Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1952 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1952
Page 15
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ife: HOfl ft At, MOM, AiKANIA» lUndorwoy king Plant MRDtNO. Ciillf. (UP) ' air drtid ICotind Wflfdh led ihd wiownmmd Bun . mountain* today for fin ,„ Irnnifport plans with It (board thai vaMMwd Won- I4urbt*« n»p6rl, a 0-47 . Thursday, December 4, H« March Air Porefl T3d<w <tlo at Thormil, Calif,, at 0:13 p. m, (PST). Th« pilot r»tK>rt«rt he w»» flying •I 13,000 fool over P«lm Spring*. Th» more thnn 3ft plane* which Plono to R«fe«d Burned Areoi WAHRKW, (* — oirnct »(-cdin« by nlrplann of about 5,000 ncrc» of tlon. tict-KiiHud Umberlnncl neur hero! The iii'«m> Ihli bjr pl»n<! iMbflrtg tried on nuch Adult in th« South. Th«> otip other •Jxpfelmcnt wit* Irled by the Cta*' teil Experimental Force of the Forcxt Experimental Sla- minting the f mind tho Hint tlhwl »e«Jlfi« of fore*! lnnd». 20,000 pine *ecds per acre, Mety (aid. It will be done from nri air- plui'o flying at about IfX> feet,, sow- In^ fed* mixed' With hardwood Writer Poses os Official, Indicted WASHINGTON I/PI — Ray Bronnan, Chlcaso Sun-Tlrncs reporter, was Indicted (or a second time to. ...,._ , AlllWrtl When tt 1 jnfortti duHrt* fl violent *torro that Sf , ms Archer* «pro««ed fonr, . Th6 !<i»t radio report whipped over Southern California | U nt ni K ht that continued (rrrawfall! ,_. , , i . Any on n charge of posing as a The Piano cnrrlo* enough on each -0 J ernmenl „„,*,,,, to gci sccrct l '° b < Mlt00r tc.Urt.ony given Senate crime In- reeetVWl by » *«lmlnl»trmion f «• about 00 acres, compnny U unlng thin meth- v.. Moniiny nl«ht wrtdi brought »nowf nil , r , nv t ,,, ry the plane before It can!" 1 of re-»cod»n«. M«ty nald, In an A(1 cnr |, cr inf || Ctrncnl to the motinl«ln« throughout tho |, w found, |<ffori to re-entnblUh about half-a-| m |,, ed last wcck wh BEAT NEWS! I New BRER RABBIT reminds "Old-Timers" of iReal Ribbon Cane flavor! NBW ORLEANS ;,.I«th«ra » "old.Umor" In your fnntlly wlto |« Mlwayt bttrklnv bank toiha , $nmd»ef ul «yr tip folk* enjoyod P '/in «w "KSttl old day*"? The kind ?m§4« fn>ni Ribbon Cftne—wHh tlmt m»rvel<nii» "old* . fi t(j»g flavor In hohi again I It'n tho now Bror Rnbbll Syrun—n now llnvor your fnm» lly will dimply d«t« on I ll&nt'n llghtneftn nnd kwoolnevo In n dell- clou* combliuitlon tlini rmxlnni Sonthernem vote "top*." Mild nnd lltflit, It tnntoM JUKI rlifht-- rnnkon ovorythlnir tusto finer than ovorl IN STORE TESTS. . . folks who taited, praised its flavoi fttMtafti "Tiito this now —ttiul w»y how . in Jtorw through tlie ,ttho-»ew Brer Ufibblt Syrup . ,> , , . »nd T*n to otie—tho ohorua w«* Did they like, tho new Brer JUbWt "better than the nyrup t|jey wolr»i now walnut " ' ; AKU|II tha choruM WAI A ro- , »ovrtt«Hj)|[ "You I" Atmmit 7 tlmos lv»n p«0(tl« who have u»d Br«r ^ Mtiltbll Syrup for v«art l|k«d ihli , ~fmt lr«r Rabbit «v«n btttttl « t ftapU lofd gj «>->? "8w«iit «no«(th but not too iw««ti di M A««w. now flavor jour j»»«r now hat th« n«w !m> ItQhitr *r*r Kabblt lyrup und** »ht old familiar Rabbi, lob.l. "Mild mid not Ion *tn>ng." "llom llsvtirl" "I'Mitt* juit rlitht." "M-tn-tn, tiny, 1 liku tit In llrar "TliU (n»t«H like rtml nld.tlmu Ilki? country nyrtip." So xttld folldt win) Irit'tl iho now llri'i' llubblt. A ml your fninlly will «ny the mtmut Thin ntnv, 'IlKhkn 1 , nillilor lluvor, KWVI,>(. but nut too MVt>ut«-*i>nn brlntt unw pl«anura to your Lublo, thruo tlmoii « clay. Try Bror Knbblt, why don't ywi -"-llrnt llmu you'ro in the Htoro? ^¥l >^«, '« I •!""