Herald and News from Klamath Falls, Oregon on September 17, 1949 · Page 3
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Herald and News from Klamath Falls, Oregon · Page 3

Klamath Falls, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 17, 1949
Page 3
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SATURDAY, SEPT. 17, 1949 HIRALD AND NEWS. KLAMATH FALLS. OKIGON PACE THSEE WkATHER (TKKAM YrAlt Ts Sale....... 1 1 a.i La"l ut U Normal WW limK OkMION relr did aunie-whal wanner Mil alleiiHRiit. Haiti lunula anil inual "I kiiiitlr. C'iml.i uu-liar. Illalia UA lu Ti U.uaV and BJ1 to M aumlaij luw Uinlehl iwi lo 00 uth-eilr tttmta lr 1U lu la mllaa an hm'i ln-vieaalns lu JS lu 49 lv U'filMlil. ahlfllli l waalarlv and dliiiltllahina kunday. KAMiKHN OIISAillN increailng eliKidineaa and itul so eld lurtlalit. imdav vlvuilv with ocinil lain and aiHIia etiuler. Illart WWW IwUm and M hi U uuua low Unmlit ut lu as NUMTIIHIN CAI.IrORNIA ralr l-dar. Iiuilalil and auinlar aao-plln w- aalonal Halil lain n.irlh of rurl IlraaS and arallarad animal naar Oi.ai burtler Uiiue'it and Similar. Wann nmttiera Inlailur li-lan and norlli ttl Tnrl Hiatal and HaiMm Hmieni. norm Waal arlmU IS In 2-1 ml coaal ear-puna a.ttlle vailalila Kuraka nnrin,aaiwaiii. kevomlns euulhweal 13 Htllaa an hour HIMiHB IIVH VAI.UIV relr earlr ladav. Int'taaalnx rlnudlnna Ihla allar-ntain arlih rain lata limiaitl and aarly tuitlay lollowad by aliuwara aKII)iarly Wlntte ail w 2a liMilalil wllh S'l.la lo 3i ahlftlna lo wa.la.lr and da raaalna Ntinday Hifh I'Mlay lu. Low lonlghl ttl Huh Sunday W. Eailes A meetlnii It scheduled Bunrtay at I p. m. In the Eagle hall (or veteran members only. Pant worthy preelrient. Ken Ourrlnn, will prMlda and tilt martini will convene promptly at Ota hour art. AU mile members am Invited to ba present lollowlitf Uta veteran con-clara (or a dutch lunch and entertainment. On October 33 and 33. tha grand aerie menaalng orfenl. rr, M L. Brown, will visit tha Klamath lorl. A party (or all members will ba held In Brown's honor, according to til local aec-raUry, Jack Henry. Medie Jark Lust, aon o( Mr, and Mra. L. P. Lut, 711 Mitchell, haa plcdncd Hum Chi Ireternltv at tin University o( Oregon, ec-cordlnc to word received here by hla parents. Jack waa frailtiata of KUIIS with tha claaa of 1B. tiassls Jack O. Haruon and hla bride war verk-end guraU o( hla parent. Mr. and Mra. O. W. Haiuon, a.i& Division. Ttiry returned Monday to Pruvo, Utah, where both are attending tha Brig ham Young university. Board Upholds Miller Axeing SALEM. Sept. 17 w The atau etvll aery tea commlaalon upheld today tha diamlasal of Dr. Horace Miller, psychiatrist at the aute hospital. Millar, fired ea) a charge of In-aubordlnaUori, had appealed. A hearing waa held In the rummer, but the commlaaiona decision waa ot announced until oday. The oommlaalon aatd In a letter e Millar that It could (Ind "no erl-danae that your dumluwl waa made (or political, racial or relitl-ua reaaona. nor waa your pro!ea-i atonal competency as a -payehiatrut gajatloned. The trouble waa trtat "the p a r-onallty dlffarancea between your-eelf and Or Bate 'Dr. Charela E. Bates, superintendent of the hospital) were Inimical to the best Interests of the edminutraion. tha letter aald. Visaing Lola tllrnn o( Klamath Palls, daughter ul Mra. W. C. Mc-Auley ot Jluppy Camp, Oalll., Itaa spent the past two weeks visiting Iter family and friends in Houtlt-arn Oregon and Northern California. A graduate of Bncred Heart academy and Emanuel hospital school of nursing In Portland, site la at present a sophomore at the University ol Oregon'. Bhe will return tills week-end to continue her course In pre-medlca. Dinner Dance The Reaerve Officers uasoclailmi end auilllsry will hold their (Irst social function of the year Prlday, Beptember 23. The affair will be an L formal dinner dance at the Log Cabin lun ou the Ashland highway at 7:10 p. m. All u.inbera and any lormer officers of the armed forces and their wives are Invited to attend and may bring gursti. Baby Daughter Mr. and Mra. James Evan lUigera of Langell valley are receiving congratulations ruin friends on the birth of a daughter Beptember ft. 18411. The llt-ele girl has been named Carol. The lingers have an older child, 2-year-old Donald. Grandparent are Mrs. Italic Roger of