Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 11, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1952
Page 7
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MOfI STAR, MOfl. ARKANSAS to Divert Payment :•* £«'JOQK (ft ~ An effort » paymtnt ot,Ml*rlci from (Ural «ftdtr IdgUUtlvo ' eon i dropped today, apparently ,flfOi»V,'««et > -n ^ <twid« aw mmlet received <J«p»rirn«nli or inntltu , ftt tuition /••*. »tc, wn*l*r and L*dmmltt««i <rf the jjUTallye Cmincll which hud pr« fjjd ft report recommending thai r'ffiW l**M»tttr* to» nukrd to i^Vflr-ftpproprlfltlonri of *n1a from Ihd cnnh fund* con In cloned lonilon with Chor Newsprint Continued from fugft On* ho number of 7-r«mt pnper« jumped from four In M. The number of nlokftl •M rt<tafly doubted. There w*r» dnllta* titling for a nickel In 1B4S, ngftlnit i,IW3 «»rly lhl« year, Segregation Cases Still Being Argued i.Y KAftl BAUMAN ANPA record* nhowed, The l»l«(>r the n«w*psper, the bigger It* hendnche from Inrroni- Ing ni>wxprlnl price*, Chandler pointed out. dollies or weeklies ni low a* flv» or »lx per cent of th« lolnl cont of operation*," he »ald, "Thin per- fcrtcw It F.nrllcr, John W. Davl* for Soulli t.'nrolifta'i separate »<:hr;o! lyitom, »nW nbolltlon of j aogrrtalon In thnl slatf "is omi»-| ting lh»t w<" cannot center < plat? I with entire oriimnlmlty." | ThurKood Mai-hall, isp'-elnl row «cl for the Nations! Association for the A«ivMie«»rm'nt of Colored Peo- I pie fNAACPi, unid he <li'l not br- the people of South Carolina . .win* Browne 11 tlw Ne«ro attorney Contlnuud from Page Ono about 31,000 employes. Mont of them nr<r civil iiervici,- workers who will not he affected by the turn over. Thone who hnve done n good job and hnvc not been Involved In dcanclal will be rctnlncd, one source [raid. Rut, "if their name hns boon Blonde citor general— the man who wlllj handle appeals to the Supreme Court. Brownell, on returning to the mainland from Hawaii, will confer with justices of the Supreme Court nnd get their views on the: to invite Danish and foreign news type of man best suited for this papermen to a press conference. to the Continued from Page On* connected with her treatment andj operations and that she was going Thursday, December 11,1951 The composition of salt found in salt lakes and that of tho oceans Is different. • work. connected with ;i scandal, they will Groups WASHWOTOM * - Southern re action to « poimifoli? Ruprrmc Court; nrt , order ending rnelftl aegreBittion in; ,.j public ni'hnol* ha« bucomc u ma-j (o]( | tilf , ,.,,,, r t "tho rank mul flic, . . „ ,, jor point of dlnpuic In Supreme;,,, „,,, |)wp j e ln ,„„ Smit h will „),- be <wt automatically. „ *• , . , , „ Court nr«urnenU on tho corittltii- ' "„,„(,„ evrr (lp( ,iiilnn is turn-l-l' Rrnwncll ""« mn(lfl ""'^ twv " "P* Noft-nprlnt roprMcnti for «m«1l ltoniiu , " 0 , Mp . raUl ,, ; hool» for'^,,.-- i polnimenU-Wllllarn RoRom to be urul Negro nuidcntn. fltiproirip Court, «lu«? to wind , .. - - - ... j major appolnlmnnl will bo a soli- not the case." Invitations to the press confer- ei'.-.f probably will bo sent tomorrow, her friends said. rl««ii with the »!/« of the paper nnd. In name of tho lontont metropolitan dallied, nownprlnt nc eoimt» for more thnri (W pi«r of total c0*U," the Hoard of Trndit^^yliean* nnd ' Continued from Page One Sov'rl agont " i is what you want, i . Asked if other nations brought That's why this pressure on the U. N. in behalf of f^ C wns defcU ' Americans listed as bad risks by] oped. America's The/?