Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 6, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1952
Page 6
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fttfttf ••tWMA I A. M, and 4 P. M, . Blbtt «crvlc«» Bun . All mem wjoa to at- r p.m. «t tlie home or Adarrii, Every one u * f ttt lor th<i KlU .x. M ,.„.,,».. Service Otilld ot Nrit Mulhodlilt Church wAl : dinner-noting «i Hotel Bar rt ( D«cdmt>e| 8 at 7 p.m, |% Docfftibor 0 No, •«-« th« m«B.»* .jo of J$ri, Claudo Tlllery $». /jmw McUnrly. 'Jr.. o« M», Thl» In Iba onnynl Christ in* tho month of December "THot> O-Crnm*" at ft:l» n.m, Pitfall* »und»y School Clii« MM ehrl*tmm Party Friday MemboM of thn Pldatl» Sunday dim of South Koreans Contlnutd mm ?if* OM thai he li "fir from OefeatUm d thin btuinoM" and "w« oro »«r» to *«« It throtijjh." The MIMIC* of the •Uiement't v*lut, th#*# Wureot Hold, w» tlmlhg. fh«r UM it (Mi the retrt war picture In proper focui, p«vlhg the way for Ki»«nhow«r'» •dmbUtrMi to l«k« over amid In other friendly cap- that probably no quick end of tho war In In view. Tho attexl will be to fdrttltJI th * nuny nigm, uoccrnoor 8. At 7:30, A Chfl*tmn» story "A B»by 8»t« for Mri, £,. 8, wni given by Cur Durkin Has Kind Words for Sen. Taft DOROTHY DIX Off Again, on Again Hcrf nro excerpts from two letter*. Hiving minor fact* on n maj-'^ns or problem: n»»r Dlx: Last week I t »/••«{ t'urtn l JIA , J<*<mti WVvIv 1 M~.,°,7 e r t , ary i bT " k * "p with a tj °y l dat «i for Martin P. »ur-j WV en months. There was no rna- •• •'—r.»«— 1 ..- •j, m , i v '*', fj\i)t]t.l, T*ft. today Ai hft came to pny! fMnr , barhi whlch r was ho vlelt to Pr<;s«|«(nl-el('ct!fi e would, KO I could explain ne lwadr|u»rt.;r«, ; gt)cs out wjth gl , vt . r( ,, of ' • rxpoctc-d to rrmkp friends. Thin situation has upset mode no attempt to which I was hoping * II.' •>" .nut I Mill UIIIIM HOCK l^ v "L'n, i!:*': «"*• H()W «"«i*<" »"" back? *nr<nit« ham*, iwow how h* RTO to u«> ftbotit lrr»|HfoVJ% .... ,— Jo Murphy, CJIftn wertj exchanged from a lighted Ch'rfstouMi'treo' Hfler which teacher. werp nerved urn) Minn Beryl would eeniftnt to I include, mill* whom dl. go, where he ha« been handling a business matter for thf A F i/ Plumber* union which he heads, i Tnft, in hl» flr*t ntiock on Ki.icri hower cabinet appolntim-ntu, n.-ni TESSIE MJSK Dix: I used which may be wasted anyway - turn your attention in another direction. Of course, R'g always possible that the boy will corno back of his own accord •"*•*•"'" Suggests Elections Be Combined CHICAGO. UP-The Council of State Government!! today suggested that presidential nvlmarics in ,n j — - mat pr«.'Mui.'niiai iji'imar * doubtI « M dccld = «>« »tatc« bo held on the ™ , * you don t want him anyway. What! date docs the whole thing ndd up to? I ' same feminine perversity, of course! Such primaries now are stretch) ed out, state by state, from March Dear Miss Dbc: I'm 19 and have! *™* h Jl T; a wonderful boy friend in servie • council passed along this We plan to marry either nrvt *,,,„ J idpa to sta *e lawmakers: or when he gets out. I've met his I , II would nc h 'Khly desit family and they like me vor vj J h<b slot «« t" fix Identical ' . It would be highly desirable for What bothers me is this; nn dates <" lcrjt> ^ general'* selection «t' lemocral '.