New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung from New Braunfels, Texas on May 20, 1983 · Page 6
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New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung from New Braunfels, Texas · Page 6

New Braunfels, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1983
Page 6
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New Braunfels H«a\d-2«itung Friday, May 20,1983 Lady luck Stall pholoi by Cindy Richardson Craig Wersterfer gets the Simon awards from Booster Bob Reeh Unicorns honored Wersterfer, Pink Winkler win awards ByKARI MITCHELL Sports oditor Seniors Chris Winkler arid Krista Pink topped the list of talented athletes honored at the annual New Braunfcls Booster Club Spring Sports Banquet Thursday night when they were named 19B3's outstanding male and female athlete, respectively. Chosen from among the members of the five honored teams of basketball, baseball, track, tennis and golf, Pink and Winkler best represented the "hard-work and dedication of Unicorn athletics," said Doug Miller of the New Braunfels Jaycees. "Each one has aimed for the best and acheived it." Other outstanding acheivers who received honorary awards were Craig Wersterfer, Pain Dunks, Rick Shultz and Debbie Galvan. Dunks was named the recipient of both the Fighting Heart — an award given to the female athlete who best represented the "never say die attitude" of New Braunfels — and the Army Reserve Scholarship Athlete award while Shultz received the scholarship for males. Galvan was given the True Blue award for "the senior girl athlete who gave her all to the team, whether we won or lost," said coach Claudia Perry. Wersterfer was honored with the Gary Simon Memorial Scholarship. Simon was an outstanding athlete who suffered a head injury during a football game ttu.t later proved to be fatal. His picture hangs in the main hall of the high school. Before the presentation of the special awards, however, each coach recognized and presented his or her team with all-district and Most Valuable Player certificates. Listed In the order of their presentation they are as follows: In girls' basketball, coach Patsy Davis praised her junior varsity for their 11-16 record and named Stevle Smith the most improved freshman while giving Sabrina Sanchez the most improved JV award. For the varsity, Teresa Thomas was named most improved and Tonya Hurd was was presented with the Most Valuable Player award. J.P. Rector was given the MVP award for golf by coach Cliff Wilklns for leading the team to nine tourney wins and a fourth place in District 13 4A. In boys' basketball, the MVP award for the tri- dlstrict champion freshmen went to Victor Sierra; for the district champion junior varsity to David Caddell; and for the third place varsity to captain Alan Kisclibeck. All-district awards were also presented-to Shultz (honorable mention), Karl Wilson (first team) and Fischbeck (first team). First year tennis coach David Mueller presented five awards. Alan Rompel was named freshman MVP while Mike Wofford was given the honor for the junior varsity. Rodney Fischer was named Most Improved Varsity player and the 1983 varsity MVPs were Lisa Roberts and David Pfeuffer, Mueller also presented a special award to the doubles team of Janice Fikac and Jenny Clonts called the Biggest Upset Award. Flkac and Clonts defeated Tivy's No. 1 seeded team at the district meet and continued on to the regionals. For the girls' track team which set records In all Chris Winkler Sports shorts Bert Jones retires due to neck injury ANAHEIM, Culif. I AP) — Bert Jones' pro football career had its rewardintj times und its frustrating times, and he says the most frustrating was the final year. "The biggest diasappolnUnent for me was that I was ready to help the Rams