«r?or Your ChHd i.jr$ptc|i6ntfiUv«i of §u ROCK «B— Tho Ar- Loflliliitlv* Cmincll Uxlny it iuled to aeJVo into'th* contro- rilni nubjsot ot "cunh fund*" "JgijBfa* With aov.-olcct Prnnctn aommlttoe that hn« ,. ji> 'Ih*. > qudntion of „ "caih funtld" under 1o»c opntrol , conferred with . .yaitwdajr, tout tho govorn. ot »«ld thnt ho would not dU- *tlio Dubjeot with tho Council ' Ho desUnod to my Just plnnnod to Iftlk over with «»h fjjndi are collected by the m nTnto BBOIIO|B», eolletioii bar Itutituuoni through fe«M, , r ohargei. Tha monoy is 1 the hdrrtlnlrilriiUve otdccr flfloncy wlUioviut old crop whoat cdhfrntts Inn rnoKt, Action of whfll refl«icl<?d dlnap' pnlntmoiit over fulluro of mibulnn- tint tixporl bunlno»» to brlnK com- morlcnl dpinnnd Into lh« mnrkot. U wan fc>U purl, of Ihc «rnln wnrt boitdht from government ntocka, Mnrrh whcnt flank to n new won Konnl low, Whoat dosed \\-W* lower, De- comber $2,<U a /4, 7 /» corn •% Inw- ei, D«i!t>rnl)«r fl.OA.Hi ontfi tin- vhnnged to % lower, December M%: ryo unchdiiHi'd to % low up three (tayg of nrgumetitfi todoy, heard conflicting vlcwi yi-stnrd(iy l»i cn«t»i irtvolvlnit »ppnratt» school nyttemn In South Curollnn and Virginia, SHU to bo Hrsut'tl i(«!ny view I'lWK Involving Dclnwnre nnd tin; DUtrfct of Ci.Uimhin. Thi- l(itt«T en DC wfti tnktn up Into ycnterdity. his deputy nnd J. Kdgar Hoover; the Slate Department, HickersoJ I to continue us KBI chief. Hin next; oald: "As (ar as I know, that is' ST.JOSEPH , ASPIRIN •FORCHIlDRENj t>r, of h«v« been invited to moot f With Cherry and tho Cpurioll, y, ft committee from the Prosecution Attornoy'a itnt(on a»k«d tho Council to *J the «alnrt«i of pi-oiccut ifl,ooo .annually. • ectitorn now rtcotvn 118 b«tw««n W,«00 nnd t*, « member of th«, inld 11)0 law which til- tht proiprutor* into rln»»l- ,»tionf;«ocortlln8 to ii*,o of dl«> ot* and fet tholr I Alary ichcd> Wn» approved in 10A7, r>* »alo the Amoclntlon wnnt* •lei »alayy ruto for nil din- f.i J •(,'pnnnvHlPe waa nflmed by the ahiU4o : worH with the ftttorn«y» efs jit. UVtITOOK 'rtUAT C^A/^tfa SMl^ 6,1^0;, IWO lb» down «c- f < 100 lb« ' moro "liigUor; 840 Ibl up t^idy, W ,)U|h*r, BOW* 38-fiO M084Q ibN r,tk.W4%dot iMwo 'ib* „„„ ih» down U.Wl8.'ooi * jaw» 13.l5M.OOi boors 900 i smi av^cheryw., |Uy imall lots Ulo dooe it • iU«dy: oow* «nd cvittern down to Ctftl bulls _..>' i»uu» i}i.oo- to prlm<t vonler* 88.00• iu»l hftwr- to 3 .00; commorolal vealorn AND PRODUOI Idyi " weewU 1, . t on M»wr femw * PWW outilde; heavy ; Uiht hon» ftMlt AA «7; M A :«, s; tu- December ll.na.'/ Vi lower, Jnnunry »oybcnn» .1, 2-$3.02. ArRimicntn InvolvlriK » ^ims oUo have l)(,'<-n cornpl< i t«'d. The hl«lr court rulliiK, whlrh inoy 1 f ,, 0( | next uprlnH, will nffi-ct not only Iho flv« arw«» whim't rnun To Vote on Union UTTI.F. HOCK </?> Kmploy.'i of Ihc ficw Biiiixltu Alnntlna VVorUs of the Aluminum ')!