Medford Mail Tribune from Medford, Oregon on March 30, 1925 · Page 2
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Medford Mail Tribune from Medford, Oregon · Page 2

Medford, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1925
Page 2
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KTOE TWO medford mxtt tribune, m edeord, ' oreoon. modat. marhi no. oca and Personal The i-ity council wfH meet tonight Jtifitiad (f tomorrow night, its reg,uj:u" incciiiiK niffht, ho ns to enable the yor. ((lUDciluien and other city of-ficixibt to imrticipiiie in Medford 'b phowiiifi at the nornml school demon Htrnlloi) in Ashland tomorrow nlsht. Uehekah and Odd Fellows of Jnck-boii- county, nlt4ntinn:; Vou and your frionilH ato Invited to attend a On nee to he (;iven Monday. March 30ih, In 1. O. O. V. hall, Medford, by the Re heknh Decree Hiaff. . 71 Vou may npply any nuuiher of cou pons that, you may havp at the rate of two cents each oi) a brick of NU IritEouK Ice (.'ream.. Jackson County Creamery. ,. 0 M is Mi hi red' Heine returned to Portland today after upending n few days with her parents Ir. and .Mrs, T. Xi. Heine. Fancy creamery butter 40c per lit. Johnson Produce Co. The now proprietress of the Jackson Hot Springs dance hall and restaurant will open with a carnival dancn Saturday eveniiiK. April 4th. A silk dfess pattern will he-iven to the prettiest woman on the floor and, a spring hut to, the best woman dancr. 1- W. H. Core who has been up and n round the hoiiHe for He vera! days Hince his recent severe lllnens with . pneumonia, took an auto ride yvcr to town yesterday nnd was none the worse, for the experience. However, hi Jq-still uuHe. weak and. It will be sonii lime yet before he regains his usuaj vigor, 4 CrnterH Krtecial meeting Monday night at Armory, 7:30. Dress rehears-ul for Krolic 7 You may apply any number of coupons that you may have at the rate of two cunts euch on a brick of Nutritious Ice Cream. Jackson County Creamery. - 0. The Giants Pass auto park will open for the tourists on April 1 with prispeciH good for the " best season since the camp was established on the banks of the llogue. The ' cottageH will be ready for occupancy this soa-son, six of them being made ready for the opening and the other half being completed a little later. Those cottages will care for those who do not dtwiru to establish their own camps. A muni! additional charge will lie made for the use of the cottages. Grunts Pass Courier. Have you investigated and learned the, extremely low. figure for which Mrs. Trowbridge cuts and fits a garment? tf ! Wanted Feeder hogs and pigs. ! Johnson Produce Co. tf Visitors from a distance who ar-, rived in the. city Sunday Include M. Hancier of New York city, H. K, Herk- ! helmet of St.- Paul, Oeurgo H. Klulck of Sioux Kails, S. D,, Harry Schweitzer of Itoston and J. N. Kief of Denver. . Safe deposit boxes for rent, First National Hunk, Medford. 17 Different from anything ever offered are these smart frocks Btamped on new guaranteed '.'Pin id check" fab-ricks. Women and girls $1.00 each Friday and Huturday tU, the Handcraft Shop. - ll Dr. and Mrs. 13, O, Wlseca,rver of Klamath Falls spent the week .end in Medford visiting., '..".': For sale New modern - 4-rooni house with si fcplng porch. All kind f bullt-lns. Located on euet side, close In., Priced for quick sale at $31100. $1000 cash. Balance , like , rent. Chas. A. "Wing. Phone 728. 7 $2.40 buys. No. 1 Yakima Netted Gems at uur ware house free from frost damage and no .black , spots which appears In most potatoes shipped from Idaho points. A few cents Is nothing to. compare with qua!