Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1952
Page 10
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. ' " "•'-.•-, '.'.-V.-' 1 ''; :-•;.' •:•'': "*''• .<>; rCS, : i:-'r:-^;i.'X<- .\J &'*•&• ...,' ..,-'^-$&V<;*Wj;'C&i!v&^).;( •*;;•-.-'^ ,••.;•'•'/,' ,;. ; V-'t,V«,iv>,j>^&^;&'jii;«,•,.••;,•./.'.. • "i,...; HOM, ITAIl, MOM, ARKANSAS thundoy, December4,1952 «|^tt^^^^u^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|^HrtMHpBpjgg^|g^||||BJMB*HHHMBi*"""* l "'' l " BIB " H * BBBH>B CLASSIFIED 'L Zlkfl iftttt 0* H Oftto«'D«y TMft* PUbiitlUM •SKt-j-. Bw flVWP pw»«w» *• • ^^ -^~™ —^ m jfail <t RATES * %* Art ^oynin in A* Will. N AM«p»»d AcWfrttt* Wl«h Tt» 4.fiO 0.00 7.IW 0,00 10.00 12.00 13.W lfl.00 For Salt CHOICE »oy benn hay. Good bale* Truck Iood«; Ro«» R. Olll««rt«. 8,00 8.90 4,00 4,60 0,00 5SIFIIP DISPLAY 'Bo per Ineh „„„„ OOa per Ineh ,..„,,, soe p«r inch quot*d abqv* or» for «on- Irtwftlortn. ijrwular if «$!»>•' will t»V« »h« ewMM$; rtrt«, ly cl(H»l(l«(i o«w!l«ft| cwy <KC«pt«<l until » p,*. W on ih» foiiowinq **/. i»H*H*r> r*»»rv« (ha riant lo or «t)lt all advurilMfrwrni of- for nubllcotfen end lo r«l»ei tub- FRED let CRlvo*. Id«n1 for locker boxffd, M ft M Ranch, WnnhlriR ln«ton Highway 4. SO BALBS of hay, t»r|c tnrpBtilln Air compro««or. Odrtu nnd on<l« Phono 7'877fl, 001 Monet. l-3t Minor Loops Get Down to Bonus Issue By JOt fttlOHLftft PHOENIX, Arl*,, <*-Wlth player <Jr»ft finally finished, minor league no* <lo*"» to modi «orlou» builnm of Ine con vontlon UMl»y-~th« vote on Roger*, Camdtn Top Playoff Game By The AuoeUted Pr«i« ,Th« icent for A'rk»n»»i' high ichool football championship* in ClflM AA, A and B grew stronger today. Tho Class Double A champion Jihlp will bo decided tomorrow «ho night at Camtien when Rogers the nod the home town thfl for the title won by Arkansas Cage j Basketball "^ i « . . *"» Bft I Team Picked to Top SWC By LEO H. PETER8EN Wants Nat'l League to Ban TV MY father'* bou»« and 3 loti. Lynn Whlta, NKW"TfviT room modern Clonn In, Atari Inrtfo »lii»a. ferm*. Cnll T. N. 2-.H LUMBEtJ, niusJi, nfr <irl(?U onk, $120,000 by tho majorn. |lil» mind that television is hurting the attendance," declared the Redb.rd boss 24 hours before the start of Notre Dame 80 Crcighton 59 I ^^— ilA 1-. the major league meetings. How- Bowlina Green 92 Hillsdale 48 L.6QQU6 TO cv ^ r to satisfy the skeptics, I Murray <Ky.) <}0 EvantvlUe 79 •* . su ca'est we ban viedo tor one year M^rr" ' Ka ' J M CCntrnl Ban TV £"^0 once and for all P*r,™ 66 Central (Mo.) 49 whether it hurts or helps baseball. Mankato 50 Buonu Vista 49 By JOE REICHLER "Right now." Saigh auded^ Wnshlngtou St. Louis 82 Missouri PHOENIX, An/.. W - President ^R ^ m) agreemtnl ts between NEW YORK (UP) - illinoiv Mines 50 .Fred Saifih of the St Louis Car, - re( , al . dl| . |( , television. The the deforxllnft Big Ten champion,! fc; mp <,ria State 60 Northeastern dinals said today he believed inc. „ j. , s arc go j ng to adopt a Us- twiny wns Riven the Nov. 1 spot Okla. 57 j National League should ban tel- ^r '• at ^ major lea guc in tho United Press 1052-53 pre- JVoria Cats 74 Harnline 57 [vision from nil parks for 19n.) anci. " ••B , > larting F ,.j ( i a y, hoping Oilers 102 Krlly-nynn ieileratc.1 his threat to rwus^m^^ ^ ^ ^ proposed . ' ; tele-/ the Cardi- - «M • MBi0n basketball rntin«*. , Phillips lh« T-mlKht, «,« h«tf o he Cl., Fou( . t< . t . n (>f „,. „ mlls)andint , Nt ,, ',,4 | dubs to telecast inch • home games Oklahoma A&M 55 Now Mexico with St. Loins unless the Cards But « . h( , Arkansas' a share of the TV ^ "There is no question in rp- vision «^ v «. t . . I nan will insist on a pro rate mv share of the TV receipts.' The honuit rule I* «icp*ct«fl to be thw first r<>al Important Item of IcglMiitlon to come b-ifora the to Dninns I'lO ClfiHH H rlimh'T the vlfl»r K"inn t". thi' head of the list for '"'Xt week's 1 tsho'.vdov/n. Tin- KoKPrs-Camdcn tangle will be joined by further HUSH A and «nil cyprtift*. Aldo H-2S Onk 1 club "hr-ndu lodny. Two new .'t>onu« o (,cllon. StuttKnrt m«-et» the i Gum ftultnblo for form UflO.'rillDH will >>« rniiHldifrwl. one pro- denton McOehei Owls for Oak tnn«« iwnt'nnd hrklg' 1 llm- nosed by the Kitnmi.