Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 8, 1952 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 8, 1952
Page 8
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'">•"• I * HOM STA*, HOM, ARKANSAS Monday, December 8, LASSIMJP Mttrt ita'li OMtt Dtf ••!**• ""NaMM*^ AD RATES Xtttt FumleatX* ^SSSSSSSSiilSSSiSit For Salt 1,W 8lir On« nroo *D*y« D«yi t JO MO i.j;B too I4» 1W 8,00 3.90 4.00 4,00 0.00 DISPLAY 7Bo per Inch , OOo p»r inch , BOo per inch cwv floo 7.M 0.00 WM 1100 13.50 18.00 8-fil (left pin* rat*. \i tiomfwd odvwtiiino MPV ,«* ««s«ptw until 6 f>.m, for 40 PAT N«W Ilnmpihlro h<m« at 39 cent* por pound, Arthur Gray Own, Arfcan*fl». LEi5nSfln~liorf "price, N«w ov«r) UM 3V4 e«mt» up, lumber 3Vji wit* foot up, doors |4 Up. window ffanmen, »lnk», up, ««» hcat«m, W,7(i, ««» pint"* $3,78, 260 tfallon tnrik, $25. C E, Bolcy, <M«'ii C«mp). B-a AtH'OMATIC ^p«Ipcorn innchlni thlrly-iwo 1 cent jium mnchlnc* nix 1 cent cimdy mnchlfH'd an nix ft CPU! cfltidy covcrml tutnnil machlnna, PrHctlcnlly nil much lno» located, Phone 7-20B3. UsiHTougii lurnbor, 2 inrtt« hoti»c» and 2 burn*, nil nalU pulled nnU AA All-State Selection Announced UTTf.K BOCK - W — Chom- ilon Cnrnikn placed ihr»* men on thp 1952 Cl»»« AA All State team »<>t(ict«l by dlHtrlct ronchi?*, Rogers, Ifliwr to Carndcn (or lht> tltlo, placed two men »* did Joncn- boro. ni«t. II, winriw, Klvir other nchoolx were repre- sunlcfl on the )2-w«n Icnrn named Ity lh«i mentors. Tht! conch** plckf-d flvp backn to «o with a rock-ribbed forward Will!, Onmdem' «e<" mwr nn«l Dobby OatllnK, hirndnd the bnckfictd which Include* Roaer*' powerful lullback, Jt-rry Fcr«u»on Hobby noKftrn, Jonesboro, Snm Kl(,-lif.r<l», Iftnton, nnd "Chnrnln" Chnilli? Cf>l<» of Magnolia. Kcrgu- »on IP n Junior and C«»le l» n r' 1 dtorod In dry. 2toci or phone 7-0003. V. L. Holly at edll oil adv»rll»om«nu of. jwblleo"W,<» 11 !'. ,'° '•'•?• t*uu* t of on* w l*ll«ri, houit» mimWfi count ot otw Mm* S!or will not b« rt»f»n. rt«i In Wont Ad* uni«i tolKW to our ott*nt!«m T tnwlofl of od and « W? Jhs ON , 1269 Bryant Coming to Arkansas for Interview FAYETTEVILLE Wl — Paul "Bear" Bryant, head University jn( Kentucky football conch, will ~ Floyd McCflnn, Benton: j have hid "first Interview" with Phil Kflfilerllnt!, Roger*; Franklin University of Arkansas official Burrows, For r«»» City, and' Billy Cox, Smack- Guard*—Ted Bolt, Benton, and John 8»**r, Rogers. Center-Jim Ol«on, Conway. Back*—George Tabor, Smack- ov«r; Kdward Zunlga, Subiaco; Karl Hoy Wray, Benton and Bily Bock, Sublaco, HONORABLE MENTION F»Akw, Roger*: Conway; Lelnwl Jim Schermnn, Tubbeyflll, Bun sometime this week. wilson W. Sharp of Brinkk-y, a! PRESCOTT NEWS Monday, December- 8 | The Leo Cox Davis Bible Class ot the Methodist Church will have its Christmas parly Monday evening at 6:.'10 in the educational building of the church. There will be a potj luck supper. Ion; Jim Yocum, Hope, and John! m(trnlM . r O f th( . Board of Trustees' Athletic Committee, said yester to rum Sprlt.Kdale; Magnolia. TncklM-Qulnton Hodgn, Blylh<--;<l.iy Bryant would come here Tummy Brown, Benton; Jew- 1 talk about the head coaching post i-ll Kllnson Malvern; Hill Ing-jtloii recently vacalcrl by the re ' ' - - j« r ry Ilorrod,: dignatlon of Otis Douglas. Frank Konlur, Snb-j Bryant said yesterday In Lex Into- O'Tftld Henderson, Conway: I inRlr.i.. Ky.. thai "my plans after Jerry Thomas. Magnolia; Kills; a hunting trip this week are in Hothwell, Hope. Guard* -Jimmy Button. ,,•,,- , Dick Crawford, Jonesboro; tucky for a hunting trip in West Kentucky and is expected back (definite." He left yesterday with Von Bu- Gov. Lawrence Wetherby of Ken iu-nl«r from tho IOS1 . Tim coached aUo picked uecond find third Icamn, DPE STAR Your money In Kent Itecoipti aro worth? In your pocket or Bank will bring you? Invented In this Property will make money. 303 EAST 14th Street, 'ft room* and bnth. Ixit 100x178. Priced la noil. 8TIt AND Pino, Duplex, ,'l roornn and bath, 4 rooms and bath, a cur liurage. 133 8. WASHINGTON, f) rooms nnd bath, J-ot (WxMO, Small down pay muni, |3tf month, a ROOM houio. Lo( flSxiaO, Price $480, |DO down, $10 month, W ,D. yiUNKUN COMPANY A. P. Dclony, Manauer. ft-3l In Ihe iiqund: FIH8T TEAM 10M CliinH AA All ,!irn Schlffer, Sublaco; Don Creek more. Honor*, Marvin Gay, Bcn- ton, Hlchad Holmes. Camden and Winston Williams, Mannoliu, Ccnlurs— Leon Prlvctt, •lllc, and Howard Grant Mnxwell, Cgmdon, niifl Frank Folia, Jonesboro.. Tucklf va—Kenii«th Diivi.i.'Tnm den. nnd H«y Culpeppnr, Mrtlvt'Tn. Ciuardu—Fred Mllli, Conwny and Jimmy Brook*. Hprlntfdale. Center-Joe Nell, Rogers. 11 (if kit—Bobby OntllfiK, Com don, Jerry Fer«u*on, Hogcrs, Bob by Ho«pr», Jono»boroi Chnrlt 1 Tuesday, December 9 { The Pt-oscolt Home Demonslra-| lion Club will meet Tuesday at 21 p m in the home of Mrs. Sid Pur-j sla '-' tie. Mrs. Madge Burgess will Kive! spm yVide Open Cage Season Visioned NEW YORK (M— With Ihe Uni / ot Kentucky sitting on the ics, the biitlle for the No. 1 in collegiate basketball fi* to be more wide open than .he National Invitalion Tournament Madison Square Garden Four of Ihe players which spaiK ed the team are back again this year Saturday night the• Expk* ers whipped Niagara 187-67, for their second straight victory. However, the NCAA ehampJD and collegiate- Olympic reprcseW ativc-Kansas -has lost its big scoring giant, Clyde Lovcllelte, and fc-r this reason doesn't figure to repeat as either NCAA or BJig Seven king. Kansas Stale see " to have the edge in this circui; but it had to go into overt! Saturday before defeating Draw! 79-73. The Midwest seems to have more than its share ot top learns b « a Chrlslmn, de ora on UicJ Kentucky cancelled its schedule; , ,„ ;. rcncc Clga in. We will get bung a unnsim.is ULCOI auuu lutu., roi.r.mm..nrlatlcm .. , ,._ i,.. mini Wnrinnm Wednesday, December The Preseott Musical CoU have its annual Christ con and Guest Day on .this season on a recommendation; ,, o( , (| Unt , un t !u: Illini Wednesday , 10 I of the National Collegiate Athletic . ni( , hti wni , n t( 1( .y start their