-.ho had mi;. to | much. with n boy two years olelfr thnni l fi '" 1 n " awful feeling that hfi,,. ;,, '"'.' "; "•- tnnn ! won't call me. or won't show up to 1 ••- C - °" a ° nvcntions> (. After steady for six i . no i • "•"•*'»" *»i*»w MifiuMp. foremast, «» 38 vimtly Intensified training «t more HnpubJIc of Koren dlvlnibni, a «low nnd unspectacular proccm, » brlnji tholr Wood a '«mf 1, Bin not to | for cxchmw. Pat Ol«burne Chapter Meati With Mr», Branch The Pot Cleburnp Chapter, Unit- d Daughter* or (he Confederacy, ' «t 2;30 Thursday afUtrnpon, mb£r 4, st the homo of Mr*, J, W. JJranch, with Mr», Oraydoft ' " H. C. Whllworth Th» Toft May Have Hurt Chance to Lead Senate months, I decided I was too'"youn" ! ^' c , p ,, ;i datc ' Ir , don>l know why I j undid v in ho <ii>tt!rrl ,l,m,n ...UK „__._. __" ! ""fl thnt way. Perhaps you ,.,!"""'-"' -^•— - ~' • • ••• »^LIIV<V,CII VI11 V^ J for presidential primaries, prefer• ably a date within about.a month "This would avoid the present «ine But Durkin decline! yesterday t, discuss Taft'n criticism. "Senator Taft'a r/tnnrks nbotr, my appointment WIT<> not n p ( . r sonal attack on me," Durkin saiii Tafl, whoHe own recommrtidn- llon« for tho labor post hnd b<>n ignored, mado It clear ut the tlm ho criticized the ment thnl he the Chicago Inboi ctor. Tho Ohio senntoi od three times „ llcnn presidential nomination bui r( '"' : the Kisenlmwer forces to ho settled down with one boy i , ," , , , . V/e bu.ia. up, though 1 now dr,.pivi calt " 'l lovo slck '" ' • ' remedy for it? regret it. He la going with some- w Is there long period of the pro- I still see Jlui occasion- .illy and am i;ure he still likes inc. How ciiii I v.in Isirn back without the j'irl he's da tine now' FLOSSIE as al- Answer: Alas, no! But .,, ul . most any living adult will testify it's curable by the balm of tirnr Practically everyone has lived throiiKh it at one time or another convention campaign nnd would encourage all leading candidates to enter the primaries of all states instead of a few." The council said only 19 states now give their citizens a chance to take a direct hand in selecting r.r«««; W «"^ T 1 " 1 ^'H 1 ""' 8y JOMN CHAOWlCK frayor and the snlute to' WASinNOTON On-Two Sonnte • '•• »- ^. B «ni..>wi.-i- mrres 'U, ii • )ro *j aftn ; t wwoMncort nepubllcnn* wore Ih dlnagreement! lowing the OOP convcniiori In <. m««m»orii tnat th0 two Hot todoy on wh«th*r Banator Robert) tn 8" '""t -'"'y, remnrkwl that l)i A. T«ft of Olilo ruUiwd his chnncci! kln .hnd advocated outright floor loQclur hv hl< Of f "" apprehension that he will fail ii*jt-iKii *v ui unu time or anotho** .u .^.v.*.,.....-, What you lack, Bettv Is ennrM Presidential nominees of the,_ ,, , _. -' ln ».Urill' mn nr n'irtioc *" for OOP 8fln«tO flo0r by his afternoon, . , - ol, Carolyn *«» Hoom, »w(jr«nsbor(l Clrelc Inn, ' Art tf(nyllU»*k»r t ll^* Blu...| UH ^ 1_ ^... .. on 7, Hot Springe, ing tfie ad vlcp'prfflldent gwenil. Mf». AHred T, Brown, nnd tho of. will nort'rtwr* ttt the Aiktinio* Olvlnlon IFnBVA ^A.tl». Mf tt A ft* Mt(4A«AM M. kM.tk.U.1.^.. - < the Hope Coun . K. 81u«»or, « mombei' of IIR, . , luncheon! Pat Cieburno chaptei , l» »t<uu MM, COine Pfwik»'»>l*loi'i«n end will bo ono of lh» *. A/ A. Hulbwrl And at thin luncheon. All , . . . 0. WlngfjeW a* oo-hoitQM mpinbt-r* pldrmlng to «tt«nd this ' J, |«li*<m will haV« iunohoon nhouW notify Mr*, Whit' > FbWor wotlh not Intor th«n December tt, 1 A C!hrl»tm»» donation wo* taken, 'thw owt» win '• . 