Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 6, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 6, 1896
Page 3
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Let The Whole World Know The Good ; Dr.Miles'Heart Cure Does SILTER ON THE WANE. H EATST DISEASE, has; Its % victim at m cllsadvautftse. Always taught th»t hc:iTt disease islncuriiblo, whonthe symptom" becomo well defined, .tho patient becomes a!;ii-mccl and n. nervous punic takes pluce. Cut wlicQ a sure r.emddy la found UPC! a euro ettectod, afie.r v.nars.pf suffering, tbero i.4 great lejolclns and desire to. "let tho whole world know." Mrs. Laura 'Wlno- Jnpcr, of Selkirk, Kansas, writes; "I desire t.o Jut tho whole world know what Dr. Miles' Heart Cure has done for mo F or ten years I had pain in my heart, ehort- Tlr Ui. PlITP i*,ui w tion, pain inmr leftside, TJ nl-th oppressed feelios ia ™y IlCSlIQ....... chest, weak and hungry spells, bad droams, could not He on either side, was numb and suffered terribly. I took Dr. Miles' Heart Cure anil before I finished tho second bottlol folt Us good effects, I feel now that I am fully recovered, and that Dr. Miles' Heart Cure saved my life." Dr. Miles' Heart Cure is sold on puarantee that Orst bottle bandits, or money refunded. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGAHSPOKT, IJi'D. OrtPITflL - S2OO.OOO J. P. Johiwon, President. B. W. Ullery, V!c« President H. J. Hcltbdnk, CMhler. DIRECTORS. 1. .F. Johnson. B. W. UUery. J. T. Elliott W. M. Elliott .W. H. Snider. Buy and l»'l Government bonds. Loan •looey »n penonal security and collater- &!B. Issue special certificates 'of, depoitta bearing t per cent Interest .wnen left ore fear; 2 p*r cent per annum when deposited «lx months. Boies In Safety Deposit Vaults of this bank for the deposit of deeds, Insurance pvllcleg, mortgages and «ther Talluablei, ranted at from $5 to »6 r*' 7«ar. CHAS. L. WOLU :-:, UNDERTAKFR >: NW. 4Yt Market 8 feet, Calls,- Attended to prol ipUy, day •» ttiffFit. Central Union and Mutual telephone*. Office,, No- 18 I'ReBldenc*. No. 1XL . to talce otit-a pat«it on. 7rom$20CO ! to'»3000of Kred br a manufacturer for a good wiling article ImernatloialPstent* Technics! Bureau ...• . "BfllcaeU" Sflutb B«nd;Ind. or at 1401 Monadnock, Bik., . Oilcago IllB THE BULL.BROKE TWO RIBS. Monday's Huntington Herald tells oC the pleasant session Samuel Cliae, a prominent farmer of that county, had with a playful gentleman cow In a field on .his.farm; to the serious Injury of Mr, Cline. It says: . , .• , • . "Sainuel Cline, a prominent farmer of. Union township, came near losing bis life Sunday evening. He had gone to tlie pasture nnd was bringing iii the cattle when a cross bull attacked him, knocking him down nnd rolling Mm -about in-a most vicious manuer. The animal 'had no .horns, but the force of its blows were so severe as -to completely, -disable Mr. .Cliue 1 , Hls'crles, before receiving some of Ills worst Injuries, were heard by the family, and his son, aged about seventeen years, hastened to his father's rescue and .clubbed the furious beast until It abandoned 'Its' victim. The man was assisted to the house and Dr. D. Ylngllo'g was summoned. He found the patient Buffering from. two broken ribs - and innumerable bruises..- itJs thought there are'no Internal Injuries that will prove serious unless complications should follow and inflammation' arise." Mrs. Stelloel 'Smith hag opened her dressmaking establishment and is now prepared to wait on 1'he fall trade at 1815 East Broadway, where she. will be pleased to sec her patrons. The Eastend Pleasure club dance at Dolan & McHale's hall tomorrow night. S^einhart's orchestra will furnish the music. Hiram Browiileie is Encouraged as the Result of a Week's Campaigning:. Marion Chronicle: .'-Hiram Brownlee returned yesterday from a. weoKs campaigning that Included eight or ten appointments and took him Into four Congressional districts. ..Mr.. -Brownlee's voice was somewhat'husky, this morning from the severe strain to which it had been put, but he was otherwise in good keltor. The effect of this week's campaigning has'liad the effect to greatly Increase Mr. Browuleo's faith In -the ability of the Republicans to curry Tudliuui. "Either the backbone of this silver agitation 1ms boon broken," said he this morning, "or they have quit talking it. I never had better meetings Hum I had on this trip. Every meeting had the proportions of a grand rally,"and I have never seen the people manifesting greater Interest. I had a meeting at Kokomo in