Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1952 · Page 43
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 43

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1952
Page 43
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STAR, nd*t, ARKANSAS let Up liftees «fn«l to *tMn*Unrfl thdr He slw *»W .... ,.• , to hoM th» S^ofttft com mitwo In thn worr»ln««, reiher to hotly n '*- thirty «f ih«n fli nl«ht, wllh th« ertfitarne 8l noon, Thn w nrovloutly h»* eoiw«»«l A. M, Ai**iMM * but did not pro t«n of lh« «>l* »cUon Pair Enough ttd down tho b» the flriil ftfdcr of bunlnnM wh«n and ««fficd tho Amnmbly con . ««rt, Klllii F««fl» of Llllln Hock 1053 in Jflntinry. end 8»n. R<»»ve» of Wsrreft . were nnmed cbdlrmcn of two »f •y KfR| 19«a tyndleirU. authorl-U-ities" the changing roster of \ this pushful imposition of our In-j WoinWfight Colled to'dcal with. UhrW who arc listed "amon* thoso. telligcnce. our dignity and.our . p rovo<| Trial M ,i ,„ ,.,.-« -,... .•..-.. --•_- - ,,.ii.i,wi i« r.vr-r' nriuont" at the bia Interfaith' very soiils by a lot of ignoble in r rwTWV •••*•• tuft**, W* .re not Kon&«l<clor» M Why not telMM religion it ovor pn «-nt •t < br(?ns ?. of .p hcasaii t ..iwmcn out to sell a harmleu wo chouM canfM« wh*n »p took our h^adt then? I cU,Ynb"U at the Waldorf and oth- "pockagc." the civic and public (in the plfMut condition of the great) vVc got « bar! going "vor ttomi «•""""•"* . . '._»..._,-•., NEW YORK (UP) — Gen. Jonn I hftvo Tiovrr bp«rn ft* rfi»H»M no f »m right now \tnAnr th« orbl tmry (ruppr«a»lnn of historic Infor mutton »rul r«ll«louii !n our country by « f«w Individual KIP »»?W \t Il*» '•»• V"! «• •*»•»»• '»' -••" *!--•• — - I »t '. f»-" -• ~ rr - - - rr el'ty of M«w York. Its dirt, wa*i0 Th« Mothrxllfit Board of Tern- «lvk- corruption after a iericif p,. rB nr<', pmhlbltlon and public •tftortn" mayor* who WrciV mor»l« through the agency of the nuei »wcpt Into of»lc« on tld«i of hi- Mwrt- oat Vatican juit acrow tho «•nipulso ». POO, U«l, )««alou»y and frnr, without the; « t rc<<t from the old house bullrtln« : <»' cl r slightest eonnWerntlon of cntnptt-lm Washington during r'" hlK1 """ ""-' "" I When It wa» over nnd ' M«t«h Impftrtunt. fateful Informs- Cannon hud gone down lion, v«r!fl<»d and owing to the pub-i ini» Hr. l« bt'ins withheld not only by, with paper* but by radio and cv.-n pnl-. Sweet Adi-line. I pit. Korno of the most powerful made .bit4 nlerance" ban rnhrals of our country corruption. This n p "-"-.—-.-„. „,„ have s.ld than W.Jjjr ght w > '- 11 - 1T >'->^- " »vtn-.j. took [fSS 'J. tin; iui*:i .im.t UUM- ...»-j %..^. . i.|»...*... . traiic. At these hypocritical placr; under political adventurers IIUlo lawyers,; who havt been hand-in-glove with th ir who him It «pon ftirtp HIP «l<?«h of the fflf.'0-ciirdH.i . ehnrnctcr* In thl* sinister perio/l of hliUory itr«» not oven mentioned RCHRISTMAS YouSavo $30.00 How . . a $89.95 -...HV-, :I nesuilon 136.50 $33,45 Now lilar $189.95 Solid Hardwood ROOM --—— ^ YouSnye $25.00 Now i •« • (laf 189.50 a Pi«ce DIO You Save $25.00 Now ... „.,,,, .... ,.