Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 12, 1952 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1952
Page 18
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HOM STAR, HO ft, ARKANSAS SSIMJP 1,80 2.10 8,40 170 8,00 li KtrKMtM. 81* One Month 4.AO 0.00 ISO 0.00 10,00 12,00 13.60 16.00 3,00 8,M 4,00 4.00 8.00 FofSaU LUMBER, rough, fl(r ,,„,,„. <um and cyprem. Alia 9-88 O»K nnd Oum nwitablc for firm u»«. Owfc fence pn»t and bridge Urn* b*f», Hot>o 8a*Hei Company. 11-11 40 PAT Nnw HHmpiihfro hen* at 2fl conti p«r pound, Arthur Clrny IF lnt«Muite<l In row buihtn. phone or *<•« nl Kuln'd Oroecry S1PIED DISPLAY .............. Me per inch ,„.„ ........... 90o per Inch „„„ ........... ,., 50ft P«r- tosh ri*d Sbavt ot« for con- tion*. Ifftoiilw w ltd umll B JJM, doy- «wy «dlt all odv«liwm*nt« of- puWieoiion and la r«j*ct ifofKtbl* (KJvwtliirta wo- pf <mt el (not* l*tt*r«, «ueh at h«utM count 01 oftf _ tint will rt« b* •frott M Wonl Adi utAtu toltto h» tHir attention r Intwllon of ad and )NLY ,IN ONl Irwormet HID and Mnln, 11-31 ANY type of grnvel, Including pnn RfAvol, MmJ, (op noil, and fll dirt, Call Jvm,a Slnelnlr, 7-2568 D-lI-lm Tigers End Successful Grid Season the fl V«T«ftr Tiger* complntod 1(W2 f«wlb«H »««•'>" with B 1 w»ni» »«»ln»t 4 lo«» record. Thp Tlgoni n lot a I of 184 to their opponent* 122. OUT OF DOORS with Raelpat for Bw>U and Parch By AL McCUANE Pithing Editor Wo h«v<- Borne odd winter Job* In clfan up today. Carlo* Th« Tlgflr* got Off to « good | W nnt« U> know how to put his hip btK»t« irtway no they won't mildew. The hurt wny I know of is to use n cardboard mailing tui)<: •tart wlnninu 0 of their flr»t 7 ^ for a total of 191 polnln to opponent* W). ThPlr wornt ilnfen* w<J* n 33.*! upset by J,«nK«tnn High you itllp tlw tub*- Inside the of Hoi K|>rln««. 1 It will prfvent Ihetn from crack- WlllUmion. c«pUln,jlrt« »r itlckltig - which ih-y often and cnnUldula f»r Alt- ! do when folded. htotc T#nm, »pnrkcd the Tiger*' game throughout the ««aion wltlt Whon hr W leb <»« Th" lube will al«o rJtl in plying ventilation to the inni •"««« will »b«,rb .n, FANCY horiiomfldft cnndlcs, Aho nlcn fryer*, dra*x<!<J or on fool. Mm, J, 0, Downing, fir, 208 Honnor. Phonw 7'3lfl3, 12-flt PAINT SAW5, Houdfl paint. A vnr- luty of oolor*. W.W per «»Hon, HYfiiHS BWAP SHOP ISO 8, Walnut, 12-81 Services Offortd down pinnou and rime one touchdown over, Milton Green. outntiifllUiyt half. « hiick l» the? loom* hlglmrt'icwrr 1 »' wllh 10 touchdown* and two «xtrn point* to hi* credit for n total of 02 point*. Sylvester Dnvl», hulffonck and cnndliiiite for AlI-Htaln loom, play.; ;d outtlnndlng football, Dnvln Haiti-; Hon, 0>J612«0 - 1269 LOCAL and Icing distance H*ul!nB. Alto local movln«, Sea Dinnlt HBmlltorj or call 7-3011, N-M-lrrt (WE STAR liw rtmovatlon nnd »prln« work. Cobb Mattrem Co,, 310 B. Wonhlniiton, Phono 7-2023, N'ZS'IM Notice Rot«» (poyobl* In at)" >fl»r Jn Mop* Ond neighbor"•***'« ,» If YOU want to drink, that'* your fcuijinoM. M you wnrtt to qulti tlml'n our budlnod". Aloo- liollcii AnonyrnouH, P, 0. Box 208, N-lfl-lm FBOM~npw Ihrouuh December 20 i am tnklna orctorn (or frtish coconut nnd Jam c«ko» for Chrlmntos, Phono 7-4022, Mm, rcmolnlnK moldturc. You can ua- K«t lho«e mallinK tubi-x ut hiirdwnrv utore, and they're indde In (i viinety of «l/.i.">. Thfrc's unoth(;r letter hi-r,- from n man who wiinln to know whitth- er chubs mid .suckem nre <lnli'i- mentdl to n stieiim inhabited by brook trout. Tlil.s bus long been a . ,»- ' «<'-<< - thetrean, Committee just Waiting for Bryant Saxton Battles Cuban Tonight NEW YORK (Jfi — Undefeated , Johnny Saxton will be swinging I for u quick knockout tonight when 'he faces Cuba's Paul Fere/, at I Madison Square Garden in a wei I ITri.E ROCK i*l — Paul (Bear)', terweiuht ten rounder. i Bryant. No. 1 choice to fill the . T1 "' 22-year-old Brooklyn Negro ' ' it a 4 to 1 favorite to win the n.v j University of Arkansas' JJootball Uonn || y U'lecasl scrap but just win- 'coaching vacancy, was reported to : , ing his ,'!4th straight scrap *»n't be plmmmK an unannounced visit ot enough for Johnny. to the campus at Fnyetlt-ville to- This »« pounc 3 i tu . (1 'I hen be is expected to return to 1 ton hiKh-ranking 147 :ier's first bout In the Garden his fiasco with Lester Feln March 14. Saxton won on where he has been is technical knockout in the sixth t.m.