Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, December 9, 1952
Page 7
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I; • It MOM It A It, HOM,, ARKANSAS Tuesday, Dwamber 9, Tuesday, Oeeembei 9, 1952 STAR, WOPS, Reporter Continued from ?M« On* itralght from lh« lofcoliky In THI CAilNIT 't Cnfclnct n WfH«tti*Wl H to- hl» ohlnf admlnl*- of8c«'« t*«mrie he tt i* mouth. Patidn m«d» Iwo lo UiU rule, howcvor. in Aftlt Undy nometlrne lo- about Phylll* ime Ryber, 19-yeiir-oItl b«»uly from N. V,. nnd nn unldcn ChleBRonn who recently A\t, dny mi*»ln8 Eager tlflfid «fi4 r«a«t«im ftnd But About thnt tifldy fl*bbor(fn»|(fd mn when «hi correelly »n*wrtr«»rt m«»t of th# IR qucniloni I flrt*l at hor. She doo* her nn*w*rln« by pok Ing her chin nt l«vor» r otil from llfly «D<ln» cont«lnlft« numticru nnd Icfeton, When nhi the UwHr*, the number Iftdpm shoot wp, upelllng ow 8be bnc IW> n« Jhfchy Infer; Witty* « per. thtf «rttcT* wm urUlHjr ti-orn th«t unity P»r^,4p- We wfliirtfrt* M or the y *w«fln : «nm m t«ft U» cooperitto with lh« 'Wft"»nt<«l fay Thu», Ex~Highway Commiiiioncr Dftt ) ~D»n Ark,, former «t«te of ilary board member, died In i yem*rd»y, Bant Arkanin* planter probably w«» known for hi* annunl Augint barbnctie*. at* tended by hundred* of «ue*t»— mo*l of th»m from Arkansa* po" tlciil elrcleit, Funeral »ervle«m will b« held In Mnrlomm today, Council Continued from Ptft On« Mm. the quwrtlrmd Into enr. Sometime* Mm, Pond? I.ndy'n «le«fc brown with tho swlnh of n whip, fllln to prod the )uir*o. Lndy ntnrlfld out pprfectiy o; ppcklnu oui my nwttip, When nuked her whom 1 wn» horn, «h« ri«ht miiiwpr, Whim I nsked her how much money 1 mnke weekly. »ho ctim» hnek with tho oxnet doHarH'Ond'CenU fl«uv«». She flubhefl it when I n»kcd hnr 1 went to ocliool. But I wo Jeter, »he nnrnetl tho notion) In n delnyeil-Betton rfnb'. Lady h«» »)een playing thin <|uis» tlrtn nnd nn*wei- R«rho for than Di-own- rtUhl wa ftfld tftfl. hftd dUeumed Gentry'* propouft with Oov.-fleet Fratirii Cherry Chalrmnn I,. )J; Autry unld he the lmpre»iWn thnl the Incoming ndmlnln'tnitlon wnntfd the Covmcl "to do wh»t It thought t>e«t." Oenlry »nUl he h«d not the matter with Cherry. the motion to approve the hudic- et wit* adopted without dlsnent. Oetitry W»» fit Son Inlnnd, On. With Atty, Oen, lk« Murry attend- InB the Altorneyii Cir-nri-nl Asuocio- Don convention, Cholritinn Aotry cost the drcld- Ins vote' In the lonjjthy di«exi»»lon over th« propodnl thjit Inw clerkn b« recomme'nded for the »pvrn Ar- Icnnini Supreme Court Juirtlcei. Under the' pr«po»al, the cU-rks would have received annual »nl- rnorol T*'* 'CouhcH WB»r divided 7-7 Segregation | Continued from Pnjfe One | \n»t for prenidf*nt In H»21. will }if' iWlfl attorneys mnx;ftjt replies j In « prellmlnnry biff he d clnred; "The hlMory of lhi> adoption of; thp amendment (nftcr (he Civil Wnri compel* the cc/tieliislw thtil H hft» no such *eojH' iifl l« «:lnlrnf"T Under that nrnendment. the rl«M nt a ntnte la elamilfy its students on the baM* of race, or for thr.t matter ft Hex or aR^ or mental capacity, hnn been HO often and so pointedly declared by the hlHhrst nulhorUlen lh«t It should no loti)t< r ho regarded nt <,|IMI to deh.v.' Only nn cyi-in >.>( *<».'il '-.'in explain the pri-ru lit i-h;illrriRi*." Dflvln further nrt'iifd, "\,n<::<\ gclf-governmcnt In lnr:il affairs :•• ne»« nnd cnch locality nnd In tin' strnngth and liability nf "iir who!'' federal system." Texorkono Night Club Burns Describes Pact With AP&L as Illegal LITTLE IW'K </P — A Wa*h- ln«('m official tuld Arkansas State F.'i-rtrfi: Co-optratlve directors hen- ycjtterdny th;il he bellevfrt • tlif present contract you've signed with Arknnxns Power nnd Light Co. l» an illPH-ll Oft." William Wise, of Washington, D. ('. liurnl F.leetrle Administration doputy iidminislrator, said en- npiT»live.