Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1952 · Page 33
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 33

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1952
Page 33
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December 9, 1952 KOFI STAR, H O P t , ARKANSAS HOP! STAR, HO PI, ARKANSAS Tuesday, December *, 1*M V . 'Termed - A top biblical to of tho Blblo delrflqU „ _..«tHnB of th» vlrnfln :,Chrtat ground* (h«t underlie i?of tho virgin birth are ily and uhtquivocably Jwtehf," JSr, Luther A. [•in of" - "•-' ' divinity ichoot. Md * rtfiw« emv fi>rimc«. Anyone th«l »ny» otlwrwlie, h« 0dd«d. is mUrcproitMitlng lh« fncU. Wolgl", fM»Rd of ft committee m 32 olhilcnl nchoUr* who workod JS ymarn prepurln* thn n«w Bible »t>ak« mil n*»ln«l attack* on It by tomtt Indlvlritiflt minuter* nnd «•• In Akron, Ohio, tho n*v, Bill Denlnn, »ui»rlnl«od»n'l of the Fur- nae« JHrwt MUalnn, yo*torday u*od n blow torch to burn a copy of the n«w v«r»ton. Prnvlnunly, n Rocky Mount, N. C.. pastor flrod R f>»n<» from Hie Bible-. Th<? Atnerlcnn Council of Christian ChtirehM, an organization •mall, »opnr»ll*l denomination*, bud announced plAn* for * rutty fc tomorrow night to protMt the now Bible, Chief ground* for their criticism hue been thnt fmlnh 7:14. thn word "virgin" I* replnced by "young woman" in tb« new venton, The King ,tnme» veralon rends "A vlr- (tin ahull conceive and benr a son and »hdl cull hi* ham* Emmanuel," Welule i»ld the change wni mud* h*emM« thff original Ho- brew Mamucrlpt uied tho word "nlrnnh," which mennn womnn." The mistake, he «old. w«* In areek truncation* of the Hebrew, »nd It WA» curried «ver Into the King Jame* trnn»lotlon. Ruling to Be Historic P JAMES MARLOW (.-11 — will Rive its decision" some time" in 1053. It could, as it has in :he past on other kinds of segregation. ilvoid . Rivln ? , a flat> final and sweeping opinion. At the heart of this struggle the 14th Amendment, which says all citizens must be treated equal ly. Over half a century ago n railroad in Louisiana forced Nv f!rocs to ric * c '" ttll? bnck - or •' im ;«<«^<« w* t« w^^^'W'c*^ WASHINGTON (,i«) — The Su preme court today will be asked! Cvow scction . o{ its trains. to give a historic; answer to thc| When protest was made to the greatest-social importance on this i Supreme Court on the grounds that itstion: Should there be an end] this kind of separation, or segre separate schools for white and gallon of the Negroes violated the igro children everywhere in the! equal treatment clause of the 14th Amendment, the court gave a far reaching opinion in 1896. Pi said separate treatment for Negroes was not unconstitutional i so long as they received equal | treatment. This became known as the "separate but equal" doctrine. It left states everywhere free (•' segregation laws. in the 5fi years! overturned that! P lti1 ' outcome Southern cases of sd»ol segregation — in South Car olma. Violent Death Toll Climbs to 24 in a Week By The Associated Press Though not yet nt mi end, lf>52 already h:id produced the second lau'.rst number of traffic fatalities "•! ive-v,-,l fer any one year in Ar- SUite Police reported today that t\vu \veek end fatalities had boost- i-.t the veer's toll to 4:!:!. Tin- stale's reeord loll was 50.1 ii\ 10-11. Presviously the second highest uas -131 in l!)."il. J-'i'i;r Nei:ro children perished in In help raise last .week's death toll in Arkansas to Legislative Group Studying Budgets I.ITTLK ROCK \iP\ — The Arknn- sns Legislative Council, which hns 57 flute department a>vi institution b\ulgets yet to consider, roeon-; veiled today following a two-week recess. The Council expects to receive from (iov.