-" My in buying potatoes. Johnson Produce Co. Phone 1!41 N. J St. t Under the caption "Young Medford Matron is Widely Entertained Here" the Portland Telegram of Mutch 21i published a targe picture of Mrs. Kalph S. Stewart of this city, and adds tinder the picture: "Who has been, much feted while visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Duback." Craters! Special meeting Monday night at Armory, 7:30. Dress rehearsal for Frolic. ? Hcmcmber your friends with dainty handkerchief at , fcustex' A Hiinppy line, on display at gret reduction. Handcraft Shop. 18 J. II. Walther of The Co pea purchasing department is back "on the Job" after a short sfege of the "flu." We pay cash tor used pianos. Palmer Plnnn House. . tf Attractive frocks stamped on guaranteed wash fast material. A lesson chart with euch dress. Women and c hildren's sizes. , $1.00. Salo Friday and Saturday at the. Handcrnft Shop. U H. C- JIude of Trail Is among the Medford visitors, who arrived in the city yesterday. Dainty handkerchiefs In white nnd colors. Lovely for KiiHler gifts. On sale at the Handcraft Shop. IS Styles change, but style is always In vogue. e help yon to keep in style. Mrs. Trowbridge. tf Out of town Oregonlana who arrived in the city Sunday on tempor- ) j?oJ,Qurnsi Include, l4. C Stenger of uanyonvme, j nines - it. tiugnes oi Junction. City. Mr. and Mrs. f. II. Robertson Of Cods Bay. Theo Wlxson. W. J. Weaver and J. W. Weaver of Itoseburg and C. W. Fox. V. tW"ldele. li. F. Jones. Harry flrock and I,. W. Waodin of Kugejie. Fancy creamery butter 46c per lb. Johnson Produce Co. Stamped dresses for women nnd children on guaranteed wash fast material, flood Hue of. colors, plaid and plain, material. Sale Friday and Saturday. Handcraft Shop. II At a hastily arranged assembly meeting held at the high school yesterday at one o'clock 220 students of Jeetion of James G. Darling ns prlncl pal of the school for next term. Klamath News. Safe deposit boxes fur rent, First National Hank, Medford. 17- We are offering our entire line of handkerchiefs at extremely low prices for IJasier gifts. Do not fall to see them. Hand raft Shop. Mr. and Mrs. C. A'. Wing nnd Dr. and Mrs. li. It. Klliott were visitors at Jacksonville over Sunday. Mrs. Trowhrldire can irive vou some fftplendid suggestions nnd help with that graduation dress. KOfi W. 10th treot, tf Dainty frocks stamped with simple design on plnid and plain wash fast material, $1.00. Sule Friday and Saturday, Handcrnft Shop. 11 Portland where he hns been a busi ness, visitor for the pant few days. Nursery stock. The best assortment in southern Oregon. Fruit, shade and nut-bearing trees, flowering shrubs. vines, berry plants, hubarb and asparagus plants, evergreen trees nnd figs, perennial p la Jits, grape vines. A fine lot of heavy two year lilng cherry. A good general assort men t of fruit trees for home orchards. Com mercial varieties, including Old Home on l ssurlensiH lor commercial orchards. Grafting wax nnd other, sup plies for orchard work., Don t take my word for it, come and see for your self. Will glady duplicate nny, order booked by an agent for the same or loss money and give you better service. Fallen Valley Nursery. Phone G80-J-2, Sales yni'd 612 ? j Hust Main vlaltni-fi from the Htate of I The larerent pIiikk In its historv will Washington Incftde, Mr. and Mrs. be graduated this year from the itend Harlafl 1. Peyton and Horace C. Pey ton of Spokane, Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Powers, Mrs. J.-H. Vilas and Mr. and Mrs. J. 1:. Perkheimer of Taconm and the following from Seattle: Mr. and Mrs. ChaWes P. Anderson, D. It. u .M'll, .Mr. ami .irs. u. .unison, r. huljayn Spencer. J-;. A. ciirioru, .Mrs. it. it. Speneer. Ft. D. Yunge. Ms. Oscar Berg. T. 10. Mexicans, O. W. Russell! and W. It. Millard. ' Goodwin Corset Shop. 20 S. Fir Alta Nay lor, corsetiere. 