Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 31, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1894
Page 5
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S^?$!iS!p£w3 '-.'fi-w-t .-.-•.,)«(;•-. "v,v. WHY, DEWENTER, THE HATTER. So say the majority of men already. Now we want the minority to come over to the majority. Let us show you our NEW SPRING HATS. ATS! OBSERVE! SPRINO.HflTS Verj Latest Styles, $1.00, See Wow. We will sell you the best quality Knox, Dunlap and Youman Styles for $1.98, thereby saving you $1.50 on your purchase, as other stores ask $3.50 for identically the same styles and qualities. Remember, all the latest Spring style Derby and Fedora Hats. _ 50 Cents on the Dollar at Actual Wholesale Cost on all Goods Usually kept in a first-class Clothing and Shoe Store; Overcoats half price on a credit of months under order Cass Circuit Court still continues. OTTO KRflUS BANKRUPT STORES. The announcement of Tucker & Young THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. Their New Spring Goods are ready for inspection. Special attention is called to their $20.00 suits made to order. Yours Truly, "PUCK." PUREST 'AND BEST LESS THAN HA IF THE- PRICE-OF OTHtR BRANDS -f POUNDS,20* -J- HALVES, 10* QUARTOS^* SOLD IN CANS ON DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY MORNING. MARCH 31 ^^^^^^^M^MP^^^Mi^^*^^*^^^^^^*^^ 1 *™™* For Rent—Furnished room, second Boor.—Harry Frank. Stoddard'i magnificent collection of Photographs of the World given with every $2 'purchase, at J. Q. Sweetser's Good ittlng garment, first-class work and low prices. Come. We make our own clothing.—Harry Frank. • It is said that Herman Stern has sold bis Market street residence, the old Ingram property, to Wm. S. Lincoln, chief engineer of the Wabash railway- The Marie Borrough'a Portfolio of actors and actresses 1) proving deservedly popular. Numbers 1, 2 and 3 now on band. Three coupons and 10 cents secures a single number. It is none of our competitor's business how we make such low prices, but it is some of your business to come and find out,—Pattenon, the Haberdasher, Hatter and Furnisher. If your bat don't fit you your friends can scarcely recognize you. A hat should fit not only your head but your figure. Let u* show you the proper kind.—Dewenter, the Hatter and Fur. nlsher. Tbe Journal will place fifty more of William T. Stead's books, --If Christ oatne to Chicago" on sale this morn- log and those desiring * copy will be •ccomodatod. One coupon and 45 o«nts will secure a copy. NOT TO THE JURY YET. A D«lar on tb» Flirt of the Lawyer* Pat the Mchmldt Harder Trill Back a Davit was fully expected that the case of the State vs. Augusta Schmidt, charged with the murder of • Oscar Walton, would be given to the jury in the trial at Kokomo last evening. By the order ol the court it was declared that the argument would close last evening with tbe argument of Prosecutor Klstlor /or the State. But by one of those peculiarities which are sometimes noticed on important legal trials the defense oc. cupled time in excess, and in the argument of Judge Dykeman for the defense alloted time was extended until after the adjourning hour and the case was continued over until today, placing the argument of Prosecutor Klstler this morning. By reason Of this change the argument will not be concluded before eleven o'clock today and the case will aot be given to the jury before two or three o'clock this afternoon. It is therefore not likely that a verdict will be reached before Sunday morning. Whatever the jury does will be awaited with DO small degree of Interest and the verdict will be looked for both here and at Kokomo with a degree of interest altogether unusual in such oases. The predictions here are about even. Many declare that tbe defendant will be acquitted on the grounds of self defense; others affirm that she will get from five to ten years. N«l» VanGneoT Home. Delphi Times: Nelson VanGundy, accompanied by his family and Dr. Stewart, of Rookfield, arrived in Del. phi Tuesday afternoon over the Monon at 2:18 and left for