Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on March 17, 1991 · Page 2
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
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Sunday, March 17, 1991
Page 2
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Texas Sunday, March 17, 1991 2A Pot protest AUSTIN (AP) - Three peo- pie have been arrested this week in a loosely-knit protest for blowing smoke at the law — marijuana smoke that is. Two people walked into the San Marcos police department and another into the Hays County Sheriff's department and fired up marijuana cigarettes to call attention to their efforts to legalize the drug. Joe Gaddy, the first protestor to be arrested on Tuesday, said, "I walked up to the police station, and I lit up a joint and then I walked inside and took a big puff of it and told the lady (police officer) I was there to support the legalization of marijuana." Gaddy, a house painter and construction worker, said legalization of marijuana would help the economy because the plant can be used to make cloth, fuel, paper and organic cattle feed. Minister jailed AUSTIN (AP) - A Houston minister jailed for violating a court order to stop operating loan and insurance programs remains unrepentant because he says he's just doing God's work. On March 1, a state district judge sentenced Melvin White, 47, pastor of Our Father's Congregation, to six months in jail for violating a 1989 order that prohibited White and his church from offering loan programs to residents across the United States. The loan programs require members to invest money up front in order to be placed on a waiting list to receive no- interest loans in the future. United Slates MERCURY FILLINGS WASHINGTON (AP) - An expert panel assembled by the Food and Drug Administration is confident that dental fillings containing mercury are safe for most people despite reports that diseases disappeared after the fillings were removed. But after hearing testimony from a dozen or so dentists, researchers and consumer advocates Friday, the panel says more research is needed to allay public fears that the fillings can cause health problems. "I'm relieved that I find no evidence that amalgam is an unsafe material," said Dr. John Sadler, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Maryland and a member of the FDA advisory panel. WELK'S TOWN WASHINGTON (AP) — Lawrence Welk's No. 1 fan in the Senate is counting on government bureaucrats to find a loophole big enough to let through a $500,000 grant for the bandleader's home town despite congressional attempts to scuttle it. Sen. Quentin Burdick, D-N.D., who sponsored giving montey to Strasburg, N.D., to fix up a tourist attraction around Welk's birthplace, has decided the best tactic in the face of rising opposition in Congress is to lay low. "People are sick and tired of the project having so much attention, 1 ' Burdick spokeswoman Jean Brodshaug said of her boss's Senate colleagues. COPS INDICTED LOS ANGELES (AP) Four police officers indicted in the beating of a motorist may not be the last, county prosecutors said. And the U.S. Justice Department reportedly is considering charges against police who saw but did nothing to stop the assault. Meanwhile, a police audiotape released Friday seems to contradict officers' claims that the motorist drove more than 100 mph in a police chase before the beating. Indictments against the three officers and their supervising sergeant were unsealed Friday. The felony charges against them follow the March 3 attack of Rodney King, 25, of Altadena. A bystander's videotape of the beating was shown nationally on television, prompting a public outcry. MONEY LAUNDERING MIAMI (AP) - The U.S. government unsealed indictments against 43 people accused of laundering $65 million a year in Colombian drug profits through Miami, New York and Los Angelas. ' Six defendants were already in custody from other cases and six more were arrested by Friday, officials said. Additional arrests were expected but at least two defendants were believed to be in Colombia. Agents also seized $2.5 million in U.S. currency and