Herald and News from Klamath Falls, Oregon on September 19, 1949 · Page 10
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Herald and News from Klamath Falls, Oregon · Page 10

Klamath Falls, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, September 19, 1949
Page 10
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MONDAY. SEPT. 19, l4f PACE TEN HERALD AND NEWS. KLAMATH "FALLS, OREGON MARKETS and FINANCIAL STOCK AVERAGES Compiled by The September 3lnd. .. D .6 . SI - tii ... l.t - 91 4 .... 7 Net change . Monday Previous day Wees Month ago Year ago LIVESTOCK CHICAGO. Sept 1 AP-USDA 6alable hogs 11.000: alow and uneven; butchers 35-50 cent, mostly to cents, lower than Friday; aowa aim uneven but generally 35 cent lower; top $21.35 lor lew load choice 330-350 lb.: bulk 190-370 lb, (20.50-31.00; heavier weight scarce; 170-1W lb. $19.00-300: 150-170 lb. $17.75-19.35; good and choice aowa under 350 lb. $19.00-30.35: 360-400 lb. 1H 00-19 00: 425-500 lb. U6A0-17.75: odd heavier as low ai $15.50; good clearance. Salable cattle 14.000: salable calve 500; very uneven: stern and heifers grading average - medium and better ready to fully 50 cent higher; lower grades slow, about (teady; cows weak to 35 cent lower: bulls steady to weak: vealera steady; top $34.75 for load high-choice 1115 lb. Colorado (ed steers; several loads choice steers $33.50-34.00: bulk high-good and choice steers and yearlings $29.59-33.00; bulk medium to average-good grades $23.00-39.00; long string common to medium Wyoming $19; half-load choice fed heifers $30.50: loadlot top $30.00: common and medium beef cows $14.50-17.50; can-nera and cutters $12.00-14.75; medium and good sausage bulls 118 00-2035: bulk medium to choice real-era $3500-39.00; stock cattle slow, but undertone about steady. Salable sheep 2600: practically I a .Ev - T7l?t seer Community College Classes Start Monday, Sept. 19 KUHS BUILDING Classes eon b taken by riyoeio, for credit or not, with registration ot beginning of class period. For further information phone 2-1433 or 5219. HISTORY OF WESTERN CmLIZATIOrT (Hist 101) Mon. and Tues, 6:45 to 8:00 p. m. Instructor Dr. Melder, S terms hours, room 206, fee $10.50. SOCIOLOGY (Soc. 304 Mon. and Tues, 8:10 - ( 23. Dr. Melder. hrs, room 306, $10 JO. TYPING (88 131. 123, 13 Mon. and Tue, 1:45-1:00. Mr. Palmer, 1 hrs, $7.00. CONSTRUCTIVE ACCOUNTTNO (BA 111) Mon. and Tues, $:10-9:25, Mr. Palmer. I hrs, $10.50. ENGLISH COMPOSITION (RHT 111) Wed. and Thurs, :45-8:00, Dr. Brady, I hrs, $10.50. BURVEY OF ENGLISH LITERATURE (ENO 101) Wed and Thurs, 8:10-9:25, Dr. Brady, I hrs, $10.50. COLLEGE ALGEBRA (MATH 10) Wed. and Thurs, 6 20-8 00, Miss WlnehelL 4 hrs, $14.00. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE SURVEY (GS 101) Wed. and Thurs, 8:10-8:50, Miss Wlnchell. 4 hrs, $1000 plus $3.00 lab, fee. CHEVROLET AMERICA'S FIRST CHOICE FOR 20 YEARS IMMEDIATE DELIVERY - MOST MODELS STYLE LI M- Special 2-door Sedan $1659.00 Special 4-Door Sedan 1706.00 Special Business Coupe 1585.00 Special Sedan Delivery .. 1646.00 Special Sport Coupe 1664.00 Detune 2-Door Sedan 1738.00 Deluxe 4-Door Sedan 1785.00 Defuse Station Wagon (Wood) 2540.00 Deluxe Station Wagon (Steel) 2540.00 Deluxe Sport Coupe .. 