Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 12, 1952 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1952
Page 9
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IfAft, Friday, D«cemb€r 12, o roundup of 6t>t latt Pundny w«r* cipturtd near Le«nn- W*4naM«r nl|ttt follow- hlllt EhM» by MtMourl Rnndoll »i uny- 0»t«n vfnoe Sunday nt M> **t out on the Hut of tt»inn »hot. bnbly would hnve been all the farmom around eir fUn* cocked nmi Movie of the .WMk, "Mutiny," Rialto Theater, Sun., Mon. and Tues. Markets in M(«iourl woro 23, at Kobe, Miller, 2;t, ...... <|p»t;rlhntl a* thft molt d**pfrrnlb of the Ifyln M«S«, W, J»tld nichnrd Wil- nt, 51, wcra tnken by Arkanon* within 84 hourn oftnr Decker, 84, Negro of Kon. Ark,, wns reonpturrd horo ii: il« dafltl»»ii would bo , r . to (#t>«non todey (o brlnn nrfrt and Minor. Tho »ve b»MB hold Irt the Jrtll. itt Moot- lot Springs IH and Arkfiniui Ttm will «<md inviu ST. LOUI8 LIVESTOCK KT. LOUIS NATJONAI, STOCK- YAIIDS, 111, 'UP) — UvMtoek: l\ORt Id OCX); modnrdltily nellve; bnriown nnd glltft ntp/idy to lf> lower; no churiifc <MI 170 )b* nnd from lift to right the pleturet ihow — 1. Murk 8t«ven« *• ouptalh of th« gold ihlp runnlnq the Brltlth blocked* in the W«r of 1BI2. 3. Q«nt Evan*, l«'«der of the ruggtd gun crew, lenrni about th« turya, 3. Tht mutlntcrt rli« and put th« captain nnd hit friends In Iron*. 4, AngtlA Udnibury, greedy bUuty, who helped get the gold •nd thin ooniplrcd agAlntt the c«pt«ln. B, Picked Up by unothar ihip, Stevtni goes In purtuit of hi* itolen ihlp. State Dept. <lown; «own lowrtr; chuioo IRQ.! Did imsorlod If). Vn- 17, 10; cholcu No. I nnd Nn. 2, 100-215! Jbs 17.1,1; !Z-IO-!m> llm SBD-MO ibii i.i,so-is.vi; :to<j-:mo n>» H.?fi.in.zs: ino-nn n>* iri.rio-t7.ou; 180-HO Ihit 13,2515.00. few nt IS,2ft; sown 400 IhH down U,00- M.7JI; hoavler t'<ws I2.o0-ia.n0; •bourn 0.00-II,M, Cntlle 1,0(1(1; niilvpn 500. Trading slow nnd nhoul steady; odd head lots commercial! nnd hrririrr.'i 17,500- PRESCOTT Mrs. Lsroy Phillips Hottest to Clrcla 1 of WMU Mm. I.oroy Phillips was hontnns to Circle ono of tho WMU of the Flrkl 11 apt In I Church at her home mid n fow to three children are nt home In th( i npntmenl of Mr». (Jil Buchanan on Hnst Mum SI. Mr. nnd Mm. Clcrke White' mo tored to Mtlle Rock Monday f.n- the ilny. .,.,.„ Mrs. Richard ,lohnr,ort and John- commercial. TOWN I8.50.14.fl0) can- ««-'<"|l<>n Mrs. Jack Coopflr nd the ny Jot , , um . n , Ulm ,, ( , lo tl)( . ir m«r» nnd cultero 0.80-12,60: utility »""ly <»> -Jhe Life of CJhrlflt From horm , jn (!nin(l v r . tirll . t ,,.,,,.,,,. nnd BOmmort'lnl tfullft I5.ft0-in.00; "Irth to Ministry. Mn. i.nopi-r ,,f tt ,,. „ v | Hit wilh Mr (llu , M .' cutler bulls 13.00-13,00; good to voiced thn closing prayer, The Vucl chamberlain. prime venlern JR.Ofl-3ft.00; odd »o«e»s sowd cake and coffui hpnd to 117,00; ullllty nnd com- '" inorcliil H.OO, , 24,00; utility III.W)- 1,1,01); Ujlllty and '"<' tl chairman, Mrs. Wntson Jr., ijnvo lhe devotional mid! After tho bUPlnenri! Continued from Pafle One .UK! luu; contributed fiOO million clol'i ! i!; to il siinr/' 1040. j \Vdry is serving as a U. S. dele; •;atc in the U. N. Assembly, but' iu- i mphnsl/i'd (hat ho spoke only! .i-i .-' M-r.ator. The American dele! •.Miion to tho U. N. was taken! ,i..-id: l>y Wiley's blast and had; ! rrnlillU'llt. I The Wisconsin Republican all I.M ;-.,-,! rurrent arrangements on se r.ii-.ty between the State Depart 1 n i n! and the U. N. as "hopelessly! Hi,":.! -qiiate." j He said U. N. Secretary General! Tryi'.vi- Lie had a "clearer con 1 n-i.'iion" of the problem than some' ,:-:t;\te Department officials. He nl;iMicd Washington officials for! civini; Lie inadequate information j nn ", hieh to act against American! employes with allegedly 10,00-24.00; culls 12.00- Huclnl h(!Ur - to: during the Young Girl in Two Wrecks, Father Dies AFIKADKLPHIA W — Six- yenr-old Shirley Ann Brad siiaw was involved in two acci drnts near here last night. In one of them, Atlas Bradshaw, her father, was killed. The second mishap occurred while a motorist. Lloyd Wagner of Arkadelphia, was taking the injured Shirley to a hospital here. • Stale Police said Wagner's car hit the shoulder of the road and overturned within a mile ol the first accident. Wagner was