Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 11, 1952 · Page 19
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 19

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1952
Page 19
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HOfl MOPI, Chick Yo«*9 mat»\ tsSrWsra; :gaiijt»>*JWfrf j W QJ/T Kfjaw uMTiiJ WHAT DID )>l P'^M |T OUT OP D/xurJy /ATHE HCOOLF.SOUP ] BRIMS YOU.)—**—* / --jc?f— ")) MAMA? In Hit Cardi DNTAL SflKiwntlnl MI JI being llShMtMrd VBKTICAt 'Win An»w«r to Provlout Punl/ OUT OUR WAV £ t. ft. William* 3 Cuddle fl System ol S3 Mnko 37 Trnpn alaneU enduring 30 Suit In cards 7 Short jacket 38 Seldom lODImlnUh BPreicrve 27 Femnlo »he«p 43 Smoll Uland 9 Strtfghttnad 28 End (comb, 44 DepnrU j 10Ch«ryltk« form) 48 Follower* S3 Fixed S«zor 48 An overbidden 34 ArtUtit' frames In 30 Lomproy- colcticrs 11 lUtaini IP Declared 80 Jnilde - IWn 4v •pUywi P° kw often goes 00 Female taint , tfV TIME I DOWN 1 1ACK TH' BACK UP AW PEOPLE WONT THERE'S UP THERE "WANNA aer rr WON'T. ^ UAS-T TILL - 'CHRISTMAS f HO, I. PON'T V.'AMM Bii'T TH 1 WK8 WDH LA&T.--EVEM WITH ' ;.". A PAY UP 'TMl'- '-/ WHAT f-CieWTlST;:- WITH ( (TiKt"AT tiRAIMSi HAVt- ~) FAU-f'P Ai; I'VE Ii 1 I lUp jBiter or toe 'soratory |«(it god of Vhtysft'milk ovo horn rol for onti r ii r U. sr J i MVAL By Dick Tumor »•* X M H ^ ..if*; m tW $&\ 11 m4 ra 5, , l> I/In ^ y j X !»'• ' l - jfc.**T. t'T /4I//*,, fen ty>wn you'll b» «o «llm you'll b« wanting all your, <?<3 ^~*4' 4* L ftKl!*Tfe DttfiKft -f j*V T, WT^II Ml WWT"~ WF , ^ LICK Of- BRAIM& OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople GOOD/ t "Dote ON} UlME ABOOT "TOeiGOES I'voo }m m I t*JO &*:( FELCH IACTUALW ,. A eKPLOR6/iilL,:.t6 1 ' "^KlM6 . LltTUE tOO U IPRCM WI5 imERUVKS LftST FUNNY BUSINISS By Hershberger v 'l do»'t think you'd b«tt«r a«k father tonight—h« put on hit kicking tho« wh«n he found out you were coming!' fRICKlfS AND HIS FRIENDS By lloiser AUKANSAS OZAftK IKI Thursday, December 11,1952 By Ray Gotto Thursday, December 11,1952 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS THAIS RIGHT, 6 "'« STORMy...l'A" - j> AOOINO ft SOME NEW N ft. WRINKLES N fv"IN AN I 'EFFORT TO I 6. CROSS UP ., WHY NOT/...TH »] WILDCATS DON! HAVE A STRONG PASSING CLASSIFIED Adi Must Be In Office Day Before Publication WANT AD RATES All Want Avj. Are Payable In Advance But Arts Will Be Accepted Over The Telephone And Aecomo- clation Accounts Allowed With The Understanding The Account Is Payable When Statement Is Rendered. VIC FLINT By Michael O'Molluy and Ralph Lone • Number of Words Up to 15 16 to 20 21 to 25 25 to 30 31 to 35 36 to 40 41 to 45 46 to 50 One Day .45 .60 .73 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 '1.50 Three Days .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 Six One Days Month 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 flHEZS. HE'& SO WELL TAP G& J&COP/ Ve. WOM'T 6VP.M 9E At»LE TO \ HAUL H!AS fpiw^J mJ^ V s ** WOULDN'T WANT ANJY9OPV TOT THAT'S A A t7EAt7 MAN'S ffCAUTY SL&-P, MOW - WCULI7 WE? ' WASH TUBES By Leslie MOW MIL50M WPIEMDIDI OWE WORPOF EWT6R. ) WMSNIMG PROW* C^PT^l^) THE HOTEL /EfcSY, AMD HE DIE IN&T\WTLV! ALONE! WVENMWHILB HErXDS FOP. THE TIUFORD HOTEL SISM, OBLIVIOUS TO IMG POLICE FOLLOWIMC3 BELOW. TILFORD HOTEL. iiTrrfrffffr'i it I ll i u i n n