Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 31, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1894
Page 2
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• VT 1 "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." We use only SANTA GLAUS SOAP, And White Wings of Purity Spread their radiance around us. SANTA CLAUS SOAP ISTHEBEST FOR EVERY HOUSEHOLD USE ALL GROCERS KEEP IT, /\\DC. ONLY BY N.K.FAIRBANK &CO. CHICAGO.- SWEPT TO DEATH. Awfnl Work of Snowslides in Ooeur d'Alene Mountains. NEW STYLES FOR EASTER. WALKER 6c RftUGH. ALL PROMISES KEPT. The Avalanches Bury Tlireo Families Under Tons of Snow—A Dozen or More Lives Lost. IlKSC^ICKS AT W011K. SPOKANK, Wiisli., Mtiruh 30.—As a result of two tfruat snow-Slides Thursday on Canyon creolr, in the Coeur d'Alone mountuins, three families, consisting: altogether of from twelve to fourteen persons, are mangled and bruised beneath thousands of tons of snow, and any possibility of any of them being rescued alive is out of the question. Snow had aceuinulated on the mountains to » depth of 00 feet, and the late rains caused the huge mass to move at several places. At an early hour Thursday a section of snow 300 feet in length, near the Klaok ]!ear mine, became detached and started down the steep mountain «idn at a terrific pace, and before the inhabitants of the cabins in the path of thu slldo could floe the mighty avalanche wus upon them. Trees were torn up by the roots, bold era carried along with mighty force, the whole shaking the earth as if au earthquake was coroinjj. Two families, whose names could not be learned, together with their homes, •were cauiflit and curried along 1 with the slide and buried out of bight at. the bottom of the canyon. Others unac- countod for v are also believed to have been killed. .Soon after the first slide took place another occurred further up the canyon near jiurke, and hero further latalities are reported. A family named Chilson, consisting of father, mother and three children, heard the avalanche coming 1 . Picking up the children, the frantic parents attempted to tlee to a place of safety, but before _they had gono fifty yards they were overtaken by the resistless mass of snow and crushed to death. Rescuing parties have started for the scene from Wallace, Burke and Mullen by special trains, and every effort will be made to rescue alive those buried beneath the snow, but the probability is that all are dead. Further slides are feared and the people living along the canyon are moving to placus of safety. your family, I've got :i rumiiy, ion. n I go back und tell Uio uompu.ny 1 can't find tlmt car what is niy family to do?" And I was viglit. Tlu-y bail" to pay about.seven thousand dollars."—Louisville Courier-Journal, ;*, J-[)IHlthlll< ' -i::!i. t-nliffii- /.'i.-if.-.-.ftrrl i7r. //'•(if, Sl Slate/if* nil. Ill" H.VIn. ami allneraaiu win/ i'-a'i^it nni:. tloia an rclli.-ecti inj lining t!v •:<: /•;," Covered with a Taelol^j!; an:f Scb',(o Coatin Qt •!! flriicffifts Pri",> t'.^i.'-nl- '. lioi. Now Yorlt I)ft)'uc, :K"» Cnitai ' A CAR-SEARCHER'S DUTIES. How One AiroDt Hail to Pay "Demur. When The Journal bution of began the now great diatri- WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIOS A promise was made to the public that the Portfolios wtuld contain the finest series of views ever offered to the public by a newspaper. In point of mechanical and artistic excellence the DREAM CITY views HAVE SURPASSED EVERYTHING. which has yet been offered and it may safely be stated that their like will not be eeen again When the series is completed it will include the following subjecte; Awhlteoture «na Building..'. ", .,...'