31H Kx-Sherlff Jj. U Lowe nnd W. rirbokfield. D. F. Clark, and Constance Clark were nmong the visitors In the city over the week end from Klamath Falls. the high school gathered and signed Columbia plaster wall board. Call a petition for reconsideration by the 'for prices. Walla county high -school board, of the re- yard Wallace Wood Lumber Floyd Cook returned yesterday from Portland Journal. ensealed weather with probable rain tonight and Tuesday is the weather prediction issued' this forenoon. Ten more hundredths of an inch of rain fell Sunday and up to 8 a. m. today, and today was also one of cloudiness and light showers at times. The minimum temperature of this morning 37.5. Mrs. Wade, de, Itycko has gone to Portland in th Interest of her dressmaking and sewing classes and will visit her son nt Albany College before returning April 1st. J J. II. Snlto, agent for several lumber- Importing fJrms In Japan, hns located fn Marshfleld for six years, the time he estimates will be required for the reconstruction of the Japanese cit ies destroyed In the big earthquake. We are overstocked and for the next 30 days we will deliver 12 inch dry oak and laurel at $3.50 pe rtier in two tier loads. 10 inch dry oak and laurel at $3.76. 4 foot dry delivered $8.75. All other fuel In proportion.. Valley Fuel Co. 300tf A smnll crowd due largely to the threatening weather dttejpded yesterday's base ball game between the city team and th Oregon-Owen lumber company team yesterday afternoon at the Holly street grounds which was won hy the latter teani. ltefore housecleaning. let me estimate your painting, tinting, enameling or papering. Prices reasonable. Prompt, service. II. V. Marx, Phone 178-J. . 317 The following from Portland are among the Medford visitors: F. H J. Nornmh Tucker of the "Ask Mr. Shettler. H. E. Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. Foster Service," spent Sunday in this ity from Han Francisco. See Handcraft window for display of attractive dresses stamped on iiew guaranteed "Plaid check." Lesson chart with each dress. Women and children's sixes. $1.0,0. each. Sale Fri day and Saturday, Handcrnft Shop. 11 An automobile, front which the li cense plates had hee.ii removed, was found Frilny' night at the bottom of a 25-foot gruel e- on the Itpnd-MciCen- vie highway, six miles north of !,Icnd J.- Mersfelder, Mr. und Mrs. Horace Mecklem, II. A. Parks. U( N. Stewart, H. P. Hatch, A. L. Peterson. Mr. and Mrs. A. 11. Smith. Miss Winifred Foley and Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Dirker. Fancy creamery buttor 46c per lb. Johnson Produce Co. . . K. O. Teague, Windsor, Vt., the eastern shoe manufacturer and former resident of the city and valley for a year or two until moving back east several years ago, left for home Saturday night after several days spent in looking after his ranch In the It had not turned over nn,d was little Foot's creek territory and shaking Insurance Ask, I Vo w ill . LOAN YOU ' ! niniipy lo buy nr I 1 1 i 1 1 1 . . rniiMUilly LOW COST, O ihc insurance Man , Since 1909 . nl . j n j damaged. Saturday when the of fleers vi.lled the scene of the wreck second time, they found lt -had burned during the night. The owner and circumstances of the wreck have not been learned. R. I. U. eggs at DVoe's. tf The' rouulnr meetimr of non-coin- UilflsroneJ ofheers 'at Co. A of t,h national guard will be held, this evening, at which topics of interest In regard to the summer encampment heVo In June' will bp discussed. An roaster sale of handkerchiefs at greatly reduced prices. ' Sec window display at the Huodcruft Shop. ' U Mr. ami Mrs. K. M. Wilson have returned from a short visU at Klam ath Fulls with her daughter Mrs. Harry Gpeller. ,. . . . Wo arc