-M „, Hie University of Ken- but it wasn't anything to gloat lucky since 1010 and bring his wife over. Ri-feroe Harry Kessler tossed * to Arkansas for ;i more extended i>'it Ft.-lton for continuous holding. I irv'pc-etion tour, before indicating The dull bout wasn't helped by definitely whether he wants tho ; Saxtorfs dullish actions uithcr. ' "I've learned a lot since thon," •I think I can figure style now and get Bobcats Edge Texarkana in First Cage Came In both games lost night two transfer players from Patmos were outstanding. G. Hatch led the Hope scoring while Rogers was the leader for the local girls . team. Tho Hope Bobcats defeated the Texnrknna. Razorback? in the first game of the season tost night by u 53 to 43 score, but the Porker ladies took the measure ot the Hope girls 41 to 29. • Hope grabbed an early lead which Texarkana was never able job siiid to be his for the asking. Thf Arkansas sfrM-ninK commit.j says Siixton. "I think 1 can insure - - OV( ,,. eomc . Thc Bobcats led at toy si-pkiiu' :i n-placoment for Otis any fighter's style now and t,ci ^^ ^ {Q ^ Garnie Hatch Douglas who resinned, appear.-'! " r "''- thl>m - ' h '" 1e P '','; OZ w . nnls '"sparked the Bobcat attack with *•"'*•'*•> "••'< " ^ ' f i,il,l r f * i' u »f rtt M f tr»Y« t\tm mm ' * _ . -i lo In; just waiting for Bryant to "K' 11 make up Ills mind. ..... 1 showing this time. Saxton has won •old i . , si) a I'KOti int. 1 ouuut" <• «11 n*. ix v* mi ight. If not I'll sot after him »"' ' ' inls whilt , smith was second iinkp him. I want to moke a good, ^ ,.,/ Y r,com and Griffin tossed yard*, till for touchdown*. Sovonti of hid king touchdown, run& wer-' called back for rule Infraction* >lc oittil 7 liHichdowiiH nnd point* for n total of 43 Brook trout uru lurKrly l"',Hl-j wfttor HIJIIWIICI .-., uiitl I doubt if; th« ; tonriio fl.sh would follow the j trout on their Knll inluniUun. In iiddltlon, brook trovit bury their j (•|j(pi under the Rriivr-l, and only (Bus would be The uroup adjoin-ricd yesterday into the smoking fat ' „(•),,>. ; , secnnd interview with Hry- lekly forming a crust , 1|)t jn ., s niany clays. Chairman t,, linld the juices in. With-, ii,.,.!,,^-! Thomas of FayeUeviUe iinnti.'s and a couple ol turn • sait | nc) further meetings wore likc- i.y'ie dune, tise a s(|iiee7.c | j y ((jr jo ( | it ys ur two weeks. ••\Vc want lo contact some other naini' coaches to see if they are inlerostcd in our job." An authoritative source reported these coaches included Jim Tatum ol' Maryland; Jules Sikes of ,Kan' was; Ruwden Wyatt of Wyoming'. ! J. B. Whitworth of Oklahoma i A&M; Dudley DeGrool of New i Mexico; Murry Warmath of Mis- by uro; Johnny Shnw 4 TD, 2(1 point*'. 1 Vornon PhllllpM, .1 TP, 18 points. Jlmmle Stunrt, 3 TD, I, 10 polntii Ilpnjiunln U rooks 8 TD, 12 pelnTji Fraddlc Mo»«, 1 TD, 0 pOliitM. On tins line Iko Jonci, nccustd ot being f fish could be u spawn-eator. Class A&B Title Go on Block Tonight I, Milton Knaon, 10-3.1 HKW fy ArluinKiiH. 10-tit r»ir,lJ !<VliU, Mborul Itewnrd. H ((ttiiu! onnlncl Nowt lluiuly, W. Oth, Phono 7.