. : 94 Photographs. Ludioape and Water 8oen«t 28 rnnUim. Sculpture in* Statuary 36 Bidblt* of All Nation! ;• 66 Fanonv PaWttngt.of the World 37 JfiM^llaDcout Vlewi 26 ; This will constitute a complete pictorial and descriptive history of the great WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION. Don't fail to secure ALL of these superb Portfolios. See coupon on 1st page PART 7 NOW READY Two Klndi of Fruit on One Tree. There is a curiosity in the tree line near Cohutta, Ga. It is a tree which bears persimmons on one side and wild crab apples upon the other. Of course, as a mutter of fact, there are two trees, but it takes a. very closa examination to convince a person . that there are. They have grown, so closely together that each has lost its identity, so far as appearance is concerned, and the people in its neighborhood insist that it is but one tree. Tho persimmon side is the most fruitful, ;iml produces a fairly g-ood yield of fruit, which is not in the least altccted by the presence of tho crab apples. The other side does not bear very well, iind it is' only during an occasional yew that there is a yeld of crab apples, but botli sides have been known to bear proof! crops in tho same year, Tho roots have never been examined.—St. Louis Globe Democrat. Complexion auti i;iuiLminvr»n. There are over three thousand pores to every inch of sUin on tho body. Those pores are openings for the hairlike sweat glands, which turn and coil until, in the body of an ordinary-iized person, their length represents a distance, of twenty-eight .miles. If, through a lack of bodily cleanliness, the openings of this immense system of drainage become clogged, the result is apparent to a reasoner. Perspiration through these pores is nature's method of throwing off effete matter, and it cannot be done withont the help of bathiug.' 'Without a clean body it i» not possible to keep 4 good complexion. St. Louis Republic. If you wunt to get an idea of the immensity of American railroading-, talk to a cur-searcher. The United States covers a pretty larg-e area, as some one observed, but the rial road men, and particularly the car-searchers, kno-.v their way about it a.i a policeman knows his beat. A car-searcher, be it said for the benefit of the uninformed, is an ollicial sent ont by one of the companies to look for cars which have been borrowed by other lines and treated like borrowed umbrellas. Of course, these ofiiciais are experienced men, a great trust IN reposed in them and they luive a great weight of responsibility to carry on their shoulder*. One of these men whom I met :i few evenings ago talked of one cur "somewhere around by Eagle Pass," or a chance of finding another at Portland, Ore., as if these places were only a few squares the other side of liroadway. Oe had been sent out by one of the big lines that cover the territory between New York uud Sea-tile to Iind oertitin freight cars that liml been running lip long bills -for "demurrage" against their borrowers, "Demurrage" is a charge made by the owners of a car, at so much per day, for the time the car is kept away from its own line. "They'll take a car," he said, "somewhere down south, and, instead of sending it back when they're done with it, will use it for some other work. That goes on and on until, first thinp you know the car gets in a smashup." "Then you have no more chance of finding it," I interrupted. This was where I displayed my ignorance. "Haven't I, though? I go to where the car w»« sent and make them show me Che books. Let me tell ,'you about one car belonging to our line that got away down south and . nobody could trace it. Tho agent at tliat depot was a little bit of a man, all beard. When I showed him tho entry on his books and asked him where that car was he said he didn't know anything about it. •One night,' he says, '1 left it here on tho siding and when I uame next morning it was gone. Some of those freight conductors must have come in here in tho night, and looking around for a car, they just took tliat one.' 'You're a • liar,' I said. 'I've been railroading all my life, and I know that conductors don't go rawhiding about a yard at night time looking to get cars. They ain't so anxious to find extra work as all that. Mow,' I said, 'you just tell me where that car's Rot to or I will report that you lost it.' Well, he commenced whimpering about his family and how he'd lose his job if I got him into trouble about that car. At last he owned up that one day they were short of cars in the yard; they took and loaded up our car with agricultural machinery for Atlanta, I3a., the train was wrecked and the car was all burned up. 