17$4.00 Deluxe Convertible Coupe 2130.00 I LLLTLIM Special 2-Door Sedan 1659.00 Special 4-Door Sedan 1706.00 Deluxe 2-Door Sedan 1738.00 Deluxe 4-Door Sedan 1785.00 ABOVE PRICES-DELIVERED IN KLAMATH FALLS 410 So. 6th Associated Pre l IS Ralla D3 31 34 4 ' S3 5 34 0 434 15 I HI. D 2 . 41.1 41 1 41 4 410 40.1 M Stork D.4 S.l 6c. 4 4 047 66.7 nothing done on slaughter lambs; big packers bearish above $23.00 but shippers and small killers show some interest at $23.00 and better: two loads choice fed yearling wethers scaling about 104 lb. steady to weak at $31.00; ewe steady at $9 50 downward. PORTLAND, Sept. 19 (AP-USDA) Salable cattle 3500; calves 400: market uneven: sows active, strong to 50 cents higher on all grades: steers of average medium and above grades strong to 50 cents higher: other steers and heifers slow: few sales and most bids steady: load and odd head low good short fed steers $26.00: individual steer $26.50: 1 loads average to high medium around 1100 lb. grass steers $25.00. lightly sorted: common-low medium grassera $16 00-21.50. many unsold at noon: cutter dairy-type steers down to $13 00. Medium grass heifers $17.00-3000; cutter-common heifers $11.00-1600. Canner-cutter cows mostly $10.50-11.50: common-medium beef cows $1300-16.50: good young cows $17.00. Odd good beef bulls $17.00; common-medium sausage bulls $13.00-15 50. Good-choice light realera strong to $100 higher at $23.00-3400: weights above 175 lbs.. $20.00-33.00 with above 350 lb. calves at $20 00 down; common-medium $11.00-15.00. Salable hogs 900: market 75 cent lower: good-choice 180-330 lbs. $23.00; 350-390 lbs, $2000-21.00. Good 350-550 lb. sows $17.00-18 50: few heavy feeder pigs $21.00: good light weights held around $23.00. Salable sheep 1750; market steady; top 50 cents above late last week: good-choice spring lambs 20 50-21.50; medium-good $18.50-30.00; common down to $16.00; good feeders $17.00: medium-good yearlings $17.00-50. Oood heavy ewes $6 00; common down to $3.00. Buttermilk ha approximately the same food value as skim milk. Ph. 4113 GMET Stocks Ride Ail CrAHIM UUI JIUIlii NEW YORK. Sr.pt. 19 !. The i stock market weathered news of ; British revaluation In good form to- i day. A fast lew minutes of selling lm- i mediately after the opening put prices down fraction to a point or more. The balance of the session was devoted to pretty successful attempt to repair the damage. Losses were either trimmed or wiped out, and a handful of leading shares wandered into the minus column. Business was brisker than usual, with turnover at the rate of about 1 JO 000 shares for the full session. Gold stocks advanced, as they did on Canadian exchange and In London. The wholly unexpected news of devaluation created a favorable Impression in Wall street. Devaluation, however, a well a the coal walk-out and the touchy stage of steel contract negotiations, inspired a large degree of caution among traders. Down most of the time, but well aoove the low lor the day. were Santa Fe, Nickel Plate. Standard OH NJ, United Air Lines. U. 8. Steel. General Motors. Chrysler, Schenley. American Telephone, ken- necott Copper and International Paper. Mclntyre Procupine added nearly two points, trailed by Howe Sound. Homestake, and Alaska Juneau. Leaning ahead were Goodrich, Sears Roebuck. United Aircraft, In ternational Telephone, and Johns' Manville. Foreign dollar Issues tended a bit higher in the bond market. American Can MS Am Power A Lt 13 Am Tel s Tel list Anaconda . 