Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 31, 1894 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1894
Page 6
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$5 1 Will Well Dress > YOUR BOY. Our Offers as Unusual as its Great. ATHLETES AT WOEK. A Full Suit of Clothes. Ages 5 to o years— every thread all wool—double breasted coat—pants made with double knees- double seats—taped seams (will outlast 2 pairs of the usual kind) A Stanley Cap, made like illustration—to match the su it_and A Pair of Shoes of solid leather, first- class, strong and neat— THE HUB'S Head-To-Foot-Outfit for Sent on receipt of price, or C. O. D. with privilege of examination to any part of -the United States if $1.00 deposit is sent with order. If not satisfactory we agree to refund the purchase price. Catalogue and samples Free. In ordering include 6sc postage. Clothiers,Hatters Furn- CHICAGO, ILL. ishers and Shoors. PRACTICING FOR THE INTERCOLLEGIATE CONTESTS. How tlie Men of Manilla Got Into Con' dltlon for the Muniy Uamei or Amateur Sport—For Runalni; and Sprint- In g. $5.00 THE HUB,' State and Jackson St. Men and Women Of Stageland MARIE BURROUGHS ART PORTFOLIO OF D?..\MATJC CELEBRITIES S a "humble worker in the vineyard" of college athletics, 1 venture to express an opinion on the changes recommended by tlie distinguished president of Harvard University in the regulation of eoliogo sports there. In his recitals of the advantages and benefits of college athletics, he has pnid them u.s beautiful ;i tribute as they over received. (See report.) This should have groat weight with intelligent and reasonable men generally, Now, those benefits und advantages seem to mo to be the direct result of the intcreollcgiiite contest system. The grout games, the race, the ambition und competition for tho positions on the university and freshman crews and teams, serve to keep alive anil disseminate throughout the student community the habit of and desire for manly exercise. They also stir the blood and ambition of every schoolboy, with tlie same result. It is an indisputable fact, however, -that there are too many contests with too many different colleges. Would it not be wiser to restrict the number of annual contests than to hold them on alternate years or at intermittent periods'.' But the suggested abolition of intercollegiate sports, should the president's recommendation bo tried and found unsuccessful, would meet with no sympathy elsewhere in the college world. To substitute inter-class and inter- lub contests, confined to the ranks of each college, with no intercollegiate competition with other colleges where the candidates go into the tank, mere they are ulosd.s watched, and the most promising ones only are afterward taken on the water. For many weeks Capt. Davis of the Harvard university crew has hud his men in the imitation boat, which is rigged up in the rowing tank, und lias got OD so well with them that live or six of the places in the shell are filled for the rest of the year. The winter practice of tTie candidates for the track and field athletic team is of a much more general nature than that followed by men trying 1 for the other organizations. The runners and jumpers do a good deal of work with the elicst-wcig-hts, dumb-bells, and .similar apparatus. The great trouble in years gone by was to give the men a chance to run. In the gymnasium there is a track, but it is BO short tliat a runner would become di/.x.y before he could cover a mile, and n cminl,- of vciirs utro Mr. l,rithrop, the COACHER PHIL KINC. Clevnreit Foutbnll l-ltycr In the Cnlt*d i " The fact tint. 1'hil King has been engaged ns chief coach for the entire football season next fall has been the source of much rejoicing in tbe Princeton club recently. His acceptance of this position practically marks the dawning of a new era in 1'rinceton football. The entire college is rejoiced that at last the authorities have not only recogni/.ed the crying need of more steady coaching 1 but liave succeeded in securing such an ideal helper as Kinjj, who will give his whole time to putting the Tigers into championship form and placing Princeton still further in tlie van. For years Princeton's reverses have been ascribed to one and another cause, till finally, the category being exhausted, those lovers of 1'rinccton who believed that old Xoxsau was tho home of athletics were beginning to lose their faith in the face of so much contradicting sight. Of these reputed CMUSCS of the failures in athletic W.