Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 10, 1952 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 10, 1952
Page 9
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HOM IfAKi HUM, ARKANSAS , beeewber Id, morning it to b« •«»* nso rnl|* r th« »Hi« r, fittlttyeji .and Jack McMath Has Praise for the Navy MEMPHIS. Navy officials Tcnn. Oov, Sid You Simply Can't Satisfy Everyone - Some Kids Want to Be Tall, Others Short thi Toronto 1 , &8JM&^'«Wn"MV«r»!"ttioiiMtii toWrwdthi o* 'iiljiovU roW, Irtf btldgod the mp by allowing hcrwH to bo thorn pi hor crowning Blory. Helen'* blfllnrd-typa hairdo I* ndrnlwd by Hollywood aetflwi Patricia Medina, following flio h«lv«v(ttftng preparation .. , (or her rol*. McMath of Arkansas today e* *nylng "thnnk God for ; th« Navy", when hU Nnttnnal Ounrd nlnnc, short on furl, wns directed to n snfe Itindlng here, McMath and four other*, in eluding crew mrmfoern of tho JMth TAG Recrm Squadron | baited at t.ittlc Hock, were In a C47 nWQiite from Andrews Air Force bimo Maryland to Little Rock. the Mllllnfttnn Nnvnl Station rcjar hero received rtn uritcnt mpeiwftff from the Municipal tcwer nt 10 p. m. ln«t hllfht for help in touting the 'plane, tho raftlnse didn't Identify tho pflHSohjtcrif, but Bold thnt tho plane wax rtinnlnK out of fuel. Tho Nnvy, with its electronic direction bearing find Ing ma rhlne located iho plonn near Dyeriburg, Tcnn., Home 100 nilloH northwiisl of Memphis. A Navy spokesman sold thnt "wo could hear them, bat , they couldn't receive our nlgrinls." Th» Navy relayed the nils* Ing plane's location, nnd slg naled direction* to the plane thrmiffh the DyBrHburf? rntllfi Hinge nnd tho plane was direct «.>d to the MllliiiKton nlrpori. A Nnvy official siild whon the first maHsnfte to the airport hero come In, tho report wns thnt tho plane had 30 rnln utei of gns nbonrd, "H look nboiit 20 minutes to bring the lane In," n Nnvy Bpokesmnn suld. "Only then did we know thnt Governor Me Math wns n board," Others In tho plnnc wore identified ns R. W. Linebnrger nnd crow members Cnpt. Hob ert M. Wilson nnd J. ttaly nnd Tech Sfit. n. E. Duck worth, The Nnvy snid thnt the pinna ran into heavy wind nnd rain storms, cutting down Its gas supply. By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK I*- "Dear Mr. Poor Mnn's Philosopher: "Can't you ever let well enough alone? Recently you wrote an article saying you felt sorry tor real tall prople on account of thay were a nuisnnce to themselvc* and had trouble fitting into a civilization built for ordlrtnry-iiized men. "Well, you jtiut broke the heart f.t my little boy, Elbert. He had nlwnyn wanted to bo n Riant. Now he Hays if It's no fun to grow up U) ho n glnnt, then he'll grow back down and be n midget. He will, too. .. . stubborn little tylkc. . h.-isn't grown an inch all week. "Tbis has my wife upaet. She •lays, 'Isn't it bad enough to be •rrifirriod to n husband with a mind lik<! n midget?' What we both want to know is: How cnn we make our F.lbcrt wan lo bo n gladl again? (Signed) Indignant Father" I guess the best thing to do 1 to Klvo little Elbett the other sldi of the picture. A number of read nt'rt have written In to say there is no pleasure in life like being lull enough to reach up and chin yourself on the nearest elm tree. It turns out most human Alps enjoy the air at their altitude, and wouldn't lose an inch it they could. The positive advantages of being tall were best expressed >y John Schmledelcr of the Sallna j (Kas.) Journal, who started knee- high to a telephone pole and recently was estimated by a local trigonometry student to have paused at 6 feet 6. "When I go to a parade, I see a parade, not the bnck of the neck of the man in front of me," wrote Schmlodeler. "I can change a light bulb without dangt'r to climb from shaky ladders, "It's true that not all clothing stores welcome the sight of me stooping through the door frame, But there are those who do cater to the- long man, and they are increasing In number. "I never had much trouble in the army. I warned