27 Bendix Aviation Beth Steel Boeing Airplane Calif Packing Canadian Pacitio . Case J I Caterpillar Chrysler .. Comwlth At Sou .. Cona Vultee Continental Can Crown Zellerbach Curtiss Wright Douglas Aircraft . Dupont de Nem General Electric General Foods . 29'. . 274 . 19 . 34" . 14S . 37'. . S3 . . 52 , . 5w . 10-, . 33S . 3'. . 7. . SB's . S2S . 37:a . 45 . 63- General Motors Goodyear Tire Int Harvester Int Paper Kennecott Libby McN L Long Bell -A Montgomery Ward Nash Kelvin tor Nat Dairy 37-x 6 45 S 8 31H 53 . 13 34 10 ' If. 33 S 100'i 64'i 11 ' 35li 31 19 40 37'. 41 w 39', 68 22', 12'. 13 31", . SO", 13 11 ' 4 '. N Y Central Northern Pacifie Pac Gaa A Elee Pac Tel & Tel Penney J C Radio Corp R vomer . R vomer Pfd Reynolds Metals Richfield Safewsy Stores Sears Roebuck Southern Pacific -Standard Oil Cal Studebaker Corp -Sunshine Mining Trans-America Union Oil Cal Union Pacific United Airlines U S Steel Warner Bros Pic -Woolworth Portland Wheat PORTLAND. Sept. 19 is5) Cash grain: oata No. 2. 38-lb. white $55.00. Barley No. 3. 45-lb. B.W. $53.00. No. 1 flax $3.90. Cash wheat bid: soft white $216',; soft white (excluding Rexi $3.16',; white club $2.16 1; western red 1219',. Hard red winter 11 per cent $3.17; 12 per cent $2.19. Today's car receipts: wheat 66; barley 37; flour 11; corn 1; oat 3; mill feed 14. Portland Eggs Eggs to wholesaler: A grade large 65',-6',c; A grade medium, 55-58',c: small 42',,c; B trade, large, 564-58',c. Flower Shop I1IIVE I (At Greenhouses) 3614 . 6th Phone 818$ Free Delivery Flowers by Wire Faneral Designs Oar Specialty Daring this examination yoa need not tell the doctor what your symptoms are (tiles yoa desire to do so. Neither will it be necetanry to rem ova clothing. The results of the examination will enable us te advise yoa as to the parts ef yoar body thst msy be responsible for such condition as digestive disorders, rheumatism, nervousness, headache, high and low blood pressure, kidney trouble, lowered vitality, abnormal tiredness and msny other ailments, tirasp this opportunity to have a checkup on your physical condition. Remember Wednesday Only Hours 11-5 Dr. W. L. Bicker, D. C. SPORTSMAN'S HOTEL TULELAKE BOND AVERAGES Compiled The Associated Press September 19 X Italia llnd. J I'M. Itror. UL.YId. Net change D J tinch. D 3 unch. D I Monday 90 7 102$ 104 0 70 6 1116 Previous day 90 9 102 8 104 2 70 6 111.7 Week ago 9 . 102$ 104 2 703 111 7 Month ago 91 5 103.7 104 0 70 5 111 3 Year ago 907 101.0 1000 63 0 108 1 DEVALUATION CUTS GRAINS CHICAGO. Sept. 19 141 British devaluation of the pound caused selling and considerable nervousness In grain futures today. Prices dropped rather sharply. Wheat was off more than 1 rents at times, corn more than a cent and soybeans 4 cent Traders believed the British action might mean fewer U. a. gram exports. Reported lowering of the government bid for cash wheat at the eastern seaboard also affected grains adversely. Wheat rinsed ' to cents lower than the previou finish. September tl.M'a: corn was down S to l'. September 12 '-'; outs were off to '. September 67: rye wa 3 to 4't cent lower. September $143; soybeans were down 3', to 4'. cent. November $3 28-3 27 V and lard was 13 to 35 cent a hundred pound lower, September $11.97. Wheat-September December . March May July ...... Open .. 