« City cliin, the ol hf. r CIUHK A spot mid K;irle ti.i ;ompany r other by the miijoi -minor execti tlcx AtkiriH tu fill t)»' ''Inns » spot .»t nson, Illi .,,,M v.-as in the No. 2 spot behind Kcnliiclty, which has been harrcd fin.-i. i-liiy thin season because of MCAA rule violations. Kansas State, rated sixth last .<<r.-i."iFi, beat out LaSnlie of Phila- ilrl|jhi;t Ijy six points for the run- in-r-n|i spot in the pre-season bill- t(b)'># BmKot Compan 4-11 MUST «cH Tniadlately, baby bed. urnclicnlly new, nutomnllc wn»h- til*, rcfrlijcrwlor nnd other ItumH of• furniture'. Phono 7-(KMfl. Services Offered 4-Ot present there in i the executive hy OPE STAR LOCAL nnd long dlolunce Howling. Alao local movlnji. Sco Dannie Hamilton or cull 7-3811. N-23-lm MATfJiKKS rcnovntlon un4 Innor- »prln« work. Cobb Muttrenn Co., 310 8. WnBhinaton, Phono 7-2022. N-28-IM tlve rounrll. At no b«nu« rule. Tho propONiil counrll ng«?nl who from n mnjor lc«Kue Club hliihfi- than U or lower, tmcomun " I'liium playi-r If nlgned hy tho mdjom, In- must fcminitt Ihcro two yciim. If sl«m-d hy n minor. lcn«ue club, hu cannot <; Th( , " t;ivi , n K . ltr .. lK KlaU . rivo ,1,.,^ |)lncfi team votes 10 Seniors on Ail-American Selection By LEO H. PETERSEN NKW YORK, i. UP i—The United Press today presents its l!). r >2 All- ihnn $4,000 club or p rnculliHJ «nd bcconu-a to draft at the end of the flnl Wallace Looks d Little Like Louis Did DETROIT. Wi — Coley Wallace! ! iind :\ total of 22U points: LnSnllc' America football team, the 11 col- i I ;n| 11 first place votes and 222 leyt: player;; chosen as the best in ' |j.,MiK j the land by 2(10 sports writers and If Hie coaches are correct in their broadcasters from all .sections n riitinus, the ll)f>2-f>3 con- 1 the nation. of Make our si-ore your store for all your grocery needs. For that Fruit Cake, we have the ingredients. Also candy, nuts & fruit. Be sure you see us before you buy. Large Box 28c h n"n-'.' champions \vill \H-.: Hu; Ten — Illinois. IliK Seven '— Kansas SUite. I'.icii'ic Coast — Washington. Soul hern — North Carolina State Missouri Valley —• Oklahoma A liiokft like- .'oo . M«B«lln« W. Hoimtr, M««h. lupl. Advtrlliln« irtj>1l«m Rotes (ttayoUlt In ««< Notice IF YOU w7nt~io"~~drlnk, that'w your fctmfnoHH. It you wont to quit, thnt'* our btinlnomt, Aloo- liOlk'0 AnonymoUK, P. O, Box SOft. N-lB-lm W)MHiiowTht'0ugh Oorcmbitr 20. I nm tnltlns orttors for fronh to- conut nnd Jnm etikus for ClirlHl- mim. Phono 7-4im, Mm, .Milton Mil Tho proposal al»o pnlii Into th« rule, provldlnis for n Mtlff; fine ami powlblo mmpenalon of Louis. And he ends •>'"' M .his fl«ht« In Joe Louis style. H.itj Skyline - Wyoming, teethj („ Between the start and the fln-j Colt, 1 }' doesn't always flyht in Store. For Rant W^UHN'is'ilKn lu>im«». ft roonm omt brftlt SlV W. Third, J. W, lit Pnttcriton'M Shoo 20-llt •t room iipiirUncnt for cmipli', CloHO In, Cull V-i!OflU nfloi- I t>.m, IS-JU 3 1100M unfurnltilii'd duplex npurt- trtfnt, Seo Chwter Hunt, 1117 W. Oth Strcnl. , , 3-:u FURNIsiilCD nnlirUtTpnV. 2 'l»r«i« with private bntb niul Lnrtjtt closetti and re- li'Uorntov, HOI SI. Main. Phono HIP guilty nprty, The City propoi"»t I" on "'" '" rn " principle except thnt It rnlsr-; the nuijor lottKim limit to $ii,noo and provldws for a Inrger fine and lon«f*r periods of suspi-riMon, The uxocutlvo council proposal seem wl to b« more w, fnvor. The minor* havel>ocbnio Inerwas- dlnlurbfd In recent years by WM leiiKiio clubH .' pultlrlK slur )>lnyor« out of their furm teams In mid »oo»onit under the 2-1-hour focnlt ruio. The- Coiumtnva club of the Amor ieitn Assoolnttoti, 'ii SI, Louis Car dlird farm, ask^i Hint nn Fein down on iiptloii bn unlit the end Of the ieaHOn. It nppenri'il that the mujor-mln- or executive council version that not n July ai limit for recalls had mom chiiuco of winnlni!