< I' >•* <*r Mokoi Corn Br«ad aNowTraatl Yuur (Inn vun> liri'ml will win ne* priiiie, onwi (olkn Uxtw It wllh new Rrvr'.RHtiVU Byrup. U'» ewout, I'Ut not too tiwuot. A light. w(W nyhip tlmt nmkctt hot lii'«Mil«, pnncHkos nml tnnte junit vr Cane grower enthusiastic! vc«li«Btor.i. wa(t {Ug . wh|le undcr hcnvy attack from defense attorneys who contended It was defective. Tho case was presented to a second Rrnnd jury immediately. One count of the new indictment charges thnt Brennnn, on or about Ni-v. I, '"•>", "with Intent to de- I'liiud the Alderson Reporting Com- jHiny" falsely pretended that he w/i.s office rn.-inager of the Senate Crime InvustlKuting Committee iind Ijy that falso representation iittempted lo obtain -a transcript of the secret tcstlmoiM' of Chicago I'nlicr Ciiptiiln Dan Gilbert. At Ihe time, Gilbert was chief investigator for the Cook County «.c:iica«o) state's attorney a v nd was ulso the Democratic nominee for sheriff. his I The Sun-Times publishi;cl j tc.:timony on Nov. 2, 1050. In the election five days later, Gilbert was overwhelmingly de- I'u-atecl in normally Democratic Cock County. Gilbert, dubbed "the world's richest policeman" by the crime Investigators, testified that he had made thousands of dollars in market speculations and in wagering on sports events arid elections. The Sun-Thnes said the committee had sought to suppress Gilbert's politically explosive testimony until after this election. MR. VICTOR WINTZ, Annnmlnlo Pliintntlon, White Castle, La. . Hliown with Mm, \VlnU nnd their three ntlriiriive little (IniiKhtcrH. Thu Wlnts fitnilly haw llvotl In Loulwiann for ninny yonrn. They luiow »ut(Br cunul Th«y know syrup! They think tho new Brer Itubblt Syrup k thu l>c»t yet I In syrup it's the Flavor that counts "Everybody In thin micnr runo country kmnvs It tnlst'H tlu- right HUKiir cnnw to K«t that nld-tiino rlhboti ciini' llnvor," suyn Mr. S, K, IlnyHof K<l<>m,f<!xn»."Tlu. innv llrcr Hnbblt Syrup roinindn mo of tin- twirur mill clnyn whon I wim A boy. And In »yruj>, It's the flavnr thnt counter* Thwro «vo many syrupa on tho market but, there's only <>»« way to judKi' thi-m -and that's on llnvor. You'll find some have * MtroiiK tiiHte, oilier^ an ovcr- wwi'ct tuslo. Bui Brer Rabbit-— well, th«re',s a syrup that tastes JUHt ri(?ht. And Brer Rabbit mukea pani-akos, wndle.s, hot bia- cuits nnd corn bread butter than ever before. TRY BRfft RABBIT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF For light, mild syrup, try BROWN LABEL Brer Rabbit For rkhor, fuller »ugar cane flavor, try BLUE LABEL Brer Rabbit Eastern Star Installs Leader LITTLE ROCK iff) — Mrs. Pear. 1 . Keuton of FayettevUlc will be installed tonight as Worthy Grand Matron climaxing the 1852 convention ol the Arkansas Order of. the Eastern Star. Jeff