Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1952 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, December 4, 1952
Page 3
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HOM IT At, HO ft. ARK A HIM iris ted •" Martial -.__,, Ifi-yonr-oW Wnk h, 1 ,w*i town* ««My by _., Jftiii tod** ot offering |i jrwn* Com muni tit Information which to on enemy of FteetUlan hflrt quoted n by 0ewlek Umt ho w«s oil Uio ICHRIKI, who«s become full member*. ' «w»t he con- /WltUum Bfcnrdim, tho at* BOcurlty ngent, ml f« do something' Toting CommuniM Lotisue, ' the man who Rot H »«rVirfl|i » pfUon term information in Hutftiu anded innocent to Urn o wft* guilty of oon- to good ord«r nnd j Information uwful to «n on» error of Judgment to pnrllclpn tfon In « crime, When • m«n In (inked, for •tone*, whether ha i» now in citploniig* 8«nlnm hi* own conn In- New Postal Stamps Forthcoming WASHINGTON, (UP) — Four| Iry nnd he cannot <in<wor "No!" i new pontage Ktnmps will be Issued' without danger of being held for I „„,,,„ next yoBr commemorating! P r)or L'' "^-",1 r r ffl *™ h * historical « ven «i In early Ameri-i TdfttoFind HOUBE CLEANING Tho new Attorney Opnt-rnl. Mpr- l«rl Urownell, Jr,. will undoubtedly bo preM<«i by no-CBllcd HboriiU t" lot the *ubvt»r>lv« end*;* dl«? n tint- admitted guilt In the eye* of the public even If the guilt cannot! bo provod by the rule* of ovklcnco tn » court. And whenever there is n conflict between public opinion, m Hitch a country on our*, and jit- fliolnl deelKlon, public oploton \)t<" vnlU. Herbert IJiownoll, Jr., nit Attorney General, will f«ee> thin sllun- lirm. The propngnndn nKiilnM the SiT.llh Act mid (ho McCnintrt Act by KO-enlk-d liberal*, who nrc hUtorlcal events In early American history. The subject mailer, place 0nd "f flrnt *alp are: Thr«»«j-»;cnl Nftllonnl (Jiiortl, Wn»h He Pulls Now By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON MPI — Son. Taft— mid lh- rest of us — will find out promptly how much weight he stiil Ion, O. C. ... Feb. 2:): thr«i- cimt Ohio' r.-irrles with hi* fellow Republicans ulaU'hood, CttiDicolhc, ()., March i if in; tries lo block Gen. Elsenhow- 8; thron-wit Wnnhlngliifi territory, Olymttfa. Wash,, Miirch 2, find three-cent tymlnlnnn put chase, <fo«lh wllhmit furllw irent, Howovor, Rimii'lnn never con»fl* Iwcnimp II l« a norrnnl wetijwn of Soviet Impi-rldlUm. .Th«rofor«.', In nplle of all wfforU to clean nr w vermin comiluntly mriho their cleaning Is n pormitnent lob Ibflt c»n ncvor end, Nor cnri « holme IK> cl«nred by hltllnn the dust, r»l|v(irfl»h nnd ronehcn tintl"r the i'«rpot- It hn* been the i'«li<'y ly .icUnw tn protectors of Curpmu- iiUU and othnr KuljvcrnlvM, docn not coiiiil for much because pUW|c nplrilim demands on Imrnodiatu hdimti clonnlnK OH reutirdR Com- inuiiUlK, subveroivt's nnd other vermin. That Is nnu reason why Eisenhower was elected. The lib- St. April 30, M. Donaldson said the rest of the r/rotfrini for next your would bo loft for rtccUinfi by thi: new post- rrwter R'-neral In the Kl.'".mho',vor iidmlnlstriitfon, Arthur K. Summur- field. t , 1|nH ll( r-i-'s appointment of Martin P. Ourkln ns secretary of Inbor. Durkln. like nny other man niiiwd 'or a cabinet job by the President, cannot take It unless the Senate approves. And when his ilium 1 <:orne» up for consideration in tl.v ni'W Republican-controlled C<W!r<'.«. Tuft could fight him and, tlirmiKh him, Elsenhower. needs answering If this wasn't a split and n warning to Eisenhower of trouble ahead: Ju*t how many time* docs El- senhower have to take a tongue- l.T.ihing from Taft, the man whom he dffoaterl for the Republican presidential nomination, before rC' Inlunii between them can be con sidfrcd split? AUtr Taft's nntburst yesterday, Republican* must be asking them- selvw Is Taft golnj; to do to Eisenhower what he did to President Truman? And where will that leave them four years from now when election comes around again. LETTER TO TRA9LATOR TROY, N. Y. (UP) — Rensse-! lacr Polytechnic Institute award-; ed an athletic letter yesterday to I its soccer team "translator", Al-j bert Gundland of Montevideo, Uruguay. Fourteen of the team's 24 let ter-winners are foreigners. kind . . i *, t» 11JT «ii n 11*1 n ii lit ii ;i »np»v, iit«,- ( urnl-mlridod ««nllc folks who wouM nt-r.