- Fights Last Night DKTH01T—Coloy Wullncc, lOfl. New Yurk, stopped Hob Duislap, 177, Suit Lnko City, 8, the I.ouls pattei'M. For Instance, hist niidit the lOfl- pound Wallace dropped 177-pound Bo') Dunlap for a count of olKlit in the first round and stopped Mm at -ll! seconds of tin- sixth round with a fla.ihini? ritfht to the head. Hut in between, Wallace was nevri a.i hungry, never as sliilkinu :i* t'ne urciit hcavyweicht t-luimplon of former years. In fact, the hloodspattered nun- lap jarred Wallace with constant loft.i to the body and head In lh< They selected as the country's finest: i Knds—Dernie Flowers of Purdue and Frank McPheo of Princeton. | Tackled—Dick Mod/telew.ski of Maryland and Hal Miller of Gcor Hia Tech. j Guards — Klmcr Williioite of Southern California and John Michels of Tftinesscf. j Center—Down Moomaw of UCLA. Backs—Billy Vessels of Oklahoma, Jack Scarbath of Maryland, Leading Independent — LaSalle.i J»h» Laltner of Notre Dame and , Donald McAuliffo ot Michigan | State-. A!l are seniors except Laltncr, who is a junior. None are repeal- ers from last year's All-America which was made up exclusively of seniors, but McPhee was named to the- second team in 1951 and Moomaw to the third. Mrs, Tucker Shortening 3 Pound Carton Southwest — Arkansas, ivy — Princeton. Southeastern — Louisiana Stall or Vandcrbllt. Boi-dor — Texas Tech. Officer Slayer Found Sane TOKYO, (UP)~An army medi c;il board reported today that Mrs Dorothy Smith, daughter of a Ken eral, was sane the nijjht she fatal- loft* to the body ami head in th.jl , slnbbl , d ,,,,,. officer husband and sm-ond of their nnt.onally-televised |s ,.,„„ tunl l() sl . UK , t| . i;ll f()1 . mu ,.. w ill 9, Teiw., 805 Texoi ' illo. 3, T»HQ»J 360 N, Cljleouo I, III.; «0 K. Y<irt( "»«>N, V.) 1/63 ,, Ottrolt J, Mich!; , Oklahoma City 3, Pf«M! Pfiw li •nntlod «c u»» for itpublicotion ntwt pflnt<Kl In thli v«ll eii pll 'AP n«wi 1 Study Count ROOM unfurnished nphrlincnt. Dntli, Dock titul front entrnuocH. Gteupli* profeiTvd, Close-in, Phon« t-IWt)7. 4-81 fighl. And he fought Wallace on even kirms through the third, fourth and fifth rounds. Then ciime the cuddcn cud as Dunlap reeled toj the floor with blood pourlnr. (lllt of his nose nnd mouth. Hefercc Lou Handler waved his linns to signal mi end to the finl'1. which was watched by 1.-1-I7 fans, some of whom paid u total of $2,0(10.00. The status of U-l-ycar-old Wallace in the heavyweight ranks wan lifted a Hull- by tlu> victory. Wai knocked out 14 of in pel der. ' The board of officers found Mrs. i Smith, -10, was "able to distinguish | rit'ht from wrong and able to adhere to the right" when she plunged a knii'e into her husband's side the night of Oct. .'i. GODCHAUX SUGAR Bag 93C PRINCESS CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES 49c Chilli & Spaghetti 16 Oz. can 27c Bleak Winter Faced by State Farmers By HAROLD HART LITTLE ROCK W _ U might be| |0 long, cold winter for Arkansas ' farmers. The Department of Agriculture »made the livestock feed picture, <'bleaker this week when it said J ""al funds for subsidizing ship-' of hay to drouth-hit farmers about exhausted. More than I tons of hay have been on! for Arkansas, but only about j ) tons havc been delivered. ' JP .All this ajjain points up the do [.' sirability of irrigation systems in I providing pasturage. At least fourj I'KUpplemcnlal irrigation systems' were put down in the I.oa'chvillc| area of north Missii-sip.'i County, 1 this year. The action resulted from, irrigation field demonstrations ar-j ranged by the Agriculture Exten-| sion Service and County Agent' Keith Rilbrey. ' I Earl Wildy had ,'ifl head of hoof, scows, their calves and 50 head of; hogs gracing on ,'iO acres of irri| gated pasture during the- drouth. | From May until October the, cat-, lie were not foci tiny feed other, than the pasture and v.ore report-1 ed to bn in excellent shape the last week in October. The pasture had in acres of .sweet Sudan grass and 20 acres of fescue, Ladino and White clover. HOU STAK, HOM, ARKANSAS PRESCOTT NEWS jnnd Mrs. 'O. Q. Hirst nnd'other relatives. Mrs. V. 1. Worthnm and Mlsa --— . Dorothy Wortham of Gurdon were Thursday, December 4 \ Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. program chairman, was assisted !