the draft board the day I was inducted that clothing me was a government project from now on. And since it was either get me some uniform and boots or let me stay in the sack oil day, I was outfitted quickly." Schmiedeler said his puny five gilt trench across two hills and a valley before Bed-Check Charlie (the enemy pilot) got his engine warmed up." He also pointed out that an army pack seemod lighter to a tall man because he had more back to carry it on, and he could set walking pace hard for the little guy to keep up," "Imagine how much better off I am In a snow storm," Schmiede- ler continued. "I wade the drifts easily that the small man must avoid for fear of suffocation. "It's true that I bump my head on a door jamb occasionally, but I never get elbowed in the rush on a crowded bus. "There have been some tall men who. Inferiority complex or not did mighty deeds. Remember Abe Lincoln? Ho wasn't a small man You wouldn't call Gustav V or Sweden a shrimp and he was E king. "On the distaff side there is Ele onor Roosevelt. Then there is the bevy of tall New York show girls Their talents are obvious, and i foot-plus buddies had no edge over him in taking cover in time of danger. He recalled that during one night air raid alarm he dug "a they have any complexes at al I'll lay odds they are not of in feriority". As to my observation that tal men did get one bonus in the fac that an awful lot of girls like t lean on their shoulders, Schmiede Inr said: "I find the sweet young thing rarely able to reach a shoulder But, brother, do I get cried o just above the belt buckle!" There you arc, Indignant fathe; Tell little Elbert that if he real! finds a way to grow up to be iant to let me know. I have hanged my mind and think I'd ke to try be one, too. » WON'T RETURN INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (UPi _ Vllliam S. Hill was granted ji dl- orce yesterday when he told udge John L. Black "I Jon'l htnk she's going to return to>M" Hill's wife left him Dec. 2, 3920. fine -for flavoring vegetabl Wtdnetdoy, December 10,1952 HOM STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS * .*.« SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. present Rev, L. T. Lawrence as guest speaker. .'Calendar ^'Wednesday, December 10 The regular 'monthly meeting of | will meet December 10 In the home the executive committee of Brookwood PTA will be held Wednesday glnorning, December 10, at 10 The DeAnn Lilac Garden Club of Mrs. Jesse Samuel at 7 o'clock. Will the Paisley room mothers BENEFIT PROGRAM Thursday, Dec. 1 f In Exhibit building at FAIR PARK! Sponsored by j w. o. w. ! Christmas Committee< o'clock at the school. All members | please meet with the chairman, are urged to attend. There will not j Mrs. G. C. Cromer at the school be a PTA meeting on this clay be- j Wednesday afternoon, December cause of Father's Night which will, 10, at 2:30. be held December 17. —••_____^_ The Jett B. Graves Sunday School vil . Class of the First Methodist Chur ' J! ch will have a Christmas dinner =e 0 ;r;;t =Ba;^ « • day, December 10, at 12 noon, with Mrs. Finlcy Ward, Mrs. Roy, o'clock at the Barlow Hotel. Garland School PTA will meet home of Joyce Hucktbee for their Christmas party. All members art requested to bring a gift for the tree. Monday, Dtetmbtr 15 American Legion Auxiliary will have their annual Christmas party- meeting Monday night, December l.i, at 7:30 at the home of Mrs K. O. Wingficld. Mrs. R. E. Jackson will tell an unusual Christ' mas story. Gifts will be exchanged. All members are urged to attend. Wednesday, December 17 The Wisteria Garden Club will have their Christmas party Wednesday, December 17, at the home of Mrs. Olin Purtcll witU Mrs. Pod Rogers as co-hostess. Each member is asked to bring a gift for the tree. A prize will be given for the most unique wrapped package. Friday, December 19 The Nandina Garden Club will have their annual Christmas party Friday night, December 19, at "Allison nnd Mrs A L Searcy as- uamna &cno ° l rlA wm "' , l >' Fl ' ida >' "'eht. December 19. nt Tostess'cs The i)roer-.m chairman i Wednesday afternoon nt 3 o'clock i7:3 o at , hc home of Mrs . Thomas hostcs.es. Ihc p,oMam^Uiauman, ;in the gchool ., uditorium . There | B . ,, emvick Jr m East Hth st . . . ! -j will be a Christmas party by the i Mrs. Henry Fenwlck and Mrs. Paul school children. The executive com Bain will be co-hostesses. Gifts Mrs J J B-i mrs. J. J. D.I :*'* RIZE—The Poland China Barrow of tho 1083 HuvMfclMtlop. up**!