The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on April 16, 1915 · Page 12
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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia · Page 12

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1915
Page 12
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SPORTING. THE TURF. Th Australian Trottlni Chib concludes IU 7-rw7. r:V71TT,;,!,' . T poi.1.: MUa Boyle IM Ita. M b, ?tvita,1;t :Tin!rfclr.&:,i Ti (SfV'i " D"jm'"" "w each v St. Aibyne end Haralonga. T to WooraglL I Club H.iSlcaD w- wid ,i a-,, U. 1 t Inrerera. to 1 Mcb valuta Paul and HoV ) by u-E?. l. 7uf b.! UKI Talker. 7 to 1 v Tigeroo, 10 to 1 y Wlhlemee Held, Te) by K oo'ii! " "T ' b' lndo - ... , . . . - LUU"UU" i to i v t-naru. let. Toe oelrj Boused toy-l i,.-r, nn-r n-n Uuiimm- ni. a u ii d i. . "loouaaud r-ouiida" Meeting- at Victoria Park Invrrara hall a le.urth hihlnd the l.d.m. m-.. " Wusrtsit.. (No. 1 t) lira. Eoyle aw) lire. this afternoon, and, with a good track and a 'f 1 -5e. Th. owner, of the dead-beaten divided "Mi or nigh-claae performer, engaged. I"" r ... lovera of that branch of aiort may aiHIcli.ulo ' ,.1,';m?1 Sj'Wi..B'Si TiViEK" V. .r eludes special traina from Circular Quay and Bouunr, :t lib (While), a. otber surten: Mem be, the Rallway-equar. loop to the racecourao 04 lb; Janda. 7it sib. Betting: a to 4 v Will gales, while the ordinary tralHo to Zetland Mac, t to 1 v Soutane, 6 to 1 each v othert. Won will aiao he available. The Drat race la timed ," """ wa " "f "" THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, FRIDAY, APRIL 16, 1915. LAWN TENNIS. INTERSTATE CABOTAL. to start at 2.30 p.m, The declaration of forfeit yeaterday for the principal handicap In connection with City TatterBall'a Club Autumn Meeting at Rand wick on Saturday leaves 22 In the Deninan Htakos .nd so in City Tattersairs cup, ao tnat in ' SECOND DAT. WILL MAO WINS GttAN'D STAND HANDICAP, ttawuud liurdle Race, fto. YsUowboc, by w inning W -Mat io lil 11 lottery, lfc.t ulb. UndrnMi). 1- Jl ui- ach race a large fluid It assured. , The accept niu. lvt mb, n; jolty bailor, yt lulu. g. Other starters tors for the Den man Stakes Include such Wucdoiig, iuib; timnuk, v.i 61b; Mullet. iu peedy customers as brattle, Athenlc, Bllvur) Dei ting; V to a ouch v icaduuc nod Jolly bailor, Ructnv. Llaaro. Lj&dv DenniAD. Sweet a to 1 v Cobrum. V 10 2 v Yalowbor, to to 1 t n1 Mrlma: while Alured. Scotch Ar- . 1 'W"Ut;k. Ycllowooo led from tillery. Aleconner, f irm, mugsourgn, loiun. FIVE STATES PI. AT TA.n.T DRAW FOR TO-DAT. Th . . CTub cbamplonahip. Mra. Hoaea t Mra. D-Arcy. u Nrw South Walea will place four team In the SUSr- i'.4 ".PtaT Im",, Vlctorta' 8o'ti' Open Handicnn Hiiurlm. Mia rau tl u. n.1. Mueensiana, and a flfth to meet rympl Hivy (5), io a.m. the Victorian ladles. Flfty-sli interstate I08T AVD rOTOD, . Y KIT la P1tt-4tiW tram !i"6ui- Tnuntkf Vt V, -m:' i1" v Tnqut, triiuiMd gold. Re-yrn. 1"BH Klng-tret. fKPFTnT p.m. train oo Vedimday at Rooty HM, BAO, conuinina putm, key a, tie.: reward. Hiaa 1IINDHAK. tanliucl. rw lfiil. L0iST,.il orfMt ey. btt. Hiyrt i'nd Iyrte, Psiie ( " ,rin golt. K WilM. , A ,"w,u. iicmifmnrDad, Altundrts. Club Handicap Sinflea.-Hr. Heoderaou (-1) T Un. 0,0,1 Prollclent playera Iq Auatralla. Burb lloeea (M). i u.m.1 lira. O Arcy t) lir. Hay (8,), talaxy of talent would be eufnclentlT attrac-P :. . tire 6f ltaelf tn Inf.... .... i ... . . uue-oau quartette. Seta aa may be arranged, LaWU TENUIS." U tttlUU. .UWIII eual'v b Ave lenvilia; Cubram Bniaiied atrotijiij, .(! Oflia. Charlevlllo. Taunter. Aurlfer, Tartanua. I iT " V" "" - ratroa Sir William cull.; praldent, Mr. B. C. Trill fatakra, ol.-SIr I bet, by Ibej-Tb. Loom. Teece. Mr. lT d Terrev Mr D WimTni i'r K p' 7,1. Preaiaent 01 the aaaodatlon. I Pat ilb (Kaduup.), 1; Mootpao. eat Klb, 1; Woofariale. Barbour, Dr. N. 11 Orc. lir II 8. VU Ur K K eIlr","el the great pleaaura wblch all felt at at frt jib, 3. (Hlier atarlera: Dorouhrtttle, an 10lb:Niall: bon aecretary, C D. Batemau: anluaiit hon. ,lw 'eaponae that io many Statea bad made to KarlTO, and Necktie are still eletlble for City I . Tattenall a Cup. nin tn recent heavy rtns. the going nanw.k vn.tnr.1iiv mnrnlnv waa about two Tireroo. eat: Uundona. 7.t 121b. Hetttiur: S to 1 econdi slower than on Tuesday. A large crowd 1 Wooramle, a to 1 eaih sir lbe and Ticcroo. 1 to 1 of the regulars were In attendance to wit- v lx.,lbrl.tle, 5 to 1 each v Bundoog and Moorpan. .u T . j on.i rtn tlia w Hl bj a lnpt)i and t h f. Time, lin 10 1-w. ncss tho horses do their final ga OP. on th, , of.-Darbird, by llarr-Silverblrd. inagple track for City Tattoreall a Aulliron im m (Bilkw) , . eiun(., 7at Ulb. : Meeting on Saturday. Simon Frlnco waa limt iI,nrl,lWclli 7t n,f a, oUier .urtee; Oiurblue, out, and bowled over seven furlong, in lm t ws. Bettim;: s to 1 on Soutane, s to 1 v 40s, which goes to show he was not fully Gmrblue, A t ol e:icb v llarblrd anrl Uullenffeen. extended. Sliver Steel roelcd off five fur- fioutlutc and Gmrblue made the runninit to the turn, dong. at a .olid pace, while Royal Rutin was but In the RarNrd eame aTiv, and won t the full round -w,. which b. covered KmMvt in 2m 5a. Leta worked well over halt a ( Mmp-F,in.i(,Wi vt m niTlsnd). l: Polldk, flozen furlongs, aa did Merlmee -and Hopneid, ,t ?. Ma,tcr pBult 7rt 1(1n,t s other rtartera: while King MoBtyn and Silver Lad went a jrtT Skopop. Out; Oulr-Vlwry. fttr71b; Prompt, 8t furlong less. Trlnobiutea threw nine fur- nh; ArM. Tt lnlh: .Tollv ktpner, Aat 7!b. longs behind in 2m 4Bs. and lckle Lss nr-IBptUnc: 5 to a t will Mac 4 to 1 v Pirat. to j. . J1 ,..,1 " ' i i, r. Thtrrt 2 Mirter Paul. 8 to 1 ach r Iadv SVorxm and counted 'or five furlongs in lm 6a. Third 0uickbr 10 to' to , , w SwX tnd PoiWook. Prise and Crosska went ut a useful pace over tn , v JoMr gvinnf.r. win Mac took rhirt of Six furlongs, and La Pcnna spurted over ImH tbt field, from a rreat rfart, rloarlr attended br a mile. Necktie and Ch.irlevtlJe were t--,Prnmiit and Po)Wook. aivl maintalniitr hU lead KCther at the end Of Six furlongs, run In lm thromrhout. won bv a lei.ath. hall a lenirtn between J -Is, and Sheriff Muir occupied 2m 12s nvor land and Sir John Barleycorn, accounted lor!,,! threw the rider at the hark .r the rourve. half a mile In 55s, and Amata did a similar In fslUnc Wemis atmrk a tree, and he waa brought distance at a smart nace. Aurifer went a 'to the camalrv room, where it waa found be had mile In lm 50s, and MalUsia and Pink nnd """L" l"iuri- to hd- but t"ed Blue covered six furlongs in lm 24s, a per. j VrT 1Undlr.D Tf.-Rarstonrn. br Mttle Tor formance that was a second faster than the Mow Mnrni. 8at rib Pinn. 1: 8t. Albme. flat 91h. effort by L'kuwela and The Fortune Huntr, i: Mt.nro, S. Other starter: Inverara. Paterann. over the same course. Aleconner travers-il N'arrawa. Votou Kirr. Delhnrat. Wilderneaa Maid, the full round in 2m SJs, while Alnivd covered AnHrl' S?nd.r- Ch"rl Tett. Bettintrr a aw.ii.. 1 1 co 11..- . -.1. c w , . t.vcn monrr on at. Alhme. 4 to 1 v Narraw. 5 a mile In lm 5.s. Tofui took 64, for a hnlf , , ,.,, v Mu, rnrrm; VoTOO KlM, a oi-nlle. and Colttjro went a furlong farther In .in . tone Time, lm ara. S?.a. Vif bounded over a mile at a strong bat. Final nmdiean. flf. Knit, by Feathewtlteh flrnp.) as did Elystan; while Taunter, V.'aila.-hla, . Amv- 8-1 71b fltylandl. 1: Mricny. t 101b. t: Make. Beck s Lager, Lady Denman. .... ...... iu ituuae unuaual interest Into the ..wuS. uu. me tact mat tna wholo ot the prollu ar. to be devoted to the Belgian Relief Fund ibould add to the Intere.t and Increase UNIVERSITY CLUB. attendance. At th. annual ..n.l .... ,. The Vl .If I n . . . l1 IUH' t' oange Ho'tel by the w wuiu waits Uwn TannU Association. '.r .l"aw' VT- h 9- Ur' u- h- Marsh, president of the association. Hate, to N.8.W.L.T.A., MrB C. Fuller ffr U t 7ra1Z xm 1 9 Mociatlon to send teami Teece; delegate, to 8.U.S.U.. a H? HenderaoJ Tand . .A: 3nipbell (Vic), R. D. . u. uatenian; geoeral committee. J. R. liatrittklll, "' Ming to.A.j, and Dickinson (Tas.l P. A. llorria, A. J. Traill. R. C. Inslia. L. J. Carr. 'P0nded on behalf of their reaoectlv fli.t.. 1 . y D,r "eraia Strickland has J. RoawlL ' FIELD DAY POSTPONED. Owine to the rout mirxi. Kap4. - - a. April 24. 'he baaeboll field rli. ht 1 nnftnnMsi nd will probably be held cm one of the holiday In J una. Poll. Wok nrd Ynttn Paul. Time, lm 44a. In the the full round. Kelso's youngsters, Stfir- ri , AtMt, mvA th(1 out ot and performed useful tasks. Traauette worked easily on the cinders, where Metallic us and a companion did five furling in lm 10s. Clild, ifatouree. and Wolcen were treated to eaay work on the same track. Mr. Norman Falklner'a English horse. Land of Song, is at the present in the care of T. G. Doyle, at his veterinary hospital. Rand-wick, and has thrown off all the soreness occasioned by a mishap which put him out of court for the A-J.C. autumn meeting, but the Injured tendon Is unduly enlarged. Land of Song is to be sent to his owner's place, V.'ld-giewa, for a spell, and noxt season will do some stud duty. In a report of the blood stock sales. In yesterday's Issue, an error occurred In respect of the aggregate, which is 10,465 guineas. Instead of 8720 guineas. Mrs. Flemmlch's well peformed Ayr Laddie horse, Cagou, has returned to F. MarBden's care at RanJwlck alter a lengthy rest at Smlthfleld. near Toowoomba. Cagou arrived tn vigorous health, and will go Into training at once. X.r,H. Othrr atar'er: Tulkerife. 