<:W4. guard u( lust year and candidate for All-.Stiite team tliln year pluy- ed n fliio uiunc dofenilyely iilont; with . tnc'hlnrt Momoo McFdddun, »nd fume-on Smith, Ounrdg Dunlel Martin nnd Knd Sylvuntor Hicks. Tho Tljjrrs writ inoinbers of "Bit! U" conference finished 3rd ' with wlnti II lon.'ieti In conforonco pluy. Gumes mid Scurel; Lincoln Hlxlt (Tex.i U (I Lincoln HlKh . (Ui.) Morrll Hiuti " JoiH-8 11 lull ' **" , Lincoln Kiwli t>H. Smith,). Hluh Includlug the trout, If the opportunity Wui'e pi'usi'iUod, but on the other hand, there appear^ to be a ewtliln nureeable blolOKlcal re- sissippi State and Cecil Ishull | the pro Dallas Texans. Asked if those of j Asked if those names were By HOWARD GRAVES (the checklist, Thomas replied: I ITTI K HOCK, UI -— H you! "None of them has applied for Inven'l for«.)lten ..... there are still, the job. Friends of numerous KIT, slat,- hijjh school football; couches h»ve said certain men arc lationshlp between chubii, suekerii-: t .| 1ilM1 | ; i,, ns ||ips to be decided. The interested." " ' nr(d trout. The brook trout nnd Mia'ki-r have been natural asnocia- i te* Klnce the Klat-litl period. I Plenty of wood eastern streams ( conliiin all throe species, mid the] only (Imf 1 ' the coar.io fJHh becotnr ; charlic con.Hpiuuou.s nnd over-balancu the trout populution Is wben lite stream . A and B state tillrs are on I lie Ijlnck tonight. Si-'arcy, with its triple-thrent full Interviewed by the committee yesterday, in addition to Bryant. Klmer Smith of Southern Ark.; i,.,ck I'nn Christian, meets Stutt-j State College, Magnolia, .••irt ' 'ind its touchdown twins, Frosty England of Arkansas State, d Henny Herry, for the 1 Jonosboro: Wilson Matthews of Lil(•!•« A title in Stuttgart at II p.m. i Up Rock Ilifih School, nnd Jimmy At 'Kin-rest C'ity, Carlisle shoots j Kiirair,, former Little Rock JC fur Hie Class B toga in a tangle] mentor, wilh Karle. NCAA Group Seeking a New Program KANSAS CITY, (/PI—The National Collegiate A. A., which has beer seeking ways and means of becom in}- a strong enforcement bodv ever since the death of the ill- fated "Sanity Code" two years ago will consider a new program Evcrs was the star, for Texarkana making 20 points for the game scoring honors. He was t'ol- owecl by Odom with 14. It was the first game for both teams and at times play was eratic on both sides. Tolleson tallied 13 points to lead the Texarkana girls to victory but Hope's Rogers was high point with 15. Basketball ils meeting month. at in Washington next A ten-point plan, embodied in a Kansas 03 Tulane f>0 Oklahoma City 74 New Mexico A & M 40 Regis 79 Emporia State H!) Springfield (Mo.i T2 Ft. Leonard Wood 66 .89 1.40 2,«0 4.60 . H-00 i*oa _ , ( 90S T«« Itai a, t«KOif 3«0 N, Clilcooo 1. ill.; 60 C, Y«k IT, N. Y.j 1743 Ipttrolt a. Mich.f Clly 3, booklet, American , Fort N-lU-lm HaneytoWoit Before Joining the Pirates pirrsnunaii. wu-Frod i-iniwy, admired by Drnnch nickcy nn n u ti n o b n 11 plnyt>r who "took clinnotig," snys ho will wnlt awhile bofort- nlxlnit tip tho pomtlbllltlcs of tho IMttHtnirgh I'lrutoit he'll mnnngo In ir>.i;t. llttnpy wns n woo bit on the ppnslmlNtle nkli< aftor he hnd stun <«i n one-y«nr pnotv Rlckny, iho bnnmtnft Ronorn mnniigin 1 of tho Hue* who hnx xpenl ncnrly a hutt cisntury in baffbnll, ennouivced TInney's nln>» IniB yo»terd«y with his vmunl flour Uh. For weeks Hnney hftd Ueott iho top enndldnto mfiitloncrt as thi) micecuHor to Ollly Meyer who re* •lltned Into ltt»t »en«on nftci' tlv yonrn at the Piruto holm. llunpy, who reportedly will re ct'lve nrovmii $35,(KX), didn't ie»n too worried nbout tho length o hii pact. What worried him \v« how to get the Plratea out ot th u>Jt Lliu-oln Hl«h Cnmden Lnntnton High ** nunbnr High »*, Wnahlngton HlgH El 0 Prultte Hl«h (Tox.r 7 U) lii 44 10 33 I) 0 20 7 II) III 11) u 0 3:1 M Incurs NO much flKliint! |in-ssun on the KIIIIIO species thnt the coar- ait fliili can rnultluly without inter-: TWO titles have been decided. feri'iu'it. Doth chubs nnd Miickerj; Cuimlcn whipped