•••• lj - Buchanan. by Mrs. O. W. Watkins, Mrs. Joe ; R. Hamilton and Mrs. Vernon Fove M <". and Mrs. A. M. Rettlfl had Refreshments were served by as tl ' iCir suests Mr. and Mrs. Bill The WCTtt will meet Thursday afternoon at 2:30 in the home of Mrs. Jack Cooper. The choir of the Presbyterian Church will meet Thursday evening at 7:15 for practice. Mrs. Dalrymple. . . RettiR and Suzanne of Tesarhann. „.. ,. „ Mrs. Dwight Blake of Minden, ~ ,,'• McCnskill. Arthur Nelson, La. who attended the Oolden Wed- C.ilbert duchanan. Ethel nemis, ding celebration for Mr. and Mrs. Mary Lou Thomas. Harley Cox, Curl McDnntel in Arkndelphla on odney Hamilton. Jr.. Wan-en Kin Sunday, visited Present! ' " .. December b 'i The WMU of the First Baptist'„,,, .. .,. , , Church will meet on Friday morn- noy , H '? nillton : Jr " Wan-en Km Sunday, visile ing at 10:30 in the home of Mrs ' " 0>n ,. Pi .' 1 '''ore have returned enrnute home. Watson White. Jr.. for an nll-dnv' 1 " Ulc . U ' Ol A - f«.vt>tteville. after Jtic(\tJ«\ of steel tra R»atly relflxert on Jan, 1 and that controlled allot* ments ot the metal to civilian In- dustrie* be end«d April 1. MANY DEaCBNOANfa SPHINGfeALE I* - Mrs. Mar- gnret E. Cloer, 92, who died hero Ia«t night, survived all of her children expect one, a son, Frank Cloer of Lake View, Ore. But the number of her other sur- vlv'oi-s reads like n niultipllcntlon table. She left 14 grandchildren, 49 tf;it Rt-andehlldrrn nnd 11 Rrcnt- Rreat |irundchildr<<n. Watson White, Jr., for an all-dnj- l "?. U ' Ol A - ^"M'ttevllle. after 1 Tn ; meeting to observe a season ot ; M1< ' nt1m K lh(1 holidays with rela-j Miss Hosana Langley, student nt called prayer for foreign missions. ' ' os "" fl-Il 'nds. I Hardin-Simmons University, Abi'-l ----- In Rritain nutomobilc parts nre prayer for foreign missions. Ava Lou Garrctt Honored Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Garrett hon- Society Continutd from Pago Three In Gurdcm Mr. and Kir*. K« O. Hamilton will ipend f*tld«y and Snturdny in Little Rock and will attend "South Pnclflc" Prldny night. Hospital Notes ir<tnch , Wlttlo B(?ckw6r- th, Hope, m. 9, Dischnritoi): Mrs. Bill Morton, of Hope . black. is tfarfc fei-owrt, no\ daughtor, Ava Lou, !; 1IH '' n« c.,i..,.,!„,. „[ «lr. and Mrs. ,1. H. Bemis and fam ilv. ored their with a party on Saturday afternoon in celebration of her 12th birthday anniversary. After the gifts were opened tho guests Nancy Buchanan, Nancy Lewis, Ginger Cruse, lyda Lou Mr. ,,nd Mr*. Frank Simpson have returned to their home in (.'iiu-innati, Ohio, nftor n visit with , ! fiu\ Texas spent the holidays wlt.i Mr " nnd Mrs ' J " "' OPEN MtltlHG Alcoholic Anonymous CITY HALL DEC, 6th, 8 p.m. ^^W^A^t^^ niren Goes Away. K«>v. and Mrs. W. G. Bonsborfi Controls to Stay Until January " \\LTO Siindiiy evening ciinnor guests j tion • WASHINGTON, 1,11 - Moblllzn- ( ,f and Mrs. G. J. Hensberg — — * * «*..-" ^, ( i>i i u IKI \l rs L. i I I * Sharp Annette Sharp Barbara Mo ; in ranulen. ^.' Reniber,; spoKo berg Amelia Harrell and Wanda , ;lt Uu , Centenn.al of the Presbvter- Huskey were mvitcd into the dm-1 iiln C hu,eh (here. He is one of the H. Fowler de- ing room where the rcfrcs^nt I ^ , " U h t elm . H T ,/ , -,' , 8 " U1 U woilld bp " n « rnvo table was covered with a lace! he ' L ' . ' ' °! J** .../'T' f ' "I 1 ! 1 '?. 14 ! 1 . l " ^''"P price, wage and dared todnj. that controls \vlll Stay in force as -Ring ; ,s the Triimah ad- mimstratiim is In power. lie said it would be "a grnvo ministry. Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Golden Cream Style CORN 2-303 cans Pound his 111 opponents. However he lias been stopped twice himself, most recently by Jimmy Hivins. Wallace t!ot 2f> per cent of II 1 . 