Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 12, 1952 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1952
Page 1
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S. loyalty reports to Secretary ''mosphore. continue rising verti- General Trygvo Lie to help weed cally to a height of perhaps 1,000] American Communists out of the turning to a; United Nations secretariat, it was Hope Star WEATHER ARKANSAS — Fair with ftfl IfiS portant tnmpcrnturo changes thli afternoon, tonight Saturday* Low« cst tonlRht 25 to 34, Temperatures 03 Hlfih 33 Low itor of MODI 1899. Pm« 1927 Coniolldattd Ian. II, HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1952 State Dept. May Help Lie Weed Out Bad Risks By MICHAEL J. O'NEILL WASHINGTON, (UP) —The Statej llckolSl Annual Banquet /or Bobcats Set for Monday Night An annual bunquet for members of the Bobcat football team will' be held Monday night at Hotel! Barlow, it was announced today. I School officials arc asking 501 local boosters to purchase two] miles, and horizontal then by position m ts •m iS si&' L£SL\ '« box* I vh" 1 ' com' 1 a\\\on » v r \/ tti ror louncj. /VieoKJ DOCTOR or NURSC KITS Jut box , . , %>O To treat dolly ROYAl JlVVtt CACKAOI— A present fit for n <[u -n. Incredibly laitlng Command Pcrformmu'o Km Jo Parfum with matching Balh Powder. Uotli insi«lf n shimmering cube. 3.95 plus tnx. MAKE IT SNOW " ' (• . The artificial snow that sticks to your QQy* tree or package. \ ••• Big Can VOC We 8'^ WOp your Christmas packages at no extra charge i'j9 Floral Print EXQUISITE STATIONERY LV.-tf An oxquUtlo gift! ?4<ht,t<& 24-rrwf/opri ,.,.......,. A Smart Gift for "Her" Cronow Debutante WRIST WATCH Swiu jowelod movement Loon A (jilt I,, Thr,ll! fVJc-Jn! Musical Powder Box Many l.iviinlo lur.o:; ;,'-« A G.>mr or sun RING TOSS GAME Fun for QQc .,// tso Sot up anywhere. r?t';><)i> Toy Truc/cs Fix-All Wrecker Truck P/.ntic -1 49 truck I Iru.-ludos tooly. 4^T Brightly Colored JET PLANE Races on floor Wind Him Up RUNNING SCOTTIE Rubber QQC c-m OO Sec him race. <fe," T/ie /?. mi bow's cna "POT'O GOLD" SAVINGS BANK ,,°/oV 98 C ( Simulated cover ^ around thc earth — forever. It wouldn't get clear of the earth's gravity, but neither would it fall back. Proof of this? at thc moon. It, too, is a prisoner of the earth, but it travels its orbit around us — a space-station circ- •Aing in free and frictionless flight %utside our atmosphere. This 18,000-milcs-an-hour speed is called "circular velocity," as could orbit learned today. -• for themselves and ; another for a football player. Tic-! kcts arc $1.75. A turkey dinner j with all thc trimmings will be j served. I Some 12") persons are expected! Tickets can be bought at thc High! Thc study is in line with a recent jurist commission report that the TJ. N. needs more information LOOK from U. S. loyalty-security files to deal effectively with subversive employes. Sen. Alexander Wiley (R-Wis.) charged last night that thc department has been delibcrtatcly withholding the information even though Lie is authorized to receive H. He also warned that thc pro- opposed to the still higher figure , required for complete escape from' blcm could lead to a financial boy- gravity. Thc illustration of "cir cular velocity" used in our book is that of a motorcyclist travclhu; horizontally around the inside wall of a carnival motordrome. When he gets going fast enough he defies gravity. He can't rise above ^gravity •Slop of »t,j M Un> *op uf his motordrome, but neither can gravity pull him back down to earth. This is thc scientists' illustration, and "The Exploration of Space' goes on to detail how, once -wo have set up refueling space-stations orbiting the earth outside .coil of the U. N. by the United States. The State Department vigorously denied it was withholding loyalty information. It said regulations specifically forbid it from reveal inn security data even to Con gri-'ss, much less to an international organization. Nevertheless, informed sources said, thc department is considering every possible plan for supplying the information without injuring the national interest. Wiley warned in a statement is- School office or of Commerce. at the Chamber Makes a beauty-gift for old and young — Blue Grass 'j;. Solid Cologne, the stick of unforgettable fragrance ?s ;">J packed to go everywhere tucked into your purse. $1.25 £: plus tax : ,;' -..:<! 