overstocked and for the next 30t days we will deliver 12 inch dry oak and laurel at $3.50 per tier, in two tier loads, HI inch dry oak nnd laurel at $3.r, 4 foot dry delivered, per cord $H.76. All other fuel lit pro portion. Valley Fuel Co, 300tt MIps Helen Bowers was among the local business visitors today from Cold Hill. We pay for pshes and sell dirt cheap, itrown $ White Agency, Inc. ''"' 'tf J. F. Ttedriy has arrived In Grants Pass to spend several days on busi ness, says the dally Courier of that city. Handkerchiefs make beautiful Fas ter gifts. A nice line on sale at the Handcraft Shop. 18 If. H. Clarke of The California Ore gon Power company is one of the latest victims of the "flu" having heen confined to his home for several days. Coal briquets, that clean fuel. Han sen Coal Co. phnn 21111. About 30 members of the T. Vv. I). . an eating club, with dramatics as ;i side line. Journeyed last Saturday night to Veasku Inn for n dinner dance given in honor of Kdwin Me- Kin ley of the locul Southern Pacific office, who is leaving Medford to take up ills duties for the same company In San Francisco. A long banquet table was spread and n delightful dinner. interspejsed with much hilarity, wus served. During the evening a clever little skit was put on by six members vf the dub. Dancing was the order of the evening until midnight. Old papers for kindling fir a at this office. tf O. F. Kricson, from the Portland forest service office, after attending to business matters In Medford and vicinity, left yesterday for Klamath E-'nlls where he will be for the next few days. Have you tried that big tullk shake ut IleVoe'sV ... , Harlan ' llosworth, Donald McUran and Joe Flagel were among the visitors lu 'the Aplcgnto district on Sunday. Fresh plaster. Medford Lumber. tf . Utiles and regulations for the enforcement ot the new forestry code were considered at a meeting of representatives of forest protective associations with Stute forester Fdllott at Salem on Saturday, t'nder the new law the state, board of forestry has the power "to nmle such rules and regulations for the guidance of the wardens in their work lu the field. American Legion or Flanders poppy seed. Plant it now. Monarch BSced Co 7 It Is rumored Mini ft brand new ibiuce orrheftru will maUe Its official debut to the dancing public of southern Oregon in the v neur future. The details concerning this new musical organization have not been learned. 'nlumbia piaster wall board. Call for prices. Wallace 'Wood Lumber, Vnrd. hands with his many local friends. Mr. Teague is a member of. the Medford Klks lodge whose presence is always welcome In tho F,lks club ropms and temple. We pay for ashes and sell dirt cheap, iJrown & White Agency, Inc. t tf Ruasall Hendren and W. A. Hurt on of (J rants Pass'aro nmong the local visitors having arrived Sunday. Columbia plaster wall board. Call tor prices. Wallace Woods Lumber Vnrd. Among the visitors In the city from the state of California are Hay Uur-chell of Tuft. Mrs. H. D. Ling of Vrc-Itu, Mr. and Mrs. it. K. Hart of Montague, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Weston, Jr., at Sacramento, A. M. Cnselli and Rnrl Torry of McCloud, Lloyd D. liur-Rer and L. W irobson of Oakland. (. H. M. Dessey, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Pet-chlck and soil," O. O, Jacoles nnd W. A. Quincke of Los Angeles, and H. K. Page, Frank Hlair. Mrs. Ktta Cole-t.nnii, Hyron Colemnn, Tuska, H. A. Harris nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. O. Davenport at San Francisco. Special' this week. Kxlde battery for Ford. Chevrolet lind Star, ?10.00 vyilllums & McCurley. tf Mrs. F.arl Shirley has returned from Portland where she has been visiting for the past three weeks with