season ...' Association, which said the instil a «, a j n< jt Loyola of Chicago, one-'ol -oterie will; U|Uft|) h . |d vio i atcc j NCAA rules lh ' ( , ,. ;m |<j n g independents. esday! Thursday. Sharp «n id he didn't know the date of Bryant's arrival at the Hotel Lawson. Mrs. Dorothy i Wilkins of Brinkley, state presi- concerning gibility. dent of Federated Music will be guest speaker. Clubs, exact Blylhp-j h ' ( . rt>i nddinj,', however, that the , MnKno| Kentucky mentor "won't, meet with in. llackti- Carlos nroadwnter. New port; Duvall, Uussellvilk 1 ; Jerry YleldlnK, Jonesboro; Bob Child reitu and Tommy Mcmley, Blylhe the trip." Professor Dolbert Swart/., r ,,:ui ol the University's Faculty Commitlt-e on Athletics and of vlllc; IJIlly Lovn and jJuddy ^l 0 "" 1 ]^.,,);,,! subcommittee to screen can dictates for the post, said no meet called for this Services Offered LOCAL and long dlntanco Hauling. Also local moving, Bee Dannie Hamilton or call 7-3011. N-aa-im Magnolia; and Hum FUchimU Oonton. SECOND TEAM Knit*— Snminy Wnlt«r», Maiinolli tinrt Marcus Emrrmrion, Forre»t CHy. Tackle*—Clay Kenwnrtl, Jones- born. nn<l Lynn A«co, Cnmden. Guards-Tommy Doyto, Hope. - - - - city. NuSHi-y, Comdcn. ,,,,^,,.,"T. J. Reed, Mulvi'i-n; Jerry'beLajtler, Sprlngdato:' Dennis Pulmor, Conway, and Ted Brad- xluiw, Camdon. THIRD TEAM EiidB—Monllne fli-ld, H(>B«T»; Jimmy diile, Alan Adams, Fayotto villc; James Cranford, Malvt-ru; RnlH-rl RoKers, Benton: Horner Lyford, Conway: Bob Wt-slernian. Malvern; Billy Nulty. Conway: Herman Hill, Malvern; Dean Ha ley, Uonton; Glen Wood, Smack over; Huie I.lndscy. Camden; Jtay monil Churehwell, Hope, and Tei ry Day,- Magnolia. Seixas Scores a Stunning Upset MELBOURNE, Australia l/li Crafty Vie Snlxus of Phllnclelphli whose "ni-xt chances lo nil." Thursday, December 11 F. B. Ward, Jr., band instructor athletic committee on the! n t the Prescott High School, will: 11 be guest speaker at the December' chair meeting of the Parent Teacher Association, which will be held Thursday afternoon at 3:30 in the Pres- coll High School Auditorium. A Chrismas tea will follow the meeting in the Home Economics collage. subsidization and ell Notre Dame struck nn early blow for national recognition by The school, ranked No. 1 in the j taking a 71-70 sqeaker from high-' final Associated Press poll last i y ruled Indiana, season, accepted the NCAA decision but said it fait the punishment was harsh. Of course, it's too early to start pii-kin" a successor to the- Wild cats but several clubs seem to havej which the I on which during the day. Wild ostriches run in groups W several hens and one cock. The hens lay their egfis in one nest on have been vuck. lie iiddcd that "it stances required it" were consldere stunned this U-n official!;. the circum his subcom niittee could meel on short notice. Other members are Prof. Charles Cross and Raymond CUT of Ft. Smith. Dr. Swartz and Athletic Director John BaCnhill are' expected to leave here Thursday for Dallas and a meeting of the Southwest Conference faculty representatives] and athlelic directors. They expect! to return Saturday or Sunday. Bryant has said he would nol consider the position until he bad talked with University of Kentucky The choir of the First Prcsby- icse is La Salle of Phil ndelphia. The Explorers surprised everybody last season by winning •their home in Joliet, 111. Beware Coughs From Common Colds That HANG ON *.,*. w. ...^ . ..„. - .~,~... , Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hesterly •••»•• ••n»v •-•-- tcrian Church will meet on Thurs-; and Mrs. Otho Heslerly motored , . u promptly because' day evening at 7:15 for practice. • to Da iia S Wednesday to meet A-lc ^ rc ^, ul ?^ ^"bronchial system W The Christmas contata, the Holyjotho Hesterly who has just re- * , oosen and cxpe i genn i a dcnj Child, by Carrie B. Adam, will be , turned from Ashiya, Japan where ph ] cgm an j a jj nature to soothe and given by the choir on Sunday even-ihe spent the past 1H months serv-i j )ea j raW( i cn der, inflamed bronchial the Third Air Rescue mem braues. Guaranteed to please you ing December 21, at 7:30. Mrs. R. F. Yarbrough Hostess to 47 Club he spent in« with Squadron. ills mild nation today by whipping Bnrnhtll said last night thai any Mrs. Bill Rapier of Louisville, , Ky., is the guest of her neiee, Mrs. A holiday motif of red and green |G( , () Christopher and family, was carried out in the decoration! of the home of Mrs. R. F. Yar- . or money refunded. Crcomulsion haa stood the test of millions o£ users. CREOMUISION relieves Coughs, Chest Colds, Acute BronchitU at'lcrnoon ' Jj when she was hostess to the 471 j. brough (in Wednesday Bridge Club ! & The high score prize was won by * released MATTRJS88 renovation and Innerspring work, Cobb Matlross Co., 31(1 S. Washington. Phono 7-2022, NotiC(B__ JF^QU™w^nT"ur drink, that'* your kuilnoi*, U you want to quit, that's our business. Alcoholics Anonymous, JP, 0. Box 808, N-18-lm coaching Mrs. Bob Reynolds and the game j i Token Up S VTOSKS Wo, « alecr, Cnll 7-4310 tor fwrthttr Information, a-3t For Rent BOOMf "furnished nparlmcal. Icctrlc refrigerator, bwth. HOI- Age, No children, Annu Judnon, aao N, Kim. o-3v OUXPTIBR NINETEEN UOCJBR nevor knjf', how ho roftohed Joy etweuSplft hftd no reeollnoUon, Utor on, ot drawing up to U« curb in Iront ot WB hou«o mounting the Btepa and un- U»o door. Ho hud a dim Im- H tnMjW w»» »o» wwW w»wn n«w» piinl»d In thli VfNlO «» OH AP ntwl I NSW 5 room home, fucnlnhcd. N«?sv Automatic WR8h»r. double «tiru«o fenctd In bnckywid. 700 S. Pino. Phone 7-a083. 