the court yard. The Democrats at the same time had a little meeting in the circuit court room, but thoro were lots• of Domo- crais in my meeting. They'told me over there that It is a'part of the Democratic policy to hold a meeting where- over the Republicans are holding one, for tlie purpose of preventing their fellows from hearing sound money tilJks. They nre afraid of the campaign of education. I hear of a. l"nw Republicans being oft on the silver issue hero a.nd there, but every place I wont I was introduced to from ten to fifty Democratic.business me!) who are going to vote with us this time on the mouoy question. I honestly think that the silver agitation is on the wane, nnd thnt we will near less and less of it from now on until tlie close of the campaign." HORE MOREV OR MORE WORK A Laboring Han Who Thinks if He Only Had Work He Could Get 5oney. A free silver enthusiast was entertaining a crowd on the street corner tho. other day with his Avild and visionary talk wh.eir a laboring man who Is con.itfi.Mtly 'on the hunt of work stepped up and listened to what the talker 'had to sny. "We want more money; we want free silver; we are tired.of hard, times; wo want tlie free-ami unlimited coinage of silver at the ratio of sixteen to one," and so were Ihe expressions that-escaped from the'visionary : agltator. ', .Tlie laboring man walked a-'few steps and turning round nt tlie crowd said to a companion 1 "What 1 want Is work. If I enu get work Lean get money and the; money a fellow gets is good, ana every dollar of'it. If'we had a thoiiK- •and dollars In circulation for every man, woman and child and, there was no labor with which to earn it, how would this money.benefit tlie laboring man, I want n. chance to coin my muscle into money; 1 would be a fool .to ,vote to give:the bullion .holder a chance to coin his silver bullion into •money. My muscle Is "my silver bullion, 'and if I do not gut a chance to work I caunot coin it and If. I cannot coin i.t I am poor." . . , : There is sonje sense .in such: talk as this. The laboring men are not to be-deceived. They know that tie election of McKiriley- .means work and they know that work'.means money and they know that tH'e'money will be good, worth its face- In gold.— Delphi Journal, . . ; . The best baking powder and flavor- Ing ex tracts: in the world at Ben. Fisher's drug/store. • . "• Natural gas bills for the month of September.:are how.due and payable at the Company's office on Pearl street. For Rent—Now eight-room brick houso on Bates street—John R Barnes. Patrick Mitchell, killed by ~a peddler, 'was $100: REWARD, ,$100. The readers of this paper will be pleased to loam that .there is.at least ; one~ drea'ded disease that science has been able to cure in-all Its "stages nnd that "is Catarrh. Hall's Catarri. Cure is the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh telng a constitutional disease,.,. .requires ,a constitutional treatment."-Hall's' Catarrh Cure Is taken. Internally,' .acting directly upon the .'blood anijl mucous surfaces of'the system, thereby destroying the foundation .of-the disease and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and; assisting, nature in doing Its -work. : The proprietors have so much'falth'in'its. curative powers, that they offer. One Hun- dred'Dollars for any case that It falls to core. Send for list of .Testimonials, Address F..J. CHENEY & CO Toledo, OhlO. . ' -•:. . Sold by Druggists, 7Dc. • •' When you take Simmons Liver Regulator this Spring for your blood, and .for Malaria be sure to note how well it works, and how quickly you' find yourselves improved, In'health and spirit. "I was induced to try. Simmons Liver Regulator, and its action was quick and , thorough. ,It.Imparted;: a brlak ;and vlgorouS'-.feellng. It..Is an excellent remedy."—J/R. Hlland, : Monroe, Iowa.-' •'• ' - - ••;'• •'' ' . : ' THE WORDS OF WEBSTER. From a speech In the Semite of the United States, Jan. 31, 183-1. Sir, I see In those vehicles which .carry to the people .sentiments fron high places, plain doolanitlontf that the present controversy is but strife .between one part of .the conmiuuitj and another. I hear It boasted as the "unfailing security, the solid ground 'never to be shaken, on which recent measures rest, that- the poor naturally liate the rich. Sir. I pronounce the author of such sentiments to be guilty of attempting n detestable fraud on tho community; u double' fraud; a fraud which is. to clKiat men out of their labor, by first cheating them out of their understandings. "The