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Pound Box *|25 3 .bl $315 5 , bs . $608 The HI It she will thank you for for years to come G. E. Food Mixer vsith juicer $42.50 $39.95 'Universal Coffemotic Percolator Makes coffee just like you like it WAFFLE IRON Chrome finish. $29.95 $9.98 JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS $1.00 COSTUME JEWELRY A big shipment of all new numbers 2 for $1.00 Ear Screws, Charm Bracelets, Pins, Medallions. Get several of these pieces of jewelry ct this big saving. ship orbiting around the earth and serving as a supply depot and take-off place for interplanetary rockets which would never make direct contact with the earth. They Itfvould be supplied through the orbiting space-station by short-range rockets commuting back and lorth from the earth over a distance of around 1,000 miles. Just how fantastic is all this? Our author is one .of England's greatest scientists. Arthur C. Clarke was technical officer for partmont. thc Royal Air Force in charge of thc first experimental ground-controlled radar approach system. He r.is a fellow of the Royal Astrono- ••'homical Society and has been chairman of thc British Interplanetary Society since 1949. His previous books arc "Thc Sands of Mars" and "Interplanetary Flight." Where do we stand today in regard to that 18,000-milcs-an-hoiu- speed required to establish an or bit around thc earth? Clarke writes: "In 1940, no rocket had ever .«.. traveled more than 1,000 miles *& an hour, but by 1950 thc record was five times this . . . It appears that the maximum speed we can ever expect from single-stage, chemically fuelled rockets is not more than 20,000 m.p.h. — and it will take many years of development to reach this figure. When allowance is mado « for air resistance and other losses, such rockets might just W manage to enter circular orbits round the earth, but they could not achieve escape velocity (that is, 25,000 m.p.h.)." The author's guess is that multistage rockets, of two and even three "steps", and perhaps using » atomic energy, will turn the trick. On page 37 he mentions the successful American experiment with a two-stage rocket, employing s iperman V. 2 for the lower stage, iPand a small U. S. rocket (known as the WAG Corporal) — which, as you recall, reached an altitude of 250 miles. Right now men have rocket velocities o£ around 6,000 miles an •hour, and from the author's calculations these machines would be able to take off from the surface of thc moon for their return flight By STANLEY JOHNSON UNITED NAIONS, N. Y. Sen. Alexander Wiley (RWis) threatened the United Nations lasl night with a loss of its biggest chunk of financial support— tha from the United States —; unles something is done to keep sub versives and spies out of thc U.N Secretariat). But in making his threat, Court Has 3 Months to Rule on Segregation By CHARLOTTE G. MOULTON WASHINGTON (UP) — Thc Su-.i prcmc court has six months in which to decide whether racial segregation will continue in a large segment of thc nation's public schools. I Thc hign ucnch concluded throe | clays of argument on the issue yes i .erday. Five test cases challenged j he segregated public school sys ems of Kansas, South Carolina, Virginia, Delaware and thc Dis trict of Columbia. Decisions may ie handed down before thc end of the term in June but they arc not expected before March at thc earliest. Thc opinions arc certain to es I tablish a landmark in U. S. cdu | cation, in constitutional law and in | thc history of the Negro race in America. Mrc'cocvcr, they will set up another guidcpost in that shad owy area of state federal around which legal battles Mtmbtrt Th« Aua«l*t*4 Pratt * Audit Bur«eu «f CIrculolloni Av. N«( Paid Clrci. « Moi. litdlnt $«pt. SO, 1«S1 — 1,114 PRICE Sc COPY • rights have neasy as Gather —who is slated to head the power ful Senate. Foreign Relations Com mittec in the new Congress —made it clear he thinks a major part of thc blame for alleged subver sives still on thc U. N. payrolls lies with thc American State Do Wiley said in a statement that congressional sentiment is building up to cut off U. S. money for the international organization "un less adequate security procedures have been worked out to guarantee that the U. N. 