BOOKS IN THE PUBLIC LIBRARY IJf THK T:'ltl-if . DKP AUTMKNT, , "Th .' Quantum Theory of A torn," Oe'trK lllrl blt!e. the "I 're pa rati on and Analysis of Organic mriof3ntt,"J. f Coleman. "Artificial Hilks," J. H. tlaerry. "A S.ttt lAnnger's Field l-t1rs to His Men." W. I Larn-d. "()y - Acetylene Welding," Thotnas Newton and A. fc-yle. "Nuntlus" Adverflslnr and 1'S Future." tillrert Russell. "rfeleetlva Rlbllography of the Literature of l.ulirn atu n," Nathan Von I'atten. "Readings In Marketing I'rln-elples." Ivan Wright and C. , Landon. HISTORY AND TRAVKl "Modern World History, 1TT-AC. Flick. "A Mirror to France." Ford Mad ox Ford. "('iircpugn of the Civil War," Walter Oeer. "The Teaching of History." Paul K I ah per. "Southern California" "fyrla." Leonard Stein, UTKRATl'RE. "East Wind." Amy Lowell. "Rewards of Reading."- F. I Mott. "Pen and Ink; Twelve Fractlca! Talks on the Art of Writing tog-lish Prose," (. N, Pocoek. "Cententry Do.,k of riou'h African Verse (Is iu-l2i," F. C. Siater, con. p. SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC PR MULL VS. "Introduction to Koclal I'sycholo-gy." L L. Rernard. "Social Control of Business." J. M. Clark. "Fesaye on Natbmallsm. C. J. H. IIay. j "Ileitis of Work for w omen, ; 'Principles and practice of Co operative M:rkting." E. O. Jdenre "Municipal (ioternmnt In tbe United Mates," T. H. I'.eed. "Takntton of Inheritance," W. J. St hulti. RKLlrilO.V. "Broken Light." Harold ReeW. ""..'an We Then Reliever'' Charles Oor. "(jod and Reality." M. 8. Stewart RI'fjrtAIHT. "The letters of Maurka Hwlet!." Iurence l!inytn. ed amuel Taylor OierMge, H. I. jFausset. OTHER BOOKS OF IN'TKr.E:iT. "Carnation for F.very r.arden and I'Sreenhouse." - M ' Ailwo-d ' Rite. It Coltivstlon and I repara-llon." C. t;. liougl. Tea sod Cafeteria Managers nt." R N. -!l"tt. inte.tirs! uardening, Jms , Kmprlngham. Pay li,oa-y f Thtlnt. H. la. H-tiiingworth. "How Jr.secta Llv."--VV. H. Well-house. Face and neck covered with eruption Re lino! cleared it away Brrxllj-n, N. Y., Dee. 2); "I I i thir.k Jiesisol Soap artJ iisrjinol ; Oir.Unf nt are Wontirfui I was f..T,,rpr f-m sv n tree", and I ..v".n. irov""e W ' W t ty did for me. 1 ka-l ! only a few piTplet at first, but tRis ' ixifcctipn ii spread until ty eover,,d K? arpi neck sn 1 rr.! . . , , .. : .e v fiismref'.'!. Tr.7 im- ; t-ted r.e so I eould scarce; keep ; pay Cnerj off them. 1 tried W10B4 , i ,., : tre-.nn.J, tut BoM gi' rr taaa temporary r:,f. A fnefhi . rec'.rr.rr:4n;,M ij? sp.-j 1 tsntf-.t a jar of c:.i?-;tr.t ar.d a caie cf ' "p. Afr tre i.r. ! spplleiticn cf ei.-'e, the I'.rl.rx r.'.fpfl gr,d :-.c n I htd c- l t.-. K ..- I r."J-cti i ,t wekv, ' i- e-4 a trace cf t'r.e t.-r,v i. ( ' ,--e :) j KrXit i-'.