0*fl«mbi»r 10 . to b*> u$«d tn tho r«- «lofifitlon ot the muietim at Wn*h. Inglun, Ark. * *'•'* •»*•*•* wwtmfky iJVWI <IVHMI?r UJ III! to «t- nlldck on Frwldent-clcct Elaon Snt- hov/or'» eholco Ibr tocrctory of lu One Republican lawmaker, n fltnunch Tftft backer who asked not to be quoted by name, foresaw 0* n rvittU the "draft" of Kan, Style* Bridged of Now Hampshire, the pre»*rit floor loader, for nn other terw, But another Taft iupporter, also requesting anonymity, aatd an or- ganlxod «rlort Would bo mado to elect Tuft to the post. He would not predict the outcome, but said tha drly* would b« Hopped only U Tail rcmovtd himtolf from consideration. Bridges spread word noon r, »«Q«mwr 10 ,. A * tcr * *»°^ ounlnoi* ««Mlon.! the Nov. 4 ~«^cil6n thnt he wantctl »r monthly n\eeUn« of «»» pvournm chnirjnan Introduced to po«i the It-nderthlp Job to other & committee ajt Brook- Mrs, It, K. Jiickaon, who related: hands nnd take over the less bar- Will l|« held W«dn.e»doy ' ' " ' —' ' ' " ft \P«(f*mbcr 10, «t JO m.tha'ichool, All member* At tho close t>f the. program, ,, . , io tj> «tl«^d..!nittro will not ho»t«m>« InvUtnl member* to the where rafro»hmcnt» were , on this day be- <«« NlfiM which will »«ved. f J7. Oarden Club in the homu Coming and Going S«t, Mclvln A, C«»l> of Fair fiunlw, Alaska, hot »pent th« un»t 8D day* with W* i,mr«?at», Mr, ond Mrtt, Koberl Ca«h oi itout» a. Hope, beter^ reporting for- duty ot Mln- wftl Wulls, Texas. - dwwome dutlei of tho ternporurv president of thtc Sonalc. suece»»or, however, Bridges haa Uoen retarded as available for another term as floor loader. Tatt hti» deolnred too Is available lor the post. Hli only nvowod rival 1» Sen. William Knowlnnd of Calf- fornlB, who h«t ia Id he Is In tho against fiiybod^ oxcept the Tufl-Hnrllytr labor luw. :««" Durkin said 'yostei-dny, however/*' 1 ' he has "no Intention of trying toM'"" Rcuttle" iho Inw which Taft 'cu-'moi authored. 'J aro iy (Inters, rrjisny and bittt-r tears during y. So don't think tluit i.; irri'vociiblv ruiri'.'il be considerate Stop worrying, and don't let him know that you mistrust him. ^ k "hL r r;;;;e^;, *•« "'-•'^ii7h U ,b. n d and You II lino an-i!,.r n .L b f en .. 1 ? a P p "y ma "«ed for Dunkln also declined to discuss a; IlHht by Tnft supporter:;| r hoy yourself, and probably • th.ui one, bcfoiv your iniiUi.'u tin appearance. Find New Beau to prevent confirmation of his m polntincnt. isn't much you can do to Miners Pay Deal Appears Cut and Dried rrlxindlc :i boy's interest oncu hu h;is slrnyrd. Rotter put your ef- |fnrls to work finding a new beau !---n much more worthwhile pursuit 1 il.SSUl'C yi;ll. Datini: of six or seven months | « i tf .u.ii i *tW 1IJI two years and have a very nice home. We have one complication I have three children by a former marriage and my husband doesn't want his mother to know about them. My mother is caring for the youngsters. YVONNfc Answer: How could you have let yourself be talked into such a deception? Three children aro rath- difficult to conceal forever. Al j-'.ituifi UL >j.\ u[- .seven moiur.s | "....^i.... LU uutiuirui lorcver. Al is not enough to sot a pattern of | somc timt ' you're bound to be fou- 'muvavt riiij- love, so, no matter I nd , to ncknowledge them. Better lluiw much you two uirls may think' c '° '' soon - J should think you'd be iyoiir hearts are broken by the tier- much happier to have them with Dy JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON. (,V) John I j diction of your erstwhile sweet- jhenrts, 'tisn't so! Recovery will |b:> soon, nntl complete. Onco you have broken with a T „.