D. Lambert of Ft. Smith will go in as worthy grand patron, Mrs. Gladys Richards, Little Rock will become associate grand matron, W. K. George will become associate grand patron. Mrs. Kalh- erinc Green, Majiila will be installed as grand conductress. Only two other major pots — associate grand conductress and graivl sentinel — were to be elected today as other top officers move up automatically by virtue of their previous positions. Mrs. Ruth A. Jones of Waterbury, Ct., national worthy grand matron, urged the 77th convention lust night to subsidi/.e colic-Be scholarships in religious training. She also recommended continued support of funds providing for cancer research and hospitalization of crippled children. century's work that was wiped out in forest fires last month. 's the Day you make iWs vours "•••••- •! j£ «x *t j tPWtfar . 14*'?,%^" SaxT,. _.-^ *i . Telovnion treat- ' Ihe BUICK CIRCUS HOUR. ev«ry lourth Tu«*day you Iik« the fun of to last all the year -: it «e«nis to be when you ule^beauty your own- what •OU*tant cheer it brings to you ^Ipl^, jwooth after month* ^^j&iliDM J» ttyle that's m a holiday rich and spacious you get as much room abundant and * »* - - - i* all that's valv<j-in«head«ttnd also high, compression. The cheer oC riding wonderfully buoy, ant, level und steady^with a ride that ftfi'h like the million dollars it cost to perfect. The eheer of taking your travel free and easy-with Dynaflovv Drive* doing the chores in letter*perfept smoothness with Power Steering** assisting to make parking and slow-inotion maneu. vers no task at all. Even the price is a cheerful note here -low enough, you'll find, to crowd the «o*name4 **low*prioe three/ 1 That mean* action is called for this very *********** WW^^^w^^^P week, to make the most of this good deal while it lasts. Why not drop in today or tomorrow and see how much cheer is to be found in a Buick showroom right now? la , tccessorits, trim tmd madtlt art subject without natict. *S/<*/rffrf on RoaJixasttr, <a txti* tost on otbtt Stries. **Qpiioiul at e\ir* MI 0* Festive Food Values rhurtday, December 4,1952 NIBLETS CORN M "a 17* SCOT TOWELS 2..,35* PLANTER'S PEANUTS TJ.S 29* FRUIT COCKTAIL «. SNO CROP Grapofruit ff* 4%I".L JUICED Z&25*. NUTLEY COLORED MARGARINE ANN PAGE Crabapple JELLY ,.,. 2 1-lb. On. Glasses APPLE PIE TUNA JANE PARKER Req. 49* SPECIAL THIS WEEK En. SULTANA Pacific Ocean Light Meat No. V 2 SENSATIONAL LOW PRICE! Can TOMATO SOUP ANN PAGE Cans e- JANE PARKER FRUITCAKE PREMIUM SALTINE CRACKERS WISCONSIN AMERICAN MILD CHEESE l'/j-lbi. 1.29 3-lbl. 2.49 FRESH PRODUCE • ROAST FRESH COCONUTS - tOc BANANAS^" 2 Lbs. CELERY •Green Pascal Stalk BACON 25c PICNICS Ground Boston Butt Ib, AILGOOD BRAND No. 1 Sliced.. Ib. "SUPER-RiGHT" SMOKED ib. Ib. 35' Turnips & Tops 2 ^ 25c 3 to 4 Feet 5 to 6. Feet Small Stands ISTMAS TREES 1.59 U. S. Choice Heavy Calf SIRLOIN STEAK • Ib. 77c SHORT RIBS Ib. 39« A CHUCK BLADE ROAST Ib. 55c Each 79C Each 1.19 19c 7 to 8 Feet 9 to 10 Feet Large Stands Each «<*^ Armour's Star Each 239 1-lb. Cell. Roll 3S< 25c KITCHEN CHARM WAX PAPER m „,„ 234 STAR-KIST TUN A o oen Lobc , ; No . % 334 JOLLY TIME POPCORN v ., um ue d 10... 