** «Pufd«o Modtl «,» uftw UnmrSty, M «xMWt«d by vrtewfc herdsman .1.1.. ...u. ...i.. v.«*i«l «t tit* AUIAM "MmiAV II" BO«m* - It J» in« »V°»«* tlm» that w Purdu« pofl -brougtJt home too bacon" JWF th« ui»ivor»Uy, ^* so«mt hai Council Acts Retarded The M UiutlnUvij Council' today null, of >o «poel»l to study th» question ot *»« training ot the state's rBiBi'dod children, members a»H to delve Into tho iimation tomorrow, Cn»h Mnaj ore moriteS colloetud by state 1 n » 1 1 1 1; t J o n i from toes, oHai'sct, etc., and disbursed by tho council without loBlslnttve upprop more 'nr! 8T. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKY Anns, 111. ljo«s 11,000; rnodi-rutcly ae tlvi-; 180-aim Ibs bnrroww and'gilts 10 to 15 lower than Tuesday's av oroge; heavier weifhts 25 to 40 lower; instances !>0 off; 170 Ibs down steady to 25 lower; sows I weak to mostly 25 lower; bulk! Choice 10H02-IO Ibs unsortoc! tori grade 1Q.5Q-7K; several hundred 1 head mostly choice. Nan. ( nntl 2 190-225 Ibs 10.7S; 250270 ibs full width of chnleo Krndo mostly 10,00 33; 21)0300 Ibs Ifl.iMHcMXl: 1 lf>(U70 Ibs ir>.25-l«,7.'i; 120 140 Ibs 12.25 4.SO; sows 400 Ibs down 14.7S 15.25; heavier sows 12.7514.25; boars 0.50-12,50. In other actions j eo\w«M Hw> wivu .„,,. money ftonf-sMrii.-, 8ra McMath, Wlf« of Ihtt^utBotrife'jfoVernor, nnd Dr. Lftwr4rt^«A. DftVlji, president ot'ArtetTttfrS Ai'M.'* N. Colle«o at Pitts Blufc •_! ' > , ehtilVtnlnod is t ft lunch NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK (A 1 ) — Cotton futures j was weak today. Successive waves!] of liquidation wore attracted ;| throughout tho session, causing j I prices to move Into new lows tors] this current move, Losses nt times | npjnroitchcd $4 n bale. Late afternoon prices were 50 \\ cents to $3,75 n bale lower than 11 tho previous close. Dec, 33.00,! March 33.80 and May 34.30. Mrs, MoMoth ^CP««(«Or at |tr*t moriey to f pp action «ttor U h«ard New York Bureau ot R«Urdert ChUdmi, dUeui* (httt had been taH«n in add ptlier slato*. the Count; I ,we mansion, but but thai Ke\\ i through »p« ntost could be made Coun trooper* «Uo wfere \ homo because t«<m tU» drlva in fmit , fc N. - tK» olily «t»to it higher th«a e«n»>«r«Uv« »Uto ii M, tn» only stat« far NtgrOM. RQ choi^ in suth mature." GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO 1*1 — Grains moved lower on tho Board of Trndo to, tiny despite some overnight export business in whont nnd corn. Deal ings were slow in most cereals, although soybeans showed a little ac tivlty nt times, Wheat near the end of the first hour was %4^ cents lower, Do cembor changed $a.33i%; corn to % lower, was un- December and oats were ft-% lower, December 84%, Soybeans were to one cent lower, January $3,04, and lard was five to eight cents n hundrud pounds lower, December $3,80. Cash wheat! none. Corn: No. 2 y«Uo\v •ample none, 1.08-80; 1.56-62; grade No. 8, 1.63-87; No 5, 1.83-84; 157VV65. Onts; YORK STOCK NEW YORK I.W—The stock market turned down moderately today after a sustained three-day advance. The decline measured In did not Attend, fractions, usually of the smaller \ to • mixun that Mnd> with only an occasional loss! h*r»tron\ wcelvWt her ot «» much as n point, .... Uw*. . uvu cW»* belort th* coun ^Oh«| tho njjproprlultwi POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO ttt — Uvc poultry: «t»ady; Receipts 847 coops F.O.H, paying prices unchanged fryi-rs or broilers u cent a pound hlihcr; heavy hens 34.5-37; li^ht hens 20-31: roasters 33-33; fryers broilers 38-39; old roosters 18* M; duckling* SO. Butter steady; receipts 337,864: wholesale buying prices unchanged: »3 (core A A and 92 A 66.T5: tjrieultUfft W« would W B fiS.aS; 8S C 85.25; cars; 80 an<tt& 65.75; 89 C 6S. m its«>u to mt^'« 'wow* .lodftnttr^t M «l»t»i« S mftr JMI W w>ioo». Th« I»**w5i« i»vt w* Legal Notice NOTICE ..... ___ NoUc* i* hereby given that N. V- had dropped. Ca»»idy has mod« applications tor ~ ~ ' a permit to build a service station on Lots 8, 9 and 10, Block S9. Original Plait of City of Hop«, Arkansas. (Comer of Third and Phie ol public bearing op this rr*K wr «» . ^ ^ ^ ii)t*«*te4 parties PENNEYS * SAENGER TODAY & THURSDAY \ ; K Plenty of gift Savings! ^ Ls* 8 ^^ 55 ^ (Social low prices STORM-SWEPT ^2 LOVE ON A TROPICAL PARADISE! mittee will meet at 2:15. ANOTHER BIG GROUP! RAYON CREPE BLOUSES • Made to sell for more! , ' • Lots of Styles and Colors! 4 • You Save at this Low Price! .' NO IRON Rayon Knit GOWNS • Pastel Colors! • Sizes M-L-XL! Styled to make little fellows feel mighty LIg Jr. Boys' CASUAL SUITS A REAL VALUE! REAL RUBBER DOLLS • Brother or Sister Dolls! • Collectors Dolls! '* • They Cry When Squeezed! A bright warm shirt that says "Season's Greetings 11 The outfit for all that holiday visiting and "partying." Smart check jacket front sets off solid color rayon-acetate gabardine of rest of suit. Belted front, elastic back slacks. Blue, brown, green. Top value. V- sizes 3-8 Intermediate and Senior Girls who are Curtain Angels in the Christmas Pageant at tho Methodist chruch arc requested to meet will be exchanged Mrs. Wayne Bain Honored with Shower Mrs. Allison May honored Mrs. Wayne Bain with a pink and bl Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock! shower Tuesday night, fm* rphpnrsnl nnd T.ittle An£ols' TU,, !.«„• *-- Ike Has a Long-Range Farm Program SEATTLE I* — Tho nation's farmers have been told by President-elect Elsenhower ho hns nol formulntrd R long-range policy on agricultural loRlslntion but they cnn be sure nny help will not liv tcrfcrc with their freedom of nc tlnn. The assurance was given In n DOROTHY DIX to Tightwad Dear Miss DIX: I hnvc boon! ,** married for ten years to a man 16 years older than t. WC get along /airly well — except for money, t have never gotten an allowance or afiy extra money, and barely Income nfter thb have stilted. Of course, guarantee that nil prcmttrlt«, mlses svtll be kept, but at l«a»f|J a step In the right direction. for rehearsal and Little Angals will meet at 4:30i Thursday, December 11 The executive board of the Hope Junior-Senior High School PTA ' will meet Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the Junior High School auditorium. The hostess presented Mrs. Bain with a pink and blue carnation corsage. She was the recipient of many useful gifts. Refreshments were served to thw 13 guests present. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Foster Celebrate Golden Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Foster ot! Dyke. SANTA'S NO DUMMY—" Joan Waldon is representative of the 'helpers' at Santa Clous' workshop at the North Pole, it must bo A pretty nice place to work, even for big boys. Joan, an ice-skating itar, takes time out from h'er rink chores to manicure this efflgy Of the merry Saint. The gnome hails from Nome, Alaska, and it Only comfortable in the icy spaces of a skating arena, when he'i • a visiting this far south in New Yorl; City. ing. Christmas," by Henry Van mi_ TT T • o «:«„ TJ;~U .mi. uiiu mis. u. «j. ruatti iifc , i_*,yi>i.. ™!, £T .J"™J:? e ™l^ Blevins celebrated their golden Gifts were exchanged from the School PTA will meet at 3:30 on story. A social hour will follow. wcdding ann i vc rsarv at the home o' the* daughter, Mrs. C. W. Lev- The VFW Post and Auxiliary will have their annual Christmas par- LINDA DARNELL • Late News Events • "SnoW Frolici" • December 7. The house wns decorated with ar rangements of gold colored chrys anthemums. The honorees were the recipients Dinner was served buffet stylr to 47 relatives. Those present were and Jimmy, of Hot Springs, Mr. for the needy family basket. Paisley