0-at proaaiun that ho called to Bmlly and that ahe answered him, b\it everyUilng waa very hasty, for all at oneo vertigo overcame him completely, When »h« reached his aide, ho wu« lying unfconaolouo on tho floor. , After that, there were moments o( awarenes* 8f know that he Ing!" waa In hi* bin bed and that y Course Wanted to B«v _ w~Vb points*. Write giving details to Howard llnmvoy, V, 0, Box: W«, Vlrdun, UUnoli. i , i < U-3t your hlah school »t| UpttW time, y! JBIUMVi AWfliMli tmmwreu* I ilto lor Irao booklet, American 8005 Alubumu, Kortl ttuiintit Opportunity MONEY BACK" Bmlly waa standing mar 1U Ho heard tho doo^or laying, "There's no oaune for unea»lneM, MM. Field. Pneumonia Isn't wnat U used to be, you know, Why, wo'U have ma tomperatUM down, wlUi pcni- otllln, »n»tde ot twenty-tour houra." Roger waa m«tot to overhear that, h« knew. But he wa« not-ao sure no waa meant to overhear what the doctor aald when ha came the next time. "Well, ot courae, occasionally there la a case... 1 think them neatly away on o con ted [lone Drinker out of me, I'm hop- shelves and padded hangers, and carry off a few to be pressed and cleaned. By and by, Doris came back with some tea; Mrs. Forbes had thought that probably Mrs. ITIold waa Urecl after her moving, that she would like to have tea in her room. 1 If she would prefer to have dinner there, too, Mrs. Forbes would understand and Doris would bo glad to bring It up. Emily realized ahe was expected to say, yes, aho waa Urod; yes sho would tike to'ntay In her room. As a matter of fact, she did not feel at all tired and ahe did not care In tho least where ahe stayed. She knitted for a UtUe while and read for a little while and Uien sho went to bed because there did not seem to bo anything else for her to do; •?/, by i prize by Mrs. J. V. McMahen. I Mrs. Frank Tuberville was a i * ~— j guest. Other members present in-! | eluded Mrs. Edward Bryson, Mrs. [ s B. A. Del_amur, Mrs. Charles Oews, Mrs. Glenn Ilairston, Mrs. j Jim Nelson, Mrs. Charlie Scott, Mrs. E. R. Ward, Mrs. B. A. War-jsj ren, Mrs. O. W Wiitkins, and Irs. J. T. Worthinyton. , K A dainty Christmas salad and,!* mil cake were served at the contusion of the games. SHOE SHOP Ho .new. iOHOISHOP PhOft« T-4MO men «ud WOO investment glvos you your own Indi'pendent bu»lw»ss upm-- «Ung n rout* of now B cent dispenser* handling new, fust moving confection* U» drug »tor«n, cafes, club*, bus depots, etc, All location* obtaliwi for you, You mu*t have c«r, r«fere»cci» unit WOO, which Is proleotod by nn ironclnd moitey buok g\iHrt»i»t««. Devoting ft few ot ,v«ur spuvc feour* to Uve bvwlnas*, you should earn up Vo |10 weekly m»«re time full time niorv, Liberal tinuiu-inK *»«UUuc« Vo aid expansion. r\n- full Information, wrlta givlnt phoiw uwmber nud uddre»s to Box A, c/O Mojw'SUr, 8-31 pcrlmps I'd oxygen," better arrange for - .- For-tho next mon$» nearly all her days seemed equally aimless Mid equally empty. ShWhod a number ol callers, some fflrjliem vory old friends and aho ay%them because she could not e?d(ttso herself on grounds of 111 hoaltK% preoccupation} but she wouUrjtuxvo been just an .contented to remain alone, every pleasant day Emily laughed and filled her glass. "Please give mo a few moro details, Briny," she begged, after ho had taken several long swallows ana given sighs of deep satisfaction. "It isn't very Informative just to say that you alighted from a plane, even when you add that mendacious touch about your usual dignified fashion." "Well, you knew that Td been In Manus for nearly a year." "1 knew you were there, but I didn't know for how long and I don't know what you were doing there, or much about Manus Itself." Brian struck nn attitude. "Manus, my dear girl," ho announced In a declamatory note, "was ono of Roger died, Kmtly was mainly con- solovm of numbnejw; then sho was aware only ot overwhelming fa- llguo alul uncompw»blo apatliy tinged vvlUi sorrow. So the emitter* wore olosed wd the ahtdea wer« drawn In the Joy Street house, The silver was .RDUAWS »HOP Although tho regular schedule for th« pony express look 10 d»y» from St, Ju»eph, Mo,, to tin- P«clUe Coa»t, the record run was mude in »av«n day* «ud 17 hours. i* believed that »-nlln>»<t 1A8 cur* wove first used in Ittft in SAMUILS mSURANCE AQINCY IS. PivUlon Phofift up the Hill wid sat ?or » lltllo while In her garden and then walked back to txnilsburg Square. On the afternoons that the in tho five finest harbors in the world until 'tho U. S. Navy and tho Seabees got hold of it, and turned it Into .tho nncat and probably the busie&t port on any of the seven seas," Nobody except a few professional mariners know much about It before tho war, because tho native village there wasn't a trading point. Now it tcenia with activity., as tho saying goes. By a great stroke of luck, I cut my foot on a Jagged piece of coral, while | jawltflinthg off tho sandy shores, an Infection in it." Is tho first time I ever Council of Garden Clubs Formed The Executive Board of the Rose Garden Club, the Prescott Garden Club, Rainbow Garden Club Southern Pine Garden Club in Wednesday afternoon in the lome of Mrs. D. L. McRae, Jr., to form u Council of Garden Clubs. Mrs. R. L. Rettig of Hope, Stale Chairman of Council of Garden Clubs hud charge of the meeting. The nominating committee, Mrs. George Cashman, Mrs. J. D. Regan, Mrs. Roy Duke and Mrs. j Jack Han-ell, representatives from each of the clubs, presented the following state of. officers: Mrs. Jack Cooper, president, Mrs. D. L. Mi-Rue, Jr., first vice-president, Mrs. N. N. Daniel, second vice- president, Mrs. Roy Duke, secretary, Mrs. Watson White, Jr., treasurer, Mrs. A. M. Rettig, bis toian, thai will be presented and voted on at each club meeting December . ' All members of the clubs will irr£et at the First Methodist Chur chAm January 9 at 'J:30 p.m. loi an' installation service and tea. Mrs. McRae served refreshments Jusf ^hatshe wants ••7~ Gyrafoam washing action means spotlessly cleaai clothes. - • Completely automatic • So easy to use • Safety Lid • No bolting down • Unequalled for all-round dependability. Easy Terms Liberal Trade-In* LEHMAN AUTO AND HOME SUPPLY 2135. MAIN PHONE 7-2731 *aa*a.