Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 8, 1952 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 8, 1952
Page 4
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. , , out putty «t " ' ft fin **• If tr ?r 'or "s tr -r "g"" 1 * WILLIE AK, MOM, ARKANSAS Monday, Monday, December 8, 19S1 SOCIETY PIMM ?44»t ttrtwiW* I A. M, MM 4 *'* Mi ^pfe,/ 1 t /it ; j iJa^jj ... APPINISS 2.30 S«U «» Both yife«^-. ?13?« ™T*™ 11 HI ifc Flr»t M«thodl»t Church will hold a dlnner-mMlinif «t Hotel Bar low on Doeomber 8 at 1 p.m. Tu«d«y, 0«o«mb«r 9 W8C» C«r«J« No, ft of th« flnl M»tfifldl»t CHuWfi Wilt west TUB* dny, ^fComWr ff, at 7; 30 p.rn, at thfc'HofrTc ft( Mm, Clnudu Tlllery Mr*. Jflfrw* Mctnrty, Jr., at _ *t«H. fhf* f* liw »nrtu« Chrl»t m«» party »nd all mtntbtt* tr« n«k*<1 to bring tHelr W«ndn Sliley Offering find n gift n6t to »xc«d 79 e<fct* for wtehflngG. «v«»t Hooker. Markets Will the Ptfiilex room mother* plcn«« meet with the chairman, Mr*, O, C, Crdmer •» tho school wedn«i<l<y afternoon, December jo, «t a!9b. I Tho Jctt B, Or^VBS Sunday Scnodl Clam of (bo Flrtt MtlhodUt Church will h*v« HI ChrteimM dinner W«dm>»d«y, fli#emt*r 10, at 0 o'clock at the ttnrlaw Hotel. . will be a upeclnl meeting of thtf Clarltthd Brctoml* troop un« dor tho tendoMhlp of Mr». J. W, Prank* nnd Mm. M, I, Dlllurd, at th« bonus at Mri, Dlltord, HUD BouttrPinc, T««d«y fttltrnow. .t>«* oemb«f 9, «ftftf vohool, Cnrolyrt Atln Dodton will bo ho»U«i. TiiMdsy, D*o«mb«r 9 Tho Irln Garden Club will meet At 18:30 Ttwidny lit ih» tfopft Ctoun, try Club for & Chrl»tm&» luncheon olid party with Mm, Cllne Frank* RID h6itox». Mi'», A, A, Itnlhort nnd Mr#. E. 0. Wlngfleld an eo-ho»t«»i M. Mr», C, P. Toll««on will hi»v» eharfle ot the progrikm, flower aiTttngomentu will bo cor*aRe« mtifla by tho minnliom. Oift* will bo t->(chrtni(oa, [ Wcdn«idfly, Daoembor 10 The re«ulnr monlhty meeting of the oxocutlvo t'Oinmltleo of Braotu worts I»TA wilt bo held Wednesday morning, Dcceinbor 10, nt 10 o'clock nt tllo school. AH member* lire ufdud to uttftnd. ThorB will not b«t n PTA n\ofctliia; on thli dny be* Cftuse of Paaicr'« Night which will be held December 17. i " D»e*rttMr 11 The VFTV poit ohd Auxiliary will have their annuhl Chriilmai party and potluclf supper for m*m- barn, thnlr hu»b*nd» or wive* and guests Thursday, DnewnWr 11, at) 7 o'clock. Each tn«mb*r I* aiked to bring one Item of canned food for the n*tay ttrrtUy bliket, D«Ann klltto dai-ilcn Club will meet DscciTiljSr 10 In tho homo of Mm, JCMO 8finnu-l At 7 o'clock, Brownto troop will their Chrlstrnns party at tho tit- tle Home flftor ««hooi Thursday, December II. Mothers arc invited to attend. The Wopo Business and Profess- lotto) Women'* Club will hold It* annual ChrlHtma* party meeting At Barlow HoUI, Thursday, Do- comber 11, at 7 p.m. All morn- borif aro urged to attend and to bring n gift (or the tree, it, touic t-ivarrocK STOCKYARD! 1 !. III. 8,»00; fnrlly active; bflrro*« illKl gllt« dtciidy to IS higtttr lhan Frlday't average: *t«sdy to 2!) higher; bulk! ce ISO-ZM Ib* unKort«d for trade tt.00-10; novcral hundred moitly uniform choico No». I and 2 %00>Md Ib* weight* to shipper* nnd butcher* 17.1ft; 240-170 Ib* full width of choice grode Ifl.MVflS; 270. 