Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 5, 1952 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1952
Page 15
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H0M STAR, HOP I, ARKANSAS December 5, .1 SIFIED i Ottttttiy M*n Fubm.U*. w. a,M ..., 3,00 8,00 3,W 10,00 ^ 4,09 WOO 9.tt 4|$ 18,00 4 f»W AM 19.00 ^fl^W^r'" li*a*M.IJM7.'.,'..-.,, mUT"* 7treet, in*«*r (I«M WSGV *a-^m l^tMrifiiffp^ rvMtf-fft-i^f^rin: AWilt «ure«u el Irt Hope qnd M 'KMiSbjj^'fieyado, r<m\\«« • "'A.. &**"""""*'"*'"""" * v TO '«r"v warvMieSi mt<$™** Cltv *• %$$ J~~i. • ,".J..' l ,,v> < ' nr For Salt MUST Mil tmedimcly, biby bed, pracUcBlly n«w, • *r, r«rrl|«r*tor «nd oth«r of furnlturo. Phone 40 FAT N«w Kumpihlr* hen* «t M cent* per pound, Arthur Or«y Oxnn, CHOICE paper filled, 30 powndii or mon», Phone 7.2MH, 6-flt LESS than Half prioo, New (Itft ov*r) tile fl^ centi up, plno Jumbsf 3*4 cent* foot up, door* 14 up, window rranmci, »lnk», M ub, s«* hwatern, W.70, <AI platen, 13.7/5, MO (jwllon tank, »23, C. K, Holey, (Mc'i C«mp). »-:u Real Estate for Sol* Your money In Kent Receipt* are worth? In your pocket or Dunk, will brlntf you? Invited In (hi* Property will mni<« 909 1CA8T Hth Slrcist, H room* and bath, tot 100x170. Priced to »nil. 8TH AND Pine, Duplex, 3 room* nnd bnth, 4 room* And both. 2 cnr CAR koy* litiMcDowiJiT ' holder. Miniature Ikrcmo plate niun- licr 187*3M, Phone 7-Z030 or 7-3471. 4.31 _ 0B PIEN DABLK whit idy to keep hou*4 for couple In Nevada County. Mu»t Uva in homo. For Information coll Hope-7-2,123; or Prc«cott 102-J. 4.31 JM S. WASHrNOTON, fl room* nnd bnth, Uot 80x330. Small down pay ment, $39 month, 3 ROOM houio, tot 82x130, Priea $490, |80 down, 910 month, n .». fRANKUN COMPANY A. P, Bolwy, Mftnttger, 8-3t Sarvicos OHertd LOCAL end long distance Kaullnf, Also loenl moving, Sao Dannlo HnmtUon or call 7-38U. MATFHKSS ronovatlon nnd Inner- »prln« work. Cobb Mattro«« Co., 910 8. Wathlnaton, Phono 7-3038. ' _„ IP YOU wnnt to drink, that's your ...kutlnoM, It you wnnt to ijiilt, thot'a our builnens, Alco- J.ollcg Anonymous, P. 0. Box 888.' N-lB-lm FROM now through December 20, I am taking ordprn for troth coconut and Jnm oitlton (or Chrlat- m«», Phono 7.4022. MM. MUton The Negro Community •y Helan Turntr Phona r-44M Or brmi Items to Mlas Turner •t Hleka Punertl Home DtBflRK MKMOMIAL C. M, «. Rtv, t, gT, Rhem, Pastw Bi48 a,m, Sunday school. U a.m. morning worship, fliOO p, : m KpsvorUv League ?!$& p,m. Kvonlng Worship MY. XION CMK CHURCH Rev. |. M, Manning, Paster Ot45 »,m, Sunday School 11 a.m. Morning Worship 0 p.m. Kuworlh Loagua. TiSO p.m. Kv«n4ng Worship BBTHKU A. M, «,OHUnOH Rev. 0. Paiehal, Paater Oi48 a. in, Sunday school, U num. Morning Worship e n,m. A. C. K, U T:30 p.m. Evening Worship • ,4.0N5»Kl.iAS»T|«T CHURCH ««v, KK, Powell, Pastor 8t4« e.m, Sunday School II *.m, MoruUig Worship. QOD In CHRUT 114. 