*s.».M^ suggestions, so it really was not necessary to make In the bw>h, ttojuvi in trtortge, Uicn ^ On ^ ^^^^ that Dan and the Mrnltur* was allp-cov- ered with clean* colorless linen. Kmlly went through tho prcmtaea, the night before ahe ten, to make »ur« everything wa« In ooropjeto order. At leaat, that waa what «he aaid. But that waa not the real reason. Tho r«al reason waa that eho wanted to aay goodby to It and thU waa the flrat thing aho had dettnltely wanted to do since Roger died, She alartod on the third atory, In the anvall gueat room with tho apool furniture and tho old pastel oJt the UtUe girl, plying with her puppy, where PrlftcllT* had apent «o much time; then aho went part the rooma on the iweond atory, all the way down to tho ground How—to the drawing room with ita tap«atrie* and portrait*, and th* library with ita etching* Mid nrat edl- waa not working there, aho sat with her Knitting or a book in her hand and sometimes she worked a UtUe or read a Uttlo, but not much. She had not told anyone about the habit aho had formed of going there, ao ahe had no reason to expect that sho would be disturbed, and sho was slightly startled when, one evening, someone was Jiggling the old brass knocker In a way that suggested a special signal- Emily leaped up, crying out in amaaernent and unbelief. "That's the way Brian always knocked, when he came to play poker. He and Roger called it his password. Why, it can't bo—" But U waa. Brian, leaner, browner and seemingly taller, stood on tho threshold, grinning broadly. Emily threw her arms around his , you've heard it now and you have the evidence of It before you. I don't know what's going at the close of the meeting. Mrs. Clarke White John A. Davis were visitors in Hope, and Mrs. Wednesday WANTED 5000 TELEPHONE POLES Uona, and the dining room with tta massive, w«»-rubbed mahogany, and next* out into tho garden, where the ewusea and foraythla were Just beginning to come out. But she did not stay In tho garden and. aftw ahe want away front it, ahe tried not to think about u\«se thing*. Then Bratly want down the atepa and got into th* ear. Clark held iU door open respectfully and Qfflcw walk and Bmiljr waa drtwn down Mount Yernou Street tu Loulaburg neck and hugged him hard, still uttering UtUe crtea of unbelief which nevertheless, were tinged with joy. you. to happen to me next. I may got shipped back to the South Pacific or I may be sent to the B Docks in Norfolk—there's a rumor going around that my legal talents aro too great for confinement at Manus. While that nne technical point's being decided, I'm spending; a little time In Boston, much of it, 1 hope, In your company. Incidentally, I've got a whole pocketful of gasoline coupons. What about a nice long drive out Into the beautiful spring countryside?" "It'a awfAly kind of you, Briny, but I haven't been anywhere yet and—it's less than three months since Roger died." Vos, I know that, too. So what?" "So I haven't wanted to go anywhere. I haven't wanted to seo anyone or do anything. For two or three weeks, after I'd recovered from the arst shock and grief of Kev. and Mrs. W. G. Bcnsbcrg Mrs. E. M. Roland, Mrs. T. D. Logan, Mrs. S. O. Logan and Miss Julia Logan motored to Little Hock. Wednesday for the day. Mrs. Warren Golden and Miss, Simon Golden spent Wednesday' in Little Rock and saw South Pacific ut Robinson auditorium. Mrs. R. L. Blakcly, Mrs. Murk Justiss and Miss Mary Jo Hamilton were Wednesday visitors in Little Rock. r He* Reported By TOM PEACOCK-R.F.D. O:3O a.m. 12:15 noon OM Mrs, Ulkod UrUWy all through their tete-»-teto lunch- or ot much ;•.<•(•»& •»! *****?*** ** mtt *S8k 91 wwch to; to. ^ ttosrn |or a UtUo wwio. t*. Martm "Briny, Briny, BJT* you realT Arc you uH rigMf Wherever did you drop from?" "I'm w right M r«ln and as real M the aim. And 1 didn't drop from tnywhero. I (lighted, with my unuftl untmpe*cuibl« dignity, front « plan* My, but I'm glad to SM you* And to see you *«•*.' I c«Ued %nd called the hous« and couldn't get any answer and even my warm Irish blood rah cold. But my heart began to he*t again when I got your grandmother on the telephone and &« aald you wer* to your gar- d«o. WaU, a» I Uv« and breathe, the aarn* tray—tha same giaasea— UM aunA bottlea—*ad tho aame tTt^espRct** uqutda in tit* «x*U«al What about not UttttO U* U>* «**«• «** mixiur* (or ma? I - - h* you di»'t remewhe? what It his death, I didn't feel at all. 1 was lust— well, I was numb all over." "And that was perfectly normal — fo* two or three weeks." "Since then, I haven't been numb exactly, but I've felt exhausted." "Which waa also perfectly normal. But you don't feel as ex- tiausted now as you did when you ftrst began to go to your garden, do you?" "No, not quite. But I don't seem to want to see anyone," ••Haw can you tell without try- Ing T Xon wero glad to se« me— ' op at least U you weren't, you cer- " Mrs. Carl Dalrymple, Mrs. J. B. Franks, Mrs. Bernice Smith and Mrs. Gately Daniels motored to Little Rock Wednesday for the day. Mr. and Mrs. Even-tie Stutsman Susan and Stephen who have been the guests of her mother. Mrs. Watson Porter, have returned to HMW Tom Peacock, dinclor of th. Aik-la-Tex'. FIRST Femn Service Dcpartmtnt, Monday through Salurday ot . . • KTBS SHRIVIPORT, LOUISIANA A. M.—DIAL 710 KC F. M.—DIAL 96.5 MC put w a pretty good act. "I didB't put on an act," Emily tndiguanUy, "I ww glad I* i aor— u» «n» you. But— *Tm going to eUrt counting the number ol times you say 'but,' it ar*»t careful. You're not in * WANT Our Daily I Bread W Sliced Thin by The Editor 1. . Alex. H. Washburn Smash Industry-Wide Bargaining Next S'cp to Halt Inflation H is a mailer of history now thai the pre-election reports of a •tieal" between John L. Lewis and ^President Truman were true. Lewis, angered because the Wage Stabilization Board refused to approve the full Sl.UO-a-duy increase sought by the United Mine Workers, threatened an industry-wide coal strike — until Mr. Truman called him into a private con fer- cnce. When Lewis came out oi that conference he said his men would go on working, and immediately you heard the rumor that '§1 soon as the President had gotten thn election out uf the way he i would override his own Wage Stab- i ilization Board and give the miners the full $,' 90. I That is exactly what happened, i And all the industry members of ' the Wage Stabilization Board promptly resigned last week, climaxed by the resignation of the WSB chairman, Archibald Cox. The Wage Stabilization Board is de- Wroyed, because in the absence of <any industry members it is legally inoperative — and no management man is going to touch it after the .