< who received flKA loans Markets :il«'(l • c"ii I -ctious of their ir.i iitK -.vhrn tbi^y mndf citnlnict:) with AP&L. | !r'linini;-itr,-itor, admitting! iiii> co-npf-riitlvcs were re- 1 .!.•, "i-xceptlonally fiood rales" tliiil "a contract with a util- mpany is not worth the paper ritirn on." i'iTiriH, .'ippnrfntly, to n pri- >ublie pnwer dispute over i •iir-tiiiri nf the ''o-opcrativo ; .itiain i;eni.'iiitinK plant Wise fttlkii who vlnlt nt Mm. Fonda'* iminll frame hoimo on tho ed«« of town «f.i throw quwtlftiw for n tlnllar, n pftyeholo'ftlji't , K«r* Tuft AfrtcwUuw. ntto Whiit OeorgQ protury of tho fl 'Ohio fittd *tw, to WM ll*^ «md Taft I him. H* iffy tffttnirt Hty # ttt« tmitnw» , it wM«wl«n*»W« *«>• t««n * pro•* ,sMm t *nrr)t»o»tp promlnont In th« modlonl field cohiod nlon« to trv Lotly. Tn lean, two titiko U«tvw»lty pnyohol- o«y t>rofe»"i«o!'i icfltctl her nnd coneluded: "Thnre opponr to bo no 1oop> holo», no rens0n»bl«> no»»(nlltty for niffitnlinK, nlllipr of B vonneloui or chnrnctcr." In 1IMO, Pr. Thrnnn* I.,. Onr- V>tt, NOW York payehotoRUt. sold h« eowW find "no trickery Invol vPuV' I thought nbout « tlpoff »y»ttmi betwopn Lndy nnd her the remainder of the budget, cnlllnK for modorato snlary In- for iitnff rnonlbei'ii was np tliit ih<> 1vft» nn»wcrcd ^tieitloiu whpn Mi'*, Fondii wnnn't Tii-nrby. Hftw do<s» Ijftdy do It? I anked tndy thnt very qtu?»tlon. Sh* he*H»te<l, thwt nlowly spoil- (fdftttt "M4.N-I5." I hiilnd het t( «h»'<l Hko to fof n human. "Y#»," tnw«» the hiuwer, MFH. pttmla, who enlU her D»t hfn »hfi w«» h baby edit. She vittd «\w flr.t notlefd « etbtmt the nntmnl when \vnuW )-omp Into tho bnru }u|f hi MM. Fonda w'M'/on tho VCTRO of oftlllng her, A Ponitbly, ni»ld Mri, VondL Lady picked up the ''thought ntfii «fi« folded io^ceme to the barn \i«fttt'« beliitt feVmnUy luwwonetl Ijfldy Is, »hd Alwfcyft hai been tjulto « him tor slghtiMnra, AM by f»r the molt popvilnr tiueitlcmt uro thf>»o de»llnB with tovo, OpeftiloVtftny,' ifcW Mt«. Fcmdn nomeihnc ti'ltd to "ciitch 1 ' Ludy l,lhe th« W(»n who wanted to knoNy U hl» wife Wftj* tt«« to him? tudy inovtwl «nd twitched, "Ate proved. Chief Juktlco Orlffln Smith nnd Ajmocltttn Juitlcc P»Ul Wnrd ap pcnrmi before the Council to «x pin in th« budget r Pouted to. Uiic of the law Clftftoi hnd been recommended by the Arkansas Bar Aimoclatlon. In «ther hctlon, the Council: 1. A{>pr6vad n propcm-d $375,000 yearly upproprlntlon for support of tht> Circuit ttnd ChnncM-y Court*. 2. Adopted n i'<?port of n spi-cinl ctimmltte* rccomni*ntllnK ropenl of Art Ma of Wt. Th* Act per mlU trntufws of ««lni-y Items In I6n» to. mnlntcniinco nc ownts under eprtnin clvcxunitanccn a, Kenrd n report thnt 1800,000 n bundi be lined to complete ru Inecincnt of woodon bxilldlngn with ireproof MrucUirea nt the Bt»tc pcftUintlttry. 4. R«cclved 32 new buduet n> qucRti front Bgenb1«'» nnd deport m«WU iupport«d by ttio general ttfnd. TEXAHKANA (ffi - TV firemen r«tlmatccl $»«>.000 dnm.-i wns eniiHcd from n fin- that «.wi the f'o\mtrynidc dull lion- r;ir yesterday. The nluhtehih is lorati-d a ri! WfHt of the city '"i Illi'.hwiiy i Clinton to Have Water System CLINTON. Ark. W — The vot.T« hlivu decriM}d Hint thl.s Viin llurcn County town will have n < Ity w.iUv iiysteni. They voted yesterday 307 for lo 3 nitnlnst for iv proposed $2"t.iifl') i I ; HI'A bond Issue syntc.in. tn build n city write. Mion ns the power plan'. Is! oil', It would bo n simple i •I 1 fur them to have smne! •il'Mity petition tho Public' :•!