Ml i III II ii 111 i u I I OM r\M UPPER FLOOR. IF IAND 616M r\M- OH.OH! I'NN „ PBOPP1M' M TOO r;.in355"liV NSA"si-rtlci. Inc. T. M. R^. U S. P CLASSIFIED DISPLAY One Time 75c per inch 3 Times GOc per inch Ii Times 50e per inch Roles quoted obove ore for consecutive insertions. Irregular or skip- dote ad-j will lake the one-day rate. Ail daily classified advertising copy will eje accepted until 5 p.m. for pubiiiot.on MC following day. Hie publishers reserve the right to revise or edit all advertisements of- fenr,-j for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted. inii.als ol one 01 more letters, groups or figures such as houses or teiophono numbers count as one WGI J. The Hope Star will not bo responsible.- for errors in Want Ads unless errors arc called to our attention after FIRST insertion of od and then for ONLY tho ONE incorrect insertion. PHONE 1268 - 1269 HOPE STAR For Sale ... _._ .. „ ,. 40 FAT New Hampshire hens nt 35 cents per pound. Arthur G 5-61 10 FT. REACH in moat counter' Excellent condition Barujnn. j Prescott Transfer & Storage.i Prescott, Arkansas. <j .;\\. i Buddy Surton to Blay in Senior Bowl MOBII.K, AI.L -,.r — The South' .t;id:--d :i p;:iv uf backs from Arl k.'ns.K ar.il University of Houston, liHl.-iy f,,i- its Jan. :i Senior Bowlj iiii'i-tiii!; hore with the North. .j The n;-w additions are Buddy! Si!!fo:i, eoi-aptain and hnlfbaek of| "i - .\rk,-i:isas Ra.-orlKicks. and 1 KIT. Pri(l!;con. workhorse of the. llouston l;ackt'ii-ld. j Porkers Lose Opening Game to Tulsa heater. GOOD oil burning Hardware Store. CHILD'S horse complete with die and bridle. Good buy. new linoleum 5'xlii'. 7-3S84. IF' interested in rose bush;-: 7-5831. or see at Kuia's Mth and Main. COOK stove. Good condition. North llervey. Phono Y-(I7-I!). ANY type of Ki-iivel. ineliuliii;; '1. sand. to|) soil, aiul Call Jesse Sinclair. '7-J.-i.Vi. D-ll-lm Servjces Otfeired ARKANSAS LOCAL and long distance ffauling. Also local moving. See Dannie Hamilton or call 7-3611. MATTRESS renovation and innerspring work. Cobb Mattress Co.. 316 S. Washington. Phon . N-25-1M Notice Star of Hope 1899; Consolidated January Press 18, 1927 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex H. Washburn, Sccy-Trcs. At The Star Building 212.214 South Walnut Street, Hope, Arkansas Alex H Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hosmcr, Mech. Supt. Jeis n\. Davis, Advertising Manager FROM now through Dec-em be I am taking orders for coconut and jam cakes Christinas. Phone 7-4C22, Milton Kason. BOvjfS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin tnicrcU as second class matter at <>j, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member tt GWt V\OS\ BUGS BUNNY \e> ONE TIME GONNA LISTEN TO WITHOUT INTERRUPrtH'! By V. T. Hamlin ALLEY OOP EH? WHAT'S I SWD I FIXED THAT. DEGGA; DOCTOR'S MACHIN NOBODY CAN 3 NOW FOR A LONG LONG TIME WELL,YOU WENT THROUGH SOME/ I DON'T MOTIONS.,.BUT/ KNOW WHAT J WON'T GO WENT WRONG ANYWHERE! A WITH THE MACHINE. UOOK,..DIDN'l I TRY TO SEND tOU BACK THERE VVTTH HIM? CO YOU THINK t FEEI* WITH MY BOY FWEND AT 1VIE MERCY OF THAT WITCH? By Russ V/interbotham CHRIS WILKIN, Planetecr U E'KE 6OIN6 TO BE IN ON THE KILL/ DON'T VVA-^TE TIME AR6UIN6 WITH OKAY- CLEAR A\E WITH THE I',V\ TAKIN(3 OFF AT ONCE! YOUR a.ANE - Fl-ELEO