more than 4,400 pounds of cocaine. World SOVIET AGREEMENT MOSCOW (AP) Secretary of State James A. Baker III headed home Saturday without Soviet agreement on reducing nuclear and conventional weapons but with a hope for "true reconciliation and peace" in the Mideast. "There has been a significant change in the region, and that has presented us with an opportunity, I think, to act as a catalyst," Baker said as he ended a 10-day postwar trip to the Middle East and Soviet Union. While he was optimistic about the Mideast, Baker said he'd made no headway on implementation of a treaty making historic cuts in troops, tanks and other non-nuclear weapons in Europe and on concluding a second accord to reduce long-range nuclear missile arsenals by about 30 percent. RICE RESTRICTIONS TOKYO (AP) - Threatened with arrest, U.S. officials removed American-grown rice from a food show today after Japan told them the display violated Tokyo's restrictions on imported rice. The highly publicized tempest was the latest battle over Japan's closed rice market. The display was taken down after Japan's Foreign Ministry informed the U.S. Embassy that the rice violated import restrictions and that the exhibitors would be jailed if they did not remove it. ''Having now been threatened with arrest, we will remove the rice ... to help publicize this very regret table behavior by the Japanese government," David Graves, president of the U.S. Rice Millers' Association, said in a statement SERBIAN UNREST BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) — Serbia's hard-line Communist leader said today that he no longer recognized the authority of the federal presidency and that he was mobilizing the republic's security force to halt unrest. Slobodan Milosevic failed earlier in the week to force the eight-man presidency to declare a state of emergency throughout the country. "Under the existing conditions, the republic does not recognize the legitimacy of the federal presidency," the Tanjug news agency quoted Milosevic as saying today. He said he was ordering a mobilization of police reservists in Serbia, Yugoslavia's largest republic, against unrest among ethnic Albanians in Kosovo province and Muslims in Sandzak. ACID RAIN NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP; Acid rain again fell in southeastern Iran and an oil slick reached Iranian shores, the Islamic Republic News Agency reported Saturday. The agency said "black rain" — a common occurrence since Kuwaiti and Iraqi oil wells were set ablaze during the Gulf War — fell in Kerman, capital of the province of the same name. The rain covered the streets with polluted water and "polluted clouds" were moving further southeast, IRNA said. KURDISH PROTEST BONN, Germany (AP) Protesters believed to be Kurds occupied the Iraqi Embassy in Bonn today and threw weapons and paintings from windows of the building, police said Police said they believed there were eight to 10 protesters in the building. Six people protesting outside the embassy were taken into custody by police. Land scam trial HOUSTON (AP) - A state judge has exonerated a Houston attorney of conspiracy in an alleged land scam operated against the Harris County Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority. State District Judge Jimmy James acquitted Joe F. Wheat, 51, of engaging in criminal activities Friday after the prosecution rested its case in the four-week-old trial. Two other defendants, psychiatry professor George Leslie Adams, and attorney John P. Chambers, remain under prosecution in the case. A fourth defendant, former MHMRA executive director Eugene Williams, was severed from the trial as it was beginning because of his lawyer's illness. Crash kills two NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas (AP) — A single-engine airplane crashed and exploded on impact while trying to land at the New Braunfels airport during a light rain, killing a Houston physician and his wife, authorities said. Dr. Walter Jack Wolf, 64, and his wife, Ada Mae Becker Wolf, 61, of Houston died instantly, said trooper Jim Shea of the Texas Department of Safety in New