• Conmii.ision lo inrri'as'' 1 . fates." official nlttn said that the Imped to increase' rural Ar- 1:1 tfl(>phon<> users by 90 per m the next 10 years. ,Iiihn ,li. Thompson. Public Service (.'uniinissinner, told the direct- annual fonven- that money already has been allocatod lo the Southwest Arkansas Telephone Co., f<ii ;i $100,(100 Uliller County CO-OP- IT-'ive project. He said arrange- iiii-'iH are ne.'irly completed for ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. \Jf. — Hogs 15,000; moderately ac- livs-; barrows and gilts 180 lb» up IS to 25 lower thnn Monday's av- ornK."; 570 Ibs down little more plentiful, uneven; 25 to 1.00 or more lower; most loss on weights under HO Ihs; sows steady tu 2."> Inwer; bulk choice 180-230 Iba unsorted for grade 10.75-90; several hundred head mostly choice Non. 1 nnd 2 190-220 Ibs 17.00 to ship-, pera and butchers; 24-270 Ibs' Hi2.-)-fi5; 270-300 Ibs 16.0035: 150' 170 Ibs 15.25-10.75; .120-140 Iba tnostty 12.50-14.75; sows 400 Ibs down 4.7.5-15.50; mostly 15.00 up- heavier sows 12.75-H.50; bnarii' io.oo-i:i.oOis Cattle .0,000, calves, 1.500; virtually nothing dono on steers; small interests taking limiten number of heifers and mixed ynarlings about steady; cows dull; bulls weak to 50 lower; utility and commercial largely 15.50-1H.OO; cutter bulls 13.00-15.00; vealers unchanged; good to prime 28.00-36.00; Individual head to 38.00; utility and commercial vealers 10.00-25.00; culls 12.00-14.00. Sheep 2,500; few sales ihoiic and prime woolskins steady toj shippers and butchers at 21.5022.50; little done early to big. packers; slaughter ewes steady; rull to goc.d ewes 4.00-5.50. Mcx Pointer to Communist Meet MEXICO CITY i/H —Mural paint or Dieso Rivera. Mexico's in-and out Communist, said today he i v/oiild Icavo shortly for the Com : munist "peace conference" which opens D."c. 12 in Vienna. i He will go via Havana since he is not permitted to enter the, I United States. j Rivera, more successful as 0 I painter than as a Communist—he | has been expelled from the party ! but his application for re-admission is pending—said he would go from Vienna to Prague for another "peace" meeting in the Czech capital. Two Questioned in Shooting HKLKNA iff) — Helena police are holding two unientified persons for questioning in the shotting yesterday of Bishop Bland Mell- wiiud. Neuro theater operator here. Deputy Sheriff Frank Lawhorn s;iid Mellwood was shot to death in front of a Helena cafe. He said no reason for the shooting had been found. NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK (ffi — Cotton futures were steady today in quiet trad most Temperature Is Unusually Hot LITTLE ROCK Iffl — The 74 de feree temperature registered here , .yesterday was the sc-cond hottest J Doc. B in Arkansas' history, the State Court Ruling Upheld by U. S, Court WASHINGTON (fi — The Uni' States Supreme Court has uphelt the Arkansas Suprerrte Court truck-ownering drivers must ojb- tain Arkansas permits as Ctirttr "' carriers before traveling Arkan highways. The 5-4 ruling was delivered yi terday by'Justice Black. It applied to some drivers of MI' Lloyd A. FVy Rooting Co., of phis. The company contended' the drivers were exeinpt frorn''tl state permit requirement beciuse they engaged in interstate <Jom- The Tennessee Company iap- oealed to the highest tribunal w>her the Arkansas Supreme Court Upheld the Arkansas Public Service Commission in the case. . | The PSC contended that the drivers were not really Fry employes but owned their own trucks and wore actually contract carriers.