'and its organs do not remain a base for espionage and subversion." Thc U. S. pays a little more than one third of thc U. N. bills Continued on Page Two 54 Farmers Get Dope on Trench Silos Rancher Roy Fry, Fulton showc< 54 farmers his two trench silos ana the feeding of the corn silage yesterday morning. Mr. Fry told the group that In July he decided that enough tcecl was not going to be produced fo the cattle on the farm. Informa tion was secured and observation j made on thc possibilities of mak ing silage of his short 50-acres o severely drouth damaged corn. The inspecting farmers saw tha more than 75 per cent of the silag was in the silos. The feed woul be used up if normal dry feedin had been followed said Mr. Fryl The quality of the silage in tho above ground storage trench was very good acording to M. W. Mul drow, Extension Animal Husbandman of the University of Arkansas Mr. Muldrow said the silage had twice the feeding value of the dry crop. He said silage definitely had an important place in the feed program of any livestock farm that met thc pasture and roughage CASABLANCA, Freeh Morocco Wl — French troops pointi.'d ma- ih.ii ••",'Jr.i ;-.'. ',' ... .v-lo 1 <«C thu 1 Mos- raged since the nation was found ed. The National Association for tho Advancement of Colored People— which spearheaded the four state cases — wants the nine justices o find that secr«g;,!ion is uiuonsti utional in itself, no matter how exj J e , r . Mosque today as hundreds of ellcnt a particular school for col red children may be. I State education authorities hope nc high bench will tactily agree to wpetuate thc present system by uling that thc issue is one for egislative bodies, and not thc courts to decide. INVESTIGATED — A woman judge In Johnson City, Tcnn., is attempting to explain to investigators why she committed two youtuisters to thc city jail rather than to a juvenile home. Mrs. Ben H. Haylor, judne of the juvenile court, said she assumed custody of the two boys, 3" and C-years-old, shown here In jail, when she found them emaciated and sick. The boys spent 48 hours in jail before they were taken to the juvenile home. — NEA Telephoto. Skeleton Found Near Murfreesboro MUKFREESBOKO, Ark. Iff) — Pike Court Sheriff Knn-land Stewart said a hunter found a deteriorated him:an skeleton six miles north of here yesterday. The remains discovered near Highwiy 71) by Joe t'liamliers, were,, tentatively identified :is that of a woman, the shorift said. The woman was believed to have been dead for about six months. Officers are investigating. Hundreds Die as Chinese Retake 2 Peaks By SAM SUMMERLIN SKOUI.. l/n — About 750 Chinese Reds sninshcd back to the peaks of Mig and l.ittlo Norl hills on tho flaming Western Front todny, only two hours utter rugged South Koreans captured the RtrntORlc heights in o bloody, hund-to-hnnd batlle. Fiercely fighting Chinese swept up tho slopes of thc two hills im a two-pronged drive shielded by cover of darkness nnd a dcvnslu- I in}; Communist artillery and mortar barrage. The valient First Republic oC •Cnrou Division earlier hnd seized Big and Little Norl, in tho sixth of a scries of bloody counterattacks in snvngc, dny long r flghtlng, The Air Force sold Us pilots flew about 150 separate missions In tho general nrcn of Big and Llttlo Norl. Pilots said they' hit n huge supply and troop depot that rocked with five violent explosions. Seven fires were slurled. Thousands of bursting shells from Allied planes,' tanks and nrtlll ery scorched thc slopes of NorPs two hills. Hundreds of dead nnd wounded of both sides Uttered thc peaks. !