relatives. Smart English sport coats. Made by exclusive .tailors. at.Natwick. tnc. 9 Hemstitching 8c. a yard. The Vnn-tty Shop. HarHett and Main. tf Two laborers herenboutw who were nrresled by Officers Leggett nnd Cave on .the street for Intoxication Saturr-day night and who later were released on cash hail of $lf nnd $10. for their nppenrance In the city court this forenoon, forfeited that hail hy failure to appear. They gave their niiiTeu as C P. Tloherts and Fiorn. Udward Heed of Weed, Calif., who was arrested Sundny for intoxication, was ordered out of town hy Chief of Police Adams. He hod no money. Hemstitching, buttons covered nt the Handicraft Shop. tf Dr. H. 10. Murphy, who Jias been confined to his home on, Queen Ann j avenue for the past week with nn l I tack of the flu. Is reported us much j improved. The Pantorium does all kinds of j pleating. Phone 244. 206tf Coal brinucis. that clean fuel. Han sen Conl Co. Phono 23!L 1 high school. Seniors in line for grad tuition number 5i. The class last year numbered only 31. I'nily literature teaches people how to be healthy, efficient, prosperous. harmonious and happy. Free distri- 18 West Main street. Join the P. T A. in n trip around the world. Progressi'.e dinner and entertainment with important nations of the world. If you don't come you will never see it. Central Point Gymnasium. Friday evening April 3rd; doors open at 5:00 p. nt. Admission free, 7 OBITUARY CAMPIIEI.Iy EdKiir Newton Camp- liell, late of 35 North Onkilule, Mcil-ford. paused away at 2 A. M. today. aged 01 years 10 months 27 days, lie wus born ill Wisconsin, May a, 1Sii:i. From nis native Riale lie moved to North Dakota, where In WOO he was married to Jean Morrow. The family came to Medford 15 years aso, during which time Mr. Camnbcll lias been engaged In fruit raising. He leaves besides a host of friends. his wife, Mrs. Jean Campbell, and one daughter, Mrs. Ruth Vimont Jr.: also one brother anili one sister, V. X. Campbell of Medford and Lucy Fuller of Henry. South Dakota. Funeral services will be held at the Congor chapel at 3 l. M. Wednesday. Itev. King of the Nazarine church officiating. Interment in Medford cemetery. LUMAX Euna June Luman. Infant (laughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Luman, 624 North Central avenue, passed away at a local hospital early tills morning. The little girl was born July 3, 1924, aged 8 months 27 days. (uncial services will he .held at the Conger funeral chapel at 1 P. M. Tues day. Rev. J. B. Coan will have charge ot the services and interment will be in the 1. O. O. F. plot In Medford Memetery. Canrdiari Grain Drops.! ' WINNIPEG. March 3U. Wheat for delivery in May sold today for Hi 1-8 cents a bushel lss than Saturday's clcsing priceOm the Winnipeg grain exchange. Gains reduced the net Ioks lor the day to 11 1-S cents. Watch the new Craters Drum Corps parade Tomorrow Night Then hurry home and rest up for the grand Craters Frolic SCOTTISH RITE Specila meeting Siskiyou Lodge of Perfection Mondtiy evening 7:30 p. m. Wink in f til decree. l!y order of V. Paul 11, nynnlng, secretary. 3S M. ' K. S. M.v Table lioek Council, IT. D. Special AssemblyTuesday Mareh 31. Initiation of a large class. , Supper served nt (i:00 P. m. All Council members nnd visitors requested to he Qn hand. A. K. XOTTT, Sec. yr ARMORY WEDNESDAY NIGHT ' STUNTS DANCING The floor is smooth as glass! Wednesday Specials Some real mevney-savers are listed here. It will pay you to see them in our windows and to be here Wednesday. Buy where your dollars have more cents they do here. Genuine Cowhide Boston Bags. You can't duplicate them for twice this price . . .