natural hatred of the poor to .the rich!" Sir, It shall'not be till Uic last moment of my existence—It"shall be only when I am drawn to tho'verge •of oblivion, when I shall cease to have respect of affection for anything, on earth-that: I will believe the people of the United' States capable of being et I'ect.ually deluded cajoled and driven about' in herd*, by such abominable frauds us this. If they, shall sink to that point,, if they so far cease to be nn'ti. thinking men, intelligent, men, as to yield to such, pretenses and such clamor, they .will be staves already; slaves to-'the knavery of pretended friends. They will ' deserve to be blotted out of all the records of freedom; they ought not to dishonor the cause of self-government by attempting any longer to exercise It; they ought to keep their unworthy : hands entirely off the-cause of republican lib erry. If they are capable of being the •victims-of iirtitices so shallow, of tricks so stale.'so threadbare, so often practiced, so much worn out/oii serfs ;iud slaves. '"The natural haired o" the poor against the-rich!" "The danger of a moneyed .aristocracy!". "A. power as great and dangerous as that resisted by the Revolution-!" "A call to a new declaration of !mk>pemleur;e!" Sir, I admonish the.people against the object of outcries like these. I admonish every Industrious labor in the country to be on his guard against such dcfu- slon. I tell .him the attempt is to play off his passions agalust his Interests, a,nd to prevail on him, in the name of liberty; in the name or patriotism, to injure and alllict his country; aud iu the muue.of his own. independence, to destroy that very independence, and to make him a beggar and a slave. Ha,s ho a.dpllar? He is advised to do that which will destroy half its value. Has he jhands to .labor? Let him rather fold them, nnd sit stljl, than be .pushed on, by fraud and artifice, to support measures which will render his labor useless and hopeless. -. Sir, the very man, of nil others, who has the deepest, interest in a sound currency, and who suffers most by mischievous legislation 'in money.mat- ters, is the man who earns Ills daily •bread by his daily toil. A depreciated currency siiddon changes of prices, paper money,'falling between morning and noon,-and-falling still lower between noou arid' night—these things constitute the very harvest-time of speculators, .and the whole race,, of those who are. at once idle and crafty; and of'that other race, too; tlie Cata- liues'of all times, marked,' so ns to be known forever, by one stroke of the historian's, pen, those greedy : of ; .other men's-property and'prodigal :of their own. Capitalists; too,,may outlive such .times. They • may ; eitner .prey on.tue earnings of labor, by their cent, per cent, :or. they, may 'hoard.• But the. laboring•<man, w,hat can-., be hoard? 'Preying- on nobody, Jie .becomes, the prey- of' all. .-His: property.- is. ,ln- his. hands, • His reliance, his fund, his pro- •ductive.freehold, his all, is, Ms lanor. "Whether he work on his own small capital or. another's, his living .Is still earned by his industry; and.when..the* money'of the country .becomes, depreciated .and debased whether II be, adulterated, coin or .paper without credit that industry is robbed of Its/reward Ho then, labors for a country ; whose laws cheat him out of ;i;s Dread.':! .would say-to every, owner of every quarter,section of.land.in the-west,- I would sayr.to : ev.ery .man In; the -east, who! follows his: own- plow, and .to CLOTHING CLOTHING We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15,00 Suits go for $12,00 Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $12.00 Suits go for $9.OO Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.5O Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 50C FOR CHOICE OF JNY STRAW HAT IN THI STORE. 25c choice of any t of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys'Duck Suits one third off, thrty are bargains. Now is thatime 1o buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing Go ds, and 526 Broadway is tha place to save money, These Prices are For Cash Only. JOSEPH G GRACE & CO 426 BROADWAY. earned gains IM no paradise for thorn. Give them just the reverse *f this .state of things; bring on change, nnd change after change;' let no man bo able to say: whether the money iu his pockets will bo money or -worthless rags in the; morning; and depress Isilwr till louble work shall e:irn l)nt h-alf a liv- —give them this state or things, and you give them the consummation C tjieir earthly bliss.' ; , . Whoever has the wickedness to conceive and the hardihood to avow n pur- )ose : .t.p break down what has been found" Ui forty years' experience; es- <sential'tothe protection of .all interests. jy im-a'yihg one class against another 1 fly New Goods Are here. Oil fore buying, and examine them be- AL. YOUNG, The Practical Pearl Stree r. Tailor. Miss Harriot Monroe seems 1 'to have ind by acting on such a principle as ' abandoned the field of poetry for dis- tlia't the poor nlwriy.s natc tlie rich, j closure and more wfdely appreciated shows : himself'the reckless c'iiemy' of'! "prose!' Yet "wo cannot' overlook the , then?" ill.! 