unhurt. Shirley's father was killed in a 2-truck collision two miles south of hero on Highway 07. The driver of the other truck, Estes Partridge, escaped injury. Hospital attendants said Shirley Ann was suffering from severe cuts and bruises but would recover. Wainwright Relives Days of Surrender NEW YORK (/Pi — Gen. Johnathan M. Wainrlght' relived thjk tragic days of his surrender of the Philippines in World War II today in U. S. District Court In testimony as a defense witness for accused traitor John David Provoo. His brisk voice breaking at tiir.es, the gunnt hero of the siege of Corrogidor gave an hour-by- hour account of the "grim ordeal" that decided him to surrender to the Japanese on May 6, 1942. Asked about the moracle of his hungry and attack-weary men, S Wainwright said, "I saw no evi- 1 deuce of cowardice, but after such ! an ordeal, a man can't stand any more." retired 89-year-old general who^ fought the battle of Bataan until the bitter surrender of his beleaguered troops on the island fortress of Corregldor in May, 1942. Defense Counsel George Plotkin said Wainwright would testify he was not aw-arc of any treasonous acts by £rov.>o. 32, who had served on the general's staff as 'an interpreter. Provoo faces a 12-count treason indictment charging he aid ^ ed the Japanese while a prisoner^ of war. The government rested its case against Provoo yesterday as the trial neared the end of its seventh week. Less than half of the more than 100 persons on the prosecution's orginial list of witnesses ac lually were called to testify. Much of the food of oysters is microscopic plants and animals. NKW YORK, (UP) — Gen. Jon- nlhpu Wainwright, hero of the siege of C.'orrefiidor in the grim early days of World War II, takes the witness chair in U. S. District Court today to testify in defense (jf a former Army sergeant accused of betraying his country. The defense in the treason trial of ,Iohn David Provoo will open its case with testimony from the wffiXn-K. »;»r;;.;ri,,«,, edi Include Mornptili 400; Inmh ttatlliiH moatly WMU Circle 2 Meet* In Home of Mr». W. P. PrMcott nu'inbcrH of Clrelc 'i of Court Has H. S. Assistant Secretary of Stale .li.hn Hiekerson told the McC'arrani Seinte internal security subcom i mitlee Wednesday that the Stntoi Department had supplied Lie with adverse information on about '10 , , ., , * '••"" U. N. employes, but that f, 1 . 1 ".'!'^ °" lh ° b ° S1S RELIEF AT LAST For Your COUCH Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes into the bronchial system to help loosen and expel germ laden phtegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, Inflamed broachial membranes. Guaranteed to please you or moaey refunded. Creomulsion has stood the test of millions of users. , CREOMULSION itllcvii Cou«hi, Ch«t Colds, Acute BronchiHi FOR CHRISTMAS lhe spokesman said, Ml of then, still wen- employed by u Bn§tt»' ut.« i«m HBrina l o'<«»Pt *pftUn«jU ttPW »prm« o . . „.„ „ .. Continued from Page Ono «U'»dy; few (Oml to prlm« WMU of tiic First Baptist Church I' 0 " 1 '' 1 ln llu ' ''ttht of ehnncin;; that Iliekerson's statement impliet i.OO.SO.OO; little over 20.00 met on Monday afternoon In the u " ll ' s - ll( ' "UKuested that a dif- ihat ho had failed to act when an (HmtchiU'H; i home of Mrs. W. P. Prcscott for- ront • >lltl " ltl " | i might imiko nn were their pub ! ' c Inter ti,,. r. N, Lie was reported to feel! Blimpreji, Pino Bluft Me, 4<tihevmt «n4 Hot Bprinas, (lUlt|y H , 0 0.|7,00; cull«:uu» pwu«rty with« follow}^ do»crlbod territory; f t, -lOFfl, 10FO and all ihat portion ol t Jll iMt pi North to be ot th« r*y Whtii tftid thai territory, paving with ill- all of tho fol- «Y" sixteenth Stre«t from it (Hpifary line qf South W ilmtng the , exmitltutu tWfthtrtit in vnl- ktl propartyt .'all ownova of Urrltory jard upon tho |100 dowr» to 11,00; eull to good ew«» -1,00-n.aO. NEW YORK ftTOCKS N1SW YOHK M -Hnllronds on- cnurnurd nn upward trund In tho Block mnrkel todny ufler u two- cloy decline. Tho lint Hpi'pod over a ranije of nrountl u point lower to two point* hlfiher. Oviins up with the ciirrlvm wore fltot'U, motors, motion plclurcy, and building mnterliila. meeting, Mm, Loyce Anderson POULTRY AND PRODUCE CH.ICAQO W1 — Live poultry: DIM ( with prayer after which' the chairman, Mrs. Thomas llu- chanan, conducted the buslneus. ' Mrs. Prod Whlto led the IHble study from Ji^h! Jl:10. I The mooting Whs adjourned with tirnycr by Mr». Wesley Llndsey A dainty dessert courso was Her- constitutional ln> lf>!