-iocrtit-i. ami thu stuffier they; " Tlmt would provide an early test i'ii tho Kencral and the sen-, I ut.ir. A victory for Tuft would, in! aru " f ''' i:l - '" ; ' r '' lfl lo " in K Klsenhower; I C»pt. B. A, tori Pewink won clerk to «$utt(«t pt thli urm- Mi through whom- of« $pt* or »«cr<H in* tank*, nrrntwd c»r«. $md ottw vehicle* and |V)<mU mndo with them, i ^rwrtgd JW, i u« ,1iii| fbr teflon. We Ytturitf CmiimU' '« raduotfd into fun eommunhit thttt Cowrounlil of tlic Departinenl of Ju»tle«! t<> iov*«r u|>, It hud the fftcU from th«> P'flt but would riot one thetn. Attorney McClrnno^y ltn« (men ruaUlnH an Bffurl but hU lurnt h«K bfeen f«h«rl nn«1 hl» InBcleqiialw end dilatory. I want to flUulw nn uxnmplo from the McCarran Comnilttcp t« »h<'W fii.w d««i|(Iy net U the e«r>i""<>K<! activity of the American cltUutts. Tho deponent I* Ku«vn(! Wallneh, t» ntunotyplut employed li.v tbi> United Notion*, Aocordlnn l« the ei)un»el. Hobpri Mm . in, Wiillttc-h lion been an oimn menibw «f the Communist Purty. ho Bonator Homer Ferguson nuked him thlo lot dubveriilvi)* romnln In our i(ov eminent to pruHfcrve some due- trlnnlrir ponltlon cnn well be <ll»- rirfinrdcd »* Amerlcnn public opln« Inn In nfji'lntit thorn and will rnrrinln no, Tho Rtipubllcnn AdnilnlHlralloi! htm no nlternnttvo but tn pursue tbu tiourtio of liouno clonnlnR, bucauso tho pwipU; expect It. The rocoril cleiir that CominunlntH, !VOH and npportitnlRt* hnvo thi' government b«t:uufi»» noineoni! onened tho door. and lot them In. Often tho dopr, opener IH n very proper portion, who could not <m v ti bo mtupactod <>f ft.n IdooloBlcttl posl- tl«n left of Cnlvlh Coo)ld«o, but who, for nil his »ivi(flne»s. opened the dour. < There ore iimt us many Rcpubli- if ynu want to do ore, tho more- likely tlu-y will bet "«"' ;i - >""' n - «",'"« to hllvi; to tl ° of developing it vested Interest In' it throuuh rnc.' their first mlnlnkcs. To such men, Uiirkln. a r.H-ycar-okl Democrat, "fnui<" \» as Imprirtitnt MS it Used to be to a mandarin. Some of our sttilcami.'n have thai typo of pay- eholi>ny that put« personal pride; bofoic common SCTIHI*, and it is who voted ncalnst Kisenhower, is) IciKler of the AFL, which also deposed tin-- general and called f»r Hie full repeal of Taft's own pet lct! : .:iiiiti'>n, tho Taft'Hortlcy labor even truer ttrnong great Industrial-i lew- is's turned ptklltlclan. 'J'afi denounced the selection of Therefore!, the rolt.- of Herbert! Murkin as "Incredible." He said Hrownell, Jr, becomes Incrtinsingly sonio other things too, none of itupiirliint bccaiiHc this job can bont lie (lone In tho OepartiiK.'nt of Justice where the i''BI has the cluta. Tho rt- IRST , ICOlPIAtHU) Joseph ASPIRIN >n't Mlsi... - "An n monihor (»f the Coinmunlal Party, would you »ny, If u man wn« n moinuer, lui wai an it can be done swlflly, pro- nnd without clrurnatic». IloiiKe eltjuninK should bo a mutter of routine an evety woman knows. thimi complimentary. Republicans around tho country scorn dismayed by this frontal assault on Eisenhower « judgment seven weeks before he took office. Yet. they seemed reluctant to admit this Tuftlun attack meant (Copyright. HIM, King Syndicate, Inc.) Features, a spll', between him and the 1'ros- i Id'jiH-eloct. But a big cjucstion OPEN MEETING Alcoholic Anonymous CITY HALL DEC. 8th, 8 p.m. Attention Cattlemen ... Here is o LIVESTOCK SALE You Must Not Miss 1 P. M. THURS. Dec. 18 PIKE COUNTY SALE BARN Murfreesboro, Arkansas 60 head registered Aberdeen-Angus from R. M. & Opal Stuart Ranch. From as fine an Angus Herd as there is in the South. Angus Offered Will Include: 25 Bred Heifers 25 Open Heifers 10 Bulls Several cows with calves at side, 40 of these Heifers arc half-sisters . . . would make a perfect uniform herd. R. M. & OPAL STUART RANCH RAY SIMS, Auctioneer Don't Forget This First of Our Annual Production Sales. Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor .Alex. H. Washburn The Hitch-Hiker and the Editor About 'Macbeth' f'l suppose he's back in California now — nnd I hope he st!>:s ticro. | I had como out or the Albert; •Pike hotel, seat of the Joint Tax Revision Committee meetings, and was driving near the headquarters i building of the Arkansas State j Police when I saw him standing on the roadside in the rain, suitcase close by. So I swung oft the road and stopped. He took his time walking up to where the car was. And then he astounded me. He asked me to Hope Star WfiATHEtt showers wetremo cajt Jy cloudy tonight, tonight, lowest 80s northwest to noflt southeast, High 48 Low 88 Rainfall 1,04 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 44 Star at Hop* 1»»». frail 1«27 Consolidated Jan. IS. 1*2* HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY DECEMBER 4, 1952 Mvmktn Th* Aitotlnltd Pun A Audit Bureau «f Clrtutalltni Av. N*» Pali) Clrcl. « Moi. Endtno S«t>t. 10, 1«S1 — J,JM PRICE Practically Four Per Cent of Hempstead Residents Are Getting Welfare Benefits MOP Trying to Take Agent Out of Fulton LITTLE ROCK UP) — The Arkan back up 100" feet so he wouldn't I sas Public Service Commission is have to carry the suitcase. Any man fouled up ail afternoon in a lax heading is apt to run a temper — but I accomodatcd him. On the tedious traffic buck from Little Rock to Malvern I discovered he had absolutely' no gift for •conversation, and which was worse, he was the kind of a guy who insists on singing whenever the radio piece is music. ' I solved that one. I cut the radio off. He made me wait for a long rcstroo.n slop at Gurdon. *>**4 r AVE" Joch D«y 'Through ,' ( j >• * nd^y Doe, 6 iwovo unto ?