Bockfleld on the 4:18 Wabash. .From the tenor of the dispatches received from Jfels last week while at St. Augustine it was thought doubtful if he should surrlve lis journey northward, |but with hla old-time-pluck which haa rendered lim so much good service In the past, ie withstood tho trip well. Throngs of our citizens gathered at tbe station o bid him welcome and show what warm place he held in tbelr hearts. The modern War loramends itself to the well-informed, o do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done in the crudest man. er and disagreeably as well. To leanse the a; item and break up colds, headaches and fevers without unpleas- at after effects, use the delightful iquid laxative remedy. Syrup of Figs. YOUR NAME IN PRDIT. tteiu* of • Peraon*! Character Concerning IrovaiMporier* and Their Friend* Mr. S. Fisher IB quite sick, Ilobt, Whitsett is back from Indianapolis. Dr. J, E. Fryor is laid up with la grippe. Rev. H. J. NorriB was at Kokotn* 1 yesterday. i Hugh Shttnnabat) .la visiting relatives at Wabash. Mrs. Jacob Her?, is visiting her former borne at Toledo. Mrs, D. C. Elliott has returned from Chattanooga, Tenn. Carl W lee is on duty at the Bee Hive after a brlefillneBa. Mr. Chas. Melley, of Galesburg,!!!., is visiting friends in the city. Mrs. John Donaldson and Miss Hottie Donaldson are visiting at Indianapolis. Mrs. S. A. Vaughn is entertaining her mother, Mrs. M. U. Rice of Indianapolis. Engineer and Mrs. Harry St. Clalr have returned from a visit with friends at Bradford. Harry ' Gottschall of the Chicago Inter-Ocean, is visiting bis parents in Noble tow nuhlp. Mrs. Fred Van Orman, of Frankfort, is tho guest of Mrs, John W. Barnes, 506 Tenth street. Miss May Wolford, of Lucerne ie visiting in the city tbe guest of Miss I Lillian Burket, of the West Side, A telegram received here yesterday by tho family announced that unto Dr. and Mrs. J, W. Talbott, at Indianapolis, a son and heir has been born. Congratulations are extended. Mr. Earl M. Cook, secretary of the local R. K. Dept. Y. M. C. A. departed yesterday for New York city to attend a meeting • of the international conference of tbe Y. M. C. A. of America in session in that city. Winamao Journal: F. L. Dukes transacted business in Logansport Thursday... ..Miss Buth Ash visited last ..week with .'relatives in Logansport..'. .Mr! and Mrs, W. S. Huddle, ston and children wont to Loganiport for a viair until Monday with relatives,;/'" Among the strangers within our gates yesterday were the following, taken from th* hotel registers: J. H. fr'ft. Wayne; R. D. Snyder, '.M. Scott, Crawfordsville; Delphi; J. T. Leary, Ft. Wayne; H. C. Sharplees, Marlon; W. L. StonetJ, Marion,- L. Keller, Wioamao; Eugene Prager, Chicago, J. M. WallJorf, South Bend. Medlral Society. Tbe Caas County Medical Society met Thursday evening in Dr. Bell's office. The name of Dr. A. W. Tucker, a graduate of Miami Medical College, Cincinnati, was proposed for membership and unanimously elected. Drs. Powell and Bell were elected delegates to represent the Casa County Society in the American Medical Association which meets in San Francieco June ;Hh, next. Drs. Coleman, Bradfield and Herman, were elected dele, gates to the State Medical Society which meets at Indianapolis May 17th. Dr. Powell introduced tbe subject ol typhoid fever with the report of several caaea, which provoked a lengthy discussion, lasting until 11 o'clock. Tubercular consumption will occupy the attention of the HO- ciety at its next meeting, to be held April 26. 1894. J. Z. POWELL, M. D., Sec'y. NowTluv're Horrr That They Spoke Several weeks ago, James Chamber a farmer of Washington township, we' known in that vicinity, married young widow, a Mrs. CaJdweJl. Now he's sorry that he spoko Yesterday he gave notice through tb city press that he would not be re ponsible for bills contracted by her He la evidently "dead sore" on th bargain. Why, no man knoweth. It la understood that they marrlec in haate. They/had only known eac! other a month before marriage. He older than she. Disagreement followed. Moral: Long courtship are tho safest. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Bead Harry Frank's n combination suit*. advertisement • •'•-'• JWre On a Bad morning. To be burned out of a house and home is bad at any time, but doubly so, when the day was as cold aa last Sunday. Early Sunday morning, says the Delphi Times, the residence of Wilson Appleton, of Washington township, was totally destroyed by fire. The fire originated from a defective flue and the upper part of the building waa all ablaze before the inmates of the house knew It. Mrs. Appleton is sick with measles and fears are entertained of her recovery owing to the exposure in her transfer to the residence of George Applaton. It could not be ascertained whether the loss was covered by insurance or not. • Bnv • H«mlnitlOD Bicycle. I have just received the new 26} pound Remington roadster, a nrat- class wheel and a beauty. Call and see it at HENRY TUCKER'S. Carminative Baliam, the great atom, aoh aid boweljremedy, isstiH working wonders. For sale by all druggisti. Special oape'tfle today $1.34, at the Gbld«n Rule. ,:•'•' ' : • .-. •••-,'. ' " S Latest novelties ID ball? and neck wear at Harry Frank's. Do not fail to see the full line o spring capes and jackets, at the Golden Rule. New line of boys' suits, 4 to 14 years (own make) $1 and $1,25.— Harry Frank. Don't fail to attend the J. E. Snell & Co, auction sale today, on Pear street. Article*.everybody must have can be bad at your own price. . Bunker Hill Press: John Puterbaugh has sold hi* farm in Cast county to Martin Keillng- and will -soon close the bargain for a farm near Logansport. " .. John Nicholi, an lndianapolig.m,an. was fined $100 and sentenced to fdur months in the work house for spitting on a woman's dress. It was not' Bis first offense and he was known ai "Jack the Spltter." Tbe next theatrical attraction, andr likely enough the oolv one of the remaining season, will be the Elks Minstrels, April 20. Several shows billed for dates in the meantime cancelled on account of poor business. Tbe theatrical business has been getting a big, black eye this year. Fort Wayne Sentinel: Tbe new St Patrick's church branch of the C. K- of A. will be organized on next Monday night. Father Campion, Of Lo- ganeport, State 1 president, and Supreme Treasurer Klrchner, of Toledo, will be present, and tho event will be a memorable one. Tbe officers will be installed sometime during tbo week following the organization of the lodge. Several weeks ago Cban Maogee, a Chinaman who made a record as a fan tan player at Lafayette, abandoned his wife and child and left for hU old home in China. Mrs. Chun Mangee, whose maiden name •' was Annetia Myers, an American girl of German parentage, b»« now brought suit for divorce, alleging ill-treatment and abandonment. She claims that she offered to accompany him to China, but he flatly refused. " . ,. Heni-y T. Hays, of Lexington. ' has erected a ha«d*ome monument, in memory of himself in the cemetery, attached to that place. His name and date of birlh have been placed on tte shaft, and space is provided for tbe date of hia death. On one tide of tbe monument is an oiablsm of prohlbi. tion, and on tbe other a quotation from one of Mr. Hays' favorite poems, Tbe name of his wife, who is still living, has been placed on ihe shaft. Mr. Hays also selected a citket and wanted to store it io hss bouse, but this gruosomo suggestion met wivh such firm refusal from hi.« wife that the idea was abandoned. They \Vaut the Beit. ••The people of this vicinity insist on having Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and do not raol any other," says John V. Bishop, of Portland Mills. Indiana. That is right. They know It to be superior to any other fo colds, and as a preventive and cur for croup, and why should they no insist upon having it. Fifty cent hot ties for sale by B. F. Keesling, drug LOOK HERE! JJ you want to buy or seli a house Miii lot, If you want ui buy m p«:l H farm, If you want to buy or sell a store, If you want to track* city property f&* a farm, If you bave any ct-e-ap