^' The company maintained that it was hauling its own products In own trucks and as a private carrier was not required to have a license.. The trucks and their drivers were leased to Fry through a third party. ' > The litigation began after PSC enforcement officers arrested sol? eral Fry drivers in 1949 and Calendar !i bale were pared and application of a $293,000 loan by the Central Arkansas Co-operative of Hot Springs and Clark Counties. the market encountered profit taking ."Mid hedging. Late afternoon prices were 5 to r >5 cents a bale higher than the previous; close. Dec. 34.09, March 34.80 and May 35.21. Tuesday, December $ \VSCS Circle No. 5 of the First) Methodist Church will meet Tues-i day, December 9, nt 7:30 p.m. nt the home of Mrs. Claude Tillery with Mrs. Jnnies McLarty, Jr., as Ao-hostess. This Is the annual Christ rhns party and all members are SOCIETY / Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. *SAENGER TODAY! The Inside Story of BOXING! ANN RICHARDS ANNE GWYNNE WILLIAM BISHOP 'Breakdown' 1950. —r U. S. Weather Bureau said. The Bureau said the same sprfllg like temperature was previously recorded Dec. 8, 1923. • The last milk stripped from a cow at milking time is the hich- est. . . * PIRl RAQKB IN PHIl.l)>l>INB MANILA W *• A ifonrlng ai hou*' fire today burned out a livVg Icotbn of Butukn City on Mtndni no ulnnd.'lt left about 2,000 homo l««a und cttu««d dttmago unottlc ully tithnhted «t »T50,000, Senators'^' Continued from Pag* One with Elsenhower In the If Ing room and talking about way i So end tho,. irofin stnlemute wltKout causing u nmjor w»r. Thouuh Iliijterty wo* uncommun- IciUlVfr, there were IndleAtloiu thnt Elucnhower wai bluuprlnttng aonte of tho mciiinlos and Speeches on loroUjn ntfalrt ha will give follosv- Ina hi* Jun, M Inauguration. The talks with the cabinet nunn- born wcro kept in a hvuh-hush cut- *BOPy by Elsenhower for two Important reasons. 1. KUeuhowec dooi not want to isiuo nhy statement! on public policy until he becomes pmldeut, nt which time ho w)U bo able to back what h« suys with «ction. 8. Thla Ik jutt.A preliminary to another phase of tho "conference which will ttart when tho Helena reacho* Pearl Harbor at 4 a.m. K8T Txirsdny. . •' The Score- REMOTE CONTROL VALVE SYSTEMS nro nn important development in the safety and efficiency of natural K aa pipeline operation. At ono of Texas Eastern's compressor itatioiw, an operator shows-how he can close mala valves throughout the station simply by pulling the handle of a small control valve. At each Texas Eastern compressor station, main valves can be operated by remote control from a central point. th*Vlc« If you de|«na w the Witft of product! fbr • living, note thU «.dv*tt«lng i REMOTE CONTROL VALVES USED TO PROTECT THE FLOW OF NATURAL GAS THROUGH HEMPSTEAD COUNTY ttAHT VAIVCS tux» closed by nanote control in just a few minutes. Before tlveee installations, two nwn sometimes labored for as long as 30 minutes to close ono valve. to 1 tyvtr oOur widU« tbnM « much uin r**» Why? ^mply bec«u«e »dverti»«r« Itoow from off •rtiylMx in town who ^wa pcM^bty buy. V9tt tMY* * voi«* in product you §5U,,.