Rogers last week coach i-omnoto with the trout for fontl, i for the I'lass AA championship and. School. but, oil the other hand, the younu : I.itllc Hock captured the Hitf Sev-1 of both .'ipeeleH furnish a food sup- : L . t \ ol' Class AAA crown in regular Thomas said the committee also wants to talk with Watty Myers, at Texarkana, Tex., High Chrlitmoi Gift t Exchang* Gift Certlflcatos RDLAWS lion. Ho managed tho St. I.on It irownH In 1030, 1MO and part of 1)41, In KHll, n(Ur n stepover, ut Polwdu nanin, ho tank a job -na t radio eoirmwntntor. ' For tht> piist four tho ply for the trout. While I .-rjisor: play. Stuttgart's Ricebirds will shoot think of it, now that 1 for in .'.econd straight Class A Winter fishing is tinder way, a slate championship when it meets word on cooUiiiR yellow perch nnd ; Senrc.v. passes and scored one on a short 2.2")0-word report from the NCAAi Mt . Pnerson r )7 Bethel (Kas.) 48 membership committee, was ,re-| , . leased yesterday by Executive Di-j rcctia- Walter Byers. Basically, the plan calls for added powers and machinery whereby the membership committee can investigated and punish reported infractions of the association's prinicples of conduct. At last year's meeting these principles, somewhat milch r than the code which had boon killed the year before, were embodied in the NCAA constitution with the college was j'-'iimt in"delive'ring the I.ions to a i.bliged to follow them as a condi- 19-0 win over Bonnevillo last Fri- lion of membership. • L |j,y. His offensive antics coupled . Is In order. I ato some fliu; in 19-19 with a solid 7:!-(l past- in Mlnnesotn once that wore roul- 1 Ing of DeQueen. ly n tnstc sensation. The way eul-' When Class A coaches named Inory artists around Ited Luke fix-'lticir all state teams earlier this od them didn't destroy the- natural | wi'ek, they chose three Hicebirds flavor ~- and that's important with: for the first eleven. Included were Thi- Hicebirds copped the w ith a beefy and rugged wall ha« ' * guided Jimmy Ahlf's squad* to 10 wins against two defeats. Carlisle, dumped only by Eng- Then the membership committee was entrusted with the duty of investigating, on receipt of a complaint or on its own initiative, the failure of any instilution to meet dollciUe whlto-fli'shed fish. Bud I.eon C.oet/. Guard Tommy Simply .fillet your fish and put Ililiman and Hack Hi tiny Rerry. of bacon drippini-s into the! Searcy's Christian also was nanv In tWO P «nnanl perterm.n. •W«"l; whllo the grease gets smok- -d to the Une d land this year, takes its bii; team!.such obligations. The rather com. to Forrest City for a meeting with' plicated machinery calls for the Earle and the Class B state title. | membership committee lo refer its Karle pasted Atkins, 211-0, in the findings and recommendations for semi-final playoffs to advance to disciplinary action to the NCAA Carlisle stopped council. Thon, in turn, the council Plaster work in the pryamids of Egypt is often still in good condition after 4,000 years. greater powers to investigate, clearer definition of disciplinary powers and closer co-operation wi'.h the various conferences in conducting investigations and taking disciplinary action. One important point is to "develop ways and means whereby the NCAA can obtain on-the-spot checks of the veracity of replies to inquiries from the association." The present setup calls for inquiries on complaints to be referred to tho head of the institution involved. Further investigation, above the conference level, must be carried on by the membership committee, a sub-committee or the executive director. Another point in the new plan in flour. Christian flipped two touchdown Ol 8ut<ui uaixi joj JopJVM «1U •uoo v>u w.noX ,,-pootti »m IKBI t 11 ipniu su isiU u ,{ofua trta | inn 'uiau •. fruA\ )i puu '001 'wo •xoq-oin inoqu