Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1952 · Page 26
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 26

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1952
Page 26
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HOM fTAfc, HOM, AKKANSA* Tuesday, December 9, 1952 fitwn Jlortiu »»n1<milrii« In the horn*- of M». for Ihelr Novemlwr itfdtlon club held IU regular No- vembor meeting nl the home of Mr*. 0. E. BurwIcH. Mm, Karl Dudley presided in lite «b»«nc« of the prMldunt. Ourlng the lm«tm»M «e*ilon the toliowin« officer* wi?re DOROTHY DIX Service Marriage to tlon. their lln« nl conv«."sa- What n (jueBlirm! : only Ir, It perfectly proper bvt act- Donr Mint ^fy ,„ , ----- . Tl'li \~~j. n>,..i.ij, n i Uft v r. HIM i.war mm* i^m; My oldent <i»u«h-r After (he devotlennl glv * lwt |~J *f"g!"}' Mr.' lv,m Br « cr - * h " '» '"• '• vftry much '" lorl * '^Unarlly talw. No OIK- «en n(»t«<l« and a »hort uunl- «!«; vlce-pieummit, Mrit, >v»r. r»ri ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^ <M boy (n wr . ||rrn| rule Kfl(1 poM u,| y w , KW(11 lo IrtJrlf the group adjourned gni; »""«•;>'•" , Mrfc'o *•' iifl> vlco. They waul to marry when i cover «ll canen, however, ..nd HUH Zu ™™*"; , m *"lll >t ^ M« rt«JmImrf nli-i-a and Mil ••'« '" «w»Wt«r year. My hunbmid I think the 'youn« folks nl.oui.l be H»v'TIiVneT » H y* hf! w(lt " <)l *' ve h)< con » enl ' permitted to marry In a A».» i,!,.I.x.«n»i., r'hfittmni .-'f£« until the younil man In out of *«r-j lime, with the ble»(iin« Afler .iZTThl £Sr:,^4 vtc,.. H»«. W . • »..n k they ,ho«,<s!«,u of parent.. Not overdone, but surely a small &M in all that's required and is not ...... i . i AI < lw> much for the average family r>.ar MIM Dlx: Do you think it. lla ,ly commendable. Almost every . , « U|C l« ptojHT f-ir n mothrr «.o hnvc a birthday _ ^ ^ small Party atmosphere is what counts. mrly i-vry yvar for hi-r only chilil, who Is now llm-« years „ lh« rout tj( the afternoon fir Mr». Jocknon, member* and two vMU- , Lyla Ciilhoon nf yenr « were ________ Mrs. H. w, Smith 6f| Htlwidcd' Victory Honja Club moating «t Ihu Mr*, C B. Calhoun on No fc Mrs, Wllllnm Sohoolny, jmtnfded. During the ,mg It wnft tk'ddcil to mnkc i * times fin Children'* ttifi Arknnm Hume, Mttlo drink* and cookfoa to ID „„. iimrrimJ wht.-ii lln>y want to nncl ; Couple (• R*««ly | 2 new rneiritx-nt nnd oil" vl»«»r, »' lfl llrir " '* *'"• As " ni1 "' ' rt " They hr,v« nlri-ndy iH.rotnplUhnd i Th« Dewmbpr mwtltitt will l»r-;.l not "CProv.; of youn« marrln«o», „„ rnllcll „» C oupln« «..-vi-rnl yonrx tho home ni Mm.''Coy /..nrtwnli, liut lll «»° "*" hnve "" m " ch '" old^r. They have ler.rn«l, i-von nt 400 W«»t fltli, nil Tlturmlhy r.lMlii, »'oi.im..M and «r« «» sHislble thai th( ., r u . I)fk , r y^,,.,,, lh( . | r ,,,<, (1 * nl imlfl will «x- ' ''''"' ""'y "' "'""y 'or mnrrlwgp, i ,.,, w , s |,i,. ni tirifi and mutual obllrfn- »l*o cvoryr.iKt 1'ln-y went through hl«h nclicol' t |,, rl Uml m)lkr , lh( , ,„.,, f,, lm <J;iiirm li,«r>ilx-i, altfiiddd the mmio church (,„. „ K ,, (K | ,,inrrlii«i.