Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1952 · Page 39
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 39

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1952
Page 39
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y***& •»» tT*CU, J ^ **"? T A -* i i !,.;L«1 4 ' MO PI ITA*, «0rt. A* Tuesday, December 9, 1952 ** REPHAN S SHOPPING GUIDE ONLY 13 More Shopping j Days Until CHRISTMAS !**fc**»»IH**»*»>»<»»»»** get a Como in and bring thi whole family to do your Christmas shopping. Our f < Horn & Gateway' store is full of gift! for everyone on your shopping list from the baby to grand- 3 . . iflft AftC mother. You'll find many gifts for the home, and you'lllike the money saving j LUuUAUr prices at Rephon's. Don't waif, shop now while our stock is complete, and .{ you con get just the flifts you want. •* A 1 , advertised in Hul '.' ,;lii7 Matched sets Ladies Flannel J- pieces. Give Her a 100% ALL WOOL COAT *"L Stripes, tweeds, checks and 'C solid colors in iust the stylos ffj she will like. The gift that's 0J] sure to please any lady *i $9.98 I TO J $29. The Idea! Gift GIVC HIM Obit OF THESE ram r^i °T * $ AT^ IT" I ! Fv H 8 1 VI A» 5 , t t \*! B\ 6 t«, £,» i J * t * > "•' He is Mir!.' t.i np|M'iv:i<jt'.': 'l •"'>'' i~'- :t : " the s!y!e and o.i r !';<..• '.vent': A!' .'.'. rf »«h 4* rf» «rt"» /I *" v f*~'-t £2.98 to i;4.Vo -:'. n-ft w Ideal for her Christmas. Warm flannL'l gowns m flurcil pat- t jrnv 1 7 and I B Sizes 19 and 20 Ladies Flannel MEN'S JAC3CETS Gabardine, zclon and other', in assorted cok.rs and si/es $2.93 to SI0.98 • ; h.::".*".;>"- .f' i 1 ~ ;: '-.'~ '*£':"''' Another gift that '.lit.' will op preciate, Givo IHH o paii '.I these warm pajamas A'l •.;/!", To PLEASE A MAN WITH EASE .... WINGS Give Wings Pajamas with !h.: feature's he lil'cs Solid colors, stripes and patterns | •! Ladies Select her coat now Use Our Convenient T| Ladies Rayon Lay - Away Plan | TRICOT PANTIES SPECIAL Sizes 5 to 7 29c SLIPS . , TQllof«d and lace trimmed nylon slips in white and pastel colors, The gltf jvistforhor, 2.98 and 3.98 Ladies gRAYON SLIPS ' 5Wj is sur« to appreciate one of these v< protty rayon slips. 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'iV''-''^.'' I hi s-v.crv gt'barJines, vigor- ir. 1 '! ..•oshc'ole ravon, and tii:-y'rc wi inkle-resistant. All GIVE PICTURES FOR CHRISTMAS •' GIFfS rOR THJ ;.. Give s^icet... Pillcv C.a'v-v-., lowels, Wash Cloths and Beautiful reproductions. All si/es and SMU'.VS ••; mri\ or'ru'r ifoms in our store. $1.98 to $14.98 . < : ; I^EAL CHRISTMAS GiFTS. Santa Says: Gsve Him Shirks For Christmas.... Horiman Walking BabyDollt DOLLS ' Rn| |» B'we Thfy will want, X" ' ' ""*' ' ' 1.79 . Doll* Priced Fwm t.98 » 7.98 >*- U*ii">. Fine Acetate and Rayon Crepe > RITE -FIT DRESSES Here Is a "Go Everywhere" dress that she will appreciate tor Christmas and long after. Rite-Fit dresses are wonderfully styled to moke you lovely, slim and comfortable. Many styles to select from, Sizes 12-20 and Ml to 24}, $7.99 1^*1 I 1 * 1 ' •»'it>U Cotton mm R^> - tjS.^j-, } 5% Wool I BLANKETS Double fe>ed size $3.98 the white shirt with the Guaranteed Airplane Cloth Collar Horn's the famous shirt that lets you say pooilhvo to frayed collars forever. Airplane cloth is the reason — iujier-\vear cotton that {toes into every Vt injzs Uoeket collar. If it doesn't outlive the shirt, we'll hand you a brajid new .-hirt free. Heal pearl button*, fine couihed broadcloth •- it's America's greatest shirl value. Tutsday, December 9, 19S2 HOPE STAR, H OPI . * i M Wives Seem to Have Taken Over an Annual Custom- the Office Christmas Party liL* !(& •*<*.» in solid W;<<', (an, i or ray *^O . HOES REPHAN' HOPrS FRIINOLY DEPARTMENT STORE FRID ROBERTSON, Mgr. %'• GAC • :-,: c, !\.in . r •';•, .-L vi'crt shoes for Christ- 4 ivc- '-•<.•.• c'i toe meccano. \ving tip or plain « i ' iivios Luce if L)cei>.-5i in tan, brown or 3 LracC I $9.93 and $10.98 4 1 Others from $4.98 to $8.98 | By HAL BOYLE NEW YOHK i.TT to have- an 'this year? Well, the ce, as wild —Are you going Christmas party 'party is „„ c and chances are it won't md woolly as the sea- The office Christmas the way to becoming sane as the Fourth of to that. I > The wives are seem; They're turning it from a •^holiday into a family affair. The office Christmas party has : a long tradition in American" folk-1 lore. In the old days the boss used! to call in the clerks 10 minutes be-: fort" quitting time. He broke a bottle. poured a round of flrink.