•treacherous way in which Harry Truman betrayed his previous appointees lor a low political advantage. ^ Fortunately the political trade Truman worked out with Lewis failed to halt the avalanche ot votes .which repudiated this sorry Jttisincss of putting polities first ^nd the comfort and safety of America last. I am not against the coal miner.s, believe me. Theirs is an arduous and dangerous business. I know this from a boyhood spent within sight of a score of anthracite coal- breaker; - those tall black castles which „ oil prosperity in northeastern Pennsylvania. But everything in this wage-price business Js relative. Today's mines' are al- Wiost wholly mechanized. The miners individually have prospered more than the average man. But thoir. repeated wage hikes have bitten-heavily into the standard ot livinc of the rest o£ the country as the mines raised coal prices to cover their added costs. Coal is a basic commodity. Steel is another — and you recall that Truman tried a similar maneuver with the steel mills last spring, fr.Hv being stopped by the United States Supreme Court. Coal and steel prices have a direct bearing on the cost of almost everything Americans buy, because they are basic factors in manufacturing and transport — and these costs are inescapable at the retail level. It was to establish a balanoo that would treat folks fairly at the retail level for which the Wage ^Stabilization Board was created' Tind therefore it was an act of supreme cynicism and treachery when Truman sold the board down Hope WEATHER ARKANSAS - Partly cloudy ' Cooler tonight, In west lhi« aftSf > noon. Scattered showers In *U'«, this afternoon, tonight* Wednesday clearing, cooler, Temperature* High 78 Low 60 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 48 Stnr of Hop. 1199, Prail 1*17 Coniolldofed Jon. II, 1*2* HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1952 Mtmbtn Til* AiMcUM tnu ft Autflt lurMn «f Clr<Hl*tl»ni Av. N*« fold Clrel. « Mil. tnrflnt »•»»• >«. Itll — 1,814 PRICE 5c COPY- ... i . T . HREE ? IE IN , FLAMES— Firemen probe burned out debris of the Star Arms Hotel In Fort Worth in search of victims of a three-alarm fire 1 that rnzed the hotel. Three guests of the hotel died in -- NEA Telephoto e noici aiea in the flames including an 83-year-old blind, invalid woman. the river. . This pressure that is forevct STALLED— Long line of stalled trucks jam U. S. Highway 40 at Conner Sumrhit, Calif., irtthe High Sierra's while waiting for the road to be opened following the worst snow storm of the year. Railway-; highways and other lines of communication were disrupted by the hc'avy snows.—• NEA Telephoto. building up against the White House is generated by what in known as "industry-wide collective bargaining" — and it is my con sidered opinion that the rcsentmem and hostility Americans feel alter for some years under this •rogant and inflationary system was a major factor in the November landslide which smashed the Democratic national administration. And this brings me to thu climax Of today's editorial. Yesterday the- Arkansas State Grange issued a . pharp and timely statement blast,; Ing both labor and management ;., for entering into industry-wide i .agreements, and blasting the gov- "'(Dement for permitting them to do so. Yesterday's voice was that Qf fester C. Dickson, state deputy master, but the words were those- :'.'«t the National Grange, tho na- |-,tion's oldest farm organization. Here's the, slalement in part: "We are asking whether il la : monopolistic and unsound to ^permit collective bargaining on ran industry-wide basis between, l,U«ions of workers and their i^mployers. To permit industry, wide bargaining is to eliminate most of "the force of competit. ion. . . "When reliance on bargaining power proceeds to the point that the just and reasonable rights and opportunities of other people are being violated then we have gone Jar bo- yond ihe legilimate prime function of government, which -.is to protect its citizens from "aggression, both physical and economic." What the Grange wants to know, ^ » Life Story to Be Told by Evangelist The revival at the First Baptist Church is moving in hifih gear. Last night an enthusiastic crowd filled the entire lower floor and halt of the balcony. Large numbers of high and junior 1 high students attend nightly. The Evangelist will give his hfr he found.) story tonight, telling of bis conversion and call into the minisiry Last night the audience heart! a sermon which dealt with the controversial sujecl, "Can A Saved Person Ever Be Lost?" Tho Evangelist stated: "It is absolutely impossible for a man ever to be "Born Again" again, as it would be to be born physically again." His action p'aclr ed presentation and moving illu stralions kept his audience on thi j edge of their seats. Yesterday afternoon the Eddie Martin Evangelistic Party present! ed an unusual program at tri-H high school. Mr. Marlin uses two! kinds of magic to win his audience slight of hand, and dynamic personality. Garland Cofield sang and played his tromb'one. Eddie had ihe high school kids in stitches as hif presented his magic tricks. Several of the football players as sisted him on ihe stage, and tho made them the objects I V^'^'y Reporter interviews Famous Talking Horse 7 , Is Startled by Answers to His Questions (Editor's Note: Tho nation's cuviosily has aroused by Lady Wonder. Richmond's "lalk- iiifi" horse. Police ci-eilit the animal with the whereabouts them a clue lo o( a Massachusetts child for whom they had searched for nrarly two years. Now a Rreal niiin!>L-r of persons seeking atKicc from Lady. ilf.rtl to believe? Assncialed repoi-ler Paul Dnkc Ihiuight so too, so he paid a visit lo Lady's Stall Local Merchants Bringing Santa to Hope Dec. 11 Hey Kids! — Canta Cl;m:i is coming to Hone on Thursday, December 11. al 4:111) p. in. According to tin- latest word he is mi his way and will bo horo on tin- dot. A Muvi.d float for his ride thnuiKh town luis boon ar- raiurod and ho will visit all over the city passing out candy and Ruin to the younuslors. KollowiiiR his first appoaranro Smila will return to Hope on Wednesday, December 17 ,\nd will remain from '.'