aotnoq I.UOQ,. •uo oS oj nun J 8uix«u) winb t,»Hi»iiad NattpivHl cellar. »!B^i iNOi^ Br 101 SHOP "I ,«ion't know tho ball club," the now xktppar declwrcd, "And I will w»nt to «eo the personnel! tlH'«M> weeks or so before I can PNM ni\y judaotnoiU on tho future. Sumo ot the playern I don't know et all. oUwrn I know «»ulte well, But l*d r*Uu>r bo n peaslmlit in pooJ 48U, punoj oan» vu,i 'PB|8 X. '»tHO»lJd |o r*»p j»ntu _ r ,_ v ,..f- cftroer hi tho majoriTincludttd toxir* of dvity with the Detvolt Ti«er», the nanton Red Sox, tho Chicago Cubs mul tho Si LouU Cardinal*, to Idas ho maunijad th? Toledo of th»s t PhoMMSM mm i TIMS Announcing th« opening of SAMUELS INSURANCE AGENCY 101 I. Dlvlilon RtprmMIno only tht Iftrlft •took compunlM. *«• t>!K •»a»u ui '•«» QU8 •8up|\w ; MO| »q ;ou pjnoa ail -un p\it| on u PU)IU S|U UO pootu oin ui vum pouopjttq i os 1AIUU P ' CHRISTMAS TRIES Make Early MONTS SEED STORI oq '.SuiiuoDqiJoj aq uooa piuo.\\ HD|qA\ 'UOUUUVldXJI OIUOU BD.\\ 3.1011) Oiunoo JO ">uauijuiodd«8|p Jo asud •an« ou Xuajoq 01 'HII a.\oqu 'puu ojoui ou A\oijti 01 'aoi.\ui| popodxoun sin to >pot|8 i (iioaj POJOAOOOJ pan a<.\* j oils -os-moa u.\\op spumi padsxip •auj '8ui|)UuiB iioo<) p«i| jqi ||V •UOI8UJU03 IMUOS 'XllP!|P J ° a 1\)0.|JJ 1|11A\ -aq oi|i H' JJi'ls ,\\o(sj ' • ' vuop '«joa sun aim I ' ' ' JO 1<C J J o 8 ^nii.u.n ui.] ,,',YUHI>| noA' "\i )\S O) OIU p05|SU l.UOADM ..-uiioui ajU—jjosXiu iBin jo mSnotu l v»S •aoqtuatuo.i p,no.\ s|ii|tn l.upip l,, ,.-3u|.ul8 jo juauMpoquio am a>ti| tuj.'S no.t apoiu no\ pioi i ouo otn 'loaa^a t\0f UO UOP-II^ JUOX O) OUJU3 1 uooujaijv IS4B am SuuBaM OJOM noX auo 10 out epuiuiaj \\ 'BOA,, the final round. ^ - ,-«— _ . . Dui"as 12-0 would have to take the case be- The Arkansas Athletic Assoeia- fore the next convention, lio-i voted this fall to abandon the 1 The new ten-point program which state football eliminations follow- has been forwarded to the asso- ins; the end of the 1952 playoffs, cialion's 40G members, calls for is to publicize the replies so such inquiries "so that the chief administrative officer of an institution is publicly committed to his statement as to the operation of inter- collesiatc athletics at his institution." 40} U| V '»f\ot 4no •AO; , tut »AOI i»o.< «ouit« iuo \\ 134 01 8«40>S UI 8,« T«C| UQAV) J">oX uioaj »nuj J«|jo ».inw j XJJOB m.j piuotta i asunoa JO.. »» W a ' J "* »' 8 ' ' ' ' MO 0) )UUA\ l *Su\\ i «!»«» 8.)i sSumi 10 not i« )«m 'o»iv -s-iauoi Suot a «tun pvu J.UOAUU noX Mi tssaap 8u|uuoiia a »u^A^ PUV * i «avi« umn injiinsoq ajow ifc «ojS a MV ^HB-W noX mo ' •A"uo 'pino.\\ noA* jsanoo jo PUV« 'pmo.w i 9111 01 1,. •PVniBf* WANTED 5000 TEUPHONE POLES ths ?0 to 45 f«tf . delivered o* Coll • • l& Rufus Martin Bauoosua pmo.\\ «i\ouqo auo | o o i no A. it) MdAt noX uoq.tt noX MUS 40A3U inooi noX XIUAOI A\oy '^iiuig,, 1U o) josop Jan 8u|A\uap motni.sv <AOJjd« JJuiniug t|-)|A\ jau popj«3 94 pun 'Xissoisaoo u • q i 4omtia *8|q ui t p u a u poq3)3-ns m poJs«p PIABQ 'nwsui is paivdpnva »m aoj Xpusj uvqi V>oui B«A\ sqs sum sitii inq aqi puui»q p«80|3 saoop am n uoog 8« suuu siu ui -iJU a>i»n p»|8 * ui aunju siu 3ui||«3 tnoq 'p J « A\ a o j pouawsu aqs VCiluig o) 8uo| pomaas u p»u aqs auo am anuun )°u «ou uo >nd au.s ssajp atu CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE EMILY did not attempt any answer to David's thunderbolt declaration that ho nad fallen in love with Prlscllla. She sat staring at David, in dumb and horrible belief, and she did not resist when ne leaned forward and took her hand. She was vaguely aware that the gesture was meant to be kindly, almost compassionate, but it tailed In Its purpose. U seemed to nave no meaning whatsoever. An nour earlier, she would nave said that the slightest touch from David's flngers would kindle ner to ardor. Now she did not feel anything at