--. and toasted them to "merry Christmas". He then grimly locked up the bottle, and every-1 body went homo from worft three i minutes early, 'feeling a bit misty-! eyed about the old man's geiier-] p ostty. I With the entrance of women inlo! the business world'the system subtly chanced. Over the ' years the boss was finally education (,, ||, 0 idea it would be a fine thing if he \viil ho ne early. Tne employes! then bn he out their own bottles. 1 had some sandwiches sent up. and the spirit of i-evelry took over, i Some connoisseurs regard this' as the true hey-day of the office; |Christmas parly, and il is still j F celehratei1 that way by some firms. I "I remember the year the bookkeeper was chasing a stenographer Iroin the top of one desk to another, and he fell off and broke a le'!." <>>!(• oldtime recalled fondly. "We used to gather around the water cooler and sing, and then have a fist fight or two. For clays they'd be sweeping up broken glass and pulling lost employes out of the filing cabinets." • from his office wife. Many a cele-' br'int didn't even get home until Christmas dawn - and found h ; s k ! (!s already had opened their presents. Well, wives weren't going to stand for that kind of thing forever. And they haven't. Today mama insists on going right alon:: to the office Christmas party, too , -- and if papa gets out of hand. Komaiij shc . s rj!?hl thm , , o t;lk( , him b;u , k in tow. From being a spontaneous thing the office Christmas party has turned into a planned production, coiv-'k'te with evcniiv; dresses. n l >l>n i waiters, and dance bands. F.ven the boss feels safe in coming, '"knowing tint with the wives there no over-exhilarated hired hands will back him inlo a coiner and start bawling him out for his mistaken of the previous 12 months. Yes, there is no doubt tiles' hav taken much of the mad, bad gladness out of the office Christmas party. But the verdict of most wives is — "Wo hale to spoil a man's fun, but we had to do something to be sure we'd L'et him home before Santa Claus." Three Die in Texas Hotel Fire KORT WORTH, Tex., (UP) A fire swept through n three-story! hotel on the south fringe of the Fort Worth business district early today, killing three persons and driving about 32 others into the street. • The three victims — one the elderly mother of the 60-year-old night room clerk — all apparently died of suffocation. The body of only one of them — an unidentified man weighing about i!OB pounds — was burned. Police Capt. K. I... Giles said the hotel register showed 16 rooms were taken for the night. The room clerk told Giles, how- that about 32 persons were hotel building when the fire out shortly after 1 a. m. three-alarm fire at the Star Hotel gutted the structure also housed an appliance and a restaurant. Gambling Equipment Seized «n Raid LITTLE ROCK 1/11 — Pulaski County sheriff's deputies raided a night club on the outskirts of I.it- tie Rock early yesterday and three men were charged with operating ;. gambling house. Prosecutor Tom K. Pownie identified the men as Barney Levin,'. J. T. Wright He said they each posted a $2.000 bond. Downie. who ordered Hit Republicans Ask Senators for Jobs By JOE HALL WASHINGTON M — Offices of Republican senators are being swamped with letters from job seekers eager to get on the federal pavroll after 20 GOP years in the booming business. The senators say they arc amay.od. They had not looked for sucn a rush in a time of generally bormbin business. Many of the senators say privately they are sure most of the woulci-be federal employes are going to be disillusioned—not only with the limited number of job vised that this could bp construed that the officials serve at the pleasure- of the President and are removable without cause it he wishes. However, the Civil Service Commission disputes this. It contends the postmasters have full tenure until death or resignation and are IT.vox-able only for cause. At the moment, job seekers' letters are going into files pending a decision as to how Republican patronage is to be handled. One senator said no word had been received on this as yet from F.isenhower headquarters. Herbert Brownell. attorney general-designate, has been handling top-level ! appointments but has not asked to receive applications for routine jobs, this seantor s,aid. Another GOP source said he un ,"lersUH>d Thomas K. Stephens of New York, chosen by Kisenhower to be