110S-.09', . 3l3',-'4 111', .. 3 04', -'i .. 1S7' College Fall Term Begins Here Tonight Fall term classes at the newly organised Klamath "community college" will begin tonight at Klamath Union high school at 6:45. Those who have not yet registered may enroll In any of the classes by reporting this week at the scheduled class time. The schedule Is as follows: Monday and Tuesday: History of Western Civilization (Hist 101 1. Dr. Melder. room 208. 6:45-8 00; Soclol-ogv (Soc 304, Dr. Melder. room 308. 8:10-925. Typing (SS131. 122. 123 Mr. Palmer, room 103. 6 45-8:00: Constructive Accounting (BAUD Mr. Palmer, room 103. 8:00-9:25. Wednesday and Thursday: English composition (Rhtlll). Dr. Brady, room 308. 6:45-8:00: Survey of English Literature (Eng 101 . Dr. Brady, room 308. 8:10-9:35. Mathematics (Math 10. Miss Wlnchell. room 315. 6:35-8:00: Biological Science Survey OS 101 . Mm Wlnchell. room 315. 8:10-9:50. Course may be taken for full college credit or they may be taken on a non-credit basis. Class fees are $3 50 per credit hour for each term. For further Information call 3-1433 In the afternoons. Portland Potatoes Potatoes: 50 -lb. wash Netted Oemi. No. 1. $335-3 55; 35-lb. sack $1.00-1.10: No. 2, 50-lbs, Wc-ll 00. Livestock SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 19 (AP-USDA Salable cattle 13U0. calves 350: supply Include dozen load steers: trade opened alow, prices mostly steady with canner- cutter cow showing some upturn; few canner-cutter 10 00 - 13 35: calves slow, mostly steady; few high medium low good range calves 22.00-50. Saalbel hogs 500; moderately active with butcher 1.00 lower; sow steady: good - choice 180-340 lb. butchers 22.50: odd head good sow 1600. Salable heep 3500; no early sale. POTATOES CHICAGO. Sept. 19 (AP-USDA) Potatoes: arrival 610. on track 586; total U. S. shipments Friday 836. Saturday 386, and 30 Sunday: supplies liberal; demand fair, market about steady on Russet, slightly weaker on mldwestern reds and whites: Idaho Russet Burbanks $4.15-50: Minnesota-North Dakota Red River Valley Bliss Triumph $3.70-90: Washington Russet Bur-banks $4 55: Wisconsin Bliss Triumphs $3.40-75. Chippewa $235-40, PonUaca $3.70. Use the Want Ads for Quick Results! DR. RICKER'S FLOWER SHOpdEt'1' phone an 'VjCIJ'xJ? HEALTH $ i EXAMINATION One Doy Only Sept. 21 If yoa are sick ar suffering from Ill-health there at a definite cause. The cause may er may not be near the symptoms that give yon distress. The purpose Is to locate the cause ef year Ill-health and advise yoa as to whst mast be done ee that yew may enee more enjoy normal health. High Low i-iose 3 11 3 08', JOB 313 311. 3I1-S 2 13 J.I0S J.10', 305'. 