houses for sai*. Call on M. M. GORDON, Room No. 1 and 2 Spry Block, Ixiganeport, In<5_ Ulnt> to the Wlie ODCK. A blue-eyed person never looks blue-eyed as in a blue dress or white with a blue cravat, whereas the strong: blue of the fabric might have been ex pected to dim the slight blue of the eye. A woman with remarkably re lips clad in dull heliotrope, with ame thysts, has all tho coral taken from her month, which wears instead a lifrh heliotrope tint, and with this pink thi pink of her cheek is also touched. An ordinary or even sallow check neve looks so beautifully white 3-s ovar ; white dross, which seemed to threaten to darken it. And beautiful as th< "icsthutic" colors were in their day they quenched and dimmed their wear ers to their own tone. This is not to bo easily explained by auy known chromatic rules. Xorcan oni; say why turquoise blue darkens dark eyes anc adds to their brightness. Experiment and verification should be as much valued by the women as by the Comtisl philosopher.—N. Y. Post! • Good At Cnr.niaanz*- Uenevolent Party—Why don't yon consider the ways of the ant. and be wise? Lazy Larry—That's jus' wot I'm do- in', mister. Ain't done nothin' else fcr years.—N. Y. Weekly. —When the Liverpool and Manchester steam railroad was projected all sorts of objections were made. "The smoke would kill all the birds." "The sparks would set the houses on fire." Passengers, could not breathe in a train moving so rapidly." "The railroad would kill fcll the jr»me." "Thousands of coachmen would be thrown out of employment" "The English spirit of independence would be total- y r destroyed." —Maillard, a famous French preacher of the early days of the fifteenth cen- ,ury, preached with bitterness against .he extravagance of the women of his day.'' "The poor are starving," said he, 'while some of you women have two or three gowns apiece." —Charleston, S. C., Is the Palmetto Ity, from the prevalence of this plant n the neighborhood. —Orlando is Italian, signifying the .ounsel lor the people or the country. Hcpnbllcak Cltr Convention. The- Republicans cf the City of Logansport are notified to meet in th«t several wards on FRIDAY. APKJL 13TH, 1894, at 8 p. m. for the purpose ol nominating 1 one member of the council from each ward, and selecting delegates to* the city convention to nominate a city ticket. Tbe places of meeting will be. as follows: First ward—West Side engine house Second ward—Broadway rink. Third ward—Council chamber. Fourth ward—Broadway rink. Fifth ward—Fifteenth street engine house. The ratio ol the lepresentation will, be one delegate for each 10 votes cast for General Harrison in 1892, and one for escfc fraction over 5. The ratio, makes the ward representation as follows: First ward SC. Second ward 26 Third ward 1* Fourth ward _ 3* fifth ward _ 52r Total delegates ~ Jfifi NeMWs&ryto cbolce 8*. The delegates selected will meet at, the new court room SATURDAY, APKtL, 14TH, 1S94. at 8 o'clock p. m. to Dominate candidates as follows: Mayor, Treasurer. Clerk and Water Work* Trustee. B«y order of committee; J. Z. P6WK.L, Chairmen.. Attest: D. W. TOKLINSON, Seo'y, A f»Ttr mut »M*. E. B. Swetntm, »f Fairfax Station , Virginia, »y»: "A partv cane forty miles to my (tore lor Chamberlain 1 * Cough Remedy and bought a doze*> bottle*. The remedy it a great fa- orlte in this vicinity and ha» per- ormed tome wonderful curei bar*. * t is intended especially for cough*. oldi, croup and whooping cough, »»<S a favorite wherever known. Focr ale by B. F. Keesling, druggist. VMdaltB Lino JRxearMOB* 'o South, Southeast and Southwest 'ill run on various dates from now ntil Juno 6, 1894, inclusive. One- are round trip. Call on or address- H.DV Vandalia line agent and aek for information contained in circular No. 327 of January 20, 1894. NOW THIS IS A /e***/** FACT J CARL W. KELLER the Merchant Tailor, leads them all in the Spring Trade. LOOK AT HIS PATTERNS. Ask any man in the city the way his clothes are made to fit and then know th* truth. CARL W. KELLER. 311 Market St.

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