Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1952
Page 6
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tes OX ,*l«et.Fim» t« m *ifli<.. f of the N« I bell. »» jmn M-iftdfctfr.^1** vWnWTinTl „._. .jinvhfM it a it ot iMom* ttx lfl,MjH£to iff. flfi Wo tii«t* [WW W, J '?» , in. It wnpvr Rtftih Hll* inc»m» COlltCUtd lifitil, InftludlDK Arkwv tttti* . tn» problem of « WdWJlOtl, Dual «d .would, Bt <>Hmi/!jitW MW «oit» would b "»trte**^u WoWtiM would tt A.Unlfotm *itff, the tittnpttuion w wrnov . »>r*c»dfciu tor, i 4 t«i hnv« tot nvtti-nl • p«(H rt inn ro- *at«i with K«i>i uniti or . , ot *«dnrsl ' "stottfr, II d«tln«d ltBto« by fedorBl tax** 'f 4 'ttWf'< 1 fcl_;<rtir 'OWtt Itftto U aitflcult tc rout the to Mrpy tfo (ho ttnttf Itor tho »d'i»tid back to MOM STAR, HOM, A K K A N » A S* Undecided Continued from P«i« On« thftt Durkln'n nomljtstlwi tw r«i to the SrniAte Ulwr and M)U cation eommlttei* for dlncuMlrm Or •wtlmony *« to hi* fltnrxn for of flea. Tuft la expected to be chtlr man of that eomml((#« in the fl.lr-l The unifll Innuffttral day (Stir* In f*r n new Pre» Went to bo nwom at lit noon rm thr» «>a*t «t«p« of tho Cnpitoi, Th« fienntft rneon v«ne« flt 2 p, rt,, to rocfflvf from tho n«w President hi* csblnel nom ' Whon All If iwwtnwm And nomlrtfltlonii uro confirmed In R m*t(«r <ff minute* without r»ffrrnici» In eommltt«en. Thnt IK ert by unnnlmou* cim»eti (mupmidlng tho rnlcn requiring re- oronot to (!ommitt*p«, A »lngli> lenntor con tnlk any unanlmotm con^rnt prdroedlng, The SenslB th«>n co«ld volo Whether to miipend the niln», n twothlrdi majority IwliiR Mcrmtaty te do in, Tho int« Son, Jflmui Cmixoni, rniHIoh.) *t»ll«rt conflr of tho rioonevolt cnljlnet 20 jmnrt BUO. but only for o f*w mo ixrnn withdrew Mt objnc tlonn and Ui» cimflrmntknin pro onodfd. IJut hn (stopped the pro Cfldurti dead until ho relrntod, A TlppubllcBn Sfinnlo rrjoclpd on (A Proflldnnt Coolldgp'N cabinet nomlnnlbnii, Di«rl<i* B, Wnrrcn of lor oUorncy ««in»rnl. of VtHD'n find Pronlilent Tru cablniil nominees hnvtt bflmi onrofully oVninlMi^l by fifnnto com beforo conflrmntlon, may axnmlrio Durkln In committee, 6ut Toft probably could not prevent til* • confirmation. Pew Republican nenntorn would fallow him on (tint ond fmv Domocrnt* wbilld vote BHnlnxt u follow Demo ci'flt for « *|>ot In n Republican cabinet. Grandma Bank Continued from fngo One tlit-n that hi* fomuln trapping worn (Uncovered, The clothe* were tnten to the lico iitntloii whoro. C«pt. Dldlon reported, thoy worn found to be a "period fit" for «randp«. Dldlon Rtild llunhi'n, who rcfinitul to talk About tho clothe*, WUB of alight MulM. with' soft fenttirtJH thnt could i;anlly bo ullllm! fur nl SU.80-23,2n; olliwin not »»tab lllhod. Nowt Brl«fi Oy Unlttd Pf«tt LITTER nOCK <UP) — Hunting claimed Another human victim In Arkfln»n» yo»torday with th« donth M Hnrl#« tlo««*tt, 24, of Cain. Ark, CloiiffU dlcKl M » loenl ho*pU«t At lh« rnwult of n hulUt wound f,uHerft\ Monday while hunting' with hi* «l»tpr, nulh, 19, in th<* wood* near Cnia. Mlin Oofnott told police h«;r hro- th«r won ohot In the t«mplt» when h»» «1ropp*d tho butt of hid rlfl.- too hrird oKofn»t the «rmind and tho mm was dli«hnr«fd OOMOti In mirvlvfd by n wife and four chlldrun. L1TTT.K HOCK (UP) — Tho Ar- knufiti* slntf crop ^porting norv- leo ioAny dlicloxptl ihnt livestock 1 uct'ountwl fpr 30 per cr-nt of HUM Moto'n fnrm cn»h receipts In Iftol.i The BKt'ti«y maid tlu- Sfl per cent' flfiitre rompnrwl to 33 per cont In! inso, n totnl of no per rent In' MHO, nnrt only 2(1 per mil of ea»h rocflptd In 1030, Tim number of b«-<«f row* on Ar- '.