READV, WELKIN, PAL...BE6IPE5, I WANT YOU TO FIND FORME. ',/ ALL.RI&HT i.l *-«.i^. T/*» m BUT IM PILOT By Carl Anderson of the Audit Circulations Bureau of ad- E^atos (payable Hope and neighbor- Subscription vonce) B/ carrier i ing towns — • Per Week 25 Per Year 13.00 By main in Hernpstead, Nevada, Lafayette, Howard, and Miller counties -— One Month 85 Three Months 1.60 Six Months 2.60 One Year 4.50 All other mail — One Monlli 1.10 Three Months 3.25 Six Months 6.50 One Year 13.00 • - Nat'l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas DaHiles, Inc.; 1602 Slorick Bldg., Memphis 2, Tunn., 505 Texas Bank Bldg., Dallas 2, TOXJS; J60 N. Michigan Ave. ( Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. 42nd St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2. Okla. Member of 1he Associated Press: The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use (or rcpublication of all the local news printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. Home Study Course COMPLETE your high school al home in spare time. Diploma No classes. Texts furnished Write for free booklet. America! School, 2905 Alabama, Fon Smith, Arkansas. N-19-lm Here's One Christmas Gift He Won't Exchange Give Gift Certificates TOM WARDLAWS MAIN STREET TAILOR SHOP IF YOU want to your business. If drink, that's you want to quit, that's our business, holies Anonymous, P. 0. 20. r ). RED squirrel i'y Chester Arkansas. LOST clo^;. II found Stephens, Hli Taken Up 2 WEEKS nj-o. n steer. Call Y-KilC for further information. 9-Mt For Ren» ROOM unfurnished apnrlmenl. Private entrances. Private hnth On first floor. Pecan Grove A- partmenls. Dial 7-3471. !)-:it Used Cois For Sale Give Yourself a Real Xmas Gift TUt.SA. Okln. (,W--The Arkansas Rav-orbaeks, making their first 19?2 start under Coach tilen Rose, wore trounced soundly by the University of Tuisa's basketball team, fi(l.;V(. here last nisht. Warren Shaekleford paced the Tills,uis to their second consecutive win nbainst one defeat with Ki points. IJiok Nunneley added 10 more for the winners. The Tulsa crew built ifp a 30-22 halftime lead, and never wei— thn\ite!'erl seriously )\v Arkansas. Cone Lambert and Orval Klkin." le.l the Arkansas scorers with nine points each, while Marvin Adams pitched in eii>ht. Hose returned this year as basketball coach at Arkansas, where he won five Southwest Conference Hourd of Trustees in the employment of eoiu'hes. At Car eomniiltco's first session. Chiiirman Thoinas told the mem- e.f influential Av j | ^ H> ' s " l:l1 •' sl!l :ieonimitt( 1 i? of the -;ereeninu possible' tlll - slivs hiltt I'oqnested them to ie.si:;ned Otis! ''eeonmu-nd the best available: men some "additional Konsons Fear Tulane Tonight NKW ORLEANS I.P _ Knnsns Coach Forrest (PhoRi Allen pre dieted defeat for hir, NCAA bas kethall champions when they meet TuSane tonlRht nnd said, '"We'll probnbly net our legs run off," Tonlshfs game will be the first f-utlnu asainst col)e,nlnle eompetl lion for the Kansans since they won the NCAA title. .The Green Win- J-ea<on victories sit,on. Aller. moaned over his AHAmorica center, Clyde Lov ellette, nnd three other niembers of his championship five. While nol lu-iivy In experience I'nl.i'u- will field n team of five i'Mermen. Hope Guard Team to Play Tomics Tonight The