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Medford Mail Tribune from Medford, Oregon • Page 13

Medford Mail Tribune from Medford, Oregon • Page 13

Medford, Oregon
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Sunday, August 21. 1949 MEDFORD (OREGON) MAIL TRIBUNE THIRTIEK How's That Again? Dave Cox Active Club Awarded American occupation of the Panama Canal zone by the U. S. began on May 4, 1904. Your Health and Its Care Br Dr. WIIUAM IRADY, M.D. Readers should address inquiries ti Dr. William Iredy, 26S II Cimine, Imri) Hills. Calif. Concession At Fair To finance its project of 'scotchlighting" the bicycles of LUMBAGO surface of the bones involved. Lumbago, or low back pain, is impinging upon and interfering Medford kids, the Medford Active club has been awarded the concessions stand at the Medford Aviation fair, September IB. it was announced yesterday by Roy caused by a great many obscure disorders. Obviously, a fall or a mechanically with the surrounding tissues. Often, this new bone formation assumes the shape of CHINESE NOODLES Lunehtem Short Orders to Tk. Out Sukl Y.kl Chop Suy, Chow Mn Phon. 9011 J. N. CAFE Across from Freight Da pot 229 South Front Huson, project chairman, and Al Bradford, Active club president. The concession stand was made available to the Activians as a public service on the part of John Atkins, owner of the Air port cafe, and Dwight Houghton, sudden great strain accounts for a considerable number of temporary disabilities in this connection but in many instances it is a matter of some difficulty to locate and remedy the source of the trouble. ted with the ne- chairman of the Aviation fair KnJoy Health FtfBt, Comfort and Hospitality at the Buckhorn Mineral Springs Sanitarium concession committee, Bradford said. "Scotchlite" reflector tape, to make bicycles more visible at night, will be applied to any kid's bicycle free of charge at the junior high school September 10 at 2 p. m. Small Slashing Fires spurs or spikes. The arthritis process may be "latent," or un-noticeable for a long time and suddenly assume a very painful phase following an inconsequential strain or jolt. Under these circumstances it is understandable that many a person is apt to convince himself that he has "thrown something out of joint." The utter folly and stupidity of undergoing manipulation for the correction of a never ending "displacement" where none exists and which treatment itself may aggravate the underlying disorders is also a matter, the scope of which prevents further discussion in this limited space. During recent years an Increasing understanding of the factors Involved in low back pain has led to the recognition of what is known as a protruding disk. In this condition, due to force, the cartilaginous pad which acts as a cushion between the vertebrae or backbones, is ruptured in such a manner that part of it is allowed to protrude into the spinal canal. The spinal canal is the canal which is en-cirelprt bv the backbones and Rot Xlnaral an4 Mud Batha (or RhBUmatium, Arthrltli Neurltia. Narvouantsa, High and Low Blood I'reiaiire and Skin Kriintlons. 1 1 1 n. Give Patrolmen Runs State forest patrolmen reported two small fires in slashings yesterday. Onrbon Dlozlda Vapor BatKa for pr. Brady ccssity of carrying out numerous diagnostic procedures to establish the the cause of his pain, the uninitiated victim often becomes quite resentful. He assumes that "something is out of place'1 and he may decline the diagnostic measures outlined by his physician and seek the services of a "bone-setter." It would seem well established that muny cases of low back pain are not due to "something out of place," in the sense that one or more of the bones of the lower SDinc are slightly "out of line," a nth ma. tueiema, colas, tsinua and Uronclittln. Bnokhora Klnaral Vprlmra anitartam. Bt. 1. AahUnd, Ora. Br. Barman Waxier, Dlreotov Ohlropr-totio Phyiiclan One during the afternoon a half acre south of Mud-nris ennth nf Griffin "Oh well, easy com easy gol" creek. Bergren Lumber company Copco Power Lineman Loses Pants And Hat caslon. But he had not worn a or "displaced." X-ray pictures denictine "irregularities in me hat on the job and headwear not worn on the job was not accept tcmc leiepnoio 1NTERURBAN CRASH INJURES 19-MUwukee, firemen lift a stretcher out of a window of one of the lnterurban streetcars that crashed Into the rear of another. Nineteen persons were Injured In the collision. positions of the various back able. bones are-of slight, if any, value which contains the spinal cord in this connection. The bone- which extends down tne canai from the brain. This protrusion bender" who eiiblv describes the Someone suggested Cooley's pants. They were forcibly removed and soon fluttered in the MEDrORD NEC CO. OUR NIGHT PATROL SERVICE SAVES Designtn and manufacturers of Quality Neon Displays 527 Putman St. Phone 3276 various "displacements" visible invariably oocurs low in the breeze. A few bareheaded lads snlne because of the mechanical employees Dtiiil a vrau aiuuuu it. The cause was unknown. The other In the morning reportedly resulted from a power saw operation. It burned one-eighth acre northwest of Moon Prairie guard station. Lake O' Woods Visit Today By Active Club Members of the Medford Active club will go to Lake O' Woods Sunday to close the Low Echo Girl Scout camp there. The Activians will dismantle and store the camp's equipment one of their annual projects. The camp closed August 6 after a five week summer session serving girl scouts from all over the southern Oregon area. in the film he shows to the patient, would have a sorry time of fared better. Mrs. Fay Bragg Dies; Former Resident Here factors