300 Ib* 10.00-30. moitly 10.25 up; 1W-170 lb» 10,00-17.00; few 120140 Ib* 13.ffl-5.2A; choice *ow« 400 His down 1S.OO-7B; mostly 1.1.50 down; heavier »ows 13.00-14,7.1; bonrs JO.00.i3.fiO. Cattle 0,500, calve* 1.500; trading »low; few *moll lot* of dtr,«or« and butehor yearlings ntiout Mteady commnrdlftl and good 2l.fiO-20.00; cow» druggy; a»kln« prlccn higher! and Rornii early Hnlcn about »t<-iuly; on utility and commercial nt 13.00-; J.I.00; ennnern and cutters 10.0013.00; bull* and vealer* steady; utility ami commnrcatl bulls 16.00- 18.SO; cutter bulls 13.00-1.1.00; good to prime vealer* 27.00-30.00; tndl-1 vldUttl* to .10.DO; utility and com-' merclal vealcr* 17.00-2.1.00, j Sheep 3,000; oponirm Hteady oni ewes; cull to good slaughter cwi-o 4,00-5.50; no oarly sales on lambs. r.-ioy be a virtue. So we were argu Ing the point one day mid snow and! Ice on a street corner. Henry Taylor sharply criticized my view that t Cannot get too ex cllrd about any man, while t ear) grow cnthunlodllc about conduct. The great of the earth may turn out to be miserable creatures, while the small may, by their con duct, Ings. be monumental human The same day, within Ogln»by PTA will HttVO "Father 1 * Night" December 11 nt 7;30 nt O«- Jesby School. Notice Through the courteiy of KXAR tho local Council of United Church Women of the National .Council of tho Churche* of Chrlit In tho United State* will proicnt each day dur Ing the month of December "Thot- 0-Qramfl" at 8:16 a.m. John CtUn Chanter DAR will hnvo thvlr- rcuulrtr mcttlUK und luncheon ttt MoM Harlow Wednen dliy, nccctnbcr 10, nt )!! noon, with Mr», Fltilwy Ward, Mr*. Hoy Allison, iuul Mrs. A, L. Hcntrcy ua llojtojHCB, The progrnin chtilrntnn,' Mm, J, J, Uaitlc of Fulton, will prentmt Bov. L, T. Lnwrcnoo nt FREE $1.00 Tube Pile Ointment al to Any MflleUd Perio No Coupojv--Np Chiifi In order to lutroduoa to Anyone who in ttffllutml with IMlei (Hoi«« orrholdi) or any *l»illnr rwctnl Condition, ttya fhornton Minor CHMo will tend frte on rflqueit, n tuil-ajito $l>0o ttibo 01 Thornton Mluof Pits Oinimont—froo unit poit- Affft l>nlrt, Bond only your full immo, Q(|a nud nihli'ont*—no inonVny In rn- Qtttracl. Tills ottttr U llmltml ivni) may bo wlthilruwn nt nny tlihu, so wo Thornton Minor CUntq, Dll-A tin* wooU Hlvd., Kniwas City 8, Mo. This offer in cxaotlf M ttfttod abovo— of nnvy White Mil Wanda Collins Wed* Roy MeKlnlty Ml** Wanda Collins ot Dalian, daughter ot Mr, and Mrs, C. C, Collins of Hope, became tho bride of Hoy McKlnley of Dalian, »on of I.ouln McKlnloy and tho lat« Mri, MctClnlty of Dalian, in a ceremony performed In tho home of the groom'* brother, Lawrence Me- KliUoy nnd Mr«. Mcflnley, ut 8:30 Friday night, Hovelinber 28. The K«v«r«nd Carl R. Parham road ihe doii^lv ring ceremony in the prosoncs of relatives and closo frlendij. The brldo was atllrod lor blue suit with \vhlto accessories. Sho plnnod a pvchiu ut hqr shouldwr. \Mrfl; ^oll Brown ut baiiaa was rifafrFh of honfc She wore a pur- jilo unit with white accessories and jilnntid n whito carnation corsugc at hot- ihouldor, • Lawrence McKlnley servm his brother aa bott man,-^ , A r*«eption \v*« h«kl Immcdlnto- ly following th« w,adfng« Th« two- tiered wuddlng cak« topp«d with a mlnlaturo brido and,groom and the punch bowl adorned the lace covered dining tabte, Those i>r<(»«n|; w»r«t-Low.U Me- Ivlnloy, Mr. and Wra. Lawrence McKlnltiy und ion, Mike. Mrs. D. L, Btfckham, Mr*, patter U Sharp Mr«, Nttll Brown, «U at DalUi, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Serry and dou- NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK W — Cotton future* were Irregular today. Traders) evened up positions extensively prior to the December government cotton crop forecast which placed the 19IW crop at 15,038.000 bales. After the rciport was Issued, the market rallied briskly, Late afternoon prices were 1.05 a bale higher to 35 cents lower