Incnl Company A, Arknnsns* Nationnl Qunvti tc«m hns orRnnl- zcd n bnskctbnll (pnni this son- son ns n part of the organization's sports program, Tho Guardsmen will open their minor oppo'season In the high school gymnasium tonight nt a o'clock ngninst the loss c-f n strong Rod River Tom IPS taom <ji Toxarkann. The public Is Invited e has three early over T-Wizord to Finish Grid Play '" lii'.se cataj:orii's: 1. Name coaches. Ki-oup was believed 2 - Assistant coaches ready for time unlil ;l lloa<l coachiiiK position, slmniu-r inclicalion| :J - "ca<l coaches in small col- job if it's of. ! -' c " os '"' '''n' 1 schools ready for acl- liim. ' | vafcement. and the Kentucky; 4 - ''ossiliilitii-s on the present a native of For-; Arkansas slaIT. Thomas told (he commiltcemen tliey i.-(,uld i;ive special recommendation to any category and —or men they desired. Cominitlceman 11. P. liancy of l.itt,le Hock told the ollu«r niembers: "1 think it would lie a waste of time to conduct a lot of interviews, now. 1 think it would bo better to offer the job -lo Bear Bryant and let him turn it. down before we even look at anyone else. He's the one !l" per cent of the people of Arkansas want." The eurniniltee m-\ ertheless aurced it was bound to submit recommendation;; in all the categories. Committee members attending " is spent throe, hours eon- ind elnsed doors at a 1 last nit;bt. : siiiilins broadly as ruom and williiifjly nuniUee members for :. lie said he bad ardiiiK the in- • U AN KHANCISa) i/ll --.- Frankie! Albert - \ v lui rose from a beiu-h v.-armiiij.! substitute in liVi!) to All' •\nieriea i|uarterbaeU for Stanford' i" KI4I) and has stayed a T for-! in;it;on wi/.ard ever since closes out his spectacular career Sunday. The maters o| U u . bootlei; pliiy "'Miounceil that his appearanc'e with the San Kraneisco 4!)ers here iu;;\inst the Creen Buy Packers »i li'e windnp of the National l.-'iimie season will be his last. ^ The bouney, seemingly indeslruc- iii'le -Ilier qnarlerback put it this way: "Time marches on (he'is H2>. I I've been thinking of this for a ei.upl,. of months and suddenly made up my mind. I've reached time when it is hard for me . play the way I should. Re- I Mde« 1 feel i| is necessary to do- i vote my entire time to cither activities." Albert is associateil with an automobile- anoiiey in Palo Alto. wluie he makes his home, and Mississippi Draws Upset Title of Year Thomas, chairman of the told newsmen there hat his croup :-' : a recommendation Pie Board of Trustees !y. I!,' added: made, accepted Wo explained In Miyant. lie e\- i.'tion to us and ask•out our athletic fa- -'":. and material. ed r.iil that he still i! contract a,t Ken- rolationshipl fioulil; | old " mother championships during tenure cndiiir, in l!Kt3. a 0-year Iar1. nifilit's inli-rview were, in addition to ' R ' ln one. his in Arkansas :ee him ayain rommilloe plan- witli four Ar- invo be-on m'cn- \vith tlio pos of these Good, Clean Used Cars. OK SHOE SHOP Back in Business Again! Bring us your shoes now. We make them look and wear like new OK SHOE SHOP East Front Street 1951 Chevrolet 4 door DcLuxc, two-lone, H.\iter and Scat Covers. /-K -\ r~ r~ f\ 11,000 acUuil >, S Si ! miles ......................... 