303', 304 IM 187U 187'. New 12th St. Link Paving Completed Paving of Twelfth treet between Msln snd Klamath 1 expected to k i,.h .iihm..h lh. stretch wiu not be open to trallic for a week or 10 day. City Engi neer E. A. Thomas said today. The road must be closed to vehicle travel to allow the concrete time to set. Thoma explained. The California improvement Job from 3rd to t'pham will probnwly see its finish by the middle ot October. Both Jobs were contracted by Billings and Stahl. the Twelfth street Job at a cost of approximately $11,000 and the California Improvement Job costing In the neigtf-borhood of $35,000. Lost River Dairy Wins Award Lost River dairy milk samples. both homogenised and pasteurised, I entered in competition at the Call- 1 fornla state fair at Sacramento re- I celved a gold medal award. It was ' learned by Bud Franklin. Lost River manager. Lost River waa one of 510 milk and cream entries st the fair. Judging waa on bacteria count, flavor and other factors. Only those scoring 93 or better received the gold medal ribbon. y KEELER Born at Klamath Valley hospital. Klamath Falls. Ore., September 17, 1949. to Mr. and Mrs. John Keelrr, 3166 Bristol, twin girls. Weighu: 5 pounds IS ounces and S pound 6' ounces. HUNT Bom at Klamath Valley hospital. Klamath Falls. Ore, Sep-tember 18. 1949. to Mr. and Mrs. James Hunt. Tulelake. Calif, a boy. Weight: 8 pounds I ounce. SCOTT Born at Klamath Valley hospital. Klamath Falls. Ore, September 18. 1949. to Mr. and Mrs. ...i v. .y 14 ounce, snd 4 John Scott. Merrill, Weights: 5 pounds pounds 71. ounces. HANSON Bom at Klamath Valley hospital, Klamath Falls. Ore, September 18. 1949. to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hanson. 3410 Bristol, a boy. Welitht : 6 pound 4 ounces. DAVIS Bora at Klamath Valley hospital. Klamath Fall. Ore, September 18, 1949. to Mr. and Mrs. Lee B Davis. 3437 Worden. a boy. Weight: 7 pounds 3'j ounces. SHARP Bom at Klamath Valley hospital. Klamath Falls. Ore, September 19. 1949. to Mr. and Mr. Donald Sharp. Merrill, a boy. Weight: 7 pounds 13 ounces. OBITUARIES MART ALICE HOGI'E Mary Alice Hogue. a resident for the past four years, passed away in this city on Monday, September 19. 1949 at 10 a. m. She wa native of Newton, la, and waa aged 92 years 11 month and 3 day at the time of her passing. She I survived by a daughter, Mrs. Grace Fowler of this city; two sons. E. W. Hogue of Tulelake. Calif, and E. E. Hogue of Alaska; also three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. The remain rest In Ward Klamath Funeral home. 925 High street. Fu- rrcab .aSe. at as. S IMi It': OallV ,W Jff'7VLtCr) COMPLETE TRUCK ALWAYS THINK OF '1 "aswf ' ti.i JUCKELAND TRUCK 11th ond Klomath, Klamoth They'll Do It Every Time (.-. EMlTTLE APSONS BASSAGE FROM Ltd CAMP WAS SENT "COST TWICE AS MUCH AS WHEN IT WENT t?UT I CANT UNDEr?STANPjlv 500VENEjERSl, IT ONLY COST 2.34 TO Tj r-l AM' FE CAREFUL I SEND IT WHY SHOULD Y v1 fzZ OP THEM ROCK51 I IT COST f 4.70 TO L L-AEy GJJl i IOBttNS T BACK ? (iXtD IN lMU$ji neral arrangements nounced later. will be au- CAHDNKR PKINOI.E VAN Itll'KR Osrtiner Prlngle Van Riper, 74, passed away at hi home. 2227 Or ,, L ,T. ,J,Jji h. I at U P m. He 1 aurvued by chard avenue, Saturday, September h.u bom on a homestead now known as the Frruer ranch In Poe valley, on May 2. 1875. He made his home In Klamath Fall since 1906. He ws married at Ashland. January 8. 1896. and was a member ot Klamath lodge AK&M. No. 77: Royal Arch Mason and Knight Templar ot Klamath Falls and the Shrine of Ahland. Friends are Invited to attend funeral services at the Whlt-lork Memorial chapel Wednesday. September 31. at 3 30 p. m. Vault Interment will be made In Klam- ath Memorial park and Masonic brethren will conduct graveside , street, niamatn ran, si w. nur-' services. Ml. Charlra, Pelican City. Oregon. IIOMI R I LYSIS ( ARl.t R Homer U lysis Cabler. aged 7. passed away In Klamath Palls. Ore, I Hotel. Klamath Falls. 