'If you !s»d told us that at the time,'I aaid, 'you would have had to pay three hundred or four hundred dollars. Now you'll ha-ve to pay about seven thousand dollar* for demurrage, and serve you rijrht An for J)o Sick J'eoplc Kvcr Sm i t'/.o'.' For something over twelve months the readers of medical literature have been confronted in Miinill caps with the conundrum: "Ho the sick ever sneeze?" Wo do not know why this inquiry has become NO popular; no prize has been attached to its iinswer. in fact, comments and replies are. not solicited. Hut the simple qi-.c.ry has been traveling around from Shefliuld and London to Texan, Oregon and Philadelphia, and it lias not been answered yet. There ;iri- sorno problems which the human mind shrinks from KTapplinfr with, sometimes because they ore too deep and consuming, or, again, because v.-e dread the consequences of an awful uncertainty. No medical man has yet dared lo come out and squarely say in so uian3' words that the fielt do not sneo«w. und the world is curious to know whether this is duo to fear or incompetcncy, or is it that the doctors simply do not kno'.v? —Medical Record. At the Sewing Clnns. May—What do you sew at your sewing class'.' lithel—Our wild oat>:~-X. V. World. Mr, Jf. X. Parkhunt Uarre, Vermont. A Monliry Darwin. Studious Monkey—These crositiires called iiu.Mi l::lk of "Adnm's fall." Who was Ada.ni'. 1 Hhilosoj^iicu! Monkey --,\s yrt wo have, not, fully mastered tin- language of men; hut. from what wu <';in gather, it is evident that, this Ad;nn h:id a wife named Kvc, and the fsil'l \v:ts duo to :in nccidcut ivhile on 0. lii^'li Uvo after fruit. 1 presume they found it very good, and in their greed they liun^on so long that their tails broke: and ever since that their descendants have been tho tailless, helpless, plodding crta- tures that you see. Poor man! His tail has gone, his feet have lost their cunning, his once beautiful fur is moth- eaten, and nothing is left of him but his greed.—Puck. and Co»l Mln»M PoTTivtLLi, Pa., March 80.—The breaker of Park colliery, No. 2, at Park place, near Mahanoy City, waa burned L at 4- a. mi The dattmction of ma- I chinery and the breaker building-, I which originally co»t 9100,000, U near- J ly complete. Lentz, Lilly A &>• were J. the burner*,' and the plant employed J 700'imen and boya. In 1893 the colliery produced 884,000 tons of coal: On* of thn Four Bodi« Fonnd. HOLLAND, Mich.,- March 30. —The body of Charles Petrie. one, .of the four, men who were drowned in Black lake Saturday night, wa».foum( by dragging 1 the lake Thursday. The search will be continued, and .as the location is known it is expected the others will be found. Petrie was insured in tho Mac- cabees for 82,000. €t!T THIS OUT. "IF CHRIST CAME TO CHICAGO" COUPON. Thli Coupon, tot««her with Fortr-flTe wmu, pnMOMd at the Portfolio Depart- •MDt of The Journal, ttmnt the treat book,-If ClidMGMMtoCUwco.'" CUT THIS OUT. KomftlDt of Von Kulow Crem»ted. HAMBURG, March 80.—The remains of Hans von Bulow, the distinguished pianist who died recently in Egypt, wore cremated Thursday at the crenia- tory here. Previous to tho cremation there was an imposing funeral service in the ehurcli. THE MARKETS. Grata, Vrwltlanm, Etc. CHICAGO, March 30. FLOCK—A fair demand was reported, chiefly local, only a few exported orders being on tho market .Feeling Bteady. Quotable: Winter— Patents, ti 80 3 a 16; straight*, (£5002.60; clears, 1100*139,- ncoais, J18031.90; lovr grades, U.W«l.rU. Spring—Pitenta, 3.CO; ilraiKtts, ti.30Ht2.eu: Bakera', Si20; low grades, IL4031.5U; Red Dog, »1.35a l.W; Rye, l2.«»iSI). WHEAT—Active, unsettled and higher. Ca«h, MO^K!ic: May, 59via«lc; July. Cl!-ja62,Sa CORN—Quiet and tirm. Na 2 and No. £ Yellow, 36^e37c: No. 3. SOc; No. S Yellow, 3«i<c; March, l^c under May. May, 37^037=^0; July, S&UMjic; Soptember, 39o. OATS—Fairly active and hlcher. No. S cash, Samples In gooJ demand and steady. No. 3, 30Hto33c; No. 3 White, 33^34C; No. -, 31J4Q Kc; No. '4 White, 3-fcttMiic, RYE—In smill supply and steady. Ko. 2 awn, 47',4c, and good to choice sample lots 4fl{4 M)c; May delivery dflc. BAHI/BV—Sells rcaJflf, receipls prices very linn. ScrconlnpsQuoiuble u fepl7.(W per ton; Jow pnido to onjy/uir, gooU, 52(2i5S^ ur.d choice OOc, MtHSPoKK—Trudinif uctlvo mill prjces or. Quouiion.s nuiKcJ at Slt^-^(Ltll.bT 1 .cash reguliir; !ill.4^;-i&li;s7>4 for May, Jl 1.45311.80 for Ju!y. LAUD—Market fairly active and a toady. Quo. talions ranged at S7.:W<ii7.35 for casli; sG.9Jfcr.Oo for-Uay, and ;0.7r!