than the previous close. Dec. 33.03, March 34.77 and May ,'15.17. TUESDAY Ladies Suede Shoes Reduced mrp-tfA,: te 0 V ,, >^v : ' „ i . ' ,!lvi ; $1%f*'. ' ' HEP Regular $8.95 JOLENES $6.95 Small Ut LINEN SfTS J>t _ _ ' ':, ' '..,< V, Close Out NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK I/PI ~ A vigorous j stock market today moved ahead I Into new high ground for the year with volume heavy. Most gains were fractional with theoutslde limit of the advance between I and 2 points. Losses were «mnll and scattered. • Railroads, steels, and motors were the major groups at tho head of the rise. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO I/PI •- USDA — Live poultry; steady. lU'Coipta 1,3111 coops: f.o.b, pay- Ing prices cnchanged except on fryers or broilers 1 tt> three cents o pound lower; he.avy lions lM.fi- 27; light hens 20-21; roasters 32-3!i;fryer* or broilers 37-311; old rooster* 1820; duckllngH 30. Duttcr Irregular receipts GUI,064; wholesale buying prices unchanged to cent a pound lower; ,03 score AA 07.2. r >; 02 A (17; 00 B 00; H DC «5; cars: 90 B 06; 811 C 03. KHRS weak; receipts in,."01; wholesale buying prices unchanged to thrtio cents « dozen lower; U.S. large 44; U. S. mdeiunis ;i(l; e;ir- ront receipts 37; dirties 30; chocks 33. HERO AND HEROWOR3HIP Henry J. Taylor, the commentn tor, i« i gregarious gentleman glv ,. n to liking the human kind, which Eisenhower Continued from Page One take. But from what was said during his Korean trip and from the people he saw, some of the general outlines can be discerned. There is little doubt, for example, that the new administration will order a boost In U. S. aid fur Asia. Basic planning for a shift In emphasis from Knrope to :ilrM<ly is underway in Washing- ion. It nlr.o Is clear the new administration will step up the propaganda offensive against Com- niimisl throughout Asia. In Koiea, Kisenhower made it plain he will speed up the train- ni(i of South Korean troops to ease tho American combat load in time. Me said tho United States would set; the war through but would do nothing to enlarge it. Eisenhower conferred during his trip with Maj. Gen. William Cnnsc, hciid of the U. S. Military Mission to Nationalist China, fanning •speculation he might accept Chla njj Kai-Shek's offer of troops for Korea. Experts here discount this pos sibility. They said everything Els- enhower has said and done incli ,;ates he will step up aid to the Nationlists but, for many reasons opposi- their service in Korea. policy speech F.isen last Oct. 4, however A foreign hower made suggests he the Chinese use of tho would favor keeping Hods guessing abou Nationlists in Korc; or for an attack on the mainland This would involve- lifting of the b.'in against a Nationalist invasior of the mainland. Kisenhower is not expected to reopen the truee noogitallons ex cejit on United Nations terms. Hi is said to share the view furthe talks will gain nothing so long a the Reds are unwilling to settle GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO M — Wheat bounced up n couple of cents, Inspired mostly by the prospect of a bit; export business this week In a strong grain market on the Hoard of Trade today. While wheat showed strength, from the start, some other cereals look their time about moving abend. Soybeans came to the fore Intc as both cash bean oil and bonn mnel moved at helghcr pirces than late last week. Corn also developed late strength, Tho Bureau of Agricul ghtor, Cathy, of GibsUmcl, La., und Mrs.' C. C. Collins of Hope. lurnl Economics said, "Corn price are expected to advance abov tho government support level late in the marketing year." The trade thought that as muc as 2 million bushels ot whoa rnlgt-bi' sold for export this week Wheat closed lTii-2% higher, Dec $2.35-2.35 Vi; corn 1 to 1 higher Dec. $1.07; oats unchanged t 1 higher, Dec. B5- : '.i; rye 2 t 2 higher, Dec. $1.9G%; soybean l :l ;'i to 'I cents higher, Jan. $3,0' .