Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1952 · Page 22
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 22

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1952
Page 22
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HO Mi AftKANSAS Oeeemlter », CLASSIFIED o««* oty *i«» ,11. l.W AD RATIS J**#W* '^ !:$ 3,00 3,50 4.00 4.RO 0,00 In 1,80 3,10 MO 170 1,00 0.00 10.80 ja.oo 18,1)0 18.00 DISPLAY , ..... *?Bc Jmr In J; „„. . We par inch ,-,...... Mo per Inch 'Otnv* are f ftr ton»( lrr»ouia» or «Wo- • »»kt tho on«.(toy role. «tl(N advert kino eooy wrtfl » \>.m. ftr llowlnfl day. .1 f#»rv» the rtoht »« oil oihwtlMttrttnU of. «ii to r«|«tt For 40 PAT Mew tt»mp»hlr* heh» 8B cBfll* per pound, Arthur Own, Ark"n««i. AUTOMAtlC thirty-two 1 <?*nt gum machlno*. »fx 1 cent cnndy mschlncn nnd Hlx B pent candy noverfrt p^«nt mathlnwK. PrncllcuHy all much Inai locBlcd, Phone 7-2893. B-31 UHTCO rough lumber, 2 large houmn nnd 2 born*, nil nail* pulled ami stored in dry, flee V, L, Holly or phono 7-0003, fl-3t jo""pTT'RKACH In iTwi cnmiter ARKANSAS ;CARL BELL International Loop Picks Oldtimer I OVT OF DOORS with By HAL WOOD I PHOENIX, Ail*. <UP> - A fcl low who WAI plnylng prof(>«mionnl baxebnll bpforp the natlonnl Afinrv of Profesulonnl finm-bnll Kxeelttmt condition Burualn, T>re»coH Tr»ri»fef It 8lorn*«. J*r«*cott, Arknn»n*. By CAWU BELL MTTt.K HOCK U 1 ) — A lot of folk* lire- twjdnnlng to mupect thai n«nr IJrynnl I* lining lot" Unlvcr- »Ity of Arknnftn* winching vflrnncy in ««'t n better «J*«I fll Kentucky ami rimy ink* th« Rnwirbnck pnnt only an a ln»l report. Arknntnn nulhorltlfii in position In know hove »dld th«s Job Hryiinf* 0-''t,|f h« wnntu it. Thf B«tnr In t.-ikltiK GOOD nil burnlpa Hardware Storo. hoilflr. Hope* 0-31 CHII,D'» homo complete with and- a half century ago, takfR over an pr«<»ld<-nt i>t. tho Woil*rn Int«rna- llnnnl I.raftim thl* ycnr, till nntnt I* Bob Brown nnd an fur as IIP !» onnef-rm-il the "good old dny»" don't rnmiinrn with IOM, "Why, when I played football nt tlrnc m»nu l Riving What to Look for In Trout Pile* By A. J' McCLANfe Fishing Editor Do you know whnt to look for when you buy trout files' 1 The consensus "f 25 of the nation's lop wan ori|Bnl«*l mnrn than fly makers m-oms to indicate that moil p<»|>li' do not. Twenty-two oros v*'f&4iiir<~'d the opinion thut the nvcriiK" im«ler Just picks flics by their color, which is like buying mffl"M< without ;i(|i;ei'/iriH them. The fiist pnlnt to check on a wet ,„. ,|iy fly is the harkl", The hackle u( III' 1 dry fly shi.-Mld be stiff and ,..|os.-,v and at a rl;(bt angle from ()„> h-iok .shank. The hackle of the \M-t llv should be soft and absorbent. IviiH! perfectly flat and pnint- IHI,' li.n-k toward the bend of the hook. In t,ot!i cases the hackles should l,c tied in. leaving some space.' bend hook eye. This Nntri" l)(l!WO, llflincts," We didn't even' says Brown, a spry oldster of 7fl Rrown wan n bits'ball miitr- of tin 1 immortal ,lo< on th*> Portland club of Ihe old Northwosl LciiKi"*. tonrii- Tinker 1001 In Prior 1 to thnt he. plnycd foolbiill at Noli hl» own a definite* miHww. i Dame, took a yctu- nut to do a 'tween hacl-.ii Ttl<« rffWRsr to Arknn»nv In »ll|iuiu. bntttitiR In the Spntilsh-Amer- nlln.v:, fm- th.- leader knot and thin l« Ihfll, nhould Brynnl di-cldcj | ( . nn war. then eimu- back to fin-! in "cnrking" the fly. die MfUl bridle. Good buy, 1 plden ant ' annotincn thot he'll roiniiiit nl |H:I hin c»lli-i(c> education and »;o The body ol tin.- dry fly si new linoleum B'xIS'. ' Phon* Kentucky, the m»n who would j Into profffinlnmil bnnebnll. | |». slim and tapered; havn bni'n ArkriUHfli' next choiri'j HI. ha« Ixtpn conru-eted with it iiy it hould he Three Cage Games on Tap Here Tonight Throe Hope basketball teoma will play their first game of the season here tonight whrn they entertain teams from Blevins Tho affair starts nt 6:30 p.m. The Bobcat "B" squad' will play as will the Senior and Junior girls of the two schools. y()U j usl lno CO ntrol you need. Ike Must Delay Ideas to End War i Dy JAMES MARL.OW • WASHINGTON iff) — If Gen. senhowcr has thought of some way '. of trying to end the Korean War. i he can hardly say so openly — at I this time, anyway. Ei- Troilletand Sperring to Captain Hogs ' FAYETTEVILLE 1*1 — Forty- three University of Arkansas football letter winners last night elected Ralph Troillet of Little Rock and Jim Sperring of Harrisburg, Pa.,"as co-captains for 1953. Troillet. a junior, was a quarter- buck on the 1952 squad nnd Sperring tackle. Otis Douglas, whose resignation as head football coach becomes effective Dec. 31, told the squad at the annual Lettreman's Dinner that "this is the first time I've ever been unsuccessful." Twelve seniors were listed among the letter winners. The lettermcn: Ends: Jerry Bogard, Stuttgart; Ron Forrester, Springfield, Pa., *<teh o» ««uni an on* f will, f»» J>» »•!><«• In Wnnt Adi wni»M to owr attention 40HB1268'- 1269 7.3901 Strvictn OH«rod 9.31 LOCAL nnd long dintanoo Haullnf, Alto local moving, Boa Dannie Hamilton or cult 7-3011. N-23-lm one w iy or another ever .since,! ni.'iil. Until recently he- owned the Van- 1 Mich couver, B. C'., fi-HliohlKe In thejetc. I«»E STAR ftm II, W id «vfty WMhday alloroooo by fA* HlliBMIHB eo. I. Hlmtt, frtiMml _.. M. WMNhunv M«V-T»«. .. -fM TM l»*r r I3HM14 twil - W»pti H Wuhbum, Mltor P , l»Mt, MtMiini W, H«im«r, Moh. lupt. lplior. RaUi (payahlt In od- In Hop* end ,. ... .,.