>2 what was so In former years. Tin- Is the presented with definite evidence; veil WMU Circle 3 Entertained By Mrs. Dutchl* Bright Circle 3 of the WMU Of the First nnpllst Church was entertained by ......H,.,.,., ,...„.„ ,. .., , Mrs. Dutchle Bright Monday after- stUuUo " tl1 l ' lw >' 1 ''' who d noon at her home an Went Main nnd .not on unfavorable comments made by the State Department. A U. N. source said 19 persons have been fired for refusing to an -as nn. iu ,,,nsl American employes by the swcr **™* committee questions. I'overnment nncl a totul of 29 S( 'P ar;ltucl from key U, the four state case, "'[|Ve U. N. authorized a Blato U ' N ' ^'"Ployment in one way or moanliH! of the Mth amen l- : , m , n t by a spoke«imn veesterdav' n " c ' Uu ' r f " r securlt y reasons. He to the Constitution, which "u",, ^hat T»U. aZ"soTnfo.mai 8ald lhclv havt> be °" "° ™ w ^ cuaranteea to all citi/ens " th.- tmn v equal protection of the lawn." The an ,| th amendment was passed hy t*,m-written information for the record Krecs in HIOl, to e.slnblish the rlj-lu.-; ,„• definite evidence of subversive of N,. M roe.s recently freed f,-,,,n , ( , mu .,. l[<mil vvllicfl wollkl wlu . rnilt shivery and t., wipe out the e(. H.-J,,,, ; , Secretariat member. famoun Oreil- Those whom Lie hns discharged, was merely delivered orally | Hrln « 8 of ncm-Amcricnns. that he had neve,- received 1 Tlu-rc art- "about a dozen cases" of aliened subversives still under consideration, ho said, and Lie has asked the State Department for I definite evidence rather than a few I words of "adverse comment" ngainst them. Lie has also asked the U. S. gov eminent for the evidence on which] ir>oii(ly Dtixuly; rucclpt* 77fl coopui f.o.b, pnylujt prtc«n or • broiler* to ono fectH of lhe court Seott decision of lllfiV. There it was!held that n Negro was not a cltl-| string of court victories for No/en. i ('roes, put it differently. John W. Davis, 79. veteran Con-! "What is best for the majority! a federal grand jury based its 'ivdiis n matter of legislative policy," charge that there was widespread the key nmument for the stntrs.ihe- conceded. "The rights of mi- disloyalty among American em iuin, ,.i,,« m ,>,«i.«.,.. ~. . contended Unit the f miners of the norities must bo protected by the; ployes of the U. N. The meeC wn,? ™dTw'mV 1 ' lth ••""•'H«'»"'»l ""—' intendo,! to' <-urts." I Wiley said he had repeatedly ar ..!!!.. T. 1 " ?... Wn . 8 ,,,,?! )<l " Ca ...^, 11 ! interfere so radically with local' The District of Columbia case! fined with high State Department prnyer by Mrs. WUuyirn U«pl QH-iryor» or nroncTH 10 una )•>«;«• u f m, 0 , nuuum . muia. i ,, government ofint a pound lower; heavy ht>nniMrji. Ed Ilasloy, chalrinan, hndi;... ,'., , ... . llKhl hPiw 80.81 i mustm-sit'hfii'jjc of tho business and «avo tho ' NRW YORK COTTON NEW YOBK. WR •- Cotton Mures developed uu Irrwilnr pattern to* tiny, Followinu curly utoBdinus*, tho inai'kttt turned lower on profit tt^kiuH nnd hedging- Attor tht> nt-nr- by Docoinber contruct oxplrcd thu mnrkot dttvolopod veuowed weak- noes lod by sollliiH of about 10. TOO bnlc* of ntmrby Mor«h t»nd Mny combined, ' Liittv uftempoa prices wore H InUu lower to 18 cent* 32-38;' try ecu 'or broilers :i7,fl-3H; j afternoon's devotional talk, iosU'i'8 19-30; duckllfijrs HO. lin; steady; nu-eiptu 684,420; buying prlous unchnnil" Lult* on "The Life of Jesus «d; 08 "gcpro AA «7; 82A 6fl.7Bi 'h«> Orpatcst Mlfsionwry." DO! B 09.98; IHI C 64,»»; Cars: DO 8 08,78; 88 C OS, EHKS firm receipts U,!UH; wholo- an lo buying prlcos unchnngod to 1 cenU u tloxon ' hluht-r; U, S. largo Whites 47, mixed 4(1,5; U.S. medium* 41; current receipts 37; dlrlli's 31)i chocks M. system. »» attorney who hns won "lhe very'differs from the others because it officials to make the information of our fedenil cnneerns Federal instead of stateJ available to Lie but snid he had law. The Negroes rely on the fifth; had no luck. no reason to reverse amendment which says "no citi- "I regret to say that the de nf ill) years," he s;Ud.. ; /.on shall be deprived of life, lib- partment's attitude appears to be AC'I 1 erty, or property without duo pro- one of willful blindness to the real- lung cess of law." lilies," he declared. • Regular $119.95 BEDROOM You Save $30.00 Now .... Reqular $169.95 BEDROOM You Save $33.45 Now Regular $189.95 Solid Hardwood BEDROOM You Save * $25.00 Now .... Regular 189.502 Piece STUDIO You Save $25.00 Now . . . . , .95 164.50 FURN. (0. 