61.00. Daley. September 18. 1949. He waa born ' Walter P, 814 Oram St. Klamath In Keokuk county, la, July II. 1670. Fells. 04. Day. Faye D, Rl. 3. Box and made his home In Klamath j 560. Klamath Falls. $103. Drlamar. Falls for the past 44 years. The ! Mrs. Csrl Tr. for Connie Drlamar. remains have been entrusted to the i Dorrls. California. W 77. Dorigson. care of the Whltlock Memorial : Clair L. Tr. foe Larry Leroy Dodg-chapel and notice ot the funeral son. Stronghold. California. $7 64. will appear at a later date In this ' Duffy. Laura. 437 Main St, Klam- paper. VICKIE EARLE KEELER Vlrkle Earle Keeler. the Infant riaushter of Mr. and Mra John H. Keeler. passed away In this city on Saturday, September 17. 1949 st 4:19 n mUesiries her narenu she la survived by a sister, Linda Lou of this city: grandparents, Mrs. Ruby Bessonette of Tulelake, Calif, and Mr. and Mr. P. H. Keeler of Bend. Baby Keeler waa laid to rest In Klamath Memorial park on Monday, September 19. 1949 at 4 p. m. Ward s Klamath Funeral home In charge of the arrange- ments. ERNEST THEODORE LARSON Ernest Theodore Larson, a real- 0n ,or ,h P M pawed ,hu " Mondav Sep- a native of Tranoa. 8weden and " Oregon. 81 90 Pearson Olen wa. aged 59 years 4 months and 34 ! ,13 Johnson. Klamath days at the time of his passing. He I Talis. $100 Provost. MarJorie Rt, I. survived by hi. wife. M.udle. ot 1 Box 63; Klamath Falls. M Rob-thls city: two daughter. Mrt ru W A 1106 Madison. Klamath Charles H. Foster Jr, of Lakevlew. 1 s "'"f1'0- b'r Ore, snd Mrs. Harry Lehigh of I " "- B"1' 1' "Um" Jnhnn.. r.,. . .. . t- . t ath FalU, $1035 8imron. W. A, Jr, of Chicago; 111, and Rodney of this city: a brother. Axel, of Long Beach. Wash, and a sister. Mr. Hilda Manson of Sweden. Mr. Larson waa a member of Klamath Fall Aerie No. 3090. FOE. The remain rest in Ward s Klamath Funeral home. 925 High. Funeral arrangements will be announced later. LEGAL NOTICES 1 nci.aimed dftohit pk:hi;mfd abandoned Th following unrlatmM drpotslU. Including dpponlts other than thone payable on demand, are held by the Fir. National Bank of Portland at lta KLAMATH FALLS BRANCH of KJamath Falls, Ore-Ron, aa of July 1, 1949: the owner or owner of which have not for a period of aeven sucrautve yean prior to aaid date, a negotiated HOTELS OSBURN HOLLAND EUGENE. ORE, MFDFORD Thoroughly Modem Mr Mr. I ft C trier FOR si .OIK Falls MOM In writing In respect thereto, or itt) been credited with Interest on the passbook or certificate of deposit on hi or their request, or id had a transfer, disposition of Interest, or other transaction noted of record In the book of til above bank or trust company, or d Increased or decreased the amount of the deposit: Havings Deposits Name of owner or depositor. Last known address. Amount. Adams. C. W. tlen. Del.. Klamath Falls. Ore . $1 00. Asadortan. Valle. 727 Walnut. Klamath Falls. $100. Baker. Mr. or Mrs. F. L. Tlonesla. Calltornts. $100. Baxter. Waller O. M. or Vivian Tr. for Evelyn Baxter. 