-,'"."",;„ .,. ..... 1 3.00 9* ijtflin Ih HsmpitiKxl, NevaUo, ~" Howardi owl Miller coun- MATTUE88 renovation nnd Inner* *prln« work. Cobb Mnttre** Co., 310 S. Wnnhlnnton, Phone 7-JOJ2. N-8fl.IM of some absorbent material, •; seal's fur, rabbit fur, wool, of the dry fly should! Notice IF YOU want to your t;u»ln«M. If drink, thal'a you want to quit, thst'B our bimlncim, Alco- Jiollc» Anonymous, P. 0. Box 208, N'10-Ini may nlreiidy hnvo bc«n klKiifd up l»y »om(t othiir Bchool, , Thi'r<^ were Idlentkm* that U. of A. ofUclalK nxpected''- «n imnweri wculom Inlornntlonal loop. Van- 1 ; from BryillU an loon, «» ,ht* Km- ceiivur, « city of SflO.OOO drew only; |,p p.'i-fcctly matched, divided, andj lucky lp«rn cloned its. nennni Intitj i;i7,(l(H) nt the K/it<- hint Snliirdny, Still no word, and Bry-| mil hn» gone huntiiiK With the! (jovornor of Kenluoky. ..JK; Arknninn' conch KcreerYlnji com- mlttf* ho» nnnounced tho^ Bryant will' vl«ll Fayuttovlllo to JOoH "vt-r th« ultufltion. When? Thl« .wi-nk? H do»«n't »ocni likely ln«lmuch aa (ho mentor mild ho would keep on hunllriK wildlife until ThuiBdny. And, on Thuiidoy, A'rM*niioti Ath- lotlc Director Jiihn ;iids In thf wet ril tj 0 n a nd gel even more distance in addition lo this in your casts. (UlstrSbuted by NKA Service) so during his conferences members of his cabinc-t in the Pacific. And while the American public Token Up 8 WWKK8 n«o, « Htcttr.'Call 7-431(1 for further Inrormntlon. 0-flt For Rtnt JTlToOM fumbhptl npnriment. K- U»cti'lo vefrlKri'nlor, bnth, n«r- •• a«e, No children. Annti Judxon, rkcd nt c(|iial angles to insure i That Isn't very good," he xnys. j a perfect float. At least, this is the! "We drew nearly that many In'; criterion set by the divided wing i livid when he had only' 150,000 pop-; school. The wings of the wet fly! ulatlon. Hut then, last year was i should be perfectly matched, thin, j lid off-fcason all over Iho country, i and cocked to the rear ••— almost; Usually we draw between 100,00(1; parallel to the hook shank. I nnd 200,000." \ The tail Is Important in the dryj The energetic prcHldent can't !(|y. It should bo stiff and glossy.] Kce u-'ich 1'hnnne In the playing! In Ihe wet fly il s Is of little or no i equipment used today than Bernhlll and Dr, Dotberl SwnrU, chnjvnian of Iho ncrwenlnK eommlttce,.flrp to «o . H ),lni(uard.s," 10 Iho Routhwovl Confflrenco moot-' Inn nl DnlltiH, two rtion turely would aao N. i<nm, (Kit NKW fi room home, furnlohod. New iiutomnlic wiiHhcr, diniblo unrn||e fi«ne«d In bnckynrd. 700 8, Pino, Phono 7-2<mil, (Kit UH\e Atprmt - IM. Inc.; 160J M»(kK ™ Tiofl., SOS T»*ai a KOOM unfurnlHhcd npni'tmtint. I'rlvot« tsntrnnceg. Prlvnto l»nin On first floor, Pccnn Xlrovo A- pnrtmonlH. Diul 7-3471. 11-31 Wanud to Buy 20 or 2ft polrtlos. Write Rlvlna dtv tolls to HownrU Hiimmty, I 1 , O. Uox IliO, Vlniun, IlllnuU, U-.1t wnnt lo eonftsr with Bryant If nnd when he visits the cumpiiH. 'I'lU'l'it's n (|Uenll(Hi » g to whether Drynnl lu.'lunlly IK tho" top cholc;. of tho body which will do the final ncloi'lltiK, this Tinned of 'I'ruKteen. Hcportodly, the trunteoH arc ;iharp- ly divided on tin; fiubjcct. Whoever the new monlor turnis out lo be, lir'll hnviv 11 free hand „ Chlwoft I, !,; 00 I. fk T>, N. V,j troll 9, Mich,; OklohowQ Oly A, Of th« Aiwclalfrd Prou: altd (>I«M U (niltlftl snip th« ut« for letHiUlicoilon lowl n«wi pdniiH) In thii , at yrtli 01 all At> n«wi I Study Court* Sutinett Opportunity to pick virtually all of bis UmtH. Itkiporlcdly, nil of Iho rp.iiitnt'd Otln Uouiilnti 1 *tftff-except vcloran tildo Cloiii'jitt' Colo nnd freshman incnlur SUt'oy Looney—havr re- oolvod reminders thnt their con trnctM oxplro Jan, 1. Even Trainer Dill Ferrwll Is said to celved n pink slip. hnve *' Basketball Wfh «chool ftt i fen time, Dluiomt*. olMioi, T«xU tvtrnUhed, tm tre« booklet, Amorloun WW Alnbama, Fort i.V N-19-lin A«t»lnl Bring now, Wa make MONEY BACK aUAHANTKK $000 Investment give* you your own Independent bunliu'in opov- (Ulna n route of now A tnmt din- rtunHorN handling now, funl moving confections in drug Ntoreit, cafes, club*, bua dtjpot*, etc. All location* obtained for you, You muHt have car, reference* ond $600, which Ii protected by on ironclhd money back aunrnntco. Devoting a few of your spare hours to the builnoin, you should earn tip to $70 weekly sparo time full time more, Liberal financing assistance to nld expHnalon, For full information, wcita gtvlnv phone number and address to Box A, i:/o liopo Star. fl-3t Ustd Cars For Sole Dy The Associated Press MlHHlHslppi 10(1 Arkimshs State (10 Tulune 70 Ponnncnln llovol Air Station 40. • Austin 89 Enst Central State (Okla) B8. Colorado 70 Utah State 00. that' iinport.'ince. UMt'd r>0 years nun. j The hook of the dry fly should "About tin- only change IK th-vfooof |ij.;hi wire, with tapered eye fact that the catchers now wear! a n(l nf fine temper. Wet fly hooks he says. jure preferred in heavy-Range- wire "But there Is a big change in , \ 0 insure quick sinking, the players. We were more serious [ received a letter from Juniors on All-State Team Are Selected LITTLF. ROCK Iff) — Little Rock schools placed six men on thi 19fia Junior High All States foot- ba'l team named loday by coaches. j would like to know if he's made a I'de-cision about Korea, the Com- DeQueon; , Floyd Sagely, Van Buren, and Bob with vVarren, England. Tackles: Eddie Bradford, Little Rock; Tom Garlington, El Dorado; Buster Graves. Memphis, Tenn; munists