$3.03. jjtf( Wheat futures purchases: Cash wheat: none. Corn: No, yellow 1.70-70 1 .,; No. 3 1.04-69 & No. 4, l.r>!i ;1 :,-(19; o. 5, 1.56-67'A sample grade 1.37-57; No. white 2.22. Oats: No. 1 heavy whit 93. Barley nominal: malting 1.3881 food 1.28-31!. Field seed per him dredweight nominal: sweet clove 9.00-10.00; redtop 38.50-39.50; a sike 30.00-31.00; timothy 13.00-14.00 red clover 20.530.5. Soybeans None. tftffl College Notes Miss Kotherlnc L. Smith, a fresh at Wilson College, Chambersburg, Pa., and daughter of Mr. nn« Mrs. J, W. Smith, 200 Enst 19th, Hope, will take part In the Wilson College Christmas music programs before leaving for her home for tho 18-day Christmas vacation. Coming and Going Mrs. Doyle Rogers left Sunday afternoon for Dallas for a visit with her brother, Rev. Uollis Enton, who is seriously 111 in a Dallas hospital. Mrs. E, L. Lane is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jossc Pickard in Hobbs, N«w Mexico. Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Bell, Letlm and Linda, were the week end guwiU ot Mrs. Bell's parents, Mr. and Mrs. tnngston Berry, in Hot hour of our debate, 1 listened to a simple taxi driver lecture me on the virtue of a bank loan to con duct spoken In language clear, technical and adroit. The conversation led me to re read Thomas Carlyle's very Impor r.nt essay on Sir Walter Scott. Carlyle believed in great men and e expounds brilliantly on the sub ect. He says: . . . Show the dullest clodpole, low the haughtiest featherhead, hat a soul higher than himself is dually here; were his knees stif nod Into brass, he must down nd worship.' So it has been writ: en . . ." So much for Carlyle. t have of 'n wondered how that squares ith tho dictum of John Adams Kit ours is "A government of iws and not of men," Somehow, ohn Adams, our second President, maker, more sense to me. I cannot ut my trust. in princes, whether hey come to their eminence by eredity or by election. The law » a sounder rock upon which to uild than the infallibility of great men. How truly great is any man! We re still appraising Napoleon and •eter the Great; we arc just begin ling to understand Disraeli and 3lsmarck. Only recently, Peter !'chaikovsky came into view as a personality by the publication of lis letters. What do wo know ot hat complex personality, Franklin D. Roosevelt? Is it what Robert herwood tells us or what West irook Pegler tells us? Is it the idulatlon of those who benefited jy his favor or the excoriation of hose who were revolted by his conduct? I think of Harry Truman who is about to pass from history to privacy. I like Harry Truman, a) though as a columnist I raroly spoke well of his doings. The rim morality with which he sur rounded his life, even in greatness, appealed to my own concept of the institution of the family. Ye:, he never grasped the nature of a con stitutional .government in which the law, not the whims of men, should prevail. Truman will not receive small mention in our history because the events of his era were too impor tant. He will be accused of having lost a war by diplomacy which our country had won by force of arms. But did he lose it or did he find it lost when he was