«oin^|fc oo ^e lt'» Newly-installed remote control valves protect Texas Eastern's customers against interruptions in the vital flow of natural gas to homes and industry. To protect consumers from curtailments of natural gas delivery, a system for remote control of valves has been installed at each Texas Eastern compressor station. By simply turning a lever, a man can open and close valves larger than himself to divert gas through secondary lines without interruption of gas flow. The giant valves, powered by the new remote control system, operate with split-second timing. Before the introduction of automatic valve systems, closing a single pipeline valve sometimes required the work of two men for a period of thirty minutes or more. Now, one man can operate' as many as six valves in five minutes. In addition, sensitive automatic relief valves keep pressures in the pipelines within the safety range determined by engineers. These advances in both safety and efficiency in pipline operation are part of Texas Eastern's continuing program to keep its na$* ural gas transmission system one of the most progressive and depend* able in the nation. flow of uatiuwi g«s. TIXAS tUSTIlli T**HJWIMIOII.C««POimWI .»»> & i A»irn cuxwcvOKI. LOIHU&HA jTLJ\ A WCM €1«KN • *WV»HO IMf MATIOM _ * »"$* Little Rascals" Comedy SCREENLINER WED. & THURS.! LINDA DARNELL asked to bring their Wanda Staley offering and a gift not to exceed 75 cents for exchange. Wednesday, December 10 The regular monthly meeting of the executive committee of Brookwood PTA will be held Wednesday morning, December 10, at 10 o'clock at the school. All members are urged to attend. There will not be n PTA meeting on this day because of Father's Night which will be held December 17. day, December 10, at 12 noon, with Mrs. Finley Ward, Mrs. Roy Allison, and Mrs. A. L. Searcy as hostesses. The program chairman, atory. A social hour will follow. Thursday, December 11 The VFW Post and Auxiliary will have their annual Christmas party and potiuck supper for members, their husbands or wives nnd guests Thursday, December 11, nt 7 o'clock. Knch member is nskert to bring one item of conned food for the needy family basket. Paisley Brownie Troop wilt have tnpir Christmas party at the Lit- T. Lawrence as ln»^»lt•^^t•^. i lie pti»£;i"Jii i. iitiii IIIMII, --..,*........, ,.... .^ „• »..,.. u .. Mrs. J. J. ftattle of Fulton, will | le HoUR(% «fter school Thursday, December 11. Mothers nre invited to attend. The Hope Business a'nd PrbtesS- ional Women'.?. Club will hold its annual Christmas guest speaker. The DeAnn Lilac Garden Club will meet December 10 in the home of Mrs. Jesse Samuel at 7 o'clock. John Cain Chapter DAR will have their regular meeting and luncheon at Hotel Barlow Wednes- Will I please the Paisley meet with party meeting at Barlow Hotel, Thursday, Do— I comber U, at 7 p.m. All mem- room mothers bers are urged to attend nnd to the chairman, Mrs. G. C. Cromer at the school Wednesday afternoon, December 10, at 2:30. RIALTO * LAST DAY 0 GREATEST .SPECTACLES EVER; JOE McDOAKS Comedy BUGS BUNNY Cartoon "Pest Control" » WED. & THURS. • • LUCILLE BALL • GEORGE BRENT "LUCY GOES WILD" The Jett B. Graves Sunday School Class of the First Methodist Church will have a Christmas dinner Wednesday, December 10, nt 6 o'clock at the Bnrlow Hotel. Garland School PTA will meet Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the school auditorium. There will be a Christmas party by the' school children. The executive coin mittee will meet at 2:15. bring a gift for the tree. Oglesby PTA will have "Father's Night" December 11 nt 7:30 nt O«- lesby School. Friday, December 1<1 The Nnndina Garden Club will have their annual Christmas party Friday mull!, December [ 19, nt 7:30 at the hnme of Mrs. Thomas B. Fenwick, Jr., 217 East 14th St. Mrs. James McLai'ty sang a mpd ley of Christmas carols accompanied by Mrs. OeorRc Murphy. Mrs George Uobison gave a Chrlstmn* story "The Little Star