'Ap'ene'uiy. to his whole country, to | e -]ai ms O f MI SS Guiney, Mrs. Sangster, ' " v "-" all cinsses,''aud to every man iii it, lie' 1 • ......._-. deserves to be 'marked especially as the poor man's curse. importance of sound money beyond everything else. "How do you figure pluralities, ; 'WEEKLY CROP REPORT. .The following is the report of tho weather-bureau: Mrs. Wilcox, Minnie-Irving and a dozen other ladies of poetical sensibilities and rhythmical dexterity. .We read the • other day that Mrs. Ella Wueeler TViicox "derives more from tlie proceeds of her pen than any other person in America," with the very probable No rain fell and cool sunny weather ( CM eptIon of our : wealthy and philan- prevailod. Corn is' maturing fast, and j yi ro pi c fcllow^cltizen. P. D. 'Armour. much of it is cut 'nnd in shock, /ind - yef this would not 'argue that Mrs. within a short tiuw; all of It will be -wiicox is tlie greatest of our 'sweet safe from frost. There was light frost I s in gcr s. Mr.- Bunline reaped a fortune in -localities on Tuesday, but did no ' f rom u s s tales of adventures and we Samuel Brooks,- twenty-flve years •<•>'.(( of Carbon, ls:dead of delirium ir<~. : •••«•'. This is the season for bass fishing,' 'd those who uaverVisite.d-the.-jlvers this section have •h tho best of luck: been • rewarded every- mechanic ;artisan itntf - laborer In" every city In the .'country— I would say i to eyery man,, everywnere who wishes by honest means to gain 'an honest . llvint; ; "Beware of : wolves, in •sheep's .clothing, .Whoever-; attempts, under whatever, popular; cry, to-,shake -the! stability of the -public currency, bring on distress; -in -money -matters, anci drive the country Into the .-use of 'paper, money stabs your, intei'est and your happiness .to the bejart." . : . The packiof lumgty iwolves wbo'jlye on other men's earnings; will rejoice In such a 8;tate 'Of -things. A' system. which absorba:lntx) their: pockets the fruits of .other, .men's Industry .is .the very system for them. A ; govcrnment that produces or countenances . uncertainty, fluctuatious, violent risings, and; Tfoll- 'Ings in . prices, -: and, innally,;. paper money, . Is- ar government exactly; :'af,ter; their, ow.n beart .., Hence these 'men are always-, for ; change.- ^They; will; :never let well ;enongJi : alone:- A,condition\of public .affairs ba ;wliich property, -Is; safe, 'Industry , Certain -of Its/, re^'ard. and every man, . secure ,.,ln his ; own-- ,hard-r damage, "I-n some : localities; betotusc of great numbers of chinch bugs the sap Is drying iip too fast. The corn crop will bo'very great. Tobacco is nearly all housed in good' condition. Potatoes on uplands will yield a big crop; in low lands many are rotting. Tomatoes are- ripening•• slowly. 1 ' In- some, counties the crop is snort; In .others it is large. Buckwheat progresses well, Be.ans are a poor crop in new fields only. , In most-localities tho crop • Is good. Pumpkins arc abundant..,(The cucumber crop is verj large In some counties. Cfl.t>ba.ge- .in general is. in good : coudltion. In-.so-me fields it has beeirspoiled.-.-Peaches am.! .grapes are abundant, and ; apples in the northern portion. The millet crop- flue. Thrashing Is nJl done except in .tho. northern portion. Full . plowing progressed rapidly, with the-ground- in good .condition in most fields. Clover- seed thrashing continues. The yield,is .fair. Pasturage and stock are in good condition except sheep. • should hesitate to' class him the gre.it- 'New York will give McKinley from 'lOOjOOO to 300,000 plurality," was the (juick reply. . "What do you think of the general • situation?" ''Why, I think it is very encouraging. Of course, we have a fight on our hands but the Northeast will do about as well as New York. Bryan mates no showing In tliis portion of tlie country, except.as a minority." "What is there in the statement that Mr.