Klamath Palis and Mr. and Mra. John Keber of Malm. Visitor Mr. and Mri. O. W. Hanson of KlS Division have as guest their daughter, Mrs. Leonard Moore and family from New Voik. Mr. and Mrs. Moore have been In the Eaat lor the past two years studying music. Mrs. Moor and the children will vlalt here while Moore la on tour with the Robert Shaw chorale. BCVV Meet The Business and Professional Women will have their (Irst dinner of the season, Wednesday. Beptember II. 6 JO p. fti, at the Willard hotel. All member are urged to attend. Ilivenlde PTA The (Irst meeting of Riverside PTA will be Tuesday. Beptember 20. at 2:90 In the school auditorium when teacher will be Introduced. AU parent are urged to attend. Daughter bera Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hum Jr. formerly of Klamath Palls, now of Multnomah, were recently presented with a daughter. Mary Lou. It la their aecond child. stetwrnlng Dick Hoyt. aon of Mr. and Mra. R. O Hoyt, itai Bis-bee will return to Oregon State college today. Dick la a senior and Is president of hi fraternity this year. Home rraea llaapltal Mrs. Al Longe la recovering at her home following a major operation at Klamath Valley hospital three week ago. 1 . -J,.-... - X : I II .III .ill .11 .n,i.il. ,IS I III l.l - n .tea FINAL PLANS FOR OREGON'S FIRST COMMUNITY COLLEGE were discussed at a faculty meeting here Friday ot KUHS. Classet start Monday night in Bend and Klamath Falls. Teachers will shuttle' between the two towns for the four class nights. Left to right, Or. Caroline Brady, Dr. Eugene Melder and Ruth Winchell, instructors; Dean J. F. Cramer of the general extension division; Harold Palmer, instructor, and Viron Moore, director of stote wide classes, extension division, Eugene. Tulelake Deer Season Open TULELAKE. Calif, Bept.l7-Cal-Ifornla deer season opened uneventfully In the Tulelake region with many huntera going out but fewer deer kilts reported than on past opening days. Ktrst kill reported In Tulelake Prlday waa by Dan Bwayaee who came In at 10 a. m. with a buck killed In the Cougar butt, area near Medicine lake. The animal dressed out at about 170 pounds. Bwayxee la an employe ot the Ployd A Boyd Implement company In Tulelake. 'our others, all of which came In to the alorage lockers at Earl's market, were killed by 8. W. Ken-nlngton and Roy Price, both new Tulelake homesteaders, and Pran-els O Connor and Bill MUltgan, also of Tulelake. r Home Burns, Couple Die SEATTLE. Sept. 17 Uh A Lynn-wood couple died early today when U7 were trapped In their burning hocne about II mile north of here, Snohomish County Coroner Ken Baker Identified the couple aa Mr. and Mr. Oeorge O. Richmond. Their email home waa completely destroyed. Baker aald that Mr. Richmond's body waa found at the doorway of the bedroom, where ah had died In a desperate attempt to escape. Her husband's body was found Inside the bed, several fret from the doorway. Boy Prisoners Token To Med ford . Plve Indian boys held for bur- jglartilng Leroy Olenger's store In Chlloquln early this week, were 1 taken to Medford today and are ; to be moved to Portland for fed-1 era) detention. U. B. Marshal Paul Hamlin took the teen-age youths to Medford. They allegedly broke Into the mercantile store and took some 11800 worth of guns, ammunition, food, clothing and radios. Deputy Kherllf Marion Barnes took two state prisoners to prison In Salem yesterday. Jlmmle Ander- (son. 2. went up to (Inlsh a 10-I year sentence for manslaughter j after hla parole was revoked, and I Roy Leonard Oable, 22. 4o begin I a one-year sentence for larceny. I Dyt Child's Rites Held In Portland Pinal rites for Oeorge Conde Dye. young son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Dye of Springfield, formerly of Klamath Palls, were held In Portend, September 13. Interment was In Rose City cemetery. The bsby. who was born In July. 147, In Klamath Palls, died September 10. 