<atun» tttrmn Iner^nswl 7fl per cent from IfMB to |Bfi2 — thf hljihost rmc of IncM'nso of jmy *t«t(< in the; nndnn. ^ j Th« Incrpftkc for the rounlry nn' a whof« wai about 30 per cent. LITTLE ROCK (UP) ~ The Ark*n*«* Power ft Light company to- <lfty wan authrtrlwd to lncri?B»o »« mien to oil wftll pumping flrm». The »(t\f public service romml.1- •ten authorized the 'following rotes «ff»;ct»vi> Dec. I: Flrnt year figure*, with corrn- apon^llni urcond year rnte* In pa- Tt-nlh*-*** -. $280 ($3.lOt for thp first 1,000 v/ntu, nnd ll.flO (11,05); for nil aclclitlonnl power. Scvw! mill? (7.5) per kllowfttl hour forj flr»t .10,000 kll<,wntt bourn, nn<l 5 sj rnllld (»|x) pot- kilowatt hour for' nil iidditlonnl power. i trrn.E ROCK «i;p> — GOV.. ; elrct nnd Mr*. Francis Cl.,fi- ( y' V/f-rf i-nrotitr> to New Vurk Cltyi lodtiy to nttcnrl n in/'ftlnK of the Nntfonnl AflHodntlon or ,Mnriiifn<>- : ' Icy Highways Leave Four Dead in U. S. By Unlt«d Prett Highway* remained teacherous! ribbon* of Ice in tho upper Mifl- Writ today after ttccMnnix an-' r-rtimtivl for fit least four Heaths; iirvl nix injuries yesterday. j Frccv.lns firlzzlns in Northern' l«v,r.;i, Southwest Wisconsin. South: erri MlnnciMtn nrtd Northeast Min- ni'sotti were expected to tidd to the r.JiMrd of ronds turned into slab's n1 !'•'• by melted xnnw. ! , .Indue (.'hrrry l-t xrhedulrd *p"«k lit thtr N.A.M. c.mveiuion. The cnuplc jiro cx[n-r)fi| tn turn to I.lttlf Hock sometime ne week, when Cherry IK expected tllkp up bticlRettiry iriiitters the^ Arkiinsnn l.etjiRintlve Coun The connell, In rfcoss now Cherry'H ri-cpmat, v.'ill reconv Dec. II to continue Hi hcnrlnKFt budget reiiommftid.'ition.'i tn prc.si tn tho 111.1:1 Arkiiririii.-i LeKlMUitu to died In Wisconsin.' LIU.- MI Indlunn and one in North M.-ik(it;i when their cars and trucks 1 •vi'.'iTed (.•rr./ily on «lii/od sur- il. :it : ne i on .M.-iti- Maintenance Engineer .l.:'iii McMcfkln saitl that roads <.MT<- "very Icy" iri Nebrasltn aid v/iirru'd that chains were Inrffnct- Klscv/hcro in tho nation a 400- v/idi- hand of precipitation K'in-d today from Central Ar; is northward to the Canadian were expected in north- western Oregon and along the! Washington coast. Scattered snowj f|yries were sten for the Rock- .' fes. j Clear to partly couldy skies were; promised in other portions of the \ notion. j Temperatures today were fore-i calit to range from the high 60«i along the ullvery beaches of the| ijulf to the 30s and 40s In the Mississippi Valley. Highs in the 20s and low .TOs were expected in the Northern Plains. ! The; mercury hovered In the 30s find 40s in the Western Plains; and dropped to the 20s and .'iOsj over the Western Plateau. ! Aolrig the East Const, cool ajrj moving south from Eastern Cana-' (I;: promised to hold temperatures to the 30s and low 40s as far south as the Carolinas. Heavy rain fell at Little Rock Ark., last nif;ht, with 2. fid inches rep >rtcd in the 2-1-hour period ("iilnu! at midnight. Shrovcport. had 1.11 and West Plains, and Waco, Tex., had one half La., Mn.. inch. When coal and oil are burned, the cfirbon clmbines with oxygen of the air to form carbon dioxide while thr> hydrogen in oil combines with oxygen to form water. Old Plantation Burns Near Gould GOULD (fll — Four blackened chimney* and a basement were all that remained today of the histor-j ic 20-room Lowden mansion built j by slave labor In 1853 on the! South Ben Plantation near here. | Tho big house, with its four baths, doors seven feet wide, 14 feet high and four inches thick, and 16 foot ceilings, was gutted by fire of undetermined origin. The