0. N. Binnla, PelUr a,m, Sunday e.m, M , Ifta%l5 41*4 IR t JNhtTtt* body wiU b* ft JSN>* t ' - • {ka$a<g)MJe w« town Toktn Up 2 WEEKS ago, « «K*f. Call 74*111 for further, information. ft Found RED bem« twwnd, fee Arntwr* Hsrrf*, 2 mll«§ out cm Highway 20. / , IMt For font I fiOOM uniurnlihod duplex spurt m»nt. UtrChMttr.Jiuftt, «t? w, Wh FUHNISMBD aptrtdiont, 2 lortfp room* with prJVUte bath nntl onlranco. Large clrxois and refrigerator. 801 fl, Main. Phone 3 nQOM unfurhUhed nparlmont. B*rUt, Back And front fntrnrtcen, CtftJpJe preferred. Clo»Hn. i'hono 7-3707. 4-.1t __ WHJTR nndTbTaciT Tl«KcT~mnTo setter, »>ank Waller*. 4-at University Athletic Group Meets IT SMITH. M*-The Athletic Committee of the University of Arkmmfis' Boned of Trustee* mt-etH hero.today with the Faculty Com- mlitet on AlhlelleH In n session that mny hnve a benrlnx on Identity or the new R'nxorbaek football conch Wllnon Shnrp, Brlnkley, chnlr- mnn of the 3-mnn Trtmlcos' Com- mlttw, mild Wwdnesdny thnt thc gone i ;il nthlt'Uc Hltuntlon os well nit tho conehinK vnenncy would be Dr. Dolbort Swnrtx Is chairman and Athlollc Ulroctor John Barnhill Is n member of tho Faculty Committee which was charged by University President John Tyler Cnjdwell with .hunting n succamior to Ihu n'uluncd Otla Douiilas Raymond Orr of Fl StjUth ;Jack Stephens of Little Hock other member* of tho Ath CommUtoti of tho Trustees VI8HIN9KV AND KOREA 11. ntnrtlijfl mnny of the U.N. dele Includinit American nnd ilrlUnl) officials, when Vishlnsky 1 pudlit-d hlrMBplf out of tho regular crete circumstances of the- rise or decline of the revolution. Tactics •re * p*rt of str>'«gy, lubordi- n«tt »nd subservient to It." L«nln, with a tiny party, unfavor ably received by most of hii countrymen, with a small leadership of n handful of Intellectuals, conquered his own country by sheer Im- pudtnco at B moment of political vacuum, But conquering Russia, evert m 1017, WPS no small mat- t»r. It «ave to theoretical Marxism, ii bn»e with the I&rgcftt lanrl nicu on earth and about IRO.000,000 Ail-American Team Listed by the AP Sy TED 8MIT6 NEW YOHK, iff— Michigan Stale! people. Lenin's pjoblem was to ro-j anf j P"? r « ta T, Cch< !'"' , lw ° mnjw i orientate thil t^oplo into Bolshe-! u ^"^ ™"T °" lba " teams j vism. Trotsky rebuilt It us a rnili-i,"/ 18 ' 2 - ea . ( - tl ] P«"c«l two n on ,,n' Ihe Associaterl I'ress All-Amerl I lary force. Stalin developed it into an Industrialized state cnpnljlt of , the posilion of ,,IV,,» t/, III,.- ,-ft<>lfJ4IIl IYIII. H. WilM ' r „ . ,t ^...1,, not BxpcrctMi thnt Soviet Hussia »tat*--H-coi.d only would be no adamantly opposed to the Tndlan plan, which from no Ktnmlpntnt aim be regarded ng fn« vornbld lo the United Stales. The Hint of tho Indian proposnl in that « United Nations commission bascrl on thn rerommcndations| modem military actimi. There'" 1 •»&*• ™Klnn*\ boards of experts built the new Uusaian Em-! u ' mrl - sm « well-known sports writ-| ... .. .1 , .1 ' ers and EDortcastcrs i To Stalin goes th" further i „. i , / "-u..u is Tho Southeastern Confrronco Iprt' with five men on the two first tennis, offensive nnd defensive, followed by the Bij; Ten with four and the Pacific Coast Conference with three The AP's all-star offensive back- Rogers, CamcUn Play Tonight By The