„, . , ,, . """" '- <-"n-i- vou uavo oroKon with a 8 cnmnoV 1 ! ai M ' ht< „'""" '" R ">' y - " nd both lhcs « «"' ls ""dily scnmpcrltiK out of the- country when his miner's wanes mv stake nnd ho mlsilH have to , a strike if they didn't get what'••,•>•!- bliuno for the break-up- most unfair, to clog his steps he finds another girl und to upst't the new romantic off hi Hospital Notes Brunch Admitted! Minn B«tty Thom»»on Ark, Jtfj-d. Charlie Me- Lewis vllle, ArJt., Mr». ;Ltw<io»i VecoKi, Camdwi. two *» ttwt to Many Farm Problems Face New Secretary Oy OVIP A. MARTIN WASHINGTON W - «w« Taft »on»on wlU tlnd n new crop of whe » price facln« him to jWoshlngton as your own property. When a boy has hnd his pride man hnd overruled his top stabl-i Xlzatlon officials to give lewis'Mni', i' " ""' , coal miners tin- SI 00 a day Dav " 11CO> ht> ' S sure to bl> rnlsu they wanted ' ™\vc\-y wary of exposing himself to a « '_ M»**V».l, , U.'/. ..Vt\/u- r*,-,^.^ .,rt«;^ Tl. i- Roger Putnam, the rtonomic stabilizer, broke tluv now; to n> porters at C p.m. Under question- l»«, Putnam aiiid the President hnd reached hi.s decision just ' a week ayo. Since that would have been a couple of days before Lewis tooic off southward. It's possible he Knew what the President's decision wns. How he knew it, if he know it, wan not disclosed M.iy- be n birdie told him. But tho thundering Lewis, who you, and surely they should bu with their mother. Breaking the news to your mother-in-law may be difficult, but perhaps she will be more understanding than you think. At any rate, acknowledge your children just as soon as possible. Released by Bell Syndicate, Inc. Arkansas Man Dies in Motel Fire WEST MEMPHIS, . , - A Benton, Ark., man died today in a pro- unco consitterable effort, owner's living' quarters° o£° 'the uni back — and require I Criner Motel here vigilance to keep him. In-J The dead man wns identified as t;oinj; ^™i'Kh all these mo-1 J. R. Criner, who was visiting his major parties. There aro two methods of doing this. Under one, the- citizens cati express their preference for uncle, .1. II. Criner, owner of the motor court. The older Criner was burned severly trying to rescue his nephew. Fire Chief. Whit Murphy said the Criners \\erc asleep in a second Ftory bedroom when Iho blaze, of undetermined origin, broke out. the nomination by votfeg in ft ferentlal primary, undar the the citizens vote tat delegates to the national ponventlon of their parties. The council said present primary laws have been criticized because of variations In dates and provisions. Results In some states are binding on convention delegates, for instance, but not in others. Children to Get Plenty of Turkey WASHINGTON, W»—Turkey may be a once-or-lwice-a-year dish t most Americans but the 10 mlllio children benefiting under the g ernmcnt—sponsored school lun program may get it a dozen tirr this school season. i The Agriculture Department Jr bought about 46 million pounds ,.,, frozen, ready-to-cook' turkey since late August to help support producer prices and is turning the fowl over to the school lunch program. iLOKmt ti'-m.*- BREAKING VOUR FAVORITE VASE , DIDN'T BREAK VOUR VASE, MAMA---r SROKE IT AND HfS JUST TAXING CMek "North Carolina Jaunt HORIZONTAL 88 Pr-y attention 1,4 N5cknnrr.<j p9 Compass p.Vtrf tor North Carolina is the " OPEN MEETING Alcoholic Anonymous CITY HALL DEC. 8th, 8 p.m. HOPE DRIVE -I SATURDAY — DOUBLE FEATURE and -TRIGGER- HEART OF THE ROCKIES' ,: tff ADVENTURE"! iJREASUREoF f LOST CANYON Ju "° cl ""'" H ""v ADAMS- BRAKE- HULL SUNDAY HONG KONG • with Ronald Reagan — Rondo Fleming 8 Challenge ! 