mansion, long a showplace and landmark in the South, once was owned by the' late Gov. Frank O. Lo'vden of Illinois. Lowden ac- culatiHl 22,000 acres of land, one of the large?! individual holdings in the South, but willed it to a Nef»ro organization which operated it iifter his death. After several years of unsuccessful operation, the Negro group sole! the plantation to a Memphis real estate firm. The Memphis concern began selling small tracts of land with final disposition being made, at public auction in February, 1950.' At that time C. T. Neal of Neal,' Ark., and U. C. Prewilt of Tillar, Ark., bought three tracts of the; plantation, one of which contained the mansion. Thufiday, December 4,IfSft H Jury to Peek at Lattimorc's Files WASHINGTON. (/PI — A federal grand jury gets a look today at the voluminous congressional files on Owen Lattimore. The jury will study the files and possibly question witnesses in an effort to de-^ termine whether it wants to indict* the Far Eastern expert on a charge of perjury. Lattimore has been before con gressional committees off and on for a long time—ever since Sen. McCarthy OR-Wis) accused him of being the chief Soviet spy in the United States. This was vigorously denied by Ijattimore, Johns Hopkins University professor, one-time adviser to^ tho Stale Department on foreign V affairs, and former consultant to the controversial Institute of Pa cilic Relations (IPR). Thursday, December 4,1952 '.K3?Z. STAR, HQPE, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. *• Calendar Thursday, December 4 Tho Hope Music Club's Christmas party which was scheduled for Thursday night, December 4, has been postponed until 'day night, December 18. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kilogamo of [prayer by Mrs. S. A. Whitlow. Hampton, New Hampshire. The wedding will be an event of 'Veomber 2,1 at 3:30 nt the Washinntoa Baptist Church. Saundors is a graduate of Washington School and Mr. . attends Henderson S;ate Teachers Co]lej;e where ho is a Thurs- Hat rttt txtluil** furt Orany* r AMIRICA'f 'AVORITi 8TJOSIPH ASPIRIN FOR CHIIORIN n« on «-ldprly woman. FBI nfl<5nt», mcnnwhlli-, wfrc owU'rlrm nbotit On- niithcntlelty of n not* which they snld may boen wrltlrn by the pintol- rt grondinn. Thr writer of tho note which moy hnvp boon composed by n j ernriX, »»ld nho Id Indeed a «rniul-j mother and In 'robbing bnnkx to build n "nnateKK" for her turn lighting In Koran. "I uptrnt R fortune Hiving him it find education nt the bent nchnulu, Bill nil her ovnr lenrned WHS how to rob, "Now I h«V<s to rob In order to tnke cfti-o of my »nn nnd myself," th« note inld, tl \vn« one of B^vc.rnl lettom received by fcdcrnl riKcnts nnd pollrrs ulnco Krnndma stniuk for thij third tlrnu UiRl WCOK, Portion* of tho lottor were re- leaned by the- FBI y««t<>rdny dls- t'lourd ttmt grnndmn believed two moi-o holduim would complete her "npntutjB", nnd nftor thtit she would rcllri 1 from banditry. "You cnn tell ihf police thnt I'm only iiolriK to rob two more In thU city. After thnt. I'll i- sihc a Hid in the note, NO PICKUl' ' Burned Mofhcr Dies in Hospital KANSAS CITY. Mo. (UP) -, An! Impromptu campaign by ri'-tldpni<>,! of four MUsmiri cities to save the- life of n penniless youim farm wife 1 was over today, ending with her triiKlt; death In n Kansas City hon- plliil. , \ Mrr. Kathleen Wrislnufr. 23-y.