nuld For instance, The naches found themselves with so much backfleld tal- if he decided on a surprise offensive and let the word leak out, the Communists would hardly be surprised by it. II has been said before that no president-elect was ever strange a position as Eisenhower. He has inherited a war and helped got himself elected by promising to visit its front if he won. Because of his record as a military leader, it is natural that many people will confidently believe hi_ ibnnt the giiine In those days. And the Injured part and went back Into the lireup the next day. "The players had a greater will lo win then, loo. Now they think ton much about pay day. "But I wouldn't like to p.ti back Model n har.eball is the best game there is," he- concluded. John each ot the three teams. Conway, Pine Bluff, and Kern of Allentown, Pa., the other | Rock West Side each had two men squads were smaller so that ( j n y. j|e wants to know how to usei nn tllc te. £| m and Little Rock East we never took a day off for such i n free spool, bait casting reel with- i sloV - tlm ''' representatives. a thing a« a sprained ankle or a 1 mll K ettin|. a bird's nest. Well! Tlu ' Sl ' lol ' linns; broken finger. We just taped up llu'j,, l)ln c s m , st ,. OIVU!S f ,.,„-,-, nol cim .| First Team Kiicl:; -- Charles New. Conway, and Joe Day, Little .Rock Wesl Side. Tackles — Waym Bluff, and Frank Rock West Side. Guards — Martin Rock K.ist Sid Paragould. Coiiler — I.owis Barnard, Little Rock Pulaski Heights. Backs — Henry Hawk, Conway; By The Aisoclated Press ' BOSTON — Tommy Collins. 128. Boston, outpointed Lauro Salas. 131. Monterey, Mexico (HO. BItOOKLYN -- Pierre l.anglois. thai they named five-boys to| ought to be able to end it. Yet I any attempted solution seems load Little! ed with danger. if early in his administration he cuts loose with a plan — such, for instance, as an offensive to drive the Communists north of the Yalu Fights Ifill, Paris, outpolnli>(l (lr«-en, 1111. Brooklyn UO). Ilurukl Chester Mios/nln, trailing the speed of the spool — ill turns faster than the line goes out. 1 think I may have Ihe answer In this problem. Tournament casters control the speed of their reels ! with the lubrication they use. A 1 tournament distance bait caster j may carry a do/en different grade:;; ut oil. Me decides which to use on j the basis of temperature andj humidity. On a cold day, he uses a very light oil, on a hot day', he uses n heavy one. You don't need to go to this extreme, but I think you can slow down your free spooj reel to the point where you can Ribcr is successful his Simpson, Pine Plegg, Little Walt, Little and Prank Miles, Charles Otwell, Hot Springs; Jim- j my Martin, Little Rock West Side; j Hoyce White, Pine Bluff, and Ron- 1 nie Youngbluod, Little- Rock East i Side. t CHICAGO I HO, Chicago, outpointed Jimmy Murtlnov., 102, Phoenix, Ar!/.. ill). NEW OHLKANS •-- Ralph Du- . pas, 13IJ, New Orlcnas, outpointed j "»• ll "ecessary Alfredo Laimiltii. 1-»3 :1 4, Torino, H nly (Ht. handle il by usinj; a heavier lubrication. S'cond Team Ends — Karl Rawlings, Newport, and Marvin Laws. Forrest City. Tackles — Edward Goods, Jones • boro, and Douglas Francisco, Lit I lie Rock West Side. would suggest try in i; SAF, :!() oil first, and if the spool is still too last, try -10 or a slill heavier y'ou can experi-j ment with different grades of grease until you find one that gives i MHSun Sellers, Conway. Center — Charles Gibbs, G uards _ Ji mmy Brown, North • j_ luu , RocR j ofll ,,. ricm DllviS| anc | 0HAPTER IPUWS TAIUOR »HOP of Give Yourself o Real Xmas Gift lilV On(i'of these 1 Good, Clean Used Cars. 1951 Chevrolet 4 door DeUtxo, two-tone, Heater aim Soul Cavern. ft* n r- F" /"\ n.OOOuetuol SN SSf ) mli«« *\> I s-> %J W 1952 Plymouth was torood to admit slio tell no •pociw urge to rtturn to Joy Btr«ot »nd ilia WM noneitiy glad ib («el tnat *h« WM bolni of iom« eervlce to her grandmother. Sho worked In her garden noraolf now, when >t« wu w A r m h. When Urlui wu hon\o on leave, h« frequently joined her there, tOmlly Kept the wine eloaet wall «tool<ed wid went tft and out ot the kitchen and pantry M occa< •ton demanded; but she n&d not. onoe been up»Ulr« »g»tn Unce door, »t*i\ t Coyer*, Radio and c>wm T. Me*AI mm* WWIX- $1685 1948'Plymouth Hester. w» ir has onl $895 Coupe. k Cover*. 8.0M mile*. UuiVt »\l*» this buy > « • lUdio, Hester. w»d Tuts car Hurry and See NUNN-McDOWELL MOTOR CO. Third and Walnut N» th* U. S. )>»p«rtiuei>t gav* up the Uundwiuf wiu to cl«*n r#vlv» Ui*lr crtspu«». w«» ta«ttd to shorten tKj> WfelpHUr $Old f&dd titl& " . .. 1 * 1 nlgnt when »h« had walked from room |to room, InBtlncUjVeliMlaten,- inMor'Mtindi vih)c\><MO. n« or— D*lWr% iirotf *Jhd riI e a na'd promuiM and report^ th»t thlni about them wu unchanged. KmUy ww qulta willing to taka bar word (or It, However, alnce Old lira, rorbea •Mtned to t«ol ao Itrongly that aonnone thould «upervta« every nook and oorntr ot the houte on fciomibuit SquMt, BittHy did tnl» weuoulojialy j and o n e d a y atu aaktd 8ri«« U h* would «art to TO to the ntU« with tiir; the thought he mint tad U Intereatlnt, fie did not quite tee what «a »t«o mlfht poaalWy pwvjde that woutf be u> trurulnfi but M WM entirely anven»We to »olng there with Bmtly, U that WM what ahe wanted him to do, 89 they climbed the twt «t«ep Wuht ot ataire together ana. when they mshed the door at the top, ib* handed htm • Uurge My. M ahe did ao, he notified tor the nrat time, that ahe had two email xla*a«« in her band. "What are those tort To ca,tch r*ln water when the root leaJwT" "You don't cuppoa* QreJi4n\iun- m» perwita letka U» Mr root, 4o you. Brian T Or that ftMaet tnU atae would hold eaov«b r»Jn w»t*r t« do *ay pood, tt ttwm wtrt «»•» H*v* « Uttte patience, you'tt *ee what thMW *re fw.