'FRIENDLY DIVORCI' Foye Emerson (above), 32, actress wife of Elliot Roosevelt, announced In New York that J the would seek a "friendly "divorce" from the second ion of the late president. She said she planned a divorce "when I have finished my current motiorr picture." PUMICE TILE h f .afcrlry leale frees Pamirs Fredaele ere eweerter la alraasUi sad reelelaal Maltlars. Tlmra Aluminas Window Gold Seal Waterproofing flald Seal Plaster Bond New Slse rum Ice Block " li Klamath Pumice Tile Co. "Permanent aa the Pyramid l4t Owens Phne 41. a Hanford Guards Get Union Rights WASHINGTON. Sept. 17 oPI Rejecting a contention that na-Uonal security was Involved, the national labor relatione board haa ordered a collective barralnlng election for guard at the Hanford atomic plant. A three-man NLRB panel directed In a decision released last night that an election be held within M dsra from September 14. The NLRB aald It found "no conflict between eelt-organlzatlon of the guards for purposes of collective bargaining and the faithful performance of their duty." HOSPITALIZED SANTA MONICA, Calif, Sept. 17 1 Mrs. Anna Roosevelt Boettlger la In St. John's hospital her for treatment ot an Infection. 3 1 m 4 f tins' V-"'' Rev. Kelsey C. Fringing Will le Rerumins froen the Notional Convention Rev. and Mr. Charts Rhus, National Convention speakers, will ba guest speakers Saturday evening and Sunday evening at 7:30. Rev. and Mr, fhaiie 8husa are from Flushing Meadows, New York. Assembly of God 14 Oak KLAMATH FALLS ARMORY 3 MATINEES 3 NIGHTS TOURS., FRI. & SAT. SEPT. 22. 23 & 24 THX'RS. FRL !:4S a 1:15 SAT. 1:15 1:15 Precisely the same great rlrros that haa won the acclaim of Lo Ange-lea, San rranclaro, Seattle, Chleaga, and other major cities. A mtreti' Finest rlKlama'h falls tlMSCENDINOlY OMILINT HFW EDITION T. :!. .T.1?.! T. IV. Vh CRIAM of th'' WORLD'S C H O I C I T C I RC U S TALENT Orn. Adm. Real ..... Il.ftd Inc. Tai Reserved SraU f 1.80. $tM Inc. Tai ADVANCE SEAT SALE NOW AT BALSIGER MOTOR CO. Main t Esplanade, Klamath Falls ! .s SIGHTSEEING Shirley May France (center), 17-year-old Somerset. Moss., school airl who attempted to swim the Eng lish channel, gives her autograph to show-girls Gloria Sicking (left) ond Mtllicent Roy (right) while on a sightseeing tour in New York's Latin quorter. Whitcomb Attending Spokane Air Meet Red Whitcomb, Klamath munlcl-pal airport manage'', left for Spokane today to attend the 13th annual International northwest aviation convention. The conference which win host city, county, state) and federal aviation officials from all point of the country Is scheduled for a three-day session . September 18-30. Tomorrow there will be a large display ofmlU-tary and private plane at the Spokane army air base. The remainder of the three-day meeting will be taken up by speeches and discussions by outstanding national aviation authorities. Elderly Pensioners May Keep Cars PORTLAND, Sept 17 W Two elderly pensioners won the right yesterday to keep their automobile. The state public welfare commission, reconsidering an earlier decision, decided that Logan Fields. 78 and one-armed, needed his 1937 model car to visit the doctor at regular Intervals. Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew also were told they could keep their car after Mrs Bartholomew said she needed It to visit a clinic Old age groups protested after the commission earlier announced that the pensioners had to give up their cars or their pensions. Turkey Sheds Burns; No Birds Lost Fir broke out on the Lis key turkey ranch three miles north of Malta Thursday afternoon but damage was confined to three small turkey house. No turkeys were lost Action of ranch hand and the Malin volunteer fire department saved several other nearby structures and a field of standing grain. The fir waa believed to have been caused from a ctcarrttc thrown from a passing car. It was the second bad fire In the week In Malta. The volunteer department fought a blaze last weekend which destroyed a four-room house on the Tony Steyskal ranch. six mile southeast of the town. The structure was formerly the Steyskal ranch bouse, but the Steyskal liv In a new home, nd the bouse was occupied by Mr. and Mrs Jim Fail-lhee. The Falllhee were gone when fire broke out. but arrived In time to aee rt go up In flame. Practically all furnishings were lost, and damage was estimated at 82000. The house was covered by Insurance but the furniture wa not. Firemen saved a machine shed full of farm machinery which was near the house. Cause of the fir haa not been determined, although It was believed to be from a ahort in a lighted floor lamp near a couch. Planes Crash Head-On; 2 Men Killed DALLAS, Sept. 17 0PV Two mili