111 W. Division Phone 7-6621 .«gqlNot|ct of Ian Q,* Brewer r In thU court w»d tniwor the PUlntltt, OH>v«. »na U»» ml ol at than tho provkni» closu. Mnrch lO, Moy 84.03 mid July 84.75. QRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO W - dnUrje sold or tlmwuhtnit most of tho on th'o 'BottHl ' of iVnd« today, nl thounh rallylnK Unvurd Vhu closo At one time Ueceuibre and March whont broko to now sea*wml town in RCtlvtt duulln«i(. Thoro soomwl to bis some KclHujt on new* that Iflttdors uf the Uvltish common- woftlth itt i\»tlotvs had agreed on politic.* which, It made offuctlve, vyould reduce imports at Amerlctw to I3.0K Light «hipn|nv den\«nd «nd law- or c«»h prjcos corn, 8 , tu eembcr tl.MH^ oats ; )o\if«f (o ^ higher, Dpccmbtr U, ryu unchnngftcl to 'lower, *l.93V4, soyboins low I v*»>t hlghdi', " The next rneptlnit will bn In th* homo of Mrs, j. D, Mines on Jnn. ia. During the social hour tho hostess cevved fruit cuku and pptfeo Mrs, Thelt Hunnlna Hostess To W M y Circle No. 4 Mrs. Tholl HnnntnK was to Circle 4 of the WMU of the First Baptist Church at her home on Monday nftornoon with nine n\«»>- ber» and ono vUltor pruso^t. tho ehnlrnian, Mr». Clltf^rd F«->- gvison. opiuusU the meetuiK with prayer. Mr*. Roy Stulnton, gnvo tho devotional talk, After it brU>f buslnesa meetlnc MI-H, Hurrcll Ulnoa led thu stuily on "T1\e Life o( Josvis un4 11 13 Missionary Work." Tltti hostess served a deloctabk inlad cuurso and cotfcu. Woman's Federation Has Monthly Meeting The Woman's Federation of the First Presbytorlniv Church met on Monday afternoon in, Uie McRaa Membrial room with thirteen mem bers present. Mrs. Cnri Dalrympic presided nnd opened tho meeting wlUi a devotional talk and led In pruyer. She also conducted Dm business period. An Interesting study on 'V«ho the Business Man Who> Proved Stewardship," was given by Mrs. Wallace Pernberton. ^he meeting adjourned with the Mispah benediction, NOW ON DISPLAY -TIIE BEAUTIFUL Non«. No. 5, January S i, l.M-M; N?. S, 1.51*61; grade Oats: nwo. Forty-two member* of the Fim BaptW Church nttftnd*d an Asso- cintlonul Training Unlr.n R»Uy In Mitchell Hall, Qu*chit« Cc41ege, Ar , on Monday evening. 19S2 > ^ Jft ' • * Y A HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. P. M. «CaIendar Friday, December 12 have their annual Christmas par- ! ty Friday night, December 19. nt 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Thomas: Paisley Brownie Troop will hnvCjB. Fenvvick, Jr., 217 East 14th St. their Chrismas party at tho Little HoUse after school Friday after- Mrs. Henry Fenwick and Mrs. Paul Bain will be co-hostesses. Gifts tloon, December 12, instead of j \vill be exchanged Thursday afternoon as originally] Scheduled. Mothers are invited to -"'attend. The Camellia Garden Club will The Dahlia Garden Club will have their Christmas luncheon at 12:30 at the home of Mrs. B. F. ! Johnson, 40!) East 2nd, Friday, Meet Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock} December 10. Mrs. J. C. Carlton. 2Y th^c home of Mrs. Steve Atkins I Miss Lulie Allen, and Mrs. Bev- witlv; Mrs. L. C. Cook nnd Mrs. ! e rly Johnson, Jr., will be co-hosl- A. B,. Tollctt as co-hostesses. Mem 'esses. Members are asked to bring hers;vOiring gifts unwrapped for, a yift for tho tree. auction. Mrs. J. C. Carlton's piano class! will have a Christmas dinner at the Barlow Hotel Friday \-i, and Dr. L. T. Lawrence Guest Speaker at DAR Luncheon . The John Cain Chapter of Daugh mgnt,: tp ,. s of American Revolution met ,. , " l >r °eram ai-| for luncheon at Hotel Barlosv De- Seventeen members °f; ccmbcr H,. 