-:Lsewhere, Al,H^d nidcs gap- Santo to Return to Hope Wednesday December 77 Santn Claus made his first appearance In Hope yesterday after noon and passed out candy to hundreds of youths of this section. The jolly old fellow arrived at 4:30 p.m. from the North Pole and traveled through the downtown streets on a special float arranged by the Merchants Committee of the Hope Chamber ot Commerce. a few a few talked with Santa, talked with Slant, despite despite his hurried trip, Although he left lust night for the North Pole he will return once moro to Hope, on Wednesday, December 17, ut which Lime he will talk to nil thc young slurs nnd luko their orders loi Christmas. Badman Cook Goes to Death Hating World By RICHARD JORDAN SAN QUKNT1N, Calif. (If?) -f«. Sullen and defiant William J8& (Ullly) Cook, brutal murderer»of»' six pcr.ions, wns executed in Stt% *8 Qucntln's gns chamber <oday> ,' ,3 The squnt, 24-yoar-old Joplln,' 1 % Mo,, youth nntored tho prison's l vf gren-wnllod gna chamber at 10:03, n.m. I'ST U2:03 p.m. EST). pli'd hand-to-hand Hi'ds northwest' Wfsk'rn Front. Thl Chinese Jonsan on thc 'Allies secured prayers did not Longtime observers of thc court n action arc wont to remark that justice's vote cannot bo forecast by tho questions he fires at attorneys from thc bench. Qucs-l .ions by Justices Felix Frankfurt-1 cr and Harold II. Burton, however,! cpitimi/cd precisely opposite attitudes toward thc main issue. Frankfurter, a former Harvard professor and persistent questioner, pressed on Negro altoncys the importance of precedent. He said the "spearatc but equal" yardstick in racial matters has been firmly entrenched over thc years by long practice, state laws and decisions of both state and federal courts. This historic structure can not be casually struck down, he said. Burton is a moderate man who only occasionally interjects a mat tcr of fact comment into such discussions. He remarked that the Constitution is "a living docu Continued on Page Two Miiroic.'ins assembled for Expected demonstrations take place. No disturbances were reported clsr'whcre in this North African j city, which has seen bloody riot-1 ing and demonstrations almost daily since Sunday. Seven or eight Europeans and several score natives have been slain in riots growing out of Nationalist demands for independence. The Kri'iich feared further dis- tinljaiices today a:; the Friday day of pr:.VL-r for Moslems gave rioters a chance to assemble in large iin.ups. Fn-M.-h Foreign Legionnaires surrounded the huge square in front of the Moslem Mosque. Jr Habal, HO miles north of Casa- Ihe erest of a hill in bloody, clone- rain;i. combat after twice being driven bnck. Tho United Nations troops later withdrew to their own lines. KXAR Birthday Banquet Hears Storm Whaley Storm Whaley, Second generation of a widely-known pioneer family of Northwest Arkansas, scored a Ike Is Plainly Displeased With Truman's Charge By MERRIMAN SMITH HONOLULU I UP,) — President- elect Elsenhower showed marked displeasure — through his staff — today of President Truman's charge that his Korean trip was the outgrowth of campaign dcm- agogucry. Elsenhower himself had nothing to Hay publicly about the President's broad swipe at his three- day visit to the snow-covered bat- tlofronl, hut his aides left no doubt that he viewed Mr, Truman's remarks with something approaching contempt, Elsenhower, who arrived hero yesterday aboard the Cruiser Helena after a six-day voyage from Guam, planned another work and sti-tipped into tho heavy wooden execution cV>! tr the lethal cynnldo pellets Ho was pronounced dond at a.m. I'ST (12:13 p.m. EST). Today's execution brought urn! to tho llfo o£ a man defiant creed WHH — "1 hnto •—<•«,. Hutu, everybody". Tho "mad dog'y, had his opltnph tattoed across hi knuclos. It roud: "Bud luck." Copk's brlof cnrcor ot murder and kidnaping brought 1 dentil to un Atwood, ill., family five, and a Sonttlo, Wash-, man. »'V>5 Cook, completely' unemotional,?f entered tho KUS chamber flaok» J by two yuarcla with one bringing up tho ronr. He helped into tho execution cha while ho was being strapped looked around tho eight-sided without any sign of recognizing"the presence 1 of somu 80 witnesses* When the chamber's door \ shut ut 10:03 n. m. ho looked around disinterestedly, his handj clenched. AH tho fumes began to fill the room his hands remained clenched