. p. in. until Storo rinsing time at nii'.ht. As in iho past Santa drills is brtiui'lit to Hope by the Hetiiil Mori-hauls Division of the Hop.- Chambei of Commoroo. In today's i-di!ion Ihese merchant:; have listed bargains tuiloro for resident:, of this section. Use it for betu-i .inrl more uif's for Christmas liv shopping In Iho friendly stores ot Hope. Segregation to Be Taken Up by High Court By PAUL M. YOST WASHINGTON W! — The Su- prcmi- Court today will bo asked lo sottlo -the question of whether iemllnfi Nt-uro mid while children o separate public schools violates he Constitution. Such r.u-ial scgrpRiiilon is chnl- enRed in eases arising'* In four slates wnd the District of Colurn- )li\. Hie final decision will affect Kt (ilfter stains which maintain or partially seRreBatcd Silage Study to Be Held on Farm Near Hope Silage will be fed cattle -from the above ground trench typu silo Thursday morning al 0:30 at the Hoy Fry ranch about 10. -miles west of Hope on Highway 07.' Mr. for an "interview." Here's -what| Fl 'y welcomes you lo observe the Senators Seek MacArthur's Views on Korea By JOHN L. STEELE WASHINGTON, i UP) — nep'uh lican senators said today they ex poet Presldent-i'lect Kisenhower U solicit Gen. Douglas Mat-Arthur 1 f views on means on ending the Ko rcan war stalemate. I These senators said they knew 1 of no specific plans for an Kisen- howor-MacArlhur meeliiiK. Hut they said they expect the incoming President to obtain the deposed Far Eastern commander's views either directly or through an intermediary. Mat-Arthur, who was removed from his Asiatic commands by President Truman in April, 19S1, said last Friday that he knows a "clear and definite solution" to the Korean War. He said that if his ideas wore solicited, be would make them available to the appropriate authority. By MERRIMAN SMITH 'ABOARD USS HELENA (UPi -,President-elect Eisenhower discus'/-ed Korean War policy with key cabinet members today in un atmosphere of secrecy rivaling lhat which surrounded his trip lo .the battle zone. ".-,'•' Eisenhower's press secretary, James C. Hagorly. refused to give any information about the t'nlkii to curious newsmen aboard, this 17,000-ton cruiser and the ineh'who have been designated cabinet riiem- bers shunned ^questioners. The confcreYieo, still in a conversational tyh'ase, began yesterday when Joha^Tosler Dulles, Eisenhower's ch«5jce for secretary of stale, slepfted from a helicopter lo the dcj|K<"'of the cruiser, Ho was'soTlowed by Eisenhower's chosen Tni^ury Secretary Oeorgo Humphremflnlerior Secretary Don- schools. Arguments begin late this after noon mul mny continue throuKh Thursday, for a total ot 10 hours of the court's lime. The prolonged leijiil debate bolls clown to this simple issue: Will the highest court now over turn — or reaffirm — nn 1890 Su< promo Court clicisinn which cstab lisherl the "separate but equal' doctrine? Tho doctrine is that SCR- grcgalinn is constitutional if cqunl facilities are provided for both rnces. . The National Association for Hie AdvmiciMiient 9! Colored People (NAACP), a leader In the fight iicuiinsl segregated schools, says, "Segregation Impairs the educational development of Us victims." "n»C!< us n factor In tho selection cf students for admission to public schools," the association contends, "is n constitutional Irrelevance, which cannot be justified us a classification based upon any real difference which has peril- iR'nco to a valid legislative objective." in Hselt is discrimination, the association argues, and therefore violates Iho 14lh Amendment to the Constitution, which says no state may deny any per .son the £$jual protection of tho laws. , Farmer Can Now Slaughter, Sell as He Pleases Under tho latest revision of OI'.S rules any farmer may now slatiRht or or have slaughtered for him his own animals and In turn sell the meat as he pleases suggests County Agent Oliver L. Adams. Many requests have been rccolv- cd by tho Counly ARcut regarding slnuKhlcrlnff of home farm mil- mills because of the lowered live- Block prices. Some farmers desired lo use part of tho animal and sell Die balance lo neiuhborn. No permit of any kind Is required by the OPS If thn livestock producer docs nol plan lo soil over 0,000 pounds a year, for selling amounts above Ihls figure a penult shotld bo secured from the OPS office in Little Itock. For- mils are now Issued merely upon, application (or farm slaughter. Council Swaps Words on Med School, Athletks LITTLE ROCK (rt») — Tlio Arkirn*- «ns Legislative Council today " " consideration of a proposed t for the University ot Arkansas . Immediately became irnbrolled n long-winded discussion InvOl the University Medical School, pnrtly completed medical centftt, the university's cash f,und and cv< Iho university athletic tfltuatton. Discussion on tho latter ; came up when Rep. Paul Van snm of Porry County made it < that he WUN no admirer of unl« veraity Athlottc Director John* arKument will bo presented by association counsel Thurgood Marshall, John W. Davis, Democratic nom,: on fago Two * By PAUL DUKE RICHMOND, Va. UB—So you're skeptical about l.ady Wonder, Richmond's incredible "talking" horse? '" ; So was this reporter when he wont out to "interview" her. lure and reel off f;n:ts like a child Just a lul of bunk, I Then he told a Bible story, illustrated by pictures, about Noah and the Ark. The Team received a rousing ovation for their efforts, and the Principal gave them a standing invitation to return. thought. But after a half hour's "chat" with Lady I came away from her liny stall scratching my head and wondering. Lots of other folk aro wondering loo now that Lady has been credited, with providing the "tip" that led to discovery of the body of 4-year-old child i missing from his Quiney, Mass., homo for nearly two years. Since Sunday, Lady's