-Ji, 4ii Hjtisna Ave. j t a.4.r!.aa,6t ( Question 1 , , in a ptv-. in due lota. Ur. jlne's J !! inay the tut sS-euld fear, wksthef ' wt), Mftif (i JtlM th. tHT 'hall dmf:l in lb ftumatin colore or whether there shouit Se Kumu!n tags datorating th l. S. It. tr!!r support lr f"cm the rtvsr to A4ams aae an Woodward avenue. It 1 S kaitir prMet a4 i t a gtwid thtnf. the ritf kail sre-Uries dtvUr. that they have a month to o'k it nut In. (tare Af SatW4. Then thre la the matter ef flcr. The l!',mm:t eelora will HI In pretty well At M'Th ftl! .m. for the fU l rod. i ;t pale y iher were a !.,,, mt fttitl tilKr K lt.l Ut4 Vr. 1'iyrtle had It ra:l la lunfey:. t.f th iiwp-ani'n cvinni;tte t plia the prupr caa This !trnoln q . tv a IH t tiled t a t' ranlereac l the star chamber cf th city hall tr-Jje. Myrr Swttli w st;rr th vm i of lit Huntsmen tont il at 'livelBd. b; I tpvld & Saturday, b'fot making anmtw'-aient f ibe nrftvisl pn-gram f h !rom of th a-ien t ltrU. It received a leiefcfam lt tt' lay from th grti;i manager of tl queen' tout ''.n for le(4's of the Iteo pritrm. and Mr !'yH said Ih information would t wind b t.ji th e4 f th Itefead ! Mrl. To a-c i lh Queen f Rumania of fotertog rellla p-r. niton In her country, t as surd a ii would be In attack Mr i.'tK'lida heua the? are biotl'rf "P"'- ling in Arueric." deeur.4 Rev, I. A. t;red. psttor of th S' I r i Rumanian :aput rhur'h, rridT, Mr. tiredy ws commer.t teg tpn a ttaternxnt tf Uev. J. H. K irtiy . D D, of t hi.-j go. who. In d,tr,H the Mb a v tit Itaptist conveattwn at Adrian Thursday, said, "Attei Rumania h treated nut Rumanian tiapttet minister lit th way It h 1 cannot underitand how Uan Marl of Rumania cart rem to America, look u In tn f, and ronatder hetjtelf on our level Mr. iSre.1v dec lared Ih per'U-(ten of Rtptist and other I-ro-(isnt In l;umnl due tnnr to th personal influene of Or'ho-dot priei Itt the newly ated territory thi suvthmg ). Tb government, h said, ding evervtblniit poewibl la prevent rellgloiui I'ttBci-utton. M lm. Small T.wi l-rlaeta, "In ftucharet hv a ftaptist tenitnary, and titer ar &tt aMs ti fS.etiu li.ipti.! in th rountry In th email village vher th i)tet is alsi mayor, sheriff and vry oiher elvtl officer In on, h eiien let hi reitioti teA carry hmi into rtavetou meihed null aM from tb authority he hotd," .t!d Mr. Ordr. "Ail Ih Information receive I that tb gvtiemmeiit is trying lo correct thi iorid,tiori, 'Tb few case In which tl, gov. ernment if.lf hit ben acru-d of reltgtt,it prcution occurred ttlia govrrnmeni agent. -In ltp!ii gathering In a building llit lm fed the decttratlon usually en in Orthodox churche. uspectd that tb gaihermg might be for bolshevik purposes and stopped th meeting. This did not ur often, and wa not reptd when tb" author ities becitoi convinced that our simply d-torat.d me.ting house were. In fart. rhnrrh geek Dylasi Mss'i Kiev Aiithorltt" at Receiving hospital. whet William Thdipn. II years old, i dying of tuberculosis.. ar sreking to !oct arty friend or rcliirtv-a tf the man. Thooii .on i it) to hae fom hr from Tausna, Wash. mm mm FWWIf -Waal fk a KNIT UNDERWEAR. FOR. r BODIES FIGHT COT CURB SCHEME Improvement Associations See Higher Costs Ahead. Ztroit improvement atv;latloa iMDela' ' taking a definite Hand tlat the preeuatol tkarter amsttmn( whu-H would mike It aVi'SVtnrr fr th ear t use natural stone, tut aed drl ! t'-trt;t. s.-lu!! lit all manlclpal it-k. It w ladb ld yesterday" Tb A! ', ft'. Oratlot A'n Ifftrprotete! aad tiraod Hir-K.rifor l ldratiaa est ImptnSement ctAtfon ar amng too w toie rpr.nttta epp- Ih reur ho-K hl p;cej rm th M xtl-her 1 b;i.