3 net receipts and Dunlap 20. Each t;ot $1'..0()0 for television riuhts. PHOTO FINISH WICHITA FALLS, Tex. (UP) — Mr. and Mrs. Nat Hopkins of RaU- ersl'iekl, Calif., visited their son here and then decided to look up an uncle. They tried to loc'atoj him by telephone and by traveling through the city on foot without success. Durinj! their search a street photographer snapped their picture. To-j day thoy had the picture and | •landing two feet from them in the jicture was the mis.sinM imcle. Lost WHITE «nd blitfk tlcKod •etittr. Frank W«Uor». •l-3t PR your " * p i, school at CAH key* In Nunn-McDowcll holder, Miniature license plulo number IBY-autl, Photiu 7-:'«3U or 7-3471. tufnlihed, Amorloftit , Fort tMtwim ISHOP as 4 »M^oaV llko now HOE SHOP Phone t-4SW a.ti Wonted 4-.1t DKP1SNDAI1LK white Indy to keep houao for couplu lit Nevada County. Must live in homo, For information call Hopc-7-232a; or I'ry»uott 1U2-J, 4-3t CHAPTER SIXTEEN OAVfO was auddenly very eager that Kmlly ahould know ho was telling the truth, that glad aa he WM to find her alone, oho ahould not believe he h»d deliberately elected to call on an evening when ho Know her huaband would bo absent, Tho feeling was ao strong that he could not re*)*t tho impulse tho reasons why I thought so— probably you can tnalte a pretty fair gvicas, when It cornea to that. I don't think It's necessary for me to explain what 1 mean by 'lovemaking,' either. That's beyond the point anyway. The point is, f was mistaken In what I said. I found 1 couldn't," "You mean you found you didn't Stole Highway Employe Killed JUTTU5 ROCK, Wft—Hulon En- pyvxon, 4U-ye«iM>ld mochnnlc for the stuto Hluhwuy WUH crviRhvnl to donU\ yostai'dny by » rmvway :-:il««<or''«i nttWby Jack- sonvlllo, Kpperaon. ot MorvlHon, wna (wind lyln« in tho ynrd of tho (tepnrtnieni «lwps «(tor a truetor he hnd been Ui-lvlnu w»» socu run- to pvit It into lf Vou bellevo rae. Uon't you Bmllyt" "Yea, I bellovo you," »Uo said rather hoaiUntly. "You don't «o\ind (« If you did." "Well then, I Iwllevo you Uldn't nmko R point of coming when you knew Hoger wouldn't be here, be- cnimo, If that haa tjcen what you wanted, you'd,havo done U long ago." "I see. And I think your reason. Ing'a very logicdl, KinUy. I'm not In the lenal offended by It." "I'm very want to." Shu was speaking scornfully &WARDUWS EB5-BCC hluhwnj' Dtjprtrtment tn»n sftld Ki>por«oiv «»parontly fell bonenUi tho vehicle. Survivors tnetudo th* widow, a ami sun. 148 CAIUAUTIS* WASlUNaTON, Dapavtmtnt unlay ,W«nUlted WWHIe* ot xlw Korwm T»M» how U»t ,No. 705 M ktU«4, 114 sVtivuvded. four M Ui »cel4ettt». »nd two 145 , c«in U« <wn\pl«tely ulncare, too. Etnlly. though you may tlnd that hftnler to believe. And I'm Kolng to bo, 1 didn't deliberately choose an evening when I knew I'd find you alone; but t have, hoped there would ba one, aonveUmo before 1 went away, because I wanted to have a talk with you, and U Un't tho kind ot talk to have In the wrcatmeo ot a third person. Any third perron," "You. m$an called A heart-to-heart tallif" "KxacOy. In a very literal "Do you think Ihen'ii any roa aon Why ' and I ahould have 1 do, I thought to before, and the way you ask that question mattH me a good deal surer of it I don't want to leave Boston feel- Ing there'* any $}iaunder«tandinf between us." "What makes you think there ur "I don't (Mute there ta. I there Uu minute," now anil, onco inpro, she miule a sllgnt movement, as If she were about to leave him. AK"ln the swiftness anil sincerity with which only a he spoke deterred her. love." "1 want you to get this absolutely stralKht, Emily. I didn't want to, the night of the storm. You're right, that fnr. 1 didn't want lo take lulvunlugc ot u series ot circumstances HUo your accident and Koger's departure und a banging doo^ to aluge tho set- sdyeuturi).' It a gi)orlou!) 