$1,.49 Men's work and dress Suspenders . . . ,21c Sheets, bleached muslin; size 72x90 . . .99c Keystone Vacuum Bottles, pint size, fit regular lunch kits. Regular $1.25 ...... .89c Army & Outing Stores EVERYTHING FOR WORKINGMAN AND CAMPER 32 So. Central Ave., Opposite Hunt's. Craterian , R. S. Stewart, . Your Satisfaction Manager ' Phone 913-L . Is Our Success Cedar Chests Wo am closing out , our lino oC Cedar Cheats. Wo have a few on hand which wo aro selling ut greatly reduced prices. Kvery homo should have a Cedar Chest for storaRu ot furs, woolens, clothing, etc. This Is a real opportunity. Trowbridge Cabinet Works EVERY FARMER KNOWS! THAT , , , QUALITY COUNTS INOCULATE Especially So in ' ' the Case' of ALFALFA SEED Planted once, it lasts for years, so why take a chance? Buy Our Tested Seed ; f . ? ;v;. -.-;,( MONARCH SEED & FEED C0t Get Our Feed Prices?-'" " 'o G - HUNT'S -RATERIAN Western or Orpheum Jr. VAUDEVILLE : 7 ...... ; : ' Mstlhe 2:00, Night 7:00 and 9:00 Adults 50c, Children 25c ANOTHER BIG SHOW TOMORROW FIVE GOOD ACTS -,' ' .; H(EADD BY ' , FLORENCE YORK & CO ' ? ' . ' ' ' in "Ye Olden Days Modernized" Also Also Also Also . CHARLES LUTE BROS. THE PRINCESS KENNA With Claire, BUTLERS WINONA In "The "The Wizard Presenting the Indian Street Faker" of the Feet" "Dancing Girl" Prima Donna Craterian Orchestra Wilson Walte, Director TWO-REEL COMEDY . TOPICS OF THE DAY , . , . ' YOU'RE GOING TO LIKE THIS BILL . v Attend the Matinee Everything Same as Night TONIGHT LAST TIMES1 . "THE MAN WHO CAME BACK" : l'"roni the story by John FlemiiiK Wilson, with Oeorgo O'llrien, Dorothy Miickiilll und Kulph lewls. tli nml down Ilroadway In the Kurish liKht of Itarhary Const (ram Shanghai to Honolulu then hack to Hud's cquntry. , FLOWER8 FOR THE SHADY SIDE OF THE HOUSE . .r Anenmnp .luivmlc.i "Cjueen Chnrlottn" Lovely pink Powers on three-loot i stems, in constant bloom trom Aimust until frost. ; ". , J'hiosf "iMlHtt-Llimurd" An exquisite early white Phlox, which frequently blooms u second time In the fall; two feet tall. Acnnlttun Wilsiinil (from China) Sofl blue flowers, harmonizing with the aue.mone, nro.borne in four-foot stalks In late summer; extra choice. Four strong plants of each will be sent for $3.0d. If you wish to purchase them separately, consult my catalog, which will i bo sent upon request. W. L. CRISSEY "GLODIOLUS FARM" R. F. D. 1, Boring, Oregon WhereOrchardLimbs there's where you will especially appreciate this lownarrow, plow. : Only 26 inches high over all when plowing six inches deep; only 37 inches wide. John Deere No. 45-A For Small Tractors G-ets under the. low limbs, up close to the Tovr.- - Levers set low when plow is working, and are lowered as depth is increased. No projections outside of narrow wheel base to interfere with trees. . Wide offset of plow to right or left of tractor for work close to row is permitted by adjustable reversible hitch. (Note this hitch in illustration at right.) Good clearanco 21 inches from beam to share point; lots of clearance at , other points. A big advantage when plowing deep or turning under cover crops. Mighty strong beams, braces and axles made of special hard and tough John Deere steel. Braces hot-riveted to beams frame ' has , lasting rigidity. Pulls light a real fuel-saver. Simple, positive power lift. Ttalt li wonderful orchard plow for small trac-. tors, and you can use tt in field plowing too. So urt to drop In t our itoro ftnd tt. Koto how hitch can b adjusted to rlfht or ltft for of f lattlnc plow, when wore close to tho trees Is desired.-' Note, also, th narrow wheel base, with no projections. ' HUBBARD BROS. 1 Get QualityLonjatid Service OVERLAND 4 TOURING - ' ' ' X ' In Excellent Condition 11 ' $225.00 O The Busy Corner Motor Co. o O O . ' - ,' : ' 0 O Oo o o 0

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