mistress. a gray-haired little woman named Claudia Fonda, has been deluged with long-distance calls sons who want the corn silage as he preserved and is feeding it. For details regard ing the Thursday morning silage meeting contact Counly Agent Oliver L. Adams. M. W. Muldrow, Extension Animal Specialist will attend the meet. A capacity crowd is expected j horse qui/zcd on everything from tonight. The campaign will con- stolen bicycles to wildcat oil wells, tinue through Sunday night, De- Mrs. Fonda won't take the re- cember 14. lem; it is general over the country, with the exception of the maj- of course, is why the Department or ind ustrial centers and trade line* of Justice doesn't break up this | directly tied into them. arrogant and illegal conspiracy workers and owners which is driving wages and prices upward m a deadly Inflationary spiral. The average American is against it. The major supplies and services h this newspaper buys are pro- iced under Conspiratorial concu- >ns which suggest that. ".We kicked you — now you kick Uiv guys you do business with." But no 'industry-wide bargaining •ystem to enable us to keep up With the procession is possible tu , a region of farms, woodworking plants, and other small industries. W* bay* high costs set agsmst «s, UtUe revenue, A fellow caught in Ihis industry- wide bargaining pattern feels as resentful as the small manufacturer confronted with the diemma of wartime — he can't get the materials for peacetime production, and he's too small to handle government contracts. War brought us this industrial conspiracy between workers and managers, and one of the most grievous postwar problems will b« j the business of getting rid of it •— • cracking down on unions and com- ( panies alike, making them turn j Ties com? in very many hues loose full production, and letting ~ ' prices seek their natural level, so the country as 9. whole will be fairly Lifelong Hope Resident Dies in Kentucky Mrs. L. E. Singleton, 82, wife of the late Hubert Newlon Singleton, died Monday, December 8, al the home of her daughter, Mrs. Flossie Cagle, in Owensboro, Ky. Mrs. Singleton was a lifelong res ident of Hope and Hempstead Coun ty until she went to live with her daughter about a year ago. She is survived also by a son, W. _ P. Singleton of Hope, two sisters, from per-jMrs. Charles A- Hervey and Mrs. 27-year-old C. F. Routon, and one brother, Gus Haynes, all of Hope. Funeral services will be conducted by the Kev. S. A. Whitlow at guests by telephone, declaring that; Herndon-Cornelius Funeral Home Lady is nol at her best unless In;:! Wednesday at 3 p.m. wilh inlet-questioner is on hand to get thejment in Rose Hill Cemetery " ' ' ~ ~ T. S. Cornelius, Robert Wilson Hervey Holt. John Sceva Gibson, Robert LaGrone, Albert Graves L. Carter Johnson and Dick Watkins will serve as pall bearers. Continued on I»age Two FORGET SOMEONE? {{las Mel- and Attorney Genera! Herbert Birownell. They deprived themselves of an opportunity to enjoy balmy woalh- er all day yesterday by reinainint Continued on Page Two !Oofl52Tax Refund Cases Located Here When The Slar in its issuo o: December 3 published the narneb of 152 persons originally living in this area and whose addresses aro now wanted because of federal tux refunds due them it was good news to the folks for Hope Basket com pahy. Because 10 parsons on Iho bas ket company's payroll were among those named. A note to Th« Star from Claude Tillory,, .ot I ice rnana ger, said: "Thanks to your good paper we are sure that all of these individ uals will welcome a tax refund And especially go at this season of the year." The names of. Hope Basket com pany*s 10 are 1 . Ozell Galloway, Luther L. High tower, Percy Johnson, Mar; From pale to extra-hearty, Byy 'em Paisley Students Told About Britif h Mrs. David Davis, Jr., a native of Northern Ireland, from near Belfast, talked about her country „ to the Sixth Grade of Paisley j porting' the 10 names. E. Jones, Sherman Owens, UU-u Palmer, Leo Rnliford, Major Thorn as, Betty Thornton, and Jamc West. Mr. Tillery furnished their n^rne in yesterday's mail to the Director of Internal Revenue, Fedora building. Little Rock, but actuail the verification is to be made b the American Locating Service New Hampshire St., Coving ton, La. and simultaneously Methodists Hold Special Yule Pfpjjram Sunday, December 14, at 7 p.iru ,ho. Methodist Church School will present Stephen -Vincent Sonet's •A Child Is Born," The play Is a modern drama of thu nativity written for tho pro-gram, "Culvaleudc of America,'! and broadcast over the NBC's letwork on tho night of December 21. 1042. It was so successful that it was repented by popular request on Ihe same program, the following your. Mrs, David Washburn, who ha| hud much experience in dramatic work, is the narrator and director. Rev. V. D. Keeley plays tho part ot the innkeeper and Mrs, Jamca McLurly, Jr., Ihe Innkeeper's wife Other players are; Dls.mas, o Thief. Paul O'Neal; Leah, Mrs.. Jock Gardner, Jr; Sarah, Mrs. Sum Strong; A Soldier, Jack Gardner, Jr; Joseph of Nazareth, Bill Wt-ay; Prefect, Jack Gardner, Jr; Shepherds, Elmer Brown, Clifford Franks and other malo voices of adult choir. Mrs, Florence Hyatt, church organist, will play through the entire program. The play will be followed by a pageant of tho Holy Nativity with Mrs, Bill Wray as Mary. Bill Wray, as Joseph, Und Wray, the Christ Child. Herald Angola: Bonnie Jean Ed iniaston, Audrey Light; Curtato Angles; Frances Welsenbergcr, Marleno Plumley:, Lurlene White, Patricia McGili, Margie Vickers, Linda Moore, Susan • Davis, Carolyn Story. Bobbie Kay Turner, Kit ty Jones. Carolyn Strong, Mary Ep pier, JoJo Owen«, Linda Gilbert, Judy Hammons, Charlotte Clark, Marion McQueen, Carolyn Lewal- lun, Caroline Cox. . Altar AngeU: Betty Blackwood, Betty Bryant, Naccy Tooley, Pamela AsJin. Little Angels: Jenifer Cox, Jean ie Llxiaker, Phala Brown, Joanne Jones, Jackie Laugblin, Lora Aim Walden, Gall Laughlin, Mary An» Bader, Karen Cpbb, Ann Watkini, Mary Beth Cloud, Margie Wagdje, Brenda Bain, Poleda Glanton. Littlest Angel: Betsy