1852. will appear on the pro- Tho , ong tab|e hcW a ce|1 ,^.. _____ I piece of three huge cedar wreaths Saturday, December 13 | £«£ '^^^^ The Melody Maids will meet Sat-. marked with clover Christmas cor urday morning at 10 o'clock at the sages, red nut cups filled with home of Joyce Huckabee for their Christmas party. All members are j place cards. cups candies and nuts, and Santa Clans DOROTHY DIX For the girl on a Winter vacation, these separates by Nelly tic Grab make the starting point for a seaside wardrobe. Mock linen (left) in pale beige lias graceful allover fern print in deep blue. Top has neck with high scoop in front, low scoop in back. Polished, embossed cotton makes halter top of raspberry pink (center) worn with very Evangelist Entertains Students full, liiihlwciehl seersucker skirl dolled with pink polku dots, Hosy red tissue woifiht cntlon is used (riuht) for four-square top and full skirt. Dots are of patent leather and are baked on so that fabric is completely washable. Oilier fabrics shown hero will take to suds, too, mid will iron easily. e . ., ..,...»••• ,*.a *L *•,. i requested to bring a tree. gift for the Sunday, December 14 Jhc Fidelis Sunday School Class iffthc First Methodist Church will j| have as jjuest speaker, Mrs. R. E. Jackson, Sunday, December 14. ?.;i Mrs. Jackson present the Mrs. Dick Watkins, regent, open ed the meeting by leading the reading of tho ritual and the singing of the National Anthem. Mrs. J, J. Battle, program chair man, road a resolution recording the deaths of two faithful members,, Mrs. Mary Calls and Mrs Mac Holt. She introduced the guest Christmas story, "Perilous Sane-j speaker, Dr. L. T. Lawrence,' pas tuary" and the devotional will be j tor of the First Presbyterian Chur given by Mrs. Howard Byer.s, Mrs. cn . The theme of Dr. Lawrence's . .1* . - - —„•---• •-• v-*i. jut. ktit_uiv, \ji. i_/i. ijti \> i t; t f~ (_ r> i^ Claiidc Tillcry will give the dis- message was "Faith, Especially missial prayer. Monday, December 15 Anieriean Legion Auxiliary will c. their annual Christmas party- meeting Monday night, December IS. '"nt 7:30 at the home of Mrs E. O. Wingfield. Mrs. R. E. Jackson will tell an unusual Christmas story. Gifts will be exchanged. All members are urged tu attend. in the God Given Destiny of Thes United States." He said, "We can face the future as long as we keep living in our hearts the vital faith in God." The meeting closed with the group singing "Silent Night, Holy Night." Guests at the meeting were, Bland Mrs. L. T. Lawrence, Mrs. It. C. Whilworth. Mrs. A. K. Slusscr. Mrs. McRae Andrews, and Mrs. .1 A. May of Lewisville. llotstesses for the luncheon were Mrs. Finley Ward, Mrs. Roy Alii- Monday night, December la, aljson, and Mrs. H. L. Searcy.. Jan•JO at the home of Mrs. Cecil j uary hostesses will be Mrs. Paul 'Stecn. I Klipsch, Mrs. Sidney Hoffman, and Th-» Kathleen Mallury Circle ''of tho First Baptist Church will meet Tuesday, December 16 The Golden Circle Sunday School Class- of the First Baptist Church will- have their annual Christmas party at the church Tuesday night, December'16, at 7:30 Gifts will bo exchanged. Garland Brownie Troop will have theS-'-Christmas party at the homo ct?Ma;s. j; W. Franks, 1018 South 16, Mrs. Charles A. Hayncs. Green Thumb Junior Garden Club Meets The Green Thumb Junior don Club of Paisley School met attractive candle, which could be used a.-; ,i Christmas decoration or gift. Mrs. Clyde lluekabee suggested that, the i-lub quilt a quilt for the Crippled Children's Home. Mis Becky lluekabee donated a quilt top and the club will quilt it at its next meeting at the homo of Mrs. !•'.. 11. livers. Mrs. Clyde lluekabee received tho. surprise package. Refreshments were served by Iho hostos.s. Victory Tho annual Christmas parly of the Victory Home Demonstration Club was held \\edncdsay, December .'!. at the home of Mrs. Cecil Smith with K! members and 1 visitor attending. Mrs. Win. Seiio- oley, president, was in charge. Christmas carols wore sung by the group. A ohrislmas story "Lot Us Keep Christmas" was read by Mrs. Sehooley. dames wen? led by Mrs. Horace Allord. Heber Springs Has Dial Service LITTT.E HOCK (.