catapulted into the Presidency? Years of scholarly research by competent and honest scholars may produce the evidence If all the documentation of the case from 1938 to 1952 were made avail able. The heroworshippor will not bother about documentation; it is enough for him that he likes Tru man, just as men burned white hot, one way or the 1 other, over the slogan, "I Like Ike." Perhaps heroworship produces a great thrill, but the sober mind will still search for facts rather than for personalities. The men \ve like best may do the most awful things, as so many wives say ol their husbands when they fleck their neckties with greasy sauces. If charm were all that mattered, Hollywood would be the capital ol the world. Fortunately for human progress, it is not charm that mat tcrs in politics as in other impoi tant fields. Wisdom Is often burled in a hunchback's ugliness and great deeds are wrought not by kftlghts in armour but by sallow faced, obscure, introvertlsh lafcora lory workers who add a modicum of Knowledge to the sum of humah wisdom. • Charles P. Steinmetz of General ElWitrlc was extraordinarily home ly and he was contemporaneous with Jimmy Walker who was ex traordlnarlly charming. In the red ord of man, which of these two ad complished most, the man mastered electricity or the who drew applause? There Is the agcold between the Golden Calf and the law, between heroworship find r* apect for conduct, between ephemeral greatness and the Law of God that all men are created equal~ and who knows which dies most beloved and revered. (Copyright, 1952, Rinff Featurts Syndicate, Inc.) ILONDII tOM Lewis - McLarty ..the 3OtLVtA>way »»• to a pert and perky figure Oo light you scarcely know you're wearing ?cm. Yet so firm in dealing with unruly curves! No heavy bones in. Skippies. Nothing to pinch, poke or bind. Formfit tailors them its own special way, to give you a whisper of control, a world of freedom. Girdles and panties in your length—a variety of elastics and styles. All easy to wash —quick drying. Come get your Skippies in a wardrobe for every daytime and date-time need. Girdles and Panties . . . $5.00 P. S. If Grandma's a slimster, tell her she can wear Sklppiw,- too. They're for "juniors" of all agesl Hope't Finest Department Star* f VES. EON, WILL > YOU PLEASE f HAND ME MY > NEWSPAPER I AND JrfV PIPE ? ^ •* CM* NO KfNG ON A THI?ONE EVER HAD IT BETTER •—f THAN THIS Ung and Short HORIZONTAL 56 Long or short 1A quicker betting : l way, a short , advantages M 57Sainte(ab.) ' < Long garment VERTICAL f< e Fuel 12 Some 13 Cry of f Bacchanals I 14 Heraldic band i 15 Russian ! village • 18 Ivory substitute 18 Height, be it I long or short 20 Birds' homes 21 Correlative of neither 22 Short attack 24 Long-time ™ custom '. 26 Mail '< 27 Tree fluid I 30 Each f 32 Crushing ; . device 84 Considered, : 35 Glimpses 36 Short type measures 37 Have been recumbent _ 39Ileum (comb. * form) 40 Misfortunes 41 Every one 42 Spaghetti (It.) 45 Animated 49 Weave together 51 Australian ostrich 52 Flow 53 Heavy blow l^ 54 Moral offense 65 Finishes CARNIVAL Answer t<j Previous Puzzl 1 Eccentric wheels 2 Distinct part 3 Despotic rules - ___ 4 Happen again 19 Tribe emblem 38 Brooklyn is on ^, b .° v ; e . . ??S.«l.y«in« Long — 7 Lamprey 25 Candid 41 States 8 Propelled 26 Foot lever 42 Tube • 4> with a long 27 Quiet 43 Presently m stick 28 Toward the 44Nailhead '"'*' 9 Love god sheltered side 46 Chilled 10 Landed 29 Mexican coin 47 Give forth 11 Spreads to dry 31 Basement 48 Sand hill 17 Connects 33 Spigot 50 Card game ' IZ IS W ' ' 36 55 i A i " ~ ^ 1 14 16 ^ 31 37 5 %% it, ^ jj 3 fc 6 ^ %% HA * 7 ^ 32 ii> ^ rH ^ ^ 8 m ^ sr iV V 77 1 « 7 10 Z8 17 II Z9 TO 8 By Dick Turner WHO'S EXCITED?.... EVERYBODY ! l, L. Mur|ihrot> ant) dnugh- t«r, Kathryn, of Ath.