-, , ftj( political forc«n. We vcnerHlc f am not rtoiriu to try to throw Writ j nlulB W h ( ,,,, Wl . rldlcuU- tn ««'' «K(j Into the olcfilrlc fan yH. but f fl(Jmitla , dUcugMons. Why I yield only to futility, not to any w(i (|() lha( , W|)1|t (|i( , ,,,, vj | Inhibition of my own. K() , ,,,,„ 1W , m yway? It I* Irtiglr thnt this denial has f . ()( , w<i l(il(l)< wp , ( . t II!|| . B b«en decrcud twtmme our ppople. K( ( H|( bn ,|,, (l u| , , n .,„ ,, though they might niuKe inlcta'C'" nl)01Pl „ I71 j,,.hiof cnlled "I of ftelltclon." As n result nil tin; afraid to discuns rrtlicoin Wi 1 i«re uncon»clou»ly ile.vclopin.n a fli-ld-riitlon co«le of platitudes, not cvi>n forrtiiilulc-d, which the peofih; bleu) i:i-ii DubmlttlnK ' In but not iicivpt. KU! In any spiritual sensi . TblM rcelpc (iieeln all thi- objccliiniH ot nil Ht't'tB lo all other seel.H antl noun of the requlrcMiinnt!! of tiny. Nobody IK int'-rferini: with liny- boily'w rellKl' 1 " in "itr iMiuiitry- lltil" Ironi tin.' profrHsloniil clntnur. you! inluhl think Dint .all our ulloys' wrc Jammed with fannllcH wnit- inn tu slit the throatii of heri'ticti diil 'A nJici-r bigotry. This is ;i idclu^r us I hiivo Kliown in del;ill in the c.iae of thv non-seclurian iiiitl Nu/.l leiiRtle, which lit- fully wnve-s M bloody shirt to scnrt. 1 cn-diilo'.is poiiple Into Kivinti it iiiuii"y to hokc up more scares Proiestant- horribl- scarlol l.'ll.-r "bi^.t. Nrv,-r In our history has our , w the New Deal began press blabbed so much about re-.uwuy with It just because they get ;i bold development; li«ion nnd reliKious ••freedom" and'their pictures in the papers. of holy-joes to do its public rela tions or even approached these depths of every single phase godlessness. All this evil was wrought with ral courage in; M. re publicity isn't religion. If the constant ministrations of a have been put under aj Jur-plri.'j skittishly aw:iy from the there is anv merit at all lo the self-appointed corps who nadn t to keep our traps shut; faintest gu-.^M-stlons of inle.llinent ulea that i>eopk' arc capable of the fidMity to look their P O11U "' ,. who. to my knowledge.' religious discussion. We must all Ihoui-lil, then the people of the hosts and cohorts dead in trie eyt „,!•.• reliKious than Stalin. | revere u fantasy ''called reli«i.ni.-: j United States must be pondering and tell them they ougnt to spt-mi not referrinK to ciimrnu- '. "freedom," but we mustn't exam: the fact that n" other political ad- the rest of their lives on any religion. And throughout 'ministration in our career as a n.i- knees. ne»0ltitlon» nnd Committee r«»p«cllv»ly. Prior to the executive Ihn «roup nttctldwl yi« IHh nliil predcftdlon du«'k dlnn«fr by their rulnikl County collenKut;'; Flllinn M«X liowell'imd Artie art»«nry, Other '«»mmltt«oii named >•<>*- terdny nnd their chnJmien in. ' 164.50 , *>/• ll-T T- 164 JO YORK FURN. CO. 111 W. Dlviilon Phono 7-6621 Niilurnl Ke»ource» ConMrvatlon, tie Hiding »grleulture, mine* nnd nroiitry, Wiley Ue*n'of .