>ar-| old wlfo nf an Orrlok, Mo., ten- nnnt fanner, died last niKht of biirn.i tihc ri'ci-ived Nov. 10 when he i- clothlnK catinht ftr<>. About n;r |i«M' runt of hi'r .'iluii Wti.s burned itway, Residents of the area had con- ; trilmti'd hiindrtulM of dollars In an 1 unorn:inl/.ed drive to keep hr<alive. : Si. Joseph'H hospital In KSIIV.:.:;' City volunteered to jiive- tin- wo-! ruan (ipednll/.iul pUistlc treatment.! She wits Kiven whole blood nud pladina. drills and nuti'ltlves. : She \vnu barely Mlile to speak ; and wan torn by pain when she tiled. ! Despite the donation.*! and ihej expert medk'iil attention she IT- fl'lved, Mrs. Wri.sliiftff ilied la;-t; nluhl, leavlin; a foiir-year-uld cliil.l' mid her«liusbaiul. REPHAN'S PRE-CHRISTMAS Hope Chapter 328 Order of Eastern Star will meet Thursday night, December 4, at 7:30. There will be an initiation and all members arc urged to bo present. Friday, December 5 The Fidelis. Sunday School Class' «if the First Methodist Church will! have their annual Christmas party Friday night, December S, at 7:30 iri the Sunday School room-.- Each member is to bring an exchange gift not to exceed a dollar. Refresh- rnenls will be served. Tuesday, December 9 ' WSCS Circle No. 5 of the First Methodist Church will meet Tuesday, December 9, at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Claude Tillory with Mrs. James, Mctarty, Jr., as co-hostess. This is the annual Christ mas party and all members an asked to bring their Wanda Slaloy offering and a gift not to exceed 75 cents for exchange. me nib, r of trateriiitv. Kappa Sigma Kappa Mr. and Mrs. Honored With Earl Downs Dinner The Hope Junior-Senior High School PTA will present its fourth annual Talent Program in the. high ,;school auditorium Friday, December 5. at 8 p.m. The high school students will perform in enlertain- 'irig skits, specialty acts, dances. arid musical numbers. The girls' glee -club under the direction of Mrs. B. C .Hyatt will sing. The public is invited. There will be a special meeting ' of. tho Garland Brownie Troop i,.i- del- the leadership of Mrs. J. \V. Franks and Mrs. M. I. Dillard, at the home of Mrs. Dillard, 14u;; Pint, Tuesday afternoon. De- :r 9, after school. Carolyn Doclson will be hostess. Thursday* December 11 The VFW Post and Auxiliary will have their annual Christmas party and potluck supper for members, their husbands or wives and! guests Thursday, December 11, at' 7 o'clock. Each member is asked to bring one item of canned food for the needy family basket. Notice Only 17 more shopping doys until Christmas and our store is full of things for everyone on your gift list. Below a re a few of the many money saving values you'll find at Rephan's this week end. Come in and bring the family. '.'••, All mothers o.f Hope High School /students are asked to send or bring to the school office by Friday,' December 5, one or more "Gift Wrap peel" articles worth 25 cents or tnpro. Please make and send your .dandy to the school cateteria Fri;day noon for sale Friday night. . There will be a call meeting of ; thc Daffodil Garden Club Friday, Ify -December 5, at the home of Mrs. ;C. V. Nunn, Jr., 1115 South Walnut, .'at 2 o'clock. All members are urged to attend. FREE D«liv0ry HO. 1 LEAH DRYSAll Moore Bros. Serving You Since 1896 Ladies Beautiful CHENILLE ROBES A gift any lady will appreciate. Pretty assorted pastel colors. Sizes 12 to 44 and regular $4.98 values. $3.98 Reg. 3.98 Robes Now $2.99 HOUSE SHOES For rnen and ladies. Felt uppers with suede leather sole. War;* and comfortable. All sizes. Regular $1.29 values. Friday and Saturday only 98c . The Hose Garden Club will meet jrt the homo of Mrs. E. P. O'Neal, : 307 South Ik-i'vey 1 , Friday at'ter- Jioon at 3 o'clock with Mrs. R. E ..Cain as co-hostess. 