'adventure imSer those conditions. Can't you see that?" She turned her head away and, for tho first time, he leaned forward and reached for her hand. She did not draw tt away, but there was no responsive pressure as he took it In his. "Can't you ?" he persisted. "Don't say ye*, If you can't; but don't say no, either, if you don't mean It." He had to watt for his answer, but when It came, tt was tho answer he wanted. "Yes," she said at last, "yen. I see that. I didn't before, but I do now." "And don't you feel better, since you do understand T" She looked up nt him with the same startled expression that had narked her greeting and drew a quick breath. But she did not try ;o free her hand. "It wasn't love before," he went on with convincing earnestness. "It was strong mutual attraction at first and then—we're going to be absolutely honest with each other, aren't we ? — it was something much more powerful and passionate than thnt. Something that's a normal and vital part of lovo between a man and a woman. But only a part. By itself, it isn't really STILL CELEBRATING I.1F.TROIT lUP) — Record's ilfcc 1'mil K. Krause asked Aubi-i-y Adkins, 2."), "Why were you drunk'. 1 " ••Just celebrating Retting out -of the Army," Adkins said. "When did yon fU't out?" •Last July," Adkins replied. •Ten dollars or 30 days.' Next case " STAR KI5T TUNA FISH Can *LT!r G Green Label *A Th R final results appaiently arc-•fn on damage from forest fires which raced through valuable Ar kansas timberlands this summer and fall. J. B. Dahl, of the United States Sweet Garden Peas 3 - 303 cans GERBER'S Baby Food 6 Cans 49C Green Lima Beans 2 - 303 cans BAMA PURE Apple Jelly 120z Glasses Legal Notice NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OK No. 845 William Edward Monroe, deceased Last known address ot decedent: H. F. D. No. 1, Hope, Arkansas Date of Death: November 3, 1952 The undersigned was appointed administratrix of the estate of the above-named decedent on the 3rd day of December. 1952. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit thorn, duly verifie.-'., lo the undersigned within six months- from tho date of the \.l^1VCll,\4 »».u ..W.,, •"* . •ally began to lovo first publication of this notice, 01 ,,-r'nc mv. fenlino- they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published 4th day of December, 1952. Mrs. W. K. Monroe (Administratrix* R. F. U. No. 1, Hope, Arkansas Dec. 4. II. 18, 26 EVANGELINE BARBECUE SAUCE 15c Pineapple Juice 46 Oz. Can 3k 5i Oz. Bottle PET and CARNATION "No, I suppose not," Emily said In n low voice. "Don't inisimiJerstnnd mo now, either. When t rea you, that vital part of my feeling for you didn't disappear. Nothing's le opened to weaken it. But it .ook its natural pla.ce. among all tho other Clements (.hat'.m^ke up And' when it did that, I realized wo mustn't let our strong mutual attraction get out ot hand. 1 realized how you'd feel—afterward. How I'd feel afterward, if I knew you were weighted down by a sense ot guilt on account of me. 1 couldn't bring shame and suffering to you, Emily. And you. would have been ashamed, you would havo suffered," "Yes," Emily said, almost in n whisper. "So—I take back what I told Large Cans The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring items to Miss Turner at Hicks Funeral Home There will be a fish fry in tho basement of Bee-Bee Memorial C. M. E. church Saturday night, Dee. li. The public is invited. » • The "Ought to Give" club will iiavt- its installation service 1 Sunday night, Dec. 7, .ut UeeBce Memorial CME church. The public is invited. Sliced, Pineapple 2 - No. 2 cans A Pro-Christmas party will be given at the homo of Mrs. Sarah Hamilton Friday. Dec. 19, sponsored by the "Ought to Give" club. The public is invited. . ,. „ —, --mi- niiiiisiry. ,\ir. iinct Mrs cloth. Green candles m crystal Lo K nn. Mr. ;,nd Mrs T K lTnl/-li*..c. n^.^l.^J *U_ 1 u:..n-.l.... I «...-> ...I.T. A. l.,, ^ ana MISS Julia I.ognn also attuml- cd the service. -.N.*. ...«. V .I..,.11 ^tii\ua ut-»_»»i un_-n [ .Mrs. [• lorence Ambrose? has rein green and white were served j turned from a two weeks stay in with ice cream. | McAlister, Okla., ' ' ' " A matinee party was enjoyed at land friends, the Nevada theater. | holders flanked- the red birthday cakc in white and green and top- I )ot ' with 12 white candles carrying out the Christmas theme. Red individual cakes decorated Woman's Association Meets Mrs. Gladys Schewing and Mrs ' ~ ~ production controls now. Such n decision, fowler said, would "Core- close decisions that can be better matin, later." Tho mobili/er said the decision represents his personal view, but It would lake n public repudiation with relatives ^ llcP ;. CSllU " 11 Truinnn to « Iter thc Fowler said that retaining controls follows the (jpnernl thinking line of the administration. Thus, he put (lie quietus on re- - - Paul DeClary and daughter, who Thus hp nut n, • . The Woman's Association of the'have been the j-ucsts of Mrs. Lee' Dor £ c ( rcul in, f qU ,u First Presbyterian Church met on , Montgomery have returned to their, d, v c m'oV- « , * \; , , Monday afternoon at the church for; home in Pkiqnemino La inVric.