in any way I could, and I couldn't do it," the IADS Angeles quarterback said Thursday at a press conference announcing his retirement. Jones, who played nine years in Baltimore before being acquired by the Rams in the spring of 1982, suffered a neck injury last November in Just his third game with Los Angeles. "I played 10 years in the NFL and enjoyed a lot of good things," said the 31-year-old Jones, fighting back tears at times during the press conference. "TJwt'a what I'll remember ... The players, the coaches, fulfilling our goals." Jones underwent surgery last January after the Injury, % nplwrt disc, and failed to respond to treiUnent. factors told Wro prior to the recent NFl> draft that he could not play again. Rockets use 'heads' to bag Sampson NEW YORK (AP) — The Houston Rockets, who captured the Ralph Sampson sweepstakes by winning a coin flip, would rather have acquired the draft rights to college basketball's best player in a less nerve-racking manner. "It was kind of silly for grown men to be sitting around flipping a coin with the success of a franchise at stake," said Ray Patterson, president and general manager of the Rockets. Rockets owner Charlie Thomas correctly called "heads" when larry O'Brien, commissioner of the National Basketball Association, flipped a 100-year- old silver dollar in O'Brien's office. Indiana was the loser of the flip to determine who chooses first and who picks second in the NBA draft on June 28. Thomas said the Pacers would have- walked away with the third pick as well as Krista Pink but one meet this year, Jana Chafiti was named oustandlnn freshman while Most Improved wasii tie between Virginia Hildebrand and Lisa McKinnis. The Most Valuable Athlete was national record holder Kim Whitaker. •Sierra returned to the podium when boys track coach I-ow SimmomLs presented his award for tIn- most valuable freshman. Sierra was one of two athletes to participate in three spring sports (the other was Greg Bender), but was the only athlete to receive two MVi J awards. Kumly Ung was given the MVP for the JV team and David Delemos received the honor for the varsity team. Baseball coach Pete Gar/n declined presenting awards to his varsity squad saying, "It has been a tradition to wait until the season is over before doing so. Fortunately, this year the tradition is In effect nguin." The Unicorns, now 20-fi-l after defeating Alamo Heights in the bkiistrict playoff just two hours earlier, will advance in the playoffs. CJurvia did, however, award Maggie Medellin the MVP a ward for the 8-6 junior varsity team. the second, plus a player and a first-round choice next year if they had listened to his trade offer. "We tried to make a trade to avoid all this," Thomas said. "It was too many dollars to have it come down to luck." But Thomas, who took his 21-year-old daughter's advice by calling heads, had the luck on his side, something the Rockets had very little of this season when they finished 14-68, worst in the NBA, with a 36 percent drop in attendance compared to 1981-82. Thomas said having the 7-fooM Sampson, a three-time Player of the Year for the University of Virginia, would be "worth millions to the Rockets." An estimated 2,000 calls were made to the team's switchboard in Houston after the toss, with about 300 season tickets purchased Thursday. The disappointed Pacers seid they had little choice but to try to get Sampson, who is considered to be the best player coming out of college since Bill Walton in 1974. "We felt we .owed it to the fans to give them a shot at the No. 1 pick," said Pacers co-owner Herb Simon. He said he, too, would have said "heads" if Houston had not won the preliminary flip that designated who would make the official call. "If we had gotten to make the call, I feel we would have won," the disappointed