nnd luck" ncrosa cltnirly visible. tho words his knuckles 'bad werft ply schedule, Ho was to for today. hold another series blanc persons have been rested. Authorities said about half of them will be released. All the political leaders, Communist and Independent (Istiqfal) party, were under arrest in Morocco. Beef Discussions Will Be Held on KXAR Program Current beef cattle considerations will be presented by M. W. Muldrow, Extension Animal Husbandman of the: University of Arkansas, Monday and Wediu-sday at 11:30 on the KXAU Farm News Roundup. Thc special gram on one County major banquet crowd of 100 which turned out at hit with a merchants Hotel Barlow Thursday night in honor of tho fifth anniversary of tho founding o£ Radio Station KXAR. Mr. Whaley, president of tho Arkansas Broadcasters association, is general manager ot the John Brown University radio stations. of meetings to discuss milltnry topics and to got In u bit of golC on the >nfno-holo oourso at • ,'Vhe 'kanbdfe'Marlno Air Station, wnero ic and his staff arc living. Ho planned to leave hero tomor- ow noon tor Now York, where ho nay moot next week with Gen. 3ouglus MacArthur to hear what thc former For East Commander Slloam Springs, Ark.. town; KGEIl of Long informational pro- ot the jlempslcad farm products are arranged by County Agent Oliver L. Adams. It is believed that' there arc- more than 25,000 distinct forms of birds. KUOA of his home _ _ _ Beach, Calif., arid KOME of" Tu^n" Okla., and he is also vice-prcslden of tho university. Tho visitor discussed his many experience.-! In radio and civic work, including tho time ho con lucted a complete church aorvlc; jeforu either ho or the congrcga ,ion realized that his appcaranc in the pulpit was duo to a cos of mistaken Identity, there beln another "Whaley" in- this worli who actually is what the Siloam Springs Whaley Is not, on ordaine If Success Means Man Has to Wear a Girdle- Its Simply Out for the Average Male to the space-station* hovering just I needs of the cows on the farm. W| GIVE AND REDEEM EAGLE STAMPS YOUR EXTRA SAVINGS outside our atmosphere — K wa ^only had the power to set up these- space-stations, that is, power about three times greater than that of today's best rocket-ships. It won't sound so very fantastic] after you get through with this' book, which I assure you is entertaining reading — not the least of which is the author's simplified description of the immense Cosmos — which comprises our solar system, the universe of our own i ^Milky Way, and all the other uui-! "verses . . . the Cosmos of the! stars which has no ending even after the astronomer has looked through millions of light-years of sp&ce, which can't be measured 'in miles because the zeroes would fill this whole column. The Fry lanch will have an ex Dr. Oglesby's Books Given to Local Library Hempstead County Library has ,. L ... received a gift of all the books' lno written by Dr. Stuart R. Ogles-1 Tht ! ido ' u " lh at th'e"American male By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK M — Success can cost too much. And if men have to start wear ing girdles to achieve it—well, sue- cess has plumb priced Itself out of market for the; average man. by from a close friend of his and former Hope resident. Dr. Oglc-s- by is pastor of Central Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, Georgia, and has been for the past 23 years. These books arc on the shelves at the library and are availably to anyone who wishes to read them. The following is a list of Dr. Oglesby's books: Prayers for all Occasions A Practicing Faith Presbyterianism in Action What is Your Need? present plans call for about 100 acres of silage crops. a Mr of the Pres of noeds a girdle to get ahead in a woman's woild belongs to Dr. Bur- gi-css Gordon, president of the Women's Medieal College in Philadelphia. The distinguished medic says girdles contribute to a gal's scnsn of well being by elevating her ab domeii, thus allowing her to get more air into her lungs and oxy gen into her body tissues. And if men arc going to compete ' with women successfully, he be- I licves, they had better start wear | ing this tecrc-t