thnt Lost His Way." Tho devotional wn* given by Mrs. C. D, Lester using Luke 2. Mrs. L. B. Tooley, president, presided over the business session. Mrs. .mines McLnrty announced that the next session of tho study course will be held Wednesday, December 10, nt 1:80 nt the church. Keports were given by the circle chairmen. Meeting wns closed with the benediction. In the circle count circle I, Mrs. n. L. Broach, chairman, had the highest number present. Junior, Senior Ladles Auxiliary to Have Meeting The Junior and Senior Ladies Auxiliary of Garrelt Memorial Bnpiist Church will have a joint lit the church Wednesday HiRhl. December 10. The following pri'Kram will be tiiven: Title: The Wonderful Snvlor | Introduction of proRnun: Mrs L.vle Alien Hymn: Congregation. Devotional: Wonderful In Ills Birth — Mrs. Wade Warren Hvnin: Joy to the World — con- The Vest Appears to Be Lost to the American Male Despite Fact That Many Want Them By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (/TV- Mnny n stub- snd. born mnlo sighs for tho return of the fnilhful vest. Rut ycnrniuft Isn't Rolnfi to brlnu biM-k the vest anymore, thnn It will restore the dodo bird or revive vnudcville. This is on the word of Spencer Wiity, vice president of ont % of the Mrs. Henry Foiuvlck and Mrs. Paul 8 I-t 'K;>tioi» Intermediate and Senior Girls who arc Curtain Angels in the Christmas Pageant at tho Methodist chruch are requested to meet Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock for rehearsal and Little Ang»ls will meet at 4:30. Thursday, December 11 The executive board of the Hope Junior-Senior High School PTA will meet Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the Junior High School auditorium. The Hope Junior-Senior High School PTA will meet at 3:30 on Thursday afternoon in the Junior High School auditorium. Mrs. L. B. Tooley will tell a Christmas Bain will \iv co-hostesses. Gifts will bo exchanged Miss Bobbye Faye Burke to Wed Herbert H. Willis Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Burke of Hope announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Bobbye Faye, to Herbert H. Willis, son of Mr. mid Mrs. Ray Willis also of Hope. The wedding will be »m event of December 20 Miss Burke is a 1952 graduate of Hope High School. Mr. Willis graduated from Dlevins Hl«h School and has recently been discharged from the U. S. Army. Woman's Society of Christian Service Meets 1'iii-t 1: Sweetest Story Kver Told -. Verla Allen and Mrs. Tod Purtlc Pan U: Wonderful in His Love Mary Willis Duel: Why Should He Love Me So Ksthcr McLain and Mrs. Lloyd McClelland. Part 111: Wonderful In His Intercession -.. Mrs. Clifton Booth Solo: The Holy City—Dana Lou Cunningham Pan IV: Wonderful In His Ro- turns - Mrs. otho Roberts Closing Hymn: Blest He the Tio that Binds — Congregation Coming and Going Mrs. Kester Holmes nncl datich tor. Debra Ann, left today for Mrs. J. M. Harbin presented the I Seattle, Washington, where they Christmas program when the Wo-'will sail aboard the Brananof foi man's Society of Christian Serv-i Fairbanks, Alaska, and join Set • n „ .