-»(£iJ.Kj tor July. LIVE POUI.THY—1'ci- pouuci: Chickens. 03 80: Turkeys, 6381;; Duclis, S2>10c; Geese. flW O6.00 per do/.eu. BCTTBR—Crttamery, )0f^2]c; Dairy, 9&I9c; Paokluj Stock, 7®(c. OILS—Wisconsin Prime While, 7!*c; Water White, 7Kc; .Michigan Prime White, Stfc; Water While, 9c; Indiana Prime White, 8!nC; Water White, 8fcc; HeadllRlit, 175 test, 8*c: Gasoline. 0! deg's, 11 l»c: 74 dcg's, 9c; Naphtha, 63 deg's, «fic. LIQUORS—Distilled spirits steady ou th« bMla of H.16 per ftal tor finis tied goods. N«w YORE, March 3a WHIAT—No. 2 '.-ed, opoued Brm. becanw weaker and then recovered on ruth to cover ihorts, which, tent prices up KC. May, 633 Wife;.. July. .«X«»«5IH«o; December, Could Not See to Read Inflammation in the Eye* A Business Man Cured by Hood's — Perfect Eyesight Restored. Read the letter of .Mr. II. jf. Parkhum, » dealer la granite ami manufacturer of granite monuments at liarre, VI.: "C. I.-Hood &Co., Lowell, Mass.: "Last winter I was taken with acromlou* sore eyes. I was totally blind in one eye and the other was so badly affecteil tliat I Could Not See to read or write. My eyes pained me very much lor three of four months, and for about, three weeks before I went to liurlinpon for treatment, the pain was liardly endurable. On my return from liurlingtun In April last, 1 could not se« any betU'r than before 1 left home. At this time I commenced to take Hood's Sarsapa- rllla und Lave now taken two bottics. I Can Now See as well as before the affliction! can sec to read and carry on my business, that of a manufacturer of Kraiiito monuments, without the aid of glasses. When I Jc.'t Die doctor's care J could hardly bear the light on my eyes, and bad to be- HOOD'S Sarsaparilla CURES rery careful wtwn out-on the street alone. Hood's Sarsaparilla l\a» purified my blood and been the means of restoring my eyesight. It has also helped me ID other ways. I am not now troubled with constipation, my direction Is better and I feel like a new man. 1 ' H. N. FAKKBCRST, Barre, Vermont. i *Hood'» PIN* are purely vegetable, and do- not purge, pain or gripe. Sold by all drngfilU. t lor and COBN— No. : dull, but firm. July, O*T«— No. ! dull and (Miurele«. Track wilts, st»tc, 3e^a«o; track -while .western, ,. . Paovjaions— Beet firm; family, I12.0oau.00; •ztr* me<», H.OO. Pork flrm; new men, 112. Ktf Ol)S.OO;,-f)UDlly,.lll.O(>311M; «hort clwr, DS.OO Goad X«ns. No other medicine in the world was ovor given such a test of its curative qualities, as Otto's Cure. Thoueande- of botilefi of this great German remedy are being distributed free of charge, by druggists in this country, to tboee afflicted with consumption, asthma, croup, severe coughs, pneumonia and all ihroai and lung diseases, giving- the people proof that Otto's Cure will i ur3 them, and that it is the grandees triumph of medical science. For sale only by Bea Fisher, 311 Fourth street. Samples free. Large bottles 50 cents.. for Ovor Fl«y- Vcmrn iVirs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup h&n been used for over fifty years by millions ol mothers for their children whilo teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens tho gums. allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by druggist* in every part of the world. Twenty-flvn cents a bottle. Be sure and ask fo? 'Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup" and tako no other kind. , noWna). . : ' TOLIDO, Oi, March 30. WHMT— Higher, aoUve. No. 2 cijh and Much. HHo; May, SO^o; July, flZ^o bid., COBW— Firm. No. ! cash and Ma;, S8o. OATB— Hlghtr No S • mixed, Klia; No. * Ryi~&teadj. Cash, W!-jo bid. CixJVIBBEtD— Lower, active; prime cash and March, 16.40: April, K.» asked; October, st.n KNOWLEDGE nareb 81, 1884. STAGE CELEBRITIES, Tan Coupon with two others ol <JIB< ie i date*, »n<] Ten Centi, la .good for or. cut, containing twentr pottialts, of iL° Marie Bnrr»ugn'» Art P»rf- foli»«rStefe Celetarltiek THE JOtJBNAI,. COTTTHMOVT IMatrojed by Fire. ANDEHBON, Ind., March .SO.—Markle- villa, a village 9 miles south of this city, was visited by a $7,000. fire Thursday morning that destroyed the drujf store of A. Fattic and the saloon building 1 of Frank Stinson. Other property wa« damaged. Insurance, 11,500. Stockholder! Hunt w»lr. CHICAGO, March 80.