Simon said. "I wish we could have gone down fighting." In calling heads, Thomas was bucking a trend that saw tails come up 12 times in the previous H years. In addition, the team calling the toss had been unsuccessful 11 of 17 times. Retama to host Cup Sunday Coca-Cola will host the third annual Coca-Cola Cup Sunday at 5 p.m. at Retama Polo Center. Two Texas league teams, Y Bar 0 and Retama, will compete for this cup. KTSA's Bruce Hathaway and Blanquita Cullem will be the guest announcers at halftime during the frisbee throwing contest. Playing for Retama will be Matt Gosc with a two-goal rating, Tommy Gose with a four-goal rating, Owen Rinehart with a seven-goal rating and Steve Gose with a three-goal rating fora total of 16. Playing for the Y Bar 0, will be Jim He said he was told that one blow to the wrong place could leave him permanently paralyzed. Soviet skiier killed in automobile wreck MOSCOW (AP) — Alexander Zhirov, at one time considered the best Soviet alpine skier, died today from injuries suffered in an automobile accident, the official Soviet news agency Tass reported. Tass said the accident occurred near Yakhroma, about 50 miles southwest of Moscow, but gave no further details. Houston group gets new USFL franchise National Football League owners for the past four years as a player agent and, now he's taking them on as a principal owner of the newest United, States Football League franchise. USFL Cornlnjssioner Chet Simmons awarded the Houston franchise to Argoylt* and three other principal owners Thursday, pMlng the new team against the established National Football League Houston Oilers. Yarborough with a two-goal rating, Mike Azarro with a three-goal rating, Charles Armstrong with a five-goal rating and Hector Galindo with a four-goal rating for atotalH. Individual players and teams are ranked on a proficiency scale of 1 to 10, with few players acheiving the 10-goal rating. The combined ratings of a four-man team determine the handicap ofthe team. Any team with a 0-8 goal rating (handicap) is considered Ixnv Goal, 8-12 Medium Goal and 12-26 High Goal. Belt Buitler and her jazz emsemble will be in the gradnstand entertaining between chukkers for your listening pleasure. Following the game there will be the usual party in the Cantina with music by Midnight Rose, fowl and drinks. Tickets are $10 for center seating, $7 for reserved seating, $4 for general admission and free for children under 12. Since the condition of the field is dependent upon the effects of the weather, matches at Retama may of necessity be cancelled within a few days of the scheduled games. For more information on games or tickets, contact Retama Polo Center at 658-POLO, 651-6511 or call Steve at 8288181. Sports calendar Baseball Playoffs: May 2-1, 7:30 p.m. Srnithson Valley vs. Hitchcock at Yoakum. Volleyball: Geronirno Area Jaycees sponsoring men's and women's volleyball tourney Sunday in Starcke Park. T Bar M Day Camp: July 25-29 at the T Bar M Sports camp. (If you or your sports group would like your local sports announcement to appear in the Ht-miu z<.'itt,n</ sports calendar, mail the announcement to P.O. Drawer 361, New Braunfels, TX 78130 or call (512) 625-yH-! and ask for the sports department, i Standings baseball urouiUHM ustirmoi • I hi Cl SI l*n H I! ID fllUdljlil II U Ji> I Cihliiin OilUM linn Cii| NilMlIU S/jri i3 n sii I) II Ii II Ii 11 n n 14 75 II in IK in In*! 1 MautiU 1 u n w i In J«l U II «l I'i wisiorcrsioi in k*|iiit n il in 111,111 n i) w J S« Irucnu tl » ill I twiujtl IS 'I '" 19 SH Own I' " 1B " M«!!M is n 111 ii !or.ii I Cilittnu I 0<f| | we, ukrtM Itlill I (Ml! llllMJO Mi/l'.Mi )( / l*WS 'til! 9 nSdiw 15 Hlntt» S« 0>i(i). In '»>' Oilj t»< u»«*M Intii'i (Mil Cuciaul Ifinif 1l> il C»*J|« tW«i I )! S« Il*l«l !llWI«| 11> II »"»"l Ilif BI 5 IL (i! XOlllM IIMWI M) II jtmiiiMtjiui! S« Hull iHnliii ID il (C»lt«l HUD In *i(i'n Inn S I' H '•» '»* '"" I I!. Hi (iln'j KcKiriii i I il SI Iwu Ufmi Sjhrtn i twn Sja liiKtui II UMtml CWIMlt II C>KJ[I tonsil il Mlife'l* i I:, ;n Miu ll'l! lini Bir-.i 1) HBltil'l fi«l H < n'i; CUitla< UlltdlB 11 II CiMniu •M* I Ti...