12 Exist ! 33 Sand : (comb, form) ; 14 Presage 15 Green ! vegetable ! 16 Waistcoat i IV Minister to : 18 Make sad 20 Tendencies 22 Too . 23 Goddess of the dawn 24 Heavenly bodies 27 Bitter vetch ; 28 Light touch . ; 31 Small pastry • ' 32 Affirmative [ vote i 33 Palm leaf ! 34 Before .! 35 Make a •' mistake ;! 37 Sharp | 38 Footlike part ! 39 Light brown j 40 Grasps with j the teeth ; 41 Mountain pass • 42 Ailing i 43 Free from j coarseness j 4G Haphazard j 50 Dry i 51 Mohammedan f priest i 53 Mineral rock 54 Small inland 55 Fence opening 56 Column 57 Forest creature VERTICAL 1 Bugle ..s'.l 2 Scope 3 Peruse 4 t\«;v.i;«;s • r > Rectify 0 Me:i:-ures of type " c^ixme of chiinco 8 Lnvos to excess 9 Prayer ending 10 Cleave 11 Conclusions 19 Short barb 21 Flower 24 Pace 2;> Weight .deduction 26 War god of Greece 27 Merit 28 Versifier " T 29 On the , ia sheltered side 44 Gaelic 30 Light 'browns 45 Rasp 35 Famous 47 Alms English school 48 Algerian 37 Large oven 40 Censured 41 Apple drink 42 Angry 43 Incursion 36 Capital of North Carolina i s seaport 49 Apportion 52 Feminine appellation . " Z9 30 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner iftKSAS ^j$*r RtALTO * gigfg^^^HMUMMM LAST SHOWING .TODAYS t 1, "Moskcd Rld.r" 1 "Storm Ov«r Bengal" 3, "King of the Congo" Serial 4.'Caspqr tho Ghost 1 Cartoon SON, . MON, , Tt|lfc BROUGHT BACK By Popwlqr Damond >%: agricultural " -~" " r~~" mm-w^^«« «•• VlOW Of HI? job a» (ijorcttey of »grlcultur« In the ntw Bl»cnl»vv«r " tion. n«n«on, a former • and now an i, r n church, has 'rioUtl«d out- w Seorotary CharWs F, Bran, nan that ha c«ii«otR to. ocuno to Washington next week ior a brlei ln« on hl« Cabinet duUos. The currtnt f*w« picture li such thnt official* bcltevo H will lead him to speedily set up new programs doused to broaden markets for agricultural products at nomo »nd abroad. The »ccr«Ury.deilan»to will find that prices being received by form^^IJ 11 ^ &« l « w *>» PWtt* in the! never : uiuler '• of federal prosroms for . . *JirU»ermor* 4 9«n>on will find tt? gov«Wiiwn>t'» Investment (arm ^-oducts under prlco sup. WQgraw» U growing iteadUy. a .. 4,3WOO,000 before «t th^ ww. to Korea. t dum»nd* growing out of do- pormlttwi the d e - tauj «U but about 1 billion dplUrn worU> of this by Srt* «rf ihU y«ar. Sinw tttnTbow. «v»r, th* treatment has been go- to* <^ H fW«n. tt wow U above the tyro V4»^ doUtr mark. UN Group Turni to Tunjilo (nut ttw 4«l»f«t»s coupled (or oulcfc »cc«pt»ne« lad supported the Democrats presidential election, has been very uncomfortable government wage controls. In f;ict 'he'd made out dandy. "i On Jan. 18, 11)51, Lewis and the 1 coal mine owners agreed on <i i wo«e Increase ot $1.(IO a day for' the miners. Eight days later the government froze all wages and 1 prices. Hut tho government sent Lewis on his way with official blesslnt- ''• deciding he could keep his rulTpi all right since he had obtained it before the freeze wont in. But H had a say on nil raises agreed : upon after the freeze date. 1 This fall Lo-wls reached another agreement with the mine own-' *!