* He unlocked Uu door and opened It Directly la trow ot feu* wood rowa ot great hand-Mown toutea, whlGh were araonf Old aire- tmprovcd tho quality—In addition to aging ot course." "Here's another bottle that went around tho Cape ot Good Hope— throo of them, by golly 1" "Yea, those are supposed to bo the ocst ot nil. Now you linow what the two glasses arc tor. We'll druw up ft covtple of those old tnv- ern choirs, over in the corner, and have a drink ot Urea t-C. r n n d- Wther'8 super-spceliv! brand." The tavern choirs to which Bffilly had referred certainly pro. vlded Ideal teau tor the enjoy lent convenjant> tetly'pa^ Pine Ulnff. Hacks — Ronnie Conk, Cm-lisle, Hoyce Smith, Keiser, Hammon Snllerfielil, Little Hock Pulaski j prestige will increase accordingly. If he tries a plan which results in higher casualties but doesn't end Ihe war, hc will have suffered a setback early in his administration. Te's in a toufih spot for a man takiiif; nver the presidency, because, in any decision about try- iiiR to end the fighting in Korea, he Iv.is to consider more than driving the Communists back. America's allies in Korea have to be considered — how they feel about any plan he proposes. The kind of plan that's used, if any, Is bound to affect the thinking of tho rest of the people of Asia toward, ar against, this' country. And he has to consider whether the steps which might be taken in Korea would lead to full-scale war with Russia or whether Russia would start an outbreak some piaco else while we were concentrating strength in Korea.. Final Rite for Mrs. Truman's Mother INDEPENDECE. Mo. (/W—Pros- Dick Keyscr, Norristown, Pa.; Don Smith, Omaha, Neb., and Sperring. Guards: Bud Brooks, Wynne; Harold Cox, Fnir Oaks; Sammy Dumas, El Dorado; Dave Lashley, Fayetteville; Bob Linebaricr, Cam- A den; Herbert Marshall, Charleston, *•• Mo.; Jim Roth, Stuttgart; Harold Spain. Smackover; and Charles Faulkinberry, Bossier City, La. Centers: Jim Cauthron, Little Rock; George Moranze, Ambridge, Pa., and Wayne Watkins, El Dorado. Backs: Francis Long, Pine Bluff; Lamar McHan. Lake Village, Bob St. Pierre, Salem, Mass., and Troillett, Johnny Cole, Warren; Murray Elton, Crossctt; Johnson * Gunn, Van Buren; Charles Hallum, Camden; Bill McFarland, Blythe- villo; Dean Pryor, Fredonia, Kan.; Buddy Sutton, Hope; George Thorna son, Hot Springs; Jack Troxell, Joneshoro; Lewis Carpenter, West Memphis; Larry Hogue, DermoU; Earl Kaiser, Atkins, and Carl Mar/a, Arnold, Pa. Heights: Charles Smith, Little Rock ident Truman prepared to start West SUU Ulylheville. Third Team Kims --• C. She had continued to toy with her glass while they talked. Now West Side, Bill Bcnton, Pine Bluff. she sot It down on the tloor beside Tackles '— Freddie Brainard, she sot her, as he had done with tils. "I'm not sure 1 Know Just what you mean, Briny," she said quietly. "You aren't? Why, you must bo! You must know I've been In love with you for years! You must know that I've waited and' waited lor tho tune to come When I and Bobby Jones, back to Washington today to resume, for six more weeks the duties of a chief of state. The President and his family ro. turned to their Missouri home for tho funeral of Mrs. David W. Wal Smith, Little Rock Carlisle, and David Forte, Springdale. (iiiards -- Fletcher Biiugh, Pine Bluit, ami Johnny Floyd, El Dorado. Center — Robert Mason, Ham- thought It was decent to ask you j " •'* to marry rto." 1 15llly "But I didn't! It never occurred to me that you were In love with Backs — llurold Gwatney, Con- Teddy Hunt, Paragoukl; Mooty, El Dorado, and Jesse Jones, El Dorado. infra when* . , _ .ed, *nd ; ailed die glasses one ot the bottlea labeled GOOD HOPE, ha leaned back, alternately alpptng and sighing with aatiatacUon. "Why didn't you ever bring me here before T" he Inquired at length. T«l eay, without a mo* ment'a hesitation that this la the moat Interesting place In the house." "Well, at the riatc of having you pull that old line about the number ot thing* 1 never think ot. tn spite ot the treat I've just given you, I've got to confess that I never did think ot this before—t mean of bringing anyone up here with me. I've Just thought ot the attic aa a place I'd got to Inspect, tn the course, ot regular household routine, to make sure It was tn order. 1 never thought ot It aa the setting tor a tete-a-tete." •I'd say It had everything needed for that—seclusion, comfort, at- moaphere and the means of unlimited refreshment." I dldnt intend to In .th« ratHbr thought you/ 1 fell in love xvlth you at first sight. But after all, were married to my best lace, 90, who was buried yesterday. She was Mrs. Truman's mother. Tho Truman's were expected to remain in near-seclusion until theii 'departure for Washington at 7:15 p. m., Eastern Standard Time Mrs. Truman was showing the .strain of the tour days since hei mother died in tho White House of a cerebral thrombosis. Close to 90 relatives and good friends of the Truman and Wai lace, families attended the Episco pal funeral service yesterday. It have the wo« cheriahad poMtMtona. Th« tMUl*« war* Wtod wtth rum and th* we* ot *Mh