Brownie Troop will have their Christmas party at the Little House after school Thursday, December 11. Mothers are invited to attend. !"" d Mrs ' B » l Fos * r ' Mr " ™ ie ° Tf Mr "' ' W. Foster, Sherry and Debra, of ! nolia, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Lever- traditionally lighted tree. Iu the corsage contest first plaeg was. given to Mrs. A. A. Albrilton, 2nd place to Mrs. Coy Breeding, and.Mrs. E. O. Wingfield was given 3rd.. Mrs. Dick Moore was welcomed into the club as n new member Mrs. Claude Tillery Hostess to Circle 5 Officials Vow to Give N¥SB New Life By NOMAN WALKER WASHINGTON Wl — Adminlslra lion officials attempted to pump new lii'o today into the floundering ^ Wnm 1 Slabili/iilion Hoard, pledging Mrs. Claude Tilelry was hostess! tllal wi '«'' curbs wiu bo kt 'l n wilh Elsenhower sent to the American Farm Bureau Fedora* lion president, Allen B. Kline, Tho federation is holding its annual convention here, Eisenhower said he recognized that government must help farmers achieve a stablll/.ed prospurl ty but he did not' specify how he thought this might be done. Ho Indicated it hope the matter • could be decided by the time the present i law supporting basic agricultural commodities through 10.12 expires. "I hope," he said, "that during the next two years the conditions affecting rural welfare will bo thoroughly analyzed and. that pos sibly solutions will be 'discussed In meetings wherever rural /pooplc come together.. . ..•'•••' "The conclusions developed' In such nationwide discussions; should In time be expressed, to, the ,ap proprlatc committees of Congress and to the membership .of the a« rlcultural advisory • commission which we arc plc.dgc'd ', to establish, The farm bureau members arc expected to adopt their- recprrimon clations rcgardnlg ffli'in .supports' tomorrow at .closing, sessions of the four day meeting, which/ Is to Ing attended by.: 5,000- •rftoritbcrs. The present , 'law ''-supports .the price of major' cprrimotUti^s at 90 per cent of parity* 11 ;• • \ ,•• or any extra money, ana nanny " •"• * «• •••"» «"v«.i«u. ni enough to run the table. We have ll doc * become evident that hut>1 pockets are lined with flshhtf the hrldo' should stand flrrttty't'Sj her two feet and' demand «jv*°" arrangement. This should b'd.'fl not ten years but ten Week* 1 a son, and for eight years I've been busy making over discarded clothes for him. I make all my own things, but when I ask for money for material there's a big argu- Since My husband mnKos n good snl-j nry nnd sees to It Hint he hns plenty of clothes — nnd good ones, His 'excuse in thnt he h|\s to go to work and must look right, I wanted to Rcjt n part-time job, but when ho found nut about; It he whs very Angry. He doesn't wnnt people, to think his wife hns toj work . I hnvc no close' relatives and frlcrtds to turn to, so would grently apprcctntc nny ndvlcc you cnn give. ntigloctcd thbao'. do? Go nhc'nd and tnko the'pd time job I If hd Worries nbotlt'l friends' opinions, flrtol Aftisr,- you've worried ten years, «Ji Uui price of stioCs; lot him few gray hairs now I When j> cnrn money, sec thnt It la sp on yourself, not on him, 1 n ic\v good arguments In *tor« but determination works wohdtT — It's oven boon known to cohvl n mlsorl DORIS D. Answer: Yours Is one of the] Dear Miss Dlx. My wife . meanest and most prevalent, prob- I am 33, and though 1 don't" <hli lems of marriage. Some men Just seem to bo on the lookout for a bftrgnln In matrimony. Thpy nc- quire a wife to be, housekeeper, nxirso, secretary, cook, senmstress, hostess and a dozen other things then decide she's not worth the price of a pair of stockings. Money keeps coming In, but heaven help the woman who Suggests that a little of it should also go out! Only Father Can spend, and how lie can take care ot himself! Women come In for their share of blame, IPo. If they make no demands, or only weak ones, friend husband Will naturally get away I love her, I think enough'Of.,, to bu glnd to come homo and hor there. Wo have a nice K nnd