<• Cutispnny mi to vnt'- O.'f. IH mi wlictlicr llicy want !l>»' Atm-ricJin l''c<lfr;i- lior. (if Labor to r"|ir<^cnl Ihetn an Imri'-'il'iinx nucnt. T u r ««*c 0 ||in'ff WOfldS largest Selling BENEFIT PROGRAM Thursday/ Dec. 11 In Exhibit building at FAIR PARK Sponsored by W. 0. W. Christmas Committee • Thursday, December 11, J 951 2 STAR, HOP6. ARKANSAS VKJC-tra ' •» 4/J! SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. | requested tree. to bring a gitt for the <• ^' Shyinrks <':it about .tix pound of tire lint 17 utalfi In (ill which require cuitipUHfiy or partly iti*parate nchooln synlrrn.i fur \vhltt' nnd Nog''" chil'lrui, »mli four nioro whPt« ncgrouatlon IM ; perftilltPd, j J. I.lmlnny Almond, Vlrainlu'H at-; tornpy gcni>r«l, told tho court yi'«- '• tctttay ho bollovod a decUion tmt- liiwInK sepni iito xchoolc for tlu* two races would "doHtroy Ihc, piitnir iidhool Kymorn In Vtrginln i>.:< w When PILE Misery Robs You of Sleep ...HERE'S QUICK RELIEF! Tonliflit you con ulcfpt Thornton Minor llix-tnl Olnlm<-nt hrlriKO Miilr.k rnll<>f fnim tmfrulnir itnhi nrul norvr-rnclilnK itch of nllilpl** tiH**it. 'I'hll pnnthinv forniilln uoi'A to work fAHt. Ifntpii ttnlurn lii^n] raw, gora tlAMiieN . . . riHlure nwultlriff. I)<<vt<loiin<l mul BiiArHlit4<^>1 liy woi'hl-fnntoiiM 'I'lioriuon Minor lU'Klnl I'llnl.-. Ot It toilny — nl.-np lonlffhtl Tliiirnton Mltior In tulioi or fluneft At fftX'd tlrutr flluitcit nvurywhuru. M«Wi«NHWHWW^^ Heads and Heatts for a wonderful Christmas... a PORT IS & Colorful, comfortable, and worm.'All sixes 1.98 to 3.95 A Portli hat Is a gift that will bo a long reminder of your klndnoit... PortU de- tlgni hats your man will Ilkt... untxc«ll«d for com* fort, tlyU and quality ... and will glv« him that "well. dr«n«d look",. ."AMERICA'S BEST VALUES." HANDSOME SHIRTS 1.9ft & 2.98 A man can olwayt ui* mot* ntckltit , . . mok» your ««l«ctlon from a handiomt varttly v:: PORTIS HATS The gift sure to please any man this Christmas 5.00 - 7.50 - 10.00 M WEST BROS. HOME OF GOOD VALUES . . Hop.. Ark. nsational S Kroger-Cut Choice, lean portions cut from 16 to 18 pound Armour Star Hams. Save at Kroger's Low Price 6 Lb. Avn. SHANK PORTION Butt Portion ub 55c PORK CHOPS SLICED BACON PORK ROAST NECK BONES Pork Butts Fresh, Lean Center Cuts u 85c 39c PORK SAUSAGE 45c FRANKS s A ,= Stor PERCH FILLETS &T Copyright 1949, The Krogor Co. Lb. Lb. Lb. With Lots of Meat 39c 15c SALT PORK Lean First Cuts ROUND BEEF Only the best grades of Choice Beef. Lb. SfOCJCrUpNOW BIG SAVINGS Kroger OC ur ^3 IRACLE SWEET GHERKINS Rainbow Brand SWEET MIDGETS Rainbow Brand ARMOUR HAM Chopped, Ready to <?pt, POTTED MEAT Armour Star. TREET Armour's Handy Canned Meat. KROGO Creamy, rich shortening. Smooth creamy salad Qj. dressing by Kraft. ** 120z. 12 Oz. 3/C 10 Bag 65C No- 1 OQ- Cans &u+J\* 12 c£- 49c i ca': 19c 12Oz. Can OVC 75c CORN MEAL Darco 25 Ib. bag . . . 1.49 TOMATO SOUP Campbell's Brand KROGER CRACKERS £ 23c Fresh, Crisp PAPER NAPKINS 3** 34c Blue Ribbon 2 Boxes . . 29e 1 Large Pkg. . .5c FUDGE CAKE Devils Food Layer Cake. Each 63 C STRAWBERRY ROLLS Pk9 29c CAULIFLOWER ORANGES H °- 25 ( From Florida and Just Full of Juice. OUR IOW PRICE. Solidly formed heads Fresh and Tender TOMATOES POTATOES Goodquq " v RADISHES CARROTS Reds Ruby red, firm and tender Long and .. Tube 1/C 50 ^ 179 2ech 15c * 15c New WALNUTS c,op MIX NUTS c^ PECANS stud* XMAS TREES pkg. 39c £ 55c 45c Alt sizes of green Western Firs. Calendar Thursday, December 11 The VFW Post and Auxiliary will have their annual Christmas pnr- ^ty and potluck supper for mem- (, tbers, their husbands or wives and * r i guests Thursday, December .11, at 7 o'clock. Each member is asked to bring one item of canned food ^jfor the needy family basket. annual Christmas at Barlow Hotel, cember 11, at 7 bers are urged bring a gift for party meeting Thursday, De- p.m. All mem- to attend the tree. and to Sunday, December 