27< PAT CHOICE HENS Lb, 43< FRESH PORK SHOULDER Lb, ROAST 43< Wilson's Delicious Corn King Sliced Lb. BACON FRESH DRESSED FRYERS" MO-KEE CURED Half or Whole Lb. HAMS COFFEE 8 POUND PAIL PURE LARD Folg«rs Maxwell House Chase & San born Admiration Lb. 8 Lb$, to Customer Pail FRESH GUARANTEED Two Dozen to Customer f ^Ir^r Ppr|P%p% 93< )Lb. Carton Mrs. Tuckers orCrustene 65' nge Juice itJuice 5 Lb, Bog Florida Juicy ORANGES 10 Pound* No. 1 POTATOES Lb, Sack SHAWNEE FLOUR -".-et^-.e .Sunday, December 7 •' The Edith Thompson Bible Class 'Ayill have dedication services Sun- v da'y, December 7, at 9:4.'i. All mem bers of this class are urged to attend. ft'-1Vlonday, December 8 Through the courtesy of KXAR the local Council of United Church Women of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States will present each day dining the month of December 'Thot- Gardenia Garden Club Has Christmas Luncheon The Gardenia Garden Club held| their Christmas luncheon at the I Country Club Wednesday, Decem-' ber 3, at 12:30. Hostesses were 1 Mrs.. C. C. Lewis, and Mrs. E. J. Whitman. Christmas 'colors were carried out in the decorations. The mantel was decorated with shades of gr Mr. ami Mrs. Karl Downs were honored with a dinner by the Kin- mot laeultv at the homo of Mrs. Nun.i (AifieUl Monday evening. The h.inorees wcro presented a 1- ollinv iny the put luck dinner, M-veral i;anu'S uere played. '.!'ho-.e pri-senl were: Mr. and -Mis. IV.was, Mr. and Mrs. Carlten Uasley. Mr. and Mrs. \\. M. Thi'nipsnM. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Aii.m s. Miss Elsie' Gentry. Miss M;,i;;;uvt llogue. Mrs. Uhn Cox. VVMS of First Baptist Chinch Has Meeting Tl'.e \VMS of the First Baptist Ch'.ireh met Monday morning at 11 '•clod* I'm- a regular business meet ing \\iih Mrs. P. J. jlolt, president, 'pi esiding. Airs. Jim Atihison gave the do- voli..ii:il reading Hebrew -I: 12-15. Afle.- r.-i.ealing the WMU watchwords and singing "Christ for the Whole \\ide World." the business for tin. ;u,nub was transacted. Alter a put lurk luncheon, the. Annie Hoover circle presented the Koyal Serviee program on "WhunV Jesus Walked i Israel and Leban- onl." Mrs. lioyee Smith led the program and asked Mrs. Henry Haynes to lead in prayer for those people in Israel and Lebanon and I the progress of the work being done ' there. The program closed with Wllllg Workers Club Meets with Mrs. Little The Willing Workers Club of Km met met at the home of Mrs. W. I Fridny nnd Saturday with his srpnt grandmother, Mrs. R. W. Btiyless Continued on Page Seven . 1). Little for their November meet- opened with ing. Tho meotinR wns scripture reading by the president followed by the singing of the song "America," and the repeating of tho Lord's Prayer. The following officers were elected: President, Mrs. S. A. Moore, vice-president, Mrs. Harry Wnkc, secretary and treasurer, Ms. W. IV Little, commitleemen, Mrs. Bessie Wells, Mrs. Malendia M.itthewr.. card chairman, and reporter, Mrs Grade Calhoun. Reports were made of last year." secret pals and new names were drawn for the coming year. The roll call was answered with each telling her outstanding neighbour of the year. Two new members were welcomed into the club. The club voted to send Christ mas presents to all the shut-ins at Kmmet and to send a Christmas box to the State Hospital at Little Rock. The next meeting will be Dec- ID. at the home of Mrs. S. A. Moore at 1 p.m. Ten members wove present with one visitor. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mtllienn had as Tuesday njyht guests. Mr. and Mrs. Cilenilon Godwin of Carthago Tcxns Miss Jusie Anderson has returned to her home, in Little Hock after a visit with her sister, Mrs. .J. L. Jami.sun on North Hervey. Mrs. Jamison has returned to her work in Texas. Master Ken Rogers will spend HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. M«ln A Country Club rd. THURSDAY - FRIDAY BRIAN DONLEVY GIG YOUNG VIRGINIA GREY WHITE ELEPHANT PRE - CHRISTMAS SPECIALS liThUBttgSi y 'CT *t& m LADIES NYLONS Dark heel nylon hose in black, brown and navy. All sizes. $1.00 LADIES NYLONS Ideal for Christmas gifts. These are 51 gauge nylons and regular $1.25 values. -•o-.vv.vt v.iiv* lunwu wuii ^iirisii'ntis The annual Christmas party of Sifts. Other arrangements of color- tho Hinton Home Demonstration /JPJub will bo held Monday, Decom- , Ijier 8, -at 2 p.m. at the home of |_jfMrs. Stella Adams. Every one is Ladies Warm FLANNEL GOWNS Beautiful floral patterns in sizes 17 and 18. 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USE OUR LAY AWAY PLAN Ife*>a»r»»3-a*»)»Si»&»»i»> i 3->i»5r»Si>» J »S)»>i»Si» i 9.Si5*>j i ^ RIALTO * FINAL SHOWING • ORSON WELLES Starring in UKISPEARi'S TRAOIOY "MACBETH" No Advance in Prices C* USE OUR PUN REPHAN'S HOPE'S FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT STORE FRIDAY & SATURDAY • Double Feature USE OUR LAY-AWAY PUN t. •»w «' J \' '^ ifc ^t&^'jlf-AM "- Johnny Mack Brown Fux*y Knight "MASKED RIDER" Patrick Knewiei Roehelle Hudson "STORM OVER BENGAL" fill Christmas balls interspersed with holly and cedar were used throughout the room. Mrs. Gus Haynes led the group in prayer. Lunch was served buttVt style with guests seated at smaller tables. Each table was covered with a green cloth centered with a Santa Glaus filled with miniatntv candy canes. After lunch, a short business session was conducted by Mrs. C. C. Lewis, president. In "trio absent of the secretary Mrs. R. D. Franklin called the roll, and the treasurer's report was given. Mrs. Lewis reported on the regional meeting at Arkadelphia. Mrs. B. R. Hamm was welcomed into the club as a new member. Following the business session, Mrs. L. B. Toolcy gave a Christmas Story entitled "A Baby Sitter for Christmas" bv Margaret Cousins. Christmas gifts were then exchanged with 19 members and OIM- guest, Mrs. Manuel Hamm, present. having as its background palm branches banked with Christmas evergreens interspersed with chartreuse tinted ornamental pods and pine cones. In the center was a cluster of miniature Christmas, balls tied with a large red bow. | The serving table covered with a green cloth held a brass container of holly branches flanked by red candles in brass holders. A side held a single wiiiu candle and evergreens surrounded by choir girl candles. In one corner of the room was the traditional Christmas tree gaily lighted and laden with Christmas Ladles Auxiliary to VFW Meets Tuesday The Ladies Auxiliary to RamscyJ Cargile Post 4511 VFW met Deccm™ bcr 2 at the Hut. The meeting was called to order by the president, Mrs. Thomas Fen wick, Jr., at 8 p.m. and opened according to ritual. Four new mem bers, Mrs. R. C. Sparks, Mrs. Verbon Sparks, Mrs. Phillip Del Verchio, and Mrs. Andrew Caldwell. were given obligations and welcom ed into the auxiliary. After the business session tlu- group made tray favors to bc given to the veterans hospital. The hostesses, Mrs. Thomas Fenwick, Sr., and Mrs. J. A. Davis, served coffee and cookies to 27 members and two guests, Mrs. Glendon Godwin of Carthage, Texas, and Mrs. Julie Crandall of Jefferson, Indiana. Mrs. P. H. Webb Hostess to Circle 4 of WSCS The members of Circle No. 4 of WSCS enjoyed a pot luck Christmas luncheon at the home of Mrs. P. H. Webb with Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Atkinson as co-hostesses. The reception rooms had arrangements of fall flowers and leaves. The quartet tables held individual arrangements and candles. Following the luncheon, Mrs. Henry Hitt gave a devotional using as her text Matthew 2. Mrs. James McLarty told a Christmas story "Star Across the Tracks." Mrs. Dale Barnum presided ove^ the short business session during which time the Wanda Staley Christmas offering was taken. Mrs. Virgil Keeley closed the meeting with prayer. 