204 MEXENEchlll Segionlng ............................... Small 124 Large 194 294 AUSTEX BEEF STEW SA.US . « No 3 GERBER'S RICE, BARLEY Cereal or Oatmeal GERBER'S Strained or Chopped BABY FOODS 4 4Vi-oz. Cans 35* GERBER'S Strained or Chopped BABY MEATS 3Vj-oz. Can LIFEBUOY 2^15 LIFEBUOY 4 RINSO Large Pkg. 27* SURF Large Pkg. 29* •I^BriVw (^^•FIMIB JH LUX SOAP ~ LUX FLAKES SWANSOAP2rl5 SWANSOAP2^25 A&P COFFEES Eight o'clock....Mb.77c Red Circle i...Mb.79< Bokar Coffee 1-lb. 81C GREEN GIANT CREAM STYLE No. 303 Can 17* BREEZE Large Pkg 30^ SPRY . Can SILVER DUST 28* Large Pkg. CORTEX TUNA FIAKES 27* No. V> Can PITER PAN PEANUT BUTTER 35< 12-91. Olass PfTER PAN SALTED PEANUTS Jll » t. «<> ,/-' M T 4*^' - rJ[A B<-~ --IF * > ^ V >>» ->•> #i y^ ti ^ ^ >•''• ^:V ^ Jfe LADIES Fall and Winter COATS Fitted and box back coats in tweeds, gabardines, and flannels. Regular $29.95 to $39.95 Coats Now $24.88 Regular $24.95 Coats Now $17.88 DRESSER GIFT SETS 1 HANKIES Choose her favorite dresser set here. We have just the one for that "certain someone" on your gift list. Get several boxes of these pretty handkerchiefs for friends and family. A gift that is always appreciated. JO, $5.95 NYLON HOSE A gift sure to please her. STgauge, 15 denier, full fashioned, in fall shades Slightly irregulars. 2prs$1.00 Very Special CURTAIN PANELS 40x90 rayon curtain panels. Hurry for these. They'll sell fast. Special for •• m Christmas I ^Lt* Opening . , . . § ^f% >, v';.« > HOMITAt, MOM, ARRANlAa ELECT/70U * *^ * * ,*I* IP m 5*si ^™»ppj-^ OKNW^SUin p ™DAY,DK.5 Chocolate CANDY Assorted chocolates with fruits, nuts, and creams. One pound box. Regular $1.00 Value Nylon PANTIES Ladies lace trimmed nylon panties. Assorted colors. Sizes 5, 6,7 Buy several pair. Extra Specie I low price of only FEATHER PILLOWS Large fluffy pillow at this exceptional low price. Only Boys Flannel SHIRTS Fancy plaid flannel shirts in sizes 6 to 16, These will mako a nice Christmas Gift. At this Special, low price $1.00 PLAID GINGHAM 36 inch plaid.-fingham that is a regular 79c value. Special yard — Ill Bring the kiddies in to West Bros, and see all tho wonderful toys we have for Christmas. Make your selections now while we have just what you want. Hurry . . . Don't wait! DOLLS . . . DOLLS . . . DOLLS Every kind of doll that you could want. Every size and dressed like you want them. Come in and select yours now 98c to $11.95 Special Group LADIES DRESSES Buy several of these dresses and save at these low prices. Sizes 9 to 46. 2.88 3 fta .00 5.88 <w „ ^ Group 1 Values .,, . $4.95 Group 2 •AJ, Values ..,. \ J5 ' 95 ^ Group 3 Values .... $8.95 . . . . Ladies Wool WWWWWWCWKIBKIC^ Folding Doll Gqrts i Coaster Wagons Any little girl will^want one.of these. \ Just the kind they will want for Priced from... Christmas. See these now. $4.95 to $5.95 $1.98 to $8.95 WWMWOflCiClWMWWItiC^ VELOCIPEDES They will enjoy these the year around. 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This will mak* ah << Christmas gift for her, Spw,lal/.\ $1.00 ^«^«-^«mm««*miim«iM«Wf^mi(««fi«i<<f««l4i«|li) Mcike Our Store Your Chriftm Headquarters K-ill » W^Xi K.3*S WEST TH|JHpM|0|MiTA: * ' ,,f ^ "~f^^,^

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