(?ch'$!oy. 4;30 I!, M. SWlJVT \ ' ^AR "Mr, W'illnco, Sir, junior the Fifth AmfiidfDent to tho Unltod Stnten ronttlttitlon 1 dsollno to nn- aw«r Unit (iHoMlon, "8crttilor O'Conor, JIttvc ymi ovor been on«(i|{iHl In tiny wubvin'tlvi! t'CllvllliM n«uli<it the Uollett StiUes Kdvurnnu'nt? "Mr. Wflllttce, Sir, uwtor tho Fifth AmiMKlrotint to the Unllwd HtHteH Constltutlciii 1 imitii (Utcllno to tinswer that ciUMticm, I don't Consider UiBt»«w«ll, my uriawor iinciR nt that," An Amnrlonn In vniitlcil uiulor the CoititltutUtn to olnlm immunity from nelMnerimlntitliin, He I* fru« to avoid perjury by Insliitlnu thut the Fifth Atneiuln'u'tit to thu Con- utitullon gives him the right to re- ftnto to HIIHWOI' ttt till on tlu> Hi'ditmt thttt tu nnuwtU' truthfully would be iionfwdiilon of uullt. While oxort'in- li\H tlmt right, tlu> deponent has no wny of prnvi'iitlng other cIllwnH front «t'uitiHinH xui-h « Uoftniiiu MB nn nilmUtiinn of iinythlna from an JUornturo, Toqhnlcnl Adjutant Cnpt. W, F CarnlHh said luforinatlini about mul Croniwoll tnnhH, the elf«propcl!od «uu and aolf.propelli'd UUIIK Went his office, Thero also, he S«id, wevo n report from Korea alHWt defucta In the GrHlwh CenUir» ion tank ami reports nbout tu»li' on two fu'inoiod cars and trials of vehicles under duvplopi'Unit, All that Information might bo useful to an enemy, lio said, and Oewlek had ttceens to nil documents nut marked specifically "sucvet and cotifWuntlftl." "Me was in a position of trual in my office," Carulfth, «ald. "Vou never gave Uowlck's pohll- cnl vknvs uny sort of xerctmlnig?" Mlclwcl Wilson asked Cornish. "No," Cornish said, Coruinh added that the report from Korea on Centurion tank de- foots was on his desk for a while Duwkk could have seen U. M40 VE MOVED 3rd Street we may Mter serve taw $awi, Nrts ANNOUNCING^ Between Gurdon and Prcscolt he went to sleep — and t had to shake him as we came into Hope. I stopped downtown to let him out, and he snapped that he wanted to get to the far side of town. I said this was where I turned off the trunk highway. He said the suitcase was too heavy to cori-y — and I left him grumbling . . . no Thank You 1 . . . not even a Goodby. I suppose he's back in California by now — and I hope he stays there. He really shouldn't be traveling. He's a guy with a suitcase and no car. He ought to have a considering an application by Missouri Pacific Lines that it be al lowed to discontinue employment of a station agent at Fulton, Miller County. The PSC took the case under advisement after a hearing yesterday at which the railroad said its average monthly income from the Fulton station was $196 compared to $314 in expenses. The abandonment was opposed by Mayor Cecil Cox and Sam Me- Gill, both of Fulton, and Carl Toler of Tuckerman, representing tho Commercial Telegraphers Union. car and no suitcase but then Officersto Tell About Obscene Books he'd find .something else to complain about. Years innfew New! More Powerful Engines! ? big engines with high horsepower and qompression ratios, 3 of them brand-new. Greater cooling capacity, increased displacement, twin carburetion available on larger trucks. PLUS proved features like 4-ring pistons,, exhaust valve seat inserts. WASHINGTON, I/PI — Spokesmen for federal law enforcement agencies today tell House prob- ers of indecent literature what laws they believe are needed to keep obscene and gruesome ma gazines off the newsstands. Based on figures just released by Mrs. Henry Betbell, Commissioner (if Public Welfare, nearly four per cent of the people in Hempslcatl County were on relief of some type during the past year. In that year neary $300,000 was ! paid nut in this county alone and there were 74 others in Arkansas and all are yetting Iheir share. Although many cases were drop ed during the past year, from 1085 to 969 through October, those that I remain are actually receiving more money. Hack in October J!)S1 with a case lo;id of 1,085 the average monthly payment ran $24,020. In O-jlober this year with !)6'J cases on the rolls the payments totaled $;t;uiH3.50 and it even jump ed in a single month with $35,034.50 being paid out on November 1 this year. As Mrs. Alma Alkins, director in charge of Hompstead office put it, "We had a decrease in the; number of cases bul it's gradually climbing with more and more applying for assistance every clay. " The total case load in .the stale was reduced from 83,312 in Juno 1951 to 7G,3(il in June 1952, a difference of 8,000. Because of the closing of less needy cases it was possible to increase grants to those found eligible. The Old Age average monthly grant increased from $20.90 in June 1051 to $23.84 in June 1952, the Aid to Dependent Children from $35.28 to $42.30 and the Aid to Blind from $25.85 to $29.33. A change in federal matching in THUNDERSTREAK — Fresh off the production line Is this first production model of tha Thunderstrenk, sleek new blah-speed, swept-wing F84F jet fighter, now being produced for the U. S. and NATO air forces. The plane, delivered to the 1 Air Force December 3 by Republic Aviation Corp., is In the "more th.