22 members and four guests, Mrs. C. Cook, Mrs. Keeley and Dan ny, and Mrs. Harley Kannarr, were present for the occasion. Mis* Ve»tla Jean Saunder* to Wed Martin Filoflamp Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Saunders of Washington announce the engage men! and approaching marriage it their daughter, Vestia Jean, to Jowpn FUogajnp, son of 74c LADIES GLOVES Dress gloves that are values up to "1.98. These will make nice gifts. Special FEtEE $10.00 BASKET OF GROCERIES GIVEN AWAY EACH SAT. for Next Ten Weeks — Come in and Register — Nothing to Buy. F MAYFLOWER 24 Oz. Jar 13t GOOCHS 2 Lb. Jar 57c AMERICAN 27c GOLD CRAFT Peanut Butter QUAKER OAT 3 Lb. Box 39c AUNT JAMIMA Pancake Mix u* 19c LOG CABIN Small MUSSELMAN'S Apple Sauce DONALD DUCK Orange Juice DONALD DUCK G. Fruit Juice COMSTOCK PIE APPLES No. 2 Can MARKET ARMOURS — SLICED BACON Lb. 45c LEAN TENDER Lb. PORK CHOPS 49c SANDWICH CHEESE 2 L B b o,89c FRI-Sti BEEF CHUCK OR SHOULDER BEEF ROAST,, 55c GOLDEN BISCUIT FLOUR 1.99 OD MESH BAG Potatoes 10ibs55c Turnips With 2 T p°o pr5 25c SWEET Clean Potatoes 2 tb 5 25c FLORIDA Oranges 5 >»». 29c GOLDEN YELLOW Bananas 2 L 25c DEL MONTE PEACHES Can 34c CANDY BARS Baby Ruth Coco Grove Baby Ruth NAPKINS REYNOLDS WRAP Pure Aluminum Foil 29c PAPER TOWELS a, FOODLAND SUPER - MARKET $1.00 Ladies Sweaters Wool and nylon sweaters that tiny-fl lady will appreciate. Assorted ,f* colors, Values to $7;95 $2 $3 $4 LADIES COATS Heavy gabardine coats In wine, brown,' '.^ij grey and green, Regular " ' $19,95 value, Spe'cldl $12.00 LADIES ROBES Fancy rayon robas In all colors sizes, All marked down' for Christmas, REDUCED LADIES CHENILLE HOUSE COATS These will make ideal Christmas gifts for her. Fancy and solid colors in yellow, blue, wine and white. Values to $7,95. Now In 4 price groups $2 $3 $4 $5 BILLFOLDS Just the,gift for Christmas. Mens and • ladies bill folds in all'kinds. 98c to $2.98 Mens Sweaters Fancy wool sweaters that will make a nice gift for him. Values to $7.95. ' j Extra special for only $4.00 LADIES SLIPS i Fancy' rayon slips with lace trimmed top ond bottom. Real values for only $1.98 Mens Dress Pants Here is a gift that Is «sqre t& please'^J him. All kinds and values ,,* r i to $11.95 " M-" •,'.!« $4 $5 $6 1 I Mens Bath Robes Only 3 of these bathrobes left. They-ty are regular $6,95 values,-"To close out only ', $250 each CHAMBRAY Striped ond solid colors is a regular 69c value. Extra special low price of only 4 yds. $1.00 ;••*««*«««'«-£ M5«>«-£>««!«Ci««:i««!««>££>«>«> GIVE HIM A NSW . / Af>AM HAT FOR CHRISTMAS See our collection of smart new styles and shades for the man on your list. All sizes. Values up to $10.00, , '„ W $4.00 and $5.00 PILLOWS Feather pillows, fancy tick in blue and pink. These are real good buys a,f this Ipw price. $1.00 SHf ETS These are size 81>(99 sheet?. Type arkJHhey are regular $2.39. values. SpeciqJ $1.98 each OUTING .' ft»,r. Solid color outing our test green, yellow, Wye, and, wMtk Extra /ipwlgi onJy MENS Typ« 4 qrmy gants In These $j$ r»gulqj-, Extra

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