—By the prolonged absence of President Elgin-, botham the distribution of 11,200,000, among world's fair stockholders, will, be delayed one month.. - . n*»th or Jan* o, Anitin. BOSTON, Mass., March 80.— Jane O. Austin, the well-known,authoress, died at 8 a. m. at the Hotel Waujrston. . ,•: Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. Tbe many, who live better than others arid enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will atteat the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ;, effectually, cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches, and fevers •ana permanently, curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met With Jthe approval of, the medical profession, because jt acts on the Kid-, neve, Liver and: Bowels without weakening them, and jt.is perfectly! free.from every objectionable substance, ; : ; Syr|ip'pf,R8s fa for,sate.by ill drag- glstt in (We aii<f«l, bottles, bufit fa man' a » . .'••••• -.• ^SY-ltr__«t* Vim- M<OTM««l LIT. stock. CHICAGO, March 3d Boos—Market rather active and prices without materialob»ngr. Sales ranged at M.UO 4.80 for Pigs; KH03VS5 tor light; M.454C4.M for rough packing; H<&2;4.6.> lor mixed, and KHQ4.83 (or heury packing and shipping lota. CJITTI/I—Market only moderately active, and prices unchanged. Quotations ranged «l M.40Q4.7S for choice to extra shipping Steers: K.90444.35 (or Road to choice do.: M26O3.»5Xor fair to^rood; KOOaJ-35 for common to medium do.; IZ.6S«a&SO for butchers' Stoors; 11458^.10 lor Stackers; M.10«3.(Bfor Feeder*! HJOftlOO for CUWH: f2.C5t«a30 for Hoitora; I1,WOS.«I) for Bulls; tiSOSi&O tor Texas Slccn, and 12503 i75 tor Vcul Calvpu. California Fruit Laxative Is nature'* own ttuo remedy. It combine!' tb» medicinal virtue* of California fruit* and plant* which are known to have » ' beneflclal effect on the human Although harmlesi to the oate Mnsiituttiah" it It tborou^rn Mtf effective, and will afford »p*i«anto* bure for habitual ooniilpatto* iid"4bt many disorder* arUloit from* ; w**lr or Inactive) condition of th«^kian«y», Uver, stomach and < bowels. For**l« bj all draggist* *t 60 oento » hAttfe: - The Coliei S«mt of ,l«»f lift. Keep the head cool, the f«et warns and the bowels open. Bacon's Celery Clog for the nerves is a vegetable* Dreparation and acts as a natural laxative, iind is the greatest remedy ever discovered for the cure of dyspepsia, liver complaint, and all blood, liver and kidney diseases. Call oo Ben Fisher, sole apent, and get a trial package free. Largest size, SO cents- •ufootured by the California Fig:,8jrrup Co. only, whose najne is pnnted:o» every package, . accept' any; »u>titute CioMlnc the Atlanlir Uiuully Involvps B«I 'slckne«s. Wueii the mives play pitch and toss with you. strong Indeed mnst be tt» stomach that can stand It without revolting. Touristi, commercial travelers, yatcht. men, mgrinen, all teslllr that Hosteller's Stomach Bitters Is the bert remeiy for the nausea experienced luroogb weather on the water. Nervous • nd weakly travelers by land often anfferfrom something akin to this, and find In the Bitters Its surest remedy.- Mo disorder of the stomach, llverortxmel»!i«a-obstJnatetnBilt may not he oterccme bj t»e prompt and thorough remedy. EqnaUy.«ffieactoiu Is It for chlUs snd fever, kld- U»» aml.TlManuUe trouble and nerroanMm. -EmlcranU to the frontier should proTtde them- .«dfM wUliitblsMe nwdldnal - isfefiiaro afalntt th»e(fe()Uo».Tlcl»altud<*of cllm»U, - hardship,: . Kvery.day Mo»» people need to use ivr : ' - "Roral Robj" Port Wine. If you are reduced in vitality, or strength by illness or any other cause, we recommend the use of this Old i 5 ori Wine, tho very blood of the grape. A grand tonic for nursing mothers, and those reduced by wast* ing disease. It creates strength; improves the appetite; nature's own remedy, mucl preferable to drugs ^ guaranteed absolutely pure and over five years of age. Young wine ordinarily sold is not fit to use. InsUt on. having tbii standard brand, It oottt ao more. |1 In quart bottles. Bow tied by Royal W!D« Co., Chloa«ro For sale o'y Johnston Bros. Karri Clover Boot, the new blood purifier, give* freihMW and cletraM* to the complexion nit OVFM ooortipf tidn; «««

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