«; Hi* Bin Hui 11' 11 Sui'Ji lniDi 1 T: I In l«l iStnliT T il Oitlnl !!• (n.wi; n r liiartil i t»n lillwai il lanli « muU il Intoi lint ilDilriil CllCI(l II 1MVII Cll| CItllUM It CjlllKltl I •iixiiii it Sun' ( .1 S««iJl i twn Inn il OittM lill««i il I«wl9 MiiMiiu il lnn< Ctaifi ii i»m Ciii I 1C! Inn S Oi«H S .'I K*w HI CRilii) 4 5 BI»I»III \f h Si! BS ',C Inn Smttwi I) ? S U I .' I • ' ijiju n • 3 ; 5 3 K.'ICI ltd a i '• i i s Inn tills) mi '(I I P(! Cl Uhi II Pin II :i 513 '; liftaal .T I UC ? M4U* I' 'I 441 I Uirilil i !tl;:l! ("ill i !»n S^IIIIJO' |l )|JI3I»! llIU J! X'J'JK! *Smith & Wesson Model 28- •»•• barrei$O£Q50 ;i'j7 mag Hiqhway Patrolman • Reg. S305.00 £ -^ J + Ruger Security Six- <r barrel 357 maq S-l QQ95 l.-irqoi Mocks, red ramp/wniie outline sights "33 *Ruger Super Blackhawk- iov barrel spnnso •'••1 r »a<) Great huntinq or silhouette gun - £-"*J KM S?7b 00 ^Charter Arms Undercover- 2" barrel $•« 7Q50 38 siii Stainless Steel • Reg. S245.00 ' ' ** *Colt Government Model- Mark iv 9mm$ 50 . *Ruger Blackhawk- /'/.- barrel 30 carb $ *Smith & Wesson Model 12- -r 1 barrel $o-i A 50 :)H si>! Anv.-s.iiM Model • Reg S2-10.00 ^ • ^ *COP- •'. shot y.}7 niaq. pistol Stainless $ OH Q50 Stuni • Hi.'q 5238 bO £. IJ + Ruger Blackhawk- ev?" barrel 357 mag. soOQSO SUinies', Steei • Reg S307 bO C.O3 Sji IJIM.; il UCIIK basketball • USUKtOIKilil Hilj« : .)4.J mil '.I II 11 lel>.,l III MilxKll) l» 01 IDJIU II SI l»'l i>! In lit il OdUrt Nitiiulll II i<J"i< IIUS BUIOII lW IIIKIKI II MOtlll In «i|ii<i it In 1*1 SM onii it rwjn»»<j Pi.'iJi-,:.; I? H:i.mi 11 ij'jrlll Mil II P^)jl«^)i] I&4 Hili^ktl % MilIKIH liQ fO 1 !'.<!• I V ?'i'ij-<^ij Hi Mi<»Kill If] lUuUllStllltt C«C«Utl II ClKI(l UII1ICU IUCUI ustDnisni • i Pti (i ||II««I InM n u us n u su II IS W lilKI A nut » Oli'.H II um> ii initMi n muif ci k«a<i i Dill 11 IKIIIi A 1111 miuti .> 11 H 4111 "!»lll »« 1 I I I (III «*« « 4111 NirriK II (III tl'irtl I ) 111 tn* H 1 I I I »'ltM C I 111 C*U V 4 I 1 I llX> l» I «MH In lit ClniU* htm Inn il H U II ill 4H I) II 441 msumsni n u » u :i mil UN 10 11 11 n 1191 4111 H I I Mil » 11 11 Iil»l n ) I SI iiun win tiun u i n Inn .... SCI m W I I oitui , as in ooo i .' In Ml iM< •'•HI '»• KIII) (mi ••ni| III - KKliihll ill V In" Sirtll Hit I liiUJI Mil IS SjiiiUin III l« l)|i.r. II) lull) Uif U lllUplll II) SiUjMin in Inliliiii 1.1 Sxlitoni 111 HKMlllI Ml) II Su tium ill In li|iin HI liKil MuM in litiiit il S» lm*i > Su tilwit il lit '"ii 1 " >' " Rifles *Wcatherby Vanguard 30oe • Suggested$00coo I |i;| V.J.jC) 111, »JU«J *Winchester Model 70 XTR- 2/0 (New$oon50 ci'i'i C'scontmucd model) t.\jJ * Winchester Trapper- 30-30 snon oarrei $ «\(:f action • Suggested list S2I9 9!) Shotguns * Winchester 1500 XTR- t? ga Semi-S Auio Vcn! HID will) Wtncliokes - Suggested lisi S.I.KI y, *Winchester Ranger- ?o g,i vem Hibs-lQn50 iiinno with v'/inchokcs - Suggested list ' **3 *Mossbercj- t^ g,i Persuader with pislol $-1 OQ50 ,;n; Hoiiii! [injli'tlian stiorl shotgun • Su(|()()S I w J !("! ::',! M7H9'i — One Each at These Prices — - ALL NEW GUNS Buy - Sell - Trade - Repair Hundreds of New & Used Guns to Choose From! Herald-Zeitung Classifieds Mon.-Fri. 8:30-5:00 THE PREAKNESS STAKES Hear the Call and the Color ABC Radio ', Don Cheviiei, Dan Lovctt. Fieci Manfra and race caller Dave John-,on combine to briny you the color and excitement of the Preakness Stakes from Paddock to Winner's Circle SATURDAY MAY 21 4:00 RM. ON KGNB RADIO

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