-. Tl,--i'.' in ..- ; where Ilioy both nimtf In the choir t lm riiridaincritalM that ••« mmiy i iui'1 Imijthl Hundiiy school. My dim Dcicornber IB, i«nd U «o bring » ttlft lh<?.v h'avi- to bo fallowing offirm woro «l»e Of ttte t'turMnK jt?Bt". I'rcmdenl i, iMV'fltlsrn Schdoluy; vlue-prna- jt, ,fcJr*r Arrhlfl Smith! nocro- [<jj>«M»<jfl*tirfii, Mr*, C, ,) Kowoi MrM, Cecil 8rnllhj nnd roc Ui«d«r; Mm. Hornuc Al- If tltrlft jjlft wu« won by Mn, ftowtt, Tin! elC'fo will mnwl Couil Minllli on Dceom- Oroen Mond pocUlon, ba» huiibandx and Our Worried llVtnf " Blcvinn Homo Dumonsirn* rnel «i (he bnrrm of Mri, for IU Novembe wlvon never leain. Tho"ore«n™Uiiot«'r'HI) <Miil) hnrt !>'"•" tiuiKht by nut to «ew iiiui cook t , m( .,. n ,,.,| over the dilemma.' bill tholr monlhly mpc-tlnij In tin. lum..- ""'' llll!l »" d *° much '•xp'-rieric,.. Bh( , ,,„„ ,,,„„. ., „,„. jl)t , ,,, Of Mr., Virgil HiickRbco "" K»«l t " Wll «, c ""' "' h , 8r , yol '" K ljp . r " lhcr |hor ilnii K ht<-r to accept rrspr 2nd iSlrcitl, t!hrl»lmu» «l(t I'K-'t* 'I" 1 ' *'>« m perfectly c»imbi<- n- , my _ Klll< .,. ,,, )tn ymini{ „,.„,,!,. ;„„, were exchanuod And nlumltimn '•"" l|(l » »«»*• n '<-' h "y ls " f '"° their fiunili.-i are active in cluireh Irim W(.r.- shown nnd oilier nift« '«.y, M-ndn her home $100 n month the cU-r«yina.i nh.iirfd be consult- dUouMod Oilier ir«y« uiul copper '" »»v.. toward tholr homo; *!„.-, foil wor« ordi-rcd. Tho club mom UH. u wving. and has lu.mt- bean ed. t'erlinp'i bin ndvire will uliirily the hltmitlon with Dnd. I I/l I WVIW 1./IM'. l"..c». * n*j ik • i >if T j.-i.,. i' ~ - ,- bcru mnl with Mrs, Krneitl Coub on Hful thln«»i In her hope client. I he j.;, t ,,,ii,, ni ,| „„(! Nodal maturity to work on trny,f, l)0 . v h "" " lr«d«. with a «oo<l job ;„,.,. (MU ,. h ,-„„,.,. j m ,,,,,.| fir ,t ( , K mar It wtin voted to have n Christ- wniim« when lu> k-nveii the At my. | ,.(„„,, fitctoc, than »KI", however. niBH pnrty nt the Kxpcrlmnril Hu. "n Is hard working and umbliioii-., Friday nl«hl, fninlly lion Hut 10, with picnic lunch, No «lfl» will hi' e* changed, Klnittn« itiul be. enjoyed hy oil. t)<;t'prnbi'r ' 1<lu 'y ni)VI ' '»l' 4 (!ady hoon *fpanite<i ti,,, lni w( no Ji;ui({o exlstfi to measure for n yi'ur and a half, and they (should know tholr own lire: 'Ihe m thwrn. Ttw duvotloiml wan . . , . ,,..,„,„.. Harbcrl »lephen» (lonl ; Ml *' l ' lt>yi[ c "" ltrl ' KuniDK will by now, 4 A WORRIED MOTHKII Annwer: Your lottcr, which I still must depend upon the Hood old ciilendnr to set our sUmdiirdK. (Common Ken.se must often be culled upon to .scttli' trim- lioverxles revolvinK iiround tlnie, and tlii.s in one such Insliinei-. I Mm. Fred Hunt; vUu>.prt>» Mrx w«» offared by roiwrt nUo offiaem warp olac Star \\w coming yenn pr«»l- r? JWf«, Vlclov Fiompton, vlco- Jenti Men, "Elvln »Campbell. BftUfrV>t! i e(i8ur«i > , MM, JOB Hunt %ppit«r, MM, J, 1. WhltBflold, Lofi'alnt! Hlflokwoocl, HD A- HHVfi ftuini; inli'csllisa nutlUQKt i,'"ort mttkiiitf ChrUtmu* enrd», flnU