Braunfels. They were pronounced dead at the crash site, a muddy field one mile north of the airport, by Comal County Justice of the Peace Harold Krueger. The plane went down at 7:20 p.m. Friday. The plane was en route to New Braunfels from El Paso, the Federal Aviation Administration reported. People Vanilla Ice HAMILTON, Ontario (AP) — White rap singer Vanilla Ice says he doesn't care about critics' complaints that he's serving up a watered-down version of black rap music — as long as his records keep selling. "If I wanted to be a hardcore rapper, and get serious respect from the community, I could do it," says Ice, whose real name is Robert Van Winkle. "But there's no way in hell I would sell as many copies of my album. If I had a choice to either make money or be respected — I'd definitely go for the money." Ice, scheduled to perform in Toronto next week, was fined $500 and placed on four months probation on Thursday in connection with an incident at a Feb. 21 concert in San Antonio, Texas. Paycheck performs RICHWOOD, W.Va. (AP) — Country music singer Johnny Paycheck will perform next month at Richwood Junior High School to raise money for his son's classmate, who was injured in a go-cart accident. Chad Russell suffered head injuries last October when the : go-cart he was riding flipped over an embankment. The 14-year-old recently returned to his eighth-grade classes after three months of home tutoring. Principal C.C. Lester originally planned to ask Paycheck, whose son, Jonathan, attends Richwood, if he would perform to benefit the school. "I later learned of Chad's medical bills and felt this was more pressing," Lester said. "I talked with Paycheck on the phone and he said, 'Sure, I'd be glad to doit.' " '60 Minutes' NEW YORK (AP) — Lesley Stahl, in Paris working on a story for "60 Minutes," may replace Meredith Vieira as one of the long-running CBS show's regular correspondents, a network spokesman said. Vieira is leaving "60 Minutes" at the end of this season to have her second child. Stahl, 49, currently anchors CBS' "Face the Nation." "She is certainly a top candidate for that position, but nothing has been finalized at this time," spokesman Roy Brunett said Friday. The Washington Post asked "60 Minutes" executive producer Don Hewitt whether the Paris assignment was a tryout. "Just say that in the spirit of the way they do things in this day and age, we've agreed to live together a little bit before we get married," Hewitt replied. "And I can't envision our not getting married." Opera cameo HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Gov. Lowell P. Weicker Jr. had a bit part in his favorite opera, "Madame Butterfly." He didn't sing, though. Weicker, a former U.S. senator and longtime opera buff, appeared on stage Friday night in Act I, portraying an American naval officer in a non-singing, or speaking, part. "I'm actually quite excited," Weicker said before his debut with the Connecticut Opera. "It's the first time I have an opportunity to listen to an opera while on the stage. "The cast ... is probably more nervous than I am, fearing that I might actually croak out a note or something and screw up the works," he said. Business Update Foreclosures AUSTIN (AP) - Austin led cities nationwide with the most foreclosed commercial real estate per person, according to a newsletter that tracks the market. Three other Texas cities ranked high on the list Dallas-Fort Worth was second; San Antonio, fourth, and Houston, fifth, said The Real Estate Exchange Reporter, based in Colorado Springs, Colo. Austin developers said the ranking meant nothing. "Conceptually, it's an interesting approach," said Jerry Lumsden, Austin officer manager for Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate Services. "In reality, it's meaningless, I think." Austin had $1,730 of foreclosed commercial real estate per person, the study showed. That was almost twice the level of Dallas-Fort Worth at $912 per capita. San Antonio had $740 per capita and Houston, $448. Recovery sought NEW YORK (AP) - As spring comes to Wall Street, stock-market investors are watching with keen interest