- V' , 'I 1 ' Ma y ba , nk the December meeting with ten! I P.f •^•'^" d «« M«d information members present. ; Miss LilHc Butcher had as her "delo IT w ?e, f" 6 -" P "" The president, Mrs. Carl Dairy m | week end guests Miss Velma Hum r( \\™ , \[ w Co" L L« P^nvn" tn nnnnnrl (Un ,,,,,«lt M J ,,1, i n T >|. .. , - . "•"'• ""- H<-W 1-OliyiCSS COnVlinCS 11 . . pie, opened the meeting and con-; phrey, Mrs. Aliee Humphrey, John ducted the business. \ and Henry Cook of Ft.'smitli. The progmm consisted in thcv keeping of the Advent Tryst. A 1 Miss Stella Harper of Brookhaven ^FowVer'aTso overruled tho stcol .. ...... month from today. Dwiylit Eisen. - hower will bo sworn in as president Jan. 20. Forest Service, snys clamage amounted to nearly $2 million. There were 1,456 fires covering 193,000 acres until recently. The younger trees probably will be 100 per cent lost, says Dahl. and the older ones from 2") to 100 per cent lost. Baxter County has found a new agriculture industry — Broiler production. Chickens are being raised all over the place and County Agent Bob Talbcrt says production almost doubled the past year despite a market slump. The 1951 production of broilers totaled about 654,000. That figure shot up to 1,022,000 this year, an increases of 64 per cent. HEWftJ Select His Gift dt Rephon's*) For both men in your ISfe! Spaghetti & Meat Balls 2 - 16 oz. cans MIRACLE WHIP SALAD DRESSING Quart 49c TISSUE DIAMOND BRAND Rolls 15c AUNT JEMIMA MEAL 5 Lb. Bag 42c 10 si 78c Legal Notice I'm »ur*r ot U every WANTED 5000 TELEPHONE Urxgth* 20 to 45 fe»». f» prices Again Rmlly did not answer, David saw that, after ail, it would be necessary tor him to plunge into hl» subject. "1 told you once, Kuilly, teat sometime I was going to maV« love to you again, really make ton to yw, and ttutt you'd like It," "I'm mrry, tot tt you start talking that way to me, David, I'll have to go into the house, i can't uer* and listen lo you. " »n v t go into Uxe Please sM.y and Uatw to ft*I'm going to aay U terrtoly, ImwMtaat, to both at u*,* » u ltf Ul» UOa," hft wk, wiling upon tow h**lt»Uon. "i did wt*t i MM WMA I lobt you Again she hesitated, but it was obvious that the hesitation was occasioned because she was turning the question over In her mind and not because she was trying to evade the issue. Then She looked up at Him. "Yes," she said, with a note In her Voice that was very like surprise, "yes, I do feel better, I suppose—well, I suppose my prld« was hurt when you left me the, way you did. You'd told me you wanted me and I believed you; and then when I realised you didn't —t|*t you didnt want to enough to take advantage of a situation like that one. I couldn't help thlnk- Utf ... But I do feel better, David, 1 do understand your viewpoint mow. However, you stlU haven't explained—" "I'm going to. I c«n't explain more than one thing at a time. But after that night on Hollyhock Hill, L began trying to UUnk things through, I myself didnt understand very weft* at first, why I'd Instinctively acted the way I had and I wanted to find out, t aUo wanted to And out what—well, wfcat Uw whole score was, I think I've <tone U. but iff b»en a long sjowpig.ce** And e o*rd OM. ~ you before. I'm not going to make love to you. You wouldn't have been glad to have me—that Is, not for long. I'm saying something else Instead. I can't go away with out saying that, either. I'm saying that I love you. I think I have i right to tell you that, I don't thinl I'd have a right not to tell you. I things had been different, if the WHOLESUN ORANGE JUICE 