now 1 nm trying to got business building cnblns forvi, mcr homes, My wife retuHeSj gel out nnd work to help rt»fc« r ,' thinks her housework is onb : Should 1 leave hor nnd find a who would be more helpful? ! J Answer: From the mcngor fonnntlon you give, I cnn'^.' whether your wlte Is really j>fc ing her duty or whether yoii" expecting too much of her 1 , . don't thdntlon children so, it/'. to' Circle 5 of WSCS ol the First ! or without a board. Methodist Church when it met on Mobilization Director Henry Tuesday night for its Christmas FowU-r and Economic Stabilizer Roj'.cr I,. Putnam snid lust night they wcro hopeful of persuading a The Hope Business and Profess-1 ional Women's Club will hold its : annual Christmas party; meeting:: and Toni, and Mrs. party. Mrs. James McLarty, Jr., was associate hostess. The meeting opened with the sing ing* of the song "Silent Night " Mrs. Sam Strong led in prnye) nnd Mrs. McLarty gave a tnlk P. O. to Maintain Yule Scrvic* WASHINGTON • .1$ . : -T. . the Post: Office Dcpartmerli. suict today It plans to maintain its '-, Christmas mall delivery, standards this, year despite continuing deficits' In opqr- aliim funds. ' , : .. '•-' v , ' In largol '.'...mid ''' ,':s'mall offices throughout thb'.,'couhtj'y,'. postmas With everything, possible.. Fnr bo It, wife .is childless, keeping from him to be Santa Clttus it Iho | unless the conditions are. ,.„ ilt'tlo woman will bo satisfied wilh. ordinary, should not bo such a Scrooge.- Lotting a situation like job thnt she cnn't help out this grow for ten ycafs: is over- 'doing meekness. Settle Flnaneei Flrtt thu cabin building project. ;1 nlso . possible, however | uxpuct her to combine her hoUi ! work with n mnn nlzed job ln ( t] While this sugKcstlon will not > building line. Your casual attUu, liQlp Doris, It should bo brought toward her would load mo to « home to every prospective bride I 3ccl thnt y° u ni '° to ready |p ff that the time to settle the financial *<>"!*• Make HUIO your causfe angle of .marriage Is before the J«»l Woie jumping to> wedding. No gtr\ should marry a man unless ho Is willing to share Dear Miss Dlx, We are two ., ters already .«(•<? ^ . the (Ifst of » c members' to! on estimated ;375,*<)/ "extras " R1ALTO * • TODAY & TOMORROW • LUCY'S A RIOT!' • Lucille Ball • George Brent • Charles Winninger] //I bers are ur jring a gift for the tree. LUCY GOES Color Cartoon Comedy arkana, Texas. Mrs. John Maxle ' "H ', ^''V; T TT 18 "* 1 Johnny. Mr. and Mrs. Charles urged to attend and to, Samuels< | onny and Barbara> nna Mrs. Sidney Samuels.-;of Mindcn, La., Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Gorham of Blevins, Mr. and Mrs. Brice Becne of McCaskill and Pat Marshall of Shreveport, La. Oglesby PTA will have "Father's Night" December 11 at 7:30 at Oglesby School. Friday, December 12 The Camellia Garden Club will meet Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Opal Atkins with Mrs. Eleanor Cook and Mrs. Lois Tollett as co-hostesses. Members bring gifts unwrapped for auction. on the missionary, Wanda Staloy, An offering wns then taken for her mission work. Mrs. Tillery presented Mrs. Willard Cassidy a gift from the circle.. Mrs. Cassidy is leaving for Sti- Louis where she will make her home. Mrs. nnd directed .several Christmas with prizes going to the winners, Gifts were exchanged from the lighted Christmas tree. Saturday, December 13 The Melody Maids will meet Saturday morning at 10 o'clock at tho FOR CHRISTMAS OUTSTANDING VALUE! WHITE SHEIT BLANKETS Full Bed Size! Perfect Quality! Snowy White! j BMi , || pp nnnwwvww _^^,~». v .vn».-«**w^-«--" I,.,.,N.IH.MII, Boys' Cotton Flannel PLAID SHIRTS $' colorful variety of pltid*. SPECIAL PURCHASE! Loce Trimmed Acetate Crepe SLIPS t Si^es 32 to 44! • Grqnd Gifts! • Perfect Quality! Darla Kay James Has Birthday Party Little Miss Darla Kay James j throughout in the Chr'istmuT iiiotlf" on the WSB with public members. The industry members quit ns a group hist week end, thereby preventing the WSB from operating, as a protest against President Truman's reversal of the board ruling on a pay raise for coal miners. Tho WSB hud held only $1.50 of a $1.90 daily pay raise negotiated for John !