for signs of a budding economic recovery The economic news remains dreary, for the most part. But traders have been betting heavily since late last year that it will start to brighten soon. Indeed, for many observers the question seems no longer to be whether recovery is ap proaching, but when it will arrive and how strong it will be. "It looks bad," says Edward Yardeni at Prudential Securities in his current appraisal of the economic outlook. "But then it always looks bad at the tail end of a recession." "Signs of a bottoming now are at hand," adds Stephen Roach at Morgan Stanley & Co. "As usual these first hints look a little bit faint. But the chemistry of recovery is unmistakable, drawing support from a potentially powerful combination of lean inventories, a reversal of the energy shock, and an aggressive easing by the monetary authorities." The hopes of many traders who took part in the stock market's winter rally rest especially on a revival of consumer spending in the aftermath of the Gulf War. "Consumer confidence is on the mend," Roach says. ''This psychological rebuilding should be aided by a long-awaited turnaround in household purchasing power. "Just as the fourth-quarter consumer collapse was exacerbated by oil prices in the $30s (per barrel), growth in real disposable personal income should now be boosted by sub-$20oil." Still, many analysts question whether consumers have both the will and the wherewithal to lead a charge back into the nation's stores and auto showrooms. "Consumer confidence, while certain to improve now that the troops are coming home, does not determine consumer spending," maintains David Resler, chief economist at Nomura Securities International. "Historically, it has simply been symptomatic of the economic factors that do — employment and income, inflation, interest rates and wealth." Church vote HOUSTON (AP) - The First Presbyterian Church is expected to end six months of heated debate Sunday when it votes on whether to separate from its national body, the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. Supporters of the move, who call themselves Concerned Members, said the national group no longer is faithful to the Bible or Reformed Protestant doctrine. Opponents, or Loyal Presbyterians, contend they want to stay in the denomination because it offers diversity, openness and a nationwide denominational network. "It has been extremely painful," said the Rev. David Dorst, the church's associate pastor, who favors separation. Rapes reported SOUTH PADRE ISLAND (AP) — Five college co-eds on spring break at South Padre Island reported they were raped, and arrests were made in the two instances where the women agreed to press charges, police said. Among those who refused to press charges was a 22-year-old Minnesota woman who said she was gang-raped in a motel. "It's just one of those phenomenal things that's occurring this year. We've had as many in one week as we had all last year," said South Padre Island police Capt. Tommy Atkinson. Police said the rapes apparently are unrelated. Ironically, the rapes were reported during a week that Padre Island officials said was otherwise relatively quiet. Weather YESTERDAY'S HIGH: 60. RAINFALL: 1.33 inches, .29 inches above normal. AMISTAD REPORT: As of Friday: elevation: 1,116.27 feet. Water storage: 3,336,904 acre feet. Water area: 64,250 acres. Discharge: 2,250 cubic feet per second. Inflow on the Rio Grande at Foster Ranch: 1,700 cfs; on the Pecos River 185 cfs; at Pafford Crossing on the Devil's River 364 cfs and at Eagle Pass 1,340 cfs. DEL RIO AND VICINITY: Sunny today with a high in the upper 70s and northwest winds at 10-15 miles per hour. Tonight will be fair with a low in the upper 40s. Monday will be fair with a high in the upper 70s. SUNRISE TOMORROW: 6:51; SUNSET: 6:52 ^ MANDI HORTON Age8, Buena Grade 3 Vista Elementary Des Moines Detroit Duluth El Paso Evansvllle Fairbanks TEXAS TEMPERATURES Fargo Flagstaff Grand Rapids Great Falls Greensboro, N.C. Hartford Hignest temperature yesterday, lowest past 12 hours and precipitation for 24 hours ending at 7 a.m.: Hi Lo Pep. Abilene 