14 j The Fidelis Sunday School Class I of the First Methodist Church will [have as guest speaker, Mrs. R. E. | Jackson, Sunday. December 14. j Mrs. Jackson will present the ! Christmas story. "Perilous Sane! tuary " and the devotional will be i given by Mrs. Howard Byers, Mrs. 1 Claude Tillery will give the dis- i missin Oglesby PTA will have "Father Night" December 11 at 7:30 at O lesby School. The Hope Business and ipnal Women's Club will Profess- hold its *SAENGER LAST DAY OF IS1AND DiSIRE LINDA DARNELL HB HUNTER .,„„„-. MHAIDCRAY £!?„ NEWS& CARTOON • FRIDAY & SATURDAY • SHRIUREE UPRISinC! color by TECHNICOLOR starring JON HALL CHRISTINE LARSON Also Wayne MORRIS Virginia GREY Friday, December 12 Paisley Brownie Troop will have their Chrismas party at the Little House after school Friday afternoon, December 12. instead of Thursday afternoon as originally; scheduled. Mothers are invited to 1 a I tend. 1 Monday, December 15 American Legion Auxiliary will have their annual Christmas party; meeting Monday night, December | !.">. at 7:30 at the home of Mrs K'. O. Wingficld. Mrs. R. E. Jackson will tell an unusual Christmas story. Gifts will be exchanged. All members are urged to attend. The Camellia Garden Club will! meet Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock ! at the home of Mrs. Steve Atkins' with Mrs. L. C. Cook and Mrs. j A. B. Tollett as co-hostesses. Mem bcrs bring gifts unwrapped for! auction. Saturday, December 13 The Melody Maids will meet Saturday morning at 10 o'clock at the home of Joyce Huckabce for their Christmas party. All members are Wednesday, December 17 The Wisteria Harden Club will have their Christmas party Wednesday, December 17, at the home Olin Pui-lell with Mrs. Pod ,ers as co-hostess. Each mem- asked to bring a gift for A prize will be given for of Mr- Hoy ber is the tree. RIALTO * LAST TIMES TODAY • Lucille Ball George Brent 1 Lucy Goes Friday & Saturday — ALSO ROBERT PAIGE LEO CARILLO "FRONTIER BADMAN" tlu> most unique wrapped package. Friday, December 1?) Tho Nandina Garden Club will have their annual Christmas party Friday night, December 19, nt 7:30 at the homo of Mrs. Thomas B. FomvicK. ,1,-.. 217 East Htlr'Sl. Mrs. Henry tVnwlck and Mrs. Paul Biiiu will be co-hostesses. Gifts will be L-xchangcd Mrs. Jeannie Voientlne Honored on Birthday Mrs. Jeannio Volentine was honored with a surprise birth- tiny supper ;! | the homo of her son. Rev. .L. Volentine, Tuesday niyht. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Mon/.a Volentine, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Volentine and daughter, Pat, Mr. nnd Mrs. Carlon Volentine. ;ind daughter, Nance. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Taylor and daughter, Sandra Lee, Mr. and Mrs. John Flowers, Mrs. Etta Collins and James Volentine. gate Camp in Little Rock. • n flower for that month nrid told Special guests wore: Reverend a short history of it and Mrs. E. D. Galloway, Rover- Mrs. Horsey McRae, Sr.. presld- end and Mrs. Virgil Keclpy. Mrs, j ed over a short business session R. T. White.. Mrs. L. D. Tooley, | Treasurer's report was given by and Mrs. Jackson. | Ms. W. R. Mason. The roll rail \v\\i answered with a IMble prophecy about Christ. The pro'Kram chairman. Mrs. J. C. Carlton, rend mi inspiring Christmas story. Gifts were exchanged from a' lighted tree. Mrs. Carlton won tho exhibit priy.e. Mrs. Carlton poured the coffee used throughout the