7rt Sib. A aplftrilid lm Ut. LATEST SCRATCinXGS. The following scratching were recorded yesterday: CITY TATTERS ALL' S AUTUMN MEETING. Youthful Stakes: Dear Laddie. Taste. Down Stream, Lady Buddah. Novice Handicap : Praomlnm, Infantile, Rualma. , Club Welter: Lord Muse, Pedestrian, First Principle, Mythic. CITY TATTERS ALL'S CLUB. AUTUMN MEETING. ACCEPTANCES. The following remain in after declaration of forfeit for the principal handicaps of the autumn meeting:: DKNMAV STAKES. flf. COlfRIVED RACE MEETING. BELGIAN BELIEF FUND. BRRR1GAN. Thursday. A combined race meeting of the Cobnim, Mickatah, and Yamwerah club waa held at Cobram on Wed nesday, in aid of the Beliriao Relief Fund. There waa a large attendance, and splendid racing. Ke- ult: Nimttr Hunlle Rare, Cm. Mnlligan'a br g HarVeirh, bv Prince rrt-ine. tot 21b. 1: J. R. Blarrara Lurk-man. Irst Sib. 2: F. Klnt'a Early Riae. Oat 1Mb. 3. NarmVa and Newton also started. Betting: t to 1 t fI.trlelKfc. Mei:rr Picnic FtaVe. J. NeiVa Tea), by Addon, lint ISIb. 1; S. Kenhennitt'l Hapov Knirht, lift 121b, 2. Bettlmr: 2 to 1 on Teanie, even axmey on Ilnnnv Kni-h. Bo I ran Oip, lm. J. Iaoradale br g Morep, by ntnttua Diinlop mare. Tut 71b, 1; A. Biggan AU Green, Sat 61b, 2; J. A. Orbe'a Dajrbreak, flat Bib, S. Retting: 0 to 4 on Daybreak, to 4 v More p. Taeitre NoreltT Port Race. 4t. -Q. Doacan'a ch nlo. br Gambler Kitty. 7rt Bib. 1; J. J. Paroell'a Poaev, list Sib, 2; J. MilUran'a Hin Grace, Sat 101b, 3. ' Creeping Jane and Desert Row also started. Betting: 2 to 1 on Soto, S to 1 v Posey. Brtiasela Trot, JJm. W. Puller's ST m LaiMbsnd, srvv,.. hhd.. 1: S. K Rosme'a Benie R.. KOrda bM.. 2; T. HarriVa Broadway, 8, Toy and Quinton ab atirted. Betting: f to 1 on Ixweliana. Tnre. Handirao Race.' 61. Miss Chearterman. 1: Ptrathwilllim, t. Protest waa lodged against Him Clir-ferman for boring. Xix itartea. Antwerp IIanriiwp, flf. H. Bignara eh h An Oraew, tr tbe Iriah Ilorae Coloara, gat 21b. 1; J. Lonsdale's Votvd. Tat. 2: A. Dattere' Erineatie, 7ft, 8. Bet- ..... n i nn Voren. even monev on All Green. The underhand log chop at the races was won by L. ColombiU, of uooram. KBIfBTiA CUANOB RACING OXTB. a bjolnrxi are the weights for the meeting on the f.iin afloat O'Vall. flat: Knirht Mid. ditton, 8it 71b; Varna (imp.), &t 31b; hince Allonao, ft 81b: Mias PetxiUo, 8M 31b; RardinL Sat lb; Kola- pore. HM Sib; alounuui tun, txi ; aujuuoaa, Brattle Athenic Pilvcr Lad Barley Water ... Eugt-ny I.-irt'ro ......... Valhalla Arlanra Cunp.) N inna La1 Den man . Sweet Halt 8 11 8 8 8 0 8 9 8 0 7 11 7 io 7 10 7 8 Murimee Mixa liob , II b ll.inaow llejithento ...... Hopoat , Toa Tere fN.Z.) , Silver Stet'l Lord Rouvray . , Brat Scot ....... Ocarina Icicle Lam 7 6 It CITY TATTE RSA LT.'S Cl'P. lm and Sf. Alured Scotch Artillery Alocoiroer , Firm KingTihuTtrh Mv Qavonnl Tofua , Off Cbarlevills lauutcr ..w... 8 11 8 10 Aurifer Eiitren Tarunua Narivo Simon Friaco Necktie Kina: Moatyn Roval Rufua CaitntMllo Trinobantes WTONG PARK RACING CLUB. rt; 'Lady Melton, et; Cbcila Pat, Sat; Neraine, fiat; lb 'nut, 7rt 101b; Roul AlUiei, 7st 101b; Waaler Gordon, 7 101b; Sir Rouvray, Tat 101b; Eaay, Vat lolb; Corn- 7 teat, 7t 71b; J.W.H.. 7st 71b. 5i Juvenile Handicap, 4f. Portrait, flat lb; Udy Cal- man. ftst Sib; Bruuileo Boy, Hat; Sealed Orders, Set; S Linacca, 8t; Kahonjl, Tat 101b; Borda, 7at 81b; Car- weela, 7at Blb-.Ooldn Glory, 7at 71b; Bulbo, 7at 71b; Thooaa, 7rt 61b; Pride ol ttte souin, m wo; joiiy iMr.. -7mt hiu- Giilen 7rt alb : Warsaw. lit lb: Pma- S ii iwttive, 7st 21b; Susette, 7at; Winacre, Oat 121b; Tax- AID Un Boy, (mt loio. Newton Hanuicap, Jra. ouver unun, vn, mbuuuw. fttit Bib- Berk'a La err, Sit 21b; Anartea, Sat; Salarino, Tat 121b- Precis Maid, 7t Bib; lordlier, 7st 41b; Con-tone. 7n 21b; Voldnn, 7rt; Tenon, Ost 121b; Fordell, M Wlb; AuUUm, evt fib; Poeay, Oat 81b; Great ObicI, n.' Tlh- fllonnilinn. frt 71b. Ornnee SUkra, Of. Lord Alge, Sit; Spring Girl, 7st Wb; I-adur Queen, "at 121h; Sennex, 7at Sllb; l'iheaval. 7at 61b: The Trinter. 7at; Glen Innea, 7t; Ixichform, 7at; Peter the Hermit, Sat 10U; Oorea, Bat lb; First Stitch, flat 71b. Jumpers' Flat fcice, lm. Buarm, llat; H.C., 10rt (lib; Flute PUyer, 10vt 41b; Ruebell. lOat 21b; Slngleport, 0Vt 71b; Jacoletsn, Sat 61b; Rentile, flat 61b; Glen Innea, tat 61b; Sylrsmor, Sat Ub; Warrablnga, 7 8 0 7 IS 7 12 7 7 7 7 6 7 4 e 12 s 10 e 7 O0UNT ANURIA WINS PARK HANDICAP. WYONO PARK. Thursday. The Fyomr Pwrk Racine Club 'a meeting waa held this afternoon in fine weather. The attendance w.u. auge and the going good. Results: Frying Handjrar, of 50 aon. 0f. R. P. King's b m BcMtta. 8tn llih (Evana). 1; R. E. Froat'a br c Foil 7at 3Tb fM'Cabe), 2; W. Gallum'a ch ra Gianetta, Tat Sib (Meddick), 3. Other ataxtera: Rub Hampton. Sat 81b: Corona ta, Mat Sib: Mnlgawi'lUh. 8st Sib; TranqnilUan, 7st; Lady Vari, flat 101b. Bt-ting: 7 to 2 v Lady Vari. 4 to 1 each v Mulrawillah and Foil, 6 to 1 v Baxetta. 8 to 1 each Coronata, fUiby Ham p ton, and Tranquillian. Woo easy by three acnsiD. iirav. un inn. Maiden Handicap of 40 eryra, flf. W. Rowartaoo! i isunny nug, m hiid (j. ugtiuoot), i; y Boyle'a b g Count Earlston. 7at 51b (J. Reynolds), 2 . M'Pheraon'a b r 7at fith IA viM) Other starten: Knight MidUeton, 4t; Regal Chanter, "rrnot. BATiTTRST TURF CLCB. B-.THURST. Thwrsdav. tfte fnllnwlne are the weJzfaU for the Irst day of toe Hatnurst run tiuoi race rawuraj.- r rrvni nsr Hamiiran. fine rara. y an: ikmi. m out, I My Bank. Oat lib; Protection. 8rt fllb; NandiUyaa Gift, iiift llh; Rucnalf. Sst; Boswat, fat; iTaemium, im. mo; riiwiuit 7t Tlh: Peranoie. 7t: Muriate, flat 121b: Sr 6lb: Sir Rouvrav. Sat- Mellowiah. 7at lolh- n rani Collect. Bat 121b; Lord tlant, oat vio; lony vac, oar oioae. 7at id; utto ae Rose. 7rt 61b. Bettftair: 7i""' to 4 v Count Earlston, S to 1 t Sir Roumv, S to 1 Oat. Lake Welter, 0f. Otmcar, lOst: BshMrtrmds, fist Ifllb; Wyadra, Ort 61b; Maltchester, flst; Arlana, flat: Salarino, Sat 1011.; Lord Alge, 8rt fllb; Gibbexgunyah, Ast fllb; Mrrr Lad, fist 81b; Bollera, Sat 81b; Spadix. Sat 51b; Maltster La, Sst 4lb; Piszing, Sat 21b; Oon-tone, 8t 2lb; Tranouilian, Sat; Lord Rouvray, Sat; Coat o' Mill, Sat- Entertainer. 7at l?lb; Ordinal, Tst 121b: Don Carta. 7st 121b; Agrlppa, 7st 101b; Lalla, 7s 101b; Clani Pu.lla, 7st 71b; Eaniabelle, 7st 71b; Lady Mascot, TK 71b. Mullahab. 10 to 1 each Bunnr Hnr and Won by half a head. Time, lro 171a. Two-years-old Handicap of sots, 4if. A. GoHan's tilk c Brundee Boy, ft tlb (Walker). 1; W. Shoe-smith's b f Dulcie Mav, 7st 4lb (K Rrana); W. Nicholaon'a br f Royal Medal, 7at (Sltanahan). Otber at arter; Royal I -ore, et 61b. Betting; fl to 4 t Bnm-dee Boy, 1 to 1 r Dulcie May, S to 1 v Rviral Medal. 10 to 1 v Royal Love. Won by half a length. Time. 68Ja. Novice Handicap of 40 aors. flf. A, B. Nagel'a b f ladur Oueen, Tst Sib (Metdirk). 1; J. L. Cuahan's ch m Loch Ladis, 8st 41b (Reidl, 2; J. O'Brien's br f P.-Piery, 7at (M'Csbc). S. Other atarters: Giaretta, fM; Maak EJiya, t 41b; Maakman. 7at fllb; Combl.-e, 7at fllb; Miss Seal, 7st 4)b; Greasepaint, 7st 21b; Mi Collar, 7st; Drop Srene, Tat. Belting: Even money on Ladnr Qicen, 5 to 2 t Loch Iadia, 7 to 1 v Gianetta, 10 to I v Peppery. 10 to 20 to 1 v the others. Won by tbree-oaners of a length. Time, lm 16a. A protest lodged against the winner was dismissed. Wynne Park Handicap of 08 sova, about Ira and IS yards. P. O'Dwyer'a b g Connt Andria, 7sl llib, inc. 71b pen, Ofeddick), 1; A. W. Dawes' br g Lord Rourray, 7rt (MCabe), 2: A. Tee's br m Miaa Mool-tin, 7ft fTownsend), S. Other starters: Yankee Yorx, rarr. Pst 61b; Breeaa, 7st 21b; Mias Portland, 7vL TV l ting: 6 to t v Miaa Portland, 4 to 1 each V Count Andria and MIh Mooltan, fl to 1 v Lord RouvTar, 7 to 1 each r Yankee York and Breeza Maid. TO 1 1 1 Tenoa. Won by s hesd. Time, lm 44a. Welter Handicap of 40 sova, 7f. J. Oerson's br g fiealnter, 7at 71b (Prain), 1; J. R. Walker's blk g Gib-rtcrgunyah. Sat 71b fU Walker), 2; A. R. Inrin's b m Coronata, flat Sib fW. Erana), 8. Other starters: StI-viua. Sat 61b; Lord Bunea, Sat; VsTaa, 7ft 101b; Sonite, i Tat Tib. Betting: fl to 4 y Lord Bursea, 4 to 1 t Coronata 6 to 1 each v Gfbbergunyah and Sonite, 10 to 1 scn v eV later and otbera. Won by half a head. Tims, lm ttf. I Gold J1RURY RAdNO CLUB, CUP aOKTIlsa DTOK WIXS CUP. ALBtTRY, Thursday. The Cop Veettng of the Albury Racing Club opened yeBterdsy in glorious weather; there waa a large public attendance, and good fields. Results: first Hurdle Race, lm. J. Rustic's Admiral Grand, by Flagship Argo, list Ulb, inc. 71b pen. (Clarke), 1; F. J. Starr's Quedong, lOst fllb (McKay), 2; , Rose's Jolly Sailor, lost (McCarthy), S. Other ataxtert: FiresUck, Art 121b: Dedcraflg, flat. Betting: t to 1 t Quedong, to X v Jolly Sailor, S to 1 v Admiral Grand, 6 to 1 V Flrestlck, 8 to 1 v Dedersng. Won comfortably by three lengths, with Jolly bailor two lengthi behind Quedong. Time, 3m 60s. Maiden Plate, flf. ft. G. Earle's Sir Ibex, by Ibex The Jaoom. Sat 121b (Waddups), 1; F. J. Mitchell's Lampooner. Sst 61b (Hoysted), 2; R. J. Rankin's Heather Boy, Sst 121b (Baker), 1. Other starters: Trial CuVm Oraalcn. lOrt 7Tb: Pesranolr. 9at fllh: Tf-rd rLrit. 9t 4lb; Ptowford, Pat Sib; Harrington, Sst I0!b- Nellie Grafton. Rst 4lb: Alynwick, Sat; Gold Beam, nih. irfl n.tfnrd Tat ftlb: Younr Glenbrook. 7at i Tib- Vilex. 7it Tib: Ida newitt. Tst Tib; Australian i r Tlh- UiimiTn.r Tat 71b. rihow Bandi -sp. It's rnnny, list 4 lb; Pine Park. !Ht fllb; Jt lunk, Art 51b; White Knight, Sst fllb; Rtibeculi, 8t 4lh; Bo neat, Sst 4lb: Dowdy, 7st 91b; Phonos. 7 STb: E.D.G.. 7st.STb: Amberwood. 7st Sib; K.l Velvet, 6t 131b; Tony Mac, Cat 81b; Steel Link, Cr. Sib; Otwar, flst Tib. . , V-eirVrt Handicap. Iahal. 9tt STb: y Bank, fat lib: protection, 8trt 121b; Naodillyan Gift. Sat lib; nrffako, t Hh: Praemiom, Sst: So Shy. Tst 19b; Carenot, 7rt 101b; BoomalU, Tat 3Ih; Muriate. 7st lib; f Collect, 7st lib; Lord Ctarlt, Sat 121b; Parau, Cat Sib; "UerHandicap. White Knight, flst 10Tb; ; fhiensit, 9st Sib; Boit. flst Sib: RubecuU, st Sib; Lord DanleU, On fllb; Pboboa, Sst 71b; Lord Tuck Sst 71 h; Amberwood. Sst fllb; Red Velvet, Sst Sib; Stowford. 5lh-. Tobt Mac. 7st 121b; Steel UnK, tsx kid: Master Faith. 7rt Mlb; MountaiB Echo, 7 Tib; Bess, Tst 71b; Viler, Tst 716. GESSNOCK JOCKEY CLUB. wvsr MAITTaAND. TbaTSdky. The following weights hav bees declared for the races on Saturday next: April Handicap, lm. Te Whare, flst fllb; CWel Boy, flst fllb; Mater, Sst; Comblee, Sat; Glenedelah, 7 at fllb; nmrn Tat- Pavnda. 