-tn 600- m.p.h" class, and is expected to set records for speed, range and load carrying ability. — NEA Ttlephoto. Grandma Bonk Bandit May Be a Man Chairman Gainings (D-Ark) call October made it possible to again f sec at the 'Rialto theater what I consider is Shakespeare's best play, "Macbeth" — clone very well as a motion picture by Orson Welles. This is not a mere photographing of the original stage play. The movies tried that on one or two occasions with disastrous results. Years ago one of the old Shakespearian hams put his life-savings into a movie reproduction o£ his , , stage performance srf "Richard •*- the Third." It flied — and I did too trying to stick it out. You caa imagine a silent film doing Shakespeare with titles. And in modern times the Warner Brothers studio did a sound-version o£ "Midnight Summer's Dream" that just about bankrupted those usually smart brothers. But the last 'couple of years have seen two successful movie adaptations of Shakespeare. One \SV,i' was Lawrence Oliver's "Hamlet," which, although made In England, scored a complete sweep of the Motion Picture Academy awards here in America. The other is Orson Welles' "Macbeth" — not as expensive or as good as tho "Hamlet" production, but excellent in many respects. ,'¥ Niwl Track-o-matic Transmission! NOW Truck-o-matic transmission . . . uvnU- abto on H- and *Hou modula of Dudgu ttuekft .. . savea shifting, cuta futiguo, ncrmita you to rock out of .wow, mud, sand. PLUS g#rol Fluid Drive to pro* long truck UXe. protect your load. I clocked "Macbeth" last night in 1 hour 25 minutes — and that's a remarkable condensation job, i considering that the main elements of the story were all there. Years ago I saw Robert Mantell play "Macbeth" on stage; it ran twice as long — and yet I got about as much out of Orson Welles' blooct and thunder film last night. My main criticism of Welles is his fanatic habit of shooting films in a low key, great masses of darkness on the screen to emphasize the one lighted* place where action is beheld. "Hamlet" was a brilliantly lighted production all the way, I hold this against "Macbeth" — but neverlheless it's Shakespeare's tale, truly' told, and magnificently spoken. cd for the information to aid the special House commiltee in deciding what Congress might do to stop the flow of off-color reading ,maitcr. The group yesterday heard a spokesman for magazine publishers urge against the passage of laws that might interfere with freedom of tho press. Arch Crawford, president of an association of periodical publishers, counseled the committee to guard against "vagueness and uncertainty in legislation." Crawford a"fso expressed opposition to censorship of any form. Instead he advocated reliance on present laws against obscenity which he said are easily enforced by local governments. The magazine publishing industry, said. Crawford, is aware of the problem of preventing vulgar books from reaching children, and can do much toward cleaning up the trade by exercising self- restraint and self-regulation. Margaret Culkin Banning, a novelist, voiced similar sentiments in telling the committee about conditions she found while researching for a magazine article entitled, "Filth on the Newsstands." She, too, opposed censorship, saying, "It hardly ever works very well." increase grants and the averages in Hempstead county now are OAA $31.80;' ADC $57.35; AB $38.U2. The total case loud for this county is OAA 807; ADC 130; AB 17; APTD 2 and GR 23. Even so the report shows that the average grants in Arkansas arc among the lowest in the United Stales. The report also showed the administrative cost of assistance in Arkansas is the lowest in the United States with salar- LOS ANGELKS, Calif.. (UP) — Police questioned a CO-yonr-old lyaii today in the belief ho may have put on skirts and blouses to pose 1 as the. "sweet little old Uuly" /lio has robbed three bunks of bout $3,500. ips for visitors particularly Nlf iMRMty! High** compraanon ratios «quoe*a maximum perfwnumcu out of e*ch drop of fuel... improved cooling system gives mow efficient per- fwnxanoa. PLUS filtered eruiikoase vt-n- tiiation, dual fuel filters, oil-bath air to lengthen «uguw Ufo. See dealer! New! Super-Safe Brakes! brakes give smooth sure stops with less pedal pressure, greater load protection IT. now increased stopping fWUty on 1. through 8 if ton trucks. PLUS Dodge oversize braking surface with faw*" 3 rivet-free Cyclehond linings on