Atsociated Pr*si Rogers meets Camden tonight for the state Double A high school | football championship Stuttgart also meets McGehee tonight, the winner to tangle with Scarcy for the Class A title on Dec 12 Earle travels to Atkins in a Class B fracas, and the victor battles j Carlisle Dec 12 for the title Sonrcy advanced to the finals lost night by whipping Boonevillp 21-0 at Russellville behind the passing, running mid field generalship of Tailback Don Christian to tho United, Stales. In human histoiy, the second great wrrs. Since 1043, the active aim of Soviet Russia has boon thei « .. *, , lr *~~ r ...,«,., llfc , »..,.,, ... .la..,,/,, . of five be appointed to deal with f »"•"<; '"" , of th ^ " nl ? d " ntos -| tho quiMtlon of prisoners of wnp An rauttpi-a now etond. the Korciin| f , two from Dnnmunlst nations, two W*r * " ««" -" "t f,,,- from neutral nntlonn, with nn um-l bli-cdlns plrt>. To Bra*p why Vlshlnsky Jumped the gun in this curious wny, one hnM to no back to tho blblo . . . ma; 1'fiul Glel. Minnesota; Ileinrlch, Washington; and Scarbath, Marvljuid Th,r, wort- only two m,-n on tho who proviouMv mnclp thi Al ^ Arncrlca . M Vrv,n Sugar Ray Is Releived of World Title of Stnllnlsm, the "Foundations of Leninism," written by none other than Joe Stnlln. himself. This book li n blueprint for Soviet action nnd It answers ninny obscure questions. For this must never bu forKottcn: the rtusjilans do not employ empirical inuanH In tin.- course of building their umpire. They hnvu set goals from which tho-y never deviate. Their line mny zig-zag but the goal Is fixed. And their ultimate nlm Is n world Bolshevik revolution. So let us quote on Interesting passngo which is directly parllnont lo the Vlshlnsky response to tho Indian proposal for the settlement >f ilio Korenn "Tactics nre Wiir: the determlnntlon of the line of conduct of tho prole- (mint for the compnrnllvely short pi'rlod of the ebb or flow of tho movement, of the rise or decline 1 of the revolution, the struggle to carry out this line by replacing old forms of struggle und of organization by now ones, old slogans by, bli'cdns the United States cco . : "•••••"••"•-••-••"•"' vl " .«..n.»/..^,| nomtaolly. while pinning clov.-,, 1 rulsa - at) , Rufl V^ nn V d H( ' mridl ' who! American forces in an untenable; w 'l s ,. on , U !° , llb ° tc « m b « l w ^, noslllon. Every effort that Amerl-j slt ;V.". - lastc >' car >?>' '"Juries | dlplomiicy and militarv ,-tratJ , Ml(;hlJ?<in . Stalc ' Ul '-' n: " " ha-i made to free Itself froni! chn . m " ll ; n - «s rppresentcd by <or:an War 1ms thus f.,r boon! ^ al wnrtH of its defensive . f dofciiswc NICW YORK sociated Press ica: now ones, by combining them;- Syndicate, Inc.) forms, etc. While the dim of strategy i:i to win the war . . , ugntnst the bourgeoisie, to carry tho struggle . . . to Its end, tactics concern thi'mxelves with less Important tlic Koi thwarted by Soviet Russia which: does not want that war to end.,, , Wo are precisely where we wt-roi nf ''' '' ,' in June 1951, while the Communists' niow " ;u hove Improved their