-Clnr)^- vlllc; Budget, Public Kxpendilui <.•«,, I, K. (F'nt) Onrner of Ft, .Sinitli; ConntlUitUmiil AniondmcritB, E:icr- tlon», John Cloor of Sprln«tlfile; Educiillon, Hob Rnltay Jr., RuHfiell- vlll«; - -V- Kfllclency, Ellis M, KHe. Mt- ™ road 'lo about thi.s. but what can tru>y do? They Ki'umblo about it in private but they don't dare say r that the word on the phone or in unre- our peo-' liable company f->r fear of repriy- h t the trustees of religion nil ; " ch ' nr , lilSS ' llmc . Thls is „ bad rcco rd. They fee! as 1 treason trial of farmer nrmy Sgt. John David Provoo. this Wainwright will come here from no Thi, i< n met recora ' San Antonio. Tex., his home in re- no. This is a baa rtcora. tirenle nt, to testify about the ex- U isn't the people who are afraid i . scr ved on his _ who once served on his staff as an interpreter and now stands accused as a traitor. of our peo-' "<II;I«. P i-'iini'«"j •••• •••••• ••• •-r--- ; ble example, the patronage of a relieved of ulals includiiiK, at the worst, that standing roster of prominent dress: •" Up characters who hire speeches mien and think they are getting if religion, afraid to bo to study and discuss religion. The people "are lorbiddcn to. They are^ . _ ipposed lo accept, in lieu of no- |j ( , n p yer made such a row about rallied religion, such a congress 'leaders," "celeb- ine Efllclcncy, K.IIIS wi, rtiKoii.. i«u- tle nock; Federal Rolutioni; w.tC. lDu«k) PMetchur, Scott; JTlHBhce and b«nkin«, Unwell Elrod 'cff ail- oam SprliiKsi Insurance nntJ Wrtrk- men'ii Compcniiullon, Mnjc Howell, Llltlo Hock; Judlclnt'y;iCon> mltt».'0 A, Guy Jonns, C6nw;«v; Jtullclnry Commllteo B. Dr. F.(,'. Crow, Hope; Lnbor, Edwin Cpxh, Mnlvern; Militia. Jnmc» Pj Public Heiilth, Dr. K. J. Byrd, Cuindon: Public Sorvlc*-, Crop., JltmoN Johnmm, Crosucll, Ruveriuu nnd Tnxntlim. l.ftr Doarden, Lench- vUlo; HoitdM ami UlgliwnyM. Y.M. M««k, Mtioref It-Id; Huica and rtew- iiliitionn, Lee HueveK, Wnrren, mul State nnd fharltnbl* limtltutions, N. llyrum llitrnt. Hot pay the salaries of a pack of in-' vc"i'l(jatoi'M who bon.it of their S nasty espionage on blameless j Amerlcmi cltl/.ens. Uut this league i Is almost disposed of and my real concern In this discussion Is the' exploitation of a political phantom | called rellKion which has absolutely no rellKlouN quality. Never In our history have our penpii- been so devilled by propaganda extolling relltilon as an abstract thlnK. Uut never have the renl INHUOK of religion, theoUiny, j validity, inoralu and the differences between sects been held in such fear, ll is as thumih reliulon | wpre a horrible force liUe (be litom bomb, which only experts; who c|ii;illfy as experts by aulhori-j is Coming to Hope ;,Dec. 11th-4:30p.m. pw to Be in Hope- ie Kiddies, , *« lk*l« wwitftrfol ~n - W |hwt 9«y «»nd «»y wmtort compontow have to of ChrUtmai warmth and all-year tn thtm that ttity alrnoit makt an ftvtr Qf St, Ntek hlm$tl« 6vtryon« to ywr famtty will beam with delight when on y?