tary plane collided head-on In the air west of Dallas today, killing on man In each ship One plane was a two-engine navy PMB torpedo bomber, the other a single-engine F-51 national guard plane. The F-51 crashed, exploded and burned. The pilot's body still wa In the plane. "Piece of tt were scattered all around the cow pasture where It fell." O. W. Oorman, Irving volun teer fireman, reported. The man killed In the navy plan crash evidently bad tried to para chute. Name of the victim were withheld pending notification of kin Overdue Plane Sought At Sea NEW YORK, Sept. 17 (t Coast guard, air force and Canadian aircraft were throwi Into a widespread hunt today for a small, single-engine plane long overdue on a projected 201" mile non-stop flight from the Azores to New York City. The little plane, a Beechcraft Bonanza, reportedly wa loaded with fuel 'or 29 hours of flying when It took off with two Italian aviator from the Azores yesterday. Under normal conditions. It ga supply would have been exhausted at 10 a. m. (EST) today. The search plane started from American and C and tan bases shortly after dawn, about 10 hours after the plane last made radio contact with shore. - f t- I '' 'a C . j , - r Foot Prints Lead To Frolics Box Oversize foot print on downtown street have aroused considerable curiosity among Klamath people. The big print are painted on sidewalks and streets and the more curious have found by trailing them that they lead to the Lions Fun Frolic ticket booth In front of The Oun Store on Main street. ANCIENT CUSTOM Joyce Fuller, queen of the Lodi, Calif.. Crape Festival and National Wine show, demonstrates the old world method of crushing wine grapes. They don't do it this way in California, but the custom is revived each year ot the grape harvest celebration. A new handy scalloper mad of plastic will be a help to the horn aewer. It doe not curl, remain flat and also serve a a ruler and a button spacer. CARD OF THANKS The Family of Kenneth Weber will hold in grateful appreciation ycur remembrance and kind expression of sympathy. J. L DEAN Public Accountant and Auditor Office at tgg Nartk 7th SI Fh Park View Nursing Home 906 West Main Street Medford, Oregon Phone 2938 Completely equipped Nursing Home for chronic and convalescents. Bed patients specialty. Hot water heat throughout building. Licensed by the State of Oregon. 24 HOUR NURSING CARE Registered Nurse in Charge Os the Want Ad for Quick Results! I "V. 1 PENTECOST at First Baptist Cliurcli Eighth 4V Washington SPECIAL EVENTS THE WEEK OF SEPT. 18th SUNDAY, 10:50 A. M. "THE THREE FOLD SECRET OF THE GREAT LIFE OF MOSES" 8:00 P. M "WHY SPEND ANOTHER NIGHT WITH THE FROGS?" MONDAY, 8:00 P. M. "THE HOME" Bring the entire family and sit together. A gift will be presented to the largest family present. TUESDAY, 8:00 P. M. "THE UNPARDONABLE SIN" This will be Men's Night. Sponsored by the Brotherhood. The men will sing in the choir. WEDNESDAY, 8:00 P. M. "HELL FENCED IN" The Sunday School will sponsor this service. THURSDAY, 8:00 P. M. "THE HORSE RACE" Ladies' Night, sponsored by the W. M. U. The women will sing in the choir and usher. FRIDAY, 8:00 P. M. "THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES AFTER DEATH" ' This service Is sponsored by the Training Union SATURDAY, 8:00 P. M. "CAN A SAVED PERSON BE LOST" This will be Youth Night. The youth will sing in the choir. This will be an unusual service. TWO GREAT SERVICES SUNDAY, SEPT. 25th Dr. C. Y. Dotsey Mr. Hemmenger a Rev. Simpson L Tidwell . Evangelist Song Leodcr Pastor '1 Deposits made before the 10th of each month draw earnings for the full month. It's no cinch to be thrifty. It's an old-fashioned habit. -It should be taught to every child. It has helped to make America great. It has been the cornerstone for every new home bought or built. The First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Klamath has had a part in establishing thrift among the people of this community. It has helped in the acquiring of homes by thrifty and industrious people. Save with First Federal Savings. Liberal earning with safety. Open your account now and save with this modern savings association. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 40AN ASSOCIATION '540 MAIN STREET a

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