4> I vJvJU 1 952 Plymouth Scat Covers, Knclin and Extra clean throuyhu'ii 00 ^ n / X ,-' ......................... $168b 1948 Plymouth Heater, and ar has onlv $895 4 door. Scat Heater. Extra Only 8,000 Club Coupe. Seat Covers. 18,000 miles. 3on't miss nis buy Radio, Heater. This car has wliili- Ii, ,Ve hojie in ' h<> leaves, mas said I hi n tali; 1 s men v ed in c.iii' ilien. They ;.n- .limmy Karam, a I.itli;' Rock clnthier who formerly •••(.ached at Little Hock Junior Col- : l'.';;e: Forer.t i Frosty) England.! who has taken Arkansas State at .foivsboro to three minor bowls in I t^'.-o years: Khner Smith. Southern! Slate College, Magnolia, Ark., nnd \\il--on Malihe'.v.-:, head coach at LiUlo Dock IIi;;h School. I Alter these interviews, Thomas' lid. the eiiinniittee will adjourn. "Probably s .me other name will b" interviewed later." Dale Hamilton of Parci- Chism Herd of Paris; Mar- Sadler of Little Rock and Tom of Ft. Smith. be- DALLAS l/l'l --Southwest Confer- enc:e te.'ims split with Oklahoma Schools last ni|;hl to give- the- league oni' victory and one loss in iuter- soclii-iial play in ope-nini' the bas- kelbali season. Ti'Nas nose-d out Oklahoma -ll!-'17 at Austin while Ai'kansas was Ink-1 inn a lill-.'i'l drubbini; from Tulsa at Tulsa. Texas Christian; defe-ndin/i con- willi Bryant ifi'ivnco e-hampion, started the- Thonuis and|»canii)aiii'.n with a 50-13 decision Non-members who also sat hind the closed doors included, besides Rarnhill, Allan Berry, manager of War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock; Gordon Carnpbi'll. Lit : tie Roclt inslirance man, the chairman's son, Herbert Thomas Jr., Little Hock insurance man, and two University faculty members, over llardin-Simmons of the Border Conference while Texas A At M rallied to beat University of Houston of the Missouri Valley tConference (!, r >-!i!). Tonight other (members of the league — Baylor, j.Rieo and Southern season. Drs. Delbert Cross. Swarlz and Charles ij^JBaylor ongngus Lamnr Tocli of fwc'Ijone Star Conference" at Waco, dllce travels to Huntsville to play ,:Sain Houston State of the samo conference while Southern Mi'thod- '1st takes on Hardin-Simmons in I Dallas. By HUQH FULLERTON JR. NEW V'ORK'(/IM — |( look „ | u , clt of an upset to j,m u,,. nation's football c-xperts din-ins the past season; there wore so uuin.v ol them. But they rc'iilly sot one Nov. in when Mississippi limit Maryland. 21-H. Going into that afternoon the Maryland team, victorius In seven stralRht Kniniis, 'was rolling alonti in high. It was ranked third in the v Associated Press poll, and a go.id many exports placed the- Terrapins oven higher. ; Mississippi also wns unbeaten,' but had been tied twice, by Ki.-n- tucky and Vnnderlillt, nnd hardly had been given n tumble by (lie pollsters. That afternoon tho Ole Miss lino completely bottled up Marylnnd'.t celebrnlod T qunrloi-btick. Jack Searbuth. Jimmy Lear assumed the star's role Instead, and In lln> final quarter completed a 42-yiird pa?." to Bud Slny that Ke;t up tin' winning touchdown by Wilson Uil- Jai-cl. So the final score was posted; Maryland lost its first game -since Oct. 4, 19(50, and Mississippi rev ee-ived n lucrutlvo Invitation to piny Georgia .T^ocj) ^ins the. Sui;:ii-| Ans another ;"3WJilU, 0-1 out of ahcint IfiO sportSXV'W-ters and broadcasters from ovc>ry section of America returned