-11 — Tlohe Spring^ telephone patrons today arc using dial service despite attempts by seven residents to retain tho ancient hand .crank ays- December 9 with the president, Julia Pock, presiding. The meeting opened with tho singing of the theme song, "Mockingbird Hill." Minutes were road by Jo Carolyn Lewis. Mrs. Perkins, sponsor, taught tho children how to make ornaments for Christmas trees. Birds that they had soon were reported on. Cookies made by members of Wednesday, December 17 the Wisteria and Daffodil arden The Wisteria tiarden Club will I tho Wistei'ia and Daffodil Garden Elm. Tuesday, December 4 o'clock. Members bring at. Rift for .the tree. Mothers are invite* to attend. Penny Franks and Brenda Carol Dillard will be hostesoss. have their Christmas party Wed., nesday, December 17, at the homo '-': of Mrs. Olin Purtell witu Mrs. Pod .: lagers as co-hostess. Each mem- |j beV is asked to bring a gift for ?* tho tree. A prize will be given lor if the most unique wrapped package. out. Friday, December 19 Tho Nandina Garden Club will -Garland PTA Has Meeting Wednesday Garland PTA met Wednesday afternoon in the school auditorium at 3 o'clock. The following program was presented by tho pupils: Songs: "Santa Claus Is Coming Eddie,' Martin, currently conducting a revival at the First Baptist Church, presented an unusual program to both junior and senior high student bodies this week. The young evangelist captivated the youth with slight of hand magic and his personality. He told the students that, "I used to think if you become a Christian you would be a big sissy. I've lenrnecl that is all wronn. It takes a real man to live the Christian life. The happiest people in the world are us Christian people." The revival will continue through Sunday night. Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. yesterday "cut over" its exchange lo tho new service. A temporary injunction against the action had boon issued tho residents by Cloburno County Judgi J. C.-May nnd an application for a permanent Injunction was scheduled for Judge Andrew Ponder';; court Tuesday. The company proceeded with th conversions after Its ntlorney, Blake Downle, decided the temporary injunction wns Illegal. Downie snltl there would ,be no increase in rates until after Judge Ponder ruled on thd case, O. D, Longstroth Ji f ,]iLittle Ruck Facts of Lf/e Penr Miss DIx: Wo hnvo many small children in our neighborhood, boys nnd girls, nnd we par- "ntst haw recently been presented with quite a problem, A doctor and his wife have moved to our block. They have small children, tho oldest n Rirl of four. The moth or has taught the child the facts of lift 1 , nnd tho youngster seems to got quite a kick from imparting this knowledge to other child- n n. Most of us parents fool that •nir youngsters iiro too yoiing to he us fully nwnro of sex ns this child Is. B. D, O. Answer: From some of the tacts outlined In your lotlor, which 1 I.live shortened, 1 most certainly agree that- the now liltlo neighbor has boon too woll informed. This Is a trend that many overly conscientious parents take. They avo so afraid that their children will acquire information olsevvhero Ihfit they luiston in Impart knowledge much too soon. Four la Too Young Of course, since children differ widely, ench parent must make the decision of lime for himselt, hut four Is nn absurdly young ago to be ontrustod with detailed information, Surely a watchful moth or, especially one who hns earned the confidence of her children, will ronl'r/.o tho proper Umo to Instruct her young, nnd will be able to glvo lust the amount of Information noc essnry wlllunil becoming too factual. Sex Is one of the grant mysteries of lite.; such of Its revelations as pass between parents and chlk: ren should be dellealcly and ten ilorly hiuulled. Never, never shoulc a pnronl atlompt to cram tho on tire story of life's origin Into a sin gle session, which Is apparently what Mrs. Doctor has done will hoi child. From simple beginnings evoked usually from a pcrtlnen question of Iho child, the impart of sex knowledge should span several years nnd even thc'ti somi aurn of mystery should allll left around thu subject. Of course, Mrs. G., the fact thn the right road, t enn recomftifM; ' . some tine booklets and booRa' tf you. The list Is yours for n slur 1 nd, self-addressed envelope. Dear Miss DIx! For some have been keeping company n widower. He hns two lecft daughters who are, it scorns to lellitiB Ihclr falher what he cart cannot do. Now they are him he Is not to see me any nnd apparently he is following structlons, This hns left me hearted, as I am very much vlth him and he scorned to tfihW : Vs$ lot of me. The glrln' only " '"' ''^ on to me is that they don o see another woman In their mother's place. H; I. •" Answer: 1C you cai'6 enough;! he man, I advise you to pin vailing »amo. There's nothing nn dt) to force hla hand, bi^s(•-»&«»»? title time should resolve lhe dujfkjfc ully. Al the moment, ho is i*lM\i'';'S!