*• Slving his miners a boost of $1,90 But this time Low is couldn't got It. or so it was thought, unless the Wngo Stabilisation Board up-! proved. • Meanwhile, cm Oct. 13 Lewis and! his miners decided to support the' Democrats In (he presidential cum-ij P»ign of Gov. Stevenson although Lewis' relations with Truman until men had been less than cozy A few days later the Wage Sta- btlUatlon Board made up its; mind that the miners, under tho I wage control program, were en-l titled to no more than $1.50 a day i For a week the coal miners went' on strike. This was late October, i Winter was approaching. So was 1 the election, Truman called Lewis 1 and Harry M.. Moses, representing tti» mine owners, to the White House where ho promised them fair treatment. Lewis called off , the strike. il tiowfct and; Moses appealed to! / Thrilling WEEK-END SERMONS '1 SIDE GLANCES - - — 7-' — '. -^**^».« Wft'V Putnam to overrule the » Putn *S *°"W»t- Neither Hwu-y M. Fowlw, the niobl- toatlon bafe *o to tod Saturday SUN. 11:00 a. m, LIONS RELIGIOUS •• "—"-—-• 11 JL i i.ii i wn^^pap^Mi LOCKJAW -•' / iijv vMV /$• ' /!!.•(, ... v T. M. Rt 5 . U. S. P,|. o«. By Galbraith •rr want. -, »»• P" 8 In January, mi, gives I-ewts, 1 miners a total daily tu crease ot *3.50 a day In less than two years undur wage stwbUisation, NO NEW YORK <UP) — Y»rd. », walked into »lw« yesterday, SUN. 7.30 p. m. "THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST" ii x; n candyi at the M; . in ttie store, pv»u«>d out » ?l»t«J| and s#id» "This is a stickup." "ft Is?" said the nearest by. thing Heyward »nd h* bounced otf the wall, i T*« incr«lul<jus bystander McAllister FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH NIGHTLY THRU DECEMBER 14th I m m%d at him, mother! T«H him y«4"U c»U mo and wake n sound like I'm furiou9*»^>44 diw't hang iip! 1 ^' I'LL GIVE HIM 1 A BIG KISS V AND TELL HIM ) HOW soppy < r I AM FOf? J $ TREATING Vi HIM LIKE THAT I MIGHT AS ... WAJT UNTIL HE OUT OUR WAY •y J. R. William* WHEN 1 AM' KEED, I AM VAC3UEEO OM DE Ol_' BACA 6RAMT--AM' VER.V HOUSE,SHE ,v-, S'RDSE TO BE HAUMT.' ONE NI(3HT I FCOOF PEES IS NO C3HOST-- 'vVSVPE YOU LlkE ITAL you - - - - - ^'•^-•zg.^; •^ ^^ • - • ^ -*» WHEM yqj'p LOVE TO LIVE OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople , BUT HAVJ& TO W1ATCM 'E\\ LIKE A gASV CLIAA6- IMS OUT OF A HI6H CMAIR . OF OOR RAID OM LADS P£RFDRM|MS THAT CULTUREO THEVLL FALL PRONiE OM THE C?\ML BUSTS ISi, UT UP LIKe A FIFTK AT HI ALE AH £ ? ^~\' l/ /'"''"~\ 46<^ C fc ) o -Y^v:^!^^ J f ALOMG A 6AND- 'BAG TO FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger at the kids yesterday and missed!" ' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser 6UT, tARO/ YCXJ CAN'r l£T US DOWN THIS VW? / OZA1KIKI -K IN TH'RUN .TTCOWUMRU tROWN.CCftCH VIC FLINT ^ ^•r ;*!•>';•% PffS*?* r :>&> ', ** , tmiy WASH TUBBS T V il«lr,g. N 7SP lMIPI »? B *- SVl HOW500UCAK S38WR*wawBB HOTEL,. BOulS AND HER BUDDIES HS5HCOPTER M-LOVBfe THtt $KY,,. By Edgar Mat WfcVX « yVlO /POVVft! ;1 C<Mt \K» V COM1. 4 R\SHT Ills: 1 fS^SS „ J_/*-«v BOGS BUNNY, ISN'T IT T-TIMETVA GOT f\ ^\ FOR LUNCH? J HALF HOUR ) -^ ON THI* J-« ' uessqL... THAT* A PIRB,X I'(VN GO TKUCK COMIN'/J HUNSRV FAR ALLEY OOP i'i |V1 iiiKiffTTTTTfftTtCpt f ORWE-IN «./ r IGUE60THETIME- / WHV,OF COURSE MACHINE 15 A GOOD NOT/ MV STARS, WAY TP DISPOSE OF V OOOLA, DO THATWITCH-CAT,.,ONLV\ VOU THiNK DON'T 0END IT WHERel I'M STUPID? ^ YOU SENT ALLEW V §H?P \ THE CAT/IT WHAV6 1 CHANGED INTO THE WITCH, JUST BEFORE IT VANISHED) NONSENSE HERE) LOOK, WHIUE I tUNE V *U. «.F CHRIS WELKIN, Nonettir ^- K*>*'"> sK'ilJc*?^ a J. ' '*«YV* f} i, % ••' W ^'^M;)

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