-LS tho lack of coaching. As ISSft was the Jast year in which Princeton h;i.d won a football championship, coaches were drawn almost entirely from llic ranks of the '89 eleven. These players were all star guards, tackles, anil backs in their ' r iB'a magnificent collection of i'40 Photographs of the most popular Actors, . Actresies, Singers and Musicians of modern times. The photographs are executed in the highest stylo of the art and each one la accompanied by an Interesting »ketch of the professional career of the artlet. It represents the •reaulta ol immense labor spent In collection of photographs and data necessary to completely present the moat noted personages of the stage, besides a •JarffB-outlay of money. In the majority of cases the great artlsta shown In rthls collection have given SPECIAL SITTINGS FOR THIS WORK therefore, includes many photographs which are oot to be obtained '-iliewhere. Olhera have personally supplied favorite photographs which are oot on public sale and, In fact, the collection Is Incomparable as to quality Every Photograph Is a Gem. I'.n tbe series are Included all the great lights of tragedy, comedy, grand opera, '•-melodrama, comic apera, burlesque and tarce: all the favorites In all branches < of dramatic and lyric art: in fact all the (ifeat Actors, Actresses and Singers Of the world who have been aeen d uring- recent year* on the American stage. XLa. thle Portfolio the nelectlon has been made on a broad and comprehensive 1 saols to secure a complete representation of the modern stage and the eelec- 'tion'aas been completed under the supervision of Miss Mario Burroughs, her' self one of the most prominent and popular actresses of the d.iy. Thn Pbrt- ! folio will be ISSUED IN TWELVE PARTS, each part CONTAINING TWENTY '.PHOTOGRAPHS, with the sketches belonging to them. IT IS A COMPLETE MIRROR OF THE MODERN STAGE .-And the series constitutes practically a Biographical Dictionary of Stage Ce- lobrUles. Many of the photographs of this collection It would be impossible 'ioo'atftln elsewhere at any price; and even where obtainable any one of them •would coat as many dollars aa the number of cents for willed they are offered ?HQ the readers of the Journil. We offer them at TEN CENTS for each part, csoatalning twenty photographs, when accompanied by coupons; in other •«»ord«, we offer these elegant photographs at HALF A CENT APIECE. HOW TO GET THEM: 28Y SPECIAL ARRANGEMESr with the publishers thle elegant work can be •-obtained in Logansport only through THE LOGANSPORT DAILY JOURNAL l_o every issue of this paper there will bo a dated coupon. Three coupons of ^different dates together'with 10 cents presented at the Coupon Department of 'the Dally Journal will secure one ot the parts of the series, and orders by 'mall wilt be promptly filled without extra charge. The coupons Deed not ba • sonBeoutlve, but must be of different dates. , All communications by mall ;-should be accompanied by a plainly written address to which the Portfolio is vto'bo forwarded, and should state the number of the part desired. Save Your Coupons ISSSSi OKO. A. ADKE. natural aud timo-houorod rivalries He, would result in the wane or disappearance of the very benefits and advantages mentioned in the president's report, or would at least produce a sort of provincial home guard, instead of, as now, n fine body of manly young men who are ready to take hold vigorously of the active pursuits of life, and work with trained courage, skill, discipline, determination and concentration of purpose, and who are improving- the physical standard of the American race. Who can say truly that this is not a fit preparation for the battle of life which every young man who amounts to anything has to fight with brain and body, or that it has not benefited his brain, as well as his body, habits and morals? By giving up a few other pleasures *nd recreations, the student can easily find time for study and athletics, too— for the proper and simultaneous development of the growing 1 niind and body at school and college.' After that a voung man can drop intercollegiate contests, take to his life's work, or his special professional preparation for it, and leave the coveted team positions to the growing youths who, need them, and for whom they are intended. Within the last few years the amount of work done by the candidates for college athletic teams has greatly increased and many men are now in training almost all the year. The beginning 1 of the competition always comes, with the exception of football, indoors. The'baseball men