-elect Francis Cherry sometime this week more details | on his legislative program. j Amum: budget requests still to 1 bo acit.I upon by the Council arc , those of the Highway, Labor and Military departments, the state, thel tlv.' Government Foots Bill for Trip WASHINGTON (UP) — ident-Meet Kisenhowor's trip to Korea apparently is bring pniil for mainly by tho government. Tin- precise i'»st could not be determined It is estimated nl inoro than $47,500. The- air transportation section nt Pres tlier persons died in hos • in injuries suffered in a? cidents i .irlier laM week. Ueiv.:tv sheriffs John Mardin and Kd Pre-,1, v identified the four fire n circuit nntl chim- its own operation- Cartel 1 Carter, l!: Dihie Joan r-w,•':•• *;. if: ir^ W;;4 STMAS! For CMitmos choose practical gifts that can bo ated and enjoyed throughout the year. We have juifthe gifts for you . , . select yours now. SEE OUR COMPLETE STOCK BENDIX WASHERS DRYERS IRONERS victims a- month-': '1 Joan (.'art Carter. -I. The olliivrs snid thro; 1 o f the bodies were I'mmd in one bed and the body of 9-niimths-old Rob Louis was disei vered in the ;\itehen of the l!-room house, Northwest of Little Iie.eU. Details of the file were unknown. Dr. Howard A. DislioiiRh, Plt- laski County coroner, said today principle. In reeeiil years the court hns knocked out seuregation on in lorstato buses and trains but only because, it ruled, the Negroes were ,u equal treatment. And in lU.'il) Hie court said Toxns :>n:l Oklahoma must lot Negroes into their graduate schools but. a;::,in only on the grounds that !>:e Ni-;;ro schn.-is were not 0(|iial to those for whites. The court did not say forcing the Negroes into :v;>.-'rato seliools was undonstitu tienal. Nov.- the court is being asked to say. unco for all, that separation is unlawful, even when treatment is equal. Tho cases from Dela ware. Kansas, Virginia and South Carolina all involve the 14lh Ame•-.dmenl. The ease from the District of Columbia is a little dil'fennt although all live arc presented to tho court in one I-]? bundle. Supreme Court, eery courts and nl budgel. Budget proposals of the University of Arkansas and other state- supported colleges are slated for study tomorrow and Wednesday. When it recessed two weeks ago, tho Council made consideration of cash funds a special order of business for Dec ill. Cash funds are those derivi'd by institutions and departments (rum athletic receipts! and various fees. H has been proposed that these funds be brought under control of the Legislature. A ferret is an albino, domesticated variety' of polecat. he was investigating (he deaths. .State Tfooper llerschi 1 Thrash said Travis Wright. H-year-old New Edinburg. Negro, was injured fatally when he darted into the path ol a car near New l-'.dl'iburg yea terday. Thrash said the driver of tho car was Arthur Johnson, 2i), No gi-'i, also of New l-'.dinburg. State Trooper Travis Ward said Georgia Hood, -12-year-old Negro woman of the McNabb Community, near Hope, was injured fatally yesterday when the pickup truck she was driving crashed into a tree and overturned. W. F. Sell, -III, of Fayetteville died in a Siloam Springs Hospital yesterday from injuries suffered in an automobile accident Dei 1 . !!. Stale Tiooper Leonard Jones said Sell was a passenger in a car driven by James A. Gilkcr, 41, of Ft. Smith. Jones said Gilker was injured slightly in the accident near Siloam Springs. Leroy Archer, 112, died at a Forrest City hospital yesterday from injuries received in an auto accident near Forrest City Nov Slate Police said. Pentagon would not confirm that the government was standing vhe cost. But a White House spokesman snid President Truman had Issued instructions to the Pentagon to Sivc Kisonhower "anything he wanted." Kis> nliower used an Air Force Constellation usually reserved for Air Force Secretary Thomas K. Fin'otli'i. Another Air Force plane took the press party which accompanied uii- nresident-cle-et. The White House spokesman said he believed the news agencies represented would, as usual, pick up the tab for that plane. Cosi-< uf operating such planes is estimated at $50(1 per hour, exclusive of whatever "side" ex penses are entailed. From New York to Korea and return is approximately 95 hours, flying time. Thus the cost of F.i- aenhower's transportation alone would be $4Y,iiOO. The