7M: Killr Ftlddr. Bat 71b: Oealgsr. flst 71b; Girvan, flat 71b; Grandiose, flat Tib. Firing Handicap, flf. Ayr Girl, flst; Glbbergunysh. flat; Mask Eliya, 7t 101b; Clara Merv, 7st 1Mb; Sundance, 7st 101b: Little Dixie, 7at 10lb; So Sby, 7st STb; Valcanet, 7at sin; eir uiooie, fsc au; ujinaga, oaf. no. Novice Handicap, flf. Sudden Attack, flst; Master Cowrie. 7st 101b; Sandella, 7st 101b; Crijaelhunrt. 7st 101b; Goolgsr, Tst; uungat, 7st; Hunanao, est; suaine Don, 7ut; Vandorian, 7st; OWc, 7st; Pannin, 7at; Melt, 7st: Beneveto. 7at; Frank E., 7st; Flamea, 7st: Tlslgsr, 7at; Vera Dale, 7st. Geavmock jocsey Jim nanaicap, itm. ie wnare, aa 7Tb: Chi el Boy, flat 7Tb; Gibbergunyah, Sat 81b; Happy Mis Tat: It's Prudent, 7st; Mundoola, 7st; Vaarook, flst 71b; Girvan. flst 71b. Welter Handicap, 6L Box Seat, flat 01b- Graven ia, flrt fllh; Sealster, Sst 6Tb; Comblee, flst; Mater, flat; Clara Merv, Sat 10Tb; Sundance, Sst 101b; Little Dixie, ftxt 10Tb; Glendelah, Sat BTb; So Shy, Sst Bib; Plum, Sst 31b: Sir Gibble, Sat Sib; Byram, Sst; Pagoda, Sst; Killy Puddy, 7st 7Ih; Goolgsr, 7st 71b; Master Oowrie, 7st Tib- Cbiselburst, Tst Tib; Gangs, Tst 71b; TJalgsr, Tst 7Tb. BASEBALL. FOOTBALL, N.S.W. RUGBY LEAGUE. Mr. J. Jovntnn Rmlth II I. C ...i.l. . ing of the New South Wales Rugby Football League 'l Vedneadar It. H Ar th. m.i, Queensland were fixed for July 24 and SL Matches xiim. .'cw eaiauu win take piare on June 5, 7, 20, and 2S. and the mid-week guinea will be played The draw for the tint mnut nf thai iwumMKm resulted: South Sydney (1) v Glebe (2). Balmain (S) r Aewtown (4), bastern 8uburi (6) v Annaadals nonnem ouourw (7) r Western Buburba (g). In the second round No. 1 will meet 4. 14, 8-S, and o-7. Grounds decided upon for next Saturday's fixtures sr; South Sydney t Glebe, at Wentworth Park; Annandale v Western Suburbs, Enkineillle Oval; Eastern Suburbs v Northers Suburbs, Sports Ground; Newtown v Balmain, Agricultural Ground. M'Mahon. Hed'ev. Henneasv. Fame, atvl Black were appointed to the rcfereoj' examining board. BRITISH ASSOCIATION. NEW SOUTH WALES ASSOCIATION. ENTRIES FOR CnMPETTTfONa. This asaociatioa baa contributed Ita quota to the no"ncol his intention to be present to-day. "u 1 u h ro tne maicnes tnat hare been set down: NKW SOUTH WALES v VICTORIA. Rauiey1 T1 (NB-!vC0b (Vic), Marsh v Noon: A. B. Jones v England. l.1tUJ0bXT Writ' ' TJ'"' Doubles. . Noon: Manh-Andrnon v Rainej-Roebuck. 1.30: L. and C. Todd v England Taylor. 4: A. B. Jones-Wrioht Ha.-u.v.UnohiifL- t.. Anderaon V EngUnd Tj1ot, L. and C. Told v Camp- NKW SOITI1 WALES V QUEENSLAND. Sins-lea. 10.30: H. Rice (N.S.W.) v llarriskill (Q.), Jordaa v Noon: E. It ice v Oitinn, Bonnlngtoa v KadcliSs. 1.30: WhiUng v Barry. Doubles. 1.30: H. Rlce-Youdilc v Radrliffe-Barriakin. 2.4: II. Rice-Youdale v Frew I-'tnith, Jordan-Whit Ing v narry-uuuin, uonmngtoa-iw Ktce v Kaocuae-mr-riakilL 4: Jordan-Whiting v Frew-Smith. NEW SOUTH WALES v TASMANIA. Sinclea. lO.Sa Kidstoa (N.S.W.) v M'Gough (T.). E. Blcks v niHison. Noon. Goodman v 'ifbfiTt Uta v Dickipaon, F. Peach Newton. 1.30. E. L. Jones v Barclay. Doubles. 145. R. L, Jonei-Cta v n relay -She ban, Goodman-V. Peach V Dk-kinaon-Newton. E. L. Jonea-L U v Dickinson -Newt on, lUOatotvE. T OUT, between Stephen-st Wharf, Balmain, and flyd-"'y. brewu paper I'arcel, ronlalniag ladies' areas; reward. TtlsplWMn, 07 Raadwiek. T.0"T. between Her Majesty's Theatre and Camper-down. Gold Chain Bangls, set pearls and htrquolas; rrwrd. 81 Mallett-st, Caniperdovm ; or Teals Studios. I "non roini terry, wrstsro union Oode LKIBLCTOHY' RKWABD. Pleas, return to E CORDON and QOTOH, 128 Pitt atreet. Kydaey. OST, Go"id"Fiatinum BRACKLET, betweea sUrrT-bUli and Manly, rood Reward. P. TKKBErCK. IS O'tnMll -street eltv. T OSt. three Motor Tubes. SW)"x ISO. iunurvd. be- tweea Blackheath and Penrith. Rsward. Lewis "iiiiama, uarage, t:aa(iertsixu-atret. Hidner. UST, on Vtealnesdsy, Id Addiaoii-rd tram, or tramway Spectacle Tn cm. rtewanl. Trlrphonej 1401 PeUraham. I mi on arai, ipper notanic lianiena, on 10th tnat., A-i Gentleman's Uold-mouutad Silk Umbrella. Reward. Apply H. Taylor, E.8. and A. Bank, Ltd.. Geo. -at, 8yd. OST, 0th tnat., Lady's Mariulte aUlng, rubu-s am) dn-I mono, betwesn Darlinahurst and station, or in Pouth Coast train. Mother's gift. Good reward. The Outlook, Austinmer. fONlAV last, in Q.P.O., Oent!4s Brown Handbag. u. ntrvnty communirate 130 Cruwo-st. Kewaru. REH'ARDT Lost. Pearl sndCorsl Broorlt, nr. iJnr-pool and Ella. ata. Verenica, Orange -at, Randwick. REW. LOST, Hon.. Galah Parrot. see:i latt In Vk-.-M. baby's k'saka; det. proa. 64 Duke-it. East Sydney. UPWARD, 1. Strayed from Mascot. Tawn Grey-IX hound Dog. Detainer protw. t'owril. KM Mascot IJKX.AHD. Left Miller's Point tram, a.m.. Wed nee-V .lay. HANDBAG, itamped C, 11. 9. Apply Aber ii-en urno, uaigety a w uarf, active and borne ervicea in such Humbert proportion-, v Barclay Sbeehan, Coodman-F. Peach' v M'Gough- 00LF. times for starting for MANLY CLUB. PoTlowinr la the draw and ths mixed ffinraomaa to-morrow :- 1.15. R. L. AnnerlT and Must Duret V J. B. and Miaa Leslie; 1,20, A. R. Marks sad Mrs. Moore v has not Droved Ae case, aa for the Tarioua cooineti- tiona scheduled eiehty entries hsee been received. I The different aradea and competitors are: State Championship (Gardiner Challenge Cup): Oess-noek, Merewether, Newcastle United, Weston, West 1 Wsllsend. Annandale, Balmain (two teams). Drum- I moyne. Glebe, Granville, Northern Suburbs. Pyrmont, and Sydney. First Lea rue. Metropolitan Premienhlp. Rawsoo Challene Cim: Annandale Balmain. Dnimmorn. ! Glebe, GranTiUe, Northern Suburba, Prnnont, and Syd ney. Reserve League: Annandale A snd B, Balmain A and B. Pyrmont A and B. DniaunoyBe, and Gran-1 ville. i The Crab League, first division: T M.C.A.. Osllaa Park. Gladenrilre, R.A.E., Rocclle. Mascot Rovera, Sunlirht. and Pyrmont Church. The Club League, second dieialon: Y.M.C.A.. Sunlight. Rneelle Valeta, Marrlckville Kia-ora. Prnnont Swimmers, Marrick-ville Thistle. Dulwirti Hill Baptist. Alexsndrta Rovers, Rocelle Fernlelgh, Balmain Albion, snd Chiswick. Junior Competition, All Are Grade: Balmain Fernlelgh. Kingston Rorera. Balmain Juniors, Blm." Wentworth, Prrmont Dhtrirt. Dulwicb Hill Baptlat, St. David's. Rozetle Wyreepi. rUlmain Recliablte-. Kog-arah District, Leichhardt Federals, sad St. George Junior OmitpetiHon (Ttnrse Challenge J)'-more, Dulwich Hill Baptiat, Pjvmont DWrlrt, Hal-main Fernleirh. Balmain Oladrtone. AmiandaleNor-wood. Annandale Dirtrict, Five Dock, Orange Grove, Campsie Rovers, Kogaxah District, and St. George JuVenlle Competition: Orange Owre, fcrtoa Parks, Pvrmort Dirtrict. Canterbury United, Kogsrah District, and H.M.A.S. Tinrrira. The State cbamplowhip errriet from oraimiw. South Coast, and Western Districts srean. those for the State Junior Championship (Riehardaon leng Cup), and those for the Club League CUm-piomhip (Sunlight Challenge Cup), are not lneludert in the above record, aa entries for those competitions have not yet closed. ATHLETICS. SYDNEY UNTVKRSTTY CI-TTB. The aiinvl meetinr of the Sydney University Ath-i.ii. "i..k k-w nn TuwuliiT rrenlrc. Mr. R- Coombea occupying the chair. The t port. nUted th vMr ha.1 not been s rrfwl'l one, eno aw. .i 4 m.n. mewthen with the Evpedittonarv forces had csused cerwrion of track and field meet-inga It v considered that the aiwusl 'n'?T"!T rhering. which ws, arrsng-H to be held In Mrlbourn- this year, wouio nor we - ---- . .k-Klyuuh.raal tl tn he mrried Otll. If X,. .-J .mcrr. fer thf Trar rrmllr.l--P.lre;, . ,t tw. iinlmar: nrrdci.t. Dr. 11. i. . .V" SL'JTj.. Prolaer. Donalaa .rt an.l Pollrak. Sir llrrbrrt MnllU,.!. Mryr.. B. R. rmiej. , r Barker. R. Coomb. W. H. Rav'lPT. aa.1 B. j' a Sb" arm. .eoreur,, U A Kvtum; .on. hirior rrrtary. H. O. Lr,h! t.e. lrr.rt.m. C. K FnmZ: e.iptain. N. O. Sntton; ylce-rapi.ii,. I.. A. K,; delate, t. N.S.W. A.A.A.. He-.. Suit... Firmer, a:wl Kortom, BOXING. 0LTW1A CONTErrf. . . .l TIM Nnrrajry. local llrttwril k.U matAed for a U romroa eos-oat at me yySl. Sett arl Jimmy O'Brlei. arl 1-0 mnt Ortwrn rrTo. Ours anrl lliarlie S"lUrtmToa TeyasrjliS. are ncl.d-d i ?he pro-raroo. The tlrw pair will eater the rinf at S o'clock. ..nay IT AND TRAMWAY CHAMPIOMiriirn. The followreir Is the draw for the .bora ' charofloa. aliipa, which will ootnroroe. . "3 Traniway ': . - -..lmBm . Srd , A J R5aV. TlrSy Price i Billy Smith, E. Salto. V-irAomrn y ,ch. Fairy,, O. H. . "SM Bird." F. rTKendrick v F. J. Harrej, ? V BwdS . W.-North. H. Hook V C. une. Jack Orford r M. Biley, Raeil Drew y 8. J. Ur- "ulIhtwelJhtAtee. nob- v If. J. l,on). B. w Wrirht v F. L. Young, Tom Hoox. nye. WrtteiweW-O. Harbor v Steve Co-tello, Vic Wll-vUL. Godfrey. H. Howard v J. A. Cole T. F. OeiB t H. W. Cheehett, W. E. Bobtns. bye. M3dleweighta.-Vic Wilson V W M-abon . W. K Robena v Ed. Kelly, "Jos Newman" v Tommy Ireland, J. L. Meek, bye. ,, Heavyweight,!. L. Meek v "Tors Power," -Joe Newntaa" v B. Morgan. STADrCM MATINEE. The attendance at yesterday'- Stadium inatrnee vaa srialler than usual, bit some excellent fl-sr-ieys were riven. Jimmy HilL who meeU Jack tlune in to-irortviw night's engagement st Ru-hrntter Ray, jrave one of his cnatomarv brilliant exhiUuoss id a three rounds boot wtta Togo iooa. ..V.. 'V iiT , Jack Warner, a mo ooxan wi, -i -at not fart eoough to thoroughly extend his partner. Hid Sullivan, who U billed to onpoae ine rrtm fMthmreurht. Marorl Lepreux, on U-inday nest, bora ad three rounds with Lea Holme, and NEW SOUTH WALES v SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Sinalea. 10.80. -Plowilrv (N.S.W.1 Haxrold (8. A.).. Neil v Lang. n. ream v u. at. u iea. Noon. 11. A. Parker v Thomaa. 1.80. -Clark v J. L. O'Dea, Pockley Barritt Doubles. 1.80. Parker-Nell V 0. O Dea-narrold. 2.43. Clark -Pccklry r Barritt-Lang. 4. CUrk-Porklev v O. O'Dea -Harrold. N. Peat. Plomlev v Barritt-Lane. Parker-Neil v Thomaa-J. O'Dea, NEW SOUra WALES v VICTORIA (LADIES). Singles. 10.30. Miss Corem fN.S.W.) r an. M' Arthur fYlc.l. Mlsa Unce v Miss Srhleairorer. l. to. Mrs. rord v Mias Stewart. Muss tlunsa v Miaa Auuiaon, Doublss. 