dtiei^'ntlons. The court UN llBtt.V WflH diSPUKKCd. rcfrtiKhmimiii wore- gor b 10 mumbt<r» itiul MI'H. , The Ciu'lHtmiis party will «it Uu! Mdlmdlit Chinch with Victor linmiiton »» h6nto«» JUilph Doycp «nd Mr*. T UK eu.h()MtO»8«l).. Mound Iluutty Muuncl IKmut Uuninn have Bomewhnt Rhortcnfd, WHN HO j,,,,,,, ,. V( , r y youtiK woman faced Hi'ti:.ll)ly and (ttnilyhtforwardly writ W jt n a simlhir problem will «o In I ten that I cunnot bellevo you wore i«rv«d by Ibo IIOMIODH to the ntoinbem nnd one visitor. Mrs. Mart Yoeom. hef t»ry-lroniiur»r, Mr», Krnom Cohb l«<>n tniit I cwnnot beilovo you are r ,, r „ s ,.,isioii of .self-analyiiis to see ',' noportor, Mr«, l^ufiHio Cicnlry, Mr» j t-xnKUtiratlntl any of It* detailH. ijf )„.,. ( , t |ulpmviit (or man-lane is Virgil HuchnVmo will k«»«p lh»i Yon drnw « perfect picture of two, (IH ( ,,, m ,,i,.te as this girl's. nerap book, j fln '- youn« people In love, j ; A »«l«d plntt.', cooklf'H »nd (Irinkn I From the hundred! of letters I; ),,,„,. Miss Dlx: Why are people ' rceulvt) on tho subject mid the ,. vi>n ,,i-,ii M ,, r ii y taettul ones, cuil- tunny tiilkH t have With younu tv , lf n.sklnK loo many personal pnoplu. I know there i* no more ,n,,.,,ti tms ? Hefore a person is mar- eoiitrovernlal subject Ju»t now than i rl ,,,| UM , ,|i U ..stion is; "When are thU one of marriage while the hoy.j yim Kl .uin K married'.'" Then, as is* filll! In service. Tho overwhelm- j, io ,, u , IS UK . | mn( . ym oon is over, hif! toneludlon of workers nmoiiK!-When are you HlartiiiK a funiilyV 1 youn« people, «nd of the Army | f y ,, u , lo l)( , Kln tlu . tllm i| y „ Dlt • top bni«H, Js that they nre not to t , lc , S(M)I1 (here's more whispering lie iudlM't'lminately recommended. „,„( (|urstionliu(. If you do wait a The ri.sk)i Involved coupled with while, it's "Why did you wait so the hii/ord* ttllendunt upon younu |on«V" Uo sue.l! people really ex T The Negro Communitv •y Htlen Turner U> Ormq Ueniii to Ml«* anywii.v. niiikc Mich un i fur M«r,th''li Mallcoii worti hold Sulurdny, \)a- <.'i<mlH-r II, (it Hit' Methodist Church, with lllc:kM Funurul Hoinu in peel how Litxurous Nylon ANS - P4NTIES t HAIF SLIPS iinswers'. 1 And do they reah/.e personal their Inlerronalions an 1 '' What ;t wonderful world this would be if we nil lived our own lives and stopped iiu|uirli>n into the affairs of others. AN KXI'KCTANT MOTIIKH Answer: Al the present time you lire probably a little over-sensitive and are apt lo misconstrue many iAmeral nervlcei for Nnlhan Hen «•' ""' 'luestions put to you. Wlule sn'rvlco* for Clem Shenrx wvic lutld .Sundny, Dociniilier 7. ai Slur OnptiNt Church with Hicks Kunorul lloinu In churuu drlK wef" held Tuesdny. November II lit Mt. I'lutistint CMK Church wilh Ilicha funnral Hume In it mitUil lie n wonderful world if everyone lived his own life, would- not it ulso !>e a bit lonesome'.' I'er- liap.s at times the interest of others mny be irksome, but there art) The Yorker llu.Kl Mother's club " l ,"' !r «'i-«.'n.