3147 Arthur HI, Klamath Falls. $7 93. Bunt Ire. Wins J. Crater Hotel, Klamath Falls. $1 00. Brown. Adel Marie by Mrs. Esther Brown. Dorrta.Californla. ' $100. Bryant. David King. 911 Oak $1 00. Butu. Mr, or Mr. O. C 3743 Onyx Ave.. Klamath Falls. D. L. Anchor $100. Comstork. th rails. $1 00. Dunn. Thomas. 1304 Worden. Klamath Falls. $100 Fischer. Arthur M, unknown. $5 70. Ford. James. 1822 Wantland. Klam ath Falls. $1 03. Ooudy, Charles i Robert. 4739 Alva Ave Klamath Falla. II 00. urani. Mrs. u. c. jkm ! Radrliffe. Klamath Falls. $100. Halllnan, Wm. F. 17 Warring. Klamath Falls, $3 73 Happy Go Lucky Club. Box 85. Algoma. Oregon, 8103 Harpham. Mrs. E J, Rt. 3. Box 326. Klamath Falls. $1 00. Hefner. Edmund, unknown. $3 00. Hopson. AI. Box 910, Klam ath Falls. $1.00 Lepperd. Louis E i Fberlein. Klamath Falli 00. McMillan, naran. dit. umo". 1193. Hcrreiii, jonn u, la twi Street, Klamath Falls. $5 81. Mitchell, Barney. Chlloquln. Ore- I nn- u Monroe. Jnan or I " KUmalh t20 OUon. l.nard O . Bo .60. Monroe, Jnan or Lucille. Falls. Box 703. "J K1Am,th J" 'w, Bmllh. Robert E . Oen Del.. Klam ath Falls. 1100. Strand. Harry A. Klamath Palls. $100. Strom. Oladra. 300 Conger. Klamath Falla. $1 24. Towuwlnt. Alice May. Box tttt-7. Klamath Falls. 1 00. Thomaa W. Towey. 321 Na 6th.. Klamath Falls. $1685. Vanrc. Fjtlle. Bpratue Rlv er. Oregon. $100. Van Bcho'.rl,. Tom. New Plymouth. Idaho. 1103 Vanium. Audrey Carol. lorl Klamath. Oregon, 7. Weinberg. Doris,' ins N. 'h. Klamath PalU, 1100. Wever, Ruth E., Audlry Apt.. Klamath Palls, II SI Williams. Mr. or Mr.. P. E. J13J Applegate. Klamath Palls, 1100 Williams. Lyman Tr, or Mrs. Mrda Williams for Shlrlrv Ann, Rt. 3. Box 10IB. Klamath Palls. .06. Wlnflrld. Mrs. R. M. Tr. (or Bobble Wlnflrld. Yamsay, Oregon, .30. Wlnflrld, Mr. R. M. Tr. lor Hnrold Wlnflrld, Yamsay. Oregon, l. TOTAL KLAMATH FALL8 BRANCH. .127.89. Sept. 12, It. No. 787. NOTM'g or asi.g or SKAI. rRIIPKaTT IK TII CIRCmT COI1HT OT Tilt btatk or onrrioN roa Till COUNTY or KLAMATH. m tii MATTr.H or Tiir rsTATg or DORA Kl.l.IS UIVAN. Daraaaad Nollra la harahy .Ivan thai under and by virtu nf lha oriler ol tha C'lrrull Court of tha Stale of Orelon. for tha SERVICE SERVICE, Inc. Phong 775S Dy Jimmy tTJof?SESHOES SRCH BAPKTOAD5 UJ AND ?UARTZBUT WHY SHOULD SET OUT Or COKTS t County nf KlamslS. made so the VI rtv tit apintber. li. In las abota aiillllefl ntallvr. Ihe undrBtsi4 aa S4 ntliMalialor ur th Mtate of lrs KlUn (ilvsn. oWeel. will Mil al prlvsls ssla Iw lha hi.hMI biil.Wr lor cah. or uooa lerni.. oftivtiltl In al4 orttor an lli-anaa an4 BUblvrl lo Iho eonrirmallna nf aald ('ml. Ilia tnllimln darrllM- raal priiarlr sllualad In Klsmaik Count. Oie.on: All thai BorlluA o Tract IT of Glvnsar llooia Traru. mot aarlieul. arlr dawrltw4 Mlowa: baatnnlit at I ha M.utnal enruar nf aalo Trarl IT on lha Una of rtral Avanua. run lhalu-a alont tha aoulh Una of lai Tra.) II IIS leal, Ihesxe north narallal with lha aaal Una of tTinl Avanua. ttal nwua or taaa, I tha south Una of a SO too roadwav: llwnra ! along lha smith Una o arid roadwav. SI foal lo lha aaal Una of flial Avanua. thanra south SO (aat to lha pUre oT twalnnln, ronlalalng (. arra. mora or laa It i.l upiot aa4 real property win h racivad hv tha undaral.nvd al lha ortlra of hla alluinav. J t O NalU. Sulla I. vtvlhaae H.iildin Klanvalh ralla, Orap.MV All htda muat atata tha man. nar of pavmant or terms, arul saw! Stda oin. I ha In wrmne Tlva larma of aaid aala will ha raa ae eradll. and If ur-uv rtadll lha Until of aaid rradll ahall ha .ufalart IP lh confirmation of lha Court Dated thla th dar at aanternapr, I Pot n O tllVAN, Admlnllrator. 