< new coyrage In your I holiday budget. Many, many to 5,45 tt> 4.95- SUPPERS. 1,95 to 2,95 S SH0I STORI WEST BROS. 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Carrol •His best-known characterization is 11 Attack 3 Cardplayer ,4 Classify anew 18 Note in 15 Femini'ne Guide's scale 20 Prattles 2\ Soften in / IT IM PI2i^\ TH' / TAK WIT HOUT >. l CME TMIM \ BELOlV TH' BELT. port 7 Footed vase 8 False god 9 Bacterium 10 Angers 12 Unaspiraled 13 Washes 28 Range 29 Scatiers 30 Essential being 34 Hones, as a razor 37 Sorrowful 40 Bird's home 43 Plant part 45 Conceal 46 Above 47 Saucy 49 Male sheep 50 Goddess of infatuation 52 Three times (comb, form) 53 Operated appellation 16 Easter (ab.) 17 Born 19 Long meters temper 22 Named 23 Princes 24 Mimickor WASH TUBBS 25 Greek district 41 Hardens 26 Smell 42 Nested boxes SORRY, /W5.WILSOM TOWIO05HV THNT MU*T71 IP HMU£0N WALK* INTO TM«r|THite'* TH6 J05T CHECKED OUT 0<?( BB WHERE TH 1 PRINCB J TRKP/HB WO 1 EASV WILL BB JeCRf^Lt THE HOSPITAL! LEFfV \& HOuSlN' 6^V I *U I WLUEDl I OOTTN VWVRM ./WHO LANDBD UlrtOIS ll*- s+s*ui r* *»** IS^ -J^^^f Bk^ , tt*«ft tM« . ' ttumi ^r . iMJ^J**••*«•• jftk dignitary 24 Idolize 27 Quicken 31 Pertaining to the feet 32 Cubic meters 33 Acts for an audience 35 City in w Yorkshire " 36 Leases anew 38|Expunge SQtord fibers 41 Relative (coll.) i'44 Poem 45 Jump on one foot 48 Ensnare 51 Endeavor 64 Plays the part of host 55 Barterer 56,French river 5'NLethargic VERTICAL 1 Nostril 2 On the ocean 3 Devotees WORD HB COULP BB REfKHEP THRU CAP- TWM EA5V AT HOTEL HINUI 0 —- WUP! OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople 1VII6 60THRILL- LEAD ON,MEM/ \ME'LL 6TRIKB A R.ONM FOR i LA\M AMD ^ ;{ ORDSR/ .' AFTER YOU, SBjALCORM.' LECTURE THE BOulS AND HER BUDDIES PSVfcR VWCitW 0V SCVOOV. NoiiVi.^ wtv^y swv. GET ? By Dick Turner CARNIVAL \NL5 HPWe 6E-EM TIPPED BUGS BUNNY THAT AC'C7L.ef At-UEV CACT IN HI6 PI-US HAT... WHAT A> SHOT/ ~ TU/VN FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger ALLEY OOP ALL RIGHLOOCM-A/ J VOU LET MB BUT I THINK WORRY ABOUT' YOU'RE MAKINS MOTAKE. JUTTHIN^OFTHW TIME-MACHINE. / THAT'S «\U,THQ6E*/r Of4THAT' HORRIBLE ,V I'll SHOW YQU TO WHERE v RIGHT/ HORRIBLE CRACtlN OOP 16... RIGHT NOW? Enjoy them while you can, Imogene! After you re mar ried they'll just be a cover-up for shenanigans!" ^ w ^: ~m\ 1 S^f C.p.. l»S2l,NUJ^,l«.!«. <^if \ jBj^^^, ^i ' _.T. M. i«>. u. i f»r Q" -^^-f. t DC GLANCES By GaUbrolth "I see the neighbors upstairs are hard up CHRIS WELKIN, Plonetor FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS / CWOM! IVAlTINC- WITH My iPViV TPVO £)<A/5 QEMtoN BEFORE SENIOR-JUNIOR TUG-OF-WAH AMP •JUNIORS SrtU. HAVE A IMPOUND PECT TO PINP $TIL.L CATCH VAL^AN. cur DOWM ON HIS . EXERCISE/ FEAR. ANOTHER MALTED WOULD SO ORFCIT MASTEE LARD THAT HE WOULD EXPUXJE./ Hi

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