commence In the cage, the oarsmen in the rowing-room and the tank, and the runners and jumpers in the- gymnasium. It is this part of the athlete's life which is illustrated. The rowing tank and baseball cage at Harvard-are in the Carey athletic building, which is situated just across Holmes field from the gymnasium T1I.VCJIINO Sl'Iil.' MILS HOW TO STA P,T. instructor in athletics, had built u small and narrow board track. This was placed just outside the gymnasium and kept clear from snow, so that the candidates might run out of doors all winter. That idea has grown, and during the winter just past a wide track, a sixth of amile long, was built. It extends from tlie law school on one end to the extreme point of the physical laboratory i-n the other. On this, sprinters, middle and long-distance runners and hurdlers have been able to get regular practice. The interior of tho Hcmenway gymnasium on a winter or early spring afternoon is a very busy place. The athletic team this year has between three and four hundred candidates, for Mr. Lathrop encourages every man in the university to try for a. place. All these men arc carried along until the spring 1 is well advanced, and, whether they get on the team or not, they certainly get valuable exercise. They are divided into three classes, one of which meets in the morning and two in tlie afternoon. Besides these, there arc always a number of men who are training for the indoor winter meetings of tho athletic association, and wrestling, vaulting and rope work are always going on. MOTHERS* FRIEND •MB CHILD BIRTH " r Vila mod FBIEND before ier third confliument. .nd *ay. ,h« woakd not bo without it for hundreds o f dollar* DOCK - MIt C.S. mitAOflELO ItEGULATOn CO.. •"i Wl* .».U.O«U..»T,. ATUtHT*. .**, For sale byBen Fisher, i FACIAL BLEMISHES I will remove, Freckle* Plmnlcc, Blackhrada-. jHoili patchcc.Ntllow- IIOMI, Wrinkle* and all other ekiu blemishes LOLA MOXTEZ CREAM The KrfRt Skin food and Tissue Guilder, will make you Beautiful. ID ccnti- mid Ihisiul. lor n boi of ridn lood mid (tiiie powder. Free. Frop, Free MRS. NETTIE HARRISON" America's BcHtily JJoctor 20 Kvary Mi-rot, San KrancUco, Cal. :W1 him St. Cincinnati, Ohio Supcrfluoui ll»lr permanently removed. i-n\; : <;f i- \.-llll l <iro ;i of nii-1 Oimi|)i(!lfl-TrcntTni-nt, counting of ls, Cnpi'Ules of Otuuiinnt nnd two .: . A n<-vcr-f:iililiu r Cure for Pilos T: p untu!-<! mj.l nt'-i-o. JL !t;:ijiy j HO operation i;.' klilfi- in- injections of curliolif, ncfii, vhlcfe r::j)fi:l njifl t-i>|ooi:i d perniam'ut i-urf, u&d ofteB iu; in ilc:ulj, unm»cofisnry. Why «ndu*a thiF -.orriblo Ciso-ice? Wo (cuaranta* O boxes to cure nnvoaao. iou ouly pay for bcncilN receive;!, n (i box, 6 for $G. Sent by mall. Gii:ir:inti<i>- ii-^m-t] by ouro^ont*. 0 ""*- Pil « Prevent^, byJaiianescLlverPollati tli.-sr.ii:: I.TVER mid. STOMACi! r :!;(iUI,ATORani! liLOOUl'UHIFlJIK. Small, i.ill,. and ploasant to tflke, cKiicciiilly adapted fur childjx-uV u.-o. CO Doeei ii5 cpnls, GUAU.V5TKE3 iraieJ only by W. H. POftTEtl, Druggist, 326 Market St., Lo- "ansport, Ind. day, but few if any of them had kept pace with the development of the game in the last few years, Ko one would say that a great amount of jrood was not done for the Princeton teams by these same men. The truth is they were invaluable, but the idea of players of the old school leaching tlio now system was wrong 1 . Although some excc-llentcoaching- was done by Alex. Moit'at, Jesse Riffga,. Walter Cash and Ifect.;r Cowan, each stayed only a short time, and the unfinished work was continued by coaches who did not know what had been done before their arrival, and who had ideas sometimes diametrically opposed to their predecessors. MLLE. CHEIREL COMING WHEELING EVENTS. May .10—Rome 'Cj-clers' annual race meeting, Rome, N. Y. May HO—Utica 'Cycling club annual race meeting' Utica, N. Y. May 30—Associated 'Cycling- club of Boston, annual race meeting, Wai- tham, Mass. May 30—Bay State 'Cycle club annual race meeting, Worcester, Mass. May 30—Hay City Wheelmen annual race meeting, Worcester, Mass. June J5—Elizabeth Athletic Club 'Cyclers' annual race meet, Elizabeth, N. ,1. June -3—Kings County Wheelmen annual race meeting, Brooklyn, N. Y. July 4—Tourist 'Cycle club annua? race meeting, Paterson, N. J. July 4—Watertown 'Cyclers' annuni race meeting 1 , Watertown, N. Y. July 4—South Orange (N. J.) Field club annual race meeting. July 4—Maiden Bicycle club annual race meeting, Waltham, Mass. July 4—Acme Athletic club annual race meeting, Oakland, Cal. . . July 