-t tarouatt Initiator 1-h'i.iiii (tr4 b Ik federation ol lalmf. . 1 Weaeec. peMnl t th t;rad Ulr:dfvrd attl, I -cated in l strict h wouid h fr-te.t y n p-f 'twr tndrnl. was mphtl In hs stand.. A-ardlri ti nlne l t- e' bin. ef fit weald add atrro't'atels IS-i.eii a yf to mrii eor in th -il." - rt.;t ail knvw that paMi imitMtftniifi ar eoatlng noMft now id-nr l "' why we : -i lik e thi .ttlt v.n-l hu-ten ' "1 aw ef th enintoa that th 0t A3 2k Sunday Dinner IJ "equalled (ar Akuata a) Varieiy -"" tattr Larif siaaey ntnsr P Florentine Room AWSQM HOTEL Real, Comfort atYOURprice .'ST because we've made rirvce father was bcry and know hotat to make the best there Is don't imagine the price 1 pocketbooks fiat. It doe Sure, you tan buy encoder union tultt if you "foller the dollar onlybut- You never will get "fceffr fit, or greater comfort, or more laiting tatisfactioa any-where at any prke than that you find in P-Q-A garments. Strong words Well, right off the reel P-Q-A fits you as you scant it to. and the fine, rnr shrunk knit put next your skin soft, genial warmth no other style suit can dupli cate. 1W that! Say-just look at a P-Q-A t any dealer's, and regular, stout or slim, youU pick your size then and fJierelTneVr popular for other reasons beside prtce! Thi Pioua HotrY Comtajit Fiat, CW MaAera af cNcm', new d Bm OaSoa fJaasaaal Swaw md lm una Osia A. KROt.lK CO.M?ANY, Us. Itltm Saa. SOe Went tl'e fa P Q 4 X FORM FASHIONED y. m UNION SUITS s ; tpavre will atrnngi ovtvo the ineasiir t tha polls when thef learn fh real fact,. The' t n reaon whv hi klahar-prU-ed ma lariat should be used warn equally xrvieeasi eurb ran b obtained at mtKh ter eof. Ifenry tffei, Jr.. s-xtass snssr. aer ef the A ! East Sida aeta. tin, waa another wh tiH S rapttort t the "ur, wn V. O. ffaee. piidat o the Qr-i,if a-ciat!oi Jsn vv. Raid, eommtaslenee of )!lo Work. wm dparfmtt ould S affected by the proposed ea. I workleg diligently tn .-.(name tes with the facta At hi rit th etv enunel) ha fona nn reword a being ppned to th ehang and urged the- tecoe i vot It down, dtmm'ul'l" BId hi ired a law a peril In th eitv In al f itur porch ef r.ater'a's If ' ne4. SAYS SroUSEFAILED TO BUY HER CLOTHES f)-.j pair ef to was tk nly Oothlng rtoyd T. Cornell bought . l lf. Norlaa W . - firrhment avenue,, d-ieief tha i yrs of their married Rf, sha t llfled Friday kff Judge TkodiW I. Rlchter, n h a dlvorc. fvoe h wnfd a wpnf ska waa reading sad when ana piarfiiily hid tk paper d demanded kis ranaotn h bevassa angr an4 lwtted Mr arif, th ptaln'irt dared. b addd Da k was ad dieted trt at ftf stitlennaaa and tt" pt The eottiit parfd Marefl I iff thi year. Costa and Rich Sif y mnj Spmmik 0Mv Ruth Day , 5 Sgs J" Attt Thelma Edwards Mew YttVl M. frtri SfMlf 0wms Arthur Ball fmrmtrif Ldt Brdmmf Ti The Hanev Sister i A Dtwtwy Memy fraast 5fetl Miss Detroit 1926 Wr fawn Cus) f Cmm( ParfwrsaaM aaav" Na Cr Cka't . m aa - P-Q-A scares not. P-Q-A Quality Features P7ci f 5af caffs e.sAwli fabrie SutjKiomd crotch flmt, dmrubU mnxm$ Naw-ylft asassamJkaJasS DssafcU (otkM atswast ass wtov MEN fr ROYS J f r. -

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