weapon, too. Well, I have just completed a that I would, too," said one man. "But here's the problem, it takes all the muscle that both my wife and I have to pour her into a girdle now. "There just isn't enough strength in our family to get us both int< girdles. If I started wearing a girdle, she would either have to cuiit wearing hers or I would have to keep a hired man around jus, to help me squirm into mine." Another man said he felt con fidc-nt about competing in the busi ness world against women, because he was sure their elastic armor was actually a handicap to then "They have to struggle so hard getting into their- girdles they ar He held his head back, inhaling the fumes. Ho didn't BtrUBgle against death. Tho only audible' signs to witnesses!) of his dying- wcro throe distinct gasps. -A^/. During thc lasl full day of his Jlfo ycstqrday Cqpk aat njoodlf^ on his prison cot in. death row r lint newspapers and HstenlnB tho radio, , v He ,rj>I,uaed. L , to tho c_o_ has described as a "clear and thc Korei'ji definite solution" to waV. James C. Hagerty, Elsenhower's ?ress secretary, was usked yes- .erdny about a report published in the United Sattos that Elsenhower would bo willing to turn over MacArthur's plan to solve tha Korean stalemate to Mr. Truman. "As long as It refers to Truman, wo have loss than no comment," Hagerty said. minister. His taik covered the changing world of electronics, from thc early days of radio to tho present challenge of television, and thc place radio holds in the business field. Mr Whaley was Introduced by L. B. Tooley, general manager o'f KXAR and banquet host. Tho invocation was by ttye Rev. L. T. Lawrence, pastor of first Presbyterian church. Mayor John L. Wilson made the address of welcome, expressing tho community's appreciation- of the station, and renewing his aqquain. tance with Mr. Whaley from th» days whf;n tho mayor was hi» neighbor in nearby University ot Arkansas. A. H. Washburn, president of the broadcasting company, said Manager Tooley and his staff had mado an outstanding record for a community radio station. Mr. Tooley Introduced Roy Anderson. vice-president of the.conv pany, and Mrs. Anderson; and Ice No Barrier to Atom Subs WASHINGTON I/PI — The leagues of thick Polar soa Ico which stand between the northern rims of tho Western Hemisphere and Eurasia may be no barrier to the atomic submarines the U. S. is now building. That was mado evident today by replies from tho Navy to questions about the nuclear tngined submarines It is developing—submcrsiblcs in which the crew us well as the boat can remain deep down for days, •weeks or possibly months. The northern approach to tho mainlands of Russia and Canada, for example, always had been closed by the groat areas of frozen seas or unyielding pack ice , ,., fort offered by thai prison In In, or to talk with Warden, '. 0, Tcets or newsman. Tho killer's only show ot Interns! was In tha menu for his last mOftl| Cook ordered frlod chicken, Frenc|(y fried potatoes, peas, pUmpkln coffoo and milk. It was only for tho death of tho|l salesman, Robert Dowey, tb'ltf Cook was given tho death penal*!' ty. -•"•' In March, 1051, an Oklahor City, Okla., federal Judge fo Cook guilty of, tho wanton slay o£ Carl Mossor, his wife and thrnu children whose bullot-rlddl bodies we'Vo found at tho bottom an abandoned mlno ahaft '""" Joplin. But Cook was spared the penalty when tho court held to be Insurably Insane. Cold and Snowy Weather Returns By United Press Tho weatherman bag of trucks today. put aside through which no craft could force 70s today, It was- cold ana snowy In North and warm and sunshiny j tho South, jus't.as It should *--*-"Temperatures tumbled ward In the northern plant until outside thermometers just above • zero at Jti N. D. Elsewhere to the state ;.. shivered at eight abdve oi^d- B marck at six, 1 in Down South. In a broad t> covering one third ot the nft from coast to cpaet, qeV* -*• sleeve weather 'was (orec the mercury climbing to riv-; at the office exhausted, and it named the other officers and Stock:.. ...,„„.. ...