W hydraulic LOng Ufe! More dependable than ever! Tough new floor in pick-up and panel bodies. Redesigned propeller shaft center bearing mounting in heavier tonnages. PLUS shot-peened rear axle shafts, alloy steel springs, rust- proofed sheet metaL Firemen Called to Smoke-Filled House Hope firemen last night were Called to 801 East Second Stree to the home of Mrs. Charles Wes where they found a smoke-filled house caused by a pot of clothe: burning dry. There was no damage firemen said. Civic Group to Meet Tonight "Political censorship," she do dared, "whether it is local, state ii federal is' not the answer. The 61-year-old author said 'self-censorship" by the industry vould be more effective'. low — $180 monthly and .each must have an auto wth an allowance of b' cents a mile up to $40 maximum Despite this handicap the department was able to increase its visitors from 158 to 195 during the past year. The report also gives restrictive policies as; (1) use ol excess prop erty as potential income pro-rated, monthly if it was not used as a home, (2) a reduction in maximum market value of a home of a recipient in smaller towns and rural areas, (3j consideration ol income as available in aid to dependent children's cases whcr plans for the care of children can be made; (4) the responsibility o. relatives for support of needy ap plicants, if they are"'able (5) tin. referral of deserting parerjts to in Prosecuting Attorney,* and (6) tin responsibility of step-parents l"o step-children in the home. 196 Dairy Cows Are Bred Artificially Inseminator Jessie Brown reported yesterday at the county iairy meeting that 196 dairy cows riad been bred artifically the first 201 days the local organization had been in operation. The acceptance of the breeding plan by dairymen has been very pleasing, stated 1 Dexter Alford, local Grade A dairy operator and secretary 1 to the county breeding association. We thought we woulc be doing very well if only 100 cows had been bred during the period. We think that the new service is here to stay and that it will take on added importance Hope Civic Improvement Asso ciation will hold a regular meet tog tonight at 7:30 at Hick's Fun era! Home. All members are requested to attend. AVOID THE RUSH! 2 Hempstead Convicts Are Paroled MTTI.F, ROCK, l/l'l — Tho stall Board of Pardons and Paroles ye; terday granted paroles to ;ill convicts, and authorized Christinas furl'.uiiihs for 120 inmates ot the state's two prison farms. Prison Supl. Lee llensleo was Officers became suspicious that! authnri/ed to uranl the holiday Answer Loyalty Pledge or Get Out, Lie Warns By RIACHARD WITKIN UNIT1CD NATIONS, N. Y., Doc. •I (UP) — Secretary General Trygve Lie warned a group of closemouthed Americans employed by the United Nations they must decide today whether I hey want to answer Senate committee questions on communism or lose thir Jobs, Informed sources said Lio handed down the talk-in-bo-fired ultl irfatum in letters sent to employes who hail refustid to "answer cor tnin ((UL'slions asked by the McCurran internal security aubcom- nilti-e. 3 Lie snki he wanted tho unwilling ivitne.sses to notify him by letter today they had Informed the Mea mm group they would answer questions they previously had (lucked. The informants sold Lio was heeding the advice given last Sun clay by a team of three 1 eminent jurists who recommended the fir ins of any employe belonging to the U. S. Communist party or re, fusing to talk about alleged sub vcrslvc activities In this country. Lie turned to the Jurists for thirh opinions last month after he hue fired one reluctant witness, sus pended another nnd given "special leave" to almost a do/en more. Tho ultimatum was revealed only a few hours after the international monetary fund, an agency of tho U. N., announced in Washington it had fired Its $20.000-u-year secretary, Krank Coo, for refusing to tell Senate Investigators whether he had belonged to a wartime spy ring. anr« he notorious "grandma" bunk bandit might really be a "grandpa" n disguise when they found a voman's wardrobe in the hotel oom of Alfred N. Hughes after it; was arrested /or attempted rob- 37-ry last night. The 1 costume found in the elder- y man's room generally I Us the description of "grandma's" sed-. ate uttirc, said robbery squad Cypl. Harry Didion. jlughes, an ex-convict with a record of 55 arrests dating back to 1902, walked into an airlines ticket office and announced to Miss Orla Wang, 25, pretty blonde clerk: "1 want the money." Misr, Wang said she thought he was kidding and laughed at him. She changed her mind, she when flughcs trust his hand in his pocket, similating a gun, and said, "I'm serious. This is a stickup. Give me all the money." As she reached for the cash drawer, Miss Wang stepped on an alarm button and then grappled with the elderly man until other employes helped hold him unill police arrived. Detectives were sent lo his hotel room for u routine search. It was Continued on P-a'ge Two furloughs — a tradition in Arkan- 120 convicts whose names he submitted to the board yesterday. The board restructed the furloughs, granted from good bohavior, to from five to 15 days. Hrnslee said that during the throe years ho has headed the prison farms, •!!)