62 45 Alice 66 53 1.12 Amarillo 59 37 Austin 50 46 .23 Beaumont-Port Arthur 58 50 .38 Beeville 64 53 .36 Brownsville BO 71 Bryan-College Station 50 49 ,• .66 Childress 64 41 .02 Corpus Chrlstl 71 57 1.13 Corpus Christ! NAS 71 65 1.96 Cotulla 56 51 .05 Dalhart 53 36 Dallas Love Field 49 44 01 Dallas NAS Field 48 45 .09 Del Rio 62 49 -. u * MT El Paso 65 43 Fort Worth 48 42 .14 Fort Worth Meacham 49 45 Galveston 53 51 Hondo 52 47 .18 Houston Hobby Airport 57 51 .37 Houston Intcntl 54 50 .42 Junction 55 47 Klngsville 68 57 1.03 Laredo 60 52 Longvlew 49 45 .14 Lubbock 65 40 Lufkin 53 46 .28 AAarfa 63 25 AAcAllen 80 63 Midland-Odessa 70 49 Mineral Wells 52 43 04 Palacios 62 52 .30 San Angelo 69 45 San Antonio 51 48 .36 Shreveport, La. 53 44 .04 Stephenville 46 42 .03 Texarkana, Ark, so 43 Victoria 62 51 .34 Waco 48 45 .31 Wichita Falls 57 43 Wink 70 50 Helena Honolulu Houston Indianapolis Jackson ,Mlss. Jacksonville Juneau Kansas City Las Vegas Little Rock • v-RS'^ni &I8S, i ' ' Loulsvl le Lubbock Memphis Miami Beach Midland Odessa Milwau <ee Mpls-St Paul Nashville New Or eans New York City Norfolk, Va. North Platte Oklahoma City Omaha Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portlan J.Maine Portland, Ore. Provide Raleigh nee Durham RapldCity Reno Richmond Sacramento St Louis Salt Lake City San Antonio San Diego San Francisco San Juan, P. R. Santa Fe St Ste Marie Seattle Shreveport Sioux F alls Spokane Syracuse NATIONAL TEMPERATURES i ampa Topeka Tucson M rirsog Tulsa Washington, D.C. Wilkes Barre Temperatures Indicate previous day's high and overnight low to 8 am EST. Hi Lo Prc Otlk Albany, N.Y 38 33 24 clr Albuquerque 58 31 clr Amarilio 46 29 clr Anchorage 34 20 03 sn Asheville 51 35 rn Atlanta 53 36 rn Atlantic City 39 33 .16 clr Austin 56 46 23 clr Baltimore 38 36 23 cdy Billings 51 31 cdy Birmingham 62 35 rn Bismarck 43 22 cdy Boise 48 23 clr Boston 41 31 27 clr Brownsville 74 67 cdy Butfalo 41 31 01 clr Burlington, VI 42 31 clr Casper 47 18 01 cdy Charleston, S C 66 45 rn Charleston, W Va 41 30 03 rn Charlotte, N C 54 41 03 r°i Cheyenne 40 22 07 cry Chicago 38 24 ,n CiMcinnali 45 ;v rn Cleveland 38 27 cdy Columbia, S C 65 37 rn Columbus. Ohio 48 27 rn Concord, N H 38 33 clr Dallas Fl Worth 58 43 M clr Dayton 40 '11 rn Denver 46 28 clr Wilminc Iton.Del. 43 25 .03 47 27 35 09 69 41 37 30 .06 33 1 1 .02 37 24 33 19 .22 43 21 50 26 53 38 39 32 .48 49 31 79 71 57 48 .42 43 28 53 32 78 49 38 34 .09 41 26 .06 59 47 .01 44 ..38'..ov•• $ 3 , w ;., 39 30 57 34 52 38 77 69 .56 67 39 37 26 46 24 43 37 61 47 .05 39 34 .20 44 39 45 24 .09 52 37 .0) 36 23 .05 82 60 .14 38 34 .37 66 47 .47 41 30 38 31 49 38 .09 36 32 .56 51 35 48 18 48 27 .02 51 37 .03 58 40 .21 40 31 .04 50 34 03 58 50 .01 60 51 .06 57 43 90 74 47 m 36 15 49 37 59 38 .04 42 21 43 24 38 32 16 77 58 .06 45 28 12 64 36 .04 44 41 .03 48 36 .15 50 33 .02 38 32 35 48 35 21 National Temperature Extremes High Friday 82 at Naples Fla. sn cdy cdy clr rn sn cdy clr rn cdy rn clr cdy clr clr rn rn rn rn rn clr ody, ., rn 1 ' ' elf rn cdy clr rn cdy rn cdy clr cdy cdy cdy sn cdy clr clr cdy clr clr clr cdy cdy cdy cdy rn rn cdy clr cdy rn cdy clr cdy c r clr cdy clr clr rn rn clr cdy cdy cdy clr cdy Low Saturday 03 at Houlton, Maine m — t E ! >v^ ndicates missing — — ""^ • • ^L ^B ^^1 Amarilln 59 37 J asu 65 43 ,, ) Del Rio " 62 4» * \ ^ information. |^^____ •*»^| "1 ut,c n 56 50 . 4 ^ M f M IB fe • • K ^k ^H v • ^ ^ T May We Help Kudrigo Rangel is the mailroom supervisor oversees all inserts to be inserted correctly in the newspapers and handles all mailing jobs in commercial printing. Publisher-general manager — Joe San Miguel Managing editor — Diana Espana Gonzales Advertising manager — Delores Hale Circulation manager — Jose Angel Garcia Production manager — Herman Ornelas Business manager — Amanda Aguirre City editor — Adolfo Mores Jr. Lifestyle editor — Rosa Delgado Sports editor — Kon Carr If you missed your paper, call 775 1551 Saturday and Sunday between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m., or Monday through Friday between 5 and 7 p.m.

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