all. She was completely numb, as she nad been In that books, strange period after Roger had died. -All this la so hard to say that I 'know I'll do it very badly," David went on. "But I've got to' begin by asking you to believe that I never tied to you. When 1 told you 1 loved you. It was true—so overwhelmingly true that I felt 1 had to tell you. even though you were married to someone else. You do believe me, don't you. Emily?" She still could not speak, she still could not make any Immediate sign. But after a moment or two though her lips were still pressed tightly together, she inclined her head, and he took It for a sign of assent. "1 went overseas, still loving you. I still loved you when Roger died. I thought I ought to wait a year at least, before I told you so again. By then, we were preparing for the Invasion. Preparing very intensively.. And 1 thought I'd wait a little longer. Until my declaration of love could be coupled with a sort o* paean of victory. I told you I'd say all this very badly. I know I am. But you do understand, don't you?" "Yes." Emily said. "After that there wasn't any meaning, It'a bound to be more lasting. What happened as far as you and 1 are concerned won't happen again. From now on, if you release me, Prlscllla'll be the only woman In my life." * • • Emily was back in her own house within the time limit she had set for herself; but though she nad been correct In her expectation that no major repairs would be required, countless small renovations seemed desirable and she and Delrdre were ooth busy from norning till night. Brian burst in upon her. unceremoniously, one morning while she was dusting "I had a wedding Invitation this morning that came like a bolt from the blue: 'Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Endlcott Forbes request the hono of your presence at the marrlag of their daughter, Priscllla Anne to Major David Salomont.' What' the meaning of thia. Emily?" sounds to me as If "Don't say it, Brian. Don't you are say It." "All right. Then give me a good eason why 1 shouldn't." She laid down the first edition he was still holding and spoke very gravely. 'I'm sorry you won't take my word for it that there Is a good reason. If you ask me to take rour word for something 1 do it. 3ut, since you insist..." He did not try to Interrupt her simple and straightforward recital, ino he did not speak Immediately, when she finished it. But he looked at ner with unconcealed admiration and eventually he voiced this. You'd have made a good lawyer yourself, Emily. 1 never heard a case better presented." "I had a good case to present." "You've almost convinced me of C i i/' "Well. It 4111 « MR HMW M SP»«» «W| MM • m m « «> «04t j>U puuoj pvM au uait4» SUMd aouWUiuoiuad. ain a^U poxooi tvm £3i) pioi BJUO pan an pino* plA»a wns \m »i»s q; pu« *9 u i ui o a 3 q ^iviMdsa uatqM ssoap uaaoS a asoqa aqs 'U|f«i<i SJO|O3 'SJOPU0.1WI PUU S.SBX3 uos ojui paSueqa pvq aqs A"U« •upyjQ 'pooiu u-tto jaq vom £uoiu •JVM ui uaM PVU U asuvaaq puv op 01 Sunn aiQ«»»* PUV rvjnicu isow )iui 'luoisn) uao.\uno vr» aiwuaJ •jad O) pou>w» »us astmwq jou »«iq iuo* p*q »qc 'Smvunow wn P»II8 time to write letters. Not the kind I wanted to write, not the Kind that would have been worthy of you. But 1 still meant to do It. I still loved you- 1 don't know why I keep saying 1 still loved you as if It were In the past. I love you now. As much as I ever did, in one way. But not the way I did before. Ever though I'd never pu» j asked you. In so many words, lo marry me. that was because of » combination and a succession ot circumstances I'd wanted to marry you. for a long time, and U was implicit in what I'd said to you It wasn't your fault, either, thai 1 didn't want to any longer. You hadn't done anything to change my feeling*. It was Just one of those things