!> convicts huve received Christmas tu/JoUjiihs and "1>nly two liave failed lo'Ye*iUrii."Orio of these was Killer Willie (Tuck) Bishop, serving life for the pistol slaying of four men in Springdale, Ark. (Bishop, released last year on leave, recently was convicted in Utah of killing two miners anc .sentenced lo lite. The 1 convicts paroled, county ol conviction, date of sentence, crime and term included: Hardy Mason, Hempstead, Aug. 17, I!),")!, carnal abuse, three years. Donald Milton, Arkansus, Nov. 10, 1950, forgery and uttering, lour DOCTOR OF THE YEAR — Dr. John Mas ton Travis, 70, of Jnckuonvlllo, Texas, chosen "General Practitioner or the Year" by tha Arh'prlcan Medical Association meeting In Denver. Dr. Travis, one(kf the founders of the Amorlcao Academy of General Practice nnd active In Jacksonville clvfts affairs, hna delivered more than 3,000 babies during his career. — NEA Tolephoto Ike Plans Big Shakeup of UN Workers ROKs Smash Three Chinese Attacks SEO'Ui, — South Korean troops- smashed three 1 Chinese assaults on Sniper Ridge In predawn darkness today — the bitterness of the hand-to-hand combat match ing that of tho subzero cold. Two of the attacks were dc ftnm JWon through 4-IWi-M . ...... . .•/ ^ar4i « WoaWMrfWM* *> W yeurjob/ MM 'TRUCKS at your dwl«'«.«'WURS. l OBJ. 4** B, R. HAMM MOTOR CO. NOW! OVer 50 Features! &0 ways new! Reinforced cab construction, larger exhaust system, extra-capacity radiators. Dodge-tout glass, heaters with stepped-up heat output available. PLUS moietureproof ignition, high- torque capacity starting motors, and other features. Come in and see the new Dodge "J trucks at your dealer's today! when the first calves are born around Feb. 15. J. A. Parrish, Manager of the Arkansas Artifical Breeders Asso •ciation with headquarters at Fay etteville, said the bred cows shoul produce Hempstead county dairy men some greatly improved cows Mr. Parrish said some dairymen with heifers freshening from cow j bred to the sires we were using j through the breeding group reported as much production from the heifers as from their mature dams. Information on the artfical breed ing service that is available every! day may be secured from Mr*. Brown, 'County Agent Adams, or any of the 45 dairymen using the service. Some production records and pedigrees on the Jersey, Hoi- stein, Guernsey and Milking Shorthorns sires are available for the asking. Undecided on Trying to Bar Durkin By LYLE C. WILSON WASHINGTON, (UP) — Sen. Robert A. Taft said in a telephone Interview he did not know whether an attempt would be made next month to prevent Senate confirmation of Martin P. Durkin as secretary of labor. Taft, 1 in a telephone conversation from Cincinnati refused to co ment on the varying interprelalion placed by editorial writers and commentators on his denunciation of Durkin's selection for the cabinet. He was told that many Eastern newspapers had treated his blast at Durkin as the day's biggest news event, that they were inter preting it as a break in relations between Taft' and President-elec Eisenhower and there was joy ii the Democratic camp. Tan's response was that every body was welcome to draw conclu sior.s from his statement that Eis erihower's choice to Durkin wa both "incredible" and an "affront 1 to millions of union voters who suj ported the Republicans last Novem MAM. AlKAMSAS 33&IKFF:i Sonny's $et his heart on A trip wt t« the moon, d he'll w«4 o snots suit Everything Set for Talent Program Friday The talent program sponsored innuully by the Hope Hi«h School PTA is ready for prcsentutiun in he school uuditorium Friday, Due. 5lh. at 8 p.m. 'Belle and Bill" an old-fashioned motion picture thriller, will be among the clever skits presented. The cast includes Anna Lou Barnes, Bobby Bruce, Hoy Seymour, Gayle Foster, Burkey Fuller, Weaver Jordan, Kills Hothweil and Frances Welsenbcrger. Studtnts from the Latin nnd Library Clubs, National Honor society, and the Hi-Lights staff, will perform in skits, pantornines, and specialty acts. Musical numbers will be played by Janette Barr, Dana Cunningham, and the Girls Glee Club. Added attractions will be the Grab Bag Booth and Homemade candy counter and of course cold drinks arid gum will be available. Admission is 50 and 25 cents. Hcrshul Monroe Pence, Nevada and Mississippi, forgery and, ut- lei inj;, five years. Clarcncu Pigg, Clark, July 31, 1051, grand, larceny, two years Edward Allcrec, Pulu.ski, Oct. 29, liMt), forgery and uttering, 10 years, . 