««*n* i »-v . _ I . * r * ice met Monday, December ft. ' Holm es in residence there. natinn'st largest clothing mamifuc turlnn firms, "The vest Is finished," he snld cheerfully. "It Is very hnrd to Ket a vest today except eontrnsllnR or (nltrrsnll vests, "Suits now lire prices for two pieces — Ihe cont nnd pnnts. If the vest reappeared It would cause teriible repercussions, I doubt if Hie public would pny an exlrn Irt per cont just to get n vest." Witty suld the ordinary man was happy to get rid of vests and thnt inly sentimentnlisls and "older, conservative business men" still want them. When t asked him for examples, he said; "Well, John Foster Dulles does wear n vest and Dean Achcsor doesn't " Taking n squint nt current tush ion trends for the vestless male Witty also predicted Ihe decline nnd fall of the double-bri"iislcd suit. "It's poison now," he suld. "Fnli men still clInR to tho double- breasted suit In the fond belief it helps hide their bny window and makes them nppear slimmer. "Pure Illusion," snld Witty ruthlessly. "They might as well face the facts — the double-breasted suit has hnd Its dny nnd its now on the w.iy out." Somehow I began to feel n bit Hospital Notes Branch > Admitted: Mrs. II. D. Johnston, St. Jo. Ark., Discharged: Mrs. H. D. Johnston St. Jo, Ark. Tho vest breasted suit the double could nny IhliiR else depart from n man's wardrobe nnd still leave him With inythlng except a loin cloth? Well, yes." ly. "The bold snld Witty heart! look nnd the nit turnl look nro now definitely out, ns fnr ns the better-dressed man is concerned." The bold look? The natural look? I looked stnriled. I thought only women's clothes had n. look". "Indeed, no." snld Willy. "Man's suits hnd n bold look during tho \v«y days — wider shoulders, spread collnr. Then right nftcr the wnr we hnd the natural look. . . unjpadded fitting," Well, It seems \h* • ft mnde' a fellow-look loo anybody to beflfeve tt - \ nnd tho natural look mnda >;| shouldert' Iddk tfo narrow pressed IttS Vrtfe. ~ ' "The .prfesent lrtofc~ta n <J« promise between the, t$o," Witty, "frnd It's ft real benet. the nvorntic man. h In low pad-,, thnn the old look and mote 'tig tcrlMR nnd nthlctlc in f thah the natural look." * ».'3 Another nice pjfb^cct fs ^.^. r . l , tMre Is ho inimefllnte dahgtt *• 6< i ^ men's suits vying with peticockS or the rainbow. . : ,„ "Colors aro going to be tsmwo'r&V^ atlve," Witty summed up. ..,;_" , nels will ho very big, srtd the gltfti, 4J pUrtd Is vbry Important — fa H<s Quite n revival there." '"Well, in that ettso," 1 hopefully, "mnybe the vest "No vest," sn|d Witty with flnnllty. The THRILL of receiving FLOWERS Is Only Equalled By the Thrill of Giving Flowers ... YOUR GIFTS OF FLOWEfcS WILL MAKE The Merriest Faces .. . . The Gladdest Hearts • The Hdpjbiest Smiles BECAUSE THEY CARl^Y THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS f Place Your Orders Early With Your Florist For Your Plants and Flowers (Sponsored by Neff Brothers) Sf I K\ ' ") W • AT- " You have heard Of course About Vanity Fair's Pleated gown! So much has been said By so many- Every woman Wants one . . . To cherish . . . To wear. . . Get her one This Christmas Coral - Pink $14.95 u Most versatile of slips — Not too tailored, not too dressy. In the most cherished of lingerie fabrics Vanity Fair's superb nylon tricot That washes and wears like a charm. Beautifully yoked-and hemmed with the Delicate touch of nylon net. . , Bra-cqnc|»!rnji bactf. { | $ .= (' ; it's^TipWcLi-*^' !lt ' ! To everyone's taste For perfection! Sizes 32 to 42 $5.95 All Gifts Are Beautifully Wrapped If its a matter of Selecting just what Vanity Fair garment Why not give her a Vanity Fair Gift Certificate thrj nightdress Of o thousand Charms—• Universally becoming With unusual f«otvr«$, J That enhance Pretty dalntinws Without iacrificlna. Its simplicity and Practical vinuii. „ -. t , W>, 'l£JK ,' f f ; ,/;. »«$*> : . -a.-.'f. *jM^* . . ipiltfC £\ if.. .*f?>J&. ., *; '• i vW- Ke/^l^ ^V^ , . ^ ? li^SX <*, Vk H&/E& .$3lSjLi&SltfL ^-4,..- f - .- ^,\A

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