that Happens once in • white. «ape«*Hy in wartime. puv vvoen two prop it nave oeeo Utrougb * «w together—well. Wttuehow lh*r*'* « ttand oetwecn them that'» cUfierent (ran otner bonds, (V* David and Prtscilla were about to be married. Doesn't it sound that way to you?" "Listen, I'm not In the mood for pointless jokes. Did you Know David and Prlscllla were going to be married?" "Yes." "How long have you known it?" "About a fortnight." Brian appeared to do some quick calculating. "I'd be a good deal surprised to find it was quite as long as that, fd bet anything you didn't Know It that lay you lured me up to your grandmother's attic ana induced me to guzzle down your grandfather's rum." "Well. I said about a fortnight. 1 didn't count the days off on my fingers." "But you didn't know It. that day we were in tho attic, did you?" "No. t didn't... Have you been back to Cutter Mills yet. Briny? Do they know you're already separated from the Navy ?" -I naven't been back there and they don't Know It yet. I've got other things to do and other things on my mind. When you told me it—not quite, but almost. Well, I won't bother you any more right > now. Go back to your dusting. I'll ; take your advice and get on down to the office." ! • * * , Everything connected with the : wedding went off beautifully. It to^k* place, on a pertect summer afternoon, in the garden of the big j;. weather beaten house surmounting * J the cliffs and the dunes. When Priscilla raised her head to receive David's kiss, after the ceremony was over, the look in her eyes had a dazzling quality. Old Mra, Forbes turned away, to hide the tears In her own. But there were no tears In Emlly'a, Whenever her grandmother, who i, had been watching her closely, ; glanced In her direction; she seemed to oe the central figure In :J£\ a convivial group, which usually v included Brian Collins. Her dress- ; ot green and-goid brocade was extremely becoming to her, and so waa the big green picture hat, trimmed with golden roses, which ; she wore with It- And she had made a wise choice, in selecting her topazes as the finishing touch for her costume. For the first lime, Old Mrs- Forbes, who had Friday, December 12, 1952 MOM STAt, HOP i- TjpjL/ ! *T?y f V #' I. At KANSAS ILONDU •f Ctikk Youita ( MRS. FREEP tS RINGING 7 OUR COOPBEU---IF I V ANSWER IT, SHE'LL i TALK ALL AFTERNOON OKAV I LL ANSWER IT FOR VOU SO I SAID TO HIM, 1 SAID, BLAH-BLAH- BLAH-BLAH K THANK GOODNESS, /***• I'VE GOT THAT ( SANDWICH WAITING Vr FOR ME-I'LL NEED IT TO RESTORE MV OUT OUC vv A> By ». R. William* Smoke Signals Answer to Previous Puzzla HORIZONTAL 1 Used to smoke tobacco 5 Smoke source 9 What's left when a cigar is smoked 12 Poems 13 Afresh VERTICAL 1 Small explosions * 2 Unoccupied 3 This smokes when burned 4 Prevent 5 Obese 6 Accustoms 7 Counsel K 0 A 1_ A 9 P A P E 1 N U E T £ <; T A R e R N e *> T L. B F= A & e u •& G a. 0 A M N F A L_ £ E T A & *> K a T e c> "" A •y A M K W P c, \ *» l- E C O p e G o E & T O N T t= 1 0 1 " E & $ T K A 1 Q H T J A N% ft A K (= l_ V IS 1 e A u I N E P e B U b R * C. E K I * E & N A K S & 1C. E E£ f" 1, A B f\ T E 19 Peruses again ,„ w , 21 Wan 11 Head 23 Courtesy title ™ venngs 24 To and- 16 More 27 What smoke is sometimes blown i through 29 Fruit 32 Licked up 34 Greek letters 36 Referee 37 Warning sounds (poet.) 38 Heroic 39 Hide 41 Observe 42 Boy 44 Habitat plant form 46 Removal 49 Din 53 Rodent 54 Mexican general at the Alamo 56 Playing card 57 Woody plant 58 Shakespearean king 59 Sorry 60 Dry 61 Limb* 24 House part that smokes 25 Sloping walk 26 Obstructed 28 Greek dialect 30 Domesticated 31 Essential being 33 Type sizes 35 Tomorrow (Sp.) 40 Sharper 43 Cleans 45 Factotum 40 Ages 47 Worthies* (Bib.) 48 Unusua'i 50 Arrow po'son 51 Impediment 52 Auricles 55 GqU mound II 15 18 ZH 3Z 36 3& Ifa 53 T Sb 59 Z 25 17 3 2b I/. 