^ , .... .._ holders: B. W, Edwards, secretary NOW IS THE TIME! Birds in the nest often consume than their weight in food each Mommq wont* 9 bondbog, Of that there U no 4oub Ru$h riflht out wni bwy >' IN ttftfkf «" byterian Church The Light is Still Shinging Think on These Things You and the Holy Spirit The Baby is Baptized Some Damage in Two Fires Here and tney voted 14-to-l as follows: "If wearing a girdle is to spell is noon before they have rested up enough to tackle any real work." he said. "By then I've got most of my day's work done." And a third commented: "Oxygen isn't so scarce a man the different!: between success and; has to wear a girdle to get it. failure, we'll give up right now and | If you. need more oxygen, wouldn't ;jjt be simpler just to keep an oxy- i gen mask handy like airplane pill lots do?" For two generations American men have forged ahead by follow- go fishing. Let women rule the | it be simpler just to keep an oxy- world The only negative vote was from a middle-agc-d Jellow who pulled n:<: asuit: and v.-iiispcrt-d: "I've been girdle for Firemen were called out twice: five years, but it has been 10 years yesterday — once to protect City j since I got a raise in pay. Do you Services tanks on the Washington; think my girdle is too tight or too Highway from a raging grass t irt-! loose?" and to put out a blaze in the ma-i The surprising thing about the, chine shop at Hope Basket Comp- poll is that the man didn't object j irig Horatio Alger's two basic for attaining success: 1. Hard work. 2. Save a banker's child from L. B. Tooley, all present, Charles Dana Gibson, Jr., being horse. Both trampled by a runaway of these rules are hard any. ! to girdles on the grounds they i enought to follow. If Dr. Gordon is Thf grass fire burned over thei were unmanly, or that George old airport and nearby woods but Washington had managed to win a caused little damage. It left »| war without the help of a corset, smoke haze over that area. Motor: Thc chief objection was that girdles wiring was damaged wttb some (for men are basically impractical- rafters at the Basket Plant last I "My wife looks better in a girdle, firemen retried, I and it is only rea&pm&le to adaut to add a third formula for success—"Wear a girdle"— the ordinary man i» just going to decide the game isn't worth the candle. He'll go down on the Bowery anti tell the nearest bum to treasurer; and B. B. Hamm. Mrs. Bettie M. Palmer. MIS. B. W. Bd- wards, George T. Frazior. Mr. Tooley, directors, The station staff were introduced as follows: Wes Nlnemlre, Carroll Wynn, Jay Robert*, Norman Bra*' ford, Mrs. Inez Taliaferro, 'Mrs, and win* manned the station so the others could attend the dinner. During the banquet the guests heard recorded telephone greeting* from well known tprmer KXAR "voices," George Frazier in Austin, Texas, and Haskell Jones in Waco. Miss Jackie Williams ol Hops opened the banquet with a numbejp of selections on a Hammond electric organ, courte»y of Beasley Music company, Texarkana. Its way—until tho advent of long range planes. But an article written for Collier's magazine by Rear Adrn. Homer Wallin, chief of the Bureau of Ships, spoke cryptically of the abiiity of atomic submarines to launch guided missiles with atomic warheads and then slide ollently beneath the waves ".or ice" to reappear at another point to launch guided missiles with atomic warheads and then slide silently beneath the waves "or ice" to reappear at another point to launch another attack. Across thc cap ot the light snow pelted norther^. Indiana, Michigan,' 'Minnesota and off and on, aU ' Wisconsin ready had a three Inches states. Rain and spow Ploy Director Well Qualified Mrs. David Wasbburn, who directing the Christmas play, Child Is Born." by B.eoet, to be presented Sunday night, December 14 at 7 o'clock Ut the Methodist Church, is well qualified for her job, Mrs. Washburn bas done Theater work .to Tesas, al book reviewing to ida, and ths pa»t two year ed to a drwBsUc groujp \ York City, 'u*ea she »tudJ*4 the northern At the Pacific State PriW) 1,035 Boles UTTL85 *$ Penitentiary bales pf co sold for *463,2iQ, chasing Ajj announced The prison Tb* firsj

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