- Honua thought there was danger of Republicans ia the, East feeling too sure and that in consequence they est: of our native--novelists. -We be- were- not contributing- the sinews of ,.- A QUESTION OF PRECEDENCE. :• Chicago I'Post:. .The Tendon; Echo chronicles tlie arrival of Mrs.' Louise Gliandler Moulton- in En'gland, •' and adds, the -interesting information that she Is "the greatest of.'American poetesses." We do not'attempt ; to dispute Uie-'Accuracy, of this;information.-and we are glad 1 that English authority .bos settled so delicate and puzzling a question. We recall that the 'subject wns up .before the.'Amalgamated Association of'Literary Workers of 'dndia'uA, and that, 'while^Tio) positive 'decision was reached 'It was the local impression that the laurel wreath of supremacy in the domain of female poesy should'be awarded to a talented, daughter lot Indiana whose name we have most -unhappily forgotten. Here 1 in Chicago, aside from Sirs. I/ydia Avcry Coonley," we have no-woman to enter the, lists ^against Mrs. Moulton, for 'lievo that great occasions ' 'produce great'poets, 1 and it is not strange that in this practical nge when women are discussing bloomers, the ngat of vot- .ing if you happen to feel' like it and Bother practical reforms, the spirit of poesy should be dormant .For onr port we do not recall 'any American worn an who is worthy to go into class •A-'so far as poetry Is concerned, tliough we .rejoice in the possession-of many women of respectable poetical talents. Mrs. Moulton has enlivened contemporaneous literature'-n-Jth some cheery contributions, and we congratulate bet- on the good oplnloni of our English 'friends. But as for the solution of the problem of supremacy we abandon it without a murmur to the Chicago Woman's Club committee on poetry and Ventilation. i THE BRYAN SHOW. Boston Special to Louisville Courier'Journal: "Mr. Bryan has'been simply a circus show in New York, sir." The speaker was the Hon. Warner Miller, of Herkimer, who stopped In the Union Station to respond to the greeting of the Courier-Journal's- correspondent. Mr.-Miller was waiting for the train to take him to Snco, where he made his initial speech in the campaign tonight. He comes fresh from communion with fifteen thousand farmers of New York State, "Yet Mr. Bryan is quoted. Mr, Miller, as feeling, encouraged that he will carry New York." "I don't know what he counts upon, then," was the quick reply, "for I have'yet to meet the 'Republican' farmer who Is for free silver, while on tlie other, hand the number of' Democratic, farmers who are for "gold" 'is; astonishing.',.... ,, J "No, sir; ttte State of''New'York. Is beyond doubt" now. it 'has got far beyond' thai 'The'farmers are all right They realize- their necessity and.the" war as it had. been anticipated that they would?" Mr. Miller smiled. "Why," said he,-"there is absolutely upthing in'Jt It is not so: I saw, Mr. I-fanna myself night before- lost and he expressed himself quite differently. He was very hopeful and said that lie felt much encouraged by what he had- seen In the east Bryan.hurt himself . enormously in New York by the Madison, square, speech, and he bas.kept on hurting himself ever since by bis speeches through the State. The Democrats who are standing by the party, iinrl who propose to vote tlie ticket, are simply doing so because they want to retain control of their party organization after this contest has blown itself . out, and they see an opportunity for It, to come up again. It .Is not because they have faith in free silver; that craie bos spent its force, and is steadily dying out among the people.. There are'evidences of that constantly. What we want to do.is to moke.this.victory that must be won, so overwhelming that it.shall take this money question forever out of politics. It will not do to just squeeze,in. That would settle nothing. It , would all have to be fought over THE LADIES. The pleasant effect and, perfect safety with which.ladles may use Syrup of Figs, under oil • conditions, : make it their favorite remedy. To get the true..and genuine, article, look for the name of the California Fig Syrjp- Company, .printed. near. the. bottom of . the'package.' For sale by all resj-m--- sible druggists. . . , • ••••-. . "Boys will be .boys,". : bnt. you can't afford .to ; lose any of i them. .Be !•••-y .for Itne- green- apple seaasn. by «• DeWUt's-Oollc & Cholera. C 1 : ; (muse.—Jiw. M. Johnston. '.- •'..• •

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