12. Shield, Miller, June 3, 1046 robbery, 10 years. scribed as suicidal. The Reds, thickly bundled in their quilted unl forms, charged up the ley slopes behind nn artillery and mortar barrage of more than 5,000 shells. But nn Eighth Army officer Bald tho South Koreans stood firm. By mid-day, the Chinese hud withdrawn. Although their assaults wore made In groups of 40 und 50 men, tho bodies of 02 Reds wore counted on the Icy, forbidding slopes of Pinpoint Hill, UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. IA1— Presldcnt-uli-ct Dwlght D. Kiscm- hower Is expected by source!) hero to muko nuick and sweeping changes in tho U, S, doluftnllon to the U. N. soon uftar, ho takes ol flee Jun. 20. American sources fumillnr with the law sold thnt Elsenhower, utter ha IB inaugurated, will havo tho authority to remove all tho American delegates to the seventh Gon- crnl Assembly if they do not ton ,dcr All of ,tb*i'Wi;^voulcl huvo com plHtccl their tonrift hod tho hssoni- bly hold to its original schedule, which called for adjournment by Doc. 20. But with action still to bo tukon on most items of business, tho assembly's steering committee was expected to order o Christman recess ond resumption of the session In February, after the inauguration. President Truman appointed tho present U. S. delegation of five chief representatives and five al ternutos after Congress adjourned lust summer. A search of U. -S, law shows that legally tho present delegates could servo to the end of tho seventh 'General Assembly. There are precedents, both In law Cox Quits in Protest Over c Coal Wage WASHINGTON, t/PI « Trumnn's wage' board quit his job today in t>i tlic President's approval o: trn wage boost tor cofll m above tho boyond the roconvift dntlons ot nil top defense «g( officials. . "'~u Archibald Cox, chairman "ot Wage Stabilization Board, wl only overnight to resign. Ho fl no formal statement, but to' reported tho White HoUSO ii hava something t to say this>T noon, Tho Truman action, *'i\ counter to rccomrriendations'tO; MablHzntlon lluutotinnts, did^j sure n year ot,pence irt^tHe, mines. [ ' Tho President yesterday ; Iivovoa the full $1.00 daily \. incroaso for John L. Lewis' 37$ soft coal miners because, ho. ho does not want President ICIscnhower to have a coftlfl crisis on- his hands when Office, . wrt The ITIQVO nvorttjd an almoat tain strike, but It opened-the-to a boost in coal prices to;. suniors and touched oft un umpn«, public members i , i of > W«KC Stabilization Boer" ' * One WSB momboi 1 all Tnimnn'H doclsipn would "tori-iflo and clisuppolntlngV on unions which in tho pas ucuQplod WSB reductions ar liavo wuge- cases pending b the board. ,.' /y, Coal minors thomsdvoSawl bnslc minimum daily boocitud $18,25 were reportedly; Hunt. One 'top United MJtjW crs ofClciul at Pittsburgh., "fiaii move "undoubtedly avert Birllcc." John Busarollo, , pt of UMW District had been Betting leys. Stevenson tes •-» ^ , *», • 117*j -* -Al , r t 1, as The Eighth Army said action elsewhere along tho 155-mile bat- Itefronl was minor. American P8fl jets were credited with another MIG — this one going to Capt. Robinson Pisner of I Oklahoma City. It boosted his score p. L. spradlin. Miller, June 3, l " six *" Gtt destroyed, one prob 194(1, robbery, 10 years. Phillip Terry, Jefferson, Oct. 24, 1951 grand larceny, two years. James Conway, Hempstead, Apr'l 9, 1951, burglary and grand larceny, five years. Irn Lee Everett, Garland, April 8, 1940, second degree murder, 21 able and one damaged. years. R. D. George, Columbia, April 11, 194U, second degree murder, 21 years. Willie Lee, Columbia, March 26, 1952, grand larceny, two years. New York's Park Row, a street on which most ol the city's newspapers once were located, DO longer has 99; major newspaper ulanta. j-««m*T» >•- ber. Durkin is a Pemocrat who voted for Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson for President. He opposes the Taft- Hartley act. Durkin was President of the American Federation of Labor Plumbers' union when tapped for the cabinet. Taft's failure in -response to ques tions to say Durkin would be con firmed on schedule 1$ circumstan tial evidence, at least, that the senator will challenge him next month. That is bis right. The con sitution provides that; cabinet of fleers shall be nominated by the President with the advice and con sent of the Senate. That is ample constitutional tbority for aoy ses&tor TWOS Native of^Hope Succumbs In /.oca/ Hospital Mrs^Annie Mae Hutchinson, aged widow of William H. Hutchinson, died today at a local pital. She was a native of Heyap- Stead and member of a pioneer Hope family. Survivors include a brother, S. L. Reed, two sisters, Zenobia Reed and M^s. A. M. Key, all of Hope Funeral services will be held at the family home at 715 S. Elm Street at 10 a.m. Friday by the Rev. S. A. Whitlow. Active