military po-j sltion and have made our alliance. I with Great Britain precarious. The rco) danger is that should Atieurin Qevnn ever reach power In Great Britain, thc ttussiam would have the advantage in that country, which would then become neutral but In the hands of Socialists. John Foster Dulles, the impending Secretary of State, is a student of Marxist and Stalinist doctrine, and he ought to be in a position to anticipate rather than to follow Stalin's moves. The advantage lo us is that Stalin! docs not wander for from orthodox; Leninism; Stalin's ndvantnKc heretofore has been the ignorance of our statesmen on this subject. (Copyright, 1DS2, Kins Features national two unit-i Prank Rush, guard, and Dick Tnmburo, line backer Georgia' runner-up, placed Pete center on the offensive Moorehead in the l.'V) — The As- 1952 AH-Amcr- nis, as they strive, not to win the ns o whole, but rather to win t iartlcu!nr engagement, or n particular battle; to carry through successfully a particular campaign or action corresponding to the con- PRESCOTT NEWS Sunday, O*etmb«r 7 11» Pioneer Muetlng of the Pros bytoriim Church will meet ami- day »t .4:30 p.m. The Youth Fol- lownhip will meet at 6 p.m. Supper will bo survcd by Mm. Rabbit! Wilson nnd Mr*. Jolm Wllllntn Dn- vis, Montgomery, secretary reports of chairmen were heard. It wast reported thnt 111 pounds of wool clothing for oversena relief hud been collected, , . Mrs. Guaa McCasklll hnd Tho Yoxing People of tho First Christian Church will moot Sunday at 6 p.m. Tho Youth Choir of iha First Baptist Church will meat Sunday ut 8 p.m. The training Service will •• moot at «:3Q p.m. Thoro will bo n meeting of the Yo«th Fellowship of the Methodist Church on Sunday at 0 p.m. Fights Last Night IIunUnRton, VV Va — Chico Vejar, 147, Stanford, Connecticutt knocked out Ron Harper, l-l(i, ParUcrsbtirg, W Va 9 NEW YORK (Sunnyside Garden/ — Ted Murray, 147, Now York, knocked out Gaby Ferland, 14(i Montreal, 2 OFFENSIVE TEAM ENDS — Tom Slolhnndshe. Texns, iind Frank McPhcc, Princeton. Taoklea — Kline Gilbert, of Mississippi, and David Suminski, Wisconsin. Guards — John Michcls. Tennessee', and Marvin Matus- /ak, Tulsa. Center — Peter Brown. Geor- ,»,ia Teeh. Raeks — Billy Vessels, Oklahoma. Paul Giel, Minnesota. Don lU'inrieh. Washington, and Jack Scarhnth, Maryland. DEFENSIVE TEAM Knds — Don Branby, Colorado, and Tom Scott, Virginia. Tackles — J. D. Kimmol, Houston, ami Charlie LaPradd, Florida. Guards — Frank Kush, MiehiRan State", and Steve -Klsenhiuier, Navy. Linebackers — Richard Tam- I By TED MEIER NEW YOHK iffl — Tho New York slate athletic commission stripped Sugar Ray Robinson of his world middleweight title in a surprise move early today The action brought this retort from George Gainford, Robinson's mnnaRcr, "Somebody is scVcwy someplace A title is won in a ring and taken away in a ring" Robert Christenberry, commission chairman, declared Robinson's title was being vacated because he had r.ol met the rule which requires a champion to defend his title every six months "We had given him an extra month