-,. Lewis' soft coal miners was allowable without upsetting inflation controls. Trumun overruled the WSB decision, allowing the full amount. The WSB's seven They will be 'tflkfirv W temporarily to assist the •rbgulfyt'vtp.i'co' of 500,- with her all knowledge of his fin- i^nclal standlnd ~ how much he earns, what his prospects arc, how much money he has in the bank j(lf any),' how much and what kind . , • . . in iho vinst'two' vcsira Pati- P f "'"uranco ho carries, etc. There " ^5?,'-y^'^*'*t..-°f«: also should be n definite under- master General t>ona'1d»on 'has In structod the forc;q. 'to' disregard,, for the Christmas''' (jeas.pti, the nne-n ; day delivery *ypt(jm, too , miulp of» was honored on her 2nd with a party at her home ond Street Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The little guests were greeted at the door and invited into the living room by the honoree's mother, Mrs. Jim James. Following an hour of play and making pictures, thn guests were invited into the dining room where they were served cake and hot chocolate. The white cake was embossed in red and green with "Merry Christmas, Happy Birth' day, Darla Kay." Favors of Santa Claus and his reindeer were given each guest, Th honoree was the recipient of many useful gifts. The Tillery home wns decorated! «"^«try m e m bers thereupon ,..,roughout in the Christmas motif. | wfn * w . oul . Iind f"" 80 ^ rnm>Bn birthday Refreshments were served to 32 ol " P o icical expediency." on Sec- members and onn visit™ M,-J . J<owlcr and Putnam _ snid in a members and one visitor, Mrs. Denver Dickinson. Persona! Mention Mrs. Dalton Dragoo of Cameron Okla., formerly of Hope, is ill in .a Texurkana hospital. foellve in service cutsi with., other Deliveries,' js'ay's'^ ijejnaidson, Iwlll standing as to the handling of his be,: made as,, of ton &g noeoiRnry to Jc'cfcb the mall movlntf. Multiple do.. age girls, Vve have boon going two nice boys for a good whjl They never huvo told us th.?' us ' and our problem la: 1 don't tell us, how arc we to it they like us or npJ7 T T. Tj Answer, Actions speak than words, if (ho boys , like you, th<jy wouldn't *wt; Lot. things toll in their places, when it's time t6r# Coming and Going Mrs. George Dodds and granddaughter, Cindy Sparks, of Hobb.i. , , , . . ., New Mexico, are visit ng friends: O11 ' 8anl! " ! . tl a , bo /' however. U nnri ,-PiativPs in Hn™ *" I always insisted on having a ' and relatives in Hope, ire Wisteria Junior Garden Club Meets Tuesday The Wisteria Junior Garden Club of Paisley School met with their leader, Mrs. J. W. Perkins, Tuesday afternoon. Denver Dickinson, president, ask ed John Graves to-lead the group in repeating the club pledge, Linda Rogers, song leader, led the group in singing the Arkansas State song and the Paisley School song. The group discussed the different kinds ot birds which they had seen during the past month. Mrs. Perkins gave a demonstration on -how to make Christmas tree ornaments. Linda Rogers led the group In singing Christmas carols while Mrs Perkins served refreshments made by members of the Wisteria and Daffodil Garden Clubs. Now made with the new lacy-luxurious Nylaoe Top, to eud garter runs forever . . . these sheer clear Berkshire* have the wast comfortable top you've ever worn and add more, more glamour to legs 1 . lu a beautiful selection of styles . . . newest fashiou colors. Births Lieu . and Mrs. Glen Hcdrick of Fort Sill, Okla., announce the arrival of, a son on December 9. 