1 M M 3 Z7 ^ Mi bH !>7 60 3 % i 39 •'//•*/ 18 9 ^ % MO UN 'M, 28 3H 31 % bS i /'''' i? •H 20 ^ % Mb ba bl 4 7 Ml 50 0 30 51 il 52. •a. If IF THAT CLOCK'S RI6HT, I'M OFF T\AO--LET'5SEE M-M-M-- YE&, TWO NMWUTE5 ' 1 OME.TWO, n »\ THEY COM'T PAST TO PRESS TOO WARM FOR. FEAR TH'BULL WILL THIMK. THEY'RE PRES5- INT AT HINA TO GET A MEW HEATIN' SYSTEM.' THAT BUNCH WORKS THEM LIW6ER- LONGER. 6APGETS TO DEATH, TRVIM 1 TO STAY IN OUT OF TH' COLP SHOP AS LONG POSSIBLE.' NEXT WILL BE A STUCK. ZIPPER. HE MEXT SHIFT FIKINl' TO STAY OUR BOARDING HOUSI With Major Hoople CARNIVAL By Dick Turner MA30R HOOPLE, THAT CLUB 16 A PEACHY MTEUECTUAL ROUP/ WHY DDM'T YOU AMD DR. UG-ULP/I FEAR IT:? tOO OS.DR. I'M TOLD ARE VJEEK— AMD Ot^E MUST QUALIF BY 60MB SUPER- FEAT, SUCH AS CLIMBIMG MATTefcHORM /, OLD BOY'S 6TILL A SHIFT/ OPE'M OSLO f?OMMEK HE STIFF - ALCORM, •L'D , DR. [ WACK\AlELL / LIKE A (CHAMP/ WACKWELL WOULDM'T FIT Iri - FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbergcr T. M. Reg. U. S. P«t. Oft. Copr. 1962 by NEA Service, Inc.' | I " "The first store wanted credit references so I had to open tw<? more accounts!" $IDE GLANCES By Golbraith you wouldn't marry me because you were in love tVith someone else, you were talking about David Salomont. Ves or no?" "Briny. I've told you before that you ask loo many questions and that some ot them are pretty presumptuous. This last one is a very good example oi what I mean, t don't want to be inhospitable, but I'm pretty busy right now and 1 Know tneyr* still terribly shorthanded at Cutter Mills. 1 think it would be a wonderful idea it you'd give me * chance to dust these books white you go down to the office and «*y you're ready to start worn **»*." want to *h*t you think. Do you always freely admitted Emily's good looks, cpupled them with an adjective she ' had never used be^ fore. "The girl's striking," she said to herself. "She stands out in a crowd. She never used to. She cap say all she wants to about Prlscllla s courage. I'd still say. Emily's more than a match for her when it conies to that, and in a good many other ways too. What she's done today hasn't been easy. I ought to Know." The day nad not been easy for Old Mrs. Forbes, either. She was proud ot Ennly, but she was sick at heart on ner account too. Moreover, the old lady had made a great effort, physically, not only In coming to the 'Cape tor the wedding but In seeing that the bridal party wsa (uttftbly entertained before* Cmtitutedj "JWf U , * b*. v. ». tu. on. On- <*M k. MIA »»«« ~ "George is mad again at something the government did!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser OtAftK IRI C?eiVE A*OUMC7 TO TMB AUU6V WeUUTAKEHMU SERVICE BUBVATOK HS-fia HB IS, (SLANtt H VVOKJT TALK—SO PAB,/ WASH TUBBS EVER' 5ECONP COUNTS MJ- BLW* HIT THAT SISM'. BOvlS AND HER BUDDIES em yoo 6o\K>6 \o RVOVCOV'E • K& >\ VAV B'JGS BUNNY IT MUST PE NEARLY LUNCH TIME,/Wy By V. T. Homll ALLEY OOP ...TH6Y APPEARED \eH?WHATCHA YOU FOUUtD UP TH TIME-MAO-IINE? MV GOSH,DGGGA,NO W WR GONN^ WHEN THE MOUNT/teN 1 MEAN.tri' DON'T S THO OMB HYK6O6? MOVED ON.,. I I THEM? / PEOPtE MOVgl J WHERE YESTERpAY CAME.,PBKMAP8 ^.MOUNTAIN THBRE WA0BOT *> A uevet THEYAI^B i OF IT. CHRIS WtLKIN, Plone^er 1 i f i*, • "Vou'r* catching cold! I'll stay homo tomorrow and take ' of yow*»l can u$e a d»y'8 r«»t anyway!" LIVERMORE/ WHAT „] I JUST REMEMBERED, ARE YOU DOIM6 HERE?,/ SIR,THAT IT HAS BEEN ' RJU.Y AN HOUR SINCE YOU LAST PARTOOK OF. USTENANCE/ THEY RE STILL GROUND/ RIGHT/QMS MORE nece AND -me SENIORS MAY FIND MASTER LARD, UNTIL. I \r\SPT , END Of THSIK. KOPK! WITH AND BAKRIE IN JET PLANE/ HUNTING F0KVAL/WN •y Run Winr«rboth r CANTU?CATE >JOO IX)VVTOPIC:K., "JMSL: I t / J-j^y, ***faft<l' tj#!w HENRY (y »y%v t ^.*'. Vj^jf^^ L»''/%?,! .*»

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