8.30. Mitses Oosens-Laoce v MIbms Addison -Stewart. Mrs. Ford-Miss Colliuo v Mrs. M' Arthur-M ita Schle- singer. THE WEATHER. RAIN PROSPECTS IX FAR WEST. During the M hours ended at a.m. yesterday light rain was recorded at scattered places along the coast and on the Blue Moun tains. Yesterday morning It wag still cloudy to overcast at many places along the coast and tablelands, with showers or misty rain at places In the coastal districts, and at Law- son : otherwise fine and clear. Since 8 a.m. on Wednosday, th high pressure has moved north-eastward, and Ita cen tre, yesterday morning, was situated about 300 miles to the east of Syduey. With tliia dls trlbutlon of pressure, 1ne we it hnr ebou.d ru'e fairly generally, oxjepttng for a few seaboard showers and fogs; aud the wind nhould veer to north-east generally. 11 y the end ot the week unsettled conditions should affect the far west, and spread eastward over the southern areas of the State. This unsettled weather should attend the easting of ao Antarctic disturbance, which la at pre sent over ine eastern tsignt. The highest temperature tn New South Wales on Wednesday afternoon wag 86 deg. at Warlalda, Blngarra, and Collarenebrl, and the lowest readings reglrtertd yesterday morning were aK- at ruanoTa. ana 32 deg. at Kosciusko. RAIN IX BRISBANE. BRISBANK, Thursday. A sharp thunderstorm broke over the it about 12.36 yesterday, and during: the twenty minutes tnat rain feu nearly ii inch waa re glstered. Some of the low-lying streets of the city were nooaea. PERSONAL AND MISSINQ FLUENDS. I HST., 81. Uiiadryman. ihe. VT 25, view mat. Ucbly An Be. HeraU. lauD-lr-1. TTlGtiLV reap. Widower. 48. Pror.. means no A-l. brancea. wishes to ourreroond with widow nr in. iw (iii-bub u uiDrrwitv, no OOjeCUOn 1 child, no triflcra. P.O. sddreaaea not considered. W., P.O., Bulll, TARY FLORENCE. -Write or call to your suiter Grace, at Thirroul, to your advsntoge. IESl'KTAI(I.K widow, Zi, girl 9 years, wishes V r aponil with honoursble working man. 40, R.C. view marriage. 1 rust, llaymarket Post-office SPINSTER, dnmestlcated and reTd, 2fl, dea. meet gent., view to nutt, O. E. S., Drummoyne P.O. C?.S. KATOOMRA. departed Melbourne. Januarv ao' v? Will Gentn-ntan Jrom Stanmore who orrupied deck ranin ttinuiy rorrpnoni a. u. mj i tar, Maraet-itr WATSON, call at Raannh. Lost a-liresa. v TlllJ, Solicitor who advertised for C. A. Olia v about three monthg ao please oomr ialte atlh him. P.O. .St. Marya. WllA, any rexson wno saw a nan a-ronEi) down by MOTOR CAR in Put -street, opposite brock fixmange, acoui i..v p.m. on in-iraair, tt April inatant, please rotnmuiucate with J. J. MULLIGAN. Solicitor. X! Pitt-rtreet. Sydney. V'OI'VG man, pro,. Gov. pos.. good appear.. X a-ubta to meet renneo, aom. yg. iaoy, gnoa app,, ,-iew mat.. P-O- add.iy.t answered. J.L.. Newtown P.C A MILLAR. Private Detective Aaencr. 20 rr J. exp. Kipert is .oUecUng Divorce Kvidenoe, Ixat r nana; niuvinai, ives hwi, omtiiy conSdi rial. NO SUCCR8S NO CHARGE. 41 MarkettreM. hla old-time dash. Ras. Maatin secureo s poinw T3 AXTER'S AUSTRALASIAN DUTKCTIVE BUREAtT. tory over Geo. O'MaUey In a six rojwwia ctot-ssjmw , x Agents throughout Australasia. Commended by rsecood match scheduled for s n)T J OrS knK' opponent out. TU prtxTfor the be thrraond bout was won by PaL Kntey and Eddie Btirns. Other three-round exhibi. tl-ss were veo by B.rtjrbompeon v Stevj Frort. niff Thomas v Hugh Fltsgersld, Ray Wilson v ah PrentlceTErn Williams v Iks Jacobs, and Jack Perry v Joe Morris. STATE AMATEUR OTaMPTQNSHTPK The amateur boxiuf and wrestling ehampfonshlps Mm Snath Wilm were advanced s further age at the Rusbcutter Bay Stadhnn Isat night, when the displays lh both sections were improrwnent upon .iT lt,at mntaata TwelVS bOXiDJT itSmS nd amw wK-xlinc bouts were decided. Mr .Arthur Scott was referee of boxing, with Messrs. J and Cryatall jodgea; the wrest hug was judged by Mr. F. Greek. Beraltaj- Wreatling. Lirbt L. J. Rssh defeated H. Owen, securing two tails; a T. Osle gained the verdict over J. L. Balth with one falL B, Webb recetved S points arvt mr W. Clover. J. Lonergan defeated W. Boddington with two falls. Bantam flat 1Tb). E. Charles 7st lSJTb) sscured s points verdict over C Bmlth (Sst 1Tb) after f our -renlr conteatad rounds. 0. rreittiee (Sst tlb) and A. Pantlin (Sst 11 lb) provrded rrentios recervina: -wa ocia-vn. mrtbosad A. WUHams (7t lOfni). Judges and Police. Secret and Delicate Inquiries. Bvf- denoe couecceo. uon r nr-rrna, iiuarmnoa. Hires traced. ModJeca. TeL, City 4202. fl Pitt-at. opp. HermJd BOOK'S AUSTRALIAN DPTECTTTE AGENCY. J 4 ROWE STUaXT. BTDNEY. Commended by Judges, Maariftrates, Barristeri, and Public Otncera. Agents la England, Amerioa. New Zealand, and Australian cities. A Urge stag kept for all classes of coaSdaatlal work. Ml wine Friends and Unclaimed Katatcs. Tne unices rciaiaaq 07 ima leading Sydney Solicitors for to years. T LOTD'B NT it -OF KIM OPT10K of LONDON. Ctrnm'. XJ eery Claims, Searches, Missiac Friends, Advice rrea. gyoney Aixaoe, ainf-stirex, ay one; TanJvATE Dvnumvt omcE. aii w- IT cosndential. J. 9. Edwards, s Market st, gydner. LOST aAliD FOIWD. A BLACK Boxer Uat, mournlug band attaohed, takoa La Davtaks. 1 reward Inormation. La Mascot te, Berhert-strMt, Rockdale. aTvKNT.'S UMBUKLLA, left oa IUy. road Ra"il way Sta VJT lion at U o'clock yesterday. Pleaae return to ILK. REID, SI xUtsabeth-sxreet. COST, Pince-nea, with jold chain, Thursday or FrT-day. Reward. Hampton Court, Woolcott-st, D'hsL TOUT. Geora-e-st. beL Market -Ooulhurn. Pa -1 rv.Z. fwtpoawd A. wunasns (tsx luti" nu jwhto ,n- m p""- 'w""- '"i aynaow-ai, n. uyuney. rerdlct oa POtnta TBe jnoges a""Mneeu T J08T, Ocorge-tt trsm, lather BAG, con Ul 11 ing a w rwtbha rim Hfb. and the referee decided "' 1 I Kmi, xiiaca v.uny nip. wiin wi "wl- M S A.fMfed V. T -Li NO. . Trafalgar, Newtown. M nilbl eaT nolrts. In the match between O. TP Grey snd White Cat. Reward. Alpha, Cam n.prrnwtiw. 18x4 Ulb) Sfid F. Jonea (Bat ISilb) the bnaf n,.nnwrf. ; reward. N. B. CharltonPrnibla. TiwlMwa rWridfld to ta' forfeited to C. Pltajoha. OST, Black Curly Pup. with white S41b) the bridge-st, fcnmore. 0. Kenny T OST, Blsck-snd-tan Pup, Daachund; reward. Reward. Uichhardt-at. Waverlcy. Pell from up- Light O0st).-F. Brownies ftt SMb), who won t08T, Wedding Ring. Uheral reward, feather-weight title last year, met . Ms-mix (flat j iUlr window mi Dr. MacCaru.ya. 1 Alb.. A liOMy-ooOTesaea engagenwm enoau in mv- - i-j-.; -zr: j-w,... -irr. iJtliTSw ll H-'h., Indooringa, 1A18. Perslca, TwerTa-rd. Mkv: hotry-oorrtested engagement ended Mrs. Macpball; our of Browniee. r, trammers l Moorepan, Sat 61b; fcilverecn. Bat Mb. Betting: Evui H. W. Apperly and Mrs. Thiel; L3S. J. P. HiU and S,lb) w . I .V ,. Utlu. as I. y a.i . 1 u n7.11. A A. 11 W klW h fOtt Ma, Mlnta. T.ZSh swsy. Ame. lm 17." iiXurl BHlhVT 17. J Doiilii .M Mri. Nobto "Sied VTo. Ilim'm WW. d rWlved the TT.8ilkr Terrier PUPPY T.tViM. at.bM. M T. J. UcCarthva Rriony. Iit ' it u', mrui 1lm Rohv: 1.10. -K. Brweh and MnHrL H. Doyla (art 1IU) kiwrkfd Out (I. H. -- I.D-Prlmroae. 7at 71b (Plnn), 1; W. Ball'a Knit, rVt m.,' P,rtn, y R. Duret and Mm. Brewer; l.iE, W. i Lane fst ) Hi ta. fourth, round. . Oellacber alb (11land). t; T. J. Dennln,', Voyou Kin, Tat H. fomrrtt am) Mr.. Fomrett V f 0. Nott snd Mta forfaited to B. lawao. wli fib (Trcloar), . Other Barter.: El Bro. 9at 121bi Vrl. Nott: 1.50, A. H. L'ther snd Mra. Uther y A. H. WelUr (1 lb).-R; -f1"" .O4 J knocVrd M.k... Sat (lib: Donnlbrljtlf. hat Sib: ... 7tt V'rIESt and Mrs. Wrlaht: 1.56. C. F. W. Lloyd aad Miaa out H. Oreert (lnat Ulb) In the opening wwdon. nun ohop, ail aing-tt. .Newtown. COST, Foa-terrlrd Dog. amwrn to Spot; reward, i. Baker, Heathcote, Llly, llunrtyillr. Ulb; Tulkerine, 7rt 111b; ladon Awlrta. at lolb. Bet- a. i.loyd y F. E. Well, and Mis D. Lloyd; 2, 0, T. ting: fl to 1 v Makca, 4 to l y KlDro, a ro i eaca K'oater and Mrs. Klorter v u M. Tnejra ana V Knit and Donnii)ri.tle, 8 to 1 eacn y .niiengreo, Trlnrt: to. L. R. uawaweaiy ana miaa ania ..ii ; anH u.nv. IO ro 1 v fit hm. Wo. br l. u A unw. uut Win Olir. Walkn-: 110. I abort head, with Voiou King a length of third. Time.lwinra and Miaa D. Hmlth y Dr. C. N. Smith and Mia. lm 18 a-aa. 11. N. Pope; 1.15. T. Tomblewm and Mra. Tomblewja Albury Con, of 1M, lm sf.-T. M. Boyd-, pror, o. J. Wllldraon and Mi Mollis King; X-fO, A. W. hj Or-culator Hlsaara-Bell. Bit (Pinnik), 1; J. T. mroooU and Miaa W. Curmlngham V T. & Anita aa4 BelUy-l Prompt, 7at Ulb (Hlggina), ; H. O. Paton-, Um t Ounnlngtiam; lis. K. laborwood and Miaa lama Narrawa, 7at (Dempeer), . Other start. Amor , w, j. Amor and Mb. Olg. Amor: .. U. .n.: PoUdook, 8t 61b; 8aa Appel. tot and Mia Baa. y F. Coorhbr. and Mr.. Da-t- 51b; Nuner. 7rt l!lb. Inc. sib oyer: Trilow jj. n, Fiedler snd Mrs. Wymfham ya.T. Kelrle Boy, 7t Mb; Delhurat, ftrt Ulb, Ine. tOb ever; J, ma Mm1: LM, Dr. Harvey aad Mrs. Oatley T Jolly Bklpper. Tat sib, incmaing 710 orrr. nriun,: S'lU. Duret and Mrs, oaret. I 1 seen y ujtr ana nwin, , w . . ... .-i-r;-. - - v ir-rurthv loat) reoelyMl the drrelilon orr J. I Mra O'Brien (lost 8,1b) won the easting 'Vote or the I King referee after four bard rotsirla, V. wilaon forfeited O. H. I to H. Haaney. A. Love forfeited to T. O'Weill. TH Semi-nn. win o. onnm on iTJiiay H.. LOST, large Oold Cameo Broocn, Hum. Hill, Croy-. don; reward. WyoningPjUcelJAtlifl.fd. to 1 each v Dyor and prompt, t to i v oau v x 1 v Nuriejr. to 1 v Narrawa, 11 to 1 . v oily Skipper, 20 to 1 V nam. rramv. m j then Dyor aecured the lead, winning In a center by 10 lengths, with Narrawa half a length behind Prompt. Time, lm Ha. A proteat was lodged agalnat the win. nrr an lb, ground of erondng, but was withdrawn later 'UW Ha. at, tt-a. L IsatBtalTa avatar M, CSOttTTZT. AarVXlATTOrt TTXTRXlMHtT AT OHATBWOOD. frf. gMga IK Jl sawM -wtfSi wta4 Ms B1TLE BHOOTDfO. ABMTDALB LOST, Lady's Cable Bangle, Uat night, betw, Padd. and gueen-nt; reward. 182 Jersey rd. Paddington. LOST, Black BAG, silver purse, Cremorne. Atmlr Hal Urn's, George-at. Reward. C68f. Fox-terrier Bitch, burn on shoulder; rew"7! 