1052 The nVaternal grandparents urn Mrs. J. T. Cumbie Jr. and the Into Mr. Cumbie of New Orleans, La., Hope are the maternal great grand parents. trie Garden Club Hat Christmas Luncheon The Iris Garden Cluxi met Tuesday, December 9, at 'the Hope joint statement last night they are trying to get industry to assign new members to the crippled WSB. They said prospects for this looked good. But they added that, In any event, wage controls will not be abandoned. The alternative seemed to be thr.t Putnam or somebody else in ihe Truman administration would take over the WSB's duties and decide what pay increases could be ullowcd. This might not sit too well with has voice in any pay controls. Moreover, Walter Reuther, newly elected president of the CIO, is coming to the capital for a round of meetings Thursday and Friday with Truman and Putnam to try to gel them t« drop controls altogether. "We are determined to keep thu program operating," the Fowler- will do so." The two officials promised they would not permit the coal pay raise—on which Fowler and Putnam disagreed with Truman—to bo used as a precedent to jack up wages-all along the line. They said Truman has said the coal case in volved special circumstances. Fowler and Putnam likened the situation to what happened in prices last summer when the steel industry was given an over-ceiling price boost to help settle the steel . strike. They maintained that the NORTH LITTLE ROCK Wi -The! steel price boost was "sealed off- Board of Education here ruled last I from affecting other prices. They night that "any student that isjsaiu the coal pay raise would be married will be automatically sus- handled in thu same way. pendert for a period of two weeks until a conference may be had with parents and the student to; Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mr. R. E. Boyce of Blevins, Arkansas. Acts to Curb High School Marriages __ ^ ^ _^ Family Country ClutTfor"their Christmas \ determine whether or not further! QC Plane Hits HoiHC luncheon and party with Mrs. Cline 'education will be beneficial." i IPM * ••»""• The action came after George 1 BAKERSFIELD, Calif. WI — A E. Miller, principal of North Little; family of five escaped unharmed Rock Senior High School, said a last night when a B-29 bomber —. _, "number of marriages" had ot-' propeller crashed down on their throughout with arrangements of curred > n hls senior classes. I home in a Bakersfield residential Franks as hostess assisted by Mrs. E. O. Wingfield and Mrs. A. A. Halbert. The club room was decorated Regulars 8i to 10 Longs 9£ to 11 Daytime 60s . . $1.50 Evening 51s . . $1.35 Fqncy Heels . . $1.35 r 1* W holly laden with red berries. Luncheon table was covered with a floor length green linen cloth, and decorated with holly and yew green ery interspersed with lighted red tapers in S shaped candelabras with red Christinas balls and pine cones used for center balance. A similar arrangement was placed on the piano. During the business esssion conducted by Mr*. A. A. Albritton. the club voted to donate five dollars <$5» on toys to be bought (or I children at a cbaritable ta*tiU4ion in Little Bock. Mrs. A. A. Halbert I was appointed chairman ol a mun- year. The board also said that if a I section. marriage is concealed from school. Th,e blade,, falling from the high authorities and it is discovered it flying plane, sheared off a corner will mean automatic dismissal O f the home, slashed through a from school for a period of one ; bedroom and partially buried it- i self in the ground. Mr. and Mrs. i George Cowle, and their J.hree chil- | dren were at dinner in an adjoining room. The Air Force refused to give any de-tails of the accident foil LITTLE ROCK <*—U. A. Gentry,! what it termed security reasons. slated to become insurance com-; It was presumed the bomber con- missloner under Gov.-elect Fran-j tinued on its flight using three cii Cherry says the success or fail-1 engines. Gentry Seeks Cooperotion to got sentimental, they will begin in most urons . , . »mphwiz*» th* pmrljr important / ilim look . . . ItiuuriUfly cunwf in t rtyoB cotton tiSk f«{>hl»u'citf with d»t*chiU« ted»4 yak* • Block or Cplfw- Sizes 9 qnd $17.95 .... One of the the T ure of his administration depends on the co-operatioQ he receives - ' - • ipdustry. ttoal session Sheriff's Deputy Art Crpsj said I the bomber wa« from C>*M# '

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