to decide whether to continue his boxing or go into a career as an entertainer," said Christenberry "Up to now we hnvo not had an answer" To This, Gainford, contacted on a train at New Haven, Conn, en route to Boston, asserted he had mailed a special delivery letter to Christenberry before he and .Robinson had left New York "It is our understanding that wo were only to notify the commission that negotiations were underway for a fight," Gainford said "In the letter, which Christenberry should receive today we 1 explain that we are negotiating with Jack Solomons, the British promoter, for a title fight with Randy Turpin in London next June" Robinson lost his middleweight title lo Tin-pin in Lonson in July, U. S. Athletes to Perform Abroad SPOKANE, Wash (M — American athletes will perform In far corners of the world next year In response to invitations from countries as widely separated as Chile, Japan and Finland, the Amateur Athletic Union disclosed last night Meeting during the opening session of the Union's 84th annual convention, the foreign relations committee approved jaunts for thc track stars, basketball players, boxers and bobslcdders Committees on the individual sports will consider tho proposed trips today and are expected to tack on th»ir okays Forty committees will be in session during the day, including the groups in charge of the Sullian Award and selection of a convention site for 1953 Out t>f a large batch of nominees the Sullivan Award committee will pick five to ten finalists, with the eventual winner to be chosen by a nationbl tribunal of some 500 sportsmen One of the trips abroad which SOt thc nod of th& foreign relations group was the entry of a U S team in thc first women's world basketball championships next March in Santiago, • Chile This will be played before the American title is decided and no effort was made to pick a team now to represent the AAU Hanes Hosiery of, Winston-Salem, N C, now holds the U S crown 1951, but won it back in a return bout the following September at the Polo Grounds, New York burn, Michignn State, and Don Moomaw, UCLA. Backs — Jim Sears, Southern California, Johnny Lattner, Notre Dame, and Bobby Moor- hoad, Georgia Toch. WANTED 5000 TELEPHONE POLES Lengths 20 to 45 feet. For prices delivered or timber, Call . . . Rufus Martin Phone 7-3083 or 7-3093 The low-priced FORD F'6 carries up to chwa e of r tn of tho 'circle in the absence oftno chnirtnnn. Mrs. Allen Gee. Mr». T. E. Logan hnd chnrge ;of tho Joy Gift program and reviewed the book "Mr. Jones Goes to Bethlehem." A Joy Gift ottering was received. A dainty suhitl plate was served by the hostess during the social hour. Tho Young People'* Service of tho Church of, Naiarww will meet nt T i>,m, Sunday, Monday, December a The Woman's federation at the Preibyterlart Church will moot on Monday at »:30 p.m. at the church for the monthly study and bus- Th(» WSCS Of the Methodist Chur oh will httva & wwtlng «t the chur eh Monday ttftwnooo at a; 80. Tu«d«y, D«o*mb«r 9 Th^ Pr*»coU HD Club will me«| at i p,m, »t tho home of Mrs. Sid Piu-Uft