24 Boulevard, Prtenham, Detainer prosecuted. y OST, Lady's U bag, contg. money, betw. Falcon ana iiaynerry ma, w. wya. H-num IM ralcon-st. T OST, PCGDOO. shout 10 months old. rnui n m i tan a-w, .j iinij. newaru. T OST, 18tfa, Blsdt and Tan Terrier, anitwert Mil -w rewara. sTppty si arry-aT., siarricKville, JFLB CLUB. ARMTDALE. Thursday. Follewlnfr were tas prise-winnars In the, Armidale Blj. CThib-s n-ntljr mo"PJ T WrFoTulToutr,ra.rri' and-rtUlHwwJrrr; I ru an: J. Owla (t). ST: A. Bower (TV 67: O. T OBT, SI uiei B. Fallick (), 7; O. f. Dean (1), U: C. Martyn (15), O. llUUHUtlSI ta), o.. zuu yaro.: v. noai t'. TO. XJ head; rewai be, Fox terrier Puppy, white body, dark id. 182 tlUbe-rd. Glebe. an O fl. Dean R. G. rtaww O), n K, A. 0)w - T OST, in Bond! tram. PUB8E. conUining photo. aa cnlia ana suvev. uwit m navv IssfiMn. Ma, Use, . Matfcrta. 7 A t UhKCKDKH., D'hurat. un. AccorrZ -VLjr Pr. ,'ie.ta. -ph., .. 1M. Look lor Merotde. A- r POTTr) POINT, Dup. Board and Kraldanca, large grounda, water fronlaga, tenna moderate. A T 111 VicL-it, D'hurat, ktrge weU-turn. baia. l-oom, "Sl Room, uas oon.; also s. a, k'Ut, hot bath. a2 TKAYKD, Bav fe-'illy. hiack points, scars on neck. 13 b. Co.LKT'i Tank Worka. Rvd0. 2 Bcw. loft. CSTRAYED from lflS white nrrns. S"TRAYKD, 4 Ul tKB, lith April, tamperilown. Itewacd on r Miller-st, North Sjdney, ru. , from 25 Gbbon-at, relurniiig. OTRAYED from Ahattotra, Bay Draught Horse, brand- e.i f nr. snior., 4 wait leoi, nina irga wnue, IIpmt Meaner, AS rtewent st. Glebe; PUlform it, Lidc, A SI1F1KLD POUND. Chestnut Mare, liks 8XP near a. shouliler, 7 near nmiH; Bay valuing, uat linear shoulder. D near flank. TAY Horse, strayed my yard, branded fcO, Ai'ril 1. --' it i rut ruiinea uy sum wui acu. i vearue- sireet, Rvweue. i.lND, N. H-d., Wed., Hand Bag, contg. money. a. tiwtM-r have pay ess. ZJ3 weat-ai, ortn nyuoey. rpWO Lambs strayed into my i- within 8 dnv will he sol. I nronertr. If not claimed 1. n Junction-iit. W'tahn inSCEIXAKEOUS. i N intelligent Kaaaer, A.-, IDlJIIiarmi lAlwatserr, laa v nig irwuie iu iue iiiui iinai,-, would gladly read orcaa. to any cultured blind person, no remuneration. Mrs. i . nr., iieraiu. aung-au XTKOtNT.. Widow wanta kind person cart baby. gin, iu monuia, len.ia moo. aa.r., r.w., nvwim. Apply Anxioua, P.O., Rockdale. TANTclD, kind pciaon to adopt baby, fortnight old. 'ANTED, kind ' girl, 0 itxis. old. adopt aa own pretty bab) Babv, siiuon'a n. v.u. 'Ol R Freahnesa of Youth you may retain and re- Sydney. Send addressed envelope for reply. t'HAHl) RtN, 17S riit-atreet. EESIDEBTIAL FLATS. Dbl. " Roorns, KitVttes, g. stoves, 'phons. ltw tH. BKAl'TIFUL. briarht. clean, self-cootd. Kuru. Bal FL.iT. contAinlnc betlroom. dininc. sitting room 14ft a lMt, kltclten, bath, bal. back and front, harbour view, gar-ten, Uelieroe tram to floor, neisoB-n stop. n AM (not an agentj. list tueen-a-. wc-oiuuua. KKMURNE.-A well-furnished Hat vaiant, tram st door, close boaL TeL, ICW TEL. CITY 130, J THE SFXBORNE, 17 PHILLIP JfTHkET (near King street). LUXURIOCSLY FTJRNTSUGD RESIDENTIAL FLATS and BTNGLK SUITES. DOL'BLB FLAT VACANT 17th INST. Electric Lisfating sad Heatuur arrswrmests. Geniral Lounre, 100 x 12 ft. Attendance as required. AFAHTK&iTS. BOARD. RESIDEIKTE XTndwics, Mugal Lodge. Mllford-st, S mis Short- at, Vac . sv. antnfft. TL cu u Tomu a&. AT S Alhlou'at, Paddington.' nr. Moore ParkT-YaC. gent, board an. haioun itn A "LK ROOM to Lai. clean, oirOiWbU. fi l. DowliliKat. Dff William-. -iV AFAJtTHKTS, BOAJtD. RSIDHC. AhLY.-Furnlaned Double an i giuslt ROOlsS. I-"- PUBBi, 1 .H UAUa. OtIU. gUSi . Bath, tamnue. All ton mil dtAN.Rrlti eouole er'cWort- "O" ICE clean rurn. Doubl . dliigle Rooms, suit buslnaaa XI firla, every home ooov. 17-1 L'Avenus, Newtown. XJ0HT1I HYliNLY.-Urgs Double Ruom, every eoav i-1 lis; Htoin, 1 single beds, 8s, 70 Berry-tl, "TEITRAL BAYTTenwda, Upper Wyownbc-rd.- A t 476 Dowling atreet, Moort Park, close to Flinden- B.reeiv, tacutg Psra. Uoubls snd Hlngle aaps,. Awrwia iistMieratc. new uiaxugf twtit. ALP1NI. MO LaK. XU4-S8 Vlcioria-st. DarlU.gburst Newly built snd eonstructed for oonvenlenoB Of Boaxdoa, do Ul. betlroom a. siuoks. draw. rnia. Ace., Id Madame DKSJAKUINS. TaL. Ti William-at. AT IMA Kliubotti-strtet, facing Hyde Park. KINGSWOOD'S M1L3HI)KNTLAL CHAMBERS. Under entirely New Management. - Prof eaadonal Chs., rum, mis, iiui nooiivs. ai-ierafa terms. A BLINGTON and AKCAD1A, Victoria -street. Ujrliturliurat. Donbla and Bins-le BOOMH. uDerlor IWAHU anu HJVSlUKAtJK, rrL. on wn-aL Mrs. PKNTiiuar- i T NKVADA, W, 01, U MacJaay street, Potta Point, a. Ikxible Room, with itrtssi, ns mnm and balcony. 8 guineas; Urge Hat, with Board and Attendance, for L A milnMi 'I'Iikm 11 U'llllimKft A KHKIiOj). Superior Tiardt Rraidence for young a. iiirn, lat-cl. table, clean, nconimended, near station. Ternia, full board SUs, no lunch lm; room, breakfast, 12a 0.1. No fees. Ashfteld Apartment Agency, 16 tnarluite-atreet, 8 dcora station. A Rl'SHKU 32 lLtcleay -street. - Select BOMB. Front V DouhU- Uvd-sillinr Boom, well-cooked and daintily- served nieala. tenna xOs; also very amall Singls Boom, would auft burlnerK girl, at feasoaaots tanc. Tclephoue, 050 Wm.-at. A T tJU.MOKMC iOlT. B0PKT0CN HOIT91, XX HIUH VHrkl. LI' TO DATE EST A BLIB11M ENT. una adnuta from new wharf, sight mlnutaa from city. vatrr feronufa Billlarda. fiwUnmioaT. ate. Vhone. Moaman frJl". Mrs, T. OH. OREHTf. T t'KKMORNl. POINT. THK WALDORF, V MANSION HOMK (under new sianagcraeat). Billiard. Tennis, etc KXOXIJCNT CUISINE. Prompt attention to TeL, Telegrams, sad Letters, u0 Mo man. TJKSIDK.VTIAL. Double and Single Roorus. breakfast a. a optional, uiarenwnt, u num-ra. vaoaix-ins. TsANDWICK. Vemce, Frenchman's-rd, sup. HosrS Afc and Bcaldeoce. clow? tram. urt. 'Ph.. 1044 Band, TUSHCL'lTt-K MAY. Btaard, Bal. Rins.. ref. boms. IV excel, tahle, mod. Bay, water, opp. Whits City. 1 AL(XN Y Room, suit m.c. clean, gaa stove, every A -nn-.. rent moderate. 117A Cimpiell-st,city. TJALCONY Room, S genta. friendi, bkfst., homely -priv. ism., i ma. tua we.jti nynie-st, on ity-ra. BALCONY Room, good; another, suit two persons. 44 Dowllng-ft, nesr Oxford-st. BOARD and Res., piano, wahing, mend., Ua, near train, train. S Albert -at, nr. P-rramatta-rd, LhrdL TAlA-uSY Room, well lurnishi .3 nished, 10s. suit married couple. 18 Bueknell-at, Newtown, TOARD, Reald.. m.c, gd. boms, 80s, sr. tram, train. i AH-ert-ft. nr. farrsroatu-M. beitsinarat. ONIl Junction. To Let, comfortable Furnished Cot- ---' tagv, i nil a., conva., xoa. John ureeu. nonai June To.MU Junction. Board, Residence, double, single. - uai. ruts, tew nun. fr. tram, iiaurooae, oounyi TJO.NDI-KD, 91 Large, Unfurnifhed Balcony, kit- L cbfiiette; also Cottage, mod. 'Ph., Wi Wav, k Residence, private ram., 8 Gentlemen, terms ojiaara. Apply 1.SOA A a Y., Maiily P.O T)R.NXU0LM, absolutely tha Snest position In M-x -- man, right at wnan. superior Accora. am aine, hh1. tenna. T., 28 Mn Mrs. M. Ctellr. XMK. liumr, S w. men, ntikooable, 8 in in. Central mil ana trams, zas tjoniinonweaitn-sK. cut. ClOSY ItO l ii, flrrplace, ett., luit pttaoc doln J w..rk, fm. or unfi.m. H. it,, Aahfleld raoc doing daily r.u. mXMiEE, Hollinctoo, Bream-aU Yaranciea, boarder saa ween, minute term., butt. I'none. 44 Hand. flOMhOHTAULK Horns for reap, working man, good w taPte. waaaing, roeooing. aa uaariea ja, a. sviua. CtKKiKK. MU.N. BbDKOOM, kitrben, u dinuig, min. tram, nit m.c, Atherfleld, Bream -st. (Mur. B., R., arvmt nri t.m falanhnn- all y conva.. single room, 84 Nottba-st, Moore Park.. i'a-av., NeuUal liar. Era. table. i'none, iu n.s. miss urpny. 4 tlTY . liedroom. guit scntn.. as : aiao Room. renin., lus. 427 Pitt .t. aid Mt. nvw r-hemtaiL "4ULWLIXA. V Mod. Uriff. f YAliLINGlU'RST-RD. 87.-K Uta, Roouil furn. and -S--T unfum.: B.. IL, kit.: Board. aVea. S08 v.m.-sL CITY. -Betlroom, suit M. C. going l buiraa, IM. Cf7 Pitt-st, aide entrance, over Chemist. ("I KNTKNN1 AL PARK CATKS. Comf. Home for 1 J gentn. or M.C, moderate. 497 Oxford-st. rjTTY lit Phi Hip Balcony ROOM othersTinso -, nrii vva trnirnce. ilawardilv FLAT, srlf-conL, aep. ent,, hands, furn., 9 rms,. bath, elec. L. hot -water aerv.. 'phons, etc Ilnfurniaherf Sulta vacant. BACKHOUSE and GO Y PER. U Martin-place. Sydney I.1LAT. unfum., 2 or 8 rooms, kit,, gas stove, bati . heater, ev. cotrv., ref. 84 Queen-st, Woollahrs. TJMJRN. and Unfunk 'FLATS; also Double and Single S- Kooma. hrr-akf, opt. Carlton Msnaiona, Glebe Pt, T7SJRN. FLAT, sleep-out for S, kit.. din. rm., ind JC bedrm.. saa. linen, all conv.. Sta M. 1 min. ferry. batba, auit family. Happy Chance, P.O.. N. Sydney. IwAT. One or two Kooras, aitcnenetie, ana ostn-room, wanted, furniphetl or unfurnished, city or close thereto, not on North Shore, must be scrupulously clean. Proprietor, of apartments which are not abso lutely clean are requested not te reply, tacreiy wasting time, btate terms. Q.Q.Q.. Herald URNISIIED and UNFl'tWISHKIl H.ATR. ROSB BAY. Beautifully turn., modern, Hltt.F-lJO.N- TAIN ED FLATS, ait. within lovely grounda and r.tWXS WATKR FRO NT AGE. 1 min. from mlt water. BATHS and Boats, private entrance. Large balconies and hot water to each Bat. Linen, uiniery. Laundry, MODERATE. KJTZ FLATS. HaitsDunr-roaa. Aiignt B Twford-road. Tel., 740 KJgrcllg. JMJRNRHED FLATS. Darlfnrhurn .... XT 10 Potta Point .... tCl10 Woollahra 2l0; tlty g3IO North Sjdney .... 11.'. Cremorne 2 '10 Ro-e Bay 22 tilebe Point .... 1-V DarUng Point .. Attf LitvdSeld C11U MANY Oil. IKS FROM n8. FCRN1SI1U) COTTAGES, ALL SUBURBS. GLOBE RESIDENTIAL AND TOURIST COMPANY. Iwu 11a chamber. 67 Cast lerearh -at. Tel.. City 1005. :ov.!4iltT..ULK U.rd and Residence. Apply Mrs. V- Moore, Fletcher -at, opp. St. Clrmvnl's J. t,M.iT CLEN Furnished ROOM, suit gentlemen, 280 Palmer-st, near Oxford-st, Darlinchurst. fUTY, Ul Phlllip-st. H eJl-tiirnibed double aud singly "ooi.i. to Let. "I'hoive. 4SU&. JLEAN ROOMS, quiet home, steady Men or M. v -iiipie, id aect., volt wishing; evening or Sat,, ooderste. 60 Thomson-street. Darlingfaurst. fpREMORNB IIUUMC, WATER FKOhTAUE, v zuu hvop aio-iinsn my rerry. rignt at wnan. Urge Front BALCONY ROOM, now available. rnone, noaman nil, RI-JiORNE.