>tu, Ohio, arrived via plane Sunday and will be Uta guests of Mrs. Murphroo's par*nU, Mr. dud Mrs. Frank Trim ble, Utrough the Cbristmns llvili d»y*. Mr. and Mrs, Roy Berry and Mi n«U* w«ra tho Sunday guests ot Mr. Hurry's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Berry in Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. A. T, McDowell, A. A. McDawelL, A. M. McDowell, and James McDowell of Fort Worth were the week end guests Of their p»r«nu, Mr. and Mrs. J. , McDowell, and their sister, Mrs. Aubrey Collier, Jr., «nd Mr. Collier. ' "Now then, suppose there was an emergency! The other girls were-sick and you were called upon to do some Q typing—could you?" '»? SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith Hospitol Notes PiKfaargod: MUs Betty r ~ WMfeiaftw, Ark., Mrs. Km \ G, Qrttlte. Hope/M^Vsro.** COME SIE tho car that's cauiing mor« excited talk than any now car hai done In year$.,. and for tho beit of all po«ibl& reatontl Here's new beauty, new glamor, new Highway Fashion . . . plus 180 H.P. FirePower: the engine that outperforms all others regardless of horsepower claims! Here's real Full-Time Power Steering ... to do 4/5 of the work for you ... America's tint Family of fine cars. to give you 5 tirnat qrtgtet eat control in ev«y conceivable situation! Here's Power Brake*... new, curved one-piece windshield ... Safety-Rim Wheels ... and America's smoothest ride. AU in one *prenwly beautiful car, Come drive it today! CHRYSLER for'53 WINDSOR * NEW YORKER t IMPERIAL NUNN-MCDOWELL MOTOR co W*^I^Pf ^vffwHIMMPp Third tM W«lp»t H ? * * * * < >.- f j ~ z wyffcfrHywigUi 0*fef*tt ' «* • t usually wry formal wh»n wt H»V9 eompany,~4tV •--'"--- *•--*• •- -*-•?- — OCNT GET TOO OOMTORTA81E PEAP. REMEMBER.THIS IS THE NIGHT YOU PROMISED TO TAKE ME TO THE MOVIES QZARK IN OUT OUR WAY iy i. R. VIC FLINT / IP BE A-5HAMEP--A / <3ROVVW M'XM WITH NO ' I WILL POWF£ E.' OF / MDU FEEL 5LIM AMP ATHLETIC / IM THOSE 6A<3GY TH.WOS. \ JUST FUT OM YOUR F>vKrT5> :> TO GO DOWKJ TD THE I K.ITCHEM-THEY'LL IM~ I PEES& OW YOUR MIWP HOW t-AT >OU ACE.' WASH TUBBS ~—=r.--— — < V*. 12-8 -r-, i "" i =s v === i r-l HEROES ARE M APE-NOT BOI^^../,,.,,,.,.,,,.^^^^;;! OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople ESAD, W&6 ALCORM A DR, WACKV^ELL — X'ME t^ESTlCSATED THAT OVJLS CLU6 AMO FOUMD ONUV IMNOCENT PUR- •50ITS. / -«-HO\Me\lER,l'LU Kg RAID TUe PLACE IP COM>& ALOMS AMD FOUR FELLOVJ5W1 CANAE OUT .OP y^X c*NE OF THE \y/ 1HOS& OTHER MlGIAT SI REPROBATES SAY/I 6UI?e KILLED THE ISNi'T THAT BALLAD A TRADE--[HE AM A6SA6SIN ? AAARK OF WE'LL SEE =«ffl»M O'KMSHTYi I IT THIS THfsNK. ByUilloTuf .. HIW TRAP YZ- BOufS AND HER BUDDIES 3* Tvl'' By Edgor MorHh BUGS BUNNY FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger SHOVEL VOORSMOW HB'tU HBAP FifC TH' ftLIPB NSXT., X. KNOW HI* 4CMEPUI.H/ ALLEY OOP •*. _. •>••. i •if- -^ v - -iT^.^ •^/.<-"- Ctf». \nitot\Slk Si'nlci. l« '. T. M «.}. u. i. fa, on. iJ'The zookeeper needs some extra change for Christmas!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blotter ...I CHAT4QED THB / WELL, DONf SETTING ON THE / BOTHERTO T '^i-MA£HINE IcHANeEIT By v. T. i _ ., 'v« tt-rt ,,,BBCAU0B VOU'Rg \ J JV SBNDINGM6TO ' CHRIS WELKIN, Plantfttr CRAZY./ \ SMB'LUTAKB You WHBN ji HENRY r^J.j;, $>J : / ' klr/J '* >< ilr^h'isV*, >

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