O'Noarhome im f. . Mrs -, McHao. Sr.. served th,> Members entered the reception ""'.vulual enkos fro,-., a table dec-. nn d| orated in the Christinas motif, to ' 13 members and two nfcw mcmb- Mrs. E. P. O'Neal Hostess to Rose Club Mrs, E. P. O'Neal was hostess to the Rose Garden Club when It met on Friday with Mrs. R. E. Cain as co-hostess. Christmas arrangement^ were room holding lighted tapers singing Christmas carols. The quartet tables were arranged by months with each member, sitting at the table whieh repre-1 sented 'uer birthday. She also held ers, Mrs. Jack Wilson and Mrs. B. L. Fox. Continued on Page Four HOPEDRBVi IN . FRIDAYS, SATURDAY — DOUBLE FEATURE '* LKON KRR01, JACK PAAR ',' Tho SI'OHTSMFN FRANK1K CARI.K ^ and M.inx Ol!\»r> SECOND FEATURE rr LAS VAGAS With JANE RUSSEL — VICTOR MATURE Wesleyan Service Guild Has Dinner-Meeting Mrs. R. E. Jackson told a Christ nins story "Pi-pilous Sanctuary" by Michael Foster at a dinnrr- im'i'ting of the Wi-sloyan Service Guild of the First Methodist Church at Hotel Barlow on December il ;it 7 p.m. Mrs. Charles Taylor, president, presented a devotional. Christmas carols were sung by the group with Mrs. B. C. Hyatt as pianist, Christmas scenes decorated tho three tables arranged for the 22 guests. In a ceremony before a nativity scene, the members madp a Christmas contribution to Aiders ,.?»/< fa~S ~*.J**C.:. Several patterns, colors and styles for men, boys and girls. Sure I know what you want! ACME" Cowboy Boots from Burke's Shoe Store! You'll want to give them just what they want and what they will enjoy for many months to come ... a pair of ACME Cowboy Boots. Get your order in early while we have the size and kind you want. Don't wait come in now! New shipment has just arrived in these Acme Boots for Christmas giving. MENS • BOYS & GIRLS ALL SIZES $4.95 to $14.95 BURKE'S 112 W. Second St. # SHOE STORE Phone 7-2211 Only 11 More Shopping Days Until CHRISTMAS the nicest gift o^ all FOUR OF FABERGE'S famous purse colognes in a bonnie gold and white gift box. Quartette Jr. The set ... $3.00 JOHN P. COX DRUG (0 SHOP FOODLAND SUPER MARKET DAILY AND SAVI These Specials n Good Frl. Dee. 12tK ' to Frl. Dee. 19th FREE $10.00 BASKET OF GROCERIES GIVEN AWAY EACH SATURDAY. COME IN AND REGISTER. Nothing'to Buy. FREE ENGLISH WALNUTS Lb. C MIXED NUTS Lb. C LIBERTY CANDIED CHERRIES 8 oz. Jar C MARKET ' Sweet Sixteen Margarine 2UK. 41 c Pure Fresh '"'' Ground Beefi.b46c Lb. 47c Armours . ' Brick Chili Armour Star Puro Pork Sausage i.b. Ron35c Armour Star Franl Lb. Pkg. 49c STEWARTS PECANS Lb. DEL MONTE RAISINS DROMEDARY PINEAPPLE ^ 49c PRODUCE Frnsh Grcon Cabbage ib 5c Clean Red Potatoes 10 L bs49c Pink Firm Tomatoes Lb. 17c Florida Oranges sib. 6 Qg 29c Golden Ripe • ———————— Bananas 2 25c LIPTONS SOUP 3 For C LADY BETTY Qr. C AMERICAN BEAUTY SPAGHETTI AMERICAN BEAUTY MACARONI 7 or. Box GOLDEN BISCUIT FLOUR A IJf COFFEE ADMIRATION 83c Limit One Pound Lb. Pkg. SUGAR 10 Pounds 93c Limit 10 Pounds PET MILK 6 Toll r Limit 6 Cons KLEENEX 300 Ct. 23c BLUE HORSE Note Book Paper 3 - jQc FOODLAND SUPER - MARKET 207 S. Walnut Formerly Stuoart's BILL CLARK RAY MILLER CREAM OF WHEAT MOTHERS , OATS PURE LARD Arkansas Maid 8Lb. Pail .29 look Holsum i '\ You'll find HoUwni taitti so rlgfit b< 'better baked, fresh fyll of fIgvor at' , ^TT j * u cer'i every dqy, loof-you'ye, fiKj WttM Lflf New pla$fic wi

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