on Tuwiday. Mr«, Madge But-g«s» wlU give « demonstration. «w muHing ChrUtma* d«co»Uon«, Each member U to bring 9 Christ ma* decorating Mr», 0, H, fttafti* H««t«« to i Olr««t 1 Of PfMhyfcHw Chur«h Ciwl« 1 of Ui« Pr*»byt«rittn Chu«h m«V o« Monday dttcrnoon ta $& hotnw of Mrs, c. M» with M m*mb«r» pmant Th« reaWent, Mrs. T, M. Bonus, vm opened the m«etln« with Tpr»y«r> S, 0. l«««n ww^ntwl the ^ytm^How>»o Vou-Wwr Your pt^Wm»s aoUMUfl" IW*»W«4 *'Uh waUac* #r*y« by the , Purto* to* iumtM \\>w« rwd by th« •ft tory. MM. Jtnv Ndson, • »y Mrs, M»ry Mrs. Wayne Ctey and son, Bruce of $hr»v«$M»'t have taan tho guest of Mr. vdd Mrs. Ernest Bomar Carol Su*. Ugol Not let teU»Ch«AC«ry Court ol Mri. Al Dnnlol Hostess to Circle Z, Prosbyterlnn Church Mi's. Al Daniel was hostess to .Circle 2 o( the Presbyterian Church at her home Monday uvcntnu. Mrs. Max Bryant, chairman, presided and one-nod the meeting with prayer. Mrs. S. O. Lott'iii presented the business (£o|n Circle., 1.. , , Thf pepifttorj? Of joltn J. Ktigin was' told by Mrs. C. W. Devor'e. The conversation period was "Annuities und Reliet" was led by Mrs. Bryant. The Bible study ou "How Do You Wear Your Christian Clothing?" was given, by Mrs. Logan. During the social hour tho hostess served hot chocolate nnd cookie* to seven members and a guest Mrs. John A. Dewoody. MlnUrttrUI Alliance Meets Tho Prescott Ministral Alliance met Monday morning at 7:30 at tho Lftwson Hotel lor a breakfast meeting. ¥h» president, Rev. Warren Colden presided and plans were for- muUted lor a Christmas dinner, honoring their wives on Pec. 15. Rev. Golden and Rev. Clarence will serve wi (tie program menu committee. than other leading 2-tonr?rs! It's the only 2-tonner with Double Channel frame and Gyro-Grip clutch! And this Ford F-6 gives you roll- action steering, choice of three wheelbases, choice of two cabs! Rev. W, A. I4wi$ey attended « Baptist meeting in Little Rock on Monday. Hi*. A. J. Shell at Salem i* MMUUtig 0» winter wtth her daughter, Mrs, Lewis Qarrett aad famtty. Mr, and Mrs, Harrey Hines and n Jehnoy haw be«n the recent iu*«tt uf Mr, WU* Mrs, Eddw L*n, tor* la DaU»* ««4 Mr. and Mrs. . &. HUies to Tyler, Texas, Mr. aad ||r«. Fra«k Jr. Only V-8 or Six choice in 2-ton field! New power) Your choice of famous 239 cu. In. Truck V-8, now 106 h.p., or the BIG Six, now 112 h.p.l 3 out of 4 F-6's had running costs for gas, oil and service (but not Including fixed expenses, such as taxes, depreciation, licenses, etc.) of less than 4 (i a mile. See PROOF in the Economy Run book! Up to 800 Ibs. less dead weight than other 2-tonners. Load up to that much more pay/ootf, within 16,000 Ib. G.V.W. 4 '" THAT'S IT, RIGHT X THERE OtAUK |R| 7* * * T *"•*••#• ^t' '*r ij! S 4$ 1 -' '' "H,*.