2 6 Oz. Cans 29c PRODUCE DEPT. TANANAS 2m Pounds ever could be different. Bu they aren't. They can't be, Prob ably it's better that they shouldn be, Roger's a great guy. Yo knew that when you married hin You still know It. He's your kind He's worth ten of me. An that's all I wanted to tell you be fore 1 went away. Good-by, Emily He raised the hand he had bee holding to his lips and then he re leased it quickly and walked ra Idly toward the garden gate. A he was lifting the latch, he, turne tnd Emily knew that if she hac teld out her arms to him then he would have come back, that he would not have been able to help it. But instead ot holding out her arms, abe bowed her head. She wanted to be sure he would not see the yearning in her face. She did not think he could, in the dim light, but she had to be certain. She heard .htm say, ^Qood-by, Kmily," again and this time she thought he added. "Good-by, darl- " But she was not sure, and did, he was already ball outside the gats. Then h« wa» gone. LEGAL NOTICE All owners of real property with in the following described territory: Tracts 10F4, IOB'5. 10F6 and 10F7; und all that portion of tract 11F1 that lies East of South Walker Street and North of the Hope High School Football Stadium all according to the revised and official map of the City of Hope, Arkansas, filed for record on the 15th day of March, 1949, in the City of Hope; are hereby notified that a petition has been filed with the City Clerk of the City ot Hope, purporting to be signed by' two-thirds in value of the owners of real property within said territory, which petition prays that •i local improvement district be formed embracing said territory, for the purpose of paving with bituminous surfacing all of the following streets': East Sixteenth Street from the east boundary line of South Walker Street to the West boundary line of South Edgewood Street. And that the cost thereof be assessed and charged upon the reel property above described. All owners of real property within said territory are advised that said petition will be heard at the meeting af the City Council lo be held at thc lour of t P. M-, on the 16th day of December, 1952. and that at the said meeting said council will de- '-ernxine whether those signing the jctition constitute two-thirds in value of such owners of real property: and at said meeting all owners of rty within said territory will b« heard upon the Mrs. Ch.a»: F Reyuerson 19 PINK Grapefruit 2 For 19C FLORIDA ORANGES Full of O7r Juice Bog *»i V FRESH GREEN CABBAGE Pound RED POTATOES 1 ^ Pound IU Mesh Bag FRESH Turnips - Tops 2 Large Bunches MEAT DEPT. \ ••*£ IALS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY WILLIAMS BUSY BEE GROCERY & MARKET 111 East Division Street ^ Large PET MILK Cans Limit 4 Cans 4 Si 1 25c Limit 4 Cans LIBBY'S YELLOW CREAM HOMEGROWN FRYERS 57c Sn 3 ° 3 '17C 2 cans .... 33c Pound TALL KORN BACON 45c Pound FRANKS 49c 1 Pound Package SUN VALLEY OLEO • HORMELS SPAM Buy yiO- Now H-ZC Limit 2 Cans HILLCREST V 4 's OLEO 2 p o 39c Limit 2 Pkgs. NO. 1 RED POTATOES 46c Limit 20 Lbs. Fresh Shipment of that- Good HOME QUEEN FLOUR Wooden Barrels and Cloth Bags IN MY MARKET "CALL ME BUTCH" | U. S. Graded DETCC Df\ACT CHUCK or RIB Lb. OO- PCCr IXVJAJ I Choice heavy calves OVC Pounds 41c Half or Whole CURED HAMS Lb. 55c [EXTRA SPECIAL • [STEAK T-BONE or SIRLOIN Lb. 59c PRICK FOR FRIDAY 7tli and SATURDAY 8th BBB Super Market Bird eye Frozen Food Dcal&t N'T MISS THIS ROUND STEAK Lb. 69c TALL KORN SLICED BACON (Limit 2 Pounds) Lb. 43c The CATFISH and BUFFALO FISH that I sell today slept last night in take Providence Boy, Identify Specials by the Orange Streamer WE DELIVER ORDERS OVER $2*50 Wione 7*4551 1111, Divif ion St, These prices effective December 4th, 5th and 6th. fe$ • Mx -—^^ the white shirt with the GUARANTEED Airplane Cloth (Collar Now for father and sen — the famous Wings shirt that carries a,Life Guarantee Policy! If the 2 x 2 airplqne cloth collar doesn't outlive the shirt, we'll give yoy a new shirt free. 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