N;i\y said Hint aside from feeding" Hie president-elect nnd hi.s parly, amon;; them Defense Sec- ret-if.v-designalo Charles 15. Wilson an dAttorney tienvral - designate Herbert Hrewnell, and any othol visitors, there would be no extraordinary costs aboard the Cruise 1 . Helena. "The Helena was duo for routine trip home anyway,' Navy spokesman .said. AAU Slams Door in Face of Pros SPOKANK, Wash. 1,11 — The old pro peeking over the money bar ricr :il the ureen pastures of ama teurism still was on the outside looking in today, unwanted by the AAU. Tho Amateur Athletic Union wound ui> its (Mth annual conven General Electric - < - *t ^ v Refrigerators pishwashers .Disposal is Wringer Washers Ranges Vacuum Cleaners Estate x Gas Ranges Kelvinator Refrigerators Freezers • Zenith &"GE Radios and Combinations • Domestic Sewing Machines SMALL ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Mixers, Toasters, Irons, Coffee Makers, Corn, Poppers, Waffle Irons, Clocks and many ' . , other gift items. -v , f . , Qutpbard Motors s Clpthes p Stoves ' Boots Remington Shot Guns Rifles Wheel Goods Bicycles Wagons Tricycles '*"•» **ff1,M ». it,'*! f ?% 1 ! forget the cor,., Get New GOODYEAR tlRES AND TUBES &\. IUY NOW — USE OUR 1ASY PA Y PUN M M _ ... . ,. .__ ^^^ ilted States? 'he South awaits the tavely but not only' States are involved. Five Virginia, Delaware, Kansas and the District of Columbia —will be laid in tho court's lap. Lawyers, some of the most dis tingulshed, will argue on both sidest And no court before the nine justices. The court; since then has You'll want to give him just the gift that he wants and that he will appreciate for Christmas. When his gift comes from Herbert Burns just watch the big smile on his face Christmas morning. Select his gift now while we have a large selection to choose from. SANTA SAYS: Let's Be Different this Christmas Don't Forget the Boys We have a wonderful selection of practical aifts for boys. Sport or dress shirts, T-shirts., ties, Pajamas, Belts, Jackets and Sport Coats. He will be pleased with any of these. While Christmas is a Season of Great Joy to all . . .'most of us find the selection of appropriate and useful gifts t a real problem. With this in mind we offer the perfect solution . . . 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The forfilven athltvte could not compete in sports Which ho played profe? sionally and would be barred fron Olympic and International compt tition. Israel Gets a New President JKRUSAt.lSM, Palestine (UP) — Isaac Ben-7.vl, "good SaninHtnn of Ihe Snmntltnns," was elected Is rael's second president today to .•aicceed the'late Chalm WoU.mnnn. Ben-Xvi was elected by the Knes- ret - parliament — on the third ballot by a vole of 02 to 43 against] Monleea! Nurock of the religious bloc. Isaac Cirunebaum, candidate of the United Workers Party, received five votes. Tho election of the new president had been expected. Ho had tho backing of his old frlen<i Prime Mlfifotet 1 Bfivftf !len-7.vl, flfi, wns born In He was graduated from verslly of Kiev nrtd tlvn In the Zionist movement youth. Ite eamtf . e , ; s»i 1007 and with Bon-dtwloft «t«rfl linv nt the University/ of nople. Both Were deported t Pnksttne by the Turks; Ihftt lit. trol of the eauntry > . : . i fln<Mney qvi tunlly reached tho ' United He returned to Palestine served with the / Jewish figntnM. the .Tuttar In WdtW I. Ben-Zvl ts reflnrded ns tho Infovtnccl ntithorlty In the world the nne'iontiSn/nttrltan,9e<Sti a, *js Yciu're sure of finding just the right gift fjorhim at Lewis-McLarty's. Select his now while you can get just what he will want. , // ARROW Gifts Arc Sure to Please Him! give him STETSON GIFT CERTIFICATE Santa Claus knows the sure way to pleaxe—a i Stetson Gift Certificate I with a handsome miniature hat and (lift box! Tho 'lucky man 'who gets one simply stops in at his favorite Stetson dealer and \edects a hat in the style and color of his choice. 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