1 II IS M O J 10. IPS. Na. TSI Morn g or rttvr or final sitri tstahr IN Titx nari'iT cot'T or Tfte srsrr nr oasuoN roa kuamatsi C"1NTV In tha Mailer nf lha K.tata of u.rtvt CAaani. aAMKB n.raaia Notvoo la harahv .Ivan that I have fllad Mr final arcount nf lha Adralnia tratlon of lha above entitled aetata and that lha Court haa appointed OcWabar II. laa. at 10 AM. aa lha Urn foe haartn ohieriiona to aurh final saapwwt and lh avlllcntanl lharanf Wat. OANiINf) Adnunlalraaae. apt It IS- Orl. $ Na TSX Norn g or rraiwn on rntAk At Ul ST IN T.tr riarrtT cornT or tm tatt or or coon roil it la hath cm N TV IN TMK MATT OF TH tTATl OT HAKY If UAI.AHNRAt'X Imi knom MAKY MAI I Y C;AI-ANNKAUX. formerly MANY MAtY IWr4 NoTIt K 1H HKHKIlY OlVSM. 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TM vmii r nr riN ai. a orr IN The ciaci'tT coi-aT or Tii aTATK or onr;i)N roa th coin- TV or Kt-AM ATM IN Ttir VArrra or Tine taTAT or MMM MII.TtJN jr.WtLH. alaa tinaa a JAMra M JKNNKN. lacaad. Nutir la harahy ftvan lhal I hav fllad mv final at-rnunt aa admtnlatralrll off liZT':. "j'.m"'""" aod thai lha Court haa aat Ortohar II. Itna. ai th hour of looo m . aa U tln for lh harin of oh)-t I ona la Mid final sreount and aattlamant lliaranf Ualad Ihla 14th dar of Rantamhar. IM. rn.NA c jr.NBtN, AdminUtralrls. J C O NflU. Atlnrnay t Admlnlatratrll. It W. O. 1 IO-17 No. 7W. Soik I nr tiATR or final HITtl.&MINT IN THK CIH( TIT CilirKT Or TUB AT AIT OF OREUON FOH KLAMATH COI'NTV. IN Tltr M ATTKR Or THK ruTATB Of MOHTIMKH ri.RET. Itecaaaad. Nnllc la harahy gtvan thai I hav fllad my final art-nun t of tha Admin-Uiratlnn of lha al-nva anllllad aalat and lhal lh f'mirt haa appoint ad Or lobar IN. IM. at 10 A. M aa lha tlm for haarlntr oharlinna In aurh final Account and lh aaltlamrnt tharaof rum k rutCT, BMaeutar. Gannnff A (mmi A I inrnay f nr Ralat. 1 i m. u. i it No. ma. NoTit r or riNAL actocnt NOTKK IK H THE BY OIVtN, That I hava (had my Final Account aa admin-Ulrator with will annavad nf lh aalat of r.l.lZARKTH Al.l.KN rl0. d-taad, and th Judi. of th Clrruil Cmirl of th Ital of Orafon, for Klamath County, haa flvad 1000 A. M. th IMth day of Or lobar. IMS, and tha Courtroom nf aaid Court In tha Court' hmia at Klamath ralla. Orafon. aa th lima and plara whan and whar an parann may praaant any oh)actlona ot Ncaptlona fit anything tharaln on-talnad, and at aaid lima and plara tha Court will rtnallv aat l la aaid account HARRY MARTIN, Artmlnlatrator With Will Annaiadlrf Ilia C-tata of n.lZABKTH AJXN BEDUO, Dacaaaad. n .irw oai o-No. toi. CLASSIFIED RATES On Day , par war Thraa Daya , pat word H Waah Rim mmmmmmm. par word 1 Month Run .,, ,. par word ( eoniatnittva Intwrtinni for Ltftt than 4 on-dar adai Nw Todoy ' " 1 AM NOW . loc.l farinry ranrppsnUllv. for tha Iny.l. rsahlnn rmra. I WIU be glart to rail al your horn and anew lha new alylea fcir fall snd winter Rantial Clara, 71 Owsni. Phone S7II.1. J. L. DEAN Public Accountant end Auditor Offlr si 10s North 1th II Phon KH

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