* vfi , >A* OUT '*• Partners HOKIZONTAL 3 Young birds 1 - o- ] 0 -3 4 Subject 4 This and - " p:t 8 Japanese G Cobalt blues rice drink 7 Number 13 Seep 9 Measure of 14 One who lantl chills 10 S'wi-p 15 Legal mailers n Makos 16 Looter mistakes 27 ISSprucer 17 Give 28 20 Baking 19 Claw of bird 29 chambers or beast 31 21 Varnish 23 EiTeminatc 33 ingredient bov 22 Domestic slave 24 Gaelic 38 24 Good and 2f) Blood 'cssel 40 26 Europe and 26 Caper 41 Answer o p o R "S t ** LJ c. o N |jg p A V e T O, K LbJ p o w A L. P IB M 1 T B? A T E L. e N O F" A A L. E K. to Previous PUZJ T T A f U T O E N r B « A -£ B & & e u A TT E P *» r» E T 1 N O f \ T £ 1 C. ^ y i A ± A R A V e * M f A K P o rw O P R! v 1 1_ B 1 T -r- "N M N B T * Answers 42 Too (Fr.) Pieced out 43 Inferno Have existed 44 On land or Estranged Rajah and 46 Unbleached 47 Let fall Milk curctler 48 Vaccines Vegetable 50 Type Color of grass measures 27 Stitch 30 Fame 32 Blow , 34 Small seal '35 Seal hunter 36 Abstract being 37 Well ventilated 39 Naked 40 One time 41 Give and 42 Clan chief 45 Sea nymphs 49 Dwelling 51 Mineral rock 62 Oil (comb, form) 53 Simple 54 And not 55 Scheme 56 Daze 57 Health resort VERTICAL 1 Weary and 2 Notion 1 12 1? IB fl 30 a-f 3b WKX& li <l<) 5Z 55 Z *-> aocea 43 3 :^m 4H IV HO f /'i 16 31 i7 S •'•K 2b 'ty SO hi jb 6 "'•7/ '^ '///'': 3t> M5 7 If Z3 32 ' ib Mb 17 lo '£'•'. 41 8 IH ^ 33 •if) 1 •i'l W 5H 5V 10 28 m u 29 '18 S CARNIVAL By Dick Turner Anllablllur ot equipment, iconorlei mid trim <s I li ilepvadtnl on auurlil tuppljr cuOilUluu. remember our bargain, Hmol You select your clothes and I select mine!" By Golbroith The low-priced FORD F-5 OUTSELLS ALL OTHER I'ATONNERS The Ford F-5 offers the 5-SiAK Cab or, at added cost, 5-STAR EXTRA (shown). Only 1 '/2-ton truck with choice of 106-h.p. V-8 or new low-FwaiON 101-h.p. Co*t Clipper Six I Saves up to 1 gallon In 71 The Economy Run proved that 3 out of 4 Ford F-5's run for le» than 3%^ a mil* (gas, oil and service costs, but not including fixed expenses, such as tax**, depreciation, licenses, etc.Jl O.V.W. 14,000 lbs,™.pgyleqd goes over 8,600 IbsJ FORD TRUCKING COSTS ,'JHJ[ ^^ '^H^ , tff * ^^^? ^^^r^ ^^Br W *,*& iR'Kr i^' 'T*I, J -J* _ i3i, . Jt , , " . . i ., ON TOP OF ME.' ABOUT EVEN.' WASH TUBBS EIfe H/SNDS OU MK.TWLSOMl MM B6FOlSE-HOW^SpJ<f, -v IF 1 CfcN PLSI THIS^ftONE OUR BOARDING MOUSE THAT'S With Major Hoople NOT SALOMILAMO, , i , ..-.r-,!!^, rjjy >ou ACE •**• |T (/ 5 ^PARROVvl/ f^ARilsOMALILANO/ ' "" "VJE 1 THE %5-, —EGAD" THE M NATlMEGl I'LL FETCH A MOTLEV/I TAMK 4^ EQUATOR <® BOulS AND HER BUDDIES OUGHT <:' TO REACH ^ r -j- ifc-- i i<—.j tv_i i -Y MADAGASCAR WHAT A CLUCK ...ORPERIN' A POWER MOWER IN TH'MIPPLE O' WINTER/ KNOW IT'* IN OPCWATIN6 VCONPlTION/ ^^^y^.^-A^r^'^-'-N v> - I ^d%id»/;AP-twak. '- s ^<- WITCH OR NOT, I'M SOINSTOGETRID OF THAT GRINNING BLACK REND ONCE AND FDR ALL/ NOW, NOW, TAKE rr EAGY:/ IF THE CAT DI6TUR&9 vou, I'LL DIB PO&SOP IT MY6ELF, k *^ ^^^~ tl— Cc f ,. 1S5I by NU S.,,1... l»c. "" T.M...> U .S.F rt .O». /II suggest^you write to Santa*Claus for ; this 0" ' -n+hnr ekahkul'l I suggestiyou write to Santa*Claus for a new wallet— this o- -Hther shabbyl". FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosiei KSw 1--^ N jrucfvj ASAIN, LE i voi if eve. ALOME 7_rtr»t- AV TUUk. &YE! Ho. MEM ! i ALOME LOOK AT ANOTHER. SUKJOAej usouTweisi^ ..^Y^POUMW/

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