-iip. Board Snd Residence,' Double snd single rooms, goon tame, nomeiy, iuenaiu Views, min. from terry. 'Phone. Musman n. MATEA, Kareela-road. TWARLLNQHURffT, Double Bat Room, dotfnaulr. i runt lioom, 1 single lds. At) Woolcott-st. DAKI.IMJH1RST, SB Womerah avenue. --'oinfortably KirriahedUKlH(iOM.breakfart optigual. Dm n As 1 T'IRKIBnalJ. Sun. Furn, KUT, piano, bath-heater. -- gas stove, aitcnen, goou news. us4cssna. Upper Pitt-street. 'Phone, flsS N.Sydneyf " t ANLT SmU Furnished Bskony FUt, ia. wh.trf, pnvats- i-ntrance. " f AN LY. Lovely Unfum. Flst. superb views, bus. AL coupse, or Udy sil daughter prrf., 1. lMm Brunette, llljl Tofrcrecrnt. "VTEUTRAL BAY. 1 Urge. New, ITnfurn, FT. ATS. f reeep. rooms, 1 large bedroom, 2 amaller, dreasing-room, glaiwed-in Miioke-rooni. laundry, kit., and offlc-at, charmingly fln- iahed, papered, etc., luxunouaiy nnen wim wvrw. omforts. ilck of Neutral Bay, priv. entrances, t mis. ferry, view perfect, rent 4 VH snd 2 ISa p-w. Navatu. Billoiig-street, Jt.B. Tbons, 138 N.8. RANDWICK. Self-eontl, beautifully rotnlabed Flat, 1 min. tram, dble. bedroom, dining-room, kit., alec. tight, gas stove. 1 Is wk. Apply to-dav, TAN MORE. rnrumish d Bale. Flat, 2 rn., rntry. chfap. I3 Ainany-vo, nr. wp. ""i"-n. STAN nioe mo LET, well-fum. PLAT, JL 4 rma,. priv. int. wfit., piano player, aClTO. ?1 Rolyn i... r DARLlNGTnRST-ROAD, top of Macleay-street. Beantifnllv-furniabed. selrcOTtaioed FLAT, S i every convenience. TTNFURMSHED Flat, 3 rooms, kitchenette, moderate J re 1, furn. Flat to Let, II Muagrave-at, Moaman. S rms. , low term'. T., 1121 Bosnian. APARTMEHTS, BOARD, RESIDENCE. T BRA KM A II," ii Camngto'o si', ynyaH -square. a. a. H.wnl wi Heaioence, or aoom .ana nreasiaat. i T KARL'S COURT, MANLYT First:clsea Residentlil A T 8TRATHMORE. 187 snd 1 Macquarie-st, opp. a- Parliament House. Vacancies. T.. t-ny. A 1RV Hikntrm. Mir station. Xi. 5s wrek. 17 Renal n ft on-st, off Oorge-st Lodgini i-st Wei A - ROOM for sober, steady man. .ca, i l71-- .lAy.lT luun rov sooct, aiarn'ij ", vm.sis. yjf :-urr-i.t f ram is-rminlal. Waterloo. A CLEAN. Well-fura. Double Room, good beta, kitchen, 6 St. Mary'f ten-jce. Lower Domain. ' ANICKbl-rLlUl. Deoroom tatnajici, terma. 81 Underwood at, Paddincton. A SMALL Family hss aloe Single ROOM vacant, suit mpectable roan. 7l Womexaji-av. .Dar A DOUBLE BOOM, f beds, la a good, quiet home. -ra. hot bath, 'pnone. , sec. Wm.-et. 77 Surrey -at. A FUR: Single BEUHOOM, nice dosdc, suit iwau a. woman, aa. iou erayry-ni, ....i. UrU. "ifl Roslyn-tt, Dsrliihurar. WsU ftara. douow and single Booms, breakfaat opt., b. bath, 'staowa. Wl w-t A. nietiee. wafkitw disUnor. ISA Wm.-st. D'hurat. jT"r . Macleay-st. A we 11 -ft A. ROOM, also Single Rooms, eyfry oonv. BOOM, "suit m. eouph. evrry con- A well-fur. Balcony Bed-fitting !"f 107 Flinders-it, DTiurst, Jd sec, clean furn. a. double Km., m.c. or v""""- Geiitlemen Lady offers superior Board, Resideaoa, A CLEAN, or M C. 252A MoorePmrk jd. Airy Room, 2 beds, 8s d each, very homely, use plsno. 818 Crowa-st. Burry tma. A T 80 Uvarpool-st, raoa -torn.. -. - ' J well-furn. bal. room, breakfast or board opt. A DOU BLE Furn. Bale Room, wit m.c or 2 iTlends: also Single f iirn.i.m. - -- "7 if ORALLA, St Baytwater-ro, imnnmBiMm. A. VACANCIKH. Tel., 80P Wm.-st. VT")T"Parkrc(, Psddlngton, nr. Oni. Pk. gatea. X- extra 16. wen-iurn. iron. a -y: fwTTlinders-st, D'bunrt, Id svctloo.-Furr,(shed Urge Double Itootna, use of kitchen, no cMldren. LB A HOUSE, 27 Torx-st. n Tnjini.--i wi vi .b . IMS lilt . ooarn. J - , , . T-tTBLErracTRoom va suit or mend.; UK A ..Ie. Rm., terma mod. Eieter, 00 Riley yt, Milaon's Point, Water Tlews. wup. aoomi yaoant. adults any. ATI Olen-et, A T raw , vr-ZZZZTZT", SV -X. men in wpwiw a....- r - .-. A T 20 Wsat-st, raooinT-D.--Di.v.4. . aUIrs, suit siil n SINGLE Fiiniiahed ROOM, A SINGLE Furnlalvsd ROtJM, raoaiiigToii. n. . i ,(.. Brwidl Bellrviie tram. A N NAN DALE 'A Johrwton-st. Lsrfe Doubl- bedded A Front Room to Let, Terms moderate. C.B. a t 111 FUnders-st, Moore Pars. s Dice suigit nooms -n. vacant, in eottsfs. . 4f 588 Dowling-t. Moors Psrg, furn. double Room, T-L 4lso I-roomeo riat. ga?"J!:y" t" a f 170 Bourke-at, 8 doors sasa as wiiuam--,. tisJ ati. fiir.-.l-l d aingls Room, eisctnc npt. i'fi O-Jord-st, opp, Wsst's Plfc-Double Boosw, A furnished, moderate. city. rwrmsaea aingav York -at North, V Double Rooms vacaateonva.1i ww rtM67' WiUUm st. frliinrbarst. -Double snd mtvgls L ROOMS, e err tiling new. 7s snd 10a. WAR ATH ON. IB ADerrvomDij-i, ga-Ji-sa. LfV Sinale Furn, Room, every conv.. fts per weelu bBLft. fur. BsL rTBmrlwsVl HI'S Widow Ima wrll-lurniahed FLAT to Let. Knalyn-at, DarUnghurst. T kARLINGHURST, 5 Kellett at f-.rge Furn. Balconj AKt.iiunt. km. LuiAiNA, w i-iinuera-st. aup. a. and 'ucanrk's for gentlemen. Id section. D A 111. LN 0 HURST.- Balcony and xlngle Konm, table, ii.otl. laiilT. 7 Kell.Mt-at. T,. Wm.- HURsT, 812 VlfUria double R excil, il 701. Craigend-s. tt'idl-furnuuiea llooiiis4enny -ection. t. Irjrc fum. front hale lis single (la (id., kit., laund, 1 iAULINOIH RUT. U and Single D-'S T aAHLINUHI H.ST.-2 clean. rarnfwtable Single Rma f utir Mi-nJy wnrkine- nn'n. Id seel. 27 Taylor- t, Tj'HI HsT, 44 Flinders rt. To Let, well-fura. Dble. ROOM, rent moderate. 1 VAIIUM.III HST, 11 Victoria ut, -1 I rouble lUloonv ROOM to LET. Id section. - "I VH'HLK Balcony Room. weUlurr sti anq Crslgend-rt. Wdl-hrrn. Bat. henette, other Ilo"tnn, all conv., tel. T .ARLINGIIt KST-tO (111). WeH.fnmifth.-d Double a- it-'im, i't 2 friend-, evrrv cotr.enif-nee. minut Orfnnl. H'vue trama. 40 Gntinnt. Vmllahn AHI.1NOI1UIUT, OR Darlinghurst-H Comfortable IHlMtM Sfl kkmuk.mtk. Id ection wm-sl. TVitLiNOHURjrr, It o I)' 1 1VI: T i'HlHST-RD.V. Vacant, duiible and ainsl.. Etna XJ furn.. or small Flat, every mnrenlence. moderate. T lOI'BI.E BAY. To Iet. front Furn. Bedroom. priv. fam., 5 min. city tram. Devonia. 24 Kppina-rd . ni iwi, ai . icioria-a.. r urn. (rruuiia-noor noorn. D'HUUST, 18 Womvrah av near tram depou Well (n. fr. dble. It.o., 14s, 13a, io. Ud. kit., ldry. "Pl'HURST. S Cmigend-at. vac. for Gent., ahare room. ' iiej i,n rMKuny, pait or inn ooaru, on v. tarn, rotnf. home; othrr vari., 1 ,nin. Wm.-H. Mr. Moron-" HUR8T-HI'. l(.--Well-furn. iTi-Jkum, Hutu lav llrilionv Room, kltchenettr-. ltL.INL.lll RKI. -i.i.lo.v Ijitv Knzlish) hu well furn. stiuII Sittiiig-moni sod Bedroi. use kit.. gaa, pttonr, arant now. (ot a toari.nx; -house, i 1A Cra ineud-rtraet. TARLINOIirRST. Kiss, Bsrswater rd, cpb. Hotel s MitnJona. DOUBLE and SINGlaK ROOMS vacant. Tel.. V William rtreet. Nice cltjan Furn, ROOM, .uit 2 businrai bab-ony Itot ni, suit mruls optional. Ah fNMORE. J girls o or tradesmen, meals If req. i Metropolltaa-rd. TN'MORK.- Furn. Room, suit m.c or 2 friends, also - - inxie lltvnm, mm. iiwn nam. i i r i sut-m . T,V(.IJHpriv-te' fa niTlj ."well -f urnutbed SitUng ami 4 ii. u lUroir.. an conva., rexras mou., LT'r'lK iLMK. lifTtnrd-road, TU'KMstlltJ IlALOi.SY HIK1M; inol.. 1-miu. Ri'tae Bav. md urntthed Iront Room annt. A lawaon-t, Paddington. ill M Rtvatn io lt. suit m.c frd.. use eonva., V Also 8. R., New Hotiss. W WCatmoreland st, Glebe. TUlt..." RiVbM, use of kit.. coiBjfTouth, latchkey, A fl.: l.c 01 Redfi-ra-at, Radfera. T.URN., Rms., 6a, a. As, 10a, Us; B.. tss.. IBs, 1. Best, TeL 741 Padd. 4M Oxford st, PsdduurtTO 1 BURNISHED, well. 17 x 17, Front Ver. double Bea . hiii Rrn and kit.. M. C. 14a. CM Olentnore-rvj fABONX Ground-door double Rdltn, 12a, quiet. Jt. v ii-iom , opp. nr ntaaon. FT; URN. RMS., suit t ladles or gentn. friends: aSo"? nrurn. Kma.. naaoy tram. a Btign-ar, newtewa. TDTtNlSHKD. ft JoanaTtoe st, Annandale. min. tram. I a- uai. nd-sit. Koom. ey. conv., oreaaiaat opt., tel. 17 URN. Dble. Bedrm., suit 2 bus. girls or m.c. 6s, all conva., pnv. Ismuy. jaz .vorton -at. Licnnanit. Double Balcony ROOM, use d.-room. msrried couple or S butdnssB girls or genta.. Bl iJnovrweAM-street. rwaoirigton. TTvURNISHED A suit min good locality. nkimN -MC deasreai let nut newlv-fur. JT cottaee Home, handy atn. Sanitaa, P.O., Oordop. TOOD BOARD, suit two reapectable working mea. VJ pUno. H uowiing-at, Moore rsrs. 11EBK PT. Furn. Balcony or Single Room, break- iat tmttvwwl. terms moderate. 10 Wlgrsm-m. ILEBEPOINT. vl kit. snd din. -room. G1 Nicely ftir. BaJconv Bedroom. all cons. 4 Heretorri-st. LEBE PT.Nleelr furnished rloolde, airy Boom. -ut 2 frlrtirl. ,.r M. '. 4fl WlmnMi GLEPE PT., OS Wlrrara-rd. Board and Residence rinele and dotilde rooms, terms rnod-ate. ILEBE PT. Well ftirn. Fr7 Boom, suit M. t. or 2 G El mere. Wlersm-rd. 1LFBE POINT, Woodland tram.- Ifta Bridee-rd. I mm. Board and Rea. doable and rinds Rorrrna vacant, nnacimis grounoa, not natna. rh., M. jTi OOD Board and Residence for reap, trsdeatnen, good tanie, nanav to trama. t-wn, next to new porta re. IIS Auatrsiia-strest, New- no chlMrcn. bet. Iluntville and Hydenham. Terras. Permsnent. P.O., Temne rsnc. ut. I'r-iem. Furnished Ba loony ROOM, Y'ENSINOTON. A Furnished Balcony ROO IV M r. or friendi, 12a Ad. Flgownky, DoirCSati rtl fT-aven. T ODGTNOS for single gentlemen, from ISa per werk ii-s. nt emrance, over iTFimH, LTRfSE "airy ROOfcf, tenrp. clean, to Let, iKtrvished. M Ovford-st. Woollahra. T ADY requires com. Board and Res., PirM. or Moot O. s ! rx. nice airy rm., tuv p.w. n.u,, vxtoth-st r.u. T ARGE Furn. Roosn, suit M. 0. or friends, all XJ c.nw i1" week. Artniv flfl Conmns-rd. SUnmore. T AVKNDRR BAY. 64 Artmir-st, VAOAJ.aE8. Close XJ to (ram and Terry; T ARGK Fumlabed or Unfurnished Balcony alw nlrelv mm. in"l" iiorn. i T ADY. alone, offers reliable self-smmortltur woman -Li shara room, ret. alight ssaiat. Company, Olebs P.O LADY would' board Lady or Gent., well-furnished villa, use sll bouse, piano, etc., trsm past door. 6 1. Cooe-e. K.V.M.. Cbarins Cross P.O. MffJON'S PT. ' 1 minute ferry. Frirnithed Front Room, suit t bus. girl or gentn. 10 Csmpbell-at, aroSMAN. WelUpptd. Home, good position, near ill ferry, winiosa. g rrianrw-avenue, cor. Boyle-st. VfONTALBAN, 67 Railway Trririce, Ntermham. To i.vx lt, t large nirniwneo noonts, private family. TlfANLY, S mine, boat, lurf. Ba!conv and other HA Rma. vacant, every conv. Tars. 22 Hydney-rd, A RRICK VILLE. Furn. Double Room, use kit., g . stove, piano, to Let. 332 M' ville-rd. ar. Pshm.