Martindnls. Student pirecto;: Mi»s France* Weisenberger; Stage and Proper ties: Mrs. J. W. Pwklni, French Troops Are Flown Info Morocco CASARLANCA, Morocco M Troop reinforcements were flown today Into Casablanca, were Moroccan rioters Kharpcncd their knives and continued to menace white rcHldcntH. Pollen bcgnn larRo scale evacuation of French and other ISuropc- mis from native populated areas after nallonallst-lcd rlotlns, which broke out Sunday, reached nearly revolutionary proportions yesterday. An uneasy calm prevailed us evacuees were moved to safer residential quartot-H of. this North At- rican metropolis. French official figures scaled down previous police reports ot casualties. The French said five Europeans and 25 Moroccan rlo- lers were killed in Ihe last three days and about BO persons were wounded. The Moroccan press said $Q. ^Moroccans and alght Europe- •fltPfe 'SS?ro killed and 12 Europeans v/ere injured. The police ostlmato had boon 50 killed and 74 wounded, French Foreign Legionnaires wore down in from Agadlr, Iron- tier city in Southwest Morocco. Some 200 legionnaires arrived (n trucks to strcnflthcn police and troop forces 'patrolling trouble areas. Press reports said 300 or- rests had been made. Tho French announced tho lilting ot tho 8 p, m. to 6 a, m, curlew "In view ot tho tact that normal activity has resumed in ull ot Casablanca." J. T.CumbieJr., Formerly of Hope, Succumbs J, T. Cumblo, Jr., aged 30. form cr resident of Hope, died today ut his homo In Now Orleans. He is survived by his wife, one daughters, Mrs. Glen Hcdrlck of Fort Sill Okla., two sons, Jimmy and Terry Cumblo ot Now Orleans his parents, Mr, and Mrs. J. T. Cumbie, Sr., ot Hope, three brothers, Ray ot Tupelo, Miss., Howard ot Searcy and Harold Cumblp ot Hope, tour sisters, Mrs. Sam Huckabce, Mrs. Floyd Bruce, Mrs. Charles Frlcks and Bcrnlce Cum- bio, all of. Hope. Funeral arrangements arc incomplete. Barnill. University President Dr. JO ( Tyler Ciilclwoll, said ho was spoaK Ing us u former teacher ot political science, replied to Van DalSOm, that "1C tho Legislature wanted to sot up a By atom where it CO " abolish jobs .of Individuals,, wouldn't hnvo nny need. * trustees." • • ' Van, Dulfiom came back "It, Is our (tho Legislature's) duty* appropriate money qnd tho tax*':- pnyers nren't getting yrtjat thej£e$j>V servo as for Instance enough doc- ij: tors or a .winning football toarny i then don't^you think It's our ' " to do Bomcthlng about it," Other council mcmbetrncotesJed* "^ mildly agnlnst what fhcy sald'WftS ' "' a Van DulBcm's Injection of person* <, BlttlCS. 'Tho University iithloUo situation^ , J has been a hot Issue in viow^ol Vf Iho Riu.orback'8 losing season • "' " moro recently Iho resignation head football coach Otis Douglas/ Vim Dulsem's reference to lack .f of doctors went back to provlovw contentions of his that tho 1 Blty medical school should provisions to firiUuato more „ clans than it now docs under present policy of limiting fr man enrollment to 00, Ho said ho was especially ceruod with the fact that was no physician In his coutttyfe Dr. Caldwoll und Dr*^~ Nieoison, dcun of/ the : school, underwent '.Jenglfa' Honing by council members plans for tho medical school tho medical center, ^ Conn Nicholson said that cojnpli tion of tho only part of thor; posed center now under i con. o hospital would not mean moro students could bo odmltt tho medioai achool, , ' He said that if the «ntlro gram were carried out as orlgij ly planned which would IncluC now medical school*building* if an adequate operating b' wore given It would Dp 'poi._ to admit moro freshmen, p6«B around 125 each, year, Nicholson said ho hoped tho ( ( sent tax of two cents po'r pa now levied on cigarette*.for boj fit of the medical center wouj^l continued to assure complo the onliro center .which, tho hospital and medical would Include a school ol Atty, 3-Way Accident Damogti Autos An unusual three-way accident here yesterday resulted in considerable damage to one vehicle and minor damage to the other* Investigating Citjt Police described it like this* An auto driven Ijy Alice Ann Anthony on West Second Street »WMV ed when she applied, the brokee ana locked bumpers with "another driv en by Roy A. W^tte ot , third vehicle driven by Herm*a Sack*, the totter being shoved the sidewalk, The Nashville vehicle « the worst. Nobody wa» hurt, The marriage ceremony among English gypsies ppnsJvts ot eating cake containing the blaqg g{ bgth parties, according to the pedist Dale Burnum, Mrs. Roy Foster, Mr. Roy Foster, Mr. Pale The Star has sent to that addresi \ Decorations: Mrs. M, M. McCtougb jttt I*nn\i nf 1V^^ Tilluv.f'e \t*tte.~ w«. Ut*.* O f* lllUUn - ** v^ll.j, V^L its copy of Mr. Tillery's letter re- School on Monday morning in a social studies period. She contrasted and compared British and American buildto.gs. foods, customs, expressions, and games. This was a, culnniaaUwj ol the unit on British Isles. At the close of the talk the group enjoyed 9 film. "Enfilish Children" Ch«4rejtt> Apparently the American Locating Service holds some contract MrB H Mrs. Jolly By* Mrs. Chartef Karrell, Wings: Mrs. Curtain AngeU: Mrs, BJ»ckw<»4« with the government, because a» kinson. Little evidence of their authority to release the local list of nams taey submitted to The Star clippies ot similar stories pubUfthed by Lou- uiana newspapeje, Tb& Star as HUJ n^ep IIM »«w M^y«p* ( M *»mf mu*,* WHfl F*iWMtf i^lp;^ SfifefesS'' Brian!, Mrs. Geor ruse* by stdwtt « Mi** Mur ' LJTTLir LJX LITTLE ROQK (/P) elect Tom Gentry's Increased staff wbr' day by tho Arkansas Log Council. And by a one vote Council rejected a i clerks for Arkansas jurists, In trimming Gentry's pr .expanded staff, th ~ ~ to cut.of? a sifet,,^ und recommended a of $84,150 for tho"«. The total is the semi present fiscal yoari The Council cut posod IU0.778 y?ar^' _ lenancc appropriations to which corfesponds year expenditures,, In his staff Irjwf* The additional „ try proposed, would- now bandied in various cies. Gentry so«nht

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