4—Oakland Wheelmen ;innual race meeting, Stockton, Cal. July T—Riverside Wheelmen annual race meeting 1 , New York. Aug. 30-31—The American Wheelman's annual good roads tournament, New York. Aug. 31, Sept, 1—Denver (CoL) 'Cycling club annual race meeting. Sopt 3—New Jersey Athletic club annual race meeting, Bergen Point N. J. Sept. 30—Garden City 'Cyclers' annual race meeting, San Jose, Cal. Sept, H-13—Springfield (Mass.) Bi cycle club annual tournament, Hampden Park. Oct. 1—Olympic club wheelmen annual race meeting, San Francisco, Cal A Maw and Charming Actrcii on th* French Stac*. Mademoiselle Cheirel is a bright and charmingyoung person who has just von favor on the stag-e of Paris by her rtquirfv Da chant* d dirt or niuKmui, mtrraria) or polKxraaj mtd. Idneilo M tlkftb latemllj. VhM UMO. . AS A PREVENTIVE \iy cither IVT. It Is lmpaaibl« tooontnct any venereal dlMBM; but In U» cut of a *nd *5l««t, we a- Loi, or 41 taxes for ft. W.H. POltTBS, Drilfttltt, 828 •*»«£« St.. gansport, lud. Lo LOftf MflllllOOIl reitonxLVu-ieoi*^ ••WVI mtlllllVVM n i f btlr tmliilor,. atrophy, pte., Mirply cured by 1NIIAPO, th* CTMbl Hindoo Hcmody. 'Wlthtti > lll*afwrftM««l*aBi«, Sold by JiKN nsUEH, Uragglji,Log.ojDort.m<lmi». ES CONSTlPAT;Oi- INDIGESTION. D I :•: / . r, £ S A ««rrBe«ble Laxative and NEKVE TONI EXEJiClSE. proper. After spending 1 the ilrst few weeks of the season on^thc rowing machines, which are in the jrymnasiuffl, UOOD'S AND ONLY • • Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the medicine for you. Becauso it is the best blrrlpurincr. HOOD'S CURES ATHLETIC. The annual race for the national cross-country championship of England came off on March 3, at Blackpool. Eight clubs were represented by teams, tho field numbering eighty- three runners. The start and finish, of the race took pluee at tho Blackpool Athletic club grounds, where nearly 2,000 spectators were gathered. The weather was fine and the course generally good. The event was won by the Salford Harriers, whose score was 00 points. The annual football match between tho picked teams o£ England and Ireland came off at Belfast recently, the result being a tic on two goals, the g-ame thus resulting 1 in a draw. Of the thirteen matches that have, been annually contested, twelve stand to the credit of the English players. ' MLLE. CBKIREL IN "UN VILA LA PATTE. exquisite costumes. Barely has a Pa risian actress dressed so well. She ex cites the envy even of the great ladies who flock to the Palais Royal to see her in the pleasnnt comedy of "Un Fi a la Pattc." Her rivals angrily say that she is a walking manikin, but she has abundant talent for light cornedy.as well as for the gentle art of dressing to perfection. SKATING. At Christiana, Feb. P,the Norwegian skating championship was won by Halverson, who will compete at Stockholm, In the championship skating races held at Quebec, Jan, 31, Hudson Breen of St John's, N. U., won the 220 yards' championship of Canada, with Me- Culloch of Winnipeg- second. Time, 24s. A LADFS TOILET Is not complete without an ideal POZZONIS Combines every element of| [ beauty and purity. It is beautifying, soothing, healing, health-1 J ful, and harmless, and when! rightly used is invisible. A most! delicate and desirable protection | 11* the face in this climate. Iniiit upon having th» ginnin*. IT IS FOR SALE EVERYWHERE. OUAKER CATARRH CURE i ;nuff, powder, paste, vapor or ' "b with * soothing: oily hue. Ititrii* iamfdll n .ill oilier remedies. H urn i ill.il coiiil'iii.ltton of inciJictoaUk'cr nic cure for CATAKXH. 1% applied directly to tell of dlKUe with a :i:i<"'. >«lierci -. i > immediately absorbed and quickly effects a cure. In Httiflllisrelt.itonce. It cleanm tlir natal puures. Allayi Inflanna- < tl;<- Sore-.. KrMorr* Taste Slid Smell. RaltofM C>U l» lk> UM4 •< «••. QUAKER MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, ST. PAUL, MINN. For sale in Loganaport by BEN FISHKR, DrugpUt n Ami PJIHC. LOST MANHOOD RESTORED. " SPANISH NEKVK CRA'INS" the wonderful remedy ll KM with a written jjitarantee to cure all ncn-ous disenscs sucli as Wees Memory, Lofitof Bmin Powcr,Lost Manhood, Nightlv Emissions, EvU Drauw Lack of Confidence, Nervousness, Lassitude, all dmins-and lot* of powW - ' ' ' ' ' i, youlMfl •oca bU vcn't'poci'n.'^entby'miii in plain package to anyaddreu for $1, or* , for <is.jTnt.imy|5c»dwwigl™tvrlttMnuntM totmtrntutfa m;. Circular f'ce. Address Cri«SH HIBVE SUiS CC. HlW 7«* For •»!• in I«gamport by Biw Fmr«, DruffUtJ

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