tiueslliuinairos to ilio Associated Press listing Mississippi over Maryland as the liri-alosh upset of the IDri2 football season. Two other unrrtcs drew speuiiai attention.. Second, with 37 votes, was Iowa's 11-0 victory over Ohio State, of which Sec Taylor, veteran Dps, Molnes, In., expert, said: "It was like my B-yonr-oM granddaughter outboxing Sugar Ray Roblnsori," , Third, with 34 votes, was Notre .27-21 triumph ovor Okla'"" California Seeks A Big Fight LOS ANGELES MV — A Cult- fornln boxing commissioner has announrod tho Inum-hlng of n cnnv pnlgn to bring the Rocky M«r- clnno • .loo Wnlcott henvywelghl chnmpionshlp fight here. Commtssloneir Everett Sanders snltl totlny thnt President Jim Not-ria of the InternnUonnl Box- Inn Commission nnd Al Welll, Mnrelnno's mnnngcr, have Agreed to meet with him here in n fow weckn to discuss tho possibllltlos. Former Heavyweight KlnR Jack Dcmpsey probably would promote the bout, said Sanders, predicting it would ili-nw ii gate of 1 to two million dollars it stnsod in Memorial Coliseum. "Wo have seven million people within n radius of 125 miles of Los Angeles," ho declared. "We draw the greatest college nnd pro- festtlonnl footbiill crowds In the country. We could fill tho Coliseum, which could be expanded to sent IB,'.,(Hin funs." Sanders mldod thnt the scrap would l)o In Fobrutiry or curly March. lie said weather conditions here at that time should be bettor than other populous ports of the nation. The Negro ^^ ^ya'**L' t f-i : Communi ••i nosdny, nngements arc John L. Jones 6f Omnhtt, irrlvod Wcdnesdfty to ew days with relatives nnd Mrs, Robbie Moore .o her home In Chicago after ns n few days with 'her rrto Lizzie Moore. Mrs. REPRIMANDED ,, f &.<••-*« DAYTON, O, (U P) 'U. J»$ here were reprimanded by 'fe^fV year-old youngster nftej* ,, the; frtuncl him breaking the glass 1 of n business establishment." ' The boy was annoyed the officers cniiRhl him brfar<? had time to stonl anything. ^, •^ also, conducts, a weekly television program. Ho snys he is not interested In ponchlna' collcgo football. he a I: 1 .'Hi open :•". ernoc'.-i, the- ; n took the stand. wlut is ennch. "th lolic (lil'CM ••'t inn yoslorday aft- vi.'iiiiiK committee that ri'sardless (it \v<l ;is fuotbiill I'.'itr office: of ath- iil be maintained AihluUc Director it in on both open 'inns uf thu com- MASSINGILL REST HOME 803 E. Division Phone 7 4320 For convalescent aged, men and women. State and city approved. Reg. Vocational nurse. Jewell Massing!!! DUNLOP TIRES We carry a complete stock of new and used tires. COLLIER TIRE & BATTERY SERVICE Phone 7-5846 116 E. 3rd See . . JOHN T. McRAE For life, hospltallxatlon, sick and accident, Polio and farm Insurance. Prepare for the unexpected. Phone 608. P. O. Box 182 PRESCOTT, ARK. Haul and Spread SAND or CLAY $1.25 Yard Pea Gravel, Clay, Gravel and Fertilizer Available. RALPH SAUNDERS Phone 7-4683 or 7-8174 MATTRESSES ••bum or made Into lnner«*rlB t Work Qu«ranU*4 — O»» Day farvta* — DAVIS Hurry and See these! NUNN-McDOWELL MOTOR CO. Third and Walnut 0-3t Fights Last Night CLEVELAND — Chuck Diivey, 50, Lansing, Mich., stopjjed Kit/:i(; Pruden, 149, Paterson. N. J., :>,. ilocky Castellani, l. r )8. I.u/.c-rne. ?a., outpointed Jimmy Flood, ll>:i. New York, 10. Del Flanagan, 14H, it. Paul, outpointed Richie Anderson, 153, Cleveland, 10. Joey 3rown, 137, New Orleans, knocked out Don Bowman, 134, Asheville. N. C., 1. Ronnie Delanc-y. 153, Ak en, outpointed Herbiu Hayes, la;), New York, 10. Get BEAUTIFUL CHINA IN MOTHERS OATS ;;. nsas -lol'in H;:rnhil .'Illl! rlo.u-d :- initlc'c . 