involved. This injury re Roseburg, Aug. 27 Marvin Cooley, California Oregon Power company foreman, went home in his underwear the other day. It was all in line with tradition. Cooley was foreman of the crew building the transmission line between Toketee Falls power projects and the Dixonvlile substation. The line was completed early this week. There is a curious ceremony among power company men when a line is finished. All crew members' hats are nailed to the last poles and woe be to the man without a hat. Cooley was prepared. He had a hat for the oc- it trying to convince an assem The newly completed line 39 traverses 48.9 miles and millions Word has been received here of board feet of timber were cleared and sold along the right- blage of experienced pnysicians of the worth of his observations and "prejudice" has nothing whatever to do with it. sults in a chronic pain wnicn arises in the low back and extends down one or both legs as a "sciatica." Inasmuch as this injury is Irreversible, it follows that in a that Mrs. Hay Dickerson Bragg, ol-way. Crews erected 305 tow. a former Medford resident, passed away August 21 at Palm ers, which included 859 poles The patient who is assured that his back Dain is due to a and JBO anchor poles. A total Springs, Calif. Mrs. Bragg's hus of 147 miles of copper wire were vertebra which is constantly band was associated with the case of any severity noming short of surgical interference will ever effect a cure. In minor strung, ne project was launched "getting out of place is sorely in in liHf. need of a diagnosis. cases, where the injury is slight, and the amount of protrusion is minimal, the disorder can be It is impossible to indicate within the limited space available for this column the wide extent of the various factors concerned in low back pain. Some "borne" DerhaDs without sural cal operation. Pain is produced by actual pressure against the Oregon Farms Need 2,000 More Workers SAVE MONEY ON BATHROOM FIXTURES nerves which issue out of the spinal cord. One can not help but wonder as to how many vic WE RENT TRUCKS BEE HIVE TRUCK RENTAL SYSTEM VAN-FLAT BED STAKE RACK PICKUP Special Ratel on Long Trips Jim's Texaco Service Phone 9174 6th and Grape Salem, Aug. 27 (U.R) FREE STANDING TOILET Four western Oregon employ-met offices today issued a call for 2.000 additional workers to begin on the late hop harvest next week. $26.50 $74.50 The shabby, worn or damaged cushions, linings, of your car's upholstery is restored best by our real service. Have your car comfortable and in A-l shape again. COMBINATION 5 FOOT CAST IRON PORCELAIN TUB Hunt theaters and the Union Oil company during the time they lived in Medford. Mrs. Bragg had gone to Palm Springs from Silverton, six years ago because of her health. She was 48 yc-ars old at the time of her death. She is survived by the widower, a son, Collin; a brother, C. H. Dicker-son, former mayor of Silverton, and a sister, Mrs. Amos Benson, Eugene. Funeral services were to be held at Silverton today. CAT LIKES TOMATOES Buena Park, Cal. (U.R) C. W. Morgan's cat; Mabel, likes tomatoes and if the Morgan family is going to enjoy tomatoes from the garden, Morgan has to watch Mabel more closely than his bank account. Morgan picks them green by the light of the moon before Mabel can get to them and stows them away to ripen for the table. Salerno. Italy, Aug. 27 (U.R) Federico Pucci claimed today he has. invented a machine which can translate copy from any language into any other. tims of this condition nave sud-mitted to "manipulation" for a "displaced vertebra." QUESTIONS ANSWERS Whit! No Milk? I am a light eater and dislike milk. Have Been Told vltamlm are the bunk. Please give your opinion on this. (W. H. Answer How about cottage cheese. Dutch cheese and other kinds of cheese? Cream, butter, skim mtlk, buttermilk. Acidophilus milk, sour milk. Bulgarian milk and Yoghourt are all good equivalents for milk. If you mean vitamins as magic, yes, they are the bunk. But 1 think every one who consumes less than 1 lb pints Ithree glasses) of milk or Its eaulva- idea ot the possibilities may De gained, however, by brief mention of one or two common disorders which are actually the cause of many cases of lumbago, in instances where the patient is undergoing considerable gymnastic "manipulation" for a "displaced vertebra." One of the most troublesome and persistent causes of low back pain is arthritis which may present itself in various forms. The term arthritis merely means "inflammation of a joint," and unless the specific type is indicated the mention of the word is scarcely of more value than the word "pain" itself. In one type of affecting the spine, a gradual "atrophy" or shinkage of the tissues involved occurs. In another type, new bone is actually formed which may present it- Available for Immediate Delivery OPEN TODAY UNTIL 8 P.M. and all next week during this sale The Salem office estimated that 1,300 non-residents will be needed for picking beans, hops, cucumbers, blackberries, pears, peaches, prunes and peppermint during the next few weeks. Grants Pass was reported In need of 800 more, while Medford and Oregon City needed less than a hundred each. The employment service cautioned pickers to be prepared to bring their own equipment and supplies in sections where cabins are not available. Leslie Plumbing lent dally should supplement his or her deficient diet with a suitable dally ration of three vitamins and three minerals, as explained in the pamph 1046 Court St Phone j845 let Young oiks and uid Folks, mailed wrltten reauest if vou orovlde self as an outgrowth from the (Copyright 194 by John r. Dilie Co.) 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