-rd. TtTANLY. eTup. Board snd Res. recommended. Mra. AIA, WiRft Aatsag. U8atj , s on M. ROHLYN UALL. oa.ii LaJIm1 iLiha Hot lth.Oani4e. All too vviiia urea. TtKat 84. a VdoMAN. RrtinarfmArried eouola aftni'artc- IU. ably furnished front Bedroom and private dining room, uas kit., aear Id tram.jU Middle Ussri-iW. W-UUTHAL BAY.-Ths Wallaringa Maaatotw, Lows . "voon'oe-rq- a. mina. niinaraa. t. ili. laDf . a TkJEWTOWN. At Ka 1 L'Aveuue, large Front Itoom, -''! m. c. or rrtenoa; also aingls Kowus. XI Bed sittina Room. 'Phone llJiA N.L Terms xfta. -vr.W'Xs. . ... .-. gr i t. .. i , i : I,. t- i- -aj aw ivtvn. Doaru, He., for nice bus. utri, min. .", niuiliai, t DO weK. iO nTJ-1. COUBTBT XISOHT P Cleaa fura. Coll.. froH. Ilaryi,. tJT1 laruT .UT.-ajam. run. P.i..- ..-1:7 tj LJMJatvwwvalWoiia; KoTwi. VV WUV.-Four Fiui7TiriMwlii!Vv, VVKNTHORTH FALLS, New Up-tOHdata wjjl CotUr.. 1 brum. dirJETTS venuoah Mm. piano, lln. utlrry, i. winter rent. 'Ph.. L. 1U1. Bryan. DevtaiiL SMALL Fum. Cottage, . tWTthlrrouL- S luligong pref. Reply IminerL, p. H.. P.Q ZmLZ U'ANTKD, amall, elaua, furn. Colli coaVS caaldr, I ad.,, t chlda. ThonninL. fT'O WArlTKD. KatoomhaT small rurn." Ootui. 3 ' ' tu. term I werka. Partleulara, oTatOT, -Rllrabrth-art. ! ' wTT, a KWTOWN. Large, clain, l.'nhirn. Room, uae oonr.. . nun. 01. reira train, tram, lei uoro,t. NT XTBWLY-KLRN. Room, and large unfurn. bale Room, X1 "se kit, 11 Duke rt. Balauin, off UsrUng-st, nr. I. VOKIH SYDNEY HEIGHTS, 4 Ridge-sL-Largs Bale, -i-v Room, suit I friends or m.c hoard uut. Mud f. SYDNEY HKItillTH. s cleanTlirtaht. Unfurn. Ra.. aleoD-out bale. e. con.. Idaul noa. 296 Em est -it OKTll SYDNEY, class id section, Two Unfurn. ' tkuuiua, LillY lvimr, Suit Ili.t;.. uae ajltutM, rrii. irioiirnnt. iu Mt-riin-st. .Tiortn oyuney, NEUTRAL BAY.-Large Double Furniihed ROOM, own private back and front entrance, handy ferry, rent !--' Sil, all ronvenk-ncea. 68 Ben Boyd-rd. XTKUTRAL BAV. XI N Ew STEAD. o-n: PRIVATE BOARDINO R8TABL18HM ENT. mina. from wharf. Large Double Rooms, overlooking harbour. TeL, 758 N.S. NK or t Men can find Furniahed Room at 10 Ooom- jer-at, Padiirarton .off Oxford-st, aear wears ric turss; no other lodgers; lwasoaable, R8HAM. Comf. Home for reap. y. men in P X adult fam., terms mod. M Petersham P.O. TJADD. Sup. B. and R,, sood tsbM, balcony rooms. 4 IS riuu i law n-a. piano, jeloae trams, mod. rOOM. t Single Rooms, sll oon vs.. no chit, nice .a v new. Barcom-sv., near Bayawater-rd. OTBATHFIELD. Mandowa, ltedmyre-rd. Vao.nciea, 0 ftirn. or I'nhirn.' Room, 4 minutes ststlon. STANMORE, Meriden, Cambridge-it. Vac, m.c ot gentn., gd, tablcaoU waah., J7s 6d, min. E, ter. riT.ui.Rr 1 rihl. rui'sarle. Fiirn. Rooroi. suit m. iO c. and geatn., gas atove, cl. train. 108 youguuv-at. STANMORE-PET:R9HAM, OS Douglas. weH-rur. Single Room vacant, piano, good table, ar. trn. "ITTIiL-VTM VarvaniMea at RarvleW. S LriCIUiardt-at, IO Glebe Pt., 8 min. trsm. Verandahs, grounds, own dinina- room. ras. oonva. Terma, from l-a- STANMORE. To Let, z uniurn. rworua, m e,t... n kii-hen. everr cvnv.. alee garden snd lawn, ft minutea from Brmore tram terminus. rpWO clean unfurn. Rooms, 1 balcony, moderate ren- A 7 L.wann-at. lddliVKton, mwo Llniurn. Rooms, lino.. SrepUce, gas, 8s. 482 X IlUwarra-rd. Marrickville. matr railway station. Lt Rooms, unfurn.. adjoining, 7aj 1 double Him, &. ify. riit-st, nAruinii. n0 well-furs, single Booms tn Let, moderate, xao a. uiford-st. radtlington, opp. r ire Diaviua. rr LET," Unfurniahed Balcony Rnom, Rea., no family, X moderate. iSl Crown-st, off Burton at, Darl hurst. (TH) LET, 2 Unfurni-bed ROOM8, all convenieucca. m. is li-toriii-att, lA-wisliani. 1WO Double Booms, furninhed, all eonva., Ua, 10a, - auit mar. couples. 00 (IreJt Buckinghm-4t, Bedfcrn LET, Furnihed ROOM, suit niairied couple. Coo-ee, Burleigh-at, Burwootl. rpO Let. HOITSES, 8 rooms, kit., bslconle, tfl a 83. fosw-at rorrt IxMHre. nevs ai. rilO LET. Furnihed ROtM, suit married Hmplc or 2 -v rnenaa. ADPlv Xl U t.nnneii-ai, ewtown. TlO 'LhT. unfurn., bnirht Front Hoom. 1 min, tram and P.O., 19 Johnston-st. Annandale. rpwO Unfum. Rooms, uae of kit. and conv., 86, close tram, oeacn. nrriiiieni, ftnim. wiiriirj. HOTELS. AT Prince Alhert Hotel, WlllUm. dtr JU nMi,i.n(l.i ...i oops in.'iiii ...YT; ..i". i "w-w 1 SPUlNaWOOD, BLI' MOUNT AINbT HOTEL OHIKNTII. Tariff I Oulnraa per WMk, a per day Frduction lor tamlllr.. PEOKSSlfjreApES, ETC AnKTTOTTKhTil, from MlVT'OoUtiliinzz U,f, Amakn.n. Fill,., PaStaaS """" waubat luau.iita, WQ KinaT.aiiw ACCOUNTANCY. 19 flrst pUceilVT p.T three vean In A.C.P a a i i a1 . FxTA.'wrlS or 1L ".dT'""-1' Bl'SLNESS OOLLBGK. LTD. . 838 i talreett doon trod UwimT T'airwiUilHi ii .1 zzr.L--i ... H DRESSING, SHAVING. MASSAtlE. DaJEl? LiAfiTYPfciis, am kit wk. loU). Line. -Uvaxiu BOXING. PHYSICAL CULTURE, b, Oionsil? hJCHl TESllNO PrarfJo.1 intl A. Tt? BC.ENCjKMPIiEtElis. at, Hyds Park, qpt we iiuu-rjsa oa morbE OPEratob A New field wide acuoe wnoil irw.ia s amplified system, giving every rririil his eoaik-ment of wmppy leaxoos. Uaiqu, Zmm different ongiaul winnows ths whtst hiZ tha, t hflff nilirif Marar aar.w . ."W .ntliicted by Wdirw tia C itOOIUJCT aadfikScwJi naiructlona comlurti-d auita csrtaia. FKkE. BTOTTS tXiRRJOSPONDENnK IYWJ sn No. S, First Floor. 70 Piu-strt. sV.4 DREJWMAK1NG wanted daily, gocfiLilyVScsa. mlval cutler, rvnsvalor. fta p n tn DRttSSMAWNa-Madame JEAN-mST'toesT Paper Patterns to measure, a Sydney AfT T laMUUlKTlU Huunna M.n ari.k ina china. In big demand other States. aru-Ta? KeDlv. ririna full iurtln.1... II 77 AUTOMATIC, Gordoa i aO ENTLEMAN. leavina tor irrir, ,i L VJ pared to undertake any Comiiaiaakwis. briJL, otherwise, and aam will nI,s m ...1-7'. treated with strictest roruVknce. HEJJAiUtK. ilerml.1 Rn T ADIES HAIR Art iittcally DreaWd. 1. iu pS. Xj at. American II.D. College, irt nooT T.KARN TRADE IN 6 WEKKS. FrnwkflTw; aass-ai fl . iiaiuiu. u UOU DUR,4L T tSSONS In Faney Work ien. orderi MUrTa AJ nrunibtlv executed. Of fWn-i v.-. V7 . ' H. I LDICAl.. Lottiin. A&r.,. T.....T1L. ILickhouM. Uovflsr, U Uirtlk-kW. Tovtrih rd. UUbe PomUSMl Tiw-tAr TtfEDtCAL Practices IranJerred; Loru1ravAaxsa i.tX etc. Bruck and Thouiaon, 16 a.tli-reagti st MtDiCAL Pratt. Irana. Isocuma, Ata. StitLTsaw HrowWjMlbujjdlngM. 8U-4 fc-luultaat fcl RM. BHANslOUUE, Masseuse, CWh.U-camirBi a 'arket-at. Udic and cento, treated, u 'H 7 Mdrn Rieiul, IM Pitt at, 'Phone, loou aUIK-Ji' m r. or 1 friends, board if Becessary. M Tnompaon-a reet. iirummoyne. TTNFUIlN. lge. Bal. Room, also sm. furnished. fur. or un. 410 Cleveland -st, Rodfern. 78 Cooper -st.. 46 Forbes TTNFURN1S1IKD, 2 or 8 ROOMS, us, kit. ' at, Newtown. . Cleveland t. nr. tViwllng-at, fur., 6a; Bal.. 10a. 11 Bourke-at, Redfem. ahli Rnia. 1ddrtefirh, 12 Golden CrovcHrt. Dsrl'ton. ANTED to LET. Furnfiihed' ROOM, no children. Appiy 110 Chandoa-at. North Hydney. TTNFIHN. B. Rm. U 8rle.. fur.. 6a; "1TACANC1ES, 2 Boarders or Lodfera, clean, comfort- v W cfrv5aa53 YWKLLAHItA, 10 Leswcll at. Furn. Balcony and ad-TV luining Rooms to Let, together or separate. BUSING Oentleman requires superior Hoard, Be-idence, vicinity Cremorne, handy walking diatanos new wharf. Trmw, 726, Herald OfBce. GENT, (retired) would "appreciate comf. refined home, E. Subs., fur. orcah in ret. Criaooe,Jilrld. GFjrhaEMAN wanU Board and Res. with priv. ram, prvf., D'hiast or ITtddlngion. 727. Hen Id. )ZST. requires BOARD and RESIDENCE, Artarmon or Cbatiwood, adult private family. I.KXO. H. ral.1 Ornr. ICIrur-atreet. ENTLEilAK', "Protestant, requires Home, lively pri- G G1 room, Kensington or ustern anburha Rrnonne, Htrald, GENT, wants HOME in private musical family, alngle room, earlv break f ant, tclephoue, Itindwick or mar preferred. Term toH ARRIS, 0xford-it P.O. LADY requires 2 Unfurn, ltivnmii, cheip, elev. pos,, Stan 1 nore nref. MeriHa. Mar'haU at. Slaniimrc. MARRIED Couple, childn-n going arhooi, require 2. s unfurn. Ronma, ltalc. Padd. 67 Wltidwit. Padd, M.C., no children, req. bale. Room, fltrnthfield. own linen, mod. terma J. M., B-ilmafn Eaat P.O. REFINED young Lady de. Bcd-nittfnir Room, re-flne.1 home. Bond! J., , W'bra. W.R.8., Herald. TWO SiBteri, bix. girln, wniit'Clenn, Coirf. B. and R., shan- rm., handy city. C.F.T., Herald, King-aL Infitrnlshrd Rooms, Lavender 't., mo-l. I..L, P.O.. N. 8yd. 'ANTKD, hy Married Couple, Front Balcony Room, 'urn 1 -tuii. itMfirn. iTice. Losmoy r.u., iwiuern. ITTANTED. a clean Single R'wm, pent., rent 6. pri-T vate fam. pwf. Refined, Hemld Offiee. T 'ANTED br reap. Gent., comf. home with refined fam.. 110 other hdra., bath htr. Lrgent, P.O., Lnm Fur. Ra.. sll conv., mod. Apartment, P.O., Enm. TANTED, 2 yog. Gentn., at week-end. aa paying WANTED. 2 large B.v, M'Mihon' W VV'ANTED by M.C, 1 chllii, S. at Enmore, t Dble. W E. Hank. Hoitun Pa rk. I.'i'fwil. ANTED, Sincle Furn. Room, by yg. man, SUnmore. nr. P'tnstla-nl. Oxo, P.O., Halerileld. 7ANTED, single furoinhed Room, uae kitr-hen, law. v k Hiitriit. iienr train. Termn, M., P.O.. Ktwn, 7ANTED, Board, or sincle Room, early l-rrabt.- t. 11 ht-ir Bni'l-'n. Tde.iiian. Ilavtoarket P.O. ITTANTED. by la-ly, plain Fur. Bedroom, Rimthtleld v v I00U. Ftm. Note nrw IS . - ..... . ..iiiMin-v. rnv, 11 t7. MEDICALLY K'UMitkhW A. 11. UOUTIf. M..r liia, 12S. 2nd floor. Strand Arcade; and tietvke. rjaraV Splt-naad,osman. TeL, City 66rJT; r Rotnita. MOTOR DRIVING IS THK COMING PIWlTJgsoC 1 ;each you privately on mudem gate-ciiaBi oxt, My course la speedy, and includes tratbc driving, aadv anlun, and running repairs. Studenu trained Met m (viiirriro, v laac uiai ui any car, ana COD uke aiiy position, have time and expeiut by here. Fee iii 2a. U Bourke-at, Redf.. 7 dra. Cle aiOTOR DRiyiNCL SUNNING KrI5l iiuininfiL 11 uiun auurjin UAJ-a. . Trafnc Driving, Engine ManaRrinent, Rcpain, DAILY LK.SSONS UNTIL COMPET!Nt! PROKK IENCY AND UCENE GLARANTRD. W teach every gear change gats, lysteb, qiakaat etc. and do Dot charge extra lor petrol or oil. . FEE, .: I, with AMistanca tu Securt Posltisa. REGENT MOTOR COLLEGE (LOTAH. 