-ions wlu-n il is a bless- will m.n.'t THMdny n««ht. D«com-, rl „'•">' of *""**"»°her U. at tho Y«r«or JHgh Mhool. Hiut you are presently beset by All n , L .Mibon are ur««rl l to uUCnd. !'»».)>• qui'st,on. Is undersUuulnbU _w_Jl ! probably no situation in life is us ' well meant for the most Try to be a bit more patient your friends. When they de- bounds of .subject or Ctmnoiv lestt (or Clove siud, Ohio lo visit Mr, »nd Mrs She will nlso visit fiuiioy ovi-i-stop Rood prcfi-i\ not riondH In Detroit and Chicago. DID YOU KNOW THAT: TREES INCREASE THREAT OF FIRE OVER HOLIDAYS "Keep Christmas Merry," advises the National Board of Fire Underwriters. "Follow these safety rules and ovoid a lire in your home during the Christmas season . 1. Choose a small tree, It's less dangerous than a large one, 2. Don't set it up until a few days before Christmas, Until then, keep it outdoors. 3. Place It in the coolest part of the house, away from fireplaces or radiators. And don't let it block on exit. 4. Stand it in water, or use a live^ree planted in a tub of earth, 5. Never use cotton or paper for decorations on or around the tree. 6- Do not put electric trains under the tree. 7. Use only electric lights, never candles, and sec that the wires are not frayed, Be sure the wiring sets for lights you choose are marked as having been inspected by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. 8 Provide a switch some distance from the tree for turning tree lights on and off. Don't plug or unplug them beneath the tree. 9. Tluow away all gift wrappings as soon as the presents have been opened. 10, Do not leave tree lights buj^ilmj-wHerrno one is home. TeadTes next to the light turn brown, move the lights. 12. When needles start to fall, take the tree down and discord it. ARE YOU PROTECTED SEE ROY ANDERSON & CO. ~ INSURANCE one,' likes to make an occasion ol mother will understand and -not a birthday. Perhaps you arc ob- expect your child to bring one. The j«>(/tini! to the necessity of S. R. guests bringing 8'fts. This can be! (Released by Bell Syndicate) DOCTORS KNOW Tuesday, December 9, 1952 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS , aspirin for chiMrtn is made to best Tit children's needs I STJOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHIlDRtN PENNEY'S BECAUSE IS LENTY OF AVINGS! YOUR SANTA! Penney's Doors Open at 9 A. M.! Extra Salespeople to Help You! TWO BIG MONEY SAVING EVENTS IN ONE - SAVE NOW OUR 13th ANNIVERSARY AND OPENING SALE!! HURRY! HURRY! HURRY Choose his favorite! i-^Ss^ > ;?>• 12 SMART COLORS! BLUE! GREY! TAN! MAIZE! GRfcEN! SILVER! NAVY! RUST! BROWN! GOLD! MAROON! TOAST! I, arm Corduroy GIFT-TAGGED AT ONLY Good-looking corduroy shirts jam-packed with features you'd expect to find only in shirts costing much more. Two-button adjustable cuffs, luxurious rayon satin yoke linings, strong , double needle seams. Perfect for work or sports. S-M-L. MARY ESTHER Chocolate Covered CHERRIES • New Stock! • Milk Chocolate! • BetterJ-Jurry 4 '*'Big I Lb. box! 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