| During a short business meeting city attorney aiul.rcpfc&cnlalivc of Mrs. Ray Allen presented lhe club] (he seven residents, said Soutll- a check for $-l.'J. r ) for the 17 mem-1 western Bell had no authority to convert the exchange under il:i i:i>ntrncl with the city of lleber SprinKs. He snld the compnny vlo- Inied n valid court order. The CnmmlstBion took thn mailer under advisement nnd gave Long- hlrelh until Dec. 20 to file briefs in support of the legal points he raised. Southwestern Bell sought territory it already serves nnd said it. bors who attended tin 1 fro/i-n loud (lempnsli'atinn hold recently at the Allen Kloclric Co. The trift gnr- mont was won by Mrs. Jack Sump tor. H was voted to open the "rainy clay" ban and the birthday bank on January ti when the club will meet with Mrs. John Lloyd. Gifts were exchanged and Mrs. Lorraine Blaekwood was given a piece of silver by tho club members. children and Ihose of olho neliihlinrs have already been ex poseil lo lhe precocious knowlndgi of lhe newcomer doesn't ijivo yoi much allornaUve but to carry 01 with your own offspring. I do thin the doctor's wife hhould be toll to jusl what length* her llttlo glr is noing to exhibit her luarnlhu ami 1 think she will be quite sui prised when she learns the offcc her teachings have had on tho dill If you think a little rending Wl help you set your own children o feeling that his children shptiidlg|||| ome first, but wrong In •'-•*' nta their selfish vhlch Is thinly disguised ns lot\ to their mother. '•:.,?;; He could nsk the girls If they Iti-; end to spend the rest of theiis, lv!>s In single blessedness 'or him. Tho attitude ot the s really not unusual for cents. It's difficult for hat ngu lo see beyond their inmccllote circles, but tlmo u fine hnblt of adjusting reality. Dear Mlas DIx: t nm my divorce present, and plan to 10 years younger than 1, time comes closer to the however, Inm becoming slvc, since I HOC so many faults«Sp| In him I never noticed before; —-"'"" you think I would bo wise to i ry out my plans for Answer: No. If yott can much fault with n. man you marry him, tho dUflcultioh Increase a hundredfold later, have wnllod n long time for ness; don't gamble with It Released by Boll Syndicate, Inci to Town," and "Jingle Bells" • 1st grade. Song: "Rudolph the Red Noscj Reindeer" — 2nd Krade. Choral Reading: Luke 2:8-14 — 3rd grade. Christmas .Choir: — 4lh grade. Play: "First Noel" — 5th and Cth grades. Mrs. Dcwey Rabor, president, presided over the business session. In the room count Mrs. Tom Hays' room won the dollar. Minutes of the last meeting were read by Mrs. John Wallace in the absence of * SAENGER DOUBLE FEATURE SHRUinEE upRisincT TODAY AND SATURDAY DESERT PliUnQERERS in a deadly adventure! A GENERAL MOTORS MASTERPIECE! Mr, and Mr*. Floyd Hubbard hav« been the recent guest* ot Ml?* Thflmti Bruce nnd Mr. and Mr*. Tip Harris in Uttle Rock. M MM- SO.00-31,00; red clover ij.00-is.50; 8S.O-30.0, Soybeans: Paraqould Buys UHlltv Syst«m§ PARAOOULD W — Tho City ol pritntsv ol 4u» Missouri UUliUei fringe area fwr |MO." ItlACMUon, which . WM vut (A USA. Dunpan UtU« Rock. Atki ,. B Atkins hUr. aad temlly in Or, and Mrs;. James JI. Steven- tan m>4 children u' Uulo {lock have be«n ioe guests ot Mr. und Mrs. Wtttou Buchanan- Roger Smith of M»«noha the Monday weniuf ljutsst ol Mr »nd Mr*. J. H. BemU. Mr- %»* Mr*. H»roW ' t«> ;.' . Uui»tl, 9Wo i%¥ a visit with * COMPLETELY XKW •'D it NEW LOX«iER W11EELHASE -k LONCEB, LOVRURII* *««»ttl» BODIES it NEW OXE-PIECE WIXUSHIELD-WHAP-ABOUNB KBAB WINBOW it NEW POWBR STEEBING* * SPECTfACVLAB NEW^OVEB-AIX PEBFOBSIAKCE f«« 90UA* TOW CAN7 »i*T 4 We teal very proud today. For we have In our showrooms a motor car masterpiece—the great new 1953 Dual-Stre#k font!*?, a great new beauty, ai great new performer and a great new value. This newest and &ne«t of ( Poutiac« la completely new in st> ling inside and out. It has a longer wheel base, more leg room, more hat room, more hip room. This new Pont lac give* you spectacular Dual-Range * performance. Ana now, for the frst time, you can aTePonriac Power Steeringa«a£tlonalequlpmei)t.