4 YUM), 28 Recent -street tncar Csutral Statioa). KfOtOR DRIVERS WANTED by ths MiutfTwe IvXpartmenL SetM this Golden Opportunity, ass k Tnuned st once at DOHERTY snd ADAMS MfftM SCHOOL. Many poaitions are vacant tlwouea aai bavins gone to tha war. The Leading Car laaartaa and Engineer, entrust tn with their stoat raM clients. Aak them. Country Pupils And ibsfe Mp ing expenses light who attend our school Wkrf Bi-cauas our motto is: PROMPTNESS WITH PtOTia OUt. 04 UAVRU-UaUi.T, CITY, s doon haw P.O. Tel.. Wm.-st 284. Read lrriday's AM MOTOR Driving means 8 to i weekly ff"w3 hold the Holloe Certificate. We guariotia jm this In 10 to 20 days, or refund your Booty if aa fsiL Students trained by this Firm tines Jtmaw laat year. Police, Firemen, and Government oftcbul are trained hers. Forty to sixty atudenta put tray month; 14 paaed laat week. These art rrcordi M other achoola would itbliah if they could. We ft more licences thun sll otlver timilsr twineaars. Taat being no time limit, students can stay as long 11 tag wish. Ten Driving laaoria weekly, ai well ss Rirkss cal Inatntction. Day and Night Hastes. Stadts helped into poaitlona when competent. Courai, C t Cura ainl R-tvIccs. THE SUHHEY MOTOR (B00L nr. j, 01 jarapocij -street, near tuuaDeta-anssi, MEN WANTED. BYDNEY MOTOR BOBOCL PAI.MKR and WILLIAM STREinx Before Joining aak to see what you are going s kSBj and )r4'tiai- uu. Tearh Evrmhlor la Hfrtartts ; COME AND SEE STlHlENTS WORKING 0!9 U GIB. iich a Fiat, Talbot, Pe Dion, Oldamobile, Ford, laa- ner, runners, t irment onur ntoewer tart), zs nay ; ntoa. Air tmnipressora. Motor Tyre rining ana 1 Srrew-cnltlns lathe. kMrh Dual Imllirm. 20 0j tors, Tyre Vulcanioera, complete workihnp. Tst iarrel and oMcst in Aiiarniiia. imimoniais or tna Ftlal. OOCRSE. 66: NO EXTRAS. Claaats dally, 0 a.m. to 6 p.m. Evening Claaaea, J MB Mnndav, wcdnt-Mlaya, and FrKUya, KYDNKY MOTOR SCHOOL (Rer.t. !('onulting Automobile Rniinreni, Central Motor uSBgA -,.,n nin,m atreeu. Tel.. nil wiiiiatMi, (TO MERCTIANTS, Importers, etc. Advertiser, 1 -AY. .t or Bun-nQil. Adiirv tfl Station Petersham, nf. 1K7ANTED. wit, non -sectarian a. wk. people. vv Urtn-n. ner.r tram tnp. "J.C., Coulbum-tC t"T TANTTD. S Rnorna. unfum. or furn.. uee kit.. Dr- v V linHmmir mod. IVrmanent, .WMHam-tP.O. 11 f ANTED. Bojrd and Rrtridencc for3 younc Mer 11 r-inr to humes, JE ubs, "..and R.t U P.q 'ANTED, Furn. Room, use kit., or arr-all Kn lgr ANTED. Urge unfurnished Balcony II'n'M, view II h.ri..iii-. iu rood lMality, teleihooc In houte. per-toanent. i-ent., hua.all day. Annl.v D.inlip. llersld. TTtVT Plain Fnrniahed Room, use of kitchen. clm vV for married couple, school boy, cheap. ALLES- THEE, H''-arrt-atrcet. RjnislwUk. IKTANEliTsTnurni-hed or 1 faree Balconv R It kitibfuettc if paib1e, pi'Vn or ground, young couple, walking child, quiet people, ll-st tram. ROOMS. O.P.O. ATOCNG Man wanta airy Bedroom, with or without -A hrrakiaivt. mint hr cemril. 1.V...1.. nrrjia nrni, TOLNG Man requirea Board and ReUdence, Single1 J it "on. nr. tram, si'iirraic. i . r. .. trri. r.u. YOUNG 6cotnan withes Board, Strathti-ld. Rhwi' -n"!e rm.. re.o. urv'Ule. Sc-ot. En'Oorc . "VOUN laady requires Board and Re., with priv. fanulv, T'-nn to B.H.. Herald Office. ,ir cur. xfhf'Vr. r.&T. remrrea Board. Reridrm-e. comfort- X able home, private family, no other boardera. Chatswd. or Milaon's PL State terms. H'rai.l. YOUNG Oentleman wanta private Board." I-odeing. with private family, no otber kxigfra. tate terms. R, fl., nersld Office. "OCNO MAN requires good Private BOARD and X RESIDENCE, nartdy to Bond! Junct'on, no objec Hon to 1 or 2 other boarders. State particulars, fam- Hv, etc, Bex, Borrdi juTictiori PO: , VOUNO Lady going to boainess wanU Board and X Lodtrints. resoe Uhlc private family, virintty Rondi JrmrOon. Alice, P.O.. Psddlngton. YOITNO woman requiraa Larre Bright BaJoony Bed-Sittina Room, in refined Home; food and attend- V nmlrt wTTIO M.C. require Furn. Bed and Living Room, or M. lanre rurn, dcu-.iiiuii,, both st business. Privacy essential. Write to IN VERM AY, Inverness-avenue, Penahurtt. LONG'S, AJlduvcluimberi. Bond! Jurietlnn. Board. Rea., P. and S. Rma., j Wtegea,ruta ACO0MM0n ATTON. ACCOMMODATION. CTTY AND ALL RTTBtTRBS. ROOMS, BOARD AND RESTDF.NCK, UTO. We oondivrt you to Inspect. No fees enarged. GLOBE RESIDENTIAL AND TOURIST COMPANY. Qilwulla-rlymbeTa 67 Caatleretf h-st. Tel., tity inna, DO YOU REOtHRB BOARD, ROOMS. FLATS, IIOI-SES. SI MMER RF.SORTS. RENTS OOT.LEC TED. Applv MIS M'CLACITI.ArCB AOENlTT (Fatah. aVniltsnle. 35U fievTwe-atreet. iei.. uy my COTJNTKY SESOPTS. BLACK HEATH, dees station. Furn. CotUge. 1 bej-rooma, 90 Gordon -st. Psddlngton. 'Ph., 804 Padd. HAWKESBURY BIYKB. Fsrntahed Oottagra, iwar -tat inn snd river. T2S te 30. T., Parramatta 484. TENOLAN CAVES MOTOR f-ERYICE. THE IT ALA MOTOR COMPANY. LTD.. Oarrlngton Hotel, Katoomhs; ImperiAl Hotel, Moust virrovia; aoo nyoro aifauc, arrainw. KATOOMBA. St Rime, Kstoomba-st. Pfooa. IL Conifortuble snd moderate. MV. Woottoa. T7-ATOOMB A Furnished COTTAOl XV Kraft, Etna, Wilson at, Katoomba. to LET. KATOOMBA-ST. Normanburst, gd. homely Aecoov, terma 80s w., Ss day. Tel.. 02 K. Mn. P. Noonas. KATOOMBA. Marsd en, 6s, 16s. Lg, vers., ext. views, gd. chef. Porter mts. tra n. 7 Ph., 186. Sinclair. KATOOMBA. Fum. Cottages, near stain., vac. 2-i ii 2 tlh, n to 2 gna. 'Phone. Parrainatta 4Si. KATOOMBA. Furn. Cottages, ins, 80a, gaa linen, etc. Surplice, 202 Oxf.-at, Pad. Tel., S6Q Pad. EUR ON A, Carriagton-avrBua lop, tsl. 117. Mrs, atnyts. V dccAtd rent;- Beaaantsnd Co.. Drprs.'. Katoomba -at A TOO MB A COFFEE PALACE. XV Tlila Ideal Mountain Home U beautifully a) tna ted. Large recreation grounda, centre of all alghta; all modem conveniences, excellent culilne; tariff modersts. , , nwniHi, rTopnttor. KATOOMBA THE BCRUNQTON. opp. stn. Ones for visitora, ev. conv., hot-water balha sll hours. Aire ronfna, elec light lnatalled. motor nr. 'Ph.. l.u Kat. Terms moderate. Porter meets all trains. Letters, telegrams attends), uommn-cul house of the Mou tulna. Motor jwnfas catered for on Sundays snd weak- jays. rm r.n. rroprinov. LKUUA, Close stn. r. clean Fur. Uott., piano, gat, T. Oulnn, Audlej-tt, Petenham. Tel., 6U8 Pet. TE0THAVaUf FARM, lagleburn. South. Llria Oood x Amis tssL, mr rltV, Aoot, 't Isglibwi , mid. Mar. would Sewttsl Bus. Bouse in supervising shipments, rood all iaaa knowledge of ahlnmng and forwarilne. Fidelity, st rpo LA DTW HAIRDRESSERS, tTC.-Wrll L Elect ml vsia. Hair TrcstmenL and fact Ma rtaNiahment FOR SALE, Fine central peaitisa, I wrll-fumlibed rocms. latest electrical flttisra, MA'-AtiK, HlSiia IE EYES OF THE WORLD A t rt'S tou . ierpool, Fig., "orrtrrt ion. r-lendid opportunitv for an too alan business wishing to extend. For further pan And a woman is larrclv iutured by Wt apt HAVE YtHT Superfluo Haira IF R0, my ail convince eer- bdv who la afflicted with ui uiiifi na-ii-u tiAioti no tint PR that my ytm of destroying them it prrfw, Sw that none -an srow again anea once if "11"" w - vk.i i. ft... ani PMann whar I nfTer the ffrrt Peatnsa 1'RKE OF CHARGE, and will pay to snyone Ua tat of ONE HI TN DR I'.D POUNDS STERLING if I MB give astiafsctioa In any way. FACE MASSAGE as done by me will improve the skis sad reaaw SSI and wrinkles, alo pimnlea and blackheada. Send for booklet, ooted h"- j MISS MAI DK HADDOCKS, ' 100 KTNO-ST, com-r Pilt-Ring jrta. Jloaqfy ! W ANTK4). Work to take home, Airtt, Blooaes, 0 j drcn'a Clothlrtar. Rrnov.. etc. AB.Jfo--w' j lrE require a TR.WEI.LER; slready oJltsa!SSii ! y Stfkiwert. Ja inters, and Botelt, im mm j Matiufactiirrr'a lines of Painia and SperliHtiei; j Coaat snd Newcastle ditlrirta. ReUlner sal ff I mmlfsTton. Lettern, B. M. Pit (at, POSITIONS VAimD. BY ret buainess man, poaition of trust, tay Si of bus., no agvnta. Trrartworthy, Crow's itH AtTFFEUR MECHANIC, own" toola. teeka ssss yj ment, town or country. B. A.,Brald Owe. afS A n PPXTkTI a-anta WorV. would SCCeSt Lstl B payment la lieu of wages. 714, HarslA Poauet I country. Apply Olcnholme. Phillipt, 8q OMPT. Milliner (late of Kay's) CIlAUrr tL it, expneo.. iwoo Drr,,L rr driver, arka potion- B 727, O.F.O. , A BP ENTER, Joiner, Fornnan, seeks SlfWJT' 11 nr. ftm vh. wowpuv-m .. -rr QARPEI T3LKCTR1CAL BTUDENT. accustnmed sola lid Horiuby auction gaa, Linda refrtgmtor. ate. awaits engmoL," gd. merh. B.B., GOOD, all-rod. Carpenter, unrtd. wit.. J town, country. 8 Keawick-st, IavHcIuuu ' French. Utla, psint ftigmt,, KodtT!lisB Uawaj tinting, music, siiuring; eiaasn. 1 uo nw LADY dedrea Secretarial or Oeneral clerital swi sxpL shAnd writertrj) Lstt, refa A.L, Wavarj MAN wsnU Position, take charge W3 countrv pref- Renwich-tUichhsrdL 1 rm POft.. Ltahtennas. natai - AI Launch Driver, long exp. Write. 707. HartM. MAN, 88 years, ling Uke up Uol 7T7, u.r.o. strong, good prrsenoe, 1 any poatuos wiw v POULTERER wanta SI J. M., 47 Ellxabcth-sti SlTUATTOir; Hediem. sw I. PLANTKR, repuubk. oon lor poolntirwt aw-; nuu and miner tropical prodoeta, ereorotJaa wm nuuir r.HA. 'i j TWO alrong yonng lien ae PO8ITI0K, anr Ujtll th. Ubnoa. ured to hart work. T. I0MO. CO. tt. ruirneit, ttunny, Tia aa. WANT KD, by Traction Engine Mm. Pro Hon. Port. Kiaa. Enrleerr, P.O.,. Y0UN0 Lady wlibel light Emplorment, Prktoy awai and all day gilurdly. U C, Bollelety-s. YOVn'a Udy dealrea Poaition aa Cadiler. Imf riperlenca. N O., lot Pitt rt. e-", , PAKT5XSSHIT1 ATM. BTDNEY. lady or gest., M . A ean:ui. B7 waiaer-rgvet. form ABOUND. H1HARE laraHmeirt rfrred knowleoge nwaary. Bmlnaa ass awaw laeraed. Caen nHnurri, AUo. N!, 'ftu-t AOOLDEK OPPORTUNITY. Hall Bhar. with RK018TOTRD ntWIIalU" man with SMALL CAPITAL. All atessr awl aa ores, big areata saaured. tir.J AaTLKNDID OPPORTirNTTT SM ' half ahare la large eity Urm, retlHrajpsraar j Ing bought hotel In country. Irnmener laisewaiwg partner baa drawn Aa week regularly. T-l P"f-J J"-V"ZZ..r?S.. Erf. rvk. II.! JONAB sad 0RE1IN, Oulwnlla:ehajnhrri, Iff ffBSl i ioaatlau.4 oa next Pags4

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