pallbearers: R. U Broach Dale Jones, Robert LaUrone. Albert Graves, Charles V\yUe, Frank Storing Silage Methods to Be Subject of Meet This morning cattle on one Hemp stead county farm were eating "canned pasture" in the form of corn silage says County Agent Oliver L. Adams. Roy Fry of Highway 67, about 10 miles west of Hope has about a 100 ton corn silage. This silage is in two trenches. One trench about 70 feet long, 10 feet wide and 5 feet deep is above the soil level. Another trench about 100 fet-t long, 12 feet wide and 5 feet deep is below the soil level. Tha two trenches contain the 'corn and fodder as cut-up green corn from about 50 acres of land. t/lr. Fry is feeding this silage to his beef cattle. The silage has been used for ten days. To acquaint interested individuals with the methods of storing silage a field meet will be held at Williams. Tom Wsrdlaw and Al the Fry farm Thursday morning, Pec. 11 at 0:30 a.m. For additional information -on the field silage study program contaqt County Agent Adams, Rain Strikes Practically All of State By The Associated Press A torrential 'rain, which struck Arkansas yesterday, left at least one highway closed in the state and brought two rivers near their flood stages, Near Hot Springs, an "isolated thunderstorm" accompanied by heavy rains sent tiny South Fork Creek over its banks into living quarters at South Central Bible College. Volunteer workers rescued some 23 people, Including children from flooded living units when the swollen creek poured through the building, leaving two to 'five feet' of water, y ! The Reverend Ollie E, Gaugh, president of the college, today estimated damage at between $75,i 000 and $85,000. He said a number of houses wc-re knocked- off their 'foundations by the gushing water, debris was scattered through several- others and six cars were washed downstream, one a distance of about 135 yards, The Red Cross has set up an aid station on the? campus, The u. S. Weather Bureau at Little Rock said 0,80 inches of rain fell at Searcy during toe 24- hour period ending at 7 a. m, today. The Harding College power and in custom, however, for the President to accept resignations or remove the delegates if ho feels ho must make a change., H was reported in diplomatic circles here thut Elsenhower, stored by his on-the-spot ins. lion of the Korean situation, might shake up tho delegation with tho idea of currying out his plans as quickly a» possible, The feeling hero Is that tho now secretary of state, John Foster Dulles, will muku recotnmcndu tions ulorig thut lino to Eisenhower and that Dulles himself may-head tho assembly delegation. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., (R-Muss.) will become head of the puimunent U. S. mission to tho U. N, under the new administra» tlon. He will succeed Warren R, Austin, who has been the perma ncnt delegate since January, 1047. and whose reisgnatlon has been accepted. to Eisenhow< By RAYMOND LAHR WASHINGTON la I E, Stevenson _ . _ ^ and President Truman todiy| operate with, tho ministration "lns,of paliblo with, thcv views :oij party," ' r> Thu defeated dontlal . t\ominu<) discuss future role of tlra puriy, \ men at tho "White Holijja is spending two days of Mr, Trumani Tho Illinois 'iovornor newsmen «B«OP attdt Prosldont's daUy statt Hat reported that he had i about an hour-with " J the President's «t' Ho said ho campaign do ported at mow than ,„_, bo the No* I'/problem tm Democratic party now, To question*', abplit t thu Domocratl ' new oleot _ _ that Mr. "frfytfkfe "al4 k 'i ugrecd that party be subordinated dispatch of pub •.'•tttonrto£ Guided Missile Development Believed Near . onco Democratic mem «ress) to obstrwqt,"d way imperil ( &* n* and the new ||djm gram insofar as; it with, the views -pt pur* »t»l«t. " ' The and of being. &,™ wholesome inf}umi life wfll, cratjc l fee oddflfU SAN FRANCISCO, 1*1 U, Dutch KlndcrJberger, board chairman of North American Aviation, Inc., Los Angeles, said today the development of a tract intercontinental guided missile is "just over the horizon," Kindelberger, in 'a prepared ad- 'dress to the industrial section of tha California State Chamber of Commerce, said tba,t such a mis- iile will be capable of "accurately delivering t# spy point tor Township 20, Me., northernmost town the United State* bag house* »tanding half in Canada in the Vnitcd gtajfefe plant failed during the storm yesterday, causing, temporary IQ*S of beat and light at the college. Several White Cpuoty schools closed at noon to allow t>M#e« to return pupils to their bom** before over flowing stream^ it K-t*^ of the earth in a few hours warhead carrying infinite tlon, and wWch because speed ao4 r ay;4tude will t lie added thai t«cbnic.4 j najte £ Jrowi»«j^> <wn the sxtripKMi l a»o w«mi "if Uww sur< , "*

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