* We do more than inr)te you,, we urge you to come in and see this great Qewftl Motor* value, the 1953 Dual-Streak Pofttfac. Vp« h»ve never Men « car so wonderful 9ft tnywbtre DMT it* price! HEMPSTEAD MOTOR CO. 319 5, Walnut Phone 417 itarrlng JON HALL CHRISTINE LARSON AYNE MOIIIS • VIRGINIA GREY 10 OF SERIAU, "THE BLACK HAWK" COLOR CARTOON Sunday & Monday PLUNDERING MARAUDER OF THE HIGH SEAS I ALSO: NEWS and COLOR CARTOON RIALTO • TODAY & SATURDAY • the sec/etary. Mrs. Joe Jones' read the president's message. The president urged everyone to buy Christmas seals. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Durham and Mrs Jack Yeager and sou, Handy, of Los Ange»les, Calif.. ' lo ' Sweet Home Sweet Home 1ID Club had ;i spoj eial meetiiij.; December ;< at the home of Mrs. C. A. Philips. New officers elected were .(Tie following: President, Mrs. W. T. Yarborry; vice-president. Mrs. Hazel Cumniings; secretary, Mrs. Carl Brown; reporter, Mrs. Will Campbell. Mrs. W. T. Yarborry and Mrs. I Will Campbell brought trays and ottomans they hod made. After the business was nllcnded games were play'ed, and re were Tuesday visitors in the homr of Mr. and Mrs. Pat Conner. I'reshinents were served to 11 mem bers. The ^ . INDOCHINA ': John ARCHER • Dou 9 | 0 $ DICK • wiliis ROBERT PAIGE LEO CARILLO "FRONTIER BADMAN" Chap. 6, 'King of the Congo' Popeye Color Cartoon SUN. - MON. - TUES. Joe McDooks Comedy * Color Cortoon t Mrs. D; D. Goode of Magnolia'" 1 lhe will be the overnight guest of Mr. | |iarty and Mrs. A, E. Slusser Friday nif-ht. mccling adjourned lo meet for the Christmas plans new exchanges nl Black Fish Luke, Jones Mill, Scott, Pinnacle, Ferndnle, Spring Lake and Palarm.- TOUGH SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (UP) — Here's what happened yesterday after Mrs. Catherine Gobo shooed a black eat from hor homo: Fire broke out in her basement; her washing machine went haywire, bounced across the floor and struck the furnace nnd a skunk sprayed her wash after .she lutni! il on tho line. . Tho famed pony express which carried mall.to and from California lasted only 10 months, starling in 1800. HOPE DRIVE IN • LAST DAY t 'HUNKIKI'AHLE eni/lfllQiiMll'f . and Many Olhtri SECOND FEATURE LAS VAGAS ri JANE RUSSEL With——, VICTOR MATURE Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. L. If. Jones of Gurdon, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. LI. ti. Jones of Ourdon announce the arriyal, of a girl on, Dec.:.rl2. ;; * j ; $ ji : •; !l-lii |r ^.. f I i- f ! ' Clubs DOYLE On December 2 the Doyle Home Demonstration Club met at the church for the regular meeting with four members and Mrs. Lorraine Blaekwood, HD agent, pnjt- ent. Mrs. Odean Westfall had charge of the meeting. Mrs. Blaekwood gave suggestions for centerpieces lor Christmas. Mrs. Westfall won the prize of lhe month. The next meeting will be January (i at a place to be announced later. LAST OPPORTUNITY TO HEAR EDDIE MARTIN Evening Shade Evening Shade^ HD Club met in the lunch room of Spring Hill High School. A Christmas parly and dinner was enjoyed by 00 members and their families. A beautifully lighted tree had gifts for everyone. j Mrs. Robert White led in singing Christinas carols. j The next meeting will be Jan. 8, with Mrs. Robert While hos- less. All members ore urged lo be present as 1B53 plans will be presented. Liberty Hill Mrs. Lester Beckham directed the singing which opened the meet ing of the Liberty Hill Home Dem castration Club Tuesday afternoon, November 11, in the horns* of Mrs. S. C. Huckabee, hostess, Mrs. Huckabee gave the devotiona' by reading Psalm 100 followed with a prayer. Mrs. Clyde Huckabee, secreary. presided .during the meeting as the president and vice-president were absent. Each member answer ed the roll call by telling how shq could make Christmas gifts Mrs. Beckham gave a very in teresting talk about using piece* ol candles and making one large Hear His Thrilling Sermons rr TQNIT|^7;JP HEAVEN SATURDAY "The Proudest Man in Hope" SUNDAY— Vffl "The Unpardonable Sin 1 < ,'& FIRST BAPTIST CHURC BEAUTIFUL BAPTISMAL SER SUNDAY NITB ^^ ,.4

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