his special counsel at the While House, would be in charge of patronage. GOP senators who have been boning up on patronage give these reasons why they think many job hunters are going to be disappointed: Federal clerical and stenographic workers in general do not m'ako any more than do comparable em- ployes in private business. Federal Jobs at these levels are available now, as there is as much as a 3fi per cent annual turnover. Living costs in Washington are so high that many persons actually would lose money in coming to the capital. A very high percentage of the 2 million federal civilian jobs arc protected by civil service or some form of merti system. . . . about 93 per cent, the Civil Service Commission estimates. The approximately 170,000 government jobs which are not under civil service are mostly small ones and many also arc technical positions for which tin- average , ARKANSAS THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" i The wreckage and pagan aban-'thc Weslwood Club, said he had don of these celebrations led many j been receiving "reports as well as complaints about the dice game... for the past two H him employers to put out a flat or- dei : "No more Christmas parlies in the office. Hire a hall." This is exactly what the em- ployes did. But the hilarity was still unrestrained. Many a divorce case started because a husband returned from the office Christmas party bearing lipstick souvenirs and James Roberts. I ironings but also with the pay and; were released after (nullifications. Most of the letters asked about iie approximately 40,000 postmas UM ships scattered throughout the country. One senator said his correspondents were surprised to learn those posts now are under civil ..vrvice and that there is no lim- ilalion on the terms of the incumbents. Postmasters now are named "without term." An aide to One GOP senator said he had been ad- ! job applicant cannot qualify. the dice weeks." i said Chief Deputy Sam Haland Deputy Bob Wells con- fiseatcd a ' dice table, croupier stick, several thousand chips and dice in the raid. Downie said no players were arrested. BOW AND ARROW ALLENSTOWN, N. II. I/PI—William Tell dkln'i twaiifj a stonier bow siring than those of two youngsters who went luintins deer with their fathrrs yeslcrday, nil armed with bows and arrows. Timothy Boyd, 11!, and Charles Atkins, Hi, let fly arrows simultaneously. Both darts 1'k'w true In the heart of a 101-pound buck. Their fathers .not nothing. \f*y^ t \ *•»«» \ »,' ft*«y } % .:>• ,,V v- j .jJ • \ in seam-straight v-Tv <!>-!' i% •'%. i& the 3-V top, that holds an always straight seam in its perfect center... conforms to the thigh... bends with the knee... minimizes costly runs! the Volu-Metric knit for fit from top to wonderful V-shaped toe... and they're individually proportioned for the small, medium and tall! , Larkwood's sultry colors . . . CHIFFON, a muted grayed beige, or VELVETEEN, a flattering cedar-pink beige. They're perfect for now, and setting the trend as Spring's most fashionable shades! And, of course, very easy to buy for every pair of lovely legs on your Christmas list! 51 gauge, 15 denier filmy dress sheers . 1.50 2 pairs for 4.35 51 gauge, 15 denier business sheers . . 1.15 3 pairs for 3.30 60 gouge, 15 denier longwearing luxury sbgers . . 1.65 3 pairs for ...*..... 4.80 Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother all will want and appreciate a pair of slippers from Foster's. Come in and select the.ir's while our stock is complete. Gift Lovely SLIPPERS For Her! We have just the kind and'color in these lovely slippers for that certain girl on your gift list. Complete range of sizes. to $3.98 , '1.M><X*t**to*^^ Dear Santa: Please bring us ... COMFY SLIPPER SOX V V y v v w w V V for the Kiddies! 5 -.,.,,, » You'll want the Kiddies to have just the pair of .sljppers J B they want, and you'll find just the right kind-at Foster.'?,, j « Complete range of sizes. $1.98 to $2.98 Here is a gift that is sure to please anyone on your gift list. All sizes for men, women and children .^fc $2.98 to $3.98* According to size , e*» ( «8n SLIPPERS A Man's Favorite Gift! ' Dad will want a comfortable pqir ofef'^ slippers and we have just th^ kincl^."* tor him. All sizes. , ?i , *^J $3.98 to $4.9 13 More Shopping Days Until Christmas FOSTER'S , ^ FAMILY SHOE STORE < «ftll*|f 0*4 SJM*| •!« fittf 101 5-2nd 51, CorbinFwtW ,v

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