1'OULilas reportedly drew $12,000 to Sia.SOO annually in his three . yer.rs at Arkansas. Bryant's Ken- tiK 1 !.-, s:,lary is said to be in the lu'i'./i'.hi.i'hood of SIC, 500 a year, Brjai'it's clcjse.st friends hero say Hie n oney differential doesn't concern him. that he'll take the job it' he's convinced facilities and con- clili.i".'; are conducive lo winning football. t t Coi-.litions Bryant reported to be attaching to possible acceptance of the position include a free hand in running the team, freedom in so- lc_-ct idi of assistants and assur- | ancv that suitable- living quarters ! lo hi'.Li.-'o plaj'ers under one roof nnd a training table will be provided. The screeniriK. or advisory, com- inilti'i' officially has no authority to cmilract a coach. However, in the p:isl. iecnn:i'M-ndutions of such f,rn'ip:; have been followed by the Legal Notice NOTICE ! IN THE PROBATE COURT OF | HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, , ARKANSAS I IN THE MATTER OF THE I ESTATE OF No. »45 j William Edward Monroe, deceased Last known address of de;'t':"iit: R. F. D. No. 1. Hope, Aiku:,;as Date of Death: November 3, 1'J"'2 The undersigned was appointed administratrix of the estate of the above-nameu decedent on the 3rd day of December, 1952. All persons having claims a^ahr;! the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned -.\ithin Announcinn the opening of SAMUELS. INSURANCE AGENCY 101 E. Division Phone 7-6716 Representing only the largest stock companies. See us. six months from the date of first publication of. this notice. they shall be forever barred precluded from any benefit iii estate. This notice first published day of December, 1932. Mrs. W. E. Monroe (Administratrix) B. F. D. No. 1, Hope, Arkansas Dec. 4, 11, 18, 26 the or and the 4th WANTED 5000 TELEPHONE Lengths 20 to 45 feet. For prices delivered or timber, Call . . Rufus Martin Phone 7*3083 or 7*3093 Your Dollars Will Go Farther When You^ia Trade with your B&B Store. <-••- ' -t CHRISTMAS GIFT WRAPPING PAPER 6 - 8 Sheets to Packake 20x20 was 15c roll NOW T f T tin., Rolls FOR YOUR FRUIT CAKE — CANDIED PI SJ PAP PI F GREEN Now rlntArrLC ONLY Was 75c u>. Dromedary — Pitted DATES 34c 1 Pound DEL MONTE •"RAISINS; 196 "Vfft • "** ISOz. Pkg. CAKE MIXES SUGAR 3 Boxes,?! GODCHAUX 10 &.93e SNOWDRIFT Lb, Can MILK PET and CARNATION SEA FEAST Pink Salmon 29c 7'/t Oz. Flat Can - . DEL MONTE KETCHUP 2 Bottles BLUE BIRD Orange J 46 Oz. Can KINKAN'S PLAIN CONCARNE ' CHILI 35c 1 Lb, Can PORK & BEANS ALL BRANDS WASHING POWDER 'Large TUNA FISH EAT WELL BONITA ,' RED SOUR PITTED CHERRIES 2 C 3 a°n 3 s 39C Del Monte and PEACHES Maxwell House, Folgers, Chase cS. Sanborn and Admlrgfit; COFFEE 1 Pound Can MILK CLOVER LEAF DRY —SKIM MINUTE MAID ORANGE JUICE Cans PRODUCE DEPT. FRESH GREEN CABBAGE' 2 L bs 9c BANANAS 2 uk 25c FRESH TOMATOES FIRM PINK 2 tbs. 35c PASCAL CELERY Lqrge Stqlk IDC POTATOES MEAT DEPT; Pound W\ Pouqrj" DECKER, gr Cured B a B

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