amount ot refreshment unlimited, Briny." He aet down his glass, suddenly grave. "ThaJt'a not worrying you, la It, Emily T" "lent wb*t worrying met" •-That I drink too muchT" ••No-o-o. fv*. always euppoaed you were a little on the thirsty side, aa the aaytnjK goes. But that's really none of my affair, U ttT" might be- So I'd really tike to ant your mind at rect on that ) did used to drink too now and again. But I just you friend!" , "1 tell you, It never occurred to me," Emily repeated persistently. The words came rapidly and she apoke with heightened color. "You didn't act as If you were In love with me!" "Well, we might aa well have a showdown. And, from what you've just said, 1 gather you expected me to do some kind of pretty violent lovo-maklng. either before Roger's death or very soon afterward," "No—no!" Emily exclaimed again. "1 didn't expect you to do that then, any more than I expected you to tell me Just now that you wanted to marry me. I thought you did get to like me, after a while. And then, when Roger died, I thought you were sorry for me." "1 was. I was damn sorry for you. 1 knew what you were going through. No one could help being sorry for you who knew that." "Well, and then you tried to help me realise there was still something ahead of me. Something worth waiting for." "Yea. Gradually I tried to get tt Into your head that you couldn't live all the rest of your life with a memory. You're too young! You're toe lovely l You're loo—too feminine! You're bound to fall In love It's just as normal tor you Valid Excuses When a train from the suburbs of Paris Is late, officials give out was held in the fine old housf slips showing the exact time of'which was Mrs. Wallace's lifetime , arrival so commuters will have! home until, in failing health, she [evidence to explain their tardiness! was taken to Washington by her | to their employers. .. | bon-in-law. Committee Named to Help Pick a Coach FAYKTTEVILLE I/P) — University of Arkansas officials'yesterday named a 9-man advisory committee to aid a 3-man subcommittee in screening candidates for the A school's head football coaching job. The newly formed advisory group, said Willism G. Good, director of publicity, could not hire a new coach. Olis Dougla?, haead coach at the school for 3-ycars, resigned recently. The group indues Herbert L. Thomas, FayetteviHev chairman; Tom Cutting, Ft. Smith; Jay Dickey, Pine Bluff; Harold Sadler, Lit- % tie Rock; Pete Rainey, Little Rock James P. Baker, Helena; Dale Hamilton, Paragould; B. T. Fooks, Camden, and Chism Reed, Paris. The 1 committee was announced after a meeting participated in by Dr. John T. Caldwell, University president; Raymond T. Orpt Ft. Smith, member of the Board of. Trustees' Athletic Committee and chairman of the 3-man subcommittee; Dr. Delbert Swartz, chairman of the University's Faculty Committee on Athletics and member of the subcommittee, and Thomas. Good said the advisory group has not set a date for a meeting Adding that it "will : depend on •brrcumstanccs and the case." Paul Bryant, University of Kentucky head football coach, is to visit the university campus sometime this week. SPORTS ROUNDUP T9S2 HOM STAR, HOH, ARKANSAS New Purge Planned in Czechoslovakia BE;LGRADE, Yugoslavia yp> — Belgrade radio today reported ,1 major new purse of Communist lenders underway in Czechoslovakia. A terse report quoted the official Yugoslav news agency Tanjug as its source but Rave no indication of how the information was received. The broadcast listed these prom> For lifetime ) SERVICE / make your / Home fmprovemenfs - V »:riV wifh CONCRETE Does your home need new walks, steps or drives, a new porch or patio, a wall or floor? Any of these improvements will serve better and longer if you build with sturdy concrete. Concrete is durable. It is resistant to fire, decay, termites and vermin. Concrete home improvements are moderate in first cost, cost less for maintenance and repairs and last much longer. They are a sound investment in low- annual-cost improvements. PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 91G Falls BIdg., Memphis 3, Tcnn. A national organization to ImptovB anc 1 extend the ' uses ol Portland cement and concrete ... through ' scientific research and engineering field work ' By QAYLE TALBOT. By WILL GRIMSLEY (For Gayle Talbot) NEW YORK W — A cable dispatch from London reports that a group of the world's Ipading sports authorities has voted pek, tho indefatigable Emil Zato- Czech, as thi> world's No. 1 sportsman for Americans, reading this, are justified in being a trifle confused. Zatopok the No. 1 athlete? Well, perhaps. Bul No. 1 sportsman? No ____ * ;.. ,^.,.. ot».,^t,v<t inlfM'Iirptil- — not in our lion of tho term. To Europeans the label of may be applied _to anyone connected with sport. To Americans, it stands for more than strength, mercurial speed or roc- W«at you to UU w« you'r* not marry me. no matter *> to It eon national good will which had been generated in these traditional games. We remember him well ai the Russian pinestudded village of Ot- taneimi, a camp of the Iron Curtain athletes hidden some 15 miles from the heart of Helsinki. Zntopek, who spoke good English sat on a rock after a crosscoun- try workout and, hardly puffing, told a group of American athletes and newsmen of his desire to come to ihe United States. He spoke well | of the country, said he was flattered America should want to see him run, hinted he might make it. It was in good faith then that U. S. Secretary of Commerce Charles Sawyer invited the Zato- peks to tour the country. Presi- Top Radio Programs NEW YORK UP) — Listening tonight: NBC — 7 Cavalcade of America; 7:30 Red Skelton; 8 Martin and Lewis. CBS — 7 People Are Funny; 7:30 Mr. and Mrs. North; 8 Life With Lulgi. ABC — 6:30 Silver Eagle; 7 Defense Attorney; 7:30 Whiteman teenagers. MBS — 7 Black Museum; 7:30 Dr. Kildare; 8:05 The Search. —9:30 a. m. .CBS 9 a.m. ord-shattering triumphs. .. - . , notes a spirit of fair play, hu dent Truman even expressed ap mility In victory, graciousncss in! proval of the idea. di>{eal U wasn t until two weeks later Premier as an athlete, 7-atopek that this gesture of friendliness to do that as it WM for you to grieve when Roger died. You were made to have ctuWreu, you'd be a wonderful mother. You can't thwart nature, the way you were trying to do. You ought to be tuar- You're going to »fc I have be in the American books falls far ! short of the requirements of a true jjK>rtsnian. The lean, thrilled the arm-flapping world wonder fan- was used by Zatopek — The "Good Joe." Americans called him —as a. propaganda boomerang — a sharp and stinging slap in Uncle Sam's face. with his tastic feats of spevd and endurance! "I only laughed when I received in the Helsinki Olympics which these ridiculous, unsportsmanlike offers." Zatopek told brought hint gold medal victories in the 5.QOQ and 10.000 meter runs and -the mwathon- Yet be proved * bitter disap poi»tB«sat to miUfeas afterwards wh«n be uaed bu twu* as «a to- &xn«u«xijst pro fit th* countrymen in a his fellow broadcast over the Prague radio. "They have uotlunc but circus track* there." The triple Olympic cn»mj>taa added th*t America fa*d been lor Ws Wednesday: NBC Double or Nothing. Godfrey Time. . .ABC 12 noon Paul Harvey Comment. . .MBS—• 11 a. m. Curt Massey. — r •• | ___^____^,^ Ml ^ M tta M Ma WANTED 5000 TELEPHONE POLES Lengths 20 to 45 feet. For prices delivered or timber, Coll . . . Rufus Martin Phont 7*3081 or 7*109$ Fair Enough By Weitbrook Pegler Copyright, 1962 < By King Features Syndicate. Boston, where hc served as nn OPA agent during the war with authority over allotments of sugar to tho candy and gum trade. I was in Boston on business in< Avril and marie some teleuhunej calls to current and past officials! of Iho Roosevelt-Truman bureau- 1 eracy regarding Rollins' activities in the OPA. t was interested in PRESCOTT NEWS te, Dlch MT«tktn». Jneque Wllllnm* R. M. I,»Crro«e, Jr.. Uny hlrmlng. ham, James Burke. the process by which he got control of this chewing gum business so soon lifter his successful career' Last April 15 I began to receive'in OPA. Rollins got wind of this telephone calls and visits from a inquiry of mine and telephoned, i little man named Mario Bu-/?.i who threatening t'.> sue me fur a mil-! was employed for years as a so Hoi.. He got his complaint into; crot agent by'• the non-sectarian court the same day. In ctue course Anti-Nazi League, which I have the suit w:is thrown out. Ho said Wednesday, December 10 The Present! Musical Cotoric Will have its annual Christmas" lunch- Day tut Wednesday Hotel Lawson. Mrs. Dorothy of Brinkley, slate presl " dent ol federated music clubs, will bo guest speaker. Mr and Mrs. C. G. Cordon Entertain Canasta Club The home of Mr. and Mrs. C. .G. (iiiidon was the scene of the moot- Ribbon Canasta Amolln, motored to Little Rock Saturday nnd saw South Pacific nl Hoblnson Auditorium. Mrs. W. P. Curnmlngs, Mrs, Vcr- non Fore, Mrs. A. W. Hudson «nd I Miss Elolse Hudson wore the Saturday guests ot relatives in Mnl- inn of the Hint' Club Wednesday evening. \ an-rolored mums in decorated the rooms. I'K^'diii!'. t lu- Mrs. O. O. Hirst, Mrs. T. M. Bemis, and Mrs. C. D, McSwain spent a part of lust week (n Little : Rock as the nuesls of Mrs. M-atl graceful!"'" nml smv s "Ulh Pacific party Whites Join in S. African STATE DOCKET Itughle MeKec. B, II. Wnketicld. "Africa Africans, Includ- son of a former governor for Iho first hftve joined hi the native-led enrnpalgn of <fe- I Id P. Malnn's white H. A. Bnrbec, Mrs. E, B. Bry- nnd racial scKroRatlnn Inws son, Ctien Lnvy, I. Pike, Speeding, Forfeited $5 Cash bond. David Pnsl, Passtna another car on n hill P.. !•'. Tudor, Driving while In. toxicMed, Forfeited $2fi cash bond Whites were nrrested yi"*terdny for entering n nearby Negro settlement without permits and holding a meeting. Police also jailed 1« Indlnns; Includitm n son of the Into Mohandas K. Handhi-- leader and .« »iwlflortt bnn; * Ail were Jo In COO dny. T icy (ace omtixTrnujti pa., nf 900 pound <$840) fines 6t ypnrs In Jnll. and ordol'od lo serW l dny in jail ' and 14 Negroes who Joined In Ihe crippled by a paralytic stroke and and iyim;. That issue went untried he tells me, with a K''oat show because Die complaint was (Us- of bitterness, that he now hates • mis.ied on othur grounds. I do noli H ' Ul !"i is Isidore Lipschut?., the secretary- u\o\v why he was to touchy about treasurer of this conspiracy against inquiries into his work with OPA the privacy of law-abiding Ameri-.and his abrupt success in the gum cans, James H. Sheldon, adminis-: ousiui-ss. After all, as 1 told him trntive secretary and others who j that day, he had made a career associaed nnd implicated with him. of spying on law-abiding eiti/ons. in the league and in Lipschut/.'s; j | 1;u i heard of Uuzzi in many other strange bund, the $3 Society ; o dri matters over some years but for the Prevention of World War had never met him or spoken with II. Sheldon's title, like the roster him by phone until he telephoned of officers and directors of both that he had important information the league and the society, changes for me. Accordingly. I met him: ,-,,. „ from time to time. i within an hour and he told me! 1950c nn.-i s(; i Club Entertained Buzzi first called me up soon that Rollins, with whom he had | y Ml ' 3 u D - Kinney after a man calling himself Rich- 1 voi-xed as an agent of Sheldon and] Members of the ISHO Canasta' ard Rollins, who wrote a book on | Lipschut/., had phoned him from Club were entertained Thursday I Mr. and Mrs. Otto Holloway of his own adventures as a spy for Boston urging him to file another, afternoon l,v Mrs. l,. D. Kinney at ] Hnsston were-Saturday visitors In games a delectable supiirr sui!i;estive of the ap- proacluni; holiday season was served to iin...,. : i,,,,. s; Dr. and Mrs. A. S. Huehan.in, .Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Uenman. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Moore. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wllsoi.\ and Mr. and Mrs. Krnest Cox. The men held hi.!:h score honors in the eanast.i names. , Mrs. Carl Dalr.vmple and Carl -.lr.. Mrs. R. K. YarbrouRh and Charles motored to Little Rock . Saturday nnd saw South Pacific, i Mr. and Mrs. Orville Haynes and son, Orvlllc, Jr., of Te'xar- ; kaiiji visited Prescott friends on i Thursday. i Miss Sue Jones has returned from Oklahoma City where sho was the guest of her fiance, Dr. | Harold Pollock and his parents Or. and Mrs. A. A. Pollock. the Lipschutz league, had filed a libel suit against me and other defendants demanding the standard against me. Bir/.7.i said the | her ho purpose was to make publishers afraid of publishing my continuing sum of $1,000,000. In that book.j revelations of the activities of Rollins boasted that hc had stolen | Lipschut?., bis associates and his property from citizens who had! two political socicities. employed him in positions of trust i Buzdi said he told Rollins hc had in collusion with other agents of no ground for a lawsuit but that tile league Rollins is now engaged Rollins urged him lo file in the chewing-gum business m i ortheless. Uux/.i did not ask Colorful arrangements of heather, gladioli and mums gave a gay- note to the occasion High Si- Mrs. \V Guests IVeseott. Si',. n. h om ,r.s were hold by . F. IVnman. I Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Young, of Heritor spent Saturday shopping In Mrs. Marion s were Mrs. F.. L. Mrs. Mrs • ' into a new wave of arrests in Czechoslovakia:" Antonin Gregor, former minister of foreign trade. Gen. Ludwig Svoboda, first pos'.- 1'Vanks, e one nev-1 Cameron and Mrs. Deiiman. :isk me for-; \V. P. Cnnimin;; s was welcomed any money and 1 offered him; as a new member. Other mem- nothing. He said that he bated theibers present included Mrs. H. L. '. l y • ll j ' jt ' Lt) n, i\us. v enion organizations because he was cast; linon Gee, Mrs. C. ('!. aside and on relief in his crippled E. M. Sharp and Mr condition. Hc said he still had en-j son. tree to the league's office, how-! Ambrosia and . ever, and went there- often so that 1 with Russian te-i war minister ol defense, who was ho could US( , (hc - -- " •' Cox, I ^ II '- illl[1 Mrs. Ira Davis have re- Tom i r(1 "tly returned from Houston, Tex- they were the guests ot ' M|i - and Mrs. Chester Davis. ' Court Docket relieved last September and motdd to the post of ministei physical education. Vladimir Kopshiva, minister police. Eugene Kliment, minister heavy machinery. phone without thi pilyin8- US(> lod Bllzxi on bul t , vt . n .i was conelusidii ,,| ii,,, jj CITY DOCKET Paul May, Drunkenness, fruit cake guilty, fined $50 Pica served at | Ulally told him lh;lt I h . u) no ,.,,,,. j , S()11 t;) alu , t . n fh . m conv j cti(m ! , t h „ . , 1 Several Harrell— Cantlcy Engagement Told _ . . , , - months later, Huxzi pur- Eugene Lrban, minister of WOI-KS , ued lhe lnaUl , 1 . , (|K| wt , h . wc h . u , and social security. ! a lulmbL , r of interviews. In one Zdenek Fierlinger. deputy pre-, of whi( . h hl . s . lkl an ., Uornoy fcn . the- league asked liim, "Why don't; t .,,n i|1|( | M| . H you sue Pegler?" i Little'lioek. Th iiuz/i said he replied: "I don't Molenini/.ed dm su(! anyone." Conunuinji, he said, holidays ROUND TRIP STAMPS .... $ 1.05 SPRINGHILL . $ 1.75 SHREVEPORT. . $ 3.85 NEW ORLEANS . $14.70 announces the betrothal of her niece. Miss Don.thy Mae llnrrell, lii Sanderson Russell Cantlcy, son of Sanderson 1'. Canlley or'.''pres- Huth Cantley ol' he told them he would sue. "Then they didn't want me t,i sue. They said an effort would be made to make you say things that we don't want you to say." Bu/./i Collet'c further said: "When Rollins was suing, he wanted me to sue al.su. Sheldon handed me tin- Dick (Rollins) said three suits would be betiur. I told Goldstein and then Hoffman, Goldstein, Sheldon and Lipschutz decided il is better not for me to sue." Ho referred to Julius L. Goldstein, general counsel for the 1 ' league, who demanded an apology a firm expose, of Lipschut'/.'s activities several years ago and got a firm negative answer, and Hoffman, who was "chairman nf the board of. directors" of the league. Hoffman was appointed to the New York muni- after he had served bride-elect is the daughter l. Harrell and the late Mrs Harrell. She attended Little Rock Junior belongs to Beta Sigma Phi sorority. Mr. Canlley Is a graduate of the phone. University of Arkansas, or lour | Mr. and Mrs. Wells ay guests of Bell in Little were Willie Nelson, Drunkcnenss, pica guilty, fined $10. The following forfeited $10 cash bond on a charge of Drunkenoss: Fred Weathorspoon. Marvin M. Bailey, Geneva Tramble, Bill Brl- anl. Mayor Thomas, Ben Hill. Red Brantley. Clifford Cook. Lee James Hall, No driver's license, Forfeited $!> cash blind, Clarence Hadley, Julius Stuart, Disturbing peace, Forfeited $10 cash bond. Homer Kennedy, Jesse Carter, Driving while drunk, Forfeited $2!j cash bond and ordered to serve I .day in jail. Clarence Ogderi, Possessing over 3 gallons of beer, Forfeited $50 cosh bond. The following forfeited $1 cash bond on a charge of Violating tho parkin)', ordinance: Gerald D. Lindsey, R. J. Martin. Harvey Allen, Luther flalloway, Mrs. Jack Ilarrell and dinighter, and J. 'T. Vines. J. W. Cunningham, ck. Jay Roberts, Goo. P. Newborn, C. V .Nunn, Jr., Chester McKam- Johnnlo Phillips, Improper license, Forfeited $5 cash bo.id! The group of proU'stlng Whiles Henry McConnell, Letting stork j was lod by Patrick Duncan, son of run at Inrjjc, Dismissed on pny-'" former governor aeneral, who ment of cost, ' wnlkcd on eriitelu-.i into the settlo- im>ut. Duncan broke his leu In n recent meelmft. Cork forms the outer surface of He was accompanied by Manllal a species of oak trees. Randhl, second .son of famed In- The earliest rpcm-fls at of polft OrO t*el'»lrt«. "M< BENEFIT PROGRAM, Thursday, Dec, 11 In Exhibit building'df *t FAIR PARK Sponsored by w.o.% Christmas Commltt Now! Get the buy of the year! lllii»lrnlo,li Mini,- OmimiiiKli* V-H Mlntllnnr, \Vhlln .l.l.uvnll llnw ami iilitiima wlionl illton oullowil II Get a Studebaker America's most (lisliiiclivo jcl-slrcamcd slyling! Every model n sland-onl in slruclural goiiiuliicSB! Come in right away! Gel a buy ihnl you'll Inlk about for years! All fflodeli offer Studobakor Automatic Drlvo or Overdrive—and glare-reducing tinted glan—at exlra co«t, ARCHER MOTOR CO. Eoit 3rd Street Hope, Ark. 1852 * STUDJEBAKER'S IOO T " ANNIVERSARY * 195? Judge Ferdinand Pecora, who was defirilecl. The anti-Nazi league thrives by whipping up foars of conspiracies to persecute Jews. Tho league circ'ilales some "appeals" by mail and others by means of professional solicitors who go among pros- as campaign manager for Mayor | perous citizens and exhibil photo- Impellittcri. In the closing hours j stats of contributions by co-re- of that campaign Hoffman's name | ligionisls who have been inducted was carried on a shocking false' lo give up money for "educational" religious and racial hatred in fa-' activities. The solicitor^ get 30 -* Impollittori and against PP; cenl of their collections. How- IT S CHRISTMAS TIME at the WHITE ELEPHANT Remember: We Gift Wrap Your Purchases FREE! Bring us your Christmas list and we will be happy to help you with your Christmas Shopping. You'll find everything for all the family at our store. Shop Now and Save throughout the store. 113 East SECOND STREET over, Bu/zi was not an "educator" but a private detective wno sometimes resorted to theft as he freely admitted. to me. His identification card bearing his photograph and signed "James II. Sheldon, administrative chairman," says: 'This is to certify that Mario Bu/.zi, whose photograph and signature appear hereon, is an officially designated Special Investigator of the-above-named organization." Joseph Brandt, a renegade prl vatc- detective who was associated with the same Rollins in the operation of a fake cancer fund, and a woman who called herself Dorothy Waring and boasted qf her work as a spy for Lipschultz, all were members of this Bum-shoe staff operated by a refugee diamond merchant whose business background is confidential. Brandt was convicted but won a reversal and is duo to go on trial again soon in the federal court, Buzzi said in his latest communication to me that last Saturday night a conference was held ut the league's headquarters with Lipschutz and Sheldon present, together with two lawyers from a big downtown firm not hitherto identified with these machinations. He- said Lipschut/. urged his associates to bring another suit to silence Peglcr's revelations. Buzzi said he was allowed to sit in a room adjoining the conference and that he heard Lipschutz say repeatedly that he did not want to|' recover any money but did want! to make me apologize and .retract. i On the contrary, I will continue to c-xpose the conspiracy in detail land to reveal an interesting, nov-: i cl method of invoking the courts';^ 1 to achieve ends not necessarily j ** I apparent in the pleadings. Inevitably there will be a full disclosure by a congressional committee |' j which will implicate many prom-' i int-nt Democratic members. j' The internal revenue permits' contributors to deduct these'i amounts from their taxable income' te on the ground that the money is used for "education". But private espionage is not included in the normal understanding of the term "education" and a protest has been made again*t the deduction of gift* to the league. The fact that Lipschutz